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Hard slog – no end in sight. 26 July 2006

Posted by marisacat in Beirut, Big Box Blogs, DC Politics, Iraq War, Israel/AIPAC, WAR!.

  baghdad april 06 parents children checkpoint 

via Reuters Alternet:

WASHINGTON, July 26 (Reuters) – The U.S. military, faced with unrelenting violence in Baghdad, may boost its force in Iraq by delaying the scheduled departure of some troops involved in routine rotations, officials said on Wednesday.

As has been done periodically during the 3-year-old war, the military would temporarily increase the size of the U.S. force by extending the overlap between newly arriving units and those leaving. […]

… we can expect pantomime from the Democrats, despite:


Opinion polls show eroding U.S. public support for the war and Bush’s handling of it as congressional elections approach in November. The U.S. military death toll in the war, which began in March 2003, stood at 2,565 on Wednesday, with 19,157 wounded, the Pentagon said.

On Monday this week, the first name and face on the Lehrer list of the dead was a 50 year old service man.  Tuesday, there were 2 staff sargeants, a sargeant and a captain.  And of course all of the 20 year olds, 27 year olds, 30 year olds… it is now endless.  I just saw a report go by, the Iraqi death rate is 100 per day. 

Sounds low frankly, for the extended brutality …

Lighter note, via Angry Arab (many good snips), Hizbollah may be text messaging Orange cellular subscribers inside Israel.  Psy-ops Baby!


Because I am about to sink in a cess pool of horror, there will be the occasional break, with a snip from pages 3/4 of the Jake Tapper interview with the Kidlet in Berkeley. 

I know some stomachs were NOT strong enough to read that far!… But I have on hip waders, Australian bush hat with full mosquito netting (no, I really do!, left from going down the Colorado when I was 20… ) white cotton gloves (absolutely needed for the jungles of in-ter-view land) and masses of bug repellant… I may survive…

and So:

TAPPER: You thought Kerry was going to win?

MOULITSAS: I thought Kerry was going to win. I thought Democrats were going to make gains in the Senate, in the House in 2002 and in 2004. I was wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. So, I’m hoping I’m wrong again.

TAPPER: But do you think the American people agree with you on most issues, or is that not even the point?

MOULITSAS: I don’t even begin to worry about that. It’s not an issue. And in fact, I’ve been starting to work out what, you know, what my political philosophy is, and it’s actually not necessarily in tune with the Democratic Party itself. [it’s not even small “d” democratic! What a laugh! – MCat] It’s a very libertarian approach to politics where we don’t need government for a lot of things where government is involved in today.

TAPPER: So gun control, you don’t necessarily …

MOULITSAS: Oh, I’m very much against gun control and …

TAPPER: Really?

MOULITSAS: Oh, very much so. Yes. Absolutely. But I’m very much libertarian. I mean, personally, I do not like, say, abortion. I’m very much against abortion personally, but from my libertarian leanings indicate that I’m not going to be telling people what they should or should not be doing.

TAPPER: Well, a libertarian point of view on taxes might be that there shouldn’t — there should be as few taxes as possible and few government regulations as possible.

MOULITSAS: Well, I didn’t say I was a libertarian. [snip]



From Lebanon’s The Daily Star:

Hizbullah fighters and advancing Israeli troops fought pitched battles at the entrance to a key town in South Lebanon on Wednesday, in which at least eight Israeli soldiers were killed and 22 others wounded, the Israeli Army said.

Meanwhile, Israel bombed two apartment buildings in the coastal town of Tyre. It was unclear how many people had been killed and wounded in the attack as Civil Defense members were still pulling people out from the rubble as The Daily Star went to press.[snip]


Christopher Dickey is up in Newsweek:

But, at American insistence, the ceasefire would have to be one that’s “lasting, permanent and sustainable.” Which means the flames searing Lebanon, threatening Israel and endangering the most volatile region in the world will go on for weeks, if not months, to come. The consolation prize: a promise of “immediate humanitarian aid.”  […]

The bottom line: Hizbullah is winning. That’s the hideous truth about the direction this war is taking, not in spite of the way the Israelis have waged their counterattack, but precisely because of it.

As my source Mr. Frankly put it, “Hizbullah is eating their lunch.”


Deepest Troat supplied this link, to a blog that updates the war on lebanon:  Updates on the Aggression Against Lebanon.

They display this map, as of 7/26/06 (link to 2 x size):


All I am saying is it happened here in SF, I saw the fear, the panic that “one of their own” might lose.  That would be Newsom.. yeah I know.  Beloved as a ”liberal”… 😉  But they sent in the troops.

Catch the CYA, early edition (I still say, watch the money in the Lamont campaign, there is not enough, never was):

CT-Sen: The Lieberman meltdown is over

by kos

Wed Jul 26, 2006 at 01:25:20 PM PDT

Bill Clinton is doing whatever he can to rescue Lieberman from defeat. He may pull it off, as the Clintons and their lobbyist and establishment and DLC friends band together in common cause against Lamont’s people-powered army.

Lieberman has no message or appeal to Connecticut voters? Bring in Bill. Lieberman has no ground troops in the state? Bring in paid field guys. The facts are unfriendly to Lieberman? Lie, obfuscate, distort. And to further bolster the Lieberman cause, continue outspending Lamont by millions to drown out his message.

That’s the game plan. On our side we have people. Which will triumph?

If we remain disengaged and indifferent, they will.

Get your friends and families involved.


UPDATE: 10:30 pm, PT 

the sky over Baghdad, May 26, 2006Maybe time to cry into our tea cups a bit.

Bamford is up with a mutli-pager at Rolling Stone.  [thanks Arcturus].  The next war, Iran. 

The problem, ever since these people wedged their way into office, over a not-all-that-interested Democratic party… the issue has been, who would stop them?  Stop us?

When Bush was running in summer and fall of ’00, I would often get the image – at some point I had seen a photographic depiction – of Bill Buckley, who had been CIA station chief in Beirut, held hostage with Terry Anderson but had been beaten, tortured and hung [think hanged is correct usage…].  And I would always think, we have enough enemies of our own, we don’t need all the extra ‘friends” and “enemies” that tag along with certain political entities.

 But, here we are.

Also, it has to be noted… from Howard. [thanks bay] Think I’ll be brief (why waste time?) and say Howard is spread too thin.  And I am not being kind and excusing him.  Totally off balance ever since he got that stupid Chair.

Ta-ta Howard.  Have a nice ride.


from CSTAR [thanks!] a link to a website – Blogging Beirut – covering (natch) Beirut, WAR! issues.  Reading the left side bar, blogger is inside Beirut.

A quick mention, and likely I am behind the curve here, but I have found Reuters Alertnet fascinating.  Part of Reuters Foundation, it exists to track the global emergent situations from natural disaster to conflict – to whatever.  A section for NGO reports and issues – and breaking news, media watch.  And I have found some wonderful photographs there too…

Reuters Alertnet, Lebanon – Israeli Palestinian conflict –  Iraq in Turmoil – Afghanistan Reconstruction (that is what they call it… )


[V]illagers were running short of water, food and medicine, displaced people were sheltering in schools and patients were stranded in hospitals. “As people were afraid to go out, fearing bombardments, dead bodies had not been removed from the streets and others were still buried in rubble,” the ICRC said.

Israeli warplanes destroyed radio masts north of Beirut on Thursday and attacked three trucks carrying medical and food supplies to the east, security sources said. They said two truck drivers were killed. Israel accuses Lebanon’s eastern neighbour Syria of supplying Hizbollah with arms. Syria denies the charge.

Other Israeli aircraft blasted targets in the mainly Shi’ite south, and artillery batteries opened up from inside Israel.  [snip]


UPDATE, 6:50 am PT

Never let it be said that Israel missed a chance to get the point, from the BBC:

“We received yesterday at the Rome conference permission from the world… to continue the operation,” Justice Minister Haim Ramon said.

His comments came before Israeli cabinet ministers decided not to launch a large-scale ground offensive.

Israel has launched fresh air raids, amid ongoing fighting in south Lebanon.

via Toronto Star, Zawahiri warning.

Ayman al-Zawahri, No. 2 to Osama bin Laden, said Al Qaeda now saw “all the world as a battlefield open in front of us.”

The Egyptian-born physician said the Hezbollah and Palestinian fighting against Israel would not be ended with “ceasefires or agreements.”

“The war with Israel does not depend on ceasefires … . It is a Jihad for God’s sake and will last until (our) religion prevails … from Spain to Iraq,” al-Zawahri said. “We will attack everywhere.”

Reuters Alertnet, CHRONOLOGY of communications from al Qaeda, Osama, Zawahiri, allies.


UPDATE: 8:00 am

Nur al-Cubicle commentary on the Silence from Rome Conference.

In the background, Italy is about to withdraw its contingent from Iraq, so the country has zero credibiity with the Bush Administration and hence, with Israel. In fact, it is likely that Prodi, like Zapatero, now enjoys persona non grata status in Washington. But lack of influence does not preclude putting on an embarrasing dog and pony show and getting Condoleeza to show up for a sound bite and a photo-op. I should have liked to have seen Romano Prodi’s L’Unione coalition government come out of the conference smelling like roses, but it has humiliated itself by PR overreach. This is a disaster for L’Unione.

via Danny Schechter News Dissector, a run of quick links and snips:


”According to the FT, a fifth of the Lebanese are now refugees. Around 40,000 have headed to the port city of Sidon. “Food is not a big problem for now but there are looming shortages of medicines for chronic illnesses and hospitals are starting to get worried about primary care drugs such as painkillers and antibiotics while they have to care for an influx of wounded from the south,” says the paper. “The refugees who make it to Sidon are exhausted by the long and stressful journey. Their stories are often similar and tell of days of Israeli shelling, shortages of water and food, power outages and cut phone lines.”. . . www.ft.com

COMMENTARY: John Pilger: Empire: War and Propaganda

“The US role in supporting Israel’s military assault on Lebanon falls into a pattern of imperial tyranny, where history is rewritten to suit America’s needs while Europe stands cravenly by.”





UPDATE:    9:00 am

via Truth Out, from the WaPo, Joshua Partlow on “Waiting to be Blown Up“:

“At this point, it seems like the war on drugs in America,” added Spec. David Fulcher, 22, a medic from Lynchburg, Va., who sat alongside Steffey. “It’s like this never-ending battle, like, we find one IED, if we do find it before it hits us, so what? You know it’s just like if the cops make a big bust, next week the next higher-up puts more back out there.”

    “My personal opinion, I don’t speak for the rest of anybody, I just speak for me personally, I think civil war is going to happen regardless,” Steffey responded. […]

    It was dark now save for one fluorescent light and the cigarette tips glowing red.

    “I mean, if you compare the casualty count from this war to, say, World War II, you know obviously it doesn’t even compare,” Fulcher said.

“But World War II, the big picture was clear – you know you’re fighting because somebody was trying to take over the world, basically. This is like, what did we invade here for?”




1. NYCO - 26 July 2006

Re Hizbollah text-messaging… sounds like their response to Israel robo-calling Lebanese people in their homes. (I commented about that here, with link, a couple days ago.)

2. marisacat - 26 July 2006

oh I remember that comment of yours. Will find it and add it… thx… 😉

3. NYCee - 26 July 2006

My response to Senator Feingold’s diary at DK. (He’s asking for PAC money.) I piggybacked onto the post just below.

And if you run into John Conyers on the Hill (7+ / 0-)
Give him a shout out from some of us Kossacks.

Yes, Senator, please give Conyers a shout out for me, too.

Especially since he was one of only SEVEN democrats in the House who stood up for what is right by voting NAY on the resolution that enables Israel to continue flattening a nation, Lebanon, and burning its people and UN peacekeepers and its own unfortunate soldiers to a crisp or blasting them to pieces or both.

You, on the other hand, Senator Feingold, said you would not “second guess” Israel re how it defends itself.

That is a statement I had hoped I would never hear from you.

I cannot begin to tell you how deeply you have disappointed me – I, who was a former supporter who thought you combined a strong ethical strain with a strong independent, informed, and common sense approach. That you choose not to do so on the issue of our support for Israel, no matter how lethal and blinkered its policies, like the rest of the Senate and everyone in the House, save Ron Paul, R, and those 7 ethical Dems, is something that has marred my view of you.

Do you ever tune into Cspan’s Washington Journal and listen to the callers? You ought to give it a try. Despite an almost complete lack of representation for those of us who cry out for an evenhanded approach to the ME conflict and a reining in of Israel (instead of all those UN vetoes and blank checks and green lights), we are out there. A majority of callers, increasingly, as I have observed over the past few years, are incensed over our lopsided support. The people who call in supporting Israel the way Congress and the WH does are mostly fanatical endtimers who quote the bible or warmongers who still cheer on Bush’s war on Iraq.

The whole world knows how twisted our policy is on the ME. We are increasingly isolated abroad, and, as I said, we sure as hell dont have any representation here, those of us who despair of our hell-in-a-handbasket collusion with Israel, right or wrong.

Perhaps, while Lebanon burns, you might write a diary instead explaining why you wouldnt dare second guess Israel’s behavior in this war. You have had no trouble “second guessing” our own administration on the Patriot Act, Iraq, etc. That is why I liked you. Can you please justify why you believe you can not or should not oppose Israel’s “defense” against Lebanon?

4. Arcturus - 26 July 2006

The right side of your page has had that “best minds of . . .” line running through my head all day, dammit.

The text messaging is creepy — I wouldn’t care who it was c oming from.

No one seems to be taking note of this article from a few days ago:

UK Govt Sources Confirm War With Iran Is On

One that I hope is wrong, but corresponds well with remarks by Ray McGovern on FlashPoints that CheneyCo will wait for Congress to recess, then escalate the war(s).

5. Arcturus - 26 July 2006

NYCee: well done.

6. marisacat - 26 July 2006

oh I would not want the text messaging, nor the robo calling (NYCO posted a link that Israel is possibly robo calling into Lebanon).

Or to be under those red dots.

I see on the news they hit South of Beirut hard again and Tyre.


Thanks for the link on Iran… 😉

7. NYCee - 26 July 2006

Thanks, Arcturus.

I reposted the Tasini links on his diary as well, in a post where I pointed out, since RF emphasized that he often bucks conventional wisdom, that Tasini’s position is what bucking CW looks like when it comes to the ME. I cannot divine what is behind Feingold’s blank check support re Lebanon, but it is simply wrong.

I was too late to get onto the Tasini DK diary, but I saw that a couple of people who said they supported him gently chided him for taking on Hillary on this (paltry?) issue and not on more crucial domestic concerns.


What is that fucking Mastedon shape beneath the carpet in the middle of America’s geo-political living room?

Hint- Our blinkered relationship with Israel. And it’s not getting any smaller. Issue Number ONE.

Jesus. People are so abysmally clueless, even at this late stage in the game. With time running out…

And surely he has caught some nasty, nasty flak for defying the taboo…

8. NYCee - 26 July 2006

Dropping off a petition for Congress. Israel Pull Out of Lebanon

It is addressed to John Conyers. At least it’s something to DO re the outrage. I would love to see a massive demonstration on our policy on Israel.

A girl can dream…

9. bayprairie - 26 July 2006

Dean calls Iraqi PM an ‘anti-Semite’

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean on Wednesday called Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki an “anti-Semite” for failing to denounce Hezbollah for its attacks against Israel.

laughable, if it wasn’t so pathetic.

10. gong - 26 July 2006

bayprairie, that reminds me of Kerry trying to make an issue (maybe succeeding, I don’t remember) of Dean referring to Hezbollah “soldiers.” Well, now we know, don’t we.

11. marisacat - 26 July 2006

God. I am so glad I am off everyone’s bus.

Dean used to be so … plain old interesting. Now, like a fossil.

And what was the point of living thru the nasty robo calling in Iowa coming from the Dems and AGAINST his own Jewish wife?

Well if I am remembering the comment on Hezbollah from Dean, I think I agreed with him. The Israelis got very upset…

But I am sort of loose on nomenclature for any group that might be an insurgent nationalist group. The editor of The Daily Star (Lebanon) is pretty good on parsing hezbollah. Consdiers them a nationalist group.

But I also thought that Israel made the strike on might have been, but also might not have been “terrorist” camp in N Syria during the ’03 primary season, just to make the Dem candidates pick sides and comment.

what a mess we are in.

12. NYCee - 26 July 2006


The Dean.

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 26 July 2006

Late getting home from class, but I wanted to offer a resource to CStar on the mapping idea. A lot of people are combining various databases with Google Maps to create “mashups” of LOTS of different things. The blog Google Maps Mania has links in the right margin to a bunch of tools and how-to’s.

Here’s one that lets you pick a city or town and the kilotonnage of a hypothetical nuclear weapon to see the blast damage.

Here’s one that the film makers of Miami Vice put on their website that brings up a small box w/ a description of locations featured in the movie.

Don’t know if that helps much.

14. marisacat - 26 July 2006

oh fantastic madman… thanks.

15. Arcturus - 26 July 2006

James Bamford: Iran: The Next War

in current Rolling Stone – off to read now

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 26 July 2006

NYCee … well done.

I am a huge fan of Russ, to the point of forgiving him on some of his confirmation votes, because he can coherently explain WHY he votes that way.

But this?

And Dean has slid further and further down into the muck w/ the rest of the war-profiteer slaves in the rest of the party.

We deserve EVERYTHING that is coming to us.

Oh, and Arcturus, thanks for the fresh nightmares, not that I’m not already expecting it. The War Machine in this country is DYING to use a tactical nuke … eager to prove that our arsenal is “relevant” and NOT “unusable”. Some trumpted-up shipment of nuclear material will be “discovered” being smuggled by “Hezbollah” >>cough>cough

17. Madman in the Marketplace - 26 July 2006

ooops … there was supposed to be a “Mossad” in between the “coughs”, followed by “near the Israeli border” …

got too cutesy for my own good.

Thanks for the heads-up on the Bamford, though I’m sure that will add to my unease. I generally find him very credible.

18. Madman in the Marketplace - 26 July 2006

So I type that last comment, then pop into Crooks & Liars and find THIS.

With the increasing conflict between Israel and Hezbollah, the producers at FOX have decided to capitalize on the situation in order to strike more fear into the American people. Last night on Hannity and Colmes, Cham Dallas, director for the Center for Mass Destruction Defense, was helping with this fear tactic by saying such things as “sometime in the future there is going to be a nuclear weapon used in the United States and certainly a radiological device used”. He is also saying that there will be a nuclear attack by Muslim terrorists against Israel.

Dallas also shows a Geiger counter and says that they will be “fair in every American home” in the near future. Stock up now and keep yours with your duct tape and plastic.

they, of course, have a video of it up.

Oh, and if there IS a radiological attack, a Geiger counter isn’t going to do you a fucking bit of good if you’re in an area where one is used. If you’re where one IS used, walk away, try to get out of straight wind patterns from the blast site, but frankly it’s just luck at that point.

19. marisacat - 26 July 2006

ooo thanks for the Bamford, Arcturus…

… and for the link MitM… 😉

20. CSTAR - 26 July 2006

Here’s a blog which seems useful Blogging Beirut.

Another webpage with
views from the sky (in happier times probably.

21. D. Throat - 26 July 2006

There are now so many similarities between Iraq and Israel that Lebanon is beginning to sound like a cheesy remake…

I can’t help to wonder who really blew up the UN headquarters in Baghdad that killed many UN staff including Sergio de Mello… it was quickly blamed on the “Dead enders” but now having proof that Israel intentional targetted the UN is Beirut… one has to relook at Iraq and ask “Who really donnit?”

…perhaps that is the reason Annan has so “uncharacteristically” slammed Israel for killing his staff… least UN workers remain sitting ducks for the remainder of this invasion. Annan had asked de Mello personally “as a favor for a very close friend” to take on the mission in Baghdad… otherwise he was quite comfortable in his new position as head of the UN human rights organization.

22. D. Throat - 26 July 2006

Well now we know why the US is stalling on a ceasefire

British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett has protested to the US about its use of a Scottish airport to transport bombs to Israel.

23. NYCO - 27 July 2006

And Dean has slid further and further down into the muck w/ the rest of the war-profiteer slaves in the rest of the party.

But Dean was NEVER on the same page with progressives on Israel. Not even during his campaign. So this should not come as a shocking surprise. As for his Hezbollah comment back in the day, that was the one about “soldiers” right? If so, I’m not sure why people thought that meant it was a comment questioning Israel. Whether it’s because of his family or not, Dean is staunchly pro-Israel and always was.

24. NYCee - 27 July 2006

This, by the way, is why I have always liked Lincoln Chafee. The only Republican I like. Voted against Iraq war. Alone in GOP senate. Refused to vote for Bush in 2004. Votes for environment, fully pro choice, pro progressive taxation (voted against Bush tax cuts) and truly does NOT agree with the military boot n bomb n coup SuperBully US foreign policy. Chided Condi on belligerant admin talk aimed at Venezuela. And here he is (below, via rightie blog) on the ME and Lebanon.

Senator Chafee’s (troublesome!) Foreign Policy Ideology (According to Rush and most in Congress, it seems.)

Once again, Senator Chafee has exhibited his prediliction to blame President Bush. (But thanks for the support Mrs. Bush!). I heard this on Rush Limbaugh yesterday, and now the transcript is up. Sen. Chafee was interviewed by NBC’s David Gregory about the conflict going on in Lebanon and Israel.

Gregory says, “In effect the United States wants to allow Israel to have more time to complete what they see as a vital operation. Is that how you see it, Senator Chafee? Is that an important way and the right way to proceed?”

CHAFEE: I disagree with the president on the root cause of what’s occurring here. I see the root cause of what’s occurring in the failure of the road map. And the president talked the last four years about “a viable, contiguous Palestinian state living side by side with Israel,” and the road map was supposed to lead in that direction. And so many missed opportunities I see. The summer of 2003 when we had a great opportunity to push the ceasefire that occurred then, in the summer of 2001. Then with the death of Yasser Arafat and the election, overwhelming majority of Palestinians voting for Abu Mazen on a platform of peace. These were opportunities that we didn’t take advantage of.

RUSH: And the next question is: “Do you think that the US is wrong at this pointed to allow Israel to steno?”

CHAFEE: I think there should be a ceasefire and I disagree with the administration on that. I think immediate ceasefire and as this spreads, has the danger of going throughout the Muslim world, uh — and that’s from Morocco to Indonesia, having this unrest spread in the Muslim world…

RUSH: Where’s this guy been? We need a ceasefire? All this is Bush’s fault? He needs to be defeated. It’s about time we get rid of these — whatever you want to characterize Linc Chafee as being — out of the Senate. This is absurd. It’s Bush’s fault! Bush missed the opportunities? There needs to be a ceasefire? All a ceasefire is is a period of time for the bad guys to arm up again and come back with even bigger and stronger and more weapons than they were using before the first time. It’s like Bolton said: Ceasefire with terrorists? How in the world do you negotiate that? You don’t! All the while, by the way, George Bush is helping Linc Chafee in his reelection effort just as he helped Arlen Specter. But Chafee’s fallen five points behind in Rhode Island, and feels he has to come out and bite the hand that feeds him in order to boost his poll numbers up. This is not exactly the display of the execution of core principles.

His foreign policy ideology is, well, foreign, alien, to the locksteppers.

Maybe Kos will front page this exchange and Rush’s Chafee bashing to give an example to the Democrats. Ya think? He’s kinda sorta anti Bush’s foreign policy or is he only for Dems? I get confused. Or is it Libertarians? (Anti gun control. Yay! I loooove guns being trafficked across state lines from lax law states and used in crimes in tight law states, dont you? That libertarian gun stance is so practical and humane!) So that they too can be raked over the coals by Rush, decried for their presence in the Senate? Surely that is the sign that one is doing something right! And the Democrats are looking so sooooooo wrong.

25. NYCee - 27 July 2006

He seemed conflicted, NYCO. On that and other things, he sometimes lacks a maturity, a grounding, I came to see. One isnt quite sure with him. He made statements no PRO Israel Dem would make (most of them, if only in committed dedicated, CYA lip service), such as we need to be more evenhanded as brokers and huge settlements must go. But then he flipped away from sanity. Tasini is pro both sides, all sides, humanitarian. He sticks by that position and justifies it with explanation and argument.

Another example of Dean’s flipping for the worse is his anti death penalty stance #1 and then, his unfortunate “exceptions” stance #2.

26. marisacat - 27 July 2006

But NYCO he was definitely for looking at the issue. His so called ”gaffes” would not have occurred otherwise. And he would have been pro Iraq War in a very gung ho fashion.

I would nver waste time calling Dean liberal, but he was open enough not to be a knee jerk.

That accusation of Maliki is just plain old sick dumb knee jerk. Playing to the cheapest seats.

And again, why endure the slams and slurs and whispers of Iowa that targetted his Jewish wife and came from the Dems to then be a sort of Rahm Emanuel, Cam Kerry on this.

But then I was off Dean’s bus by the time he wanted the Chair. Bad news in my book.

27. D. Throat - 27 July 2006

Oh Lord!!!

Bush just on CNN with the Romanian President equated a cease fire in Lebanon to a “Fake Peace“…

… what part of “stop shooting” don’t he understand??

this is beyond tragic… it is reassuring to see so many Democrats lining up to call him on it….NOT

28. marisacat - 27 July 2006

I just got an email from the DSCC. the one two days agao was called “Craven”…. THIS one is called “Chaos”.

Apparently to the Dems the fact that the R are relentlessly whipping up their base is chaos.

LOL. Dems are losing parts of the base. But that is NOT chaos.

29. D. Throat - 27 July 2006

And I’ve reached, you know, with this, you know, the Brooks column and things like that, there was an adjustment period. And suddenly I realized that, you know, if I turn off the computer and I have my new house I’m working on and I play piano so I work on my music

Kidlet plays the piano while Beirut Burns….

30. Arcturus - 27 July 2006

Well, I found the Bamford kinda disappointing; not really anything new in there, though it’s a great summary & retelling and I’m more than happy if it gets people talking more about Franklin, AIPAC et al. Trial starts this fall; wtf will it take to get the “liberals” interested in the story?

Dean? I never bought into his ‘anit-wr’ stance to begin with — Schaill’s right; he’s always been a war whore despite that brief period where he saw the anti-war movement as a convenient ATM.

31. marisacat - 27 July 2006

I am half way thru the Bamford, yes for those “reading right along” it is a review…

32. Arcturus - 27 July 2006

Covering similar terrain as Bamford, for anyone who missed it, is Laura Rozen’s 6/27/06 Mother Jones article, “Three Days in Rome?”
(sorry I don’t have the link — I’m on an ancient computer w/ dialup & print a lot of hard copy.)

& yesterday, “US House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved the US and India Nuclear Cooperation Promotion Act by a vote of 359-68”

33. NYCee - 27 July 2006

On a diary that dissed Dean for calling Maliki an anti-semite. A bit of flotsam and jetsom that caught my eye.

The Pretzel-Twisting Rationale-izers (!!!Strategy!!!):

this is brilliant (15+ / 0-)
on Dean’s part. The Republicans shoved the idea of a free, peaceful, prosperous Democratic Iraq down our throats for years.
Dean is putting them in a catch-22 by saying that a Democratically elected Iraq is just as much a threat to Israel as Iraq ever was–thereby eliminating the lone chief ratioale for continued presence in Iraq.

And it’s good politics at home because most Americans do indeed support Israel and oppose our venture in Iraq.
The corner Dean is painting them into is getting increasingly smaller. Crazy like a fox, Dean is.

Support CrashingtheStates–a Netroots Film
by hekebolos on Wed Jul 26, 2006 at 10:04:36 PM EDT

Dean’s statements to that (1+ / 0-)
business group in Florida was a good thing. He’s right. He’s absolutely right on his call on Maliki. I agree with you on this one hekebolos. Dean knows what he is doing.

If the people lead, the leaders will follow.
by Mz Kleen on Wed Jul 26, 2006 at 10:26:45 PM EDT

Calling a Shi’ite Leader (3+ / 0-)
Anti-Semetic probably will give him more credibility to his populace back home in Iraq as sad as that is.

“Dude, Wheres the soul of the Democratic Party”
by marcvstraianvs on Wed Jul 26, 2006 at 10:09:28 PM EDT

And then there are The Global Citizen ‘Prioritizers’: Who cares about this shit; let’s elect Dems!!!

(This one hits the gold standard)

It does not matter. (1+ / 0-)

I have no dog in this Israel/Hamas/Hezeballa fight. Whatever their motives are, just beat GOP first.

by firestorm on Wed Jul 26, 2006 at 10:00:26 PM EDT

What’s the point to micro-analyze every word? (1+ / 0-)
This is exactly the stupidity of ultra-leftists.

by firestorm on Wed Jul 26, 2006 at 10:26:44 PM EDT

He can call a corrupt (0 / 0)
Bush-puppet whatever he likes. I don’t care at all.

by firestorm on Wed Jul 26, 2006 at 10:38:46 PM EDT

34. NYCee - 27 July 2006

Oh well, on the sane front, at least Dennis Kucinich is offering something unAIPACed- a bill calling for an cease-fire, US commitment to multi-party diplomacy (without preconditions) and international peace keepers. The usual suspects (rational/anti-war) are on board. Twenty-four. Shout out to Charlie Rangel, NY! (Dont look for “liberal” Nancy Pelosi. She’s too busy chiding Maliki publicly: “Look at me AIPAC! Look at me!”)

Kucinich was on DN yesterday, and he actually said that just for the sake of compassion we should support a cease-fire. Oh, how I love that. So good and so rare.

It seems Jewish Voices for Peace: A bill we can support! is enthusiastic. Their site includes a form you can fill out to urge your congressional reps to support the bill. I guess it’s better than nothing.

Dear Hillary…

Dear Chuck Schumer…

Dear Carolyn Maloney…

Dear Circular File…

Oh well, might as well…

Speaking of the sane, Jim McDermott was a guest on WJ this morning. Have it on now. Just heard his very good opening comments. (Paraphrasing: On cease-fire bill – Israel will go to table sooner or later, doesnt know why they are drawing it out but it’s wrong and hurting them too. On not supporting hideous House res – Some language in there that sounds like it gives Israel a blank check to go into Syria and Iran…)

Here come the callers.

McDermott says (to one who disagrees with his notion that you can talk to Hamas and Hezbollah), who is Condi talking to? Her talking is useless as is. Needs to talk to Hamas and Hezbollah. We did same in Vietnam.

Oh my god… “terrorist is in the eye of the beholder… Irish v Protestants…” (Brave man)

Oh…no… he is getting the inverse of the sort that have been calling. 3 out of 4 so far are not sympathetic. But that’s good, really. He doesnt shrink, and it gives him a chance to argue his points.

Okay, 5th caller is a big McDermott fan. Bringing up Mearsheimer-Walt essay on AIPAC. That only 8 Dems voted against the blank check res. McDermott says he listens to both sides. As a head doctor (psych) he learned that listening just to the husband you think the wife is crazy and visa versa.

Some God Folk are spewing…

Okay, I’ll stop now. Just thought he was a nice reprieve from the locksteppers.

35. marisacat - 27 July 2006


new thread if anyone wants one…

Just saw the clowns at some podium, Reid, Schumer, Nancy etcetera… all in a state of froth over Bush.

Hard to care.

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