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And the croc won… 29 April 2006

Posted by marisacat in 2006 Mid Terms, 2008 Election, Big Box Blogs, Blonde Sense, Europe, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

 Oh the rising noise of the long, endle$$ election games. 

 Organisers and outreach staff and volunteers slog on, day after day.  They mull over liberal, they mull over progressive.  They juggle the invisible balls. 

 How old, how tired.  How dead.  And yet, they lecture.

 Shoot the energizer bunny, please…if it wears a D, or an R or even an I – but is an operative.

 I'd rather deal with a door to door salesman, if such a thing still existed.

 Years ago I answered the phone, a staffer for the Kathleen Brown (daughter of Pat, sister of Jerry) run for, hmmm, she ran for the US Senate I believe.   

 What a tired lecture I got.  In my ear, in my home.  What tedious condescension.  How out of place.  Mindless offense. 

And, worse!, KB was conducting such a lousy run.  We watched it fail every day…  even Bill Clinton could not rescue her… and lord he tried.

 Operatives kill themselves by not respecting the electorate.

 Give me the European system, short, fast, highly demonstrative, high energy elections.  I love to go when they are on, especially in March for the spring elections.  High spirits.

 As opposed to the buzz zzz zzzz saw, the endless drone, dentist's drill that is US elections.

 And the Big Box Blogs were not, once upon a time, tied to the Democratic party by pink rhinestone collars and pink leashes.  But now they are tightly tied in…  Buzzzzzzzzzz saws. 

 And we won't even discuss The Tent.

 An instructive tale via the BBC this am, from Australia.   

Worker Freddy Buckland was cutting a tree that had fallen as a result of a recent tropical cyclone.

Peter Shappert, the tavern's owner, said the crocodile jumped from the water and sped 20ft to the tree.

"It must have been the noise… I don't think he was actually trying to grab Freddy, but I'm not sure. He had a fair go at him… I think he just grabbed the first thing he could and it happened to be the chainsaw," he told the Associated Press news agency.

Tavern co-owner Linda Francis said: "Fred virtually gave him the chainsaw, shoved it at him.

"It was still going and he took the chainsaw onto the ground and proceeded to smash it and it stalled. The crocodile didn't cut himself, just broke a few teeth."

Mr Shappert said the saw was destroyed.

"He chewed on the chainsaw for about an hour-and-a-half, then we finally got it out."

Saltwater crocodiles are known to attack small boats, apparently disturbed by the sound of outboard motors.

The moral?  Get a pet croc and sic 'em!  Aim that croc at an operative!

I want one.

I see that Mike the Mad Biologist has a good post up on integrity in shaping the agenda and highlights an instance of absence of abuse in using political influence. 

In this case, he refers to Reich, former Sec of Labor under Clinton and an actual liberal progressive …  or whatever!  Whatever because the words are worn out, after '72 the Dem party ran in a panic from "liberal" and now they have worn out "progressive" as well, esp when linked, post Kerry flatulence, to "reform". 

Too many self-professed ''liberals'' would be too too comfy with Wilson and too many ''progressives'' would be fine with the social engineering of harsh urban "redevelopment", a classic "progressive" policy.

 But let me arrest garrulous digression and back to Mike the Mad Biologist:

It's Called Integrity

It's a dirty secret that many opinion makers are paid by corporations to spout the company line (e.g., Armstrong Williams). While I don't always agree with Robert Reich, at least he is an honest person. He refused to accept payment to publicly support GM's buyout plan (this is also against GM's stated policies).

In a democracy, the free and honest exchange of ideas is necessary. […]

Words should have meaning, and not simply be mechanisms of control.

I am so tired of all of the lies. It would appear that Reich might be too.

I'll get TWO crocs and send one to MtMB… 😉



1. Mike the Mad Biologist - 29 April 2006
2. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 April 2006

It’s sad, especially when it comes to the Big Boy Blogs. There used to be more debate, more ferment … a real feeling of participation.

Now they’re more than ever about ego and yapping on cue when ordered by office holder’s staffers.

It’s more fruitful now to spend time at small individual blogs, read local blogs … so many of the “communities” are mere updatings of Daley goons stalking the neighborhoods, getting out the vote for the “approved” candidate for the machine.

3. Marisacat - 29 April 2006


LOL OK a gharial! I am not picky in gifts… 😉

Tho taking down a running buzz saw is not a bad second to snapping off the head of a live turtle. Esp over humans watering plants…

Thanks for dropping in…

4. JJB - 30 April 2006

One thing that really concerns me with regards to the biggest of the 3Bs is the heavy strain of nativism being propounded by so many people. I guess I shouldn’t be shocked when one of the site’s top personalities actually calls John Edwards a Communist, but the comments saying there shouldn’t be a Spanish version of the national anthem, and everyone should learn to speak fluent English immediately after arrival in this country suggest that a modern version of the Know Nothing Party may soon rear it’s ugly head.

Scratch a lot of people who call themselves progressives and you’ll find some surprisingly bigoted, reactionary views.

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