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BBB: Boy Blog King returns to the desert.:: Updated, Whupdated and a PSA Whupdate. 25 June 2006

Posted by marisacat in Big Box Blogs, Blonde Sense, DC Politics, Democrats.

       contortion in the desert, with golden arches...

Newsweek.  Seems Boy King will roll up the orb and septre – choosing (well that is the story) to go dark for a few months.

 Intense meditation (yoga anyone?), work on political races is cited as the agenda.  Dark thoughts about Hillary and Joe. 

 Not as dark as the thoughts that Warner is having.  And Sherrod.

 People love to center on Hackett, well we are a militaristic culture… but I wonder if Hackett and Cegelis feel they were barely pumped, but surely dumped.

 I promise you one thing, this will whiz right by most Kos-sacks.  They have not caught the meaning of much the past couple of years.  But Kos and Thugs gamed for keeping the duller butterknives around.  And those who loved the hype.  It was like being at a make-up counter.  Car salesroom. 

 Or listening to a stock tout.  They got sold. And then they kept selling each other:  Incestuous amplification.  Same thing that sold the war, if you read Jane's Defence Weekly.

 One of the hard realities, you cannot read just the people who presume to tell you they agree with you.  It is important to read widely.  Many Kos-sacks did not.  They came to Kos for "the truth".

 Stock bubbles. Tulipmania.  And finally just bubbles…

 Look on the bright side, Newsweek left out the Jerome the Astrologer stuff.  But Blogs have a purpose.  And RedState and others are not done.

Whiz bangs in the desert.   Maybe they make an annual trek to the place of broken dreams.  Yes, I can see them doing that.  The last bright neon at the place that Kos built.

 Shed a tear.

 UPDATE. 7:14 am, PT

Or read Capitol Hill Blue.  Several extracts.

 WHUPDATE, 7:55 am, PT:

 Or as Dkos waddles onward, sans Boy King for a bit (you know they never leave), another site is hyping their ''community'' – and their ''family values''.  And that they are "progressives".  And building a ''movement''.  Truly a Barnum moment.  One born every minute.

Have a Kool Aid canape:

This has been a banner week for progressive family values on display here at FDL, the subject of our Late Nite column last Saturday.  We’re building a progressive community here unlike any I’ve seen anywhere on the web. 

And yet, we’re just part of a more broad cultural movement.  Any sustainable political movement derives its power from a more basic cultural movement.  Some other time, I may write in more depth of what I think may be happening culturally, but tonight, you can offer your own ideas here in the discussion thread. Read the rest of this entry »

 UPDATE, 8:30 am, PT

Julian Borger in The Guardian, from the 22nd, so a bit of swift reprise.  The last graf is simple truth.

If the only lesson politicians draw from the Dean experience is that the web is a good place to raise money, Ms Teachout argues, they will fail to break through the apathy and cynicism of the electorate. But she has left politics and is teaching at the University of Vermont.

The top "Deaniacs" who stayed in politics are mostly working as fundraising consultants for Democrats in Washington. It is far from clear at this stage who has coopted whom – the blogosphere or the political establishment.

PSA and a WHUPDATE, 11:00 am, PT

 Jerome is heard from – that's the PSA – and BowersSpeak (I guess it is one corner of a large mouth?).. OOOPS it was StollerSpeak! wonders why the likes of Brooks are obsessed with Boys Who Blog (and do other things, too:  swing on a star!). 

I think these insiders and Republicans are just obsessed with us.

  Oh, it is just that endlessly reflecting mirror of Boy Bloggers' own obsession with their various selves.

Italics and emphasis are mine:

Update [2006-6-25 8:44:56 by Jerome Armstrong]: Let me just state for the record that any payola allegations or some quid pro quo deal involving Markos and myself are complete fabrications. Perhaps they are obsessed because they represent a party that has shown it's complete inability to govern in this country, and they recognize that a people-powered movement is happening in this country that is going to oust them into the bin of history.

No one person is the leader of this movement, but as it grows, the fight from the opposition that resists the change that must happen in this nation will arise. Let them fight, we will still win.

"We will still win"…?…?

Well, that would be novel.  Looking at the record.  Does Warner still want the Boys' Blogging Home Almanac Way to Win?  Sherrod?  uh, Sherrod??

 When you read the boyos, from any of the various mouths, remember… Democrats are paying for that scheisse consulting.  In DC and in spots across the nation.

 Meanwhile that sort, the tired touts and the rest of the litter – and all the other assembled Democratic <cough> consultants and operatives, go up against the hard spade work the Republicans have done for decades.

 Have a contortion.

UPDATE, 3:20 pm, PT

 Or watch as a once True Believer come to his senses.  It took seeing his wife attacked in her diary at Kos.  Jesse Kornbluth at HuffPo… had aemd not posted it to a thread I would have stopped reading in the early grafs.  Slobber wobber dobber for KosWorld.  Keep reading….

 And it seems there are more irrational believers [billmon] than one ever knew.  Pity.  Kos cannot save the nation, save a Democrat, save the political process, nor I suspect in the long run save his own ass.  Frankly I am unsure why people ever believed that…

Voluntary contortionists.  Good luck to all True Believers. 



1. Passing Shot - 25 June 2006

Now I know why I never read Newsweak — 5 reporters needed for such superficial analysis? And WHEN will “journalists” clue up to the fact that he IS NOT LEFT?

I take it that Orange Boy is going silent but the blog will continue — that can only help since his were by far the weakest analyses of any of the FPers.

“Markos Moulitsas Zuniga is sitting on his back porch in Berkeley, Calif., listening to the hummingbirds and explaining his plans to seize control of the Democratic Party.”

I’m reminded of that silly overused saying — “If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.” Woof, woof.

2. marisacat - 25 June 2006

well to be honest here, he is scarcely deserving of a thorough analysis. One more crash and burn. and listing 5 names is business.

Yes they/Dkos can list on without him and obviously that was decided as the last ditch effort… and to try to save the coordinated hiring out to campaigns.. but the blog was the tabloid.

And another of the satellites is hyping how community oriented they are – just this am.

LOL if they had brains they’d be choking on sand.

Sorry, boy pricked the Hindenberg himself. No one “took him down”.

Or people can weep for him.

3. NYCee - 25 June 2006

Hey cat.

Man, things is gittin ugly out dere, eh?

I stayed away from Kos the past week for the most part, and woke up to the whole shebang yesterday. My word!


Guess I can feel good about not buying “Crashing the Gate” now, huh? 🙂

Oh dear.

As for the take-down-Joe L campaign, covered in the Newsweek piece you linked, your contortionist pic is quite fitting. Ive always said, on DK, that there is no problem going after Joe and trying to take him down and out. Im down with that. The problem (enter contortionist), is when you do so without basing your attacks on principles that you then apply to others as well, with some consistency. If you dont, you end up looking like the gal in the stretch zebra garb (above) when asked why no Joe but Mr/Ms xyz? The whole Ben Nelson thing. Front paging him with flowers and sweets. (TWICE! Armando – he who names himself Armando but shall not be named Armando by others).

Nelson makes Joe look like a flaming lib, the way he votes, throw in a whole bunch of others who never get criticized on Kos FP, and it creates the same old picture of hypocrisy and lack of center (not centrist center, actual stabilizing, unifying center) that the Dem party already suffers from. What I call Big Tent-itus. Too many Republicans, not even ‘lite’, in the tent. Yet Ben Nelson is praised just for not being as mouthy as Joe in his disloyalty to party principles.

You know party principles. The ones that get left behind with the base time and again, trampled by the elephants in the tent as they stampede thru the ATM, the vote-fest, on to … victory???

Party principles? Hard to find them when the main aim is electing Democrats, I’d say.

4. JJB - 25 June 2006

Question: was Markos indeed “an Army veteran who served in artillery logistics in the first gulf war”? It was my impression that he spent his time in the service in Germany, and never saw anything remotely like real action. Certainly he’s never to my knowledge posted anything saying he was in theatre during Bush War I, and given how much he’s written about the Iraq war the last few years, you’d think the subject would have come up. This seems to be of a piece with his alleged “journlistic background.”

And Passing Shot is absolutely right. “[S]ome Dems fear that Moulitsas’s popularity will pull the party so far to the left that it won’t be able to win the general election in 2008.” Good God, the BBBs make Hubert Humphrey sound like Che Guevera. There’s nothing the least bit ideological about their approach, it’s strictly attempting to find out what will appeal to the largest number of voters and finding candidates who’ll recite nothing but taste-tasted talking points.

As to the allegedly brilliant nature of Spewt Spinach’s political acumen, if he was such a genius, why’d the Rethugs boot him out of the Speaker’s seat after 4 years? His championing of the Whitewater/Lewinsky/impeachment process was one of the worst miscalculations in modern US political history, and he paid for it with his career. The Rethugs don’t seem to be rushing to kiss and make up with him either, do they?

Well, I still haven’t finished page 2 of that article, I’ll stop ranting and go back to reading for a bit.

5. JJB - 25 June 2006

Jesus, page 3 is even worse. How can Holy Joe be a “popular incumbent” when his own party’s members are forcing him to run in a primary he might very well lose? And this, from the Orange Man himself: “We’re going to lose a lot of races this year and a lot of races in ’08[.] The goals of this movement are long term.” Yeah, just let us keep applying our way of doing things long enough, and we’ll actually win an election, that’s the spirit that powered countless successful political movements throughout history. And just what does this mean:

To avoid an early flameout, he’s ‘going dark’ for two to three months so he can focus on his ‘real work, which is talking about these races and issues.’ He pauses for a moment, thinking over the implications of what he’s just said. ‘Well, there are always exceptions … I’d make an exception for Jon Stewart.'”

Yeah, well I plan not to shoot any movies this year, but if Spielberg calls, I’ll pick up the phone and listen to what he has in mind . . .

He really is a babe in the woods. He’d better hire a consultant to help him keep his foot out of his mouth. When I read things like that, it’s easy to remember that only 4 years ago, he was unemployed, sitting around the house and typing furiously away on his computer keyboard. If he doesn’t learn to keep his mouth shut and cover his financial tracks better, he’ll be back there PDQ. At least he’ll have the flat screen TV.

6. marisacat - 25 June 2006

Oh yeah he only wore those Boots in Germany.

Peacetime Baby! – or a non combat assignment during our first enlarge the footprint in the ME excursion… But let that idea grow… he fought oil fires, he quelled insurgents in Kuwait, he put babies back into incubators… no doubt he instructed the Army corps of Engineers as they redid the Royal bathrooms in Kuwait (which they did).

you get the idea.

It is a venerable tradition. The book reveiw in the New Yorker of the Russert Dad slobber showed how Russert lets people think things about his father that are not true. That when he was a passenger in a plane during the war it crashed. And Russert arranges his words so you could think Dad was the pilot.

Hell W and cheney did it with 9/11 and Saddam.

So what is a little appropriation of the glory of war. Esp for an anti Iraq war former Republican.

LOL see what I mean?

7. marisacat - 25 June 2006

Hi NYCee… great comment.

8. aemd - 25 June 2006

Oh God, this is ugly. Another true believer gets her ass kicked.


9. marisacat - 25 June 2006

wow thanks for that. aemd I almost stopped reading during the slobber wobber. But I thought, no it got posted for a reason.

Glad his wife lived to tell the tale. I am going to add the link… and also a link to a FP thang over at BMT. Billmon is apparently a Twoo Beweever.

I am sorry to poke fun (drink as the empire burns) this all pitched over in hilarity a long time ago.

Pity the Dems spent so much money on shysters. But they did.

10. NYCO - 25 June 2006

Maybe someone should mount a search-and-rescue team for progressives on Daily Kos. This was another lynching in progress I happened on by accident (http://www.dailykos.com/story/2006/6/20/123610/170) (I was interested in a discussion about advertising), and my intervention had a happy ending:


11. marisacat - 25 June 2006

fantastic diary. And if MyDD is wise they will loosen up themselves. plenty of bannings there, in a smaller pond.

LOL I am UID 45 there and I suspect the only reason I have not been banned is that I only read and sometimes rate. I ahve been banned at TPM Cafe – and have never once posted a comment.

Thanks for posting.. and great commetns from you.

12. marisacat - 25 June 2006

NYCO, speaking of ads, I see Kos has raised the rate on the “strip” ads again… the 7 or 8 that rotate in a strip below the Premium ads.

Now 1950 per ad/strip.

This as it is possible to argue that his numbers are down. LOL and it has been 2 second, 3 second hits for well over a year.

I ahve long suspected some sort of bot hitting the url.

wham! bam! and thank a liberal – in passing… LOL

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 June 2006

They banned me at MyDD … I used to just occasionally comment, but a few weeks ago I tried to on a diary and my signin no longer worked, and it won’t let me get a new password.

Small little boys.

14. marisacat - 25 June 2006

From a comment to the Stoller Jerome Armstrong (he’s B A A A CK???) FP thread at MyDD:

P.S. it appears Trippi is working (none / 0)

for Warner as well. On Warner’s May expenditure report there was a payment of $2280 to “Mad River Communications”, which has no website, but shares the same St. Michael’s MD mailing address as Trippi and Associates.

Does someone have more and better facts on this?

by TrueBlueCT on Sun Jun 25, 2006 at 06:50:33 PM EST
[ Parent | Reply to This

15. NYCO - 25 June 2006

“Down that line, I dabbled with planets and predictions in the most abstract manner, as one of several different predictive mathematical disciplines…”

GMAFB. “Predictive mathematical disciplines”! Astrology is pseudoscience, not mathematics, and he was applying it to election-watching, which at the very least ought to call his other election-watching into question.

16. marisacat - 25 June 2006

hmmmm well one wonders. How DID they pick candidates. I mean I can see some, higher profile races… but other than that…
what was the model, er … they did have a model I hope since they seem too blunt edged for the “go with your gut” sort.

My own guess is some B List that NDN+boyos develops… as Madman posted over at BMT, there is a strong whiff of factions of the conservative wing thrashing it out…

I LOL recommend a year or two back in short pants. Remedial pre teen years.

I really am laughing.

I am sure they will all hang around being less than STELLAR, for years.

This is such a classic story… played out a little more publicly than usual.

Redstate and Riehl/others have all they need to bring up ”the stars” anytime they need ot make fools of the boys… pretty funny really.

17. jedmunds - 26 June 2006

LOL I am UID 45 there and I suspect the only reason I have not been banned is that I only read and sometimes rate. I ahve been banned at TPM Cafe – and have never once posted a comment.

That’s disturbing. What’s the story?

18. marisacat - 26 June 2006

I don’t know… Since they redid the site, I go less and less, the main page just does not grab me. But I stopped by to chekc something… one of the yglesias pieces that Suellentrop had linked to (and then retracted the comment he highlighted in his early article on all of this…) so I went to log in… no go. I sent the email req for new password, nothing. sent it again, nothing. LOL.

I got the “petey” comment that I needed and since it ws all I needed I did nto bother any more.

And I read TPM first in summer of ’02.

LOL whatever… their sites are theirs. They can do as they wish. And i notice that they do.

One reason I never fell for the “community” hard sell. It has always been about the Boys. And each other. And the mission, if not the movement.

Sorry to be blunt. But they use “liberal” and “progressive” like candy for lost children. I am sick of it.

19. GreenSooner - 26 June 2006

My favorite line from the Jesse Kornbluth HuffPo post (linked to above in #8) concerns his spouse, Karen Collins:

During the last Senatorial campaigns, Karen was so moved by Kos posts about liberal candidates in Oklahoma and Alaska that she wrote check after check.

Take it from this Okie, there was nothing remotely “liberal” about much dKos-hyped Democratic Senatorial candidate Brad Carson (who, as I always hasten to add, I voted for as the lesser of two evils).

Just as significantly, I don’t think even the FPers tried selling Carson as a “liberal.” Instead, they argued he was a “populist” Democrat who was doing what it took to win in Oklahoma (we in the red states don’t deserve liberals according to the bicoastal Kossack FP view of the world). Only one problem with that party line: Carson got hammered. And unless you consider the permanent repeal of the estate tax and bankruptcy “reform” to be populist positions, he wasn’t much of a populist either. Just another Blue Dog loser.

What’s interesting is that “devoted Kossack” Karen Collins somehow believed that Carson was a liberal. I think much of the dKos phenomenon is based on such wishful thinking and willful disregard for what the “movement” that they imagine themselves a part of actually endorses.

20. marisacat - 26 June 2006

Well I am pleased to say that I never wrote a single check to anyone that Kos pushed. And some were clearly losers… Mongiardo.. for one. Just not great candidates.

But I never give money unless I can see the moving speaking candidate. These candidates get pushed, long distance. One operative says the presumptive is liberal, another calls the person “moderate”. And I notice EVEN with google and search engines, people are writing checks with not a moment of investigation, in too many instances.

LOL hence the NEED for disclosure as to party operative, or Wal Mart atty or, in the case of DHinMI, MI chair for Clark – paid consultants operatives for campaigns.. LOL

And anything to Dean from me, went direct to Burlington. By mail.

Oddly enough the only one I found interesting ws Carson. I caught him on several panels post 2004 loss and some details of the R push bakc on him were fascinating. They targetted him hard, esp Club for Growth. Of course it ws just Carson speaking… and I am far away.

yes a lot of wishful thinking going on.

Facing the hard spot the country is in is hard, nearly impossible for people who, I guess, thought the tree would grow for ever.

21. JJB - 26 June 2006

That comment thread in the diary kornbluth’s wife wrote offers a splendid example of everything that’s gone wrong with that website.

And notice the huge number of recommends for these two trivial comments:

If you had bothered to read (51+ / 0-)

the numerous front-page and recommended diaries on the subject you would have all the disclosure you need.

Go back and read.

Scan diaries easily.

by peeder on Sat Jun 24, 2006 at 11:36:17 PM EDT

Thanks for that comment Peeder (29+ / 0-)

Applause for you.

Ok, semi-retired from blogging. Returning fulltime in December.

Yes, good boy peeder, such a good little doggie, have a nice little treat . . .

In this way are Armandildos groomed, trained, and kept in line.

BTW, catch the new sig line El Caudillo has for himself.

22. marisacat - 26 June 2006

well I think K Collins and J Korbluth got a swift education. In rabid dittos, thread thugs and thread heads amusing themselves that they are liberals.

23. NYCO - 26 June 2006

It’s starting to resemble Scientology, if you ask me. (Electology?) Which means it’s not going away any time soon.

How does one deprogram ’em? Should one try?

24. NYCO - 26 June 2006

Or how about… Electanckar?

25. marisacat - 26 June 2006

oh I agree it is not “going” anywhere. IT will always be there for the hapless.

I told Armando over a year ago, it should stay just as it is. I monitor certain factions of the party very easily thru it. The flip side of catching Dobbs from time to time. Tabloid propaganda. Elections propaganda….

And electability worked out s o o o well… but mash it with butter throw it in the oven at low and serve it again.

Gotta laugh.

26. NYCO - 26 June 2006

I do think the place is serving as a Venus flytrap or a pitcher plant for actual progressives, though. (since the management of the orange blog thinks progressives ARE flies, apparently)

What then must we do?

27. marisacat - 26 June 2006

well I agree with that too. And in fact I think the “satellites” as I call them are there to “butterfly net” the dissafected. They think they leave DKos… but they really don’t. They, the leaders.owners.operators of the other sites, would all loudly shriek “No”… but then I always saw Armando as the soft ”god father”. God knows he sat on LSF at first. To accommodate a couple of people… but shit the game ws to co=opt us. One way or the other. Eventually they ran some very hard plays…

And that is a pattern.

Well maybe liberals smarten up. But I doubt it. There will always be a soft not too smart bunch.

The language at Dkos long ago went very soft… I saw that right away with the elevation of DHinMI and DemFCT. LOL. NOT LIBERALS! OPERATIVES. strong small d democratic language went. Spoon feeding of NYT and WaPO was the order of the day. sorry… duller than dishwater. I can read them on my own.

Dumb. But lots fell for it. Soft sell, soft retail… when, if the place were other than a package deal for the party, it would be strongly progressive/liberal. Strongly committed to certain principles – and it could still promote a pol here or there. But that is not the model… it is a business arm, propaganda arm of the aprty… no news there.

For a long time diaries kept it going… but that too has weakened.

But I am not a rescue mission… I have no idea what to do.

28. NYCO - 26 June 2006

Well, what sucks is that you can’t post a progressive diary anywhere and really have it seriously looked at any more. Then again, that may not be a bad thing. I mean, what would be so bad about writing real articles for real publication in real progressive magazines or websites?

29. JJB - 26 June 2006

Yes, NYCO, this is exactly right:

It’s starting to resemble Scientology . . .

Call it Kosology. Or Moulitsasmania.

30. marisacat - 26 June 2006

well one of the few few things I ageed with Armando about, ”Recommended List” had a ruinous effect. In more ways than one.

LOL that and once at LSF we had a conversation about “million dollar minorities” where we agreed…

Oh yeah Kosology. That works. Close to cosmetology. Washes off at night, creates a mask.

What ever. swamp.

31. NYCO - 26 June 2006

You have to admire the efficiency of Scoop though. First, you rank everyone with a UID, so they can pull rank on each other when they fight, or haughtily question someone’s low rank when that someone says something they don’t like. (Ever notice how it’s the people in the 30000’s who start doing this? I don’t ever see anyone with a really low UID stooping to the numerical dick size comparisons.)

Then you have the forum part of your website (ie, the “diaries” which is what everyone wants to use) right next to the broadcast propaganda part of your site… on the same page. No one can use the forums without being exposed to the propaganda first.

BTW… who was “Grant” and was is/was he UID No. 2 on Daily Kos? (UID No. 1 was the Scoop default, Kos is No. 3, Jerome Armstrong No. 4, Meteor Blades No. 5…)

32. NYCee - 26 June 2006

“Just as significantly, I don’t think even the FPers tried selling Carson as a “liberal.” Instead, they argued he was a “populist” Democrat who was doing what it took to win in Oklahoma (we in the red states don’t deserve liberals according to the bicoastal Kossack FP view of the world). Only one problem with that party line: Carson got hammered. And unless you consider the permanent repeal of the estate tax and bankruptcy “reform” to be populist positions, he wasn’t much of a populist either. Just another Blue Dog loser.”

Boy oh boy, do I ever agree with that, Okie/GreenSooner.

“Red states dont deserve liberals.” Nice way to put it. They might as well say that, since the mantra: “Shut up. No one but Joe may be dissed. We’re lucky to have (___fill in blank____) in that red state!” and “What do you expect, pathetic purist, it’s a RED state!” is pathetic.

As if…corporatista Ben Nelson (liberal sword of D hanging over his head) ever had the first thought of actually trying to explain to his constituents the first wrong thing about giving away the farm to the wealthy via Bush tax cuts, or not having to give away the farm with the estate tax (luntzified to “death”) or why the bankruptcy bill only “reformed” the cash flow into bigger cuts to banks and credit card companies at the expense of the little guys.

Dont Nelson and Landrieu et al represent some little guys? My guess is it’s not that theyre afraid of their little guys ganging up on them if they vote liberally, it’s that they dont even listen to their little guys and gals much less talk to them. They listen to big business emissaries. Their ears are tuned there. (And why did Joe Biden go there, he of the blue state, on bankruptcy? Why does Feinstein vote like a pub so often … in blue California?)

But they are left alone, or even praised for being UnJoeLike (Armando on fp), unlike Joe, because, unlike Joe, they arent mouthy in their disloyalty to the base’s principles. That is what I hear, time and again. Great message to send all those potential begging bowlers for Kossack dollars out there, eh?

This is how I see the message to Dem pols: Do as you wish. Vote with the GOP in a way that makes Freepers salivate for your aisle jump, just as long as you shut up about it. That was Joe’s sin. The rest of you, come on in and getcha summa what we got. We wont call you out or let you down.

33. marisacat - 26 June 2006

By the way in between unloading the wash… I noticed that TAPPED, Ben Adler it was I think… ahs a rather broad take on TNR and Kos and related issues between the two.. HE sure pulls in Lieberman and why the ”progressive” Kos… have to look think he did reinforce that..

[I don’t have tapped open but it is prospect.org/weblog I think.]

why good old prog Kos attacks Lieberman but lets Ben Nelson alone… and one other was named.

Sorry it just does not hang.

I am rather more interested in my supposition.. boyos go with new industries guys. LOL.

I suppose the reason could be clean. But why should I assume that?

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