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BBB: Froth v Parfait :: $$ Whuppity Update :: Whup the Fuck Update :: Meta Inside Update :: Updates 29 June 2006

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      honeycomb paper ice cream sundae,

Well!  Fly high boyz, keep an oxygen mask near by!  Deb Orrin enters.   The whrrrrrr of the Message Machine….

But Warner spokeswoman Ellen Qualls said he’s keeping his $5,000- a-month job: “This is a private matter between Jerome and the SEC relating to activities years ago.”

She declined to say if Warner disclosed Armstrong’s SEC woes or if Armstrong, 42, meets the ethical standards required for, say, a White House job, saying Warner isn’t now a candidate.

[there is a clue!]

Dems are madly wooing left-wing bloggers – Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton just hired one and Warner spent $50,000 to dish up sushi and a chocolate fountain for 1,000 at the Yearly Kos blogger convention.

Some Dems suspect Warner fears ditching Armstrong would spark rage from his ex-business partner, Markos Moulitsas-Zuniga of the Daily Kos Web site, who’s had nice things to say about Warner so far.

Armstrong and Kos are often touted as Internet wunderkinds in the 2004 Howard Dean campaign – but Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi and top aide Kate O’Connor say it ain’t so.

Warner should get used to the word “tout”, it is not going away. 

Trippi said Armstrong’s role was “mostly to help placing our blog ads for $3,000 a month” and “Markos had almost nothing to do with the campaign.”

Both Trippi and O’Connor – while often at odds in the Dean campaign – agreed that contrary to the Kos myth, Dean’s real Internet stars were Nicco Malley, Mat Gross and Zephyr Teachout.

Trippi also said that Armstrong never disclosed his SEC woes when he was hired in June 2003 – when the SEC probe was well under way, saying: “It was never disclosed to me.”

Several Dem activists were startled that Warner would risk his own image to keep Armstrong.

“Anyone can hire someone who turns out to be a bad seed or problem. The question is what you do about it and what that shows about your own standards as a leader,” said a veteran Dem fund-raiser who had been considering Warner for 2008.

Get used to it…

 And I am going to reprise the Whupdate at 7:30 from the last posting, after I had finished reading the Armstrong Memorial Manifesto, posted today at MyDD (oh come ON, was there ever Due Diligence done?  Ever?)…

Last WHUPDATE, 7:30 pm, PT…

Made it to the end of the Jerome By the Stars Memorial Manifesto-knot.

AND again, as I said in an earlier piece w/r/t Kos and his “support” for Dean.  He never once mentioned on the FP the 527 that the Democrats put in motion, the Osama ad that aired second week of December and further, that as Dean has said (CNBC with Russert) every single Democrat, but CM-B, in the primary line up was a party to the 527That is a classic “gangland” style routine. All become party to the “crime”.  

Every Democrat but Carole Moseley Braun.  And I m sure it was held out to her as her “way back in”.

Every single Democrat running in the primary.  You can recall them. 

Good going boychicks.  Ya never got off the Clark bus, imo. 

Which is fine.  Good luck… reserved for you is the special future of those who will be kept around but have failed, by the way the rather scabrous former member of the  Ohio leg who was pivotal in the 527 was one of those as well… it was his way back in.  Think you are a bit dodgey now, a bit shady now?  Wait. 

This WILL be fun to watch.  I think you are going to find out what it really means to be used by the party.

Cauterize the wounds, gangrene moves in fast.

Apparently they CAN live with the various, several and at variance versions… Trippi for attribution with Orrin…

Trippi said Armstrong’s role was “mostly to help placing our blog ads for $3,000 a month” and “Markos had almost nothing to do with the campaign.”

 Jerome in that quixotic, long manifesto of memory and then this Trippi comment in the thread to Jerome’s self-expostion:

The journey with Trippi, Dean and DFA (3.00 / 2)

No blogger had more impact on my thinking about the early Internet strategy of the Dean campaign than Jerome Armstrong.   Sure there were others, Markos among them — but the two that stick out in my mind are Jerome and Aziz.  

 I will remember that our friendship started with Jerome posting about some pundit like comment I made in the New York Times — essentially calling me an “idiot”.

So add to his bringing Meetup.com to the Dean campaign the fact that he had the foresight to be the first blogger to attach that moniker to me!Note to reporters:

Question:  Was paying Jerome and his partner $3000 a month worth it.
Answer:  “Worth every penny — and I would do it all over again”

In the first week after the March Meetup over $400,000 was contributed to the Dean campaign by Meetup members who added the now famous .01 to their contribution.

I’d say hiring Jerome and Markos at the “get rich” price of $3000 was one of the best decisions I made in the campaign.

by Joe Trippi on Thu Jun 29, 2006 at 04:17:25 PM EST

OK! between youse guys.  Froth…

But Rogers Cadenhead is noticing as well

Frothy froth…

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

$$ Whuppity Update, 10:30 pm, PT

And then the froth turns hard…. Stoller ‘splains  It might help this gobble gobble gobble  go down if you let your brains drain out before reading:

DavidNYC, Kos, Chris Bowers, and I are the ones who manage the process of choosing netroots candidates.  Periodically, we open threads on our blogs and ask for nominations from local bloggers on races they are covering and candidates they like.  The last thread was here.  We do due diligence, but mostly we defer to good local blogs and netroots communities, who advocate in those threads.  And then we try to pick the candidates that have real support among bloggers and netroots progressives (like DFA).  

That’s so so sweet….  But in the Cegelis – Duckworth run, boyos openly admitted, when the race ws very close – and they were surprised!, that they had listened to “DC” and so were shocked.  Which means they listened to, and dropped Cegeslis on cue, for Rahm and whoever else.

And D.Throat in the thread points out, from the StollerSplainin’:

The netroots selection process is still too top-down for instance, and I don’t know how to get around that problem.

Some day all that diligence is gonna come due.  Let’s see how the money goes.  And the money for Lamont and for Webb… the two the netroots boys have tied their stars to. 

Machine politics, fully tied to the party… it moved online.

See who they tout – see how the cash flows. 


WHUP THE FUCK Update, 7:00 am, PT

Well!  if you might have been feelin’ fine about ’06 (pick a year, any year) do do do catch Schumer in the NYO.  You may drink early… then again as we struggle to become a bigger, blowsier version of empire by long term occupation — truly the Brits had that stiff upper lip, I wonder, what do we have to entertain ourselves as empire fails?  You will drink early and late! …  if you had hopes for either empire or a few seats in ’06, read Chuck: 

 “We have to win,” said Senator Charles Schumer, banging a table with his fist at a diner close to his Park Slope home on Monday morning. “You have got to be strong and focused. If you get thrown off course, you lose.”

They should know!

Like Atlas with a drab tie and a Brooklyn accent, Mr. Schumer carries the weight of the Democratic Party’s hopes on his shoulders.

He has spent much of the past year discharging his duties as chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, nagging reluctant recruits into running for office and applying his legendary fund-raising skills to transform the Democrats’ debt-ridden coffers into a $64 million war chest.

 But though Mr. Schumer is better known for his maniacal work rate than his philosophical musings—and despite a miniature flurry of good news for the ruling Republicans—Mr. Schumer has the air of a man who has the fall elections all figured out.

But, if you knew that Democrats lack head, heart, soul (oh, easily remedied! grab Wallis or Obama and seek the evangelicals, that’ll work!), spine AND balls, … then you knew what is out there, with a few exceptions, is Democratic asses.  Hanging in the wind.

He views fundamental disagreements over strategy within the party as a trifling detail that is actually generating more contributions for his Senate races.

And when it comes to Iraq, an issue on which the Republicans are once again attempting to make the Democrats look like indecisive quislings, Mr. Schumer sees no need even to take a position.

“The average person knows: We are not commander in chief, we are not in the majority—our job is to hold Bush’s feet to the fire,” said Mr. Schumer. “And the whole issue of Iraq will be how well George Bush is doing in Iraq, not if Democrats have a substitute plan or not.”

The theme of the 2006 elections, according to Mr. Schumer, is that they will be—must be—all about the Bush Presidency.

“This is going to be a referendum on George Bush,” Mr. Schumer said.

Don’t let me stop you, why not now?  Better now, than when it mattered, as in ’04… when it was not accomplished… but whose counting?

I really screamed with laughter when Teixeira sort of mused that maybe we needed a “little bit” I think it was, to get a position on Iraq.

No wonder they settle for the little screamer online.  A bit of flotsam looks fine, if you are drowning.


The Meta Mama update, very inside metaThe Stay at Home and Blahg Update….

Good goin’ guys.  More and more I think Blahhgging is a return to the womb strategy.


Rip Snortin’ Toutin’ Update… 8:05 am PT

Riehl World View’s take on the Warner camp, as advised by Vis Numar… are we sure Jerome IS Vis?  Or vas Vis?  Does Jerome know?  For attribution of course.  We don’ wanna speak outta school.  And get hit by a star.  Or a moonbeam.  Or a jar.

I agree, this is too much fun.  So, why stop?

Let’s not stop … AND MORE:

Stopping in at Opinionater…(behind that big wall) Suellentrop has an entry up on the SC ruling re:  Gitmo.  At the close… is the political take, or, one person’s political take. 

Georgetown law professor Marty Lederman wins the prize for most-linked instant analysis of the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down the Bush administration’s plan to try the Guantanamo detainees before military commissions.

“[I]t is hard to overstate the principal, powerfully stated themes emanating from the Court, which are (i) that the President’s conduct is subject to the limitations of statute and treaty; and (ii) that Congress’s enactments are best construed to require compliance with the international laws of armed conflict,” Lederman writes at SCOTUSblog.

That was for anyone needing a set-up (and Greenwald demurred over the Lederman take, but you can find that on the Blahgs, as Leftischer Blahgs all said when Opinionator took them to the edge of the cliff, if it is behind the wall, nobody reads it!), here is what we want…I don’t think the Dems, as led by Mr Schumer and … Mr Emanuel, how could we forget? …  can parse this tourniquet:

What about the political fallout?

Reed Hundt, a former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, writes at TPMcafe that things are looking up for the Republicans.

Karl Rove will “use the Supreme Court’s pro-prisoner decision to the R’s advantage this fall,” he writes. “To thwart this tactic, Democrats need to clamor for legislation calling for no bail, confidential reports to Congress on the danger to the country from these prisoners (conducted by the 911 Commission), trials starting no later than in the fall, and harsh penalties.”

That will be easy.  As soon as they have a position on Iraq.  Other than lying down that is.  I exempt a very few from that, Feingold, Murtha, the few who signed Barbara Lee’s resolution agaisnt permanent bases …

I am sorry, Kerry’s 2006 opinions do not matter:  zero’d himself out day after the loss in November.  But the consolation prize, and he should accept it and go home to Teresa, was the money.

Top down… the little ones learn from the … well, the bigger ones.  We lack for truly big in this party.


The Here it is again UPDATE:

 … the Freeper angle and Vis Numar (calling Jerome?  Is it true, any of it?)… it fluttered a few days ago, but is in comments just now… so let’s open it up. 

 How smelly can an old Pandora’s Box be? 

Why Are We Back In Iraq posts on this angle.  Calling all stars… to the white courtesy telephone.  Fill us in… we are star struck…

And this is fun.  Not stopping!

Riehl World View has posted on Viz Numar


To Return to Earth…

Jane Mayer in The New Yorker (not behind a wall) on the legal mind behind the White House’s hidden war on terror.

Conventional wisdom holds that September 11th changed everything, including the thinking of Cheney and Addington. Brent Scowcroft, the former national-security adviser, has said of Cheney that he barely recognizes the reasonable politician he knew in the past. But a close look at the twenty-year collaboration between Cheney and Addington suggests that in fact their ideology has not changed much. It seems clear that Addington was able to promote vast executive powers after September 11th in part because he and Cheney had been laying the political groundwork for years. “This preceded 9/11,” Fein, who has known both men professionally for decades, said. “I’m not saying that warrantless surveillance did. But the idea of reducing Congress to a cipher was already in play. It was Cheney and Addington’s political agenda.”

You know what Fran Liebowitz says (a friend just sent me this):

“we live in a post-factual era…we keep waiting for them [the bush admin] to get caught, but they get caught every day, all day long. nobody cares!”

Not enough… that is for certain.


 Real Updates. 12:15 pm, PT:

John Yoo in USA Today:

What the justices did would have been unthinkable in prior military conflicts: Judicial intervention in the decisions of the president and Congress on how best to wage war. They replaced his wartime judgment and Congress’ support with their own speculation that open trials would not run intelligence risks. Their decision to impose specific rules and override political judgments about military necessity mistakes war — inherently unpredictable, and where our government must act quickly and sometimes secretly to protect national security — for the familiarity of the criminal justice system.

 We knew where Yoo was anyway, but since he spoke up…

And Ron Brownstein in the LAT, standard issue [but he does it so very well!] to goose the Dems and give them content to goose the fundraising.  Goosing the goose, searching for the golden goose to bleed it dry and still have no position on Iraq. 

And, did you know that the Kerry camp focus grouped Abu Ghraib? 

 Yes they did, In Arkansas (the Middle Kingdom?) and decided not to say much on that.  Why do the Dems even poll?  focus group? if the whole exercise is to under pin their decision to say little to nothing?…

Back to Ron in the LAT:

WASHINGTON — President Bush’s job approval rating is up slightly, but discontent over the Iraq war, especially among women, is continuing to boost Democratic prospects in the struggle for control of Congress, a Times/Bloomberg poll has found.

Bush’s job approval rating edged up to 41%, his highest since January in the poll. But Democrats held a formidable advantage, 49% to 35%, when registered voters were asked which party they intended to support in fall congressional elections. […]

Bocklage, who said she voted for Bush in 2004, practically seethed as she discussed his record. “He’s just out of control,” she said. “The economy is going down the toilet. Everything is being shipped out to other countries to be manufactured…. We have veterans who are homeless, we have old people on Social Security who are freezing every winter. And the gas prices!”

I always think, and what would the country be bitching about if the deaths were, say, 1,000 in Iraq and gas was 2.25 or so a gallon… and everything else about Iraq, the classified bombing runs, the night patrols, the fast approaching 20,000 seriously injured, the PSTD numbers that we cannot even imagine yet, the hideous killing – on both sides – the shrinking to disappearing to always-was-a-joke coalition… if all that were what it is… and we still did not have Bin Laden, but every once in a while a marquee name gets nabbed.

 America would not care.  Not a bit.  They’d all fall in with the “bringing Democracy” to ”some people” far away, elsewhere… and head out to the links in the golfmobile.  Or whatever they are called.

But against the backdrop of Zarqawi’s death, 51% of those polled gave Bush positive marks for handling the war on terrorism — an increase of 8 percentage points since April and the first time in this year’s Times polls that he received majority support on that question.

 It is a long piece… have to digest it… and I feel the need for a quadruple espresso.  Time to grind the beans from Bologna.


Over the yardarm UPDATE… 1:30 pm, PT.

I dragged myself to Dkos… and noticed that, naturally, it is fundraising day, end of Q2… so I looked over the Act Blue page.

Where is the niche, the box to click, the luuuuv for Sherrod and for Duckworth – a Fighting Dem no less????  hmmmmm ?

If you don’t leave with the one that you started out with, do you also leave (behind) the one you left the old one for… I am sure you know what I mean.  No fault divorce and all of that.  I’m not a numbers person, so no doubt there is an explanation that is simple.  Moving right along

Adult Blogger has a thought provoking comment in the thread.  Going to ponder that a bit.



1. D. Throat - 29 June 2006

By the looks of the heavy weights that have been on the DK recommend board in the past few days… today Vilsack and Conyers… before Feingold and now 2 from Jimmy.

I’d say that their collective propping up of this dude serves only to keep his infrastructure intact to extract more money from the “netroots” … and MORE IMPORTANTLY NOT TO LEAVE A VACUUM for a REAL Democratic forum to take its place where REAL Democratic issues can be discussed.

The latest on“Netroots Endorsed” candidate:

The netroots selection process is still too top-down for instance, and I don’t know how to get around that problem.

Hmmmm… let me think about this for a second…. seems to me when a candidate is endorsedby let say…a Party, Unions, DFA, Move On… they hold this incredibly archaic ritual…called VOTING. But leaving that much control in the hands of the actual “netroots” may not coincide with their private consultancy contracts. (I notice yesterday that the only FP candidate that DID NOT get the little contribution button was Patrick a Dem candidate but not a DK blogad buyer.)

Now we are seeing the DK astroturfing reaching the local level…. something tells me that they are NOT the same kind of grassroots blogs like those in OHIO…. I guess the slobbering over Evan Bayh and DK… kind of give themselves away… look out for more local astroturfing to come

2. marisacat - 29 June 2006

One of the things that occurred to me in summer of 2004 as I was watching the atttmepted take over of the Sierra CLub… was that once Kos was wlel entrenched as a conduit for cash to the Party, whether to the DNC or to the candidates THEY put there…

then Kos becomes immaterial (which he begs to be, if anyone believes that…). Would not be the first NGO or private enterprise or special interest org. taken over for its list, or its facade by the party.

As in, Keenan of NARAL National (as opposed to the state orgs, I am NOT speaking of them here… NARAL in SD is critical to what is going on there).

M ore and more all these orgs are losing independence. Evne the slight appearance is going… that last one degree of separation.

Most of the thoughts I have had about Dkos for years now… come as I sift the cat litter box. Seems very appropraite. As I sift small shit, I get clarity on the Koswhack legend.

Yo know the old joke with “Museum” gift shop crap, sell them the legend and give them the reproduction.

LOL. A legend in his own time.

3. marisacat - 29 June 2006

PS I think one of the things that WILL get to people is that top down selection then the hard (I mean BOWERS’ long fucking whine… the hell with that stuff) hits for money.

And most of the operatives in the threads, even the seemingly “nice” ones are shills for the fundraising.

In Push Push in the Bush (not about George)
– about Pie, I called it a ”Top down Dog fight”. And it is.

4. D. Throat - 30 June 2006

The only “Movement” Kos has lead is the tightening of the Democratic Libertarian Corporatist stranglehold on the Democratic party.

This is akin to a snake shedding it skin… Kos is just their newer shinier model of their old selves.

I am still wondering why the “grassroots” Illinois blog touting for DLC Evans Bayh???? The absolute contempt they ie Kos, Armstrong, Bowers, Stoller, Trippi etc…”Netroots” and the DLC have for the voter has out grown that the GOP…at least the GOP does “give back” to their base whereas the DLC and the New DLC just keep kicking.

5. marisacat - 30 June 2006

… contempt for the voter. Bingo.

They want dittos.

Fine, they got dittos.

6. NYCO - 30 June 2006

Since they are busy filling the vacuum with propping up the blogmoney machine (and the egos therein), it’s just going to create more opportunities for local, unpaid bloggers to be truly effective in fostering change. Trying to affect politics on a national level, and particularly through Congressional elections, is a lost cause.

Go right under their fucking radar (or blogdar). Serves them right.

7. marisacat - 30 June 2006

NYCO, I so agree… the local blogs that are not tied to the Boyos.. that do not take the diluted marching orders… and what ever $$ run off (oh yes, IMO) there is…

THAT, the smaller local blogs, is a stage to work from, to keep or regain democracy. No question.

And it is a foothold to blast this online machine politics when it moves into a state (like Ohio – and again, no dog…. they shoulda fought it out in the primary).

8. AlanSmithee - 30 June 2006

I just luuuurve this Schumer quote:

“The average person knows: We are not commander in chief, we are not in the majority…”

Not our department! Don’t ask us to do anything! We’re just hapless innocents minding our own business. Nothing to do with us. Try calling tech support.

9. marisacat - 30 June 2006

Isn’t that the truth: Call tech support.

10. Adult Blogger - 30 June 2006

Jerome a Freeper?

Would not surprise me. Perhaps the Lamont show is intended to assist the GOP in the long run.

Adult Blogger

No, my first name ain’t baby,
It’s Bloggie,
Mr. Pants, if you’re nasty.

11. Adult Blogger - 30 June 2006

What is in the Pennsylvania water?

The hub of the ‘liberal’ netroots, and look, Vis Numar clicks into a freeper thread for Thune supporters in 2003 and opines on the Toomey grassroots. Next thing you know Thune is advocating the importance of bloggers, and presto! a conservative mini-storm. Fast forward to the ‘leftists’ sitting around cheering their Casey victory (such a victory for the left) while the real story was the defeat of multiple moderate republicans in PA state races by hard conservatives, egged on by their ‘grassroots’ support.

Just wondering out loud. It should be most interesting when Lieberman goes independent.

Adult Blogger
No, my first name ain’t baby,
It’s Bloggie,
Mr. Pants, if you’re nasty.

12. marisacat - 30 June 2006

I’m liking ”Adult Blogger” very much.

And all the Throats – and Troat too.

One thing about Vis, he got around.

Not exactly “seeding online hurricanes” but an early storm that I bet a lot of them, those operatives, watched.

Up to something…

One thing about the Chris Lahanes and Ace Smiths they are either faceless or less well known. Tho CL certainly flew above the fold quite a bit in 04…

we shall see.

Must get very updated German or Japanese binoculars for this. The old rose MOP OG just won’t do.

13. NYCO - 30 June 2006

Wow! The orange blog is All Kos, All The Time now…

14. JJB - 30 June 2006

The orange blog is All Kos, All The Time now . . .

Well, that’s what it used to be, with help from guests on weekends. Except he used to post about things like lies being told to lead us to war, and then about the war itself, and the way it was poisoning our reputation in the rest of the world. Now it’s all campaign commercials, “Here are the Fighting Dems, give them money, Money, MONEY!!!!!” Even his omnibus “Midday Open Thread” post is mostly about campaign race related topics (did I mention he wants you to GIVE MONEY!!!), with a lengthy digression about doping scandals in bicycle racing (his favorite sport, says a lot).

15. Deepest Troat - 30 June 2006

I wonder if Armstrong’s financial hero is Henry Weingarten

Other successful forecasts by Henry Weingarten include his US-Iraq war forecast made in 2000, how the Nov 8. 2003 lunar eclipse affected Australia and UK to change the course of global interest rates as well the strength of the Indian and Japanese markets in 2003. …
Henry Weingarten, founder of the NEW YORK SCHOOL OF ASTROLOGY and the NY ASTROLOGY CENTER, has been a professional astrologer for over thirty three years. Since May 2, 1988, he has been the Managing Director of the ASTROLOGERS FUND INC., which employs Astrology as the primary analysis tool to manage investment funds and advise institutional investors and money managers worldwide.

16. gong - 30 June 2006

JJB: Yes, after a long hiatus from any sort of blog contact I’ve recently (the last week or so) been killing some time by doing some browsing, and that front page has become extremely dull, for the reasons you mention. Admittedly the party-man stuff was part of the mix as far back as I can remember, but it’s still pretty weird.

P.S. Hi JJB! Hi Marisacat!

17. NYCO - 30 June 2006

Anyone ever see the movie AMERICATHON? That’s what Orange Blog is reminding me of.

The worst really are filled with a passionate intensity at this point.

And what is this bizarre behavior going on with the “I am a Slave of Kos” diaries? It seems every time I stop by there, there’s one being posted, usually in the recommended list. Someone stands up, posts a diary that mocks the concept, and then every person in the commune stands up and ritualistically joins in the mockery by pretending to be a zombie too (not seeing, of course, that by joining in, they actually HAVE become zombies…) Most curious, this phenomenon. It’s like hard right Christian tent revivals, except I wouldn’t want to insult the fundies.

And have you ever seen such high “recommends” on individual comments? I mean, I don’t think I ever saw a comment get 200 or 300 “points” until all this weirdness over there started. And someone will say something fairly innocuous and bam, they’ll get 212 points. WTF?

18. marisacat - 30 June 2006

GONG: Hello!!

19. marisacat - 30 June 2006

As to the site, “Daily Kos” – seems he really really means it. Hiatus as described to Newsweek lasted til he spied a keyboard… LOL…

well I am thinking those massive pile-ons of 4s are their version of building a refuge in the jungle.

A bomb shelter built of 4s.

LOL makes as much sense as much of what gets pushed over there.

Been touring the CT state blogs… those vaunted local netroots grassroots speakers of truths.

I see so many Dkos monikers it is not funny.

Awww. yes I spoke of sainted Lamont. And I did not praise him. Or Lieberman, either.

What a mess.

20. NYCO - 30 June 2006

Ah, I knew there was something in the literature about this… here we go…

Cults use ritual and repetition to instill their reprogramming on their members. Ritual are things that the group does together to voice support for the group and demonstrate their submission to the cult mind. It can take the form of group prayers, songs sung together, the saying of the Pledge of Allegiance, marching in unison, or other acts where the individual demonstrates submission to the group. These rituals help get the individuals mind into a more submissive state which is necessary when one is expected to believe the most bizarre things without question and without having any knowledge that one is being manipulated.

21. observer - 30 June 2006

The latest from compulsive blogger Armando is up here.

22. Adult Blogger - 1 July 2006

NYCO brings up a critical point.

You do not let a registered sex offender babysit your children, just as you do not continue to invest in a venture guided by a pump & dumper sanctioned by the SEC. No rational person continues on this path. This ‘movement’ is a cult.

Who are its members? YearlyKos and subsequent demographics discussion reveals predominantly white male boomers, affluent, with heroes like Harry Reid (almost universal agreement on this) while heaping scorn on the Joe Liebermans, Hillary Clintons, Cynthia McKinneys. When Ben Masel is arrested/maced for trespassing after mouthing off, he is a hero ‘protecting civil liberties’ but with respect to McKinney, majority support for … the Capitol police.

‘Netroots endorsed’? A few cya candidates (Kissell,McNerney immediately come to mind). A preponderance of military uniforms. It will be interesting to peruse the Jun 30th FEC financials for DLC-approved candidates. A recepient of DLC funds in the previous quarter: Darcy Burner. The few women/minority candidates are sanitized and safe for public consumption like Seals in the mold of Obama.

Perfect for the ‘libertarian Dems’ — cut all spending except for defense, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, and the gays will be most surprised to discover the flip side of ‘keep govt out of your home’ — the govt will accord you no ‘special rights,’ either. Why, that nice Mr. Warner is on the record with not having decided which rights you don’t get.

Another cult hero: Murtha. Enough said.

What of this curious character Lamont? An empty suit with empty policy proposals, even the MSM seems to have caught on to the lack of substance. A failed run at state senator. Appears to be an experiment in purchasing Senatorial clout with ‘people-powered’ for cover. It has occurred to me that Lieberman’s colleagues are only to happy to be rid of him, and the ‘people-powered’ movement provides adequate cover. PPM=team of goons for party bosses.

Adult Blogger

No, my first name ain’t baby,
It’s Bloggie,
Mr. Pants, if you’re nasty.

23. spiderleaf - 1 July 2006

And what is this bizarre behavior going on with the “I am a Slave of Kos” diaries? It seems every time I stop by there, there’s one being posted, usually in the recommended list. Someone stands up, posts a diary that mocks the concept, and then every person in the commune stands up and ritualistically joins in the mockery by pretending to be a zombie too (not seeing, of course, that by joining in, they actually HAVE become zombies…)

Very true observation NYCO. I’ve been a bit unnerved by it myself recently. And quite sad to see Meteor Blades getting in on the action yesterday, totally beneath him. It follows a predictable pattern though… someone, either at the site or offsite asks questions about oh, any number of issues related to Markos, the ‘netroots’, etc. and to deflect attention, and ensure the peons stay in line, the ‘we are not zombie’ diaries appear. Just in time to make everyone feel better. And the troops do not disappoint. Really pathetic actually… There’s a post up about kos’s ‘libertarian dems’ pronouncement now, I wonder how quickly a “Markos does not speak for dkos” diary (except when he does by, oh, banning people for disagreeing, telling people to cancel their subs to TNR, give money now!, etc.) will appear? Any bets on the writer?

Btw, did you notice DD’s “Fuck Ohio” diary has been deleted? I noticed it while arguing with k/o about his role in the whole election debacle at dkos. Blinders, blinders, blinders.

24. marisacat - 1 July 2006

Spiderlead, sorry for the delay with your post… I have a few words that trip moderation (LOL None of them 4 letter…;) and suspect tath did it.

ugh I so get what you are saying. Sorry to be blunt I have long counted MB as a “beard” – and let’s all remember where he choose to display his name. Not sure he posts all that much to TNH.

25. marisacat - 1 July 2006

And Adult Blogger makes good points again. All I can say is whiff whiff wiff off the Lamont Campaign.

SOme operatives in Ohio who feel trampled by the mini machine operation that Kos and Jerome put up in there call the Lamont campaign, “center of Kos love”.

They have a lot staked on it… antoher “new technologies” guy they are pushing.

I thnk it was NYCO who pointed out, a lot of Dem heavies moved in after the several bad weeks Kos has had to post diaries. But the Democrats cannot control the Repubs (the real ones, full bore, card carrying).

LOL… it all bears watching,

And it beats Beach Reading!

26. Ron Brynaert - 1 July 2006

good theory on the Thune meet-ups but since they didn’t take Vis Numar’s advice (which reading it again after your comment…that seems to be what it is more than anything) and focused nationally….they didn’t really make use of meetup.com


November 2004 archive link

Shows only 137 members at the time…

i don’t believe anyone in the netroots is connected to the GOP in any way….In Vis Numar’s posts (if he is JA….which is only a possible theory unless it can be proven otherwise…but assumption is not close to a fact) at Free Republic he said he was a libertarian and that he was angry at voting for Bush..

there’s no doubt that Vis Numar was instigating at the end of his time at freeperland…but i only posted links to about 10 posts there…there are more that name Howard Dean…and tons of ones that refer to polling….i read every post (except for ones that may have been erased…if someone wants to look through archive org. at those individual freeper threads there’s a chance there might be more stuff) and not one of them raised a red flag that this could not possibly be jerome.

27. marisacat - 1 July 2006

Ron Bryneart, if you don’t mind, I am just going to “edit” your comment to put HTML around the link…

SHould be OK with the text of your post if I call it “November 2004 archives link”.

Thanks for the comment.. 😉

28. NYCO - 1 July 2006

Yeah, and MB comments back to me saying “So you think I’m plotting to keep people in line?” Well no, MB, nobody said you PLANNED to do any of this. That’s the lovely thing about culty behavior.

I’ve never been involved in a bona fide cult, but I did get mixed up with a group of people who attached themselves too closely to a (seemingly) powerful figure, and when he got accused of misconduct… whoo! All the culty dynamics started happening. Let me tell you: It’s the idealistic, intelligent people who always get sunk in deepest. Let me repeat that part: the idealistic, intelligent people.

29. marisacat - 1 July 2006

hmm In san Francisco we have seen so much cultish behavior, and cults as well.

I think a good deal of what is seen at Kos, at a certain level is defense of a business model. They want to sell it over and over.

Frnkly one of the things I had thought was more or less planned for DKos (just a guess, but LOL this IS a business model) was to be a shell for fundraising. A front for the party, or factions of the party. Kos could be pensioned off with ad revenue and so on. LOL would not be the first org that became a 13th rib of the party…

And they scarcely claim any independence anymore.

I have no idea why Kos still tries to deny he chats to DC pols. Certainly to aides..

What a laugh really.

30. JJB - 1 July 2006

Oh, Marisacat, don’t you know that DC is a cesspool of politcal corruption, and Kos would never allow the filth that emanates from the mouths of the unclean to pollute his eardrums?

NYCO is spot on with this: “It’s the idealistic, intelligent people who always get sunk in deepest.”

So it was with the Communist Party back in the 30s and 40s. Even with all the evidence of the brutality of Stalin’s regime, so many people simply couldn’t break with the Party, even when it made common cause with Hitler just before the invasion of Poland. Even many people who got mixed up with the dirty work engendered by the espionage rings (more than a few murders were committed by these outfits) would, upon ditching their aliases and leaving the spy network, go back to life as regular Party members under their real names. Even if they knew the ugly nature of what the Party really was, they loved their fellow Communists who didn’t, the idealistic nature of their commitment, the feeling of belonging to something much greater than themselves. So it is with a lot of people in the dKos network. I really feel sorry for them, because they’re going to realize sooner or later that they’ve bought into something that is in reality very different from what they imagine it to be, and it may sour them on any further kind of activism or political work. That’s the really sad thing about this.

31. JJB - 1 July 2006

Almost forgot:

Hi, gong, good to see you posting again. Hope all is well.

32. marisacat - 1 July 2006

well I understand taht, but in this case I think it is defense of a business model.

We certainly saw educated smart people here in SF get sucked into many cults, the first I was aware of was EST with that loon that was kicked out of Seattle. Til he blew here, anglicised his name and whooops the rest os history. BUT at the core was a business model… and many business people were involved. For one thing the lemmings were directed to support shop work for companies owned by the “Leadership”.

Gah I cannot pull all of that up again. My own godfather, while in Boston, (a native of Santa Barbara) fell for Meister Eck. Holy shit …. I stopped opening his mail. It was so horrible.

On and on. Moonies, Hare Krishna… but at the CORE there is always a business.

And *some* lemmings are taken in… but the rest are working for and protecting a business model.

33. JJB - 1 July 2006

I remember EST, Werner Ehrhard, real name Jack Rosenberg, if memory serves. He managed to get Buckminster Fuller involved with him, I lived 4 years with someone who did that “training,” luckily she couldn’t stick with that any more than anything else she ever did, from acting to ceramics. But yes, you’re right, business models behind all of them.

34. marisacat - 1 July 2006

Wrner Ehrhard.. tht was it, I could not think of it. Well he found a soft nest in SF… LOL. I was very young, but knew people high up in his org.

a lot of us simply never fell for the crap. His or anyone elses. What ever the spoon and the soft palaver might be that goes along with the crap being spoon fed.

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