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Trojan Horses as Bald Eagles… Militarism and a Nation Limp in the Sack. 14 June 2006

Posted by marisacat in 2006 Mid Terms, 2008 Election, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Political Blogs, U.S. Senate.

 bald eagle egg talon

On the day I am treated to an early morning video, Hajii Girl… a song from Iraq before an applauding audience it looks to be, about killing a child – is the day a former Republican, now fledgling Dixiecrat

[come home Senator Shelby, you don't NEED to go Republican anymore! – MCat]

with his Confederate yearnings intact it seems… and of course! also a "Vietnam War Hero", James Webb wins his primary. 

Or Schumer's primary or Kerry's primary.  They all got a rise in the nutsack for him.

 From the Reuters report on Webb:

''Webb campaigned in the combat boots belonging to his Iraq-bound Marine son and adopted the campaign slogan of "Born Fighting."'

I am so not taken in by that.

 And this from WaPo.  And catch the numbers voting. 

 Can apathy go lower?

  And whoops!  Tired Dems so relied on some Official DoJ Nutsack movement against Rover from Fitzgerald.  Whoops whoops whoops.. crash landing.   Because the Democrats have offered no strength for the people to grab onto.  NO rise in the Democratic Nutsack.

 So they offer the people former Republicans/Trojan Horses/Dixiecrats, militarism, incredibly poor hair dye jobs (Reagan's was not too bad, find Nancy!)… and hope it passes for old time Democratic Hawk Nutsack work.

Well, read for yourself:

Webb was a halting, unpolished candidate, never having run for public office. But his résumé as a former Republican and an early critic of the Iraq war appeared to be as tantalizing to the state's rank-and-file Democrats as it was to the party's national leaders.

           so fucking Hallmark...

"I think he can give Allen a run for his money," said Harry Massey, 50, of Baileys Crossroads, who works for a trade organization in Rosslyn. "He's pro-choice. He's antiwar.

{oh how confused "the people" are -MCat] 

And he is certainly more receptive to the downstate voters." […]

Election officials said just over 3 percent of voters went to the polls, far less than the 16 percent who voted in the 1996 primary between Republican Sen. John W. Warner and former Reagan budget director James C. Miller III.

"I just don't understand," said Jean Jensen, secretary of the state Board of Elections. "It's dismal. It's not even very high in Fairfax County," where both candidates live. […]

And this:

His decision sparked a brief but fierce fight within Virginia's Democratic Party. For three months, party traditionalists who backed Miller clashed with young and passionately antiwar bloggers, who had helped to persuade Webb to jump into the Senate race.

I do think it is very important, critical to the future of the nation, to elect to the senate those who voted for Bush in 2000.  We need that sort of piercing "laser-like" perception. 

 From one of those "anti-war" bloggers — BTW, just call it "Kerry's War" and they would have found excuse after excuse for it.  I swear this nation will not feel manly til it sleeps bedecked in the shorn ears of the enemy and clutching the weapons of war – perchance to dream.

One of the main knocks against Webb is that he's a former Republican. And, in fact, a former Secretary of the Navy under Ronald Reagan.

Far from a bad thing, this is exactly what we want: Republicans realizing that if they truly want a better America they need to switch to the Democrats. Republicans realizing that America's security isn't being strengthened, but weakened by the party of CIA agent outings and the Dubai ports deal.

There are lots of ex-Republican Democrats out there. I'm one of them. Jim Webb is another. And over time, we'll get more.

And there's no stronger messenger for that cause than Jim Webb himself.

A Republican recruited a Republican.  A Salvadorean Dixiecrat (South is South in some things – and I grew up with a best friend from childhood, from one of the ruling families of El Salvador) and a Virginia Confederate.  I got the picture.

  Blogger Boyos can reeee-lax.  They got a man into the primary run.  In their small beady eyes, a Real Man with a Real Nut Sack.  One with hydraulics.  Think of it, a puffy, very white, dyed Reaganite, Bush voter gets their blood up.  IIRC he endorsed Allen over Robb. 

 Good going, We Want Webb. 

 Oh and don't miss this from <cough> My Direct Democracy.  Doncha luv it?  Trying to be a man with a nutsack.  Bellicose baby boyo.

This is not a casual chat room. This is not another random political message board. When MyDD is fulfilling its mission, it is a place for serious people to make serious comments. I have always argued that bloggers should be taken seriously because they are serious people. Live up to that promise on MyDD, and you will be rewarded. Think this is child's play, and you will not be. That is my promise. That is my threat. Don't for a minute think that I won't follow thought on it, given proper time and attention.

This is an open thread, if you dare.

I suspect there is a petard coming up… and some real hoisting work.



1. Anonymous - 26 June 2006
2. marisacat - 27 June 2006

well! speak up Anonymous…

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