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BBB: Apology, Zengerle – and a toss of the stars… And Meta Kos – from lui-meme… Who better to Meta? 25 June 2006

Posted by marisacat in Big Box Blogs, DC Politics, Democrats.


 Zengerle explains, apologises for the Gilliard “e-mail”-  with a starry starry night at the end…

 I had never read the original 5/31 Michael Sherer article in salon, The Blogfather, that sparked the storm.  Here it is… (Honda ad, not too bad)

 Gilliard has a piece up, from this morning, prior to The Plank posting… a sort of round-up.

 Trapper John tells the official version.  It has always been amusing that the story is that Kos switched support to Dean – from Clark….  Even then it seemed the actual support for Dean was fron his friend Armstrong, and as a team they ended up doing the several months of “technical” work for Dean.

 Wise always to remember, these are operatives.  It is the keynote (but don’t call Warner’s speech in the desert “keynote”!) in the orchestration of a “movement”… or a story line that is sold as a movement. And a business that is built as a movement.  Be a wise shopper!   But, hey, that is a horse they need to beat to life:  the movement.   Be sure and save the movement, save the nation.  Hard to argue for a life-saving operation to… <laugh now> save an operative.  Lacks that zing and pull to the heart strings.

 Or maybe it was Dean’s stars they followed…  Hard to be sure by now, or then.  I do know that 3 days before Iowa loss + take down, Kos hit up the Dean people hard for money for the DNC.  The long thread that ensued is no longer part of the record, only the text of Kos’s piece remains. He did not get much, it was basically pity money – he and “dncdoug” begged hard (and more than a tad mean too), Kos came down into the thread even… it was getting out of control.  And the very next day, he re-ran the play, another hard-edged beg for money. 

 Well, with what was coming, and months of leaks about Iowa, nobody ws going to be pleased with the DNC much for a long time – and it was get the money now.   

 If you had half of a politically aware brain, it was clear what was going on.  DNC leaned on the boyo.  Hard.

 Have a laugh, people had gotten madder about the smell of the whole thing when “dncdoug” came into the thread to pat us down. And put us down… It was not a happy event. 

 My first strong clue that Kos was a party operative, and little more was that, there was never a single word on the FP about the 527 that operated with Democratic monies, dirty as hell – and ran the Osama ad, one of three ads.  Not. one. word.  Told me a very great deal  – especially as a politically aware person who values the long arc plays, and thus I was clued in to watch the little fellow closely – and clued-in by December 2003. 

 The Osama ad story broke late at night, Friday December 12.  By mid-day Saturday, the WaPo had up what was their Sunday editorial on the dirty play.  Because the story was unique – and stank so badly – it was a good editorial.  I was surprised.  And then FP silencio at the House that Kos built.

 Plenty of party operations and Democratic elections plays just as dirty, but that was well worth a write up.  If you supported Dean.  Or, if political stories interested you… they don’t much interest Kos and never did.  Not in his stars I guess.  It always seemed logical, and operational, to support Dean, if you have a site populated early by the restive Dean people — Kos was asking who supported who very early on, it was clear in late 2002 quite a few favorable to Dean —  We also had cash.

 Some things really are simple.  Distasteful as revisiting the primaries is… but hey, it is TJ kicking that smelly (and leaking like mad) old horse. 

 Kick it, get kicked back.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = 

UPDATE: 6:45 am. PT

 Beltway Blogroll takes a round up look, at the Return of the Blogfather (hey the boys picked that one, and drove it hard – as marketing, if they are checking for bite marks, look to their own incisors) and a look at the Karen Collins diary that her husband Jesse Kornbluth wrote about in Huffpo.  And more…

The ‘Blogfather’ Breaks His Silence

Jerome Armstrong used the MyDD forum he created to finally respond to ethics outcry against him and co-author Markos Moulitsas Zuniga of Daily Kos.

“Let me just state for the record that any payola allegations or some quid pro quo deal involving Markos and myself are complete fabrications,” wrote Armstrong, whom Moulitsas calls his “blogfather.”

Armstrong’s comment was posted as an addendum to a post authored by Matt Stoller that was dismissive of the ongoing controversy. “I think these insiders and Republicans are just obsessed with us,” wrote Stoller, who has faced criticism himself at The Channel Changer for his “apparent lack of concern about the (Jerome) Armstrong dust-up.”


UPDATE: Moulitsas’ stay-the-course message, apparently written in response to a critical New York Times piece by conservative writer David Brooks (subscription only), was not well-received by one diarist at his site. And her admonition to Moulitsas that “The Cover-Up Is Worse Than The Crime” was not well-received by the Daily Kos community.

The diarist, Karen Collins, just happens to be married to journalist and former America Online editorial director Jesse Kornbluth, who counter-attacked at The Huffington Post. Some excerpts:

For better or worse, Markos is on trial. And this is tragic, for the site is one of the greatest on the Web and Markos, on his worst day, is a zillion times the man and thinker that Brooks is on his best. But in his e-mail, Markos got it exactly backward. If the “news” about Armstrong is indeed nothing, he would have done better to suggest that his friends in the progressive community write about it. … But there’s an easy way out: Markos, do what my wife asked — give us an explanation. And then promise you’ll never send another e-mail that makes you look like Vito Corleone [of “The Godfather” movies] telling the Tattaglias and Barzinis what to do.


Have a laugh, at MyDD Eric Boehlert dissects the Newsweek piece — did people expect something else?  based on what?  What about either Kos, DKos, the business of politics or MSM indicated anything different?  Nothing.  Kos runs, or tries to run!, take-downs at his tabloid, and Newsweek eventually looks over at him.  Big soft whup.  But boys have tender flesh.

1. Markos is described as a “rock thrower” and ” party-loyalty enforcer,” who is filled with “growing belligerence and paranoia” and who last week posted a “berserk” rebuttal to a New Republic hit piece. (Newsweek intentionally plays dumb and describes The New Republic as a “venerable liberal journal.” That’s the same “venerable liberal journal” that forcefully backed Bush’s pre-emptive invasion of Iraq.)  

Kos has used ”liberal”, often.  And surely allowed ”liberal” to be used about him and his business site.  He is not a liberal, not a progressive,  nor is the site liberal, nor, get a grip! is the party. 

Laugh again, check the first comment:

Re: Newsweek Makes My Head Hurt (none / 0)

This merely means the conventional media is going to be shocked, SHOCKED, when a blue tidal wave sweeps over the country in November. 🙂

Carry on, it is a business day, first of a new week… yes, November should be a blow out.  All those liberals in tow, let’s see if they are still writing checks.

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 

UPDATE:  12:15 pm PT

Meta Meta Meta Meta…Meta Mama! from Kos lui meme!  (I am still calling for meta-morphosis…)   Tis but a wild cry in the desert on my part!  but what do I get?  Kos (dark?, going dark?…) and a lisitng of who in Greater BlogKnot endorses or pushes back or just … joins. 

And A Ringing, hear that?  A Ringing Endorsement.  Read on…

In any case, given reports of rabid squadrons of venom-spitting lambs roaming the internets, I thought it’d be fun to do a catch-all thread of some of the best responses.

Really, as much as people try to paint us as “angry”, fact is we have a lot of fun with this stuff. We make politics fun, and do so effortlessly.

[… that is just a flat out beg for everyone to remember all the bitching – and moaning over at Dkos  – MCat]

As for my marching orders for the week, I’m running a little late on putting them together. So feel free to post pictures of kittens or orchids until I get back. Tour De France previews are also acceptable.

[Well, all of that is safer than discussing Democrats’ chances, I do agree. Carry on! -MCat]

hmmm…  as I said, it is a new business day… and Ezra Klein at TAPPED posts a full throttle endorsement.  I think.  But then I’d have to assume that Warner, a very nervous pol, and Sherrod who was not answering calls, were happy happy happy to be in the Brooksie ”tag you’re it” column:

Like a childhood hacker becoming a brilliant computer programmer, what Jerome once did wrong, he’s now doing right. He’s hyping his candidate to the nation’s political influencers, and he appears to be succeeding. Call foul on that, and you better be willing to call foul on the entire political system, where Carville and Shrum and Rove do precisely the same thing, but with far less transparency in who they’re talking to and targeting.

have a laugh… I had dropped off to an actual nap, awoke 30 minutes ago ready to lope onward… BUT NO!  and I get a whiff of a beg to move on. 

Poor sods.  Showing their necks. 

$  $  $  $  $  $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


I do believe I called for an ant hill to be pushed over.

Enter Cadenhead.  Who was invited off Advertising Liberally a few months ago.  Oh, yes yes!   I shall hunt for his writings on this… you know how FOK (Friends of Kos) are, Link!?  Link?!… well it beats coming clean! 

Two snips from a long entry:

Jerome Armstrong Pushed Second Stock

I’ve been trying to pin down MyDD founder Jerome Armstrong’s stock-related activities in 2000, when the SEC alleges that he touted a Chinese Linux company called Bluepoint on Raging Bull without disclosing that he’d received $20,000 in stock from the company’s management.

Though Armstrong’s message board postings related to Bluepoint are no longer available on Raging Bull, I found dozens of messages on the InvestorsHub site in which he promoted a related company before a merger, never revealing he was issued 25,000 shares in the deal.

An SEC filing reveals that Armstrong received the shares in a reverse merger executed by the Chinese wireless startup AccessTel, which acquired a publicly traded online mall called Shopss.Com on Dec. 18, 2000.

AND don’t miss Cadenhead’s close:

In an October 1, 2000, posting on InvestorsHub, Armstrong said that SEC enforcement of messages on an over-the-counter message board was extremely unlikely:

The only thing anyone ever gets nailed for in the OTC is deliberately and misleadingly pumping to dump, anything other than that is just too ordinary for the SEC to bother.

We’ll just let all of that sink in.  Reading around the BlogSnots and BlogKnots amd just plain bloggers, over the past few days… I can be a loving friend but in some situations, I need documents before I defend some actions, especially to an ad hoc collection of readers, posters and bloggers who are so desperate to be a “community”. 

For some – it is a business.  And those for whom it is not a business, nor a Democratic  party business (electability will not save the nation, nor is it the Statue of Liberty) need to consider the implications of what people will do and say to defend a business.

Sorry to be blunt, but it has to be said.

$  $  $  $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 


I had linked to this yesterday from Riehl but just as a link, will do so again –  With a clip.  I was being kind (really) til more hit the light of day.  But… onward: 

There is also ample evidence on the Internet that, whether illegal, or not, Armstrong’s judgment, both political and financial, is certainly subject to question. In this post, poster MyDDdotcom indicates he also posted on stocks as 426figures.

Yep, used to post on RB as 426figures, good to be here, thanks… SYCD looks like a good buy at .11, if CMIX or TGHI works out to form I’ll load up again there… that Pokemon run thing sure was a fun one:)

Following the trail of 426figures leads one to this post, which claims to display a variety of screen names for MyDD’s Jerome Armstrong.

could get Jerome B. Armstrong (426figures, four2sixfigures, 426, im426, jeromejackson, mydddotcom etc…to start a message board. He does specialize in Shells and RM’s over on Ihub,SI or RB. We all know how involved he was on the early boards For SCII, I think he even started the RB thread. Not sure what his new alias is now he does change them alot

Evidence of Armstrong’s bad judgment might be seen here on this board, upon which a poster, 426figures, consistently touts another stock, that of InvestAmerica, Inc (INVT).

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 

FURTHER WHUPDATE :: Had enough boys?, cuz i am not done, I have been clear about that. 

Back to Cadenhead, he did a round-up post on Thursday the 22nd, and this was his close:

My personal view is colored by the fact that I wouldn’t trust Bowers to tell the time. But I think the 85 bloggers in the Liberal Blog Advertising Network and popular Kos diarists need to take a hard look at these guys and how closely they want to be associated with them.

Politics has a tendency to attract people who put their own interests above party or principle when the money starts rolling in, as Tom DeLay and Jack Abramoff have ably demonstrated. I’d hate to see well-respected liberal bloggers like Joshua Marshall and Atrios burn too much capital in defense of More-Kash Moulitsas.


I see TAPPED has several entries, Ygelsias and others and a reply to Siegel over blogofascism or whatever it was.   I am sure everyone knows their way to TAPPED, I’ll skip links….

 One thing about Greater Blogland, if it can be turned into a joke, they will

Funny in a business as serious as a heart attack.  Meanwhile dispatched to the campaigns goes on, too.

How does the money work in KosyLand??



1. JJB - 26 June 2006

They just can’t stop producing these embarrassing money quotes:

From Zengerle:

I believe that this error is of a relatively minor nature–I did not, as Matt Stoller has maliciously alleged, “fabricate” anything–but any error is of course unacceptable. I sincerely regret not checking with Gilliard before quoting his purported words, not only because this was unfair to Gilliard–who has behaved more responsibly than anyone involved in this particular matter, myself included–but because the mistake that resulted from this failure has allowed Greenwald and others to try to use this minor error to distract people from much larger issues.

Let’s see. You post an invective filled item accusing someone of dastardly behavior. You cite an email from a particular person as supporting your claim. You then discover the email was not sent by the person you claim was the sender, and are forced to pretty much admit that you rushed to get the item online because you didn’t have enough self-control to verify something that fit so nicely into your preconceived notion of what the target of your wrath is doing. You thus further besmirch the reputation of a journalistic institution still reeling from scandals involving serial plagiarism and dozens of pieces of outright fiction masquerading as reportage. Your attempt to paint another far more prominent blogger as having a credibility problem is thus shown to have a very serious crebibility problem. And this to you is an error of “a relatively minor nature.”

And this, from the Salon article by Sherer:

“We need to make the DLC radioactive,” Kos wrote in August 2005. “No calls for a truce will be brooked.”

Moulitsas says he does not identify Warner with the DLC, especially when compared to other prospective presidential candidates. As for the lack of recent rants against the organization, he says he no longer rails against the DLC because he does not want to raise its profile. “I realized that the more I talked about them the more relevant they became,” he said. “That was my realization last summer.”

“Reality is what I say it is,” in the World According to Markos. I especially like that line about how when he slags the DLC, he’s only helping them to raise their profile. What will they do now that he’s decided to kill them with silence? I actually feel sorry for them. 🙂

These two characters certainly deserve each other.

2. NYCO - 26 June 2006

Hey… I thought he was returning to the desert??

Guess not.


All I see on Daily Kos are people trying to “put the weekend behind them” and “get back to normal,” and there he is, hogging the spotlight again.

Jay-zus Kee-rist. This is painful.

3. Passing Shot - 26 June 2006

Let’s see what we know at this point:

1. Jay-Z’s reporting was slipshod.
2. Jerome has a shady past as a stock tout.
3. Markos has flip-flopped on candidates and issues seemingly coincidental to Armstrong’s business interests.
4. Gilliard didn’t write one of the e-mails at issue.

Does any of this detract from the fact the DKos is still a tedious read and Kos’s political motivations are suspect?

4. NYCO - 26 June 2006

Zzzzzzzzzzz… wha?

Sorry, all those pictures of sheep… made me nod off there.

5. JJB - 26 June 2006


Does any of this detract from the fact the DKos is still a tedious read and Kos’s political motivations are suspect?

It is much more interesting to watch these characters grab themselves by the collar and throw themselves down the stairs.

Anyway, with Zengerle as a fact-checker, it’s no wonder Stephen Glass got into such trouble!

And I can’t wait to find out what new bit of information Kos chooses to make known about himself. So far in the last few weeks, we’ve heard he was offered and turned down a CIA job, has a journalistic background, wore combat boots while (presumably) serving in Bush War I, and has rebuffed overtures about sharing his advice on winning election strategy from Billary Clintons and the Swedish Social Democrats. Maybe his next co-author will be Baron Münchhausen.

6. marisacat - 26 June 2006

Well I am just starting to click on the list of FOK Friends of Kos…

and one, at ”unbossed” [? OkAAAY] goes to the main url. I would have to hunt for whatever got said there. I thought it might be the link about the lamb, but that goes just to a jpg.

Some I had read.

I am reading the Jeralyn Merrit ”character endorsement” did Kos say that… LOL oops Character reference.

… sounds a bit defensive. But then these are tied-in Democrats.. hmmm. Well I am, or ws, merely a long time reader. I believe they claim a personal friendship. So perhaps one should read closely and pay attention. And of course, like Greenwald, another atty weighing in..

ennui which is not boredom, it is the lull til the next overflowing anthill gets kicked over… Which it will.

I think Kos meta’d on himself. Rabid lambing season and all.

7. Damp Throat - 26 June 2006

Jimmy …who???

This is how big a fucking pathetic gross idiot Kos is… here he has a former DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT writing on his blog… and the stupid fuck can only bleat about himself… which of course is not the story.

I guess it doesn’t really matter because Kos voted for Reagan over Carter.

Kossacks deserved to be slaughtered for following such a fool… shameful

8. JJB - 26 June 2006

Actually, Kos didn’t ever vote for Reagan. He was only 13 or so when Reagan ran his last campaign and showed off his senility by trying to describe that long aimless drive down the Pac Coast Hwy where he thought about future people and what would we think about them when they thought of us (or whatever it was he said as he mangled his closing remarks, maybe the old actor in him was channeling Pirandello).

As to what Koskateers deserve, I’d say the website as it currently stands is pretty much their just dessert.

9. Deepest Troat - 26 June 2006

Isn’t it interesting those who are bangging their pots the loudest are those who are within the Advertising Liberally:
Firedoglake with 2 Ads = $695
The Agonist with 3 Ads = $400
AlterNet Blog with 5 Ads = $650
TAPPED with 6 Ads = $75
MyDD with 7 Ads = $390
Pandagon with 3 Ads = $89
Booman Tribune with 1 Ad = $100
Steve Gilliard with 1 Ad = $150
Majikthise with 2 Ads = $55
Ezra Klein with 2 Ads = $40

There is more but I haven’t seen them talk about it yet. Maybe they got a different memo than the ones above. But we all know this is not a conspiracy right?

10. JJB - 26 June 2006

BTW, it ought to be kept in mind that people who indulge in the shenanigans for which Armstrong has admitted to being guilty of usually do a lot more of it than they ever get caught at. And even after getting caught, they will generally keep on doing it. It’s a compulsion/addiction, what have you, and if he’s swapped online politicking for stock touting, he’ll somehow find a way to indulge his compulsion to Get Away With Something and/or Get Something For Nothing. There’s probably also a deep seated need to prove himself so much smarter and more clever than everybody else, which gets translated into a need to con people just for the pure hell of it.

11. marisacat - 26 June 2006

kos voted fro Bush 1. And as a 17 y/o not able to vote yet, worked for Henry Hyde.

Sorry. The place is very anti small d democratic.

And the righties and conservatives and the demanders of pleges and the thread thugs swept in summer of 2003. WITH AN UPCOMING hotter than hot primary season.

I was very displeased the day Jimmy put a diary there.

As for Kerry, well he is tied tightly to the communications industry. He ws called upon to release his schedule of meetings with comm ind lobbyists during the 03/04 season, called for voer and over and he was always “preparing it”.

Now he endorses and is endrosed by bloggers, as I see written up here and there? Well i also see silliness appearing that calls Clinton (Bill) a “devout Baptist”.


People need to get a grip. Or get taken.

12. Deepest Troat - 26 June 2006

Chris Bowers is opening up a consulting firm.

Chris Bowers, bonddad and I have formed a new company to help take action and move our country forward.

Does anybody see a conflict of interest. Say, BlogPac, MyDD and this.


I am almost out of popcorn, gotta get a refill now.

13. marisacat - 26 June 2006

oh, thanks for that. LOL I am sure Roger Cadenhead thinks highly of it.

A new post (well, starter post) going up in a bit.

14. NYCO - 26 June 2006

“Unlike traditional D.C. consultants, we not only give you the hard data you need to win; we use the sort of creativity and idea generation that can come in today’s politics only from the netroots: by helping you craft messages that will inspire voters, rather than seek not to offend them; campaigns that will energize both the center AND your base, rather than assuage the base and hope for the best from the middle; and ideas that will help shift the window of debate away from the issues that distract the electorate, and toward the ones that really matter.”

Multiple male orgasms CAN be yours… call now

15. Passing Shot - 26 June 2006

NYCO — I just did a spit-take.

16. NYCO - 26 June 2006

Oh gawd, get a load of this…


“With the paranoid, tin foil hattery this past week about how Markos and Jerome somehow control the entire progressive blogosphere, Jerry McNerney is an excellent example of how often the people in the netroots set the trends, not their all powerful blogging masters. This is just one case where the rabid flying lambs actually lead us, as we are swept up into a tide created by commenters and lurkers, by local activists both within the netroots scene and outside of it, and by the people of the people-powered progressive movement.”

17. marisacat - 26 June 2006

oh the minute I saw them embracing McNerney… I thought, COVER… their collective asses. Boys desperado for cover. Think I have somthing stashed away about that…

18. Medley - 26 June 2006

“Multiple male orgasms CAN be yours… call now”

Hahahahaha. Good ‘un.

19. marisacat - 26 June 2006

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