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BBB: Meta Madness! Jerome unleashes… himself? 40K words, historic histrionics? :: Many Whups and Ups. 29 June 2006

Posted by marisacat in 2004 Election, Big Box Blogs, DC Politics, Democrats.


It’s a My Journey… sort of thang.  Lordy.  Can anyone stand this?  Opera Glasses and Masses… absolutely masses… of Popcorn.  

And that imagery (“Dolphins of God”) is in over the transom, apparently from someone’s YKos pics on Flickr.  Well whoever’s it is, it was made public.  Just as public as Kos and Jerome wanna-be. 

Welcome boys, you are in the ring.  

Good luck to all boyz – and the women assists too!!.  It will take some digesting of the slobber Jerome puts out, I suspect a less than stellar (all stars are not the brightest) read. 

But!  I could be surprised.  

And thanks to one of the ”throats”, in comments to the previous thread, for the quick link to whatever it is Jerome is doing… I thought he left blogging? Twice? For the greater glory that is politics… ?  

Only the stars know!  

Is this a “brilliant” plan to stay on the Warner payroll?  Save us from pundits as operatives.  Astrologers as operatives… and so on.   

And then from an adult, Chris Nolan at Spot-On on the strangled opera that is playing out. 

Fly higher boys. Touch the sun, oh! I hear Reagan speeches, penned by… Peggy Noonan no less, at the Challenger explosion memorial ceremonies… I really do! 

How appropriate, a Republican voice over for the boyz activities.


From Chris Nolan at Spot-on:

But Spot-on readers have known for more than a year that Moulitsas has questionable ethics, a bad temper, likes to pick fights and thinks of himself as far more important than he is.

Our take – Love For Sale – ran two week ago and has presaged pretty much everything that’s been written since. Much of that piece relied on previous reporting, beginning in January, 2005 when we looked at the line between journalism and activism and found DailyKos and company coming up short.

Then there was Moulitsas’ behavior at the DNC Western States meeting in Sacramento in Jan. 2005. In his response , Moulitsas compared himself to Daily Show host Jon Stewart.

A few months later, Spot-on ran a piece about the Federal Elections Commission’s decision not to treat bloggers as political entities and why it’s important (they can hide money for campaigns):

And we got a good look at the bullying tactics at work when Moulitsas threatened Carol Darr, director of GW’s Institute on Politics, Democracy and the Internet for doing nothing more than criticizing his approach to the FEC (Darr doesn’t think people should hide their political spending).

oh you just know there is more to come…  The Crash that keeps on giving… 😉


WHUPDATE, from the Jerome … whatever that is!  3:15 pm, PT:

Part of the problem encountered in late 2003 for the Dean campaign was a direct result of the official campaign infrastructure being overwhelmed.  

hmmm I think the infrastructure at issue, with a head the size of the Titanic, was Trippi. 

Not saying Dean was blameless, mind you.  It is painful to hear the boyz toss “people-powered” around.  Especially as they don’t mean it, it is just regurgitated drool from them.  

“You have the power” got more than a little over done toward the end of 2003, too…  

What was that about firing Trippi, again?   But keep trying… Human pinatas.  Someone get these boyz crisis management consults…. too late! Soon, failure analysts can move in. 

And they will just keep showing up, ever the human pinatas.

AND this: Cogent comment from this posting:

As far as I’m concerned,

Submitted by JNH (not verified) on June 22, 2006 – 16:11.

As far as I’m concerned, Markos Moulitsas needs to just… go away.

I have come more and more to the conclusion that he’s just an amateur who doesn’t know how to plan anything. A smarter guy would have presided over Yearly Kos, then after it was over, announced that all good things must come to an end, that he was moving on to new fights and new horizons, and leaving Daily Kos in the hands of his trusted bloggers, and that he was sure everyone would keep up the fight. He could go on to his consulting or writing career or whatever. That’s how you secure your success… by not wallowing in it and keep moving.

Instead, he’s retreated into his hidey hole at Daily Kos and is engaged in an embarrassing, self-indulgent public shootout with his enemies, and all these people freshly back from Yearly Kos have to deal with all the spent shells all over the floor and punchdrunk Kos groupies beating up on anyone who isn’t sufficiently obeisant to him.

What a debacle. This guy wants to “crash the gates” (as his groupies repeat endlessly in a hundred variations) but I don’t think he could even plan things well enough to crash into a men’s room stall.

This is the beginning of the end of Daily Kos. The individual members will do fine (Yearly Kos energized them) but this is what happens when you send an amateur to do real activist work. I fully predict that Moulitsas will be announcing his “break” or “farewell” within the next few weeks. (Too little, too late).

 Well Kos made that very announcement, tho in a different setting, in the Newsweek whatever-THAT-was article… but then he stayed. 


Slightly OT Whupdate…. but really, the congealing fuckball we are trapped in, nothing is OT.

Looking at Blogometer today,  there is a round-up of all the yeling and screaming about the Obama evangelical ooze and sqeeze, and a conf call that bloggers <laugh> participated in….  

Rope in Hillary too… let’s be clear, they, Billary, are using his black face to front for them.

OBAMA: Not The Dreaded L-Word!

Sen. Barack Obama‘s (D-IL) 6/28 contribution to a Call to Renewal conference call were not well recieved by the progessive blogging community. Some were so upset they invoked the ultimate progressive epithet. Chris Bowers at MyDD tells Obama: “Well done. Your mentor, Joe Lieberman, would be proud.” The Agonist chimes in: “See, now, this is a Lieberman moment. Because what Obama is doing is using Republican talking points about Democrats and religion to criticize his own party.”

Worst damn people ever to struggle forth from a swamp of a state.  Sorry AR.  But really! 

Late horns being tooted against Obama….  Quite a few of us saw it long ago… I wrote on Obama – and that wing of the party, in Amen, last fall at LSF after his really quite subversive diary at Dkos… and using extracts from the extensive writings on Obama at Black Commentator.

hmm… recollecting that I x-posted Amen at BMT with an interesting thread and in particular this comment (bolding is mine):

Re: Amen (4.00 / 4)

And further, it will require us to innovate and experiment with whatever ideas hold promise (including market- or faith-based ideas that originate from Republicans).

Well, that’s one of the most disturbing things I’ve read in a while. The Democratic Party has been broken and trained by the bullies of the GOP. They’ve accepted their new role as the “beta” party to the “alpha” Republicans.

I found Obama’s lecture — this was the term that came to me as well — cautious, reasonable, smooth, seductive, and completely fallacious. I couldn’t finish it because it made me feel enervated and agitated, at the same time. It’s a dangerous piece of writing, for that reason. It’s a winningly political, sugarcoated spoonful of medicine to intended to sedate uppity radicals.

What made me angriest was the part about how the people in Illinois, he’s met in his travels, don’t think Bush is a criminal, or a liar, etc, etc. So, why are these ill-informed, middle-of-the-road, people in utter denial, more important than me, or any of the people venting their spleens in the blogosphere. Why are politicians bending over backwards to cater to a mushy middle, with a total lack of civic awareness. That amounts to the ill-informed dictating policy. Frightening! No wonder we’re in such a mess.

“I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat or prostitute.” ~ Rebecca West

by Recordkeeper 

And of course I did not comment in the Obama diary at Dkos being, you know, like, banned! 

They’d best gold leaf the dittos that are left.  So they look to be valuable.


 BIG WHUPPER: 6:31 pm, PT

Have they read their own reviews?  From the kids that brought us the last month, this in Blogometer from Bowers (I have not even finished the Memorial Manifestnoto from Jerome yet, must rely on a digest!):

Many progressives saw opportunity in the court’s failure to strike down partisan mid-decade redistricting.

Chris Bowers at MyDD: “We have a pretty good chance to take the trifecta this year in California, Colorado, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. We already have the trifecta in Illinois. After the 2006 elections,

[why not now?]  

Democrats need the guts to wake up and realize that the public will not revolt in the face of Republican power grabs, and that Republicans will not play nice because we decide to do so. Redrawing the maps in those states will make it all but impossible for Republicans to hold the House after the 2006 elections.”

Same old same old… the Siren song from the operative class, or they up-chuck some garbled caution (see DavidNYC at SSP, just below at Blogometer) that is too obscure for anyone but another operative to stop and disagree with: 

…someday, just in time! the Dems find their own body parts.   Guts, spine… balls, heart, brain, soul… It gets macabre.

Meanwhile the R hit them over and over with massive 18 wheeler pile-ups on the electoral freeway.


Last WHUPDATE, 7:30 pm, PT…

Made it to the end of the Jerome By the Stars Memorial Manifesto-knoto.

AND again, as I said in an earlier piece w/r/t Kos and his “support” for Dean.  He never once mentioned on the FP the 527 that the Democrats put in motion, the Osama ad that aired second week of December and further, that as Dean has said (CNBC with Russert) every single Democrat, but CM-B, in the primary line up was a party to the 527That is a classic “gangland” style routine. All become party to the “crime”.  

Every Democrat but Carole Moseley Braun.  And I m sure it was held out to her as her “way back in”.

Every single Democrat running in the primary.  You can recall them. 

Good going boychicks.  Ya never got off the Clark bus, imo. 

Which is fine.  Good luck… reserved for you is the special future of those who will be kept around but have failed, by the way the rather scabrous former member of the  Ohio leg who was pivotal in the 527 was one of those as well… it was his way back in.  Think you are a bit dodgey now, a bit shady now?  Wait. 

This WILL be fun to watch.  I think you are going to find out what it really means to be used by the party.

Cauterize the wounds, gangrene moves in fast.



1. Damp Throat - 29 June 2006

The Crash that keeps on giving…

No blogger had more impact on my thinking about the early Internet strategy of the Dean campaign than Jerome Armstrong. Sure there were others, Markos among them — but the two that stick out in my mind are Jerome and Aziz.

I will remember that our friendship started with Jerome posting about some pundit like comment I made in the New York Times — essentially calling me an “idiot”. So add to his bringing Meetup.com to the Dean campaign the fact that he had the foresight to be the first blogger to attach that moniker to me!

Note to reporters: Question: Was paying Jerome and his partner $3000 a month worth it.
Answer: “Worth every penny — and I would do it all over again”

In the first week after the March Meetup over $400,000 was contributed to the Dean campaign by Meetup members who added the now famous .01 to their contribution.

I’d say hiring Jerome and Markos at the “get rich” price of $3000 was one of the best decisions I made in the campaign.

by Joe Trippi on Thu Jun 29, 2006 at 04:17:25 PM EST

This is getting more than pathetic… a people powered campaign to “Save Armstrong’s paycheck” with Warner… the BBB’s are about to be shut out of ’08…

Hey Joe… I guess Teachout, Gross and Miele were just extras to Jerome and Kos… what a fucking WANKER!!!!

2. NYCO - 29 June 2006
3. marisacat - 29 June 2006


honestly I find that a tad weird. But LOL… hit ’em up anyway you can.

4. Observer - 29 June 2006

Now Joe handles it like a pro–like a “made” guy. He sweet talks Jerome as he opens the back door of the sedan and invites his old pal to go for a drive.

Warner is definitely behind Armstrong 1,000 per cent.

But no worries. Jerome is only on number five or six out of nine. Can there be any doubt what comes next? The astrologer must be born again. Then all the dross will be no more than the symptom of an eradicated blindness.

Now I see. Mega church. Friendly, hand-picked board. Tax exempt. Really nice (but expensive) website. Mega bucks.

But what will happen to buddy Kos? No room in the chancel for his foul little mouth. Maybe the church newsletter, but Jerome will have to check every word before slipping it into the Sunday bulletin once a month.

5. NYCO - 30 June 2006
6. NYCO - 30 June 2006

OOPS. I posted the wrong link. Well, you can check that out too, but actually I wanted you to check this out.

Apparently this Gabbly thing works with any site.

7. marisacat - 30 June 2006

what a hoot… I am totally non-technological.. but will put the link up near the top of the next post. If anyone wants to play with it fine with me.

It seems to just pop right up and be ready to go. LOL Unlike a lot of stuff…

What a kick… thanks for something new!

8. wu ming - 30 June 2006

i don’t get it, NYCO, is it just an add-on chat room?

9. NYCO - 30 June 2006


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