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Sex in San Francisco… 26 April 2006

Posted by marisacat in San Francisco, Sex / Reproductive Health.

 Via SFGate.com, San Francisco becomes the first city in the nation to institute safe sex info for teens via text messaging.

Safe Sex

  Users send the message "sexinfo" to one of two phone numbers set up by the health department and within seconds get a reply asking them to clarify their question by choosing one of several options, including what to do about a broken condom and how to respond to pressures to have sex.

The whole back-and-forth process takes one or two minutes, and most messages ends with a phone number to call for further help. The program is designed to be teen-friendly, and the messages are written in text message lingo that's familiar to young people.

I say BRAVA! and BRAVO! to our local Public Health Dept.  They took a look at some poor numbers, for instance a 100% growth in gonorrhea among black teens, and got busy. 

 The program is based on a London model and the cost is low, 2,500 per month.  Prevention is all, if you really mean it.  It affords teens and young people (it is designed for 12 – 24) privacy, a bonus. 

 Here is to a libertine spirit – with some education in the mix… and may it live long and hearty.



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 26 April 2006

What a fantastic idea! It’s always exciting to watch people use available technologies in creative ways.

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