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BBB: Boy Speak…::Whuppity update! :: Whup Whup Update too! 24 June 2006

Posted by marisacat in Big Box Blogs, DC Politics, Democrats.

circus, but is anyone laughing? 

From Politics TV – Blog Channel comes: 

 Towards the end of his opening remarks at the NDN Annual Meeting at a hotel in downtown Washington, DC, Markos Moulitsas (founder of DailyKos.com) remarked that

“this week has been a very interesting week for me…”

WATCH NOW: Windows Media / QuickTime [Length: 2:05]

Politics TV runs a tease… any more and you have to listen… but here is the pertinent snip:

"This week has been a very interesting week for me.  And I know I have sort of arrived in a scary way, because now I'm not being attacked for what I've said and done.  People are making stuff up about me now.  They're inventing things.  And so I know now I'm on a different plane."



[thanks to NYCO]

Riehl World View, new.  A look at the money end (see below for whuppity update), and some thoughts on who works for who.  Links.

York at NRO has several grafs of text from the NDN speech.  Greensooner in comments indicates Kos was just as … planetary last year… Then again, if you are on a separate "plane" are you necessarily on any planet?  Might be floating out past Pluto?  But still on a differnt "plane"…?

 Beats pondering the Democrats' chances.  Or ''joining up'' with Democratic operatives and telling yourself you have "joined a movement" … as he'd like us to believe SImon Rosenberg has.  Boys go back.  A ways.  Let's spin that top the other way.

 kaus has updates.  On Kos, Armstrong and interplanetary relocation.  A whole new meaning to off-shoring.

Round-up piece at Beltway BLogroll at NJ.  Enjoy – or not.

 I don't think Warner, official Southern White Male / Red State Dem –  and I am sure his best hope was for the Veepessa spot…  he cannot be too happy.  Last I had looked at the official blog… it seemed the videos of Great Splash in the Spasmodic Desert … were down.

AND, I heard that Sherrod is getting calls, and not taking them, asking if Jerome is still on the payroll.


This is whup-uppity as we (which is me) are coming out of the closet, so to speak… Riehl World View has publicised the available financials from BlogPAC…  it was in a comment here two days ago (Deeper Throat, that was before Dankest Deepest Throat arrived), time to bring it up above the fold.  Plus, an online friend had alerted me a few months ago. 

I have been waiting…. I am patient.  Eventually the harvest comes in.  Or cocktail hour arrives. A simple cocktail for me, for others, the planets align.  What is at the mid-coeli?  A dollar sign?

You can see Blog PAC's FEC filings here. They've already had more than one request for additional information as regards itemized expenditures and affiliated organizations or relationships. The pdf's aren't linkable, but are listed as Requests for Additional Information at link above. …

Update: If you look at the BlogPAC disclosure records, you'll see that from Jan – Mar of 2005 – their only disbursements were to another blogger / consultant – Bob Bingham – from the Swing State Blog. According to slate, he was a one time employee of Armstrong, as well as a leading force behind BlogPAC. Interesting. They've been collecting money on line and paying it to … themselves for consulting?? I don't know. But those filings could prove interesting, either now, or in the future.

So.  Does Bob Brigham of Swing State Project (too? … ?)… still work at the Skyline offices (pdf.) at NPC, under the soft wing of the Rappaports?   Angels of the Desert Con-flabby…

And then there is Whup Whup update

I mean, what does one say about Donald Brooks?  But! a middle brow to bitch about a middle brow online … hmmm, well … what is it?  not a movement, that is for sure…. A mix of ATM and one armed bandit?  With a liberal feel-good lounge … a waiting room? 

Not their best day, Mark Warner's and Sherrod Brown's names figure high up, in the first few grafs…

The planets align… if there used to be a dollar sign at the collective mid-heaven for the boyos… well, time to update the celestial projections.  I would say… 

Have a coupe de champagne.  That is Irish crystal, from the 20s.  The  champagne is Veuve Clicquot, orange lable.

Kos from late yesterday.  Keeping it short.  Probably wise… and safe to assume that Warner and Sherrod are getting more calls.  hmmm for some odd reason, I just flashed on scenes from Ishtar.  Not sure why that happened.  Maybe thoughts of the desert.  Or a boatload of money down the drain…. How fast did the ice sculptures melt?

 Every day a new day… what will this one bring?  Rising stars?  Falling stars?  Some are seeing stars in a new way.  A word of advice – and I have done this for years – a safe summer sojourn in the desert is to go to Palm Springs for the sales at Sak's.  Really stellar. 

 And, you know what you are getting.



1. GreenSooner - 24 June 2006

Well, he must have “arrived in a scary way” over a year and a half ago, because he said exactly the same things about the (admittedly mostly silly) accusations coming from Zephyr Teachout and directed at Moulitsas and Armstrong. And, yes, that story was also picked up by the MSM.

2. marisacat - 24 June 2006

You know I saw the ZT excercise in making boys jump rather differently. I looked at the timing, during the run for the DNC chair (I did nto support Dean for that run) and felt that while there was some mileage obtained from the “story” which was covered in the WSJ, that it was a proxy for a slightly differnt agenda, beneath.

Oh yeah I don’t think that there is much “new” about Kos. LOL… one reason I call a lot of what has been going on “Tulipmania”. slightly farther back than the Gold Rush… which was sold very calculatedly in the Eastern reaches.

Opera Glasses and Popcorn… Bio: bring it on.

3. NYCO - 24 June 2006

Beyond the hype… beyond the nebulous “movement” rhetoric… I think this thread on Daily Kos is quite revealing of how much “there” is really there…


The answer seems to be: Not much.

There are a few people responding to my question who have got at least SOMETHING going, but it appears that a lot of people just didn’t understand the question. (I asked for things that were *non election related*. That includes working on someone’s campaign, voter registration drives, and even DFA training. Obviously some people didn’t get it.)

Sadly, one person listed “looking for a job” as an activity, which also tells you something (how many people on Daily Kos are unemployed due to the failing economy and don’t have the energy to do anything but join a blogging revolucion?)

Then people have listed their hobbies, and have made at least a faint connection between them and larger public issues… but again, here is a revelation, people might need help in linking their talents and abilities to a wider movement… you know, a REAL one that can mate with other movements out there.

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. It’s a grim picture.

And won’t be a definitive survey, because as soon as the diary falls off the main page, the responses will stop coming.

4. marisacat - 24 June 2006

well I wont’t name the individual… but old timers will know who I mean. A former FPer, LOL by my take one of the cosy lefties used as a “beard” for how very conservative/operative laden the site is at the Tippy Top… well… at his own blog… and he lives in a very active area, walk out your door and you can be politically active in all sorts of directions, work on all sorts of campaigns, orgs, non-profits etc.. an actual local activist stopped by one day, laid out his involvmetns, specific campaigns, interest groups, the like.

He was very low key, but I got the impression he had run into the blog and was getting sick of the mask presented. The Former FPer could only offer that in big elections he had done some phoning for GOTV – AND INSIDE, AT PARTIES. IN PRIVATE HOMES.

None of the tough thankless, often outdoor in winter …
It was stunning. Unless you had been paying attention.

Oh they used that shitty game of “Join my movement” to be school yard bullies. I made that clear in a few comments following ’04.

Bitch and beat up on people, be bullies run cadres of thread thugs… and FUCKING LOSE.

And then the likes of Bowers (read the Riehl piece) BLAME THE LEFT.

As I said, prick the Hindenberg.

5. NYCO - 24 June 2006

I know you’ve been mad about it for a while, but really, when you strip the hype away and look what’s underneath, there’s just no “there” there. Perfectly good, thoughtful, passionate people have been herded like cattle into the chute to labor away exclusively on election politics and targeted races (many of them STERILE, and now one wonders if the kahunas always knew that). What a fucking waste of time and energy. No wonder the Republicans own us. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to know the basics of phone banking and fundraising, and to know how elections work, but if this is a snapshot of what’s actually “the power of the netroots,” those roots don’t run very deep. At all.

I mean, I didn’t write about it in my diary there because I wanted to make people feel like they could come forward with their own activities (I wasn’t out to write a manifesto), but ideally, if you are involved in some sort of issue-oriented activity, no matter what it is, you could meet any other progressive on the street, ask them what they’re working on, and say “Hey great! Your issue and my issue have this and this in common, let’s do a joint project.” Ideally you would have a strong conviction that what you are working on is vitally important to the progressive movement, and hence, connectable to others’ activities. You would be able to explain this significance to people, and listen to them explain the significance of THEIR activities, and find common ground.

Preaching to the choir here, I know. But seeing the pitiful reaction to my (I thought clear) survey question and then seeing so many people wrapped up in all those masturbatory defense diaries makes me feel kind of sick.

The hour is late.

6. marisacat - 24 June 2006

well, you are talking real activism and REAL COALITION. Qhich often rises from people pursuing an issue – a god dam fucking single issue.

I think how they run campaigns is where the several other shoes are gonna drop.

Herded is right. The blogs were lashed together like interlocing pens. You got the same exhortatory >>> message… and they wanted it that way.

I heard that very directly many months ago. And it ws CLEARLY what was going on.
Tired vote delivery. jam them thru. Get people to swallow the propaganda.

And plenty of people left as it ws not what they wanted. They wanted better and more complex. They wanted real.

7. marisacat - 24 June 2006

oopps that should say ”exhortatory
—-elections —– message”.

soemthing ate my words… LOL

8. raincat100 - 24 June 2006

Heh. I should check my email more often! So glad to see you blogging again, Marisa.

9. marisacat - 25 June 2006

Hey hey Raincat! Glad you picked up the mail… 😉

10. aemd - 25 June 2006

Hope I’m not reposting but this is interesting. Newsweek on Kos


11. marisacat - 25 June 2006

Hi aemd… I just finished reading it. About to pop it up as a new post.

Roll up that orb and septer… and ”go dark for a few months”. Well that is one way of putting it.. 😉

12. Passing Shot - 25 June 2006

Is it that they (or “we,” since all of us were at one time avid readers of the Orange One) were herded, or is this simply a new crop of uni-dimensionalists? I stopped reading ages ago because the diarist were simply boring, and I suspect others quitely drooped off as well, realizing that the VAST MAJORITY of substantive political diarists were likely paid operatives and the rest were, well…engaging in one-handed typing. There was a time, well before he became the Orange One, when it was a place for interesting dialog among somewhat like-minded readers. Its descent into single-minded win-for-the-sake-of-winning is pathetic to behold.

13. marisacat - 25 June 2006

Yes by now it is hard for anyone to know that once it really was interesting. But I remember DHinMI’s first thread comment. It went south very fast.

And DemFromCT, these are hardened operatives. Ron K, hardened operative, ”Fish and Wildlife” type Dem, on the receiving end. Others…

I was amused to watch how Kossacks would think one or ther other was the ”good one”. That was amusing.

And Meteor Blades is happy to hang iwth them.

Pox on their glass houses.

Then little Kos-sacks began to think other Very Obviously Aligned Blogs were “better” or deferential to women (Fire Dog Lake gets that cosy kiss, what a joke)… what a fucking joke.

A series of box cars to deliver votes. And be nasty doing it.

It began to die summer of 2003. It was brief.

14. aemd - 25 June 2006

“But I remember DHinMI’s first thread comment. It went south very fast.”

Since you brought it up….


Just found this out. Hodes is running in my district. Nice guy and has an even chance of getting elected. I hope that arrogant bully doesn’t screw it up for Hodes.

15. marisacat - 25 June 2006

hmmm is that email for you operational? I mean the one I would see in the “back room” of this site?

I will drop you an email if it is.

16. aemd - 25 June 2006

If I check it daily it is. It is slow and they will delete mail after a very short time. A small problem but hey, it’s free. I’ll check my mail.

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