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If this sort of thing killed candidacies… 27 April 2006

Posted by marisacat in 2006 Mid Terms, 2008 Election, DC Politics.

Well, think… who is in office now…

Still, it is not uninteresting, not at all. From Lizza in TNR, and it looks as though someone unloaded some timely oppo.

 On George Allen (R-VA).  But maman appears to have been a hoot…

Catch this from her:

Even the elder George Allen wasn't Southern–he grew up in the Midwest–but the oddest part of the myth of George Allen's Dixie rusticity is his mother.

Rather than a Southern belle, Etty was, in fact, French, and, as such, she was a deliciously indiscreet cultural libertine. She would do housework in her bra and panties. She wore muumuus and wraparound sunglasses and once won a belly button contest.

According to Jennifer, "Mom prided herself for being un-American. … She was ashamed that she had given up her French citizenship to become a citizen of a country she deemed infantile." When her husband later moved the family to Virginia, Etty despised living in the state. She was also anti-Washington before her son ever was, albeit in a slightly more continental fashion.

"Washingtonians think their town resembles Paris," she once scoffed. "If Paris passed gas, you'd have Washington." 

At least mum is fun. 



1. JJB - 28 April 2006

That’s really funny. BTW, his mother is actually from Tunisia, and Georgie claims she’s French, Italian, and “a little Spanish,” according to Wikipedia. If you do a web search on “George Allen” and “mother,” you’ll come across references to her being part Arab.

It’s amazing how many people assume the family is Southern, which is amazing, really. George Jr. grew up in LA and Chicago. He was already in college when the family moved to the NoVa suburbs of DC. He wouldn’t even have a political career if his father hadn’t been a successful football coach.

2. marisacat - 28 April 2006

oh JJB that is even more interesting. yes I know the wave of mixed arabe with continental she would date from…

LOL I am sure it made her even more disdainful.

I enjoyed the piece, I love gossip. But it ain’t no killer for a run at the presidency… as was mentioned here and there yesterday…

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