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Real Estate: Louche cat seeking Townhouse List. :: Whipsnapper, Slapwa Updates :: Navel Update 28 June 2006

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 It seems unfair that Trevino, Red as can be… seems to know more about the TownHouse List than lefties do… he seems to know quite a bit. 

Fun chats with Armando and Joan?… chats with Kos lui-meme?… did that do it?

 Love how they all list to the Red side.  Must go with liking Ben Nelson and Bob Casey (who lspths too you know, debates should be fun…) and forever ad nauseum protecting Bill Nelson, tho he is expected to win easily against Harris.

 What is it that makes Kos et al, who love to use LIBERAL (their BlogAd subdivision, the drinking conflabby) be so cosy with either migrating Repubs or conservative Dixie-Democrats. 

 One McNerney does not a difference make. [CYA]

 Trevino may be as muddled a piece of merchandise as Kos is — and it is my distinct recollection that Kos was most subservient to Tacitus, that silly dictum that people were to be polite to Tac, but he yawned and insulted his way thru his visits in 2002/3 to Dkos. 

 However, it was clear long ago that the tougher operative is Krempasky.  And yet Leadership, thugs and liegemen, women assists, a fair selection like to hang and visit with the RedState crew.

 I promise you, what ever side Kos is on, the broad left of the aisle (which would not include the Blue Dogs, for example) did not benefit from Kos & co hanging with the RedState boys.

 But, is it, all that Redness, the other side?

 What is the agenda with these people?

 So. let me be blunt, I hear, once at least, the Townhouse list was sent with BCCs in the open.

 Failing that, send me anything that is, or might be, amusing.

 Real post to come…

To fill the time (and this will be looked at again):  my the boys are cranky.  Is that just plain old Bitchiness?  Do you think? 


Find some way to support bloggers, or stop asking us to support you. I have been working on the problem of getting more money to bloggers for over a year now.

The biggest obstacle I see to it is that progressive donors and progressive organizations are worried that if they fund bloggers, bloggers will eventually say something “crazy,” and the organizations and donors in question will end up looking bad.

Fine. If that is their rationale, I can live with that. However, don’t then go and tell bloggers that they should stop criticizing Democrats and progressive orgs whenever Dems and progressive orgs do something stupid. 

hmmm.  No I think they are worried, as one small example, about blogs (that would be Kos lui-meme) saying things like this.

But what makes me angry was Kerry and his gang’s inability to take advantage of the situation. I may regret saying this later, but fuck it — they should be lined up and shot.

Or, Wankers are cracking slightly under the pressure…  Or, the two mixed?  As in, cranky, bitchy weak wankers?

Buck up Boyos.  My guess, the pressure has only just begun (cue the Carpenters).


hmmm. Well, this is a Whipsnapper of a something. 3:00 am, PT:

With these rather palsied slaps, Trevino still manages to  aggrandise Kos.  But there are points.  Certainly the close is true… and most certainly Kos and his adherents are reactionary.  And while this is not a medical dx (far from it), Kos is absolutely unstable in his responses to political events.

Other than that, it is just a scream, from Tacitus to Kos.

Best of Luck to all the Boyos.


Slapwa Update, 4:15 am, PT

I thought this (the photoshopped pic) rather jumped any number of land and sea creatures, but did not bother to note it.  However, with this a sort of reverse prize must be awarded.  I suppose it is just barely possible that torture, murder and sexual debasement under military occupation might not be parodied?   (Aside from abusing the prisoners, England and Ganer conceived a child from sex performed in front of prisoners, Jim Mikaleshevski, NBC.)


hmmm:  Have a Navel Update, 12:30 pm, PT

Over at Crossed Swords there is a post and thread on the Trevino Bircher/Markos article.  Armando is in the thread, if you can stand it (or did you yearn for that batterer?  seems some did).  Make sure food is fully digested!

Meta Navel.  I did call long ago for meta-morphosis… I did.



1. JJB - 29 June 2006

First of all, let’s state the obvious: Josh Trevino circulating an on-line petition devoted to “Online Integrity” (his definition thereof) is a akin to a child molester trying to get his fellow perverts to sign an OL petition that they won’t use the Internet to look at kiddy porn.

Second of all, look at how the little slimeball uses other’s refusal to play along with a gambit they suspect might have ulterior motives:

The online left, at least, is suffused with a paranoid ethic that precludes any meaningful collaboration — even on areas of common interest — with the right. Or, in this case, with the perceived right: OI has been nonpartisan and nonideological from the start, and we made strenuous efforts to give the online left a supermajority in its deliberations. That milieu rejected the profferred opportunity — which still exists! — and thereby fulfilled its own paranoid fantasies about the “true” composition of the forces behind OI.


The online left is also suffused either with a profound sense of its own moral rectitude and purity of mission — or a profound insecurity about the public perception of the same. Thus, any implied need for a corrective (in this case, OI) is to be vigorously rejected.

Well, anyone who doubted his motives with regards to this little pledge of honor has been proved correct. And note how Trevino, who admits he himself tried as hard as he could to expose the identity of left-of-center bloggers, makes a big deal of how important anonymity and privacy rights are, then says the following:

With the reaction against OI at Townhouse, left-bloggers began dropping out of the effort en masse. Stoller, previously supportive, sent some e-mails which I find frankly dishonest (again, that I can forward to you) about his reservations, and his decision to withdraw.

He’s so transparent, he’s invisible. Forget tacitus, his pseudonym should have been Uriah Heep.

Still, that doesn’t mean he isn’t telling the truth. If so, that business about MSOC being booted off the Townhouse list for nonconforming behavior is certainly interesting. I know I’m not the only one who’s discerned a muting of tone and lowering of profile from her.

Well, it’s always good to have an unintentional chuckle at Trevino’s expense, so I was very glad to see that post. The last paragraph is especially hootworthy, as if Roy Cohn had complained about the coarsening of the public dialogue back in the early 1950s. Just one little style note, Josh. The statement, “they will reap as they sow in time” is redundant. If you want to strike a note of eloquence, it helps to be literate.

2. observer - 29 June 2006

Rock, meet Hard Place.

From today’s NYP via NRO:

Some Dems suspect Warner fears ditching Armstrong would spark rage from his ex-business partner, Markos Moulitsas-Zuniga of the Daily Kos Web site, who’s had nice things to say about Warner so far.

Armstrong and Kos are often touted as Internet wunderkinds in the 2004 Howard Dean campaign – but Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi and top aide Kate O’Connor say it ain’t so.

Trippi said Armstrong’s role was “mostly to help placing our blog ads for $3,000 a month” and “Markos had almost nothing to do with the campaign.”

Both Trippi and O’Connor – while often at odds in the Dean campaign – agreed that contrary to the Kos myth, Dean’s real Internet stars were Nicco Malley, Mat Gross and Zephyr Teachout.

Trippi also said that Armstrong never disclosed his SEC woes when he was hired in June 2003 – when the SEC probe was well under way, saying: “It was never disclosed to me.”

Several Dem activists were startled that Warner would risk his own image to keep Armstrong.

“Anyone can hire someone who turns out to be a bad seed or problem. The question is what you do about it and what that shows about your own standards as a leader,” said a veteran Dem fund-raiser who had been considering Warner for 2008.

3. Damp Throat - 29 June 2006

Warner fears ditching Armstrong would spark rage from his ex-business partner, Markos Moulitsas-Zuniga of the Daily Kos Web site

Warner is keeping Armstrong becuase KOS is a Grade A … EXTORTIONIST… he doesn’t want a repeat of Kos raising “KAINE”… whining all over the board that he pulled the precious blogads…

Hilliary is right… if you are going to hire bloggers… at least hire ADULTS.

4. marisacat - 29 June 2006

Well Hillary hired ad guys. Just business, thank you ma’am. Anybody can call themselves a blogger. ANd they do…

LOL Then Warner gets dogged b y the stars. In the long run he will regret this.

My take, his only chance was for the veep spot and that is gone now.

the fanzine base online comforts themselves that Brooks is behind a wall, Opinionator is behind a wall.

LOL They also missed where Swift boat vets were from May to August. They never went away, ever, they wnet local, to groups and radio.

I am patient….

5. marisacat - 29 June 2006

as for emsock, basically a minion of A. And A and Trevino hawked that illusionist game of the OI… that explains all.

well not ALL all, but all. If you catch my HTML enabled drift…

I don’t see that most bloggers, certainly most so called A Listers (who crashed to B and C levels in RL, I am certain) have any integrity at all.

This is a business and a political operation. End of story.

One born every minute.

6. marisacat - 29 June 2006

Observer, thanks for the NYP I had read it, but not seen that NRO picked it up… will use it in the nxt post… which is
s l o w l y coming to life…

**thanks… **

7. GreenSooner - 29 June 2006

This is probably old news, but I just noticed the list of “‘Netroots Endorsed'” candidates on the dKos frontpage.

To the extent “netroots” ever had any small-d democratic meaning, this pretty much blows it. How did the “netroots” collectively endorse these folks? Of course they didn’t!

I do like how “Netroots Endorsed” is in quotation marks (as if kos himself knows at some level that the title needed scare quotes).

“Les netroots, ils sont moi!”

8. cactus ed - 29 June 2006

Scare quotes? What “Netroots Endorsed” really needs is a trademark symbol.

9. Damp Throat - 29 June 2006


Armstrong writes a “It waz me… I made Dean” kiss’n’tell.

Alas, they came clean that they were the Draft Clark people hence… DHinMI, Clark’s MI chair, who just happened to be FPing on DK thoughout the primaries… along with TrapperJohn a Gephart operative.

the first week in April, Markos endorsed Wes Clark candidacy on DailyKos, and we launched DraftClark.com

How many sides did they play for????

These boyz were never clean….

10. Damp Throat - 29 June 2006


… as in litterally not throwing hissy fits when things don’t go there way.

11. marisacat - 29 June 2006

oh agree gotcha on the adult. I just don’t see anyone with the stones to break the R machine.

I STILL believe it can be broken, but the Democrats are just noodles. Full of water… And too often supported by the likes of Shrummy (how awful is that nickname) or Markos.

It is not a winning propostion. And Hillary who does have a smart operative or two (Wolfson) has triangulated her breathing apparatus. She and Bill, killers. They killed what little was left of a weak party. Ultimate parasites.

From a swamp. Sort of mosquitos on steroids.

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 June 2006

Trevino’s little online petition scheme reminds me of that trick the Republicans are using to purge voters: send out an unsolicited demand, then use the lack of response as an excuse to make an unsupported claim.

13. marisacat - 29 June 2006

of course! i did not see that, but it is absolutely what he was doing…

i saw it, oi sludge, unfold at crossed pricks… scam!!

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