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Hey Hey, Gonzales and Mueller: Fine, thanks for offering. Go. 27 May 2006

Posted by marisacat in DC Politics, Democrats, U.S. House.

 eurodisney teacup ride

 Honestly.   NYT this am.

WASHINGTON, May 26 — Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, the F.B.I. director, Robert S. Mueller III, and senior officials and career prosecutors at the Justice Department told associates this week that they were prepared to quit if the White House directed them to relinquish evidence seized in a bitterly disputed search of a House member's office, government officials said Friday.

Washington Post

 None of the parties in this doozy of a contretemps gives shit one about our rights.  Not Pelosi (not really), surely not Hastert, and yet there they are, bi-partisanly taking up air and space… expounding at podiums.

 But they do care about power.

 William Jefferson (D-LA), who, as Jonathan Turley (who clearly explained the issues at hand on Lehrer on Friday) says, can now wrap himself in the 4th Amendment and separation of powers, when he is just a criminal and caught on tape, with audio… Gonzales, good lord! spare us.  Cares nothing about anything but his miserable mediocre self.  Mueller… a cipher.

  Go.  Alla youse.

  And take the guy who hides ill gotten gains in the freezer with you.

  One thing, this is NOT an Archibald Cox, Elliot Richardson in the Nixon administration Saturday massacre (or, in this case, offering).

 This is untidy in-fighting between governmental entities.  Squaring off with corner men to attend each party.

 The Senate can scarcely be bothered to oppose Hayden, but the House will go to the mat over Jefferson – and separation of powers. 

 Which in their hands is not an issue, it is mere spiteful pique, and over god knows what petty and unrelated infraction, that then clings to this showy set of circumstances.  Or, fear of future searches due to BEING GOD DAMNED FUCKING GUILTY.  As in, Hastert most likely.

 Somebody cue Brazil.  How hilarious is it, right in the middle of all of this, that Saxton loses his mind (what little there was), fantasizes and freaks out, with media and Blogsnap following along?   And of course the so professional Hill and Capitol police and whatever other DHS copper types running amok.

 Fire them all.  Let God sort them out.



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 May 2006

If only they would all go. No regard for the rule of law. No regard for the people. No regard for good government. Only small petty little assholes fighting over their perks.

2. marisacat - 27 May 2006

Turley was a hoot! from the hill on Friday. MSNBC got a camera on him and he had his cell… at one point he held up a sign: SEND FOOD.

I got the feeling he was dying to roll on the ground, laughing at the idiots. Everywhere in evidence.

It has gone completely over to comedy. But tragedy too as the shits, both parties, go home to fund raise and politic and the wars march on.

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