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BBB: Frying the Circuits :: Whopper Whupdate! :: Updates and Whup Uppity ::Spearing Bologna Update 28 June 2006

Posted by marisacat in 2006 Mid Terms, Big Box Blogs, DC Politics.

First, a link to an index of all there is at MCat on the Big Box Blogs.

Then onward… Billmon was not done, yesterday the Swiftboating of Kos, then today:    Star Crossed.  He goes to the expected place, but certainly with a thorough and detailed exposition, Nancy and her astrologer, Joan Quigley. 

 As a native San Franciscan, I certainly knew the Quigleys… they owned a hotel on Stockton and lived in the penthouse.  The Campton Place Hotel is at that location now.

 Nancy however had the perfect out, two of them.  First Ladies, frankly they do as they please and whatever direction they go in, get excoriated.  Well, then again, Laura seems loaded with teflon blood… but other than LB: excoriated.  AND, in Nancy’s astrological quest, she had the “rationalisation” of the assassination attempt. Don’t think boys have that one.  They are still proffering “character references” in the face of what seems to be a concerted if not orchestrated take down. 

 But hey, they wanted to “Crash the Gates” or something similiar.  I’d have avoided the word crash.  Too many bad visuals.

Maybe they mis-read the stars?  <laughing>

 Nor was Nancy a brash boy, or a few of them as a gang, out to take on — well who did they not plan to take on?  Other than Ben Nelson and a few other DINOs who definitely were not on their list

 Brash boys found to be hip deep in astrology projections, masses of it online still, are different.  And if the “boys” as plural, were not into astrology, the sainted Blogfather surely was.

From billmon:

As far as I’m concerned, the Kill Kos Koalition has every right to make astrology the central issue in this outrageous scandal, now that corruption, extortion and illicit Viagra use have all been taken off the table. But, given that something like 40 to 50 million Americans also believe the stars guide their destinies, I’m not sure they’re going to get much traction. But hey, at this point anything’s worth a try, right?

But before they go much further down that road, they probably should consider the collateral damage they might do to the reputations of a couple of other flaky, California fringe types who also dabbled in the occult, UFOs and New Age mysticism.

I’m speaking, of course, of our 40th president, the GOP demi-God, Ronald Reagan, and his lovely wife Lucrezia . . . I mean, Nancy. Both of the Reagans were confirmed believers in astrology — particularly Nancy, who used the services of a San Francisco socialite cum star gazer to plan her husband’s every official move.

 hmm.  But here is the deal – and really it is a tick tock:  Nancy was vulnerable to bad press, but boyos were just plain vulnerable. The place where the traction counts, as many on the blogs miss, is with the pols.  

 As for CA and our “fringes”, we can be as lunatic as we wish to be out here, we are somewhere around the 5th or 6th economic power on the planet – come down from the stars – and we have 55 EV.  We treasure our fruits and nuts…. <laugh> it is called the Central Valley, Inland Empire, our ag business.  So whereas Jeralyn at TalkLeft says dismiss Kos “at your peril”, I am confident that it is dismissing the CA powerhouse that would imperil one.  

 Boys, unlike Nancy, had a lot to lose.  There is a distinct difference.   Since the Reagan era, we have had a couple or so decades of entrenched Republican power – and redistricting – of which the Texas – Delay plan was merely the most egregious.   AND:   Just upheld by the SCOTUS, in large measure.  That gerrymandering, bi-partisan as it was…changed everything.  Think boyos know about it?  As they prattle “majority”? They don’t seem to take it into the range of their star gazing.

 And no time off for Blog King, the taking down of Lieberman needs his touch.  The thread is a hoot (and short, where is the enthusiasm?) .  Lamont is sure to win, wheels coming off Lieberman’s campaign – and much talk of how they will be taking on all DINOs – they already name Cantwell (D-WA) is in their sights… once there is a majority. 

Well you gotta feed the second string Iditarod team something.

 Webb fits right in to that plan!  Such a progressive. Not.  Assuming he can win against the well funded Allen… shall they shoe horn Webb in, then target him?  Don’t worry, I am laughing.

Each day just gets squeezed out… slobber for the thread dwellers.

Mush little doggies.

And the shame is that it did not have to be this way.

 More to follow…  another day, operatives are waking (or long awake!) and soon the blogs are squirming.


Swing on a Star, Whopper WHUPdate:

Riehl weighs in.  DonkeyCons picks it up.  Armstrong still swimming with the stars… or is that with the fishes? metaphor!  metaphor! Pace!

But remember, I called for, begged for meta-morphosis.

Frying circuits… ? we are talking deep fry.


UPDATE, a post from “aemd” in the previous thread that sums it up:

aemd – 28 June 2006

Maybe OT, maybe DUH but WTF.

I see it as all about marketing, marketing of politics.  Failed dotcon  wizards looking for the next big game.

Markos and crew are all about marketing. 

His pitch is that he wants nothing more than a Democratic majority.  He’ll push your brand, society be damned.  It’s a hell of a sell to ANY Democrat in ANY race.  A Democratic candidate would be foolish to turn down the services of a group that has no skin in the game other than winning. 

You got the money, honey, they’ll make the time.

ESPN politics. Yeah, go team.


Have a laugh UPDATE:  10:38 am PT

Boyz should know.  “How to Trash Your Brand”.  Think this falls inside the cookie cutter:  takes one to know one.


Whup Uppity Update,  1:00 pm, PT

Oh this is too easy.  The old taking candy from a child post.  Look what the Koserei are planningAnd lui-meme pipes up, swipes DC and NYC

What! no harsh words for the Left Coast!?!  I’m here after all… 😉  Ah, but so are others.  All those jui$y “technologists”.

Topic A and up to around 750 comments so far… Next year’s bashola:  

YearlyKos 2007:  Where do you want it?

by Nolan

Wed Jun 28, 2006 at 10:12:58 AM PDT

Well, now that the dust has somewhat settled on YearlyKos, it’s time to start thinking about a location for 2007.  All throughout the event in Las Vegas we were consistently asked, “where is it going to be next year?” and we consistently answered “we don’t know, it’s up the community” – which is true.

I think they all grew more navels, while rolling in the sand…  what was in those chocolate fountains!?!  And I see they push the fiction that Vegas was the winner of the vote.  Sorry!  Chicago won.  But Vegas was second and it really worked for Reid and the Left Coasters.

Get it?


UPDATE, 2:45 pm, PT – the Spearing Bologna Update

This probably should be a separate entry, but let’s just go with it.

What is a blogger?  – don’t worry, no navels being contemplated!

 I only ask as reading Cilliza (his entry for the 26th) today I see that a second “blogger” was tapped along iwth Peter Daou to join up! with Hillary … oh yes do laugh, cuz there surely is a snicker in this, somewhere.

 Anyway turning this over – and a bit antsy to spear some bologna (not here for my health!) I pulled up the boyz bios.

 Let me preface by saying I have never used “blogger” to describe myself.  Don’t much care for the word… seems a tad vulgar in an uninteresting way.  Easily, a bit too easily, transmits to Blahger.   Vulgar+uninteresting means bottom of the pile in my book. 

 Have a sip of champagne, the bubbles will cheer you up – if you think of yourself as a “blogger” – and if your head is the size of the Titanic, maybe the bubbles save your life.  PSA…;).

 So I pulled up (quickly, no great expenditure) bios.  Have a laugh.  And snicker, muttering the word “blogger” with some derision as you do it… 😉

Peter Daou

Peter Daou is the founder and editor of the Daou Report. In 2004, he directed online rapid response and blog outreach for the Kerry-Edwards campaign. Peter has appeared on MSNBC as a blog analyst and has served as an online communications consultant to leading political and public policy institutions including the United Nations Foundation, Media Matters, AARP, The Patriot Project, Nuclear Threat Initiative, and Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial Foundation. In addition to the Daou Report, Peter administers News Unfiltered (in partnership with U.S. Newswire) and UN Dispatch, a blog about the United Nations.

That is from HuffPo (I said I did this quickly) so it is something he submitted to a non critical receiver (not that that means anything)… and I sure do notice it works as an online ad.  Not sure how many saw it…  hmmm Well I guess he is stuck with “rapid response” and “Kerry”.  Good Luck Peter!  And it seems his life before online is non-existant.  mmmOk.


Jesse Berney

this is from his most recent site (an earlier one called Wage Slaves apparently was trashed in toto)

Jesse Berney is a writer and political activist who lives with his wife in Washington, D.C. He is a graduate of St. John’s College in Annapolis and previously worked as an editor for several technology-related publications in San Francisco. He recently left the Democratic National Committee after four years writing and editing web and email content and is now the Online Mobilization Coordinator at the AFL-CIO.

Success depends on: do all the traps have similar triggers? are all traps set? are all close enough to each other? And, for self-perpetuation, how quickly are they reset after being sprung? Others? (For emergence geeks: lots more tangents in “Six degrees” by Duncan Watts.)

At IPDI, Peter Daou, Mike Krempasky and John Aravosis and I brainstormed about what makes a blog hurricane happen and whether one can be seeded. Peter and I agree that higher order behaviors are emerging as the blogosphere grows in size and connectedness; John and Mike were more skeptical, though they agree that hurricanes do happen. (It’s the attribution of quasi animal spirits to the blogosphere that puts them off, I guess.) We all agreed, at least, that blog hurricane forecasting is still in the 1920s at best. (Mike forwards a journalist’s take on the panel. )

By: henrycopeland on Mar 11, 06 | 8:06 am |  |  $

They sound like ad guys to me. Seeding online hurricanes… and sitting around wondering about it.

 And is that a dollar sign I spy as the “permalink”!?… why yes indeedy!



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 June 2006

The SCOTUS ruling is really bad news. I suppose we shouldn’t be suprised, but the Republicans will only be emboldened by it, and the Democrats and their hapless blog couriers will just continue to run in circles, and the worthless consultants will continue to cash their checks.

We are well and truly fucked.

2. raincat100 - 28 June 2006

Cantwell doesn’t need much help…according to the Seattle PI she is already statistically tied with McGavick.

3. JJB - 28 June 2006

Re the SCOTUS decision, as I read somewhere (maybe here) in just the last few days, don’t concern yourself with a potential justice’s ideology, pay attention to his or her politics.

4. Damp Throat - 28 June 2006

What is WRONG with this reasoning???

There isn’t a week that goes by on MyDD where I fail to be asked several times to blog more about one issue or the other. Why aren’t you blogging more about labor, election reform, the estate tax, reproductive rights, any variety of congressional campaigns, the environment, and on and on and on. You name it–I get pestered to blog about it. Always, this pestering comes form people who have never given a dime to support bloggers. Always, the requests come from people who make a lot more money than I do.

Bowers has just written a “Pay to Play” manifesto.

Can you imagine that… the nerve of people asking him to blog about an issue WITHOUT paying him… what will it be next… Welfare Queens riding in Cadiallacs…

Whoop… there it is.

5. marisacat - 28 June 2006

merci a toi, DT. Very useful. New post going up in a bit… it should be including that – tidbit.
And he has been pushing the fundraising for days… aside from that conflabby thang thereisnobrain and bonddad are doing with him.


6. Deepest Troat - 28 June 2006

Hypocracy at its very best.

I’m speaking, of course, of our 40th president, the GOP demi-God, Ronald Reagan, and his lovely wife Lucrezia . . . I mean, Nancy. Both of the Reagans were confirmed believers in astrology — particularly Nancy, who used the services of a San Francisco socialite cum star gazer to plan her husband’s every official move.

While spinning it in our favor, billmon still takes a pot shot at the Regans and the people in Cali. Help through this – shame on the Regans for using a “cum star gazer” to plan “her husband’s every official move.” Then billmon went on to call the folks out in Cali the “fringe” AKA wackos/wack jobs for dabbling “in the occult, UFOs and New Age mysticism” but when it comes to Armstrong, he is none of those. Ummm….. isn’t that called cherry picking?

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