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BBB: En Garde! Form ranks! ::Updates :: WHUPdates :: imported Armando :: Put ’em update 26 June 2006

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  En Garde!

 Yes Meta-Kos again. Not to pat the boy on his head, but to look at a few things…  some of those proud defenses.  Oh don’t be silly.  Friends and associates are free to defend and define their friends and associates just as they wish.  Nevertheless gonna take a look at a couple… [after I feed the cats and unload the washer…].

 Bowers spreads the joy  thereisnospoon joins in[links from Deepest Troat]  Well! we know that is not liberal.  Silly liberal money, supporting boys doin’ bidness. BlogPAC in that one?  Love the catch phrases:

A different kind of political research and analysis firm:

”of the net roots, by the netroots and for the netroots”  

oh my, does that ooze or what?  As aemd posted a day or so ago, google “netroots endorsed” and look at how it is being shopped around.  Or look at Webby.  George Allen long ago rehired (for at least the third campaign together, iirc) La Civita, credited with the SBVfT campaign. 

So what do we have in Jim Webb?

A candidate that won’t be easily demonized or swift boated by the usual conservative cowards.

We have a candidate who is backed by a genuine and proven people-powered machine. And we have a candidate who can win and put us one seat closer to a Harry Reid-led Senate.

 ”People powered”.  I notice they all love to use that.  I suppose they mean Raising Kaine, credited with drafting Webb.   

Think Webb can hold up? 

I think he is sadly out of shape for a tough run, or even an easy one against Allen…  And is it the boyz behind him?  What is the deal?  is it, maybe, jam in their guy, milk the “netroots” for support… I am sure they are desperate to unseat Joe. Get a really big name. Ah but which of Joe’s hands, and which faction of the party is running against the Boyz?  This really is old Bosses and raw, very raw new Bosses-wannabees.  But always a boss.

But! there he is, Webb, barely out of R hands, being pushed (he is a Libertarian Democrat, you have heard of those, Kos has been pushing that awkward load of crap) right on top of a big slam on Lieberman

“People powered.”

Update: This is what a libertarian democrat looks like. From a just-released press release on the Flag Burning Amendment:

“Jim Webb has great respect for our national flag and great respect for our Constitution, and is proud of the many contributions his family has made in defense of both. Like many combat veterans such as General Colin Powell and former Senators John Glenn and Bob Kerry, he does not believe it is necessary to amend the Constitution in order to protect the dignity of our flag. This is yet another example of deliberately divisive politics that distract Americans from the real issues that are facing our country,” said Kristian Denny Todd, spokeswoman for the Webb campaign.

Who knows.  I see one down (bad Joe!), one up (Good Webb!), in the boys little black book….  Both problems.  I want neither.  If the criteria is that anybody with a “D” will vote for Reid – wellllll.

Then we stand for nothing.  Having just seen Al Sharpton represent “for the left” (but he is not) on Tweety with Melanie Morgan… And Kos is “liberal” or “progressive” (but he is not), that is about it.

And over at TAPPED, from Ben Adler, an explanation of what is at stake, at issue, what’s really the deal!…between Kos and TNR.  Yeah really. 

It’s because TNR is an institution that gives space to the conservative — not moderate — rantings of liberal-haters and Democrat-haters like Kaplan.

Oh and Kos lui-meme does not?  That just begs for a lot of examples of Kos hating the left.  In fact, Boyz hating the left. Women, coalition, single issues, peace workers, demonstrators, it goes on and on…. It is a drill  — it is so old.

Well it is obviously different being a Blog Confrere of Kos, as opposed to a long time reader of the site….

OH!  Excuse me, it is not Dkos, it is the BLOGOSPHERE’s problem with TNR.

THE BLOGOSPHERE’S BEEF WITH TNR. I think Marty Peretz‘s Friday evening post on The Plank, in which he defended TNR from its left-wing blog attackers and excoriated their grammar, actually made a lot of fair points.

  Well that is clearer.  But Kos only speaks for himself?  And his many many declared battles?  Just his, right?

[I have not had a subscription to TNR in 15 or more years… I had forgotten they existed frankly til reading DKos.  It was an issue with him way back.  Yeah they were terrible on the war… and even their acknowlegement rather stank.  It is an odd publication, frankly and I love it when Sirota goes after Beinart.]

 And don’t miss this from the TAPPED post… — Remember Webb while reading  this. Armando knob polishing for Ben Nelson, FP no less… Nelson who was desperate to please Dobson over Alito.  Wanted a public “thank you” from Dobson… and  love and hugs for Gene Taylor of MS, beloved by the hard Christian right, why he endorsed Massa for NY-29 – another one barely off the R rolls… it goes on and on:

TNR, on the other hand, indulges Bush crony Greg Mankiw with a non-sensical cover story in favor of social security privatization, and indulges neo-con Lawrence Kaplan (and Peretz) in contemptuous anti-left diatribes.

The analogy is perfect, in fact, in explaining why Kos et al hate TNR’s favorite senator, Joe Lieberman, and don’t have the same venom for Max Baucus and Ben Nelson.

It’s not because Lieberman is more conservative. The blogosphere is pragmatic, non-ideological, and very tolerant of moderates (see their recent embrace of Mark Warner).

What they do not tolerate is the public flagellation of their party’s left-wing that gives aid and comfort to the enemy.

This whole “Bush crony” thing is getting very fragile.  What with the Clintons and all.  The last three three – four little grafs are deadly. Has nothing to do wtih pragmatic politics, nor with idealogical divisions nor with anything else.

Boys have favorites and non-favorites.  And who calls the shots?

And really … who is speaking for whom here?  who embraced Warner? 

All I know is that Armstrong is in the employ of Warner. Kos supposedly was “only joking” when he intro’d Warner… yeah right.   

 And he dropped 50K 70K 100K on a party 100 stories UP.  Well the air was thin.  And people drank the free booze.

Nothing new.

What was in the ”chocolate” fountains? 

… more to come.


In over the transom:  WHUPDATE>>>

The Ethical Werewolf has a great post on issues of SEC, stock touting and, you guessed it, who else!…. Jerome.

But in the thread, I see Armando and Rogers Cadenhead and Petey (JJB will remember Petey!)… stars DO align.  Enjoy!

Sheesh.  In case anyone missed him:

Disgusting post.

I really have lost a great deal of respect for you on this. I don’t think anyone can read you in the same way after this.

You deny being paid by Edwards do you? Markos denies pay for play. Jerome denies having engaged in pay for play with Markos.

Who should believe you as opposed to believing them?

Finally, do you realize the poll results you link to show Warner going from 14 to 10 over the time period that raised your eyebrows.

A slimy idiot is what you are portraying here.

Despicable. Did you check with Ezra before you chose to post this? The site does bear his name.

Posted by: Armando | Jun 26, 2006 8:34:58 AM

Several posts in the same vein in the thread.  is there any joke left to make?

One last treat, a nice short summation comment from Ethical Werewolf’s thread:

Obviously, the insane over-the-top reactions of the Kos crowd indicate that they are worrying about credibility problems too. The lady doth protest too much.

Posted by: brett | Jun 26, 2006 5:31:03 PM

I agree…


UPDATE, 9:40 pm, PT

Bowers cross posted diary announcing their first client, Jerry McNerney, who really IS a good guy.  CA-11 against Pombo. IIRC, this is his second try against Pombo.   Be interesting to watch and see if they damage his directness and progressive message.  When he posted his own first diary last January, there was only slight interest… just from individuals and one former front pager, a Californian, who was polite but not enthusiastic.

UPDATE:  10:20 pm, PT

Not sure anyone can stand it, but Garance at TAPPED has a round up piece on Jerome, related issues.  She seems happy it all happened, semi-out of view, in ’06 rather than ’08. 

Not so fast, boyos have never shown any evidence of learning.

Which is the whole point of the expostion of events across years in re:  touting, SEC, Jerome et al.   I don’t think that will be changing. 

But then some buy that Kos is a hapless bystander.  Find a bridge and put a biiig price on it.  In fact, sell a bridge that does not even exist.  A bridge in Omaha.  LOL A bridge in Vegas.

Call Ted Stevens!, he can help us.  These are pork issues. 

And they really are … same thing:   Scammers!



and I scrounged up the first post that Rogers Cadenhead put up last November, when he had been invited out of the Kos (?) Bowers BlogAds group.  At the time the change in rules made it look as tho RC Raw Story and Smirking Chimp would not be eligible any longer – under a new definition of what a “blog” is.  I jsut checked.  LOL  RS is there… I could not see Smirking Chimp.

Also the price that RC quotes for Dkos ads, that is for the “strip ads” the revolving strip that runs UNDER the top premium ads.  Strip ads now are 1950 a week… NO SCRATCH THAT, 1950 WAS LAST WEEK>>>  it is now 2K  — and Premium… and remember it could be argued that his numbers are drifting downward… but that never stopped a tou… oooops! a blogger.

The top ad is 4250 a week.  I see that, right now, as thereisnospoon’s diary advertising the Bowers et al new consulting company is on the Rec List, that Jerrry McNerney has the top ad on Dkos.  Also their first client.

A bit of a congeal there.  But … they only fuss when caught, right?


UPDATE, WHUP BACK AND PUT ‘EM UP!! Tuesday, 5:30 am, PT

Hillary hires Peter Daou of Daou Report… and Kerry blog outreach (that must have been frustrating!).  Read the story in the NY Post.  It is a scream. 

NYT weighs in.  Catch this (I am sure they said with a straight face):

The Clinton camp is clearly counting on Mr. Daou, who directed blog outreach and online rapid response for Senator John Kerry’s presidential campaign in 2004, to help improve Mrs. Clinton’s image among liberal bloggers, who are fast becoming a constituency in their own right and may thus play a significant role in selecting the Democratic Party’s nominee for president.

One blogger in fact has said that Kos lui-meme can stand between Hillary and the nom.  Yikes, is all I have to say.

Indeed, several potential candidates — including Mark R. Warner, the former governor of Virginia, and Gov. Tom Vilsack of Iowa — made an appearance this month at a bloggers’ convention in Las Vegas. But Mrs. Clinton was not among them.

Well in fairness she is not the only smart one who stayed away.  Nancy Pelosi begged off at the end.

In a statement, Howard Wolfson, a spokesman for the Clinton campaign, said, “Peter’s experience building bridges between the blogosphere and the Democratic Party will be a huge asset for us.”

There is that bridge again…

In a statement that was posted on Salon.com, Mr. Daou, who will be a Web consultant for the campaign, said the “nascent power base” of liberal bloggers “is only beginning to make its presence felt” and will “reach fuller potential with the participation of Democratic leaders.”


In addition to working for Mr. Kerry’s campaign, Mr. Daou has been an online consultant to the United Nations Foundation and AARP.

Always nice to know the tidbits.

Kos should relax.  This surely is a hurry-up campaign strategy thrown together after all of his less than pleasant commentary about Hill.  Yeah right.

He is not quite as big as Rupert… not yet.  But give him time! 

And I do believe this is the moment to segue into one of the proud defenses that Kos linked to in his Meta piece of yesterday….So:  Meta-Kos again

A person claiming personal friendship and full bore family time with Kos.  The blog from whence it came can be found at a link somewhere inside the text.  I’ll be kind and leave this sotto voce.  And of course! the blogger may be very right. This may indeed be a very spot-on take on Kos. 

In which case I will eat a fried cat.  I feel pretty safe.  I made the same promise over “Fitzmas” hype, and made the promise as it ramped up and made it repeatedly as Fitzmas ramped and ramped.  Ramped right into the desert and C-span’s televised Plame-gate panel. 

Here is a tease from the text:

What Markos has done is provide progressives, those who feel their government and the ideals of our country are being hijacked by the radical right, with a place to express themselves. If Markos retired to a remote island off of Fiji tomorrow, Daily Kos would continue for years.

Markos has never held himself out as the Pied Piper of the netroots.

No?… just follow him into the desert to fountains of chocolate.  Talk about a party planned for rubes. And of course! not his party, but Warner’s.  But it was the keynote, cornerstone. One friend wisely noted, Warner planned to really plumb the ”netroots” for his own PAC and for his PAC to become a gateway to ”netroots” cash.  Sounds likely.  Lotta back scratching with the boys.   Of course, not all fell for it (the party).  Thank the lord.  Some dignity.

There is more.  It did not end soon.

He repeatedly has expressed his discomfort at the media’s attempts to cast him in this light. He has no ambitions of being the maestro or rock star of the movement. I have known Markos for 4 years. […]  I’ve spent time with him and his family in San Francisco and at their home in Berkely. I’ve hung out with him in Washington, Boston, New York and Denver. Here’s how I see him.

What Markos has is passion and a vison. While he has been hugely successful in implementing his vision through Daily Kos, trust me on this one, he’s only just begun.

His plans for the future will take progressive activism to heights not dreamed of today. The mainstream media is playing catch-up and Markos is way beyond them.

In short, anyone who discounts Markos does so at their peril.

WELL!, Should we expect parties 200 stories up and fountains of cherry coke soda next year? Triple Dose Meta-Kos panels?  A diamond in every goodie bag? Vegas would be the place for a tiny tiny diamond.

Dancing bears?  Surely some pol will pick up the cost.  And ride for a fall a few days later.  Warner?  Warner?

As for Markos being ”way beyond” the media…. well… he did say he was on a “different plane” at the NDN annual conflabby.  hmmm.  I said then, “out beyond Pluto?”

”Progressive activism”?  More Boyz Bidness from the Armstrong, Bowers and Kos?  Oh too right, I forgot! he is just the hapless bystander.  Or, Jesus never met John the Baptist.  I mean, we are headed to Holy Hosts consecrated to The Kos soon. Virgin birth anyone?

My guess, the author was under some stress.  A lefty misspelled “Berkeley”. [Note, I consider myself to be of the left.]

There is more – and I will put more up – but I need to digest real food and not gag too hard while I do it…

By the time the word “blog” is understood by mainstream Americans, bloggers will have moved on. Markos and those in the netroots once again will leave big media in the dust. Politicians, if they are smart, will hang with the netroots to avoid a similar fate.

Business is as business does.  I hear a pitch in there.  Friends of Kos (FOK).

I’m not sure that I or any other solo blogger with a day job will make it to these next levels — the medium will be far too advanced for one person, as opposed to a community like Daily Kos or Firedoglake to get there. But I think you can take one thing to the bank. Markos not only will be there, he’ll be leading the charge.

Ooops.  But the theme, the meme and the ream (all over the blogs in Koserei push back) is that The Kos of the Holy Hosts does not matter. 

But still he will lead? 

And the writer clearly seems to need to know that Kos is The Leader.  Even if he is on Fiji.  Or the writer offers another tabloid blog.  Inside the roping system.  Its a campaign.  But you got that one, I bet.

Did not work for me.  And this was sold by Kos from his FP as a “character reference”.  This was written by an adult.  A professional.  A media (punditry is all) person, I do recall cable channels sending the equipment for remotes for the blogger to hook up for those “Breaking News” snap! interviews from the home base.

As I said, it is a business, sold as a movement.  Or a religion.  Hard to say by now.  I can tell you, in San Francisco, we know a thing or two about cultish behavior. 

Stop!  Stand down!  I said “cultish behavior”.

This was the close (following a dismissive take on “attacks on Jerome”… some idea apparently that they should not be occurring.  Naive.  And that from an attorney, mind you)

All these stories do is make the entire online media community appear petty and superficial. They are a distraction and it’s time to move on.

Well… it was not hard to do.  And the beg to move on or to say that this that or the other was “nothing” was the refrain in the “character reference”.  Running scared.  But despite the “going dark” comments Kos made to Newsweek… I see Boys running fierce.

Business day.

UPDATE, 8:30 am, PT

… at the very bottom I will link to Billmon.  Whom I have read since he was “weekend guest blogger” at DKos in 2002/3.  When he and Steve Soto left, the political operatives moved in, to the Front Page… with no clue as to what they were…  and we were left to figure out what was going on.  I got it, others did as well.  Many were naive (stand down, I did not call Billmon naive).

 With one snip:

But I still haven’t explained why I’m even talking about this stupid crap. The reason is what happened over the weekend: i.e. the major slime job in Newsweek, and David Brooks’ ridiculous column in the New Pravda. The campaign against Kos, which I’d originally dismissed as just another pissy TNR vendetta, is starting to look more and more like a coordinated effort: a Swiftboat operation.

At the very least, it’s snowballing into a more systematic media attack on Left Blogistan, which makes it my fight as well as Kos’s.

Clearly I just don’t have that feeling.  As for it swelling into an attack on Greater Left Blogistan… that is nothing new from MSM.  It flared hot, bright and mean in 2003.  Yes it appeared to be against Dean or Dean supporters, but really, if one listened closely, the objective was to discredit a new medium.

Tuer dans l’oeuf.  Kill it in the egg.

 Kos is part of Blogistan, but has gone to war on the Left, on women, on abortion (he demonised it – and others have taken up the cudgel) and reproductive rights, on all manner of small “d” voters and activists within the so-called left of the aisle, grassroots (as opposed to what I call “greasy roots”). 

He worked hard to alienate.  And, clearly,I believe he should enjoy the fruits of that labor.

It is old news.  But I guess news to some.


NOW it is a Whupdate:  Whip those doggies.  Mush! 

Kos front pages the Billmon piece.  They have their manifesto and marching tune.  Yes, that was blunt.  Nothing in the Meta-Kos would do it (honestly it was a pathetic service).  More had to be brought in.  I can guess the thread.



1. NYCO - 26 June 2006

From the thereisnospoon thread…

“As Markos and Jerome made clear, it is the eventual obligation of every American who cares about the future of our nation to Crash the Gate. ”

God, this is fucking creepy. I don’t even know why I keep going back to watch the train wreck. What’s even more depressing is how Washington is just spraying on the whipped cream and jumping onto the pile.

Sorry guys, I still have to work through a whole list of eventual obligations that various people have made clear to me … bearing children, going on Hajj, putting on special undergarments, and going to the Sleepshop on Lastday. I am just not sure where I am going to work Crashing the Gate into that.

2. Stevo - 26 June 2006

Slightly off-topic, but entirely consistent with bizarro world. Check out Mr. Doesn’t Blog Anymore:


3. Dusty Throat - 26 June 2006

“As Markos and Jerome made clear, it is the eventual obligation of every American who cares about the future of our nation to Crash the Gate. ”

… and if you can make money out it… then you are a true PATRIOT.

So what was this thing in the desert… a JOB’S FAIR????

From what I see the only thing that came out of Las Vegas it were mergers, book deals and documentaries…

Activism anyone…???? (Whaaaa….)
Organizing anyone…???? (real people not just consulting firms)
Advocacy anyone…???? (oh right, they don’t believe in issues)

Good thing they rail against the current consultancy class… cuz they are different… they don’t sleep on sheets.

I agree McNerney is to just boost their “progressive” cred while they tout for Webb and Casey. In the DK link Meteor Blades “warns” McNerney for rifting on the “Fighting Dem” theme…

4. JJB - 27 June 2006

Yes, I do remember Petey/peteypete/PPete (am I forgetting any of the many handles he used?), was he a Bay Area political consultant? Anyway, he makes sense here, even if he’s being compensated for it. El Caudillo really shows off his thuggish nature, he does spew the slime well, and I guess hijacking a comment thread with your irrelevant slanders and name calling isn’t blogging, because as we know, he had to quit blogging because someone “outed” him by collecting all the references to his real identity he’d left scattered about the Internet and posted them in one neat package. I was tempted to ask which client he was billing for the time spent posting in that comment thread, but decided I didn’t care enough.

So the Party Line is that even though Kos and Armstrong have known each other for years, have been partners in various enterprises, and just published a book that has both of them listed as author, none of the ethical questions concerning the latter in any way taint Kos. This reminds me of the plausible deniability argument concerning Bush and the outing of Valarie Plame, to name just one instance in which we’re supposed to consider someone guilty by association. Cult members will go to any lengths to make excuses for those they worship. Rush Limbaugh is an expert on that subject.

5. NYCO - 27 June 2006

Am I the only blogger in the world who isn’t making money off it? Of course, if I’m not, that means my opinions aren’t WORTH anything!

The minute that blogging got mixed up with money, it became almost worthless as a tool for real change.

Another thing I don’t get. Why on earth would you want the media to give you lots of attention? The whole point of blogging is to be sub-media that the powers that be don’t hear but citizens do. Who CARES if the media notices you or not, as long as the citizens read you? Let the newspapers do their thing and follow your lead… what the fuck is all this preening in front of the media and this desire for “influence”? And “influence” defined in such a stupid way, too — “Everybody’s talking about us! We’re influential now!”

When you stop being excited that your name is in the paper or your face is on TV, you’ll have made a big step toward really being influential.

“Squeeeee! Kos posted a reply in my diary! I’m never washing my monitor screen again…”

6. marisacat - 27 June 2006

”The minute that blogging got mixed up with money, it became almost worthless as a tool for real change.” -NYCO

well of course the slam is “purist troll” some invention of one of the former front pagers.

But when Kos wanted to add advertising revenue… LOL he asked us. I said yes, but I added, “remember it changes things”.

Not pure. Realist.

But that old slam.

Norn, who was User ID 7, sent me an email once soon after AAR debuted. Randi had some lune on the phone who had called to say he had the third diary on the Rec List. This was pivotal to his day.

LOL You HAVE TO LAUGH. It went frat house pretty quick. But there is no process for matriculation, they just rotate in place. Kos-dittos

7. observer - 27 June 2006

With friends like Jerome, Armando and Billmon, who needs enemies?

Sleazy Jerome.

Armando, the compulsive blogger taking the brown shirt tactics outside where everyone can see the ugliness. (What do his time sheets look like?)

Now Billmon may prove the worst. When a worshipper put up a diary with lengthy excerpts, even Armando wanted to distance himself from the comments about Peretz/Israel. Peeder pointed out that Armando’s blogging partner had called Billmon anti-Semitic.

What does Kos do? His ego overcomes even the fear of the ADL required of anyone who would be in American politics.

This is serious stuff. It will “explain” why Lieberman and not Nelson is the enemy. Watch out Lamont.

Remember all the outrage about MSOC’s appearances and WP exposure? Only the boys who had the right stuff should be venturing out into the big, tough world of MSM.

8. marisacat - 27 June 2006

yes.. I am appalled. For one thing, Kos is not at all knowlegeable about Israel, either present day nor any of its history. TNR is very much declawed… tho Clinton was too kind to them and according to Robert Parry TNR and their support for BC is why we got Woolsey. A lovely neo-con.

BUT the Jewish Lobby in the person of TNR or anyone there, IS NOT who/what is working against Kos.

Lamont would do well to separate.

I have said beofre…. boyos are reactionary and unstable.

If that seems a Fristian diagnosis… well… Time will tell.

9. observer - 27 June 2006

“BUT the Jewish Lobby in the person of TNR or anyone there, IS NOT who/what is working against Kos.”

It may be time to put that in the past tense.

Does he listen to anyone around there before he reacts. In the new thread, Peeder tries to warn again. But too late now. Tongue to the third rail, he says.

“Reactionary and unstable.”

Well, that was Darman’s impression. Beserk. Paranoid. Who isn’t these days? But in this case, it’s like having your inability to hit the slider exposed in your first big league AB. You’re going to see nothing but from here on out.

10. marisacat - 27 June 2006

well you are right in the change in tense. And tension. This will be picked up by the MSM. And I suspect that operatives of Lieberman will see that it is.

Lamont would do well to separate.

Pols missed, I guess, the truths exposed in how boyos reacted to Kaine pulling his ad at Gilliard’s site. And the nastiness of the boys going after him in the clocing days of hard campaign. And believe me I do not support Kaine, nor Webb… nor…

But if you hire out, work campaigns.. what is the game to so nastily screw with a pol in the closing days? When you ”claim” to support him.

They are extortionists. That was clear some time ago. “Buy my ads or I fuck you over”

Well the next post up with look again at the new Bowers endeavor… wtih thereisnospoon. And will look at the Billmon Manifesto.

Good Luck boys.

11. NYCO - 27 June 2006

Billmon… didn’t he post a suicide note a couple years ago? Ever notice how the suicide-noters just… can’t… stay away?

Truly, the leading characteristic of so many of these “A list bloggers” is how much they seem to need personal attention. More of a sorority than a frat.

12. marisacat - 27 June 2006

hmm I think you are right. Sorority.

And they never leave. LOL Just like Kos interview in Newsweek. Honestly he is giving Berkeley a bad name.

reactionary and unstable.

13. Deepest Troat - 27 June 2006

Its fine by me to be labeled a purity troll, however, they better keep their traps shut the next time Rethug gets caught. One thing is for damn sure, I rather be called a purity troll than a hypocrite any day. And in the end, it won’t be my credibility that will be questioned.

14. Deepest Troat - 27 June 2006

Now this is a good one, spinning the spin over at one of the BabyKos.

15. NYCO - 27 June 2006

Never fear! Satire is not dead.

16. wu ming - 27 June 2006

that really is it, NYCO, both the money and the starfucking. pity, because i think there are still a whole lot of people on these sites that honestly want to make things better, even if they are rather without focus or direction, and generally pretty green (and yes, i include myself here). what a waste of collective energy, at such a critical moment.

17. NYCO - 27 June 2006

Our path lies elsewhere.

(gazes portentiously off to the horizon, like Luke on Tatooine)

18. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 June 2006

oh, props on the “Logan’s Run” meta-reference NYCO. How very aproporiate, when discussing a bunch of Republican Boys who won’t grow up.

19. Petey - 13 July 2006

Yes, I do remember Petey/peteypete/PPete (am I forgetting any of the many handles he used?), was he a Bay Area political consultant? Anyway, he makes sense here, even if he’s being compensated for it.”

FWIW, I’ve never received a single penny from anything even remotely connected to blog commenting.

I may be right, and I may be wrong. But I’m an amateur, not a professional.

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