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Open Thread: The Rully Big Bully Boyz. Bush and Blair :: Small Boyz on the radar screen/Jerome 28 July 2006

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, WAR!.

  the rully big boyz bush and blair

Oh they found their way to the East Room.  In a truly tough world, they still manage to appall… AP via NYT and as soon as the transcript is up at WH.gov will post it. 

Right now, Blair is explaining Nine One One to us.  They have hit the heights.

What a pair.

… and this from the tag end of the last thread (many links there ) belongs with the Boyz.  Our Condi.  Be proud.  She said a prayer for peace and then played Brahms (Sonata for Violin and Piano in D Minor, Opus 108).

Bow down.


From the NYT post event:

The two leaders, who earlier talked privately at the White House, announced what they described as a practical plan to try to stop the violence and address what they saw as the underlying cause — Hezbollah militancy — of the current conflict, as well as criticizing Iranian and Syrian support for the group.

“This is a moment of intense conflict in the Middle East,” Mr. Bush said. “Yet our aim is to turn it into a moment of opportunity and a chance for broader change in the region.”

Mr. Blair said that the plan includes sending Ms. Rice back to the region on Saturday, and bringing forward a United Nations meeting to Monday about an international stabilization force that will allow Lebanon’s government to deploy its own army in the south.[…]

The Israeli military said it carried out more than 180 aerial strikes in Lebanon during the 24-hour period that ended this morning, and there were no signs of a letup during the day today.

Hezbollah, meanwhile, maintained its rocket fire on northern Israel today. About 50 rockets hit northern Israel as of the afternoon, though only a few minor injuries were reported.


Norman Solomon at FAIR takes a look at the NYT, Wapo, and LA Times over the last weeks.  And some commentary on a hit carried out in Sidon Lebanon in May 2006:

The situation in Lebanon is also more complicated than its portrayal in U.S. media, with the roots of the current crisis extending well before the July 12 capture of two Israeli soldiers by Hezbollah.

A major incident fueling the latest cycle of violence was a May 26, 2006 car bombing in Sidon, Lebanon, that killed a senior official of Islamic Jihad, a Palestinian group allied with Hezbollah. Lebanon later arrested a suspect, Mahmoud Rafeh, whom Lebanese authorities claimed had confessed to carrying out the assassination on behalf of Mossad (London Times, 6/17/06). […]

In Lebanon, Israel’s culpability was taken as a given. “The Israelis, in hitting Islamic Jihad, knew they would get Hezbollah involved too,” Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, a professor at Beirut’s Lebanese American University, told the New York Times (5/29/06). “The Israelis had to be aware that if they assassinated this guy they would get a response.”

And, indeed, on May 28, Lebanese militants in Hezbollah-controlled territory fired Katyusha rockets at a military vehicle and a military base inside Israel. Israel responded with airstrikes against Palestinian camps deep inside Lebanon, which in turn were met by Hezbollah rocket and mortar attacks on more Israeli military bases, which prompted further Israeli airstrikes and “a steady artillery barrage at suspected Hezbollah positions” (New York Times, 5/29/06).

Gen. Udi Adam, the commander of Israel’s northern forces, boasted that “our response was the harshest and most severe since the withdrawal” of Israeli troops from Lebanon in 2000 (Chicago Tribune, 5/29/06).


UPDATE, 2:50 pm, PT

The transcript of the “press availability” of Blair and Bush.  SO many nuggets.  If people were not suffering and dying it would be a scream.

 I think we should demand that they pull Jesus from their hankie pocket.  We are way past white bunnies under the Big Tent to shock and awe the children…. The Bush and Blair show is just not enervating enough. 

Both christians, right?  They should produce Jesus, as part of the Troika for War.  Troika + Israel.

Here is a snip from W (italics are mine):

And I — look, we care deeply about the lives that have been affected on both sides of this issue, just like I care deeply about the innocent people who are being killed in Iraq, and people being denied a state in the Palestinian Territory. But make no mistake about it, it is the goal and aims of the terrorist organizations to stop that type of advance. That’s what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to evoke sympathy for themselves. They’re not sympathetic people. They’re violent, cold-blooded killers who are trying to stop the advance of freedom.

And this is the calling of the 21st century, it seems like to me, and now is the time to confront the problem.

And of course, we’re going to help the people in Lebanon rebuild their lives. But as Tony said, this conflict started, out of the blue, with two Israeli soldiers kidnapped and rockets being fired across the border. 

Blair falls into a long, long ramble about 9/11 (I found it offensive) and at times he drifts to repetitious gibberish but there is this – you think these Boyz lack … confidence?:

It’s nonsense, the propaganda is nonsense. And we’re not going to defeat this ideology until we in the West go out with sufficient confidence in our own position and say, this is wrong. It’s not just wrong in its methods, it’s wrong in its ideas, it’s wrong in its ideology, it’s wrong in every single wretched reactionary thing about it. And it will be a long struggle, I’m afraid. But there’s no alternative but to stay the course with it. And we will.

Absolute mess…  and messy madmen.



Jerome Speaks…. 

… more to come, have not read the slobber yet, but based on his earlier sludge… welll… I am continuing to breathe, shall we say.

ADDENDUM:  I read it finally.

Well.  I am going to post a cogent comment from the thread at MyDD….  But, I will add that so-called liberal (but it is not) progressive (but it’s not) left (but it most assuredly is NOT) Blahhhging has been very poorly served by the men (and women) who are cashing in.  

They are welcome to cash in as party apparatchiks (punditry, yes men, yes women and screaming diversions), and I may comment on what I see… which is sub-standard, unethical screamers ”demanding” ethics and accountability from MSM – and from a pol, or two (no more than a very small number). 

Other than that, they are propagandists. And there is a whiff that just does not go away, for one thing, they complicate every time they pick one of their mouths and open it…

Here from “vachon”

Re: Blogging on it all (none / 0)

Your past is your past.  Since you aren’t running for office, it’s none of my business.  Normally, I wouldn’t comment on it except now you’ve brought it up.

I am frustrated that you can’t go into detail about your experience with the SEC.  As a former trader myself, however, I’m a bit shagrinned that you would do the “I lost money too” line to wave away your behavior.  I don’t know if what you did was illegal, unethical or just plain dumb.  But it’s a big deal since the gamut of possibilities you have opened yourself up to is so wide and potentially so important to what you do here.

Look, I have a past that I’m not proud of (people in AA usually do) that would probably look devastating on a police blotter had I ever been caught.  I don’t run away from it, minimize it or wave it like a red cape for people to investigate.  So, I’m sympathetic with your situation.  But.  The lack of details is going to keep this issue, or non-issue alive:  people don’t like to be swindled.

That’s my 2 pixels.

by vachon on Fri Jul 28, 2006 at 04:25:44 PM EST

UPDATE:  1:30 am Saturday,

FURTHER Addenda:

 Lee Siegel updates his ”blogofascism” in TNR, or whatever it was.  Frankly he makes good points, and here are a couple (emphasis mine):

A good fight is certainly not something I mind–if you dish it out, et cetera. Yet, having been stung by my charges of dictatorial bullying, the left-liberal blogs proceeded to prove my point.

They bunched together in a corner of the schoolyard and solicited one another’s approval by heaving bigger and sloppier mudpies.

It wasn’t a good intellectual and rhetorical fight at all. But, beyond the blogofascist aside, I had made an argument that I waited futilely for someone to address. I had questioned the effectiveness of blogospheric rage and suggested that blogger fanaticism had a lot to do with the inability of bloggers to apply themselves to serious reflection.

And this, which gave me a laugh, considering Blahhggs are campaign operative tabloids:

The question the blogosphere has to ask itself is whether it truly has become a rejuvenating alternative to the status quo in journalism and politics or a dumping ground for the mainstream’s worst aspects–political extremism, narcissistic fantasy, cowardly herding.

Or, as Burt Reynolds put it in Sharky’s Machine,

“You know, Frisco, when we used to flush the toilet upstairs, we always wondered where it came to.” 

Yes, not a pretty  picture.  Cesspools rarely are.


UPDATE:  3:40 pm. PT

Pilger in The New Statesman.

The catastrophe in the Middle East is a product of such an imperial tyranny. It is clearly a US-ordained operation, with the long-planned assault on Gaza and the destruction of Leba non pretexts for a wider campaign with the goal of installing American puppets in Lebanon, Syria and eventually Iran. “The pay-off time has come,” wrote the Israeli historian Ilan Pappe; “now the proxy should salvage the entangled Empire.”  […]

Watching this unfold in Washington – I am staying in a hotel taken over by evangelical “Christians for Israel” apparently seeking rapture – I have heard only the crudest colonial refrain and no truth. Hezbollah, drone America’s journalistic caricatures, is “armed and funded by Syria and Iran”, and so they beckon an attack on those countries, while remaining silent about America’s $3bn-a-day gift of planes and small arms and bombs to a state whose international lawlessness is a registered world record.

Pilger closes his article with Orwell…

I think Orwell got it right in this passage from Nineteen Eighty-Four, a tale of the ultimate empire:

“And in the general hardening of outlook that set in . . . practices which had been long abandoned – imprisonment without trial, the use of war prisoners as slaves, public executions, torture to extract confessions . . . and the deportation of whole populations – not only became common again, but were tolerated and even defended by people who considered themselves enlightened and progressive.”

Really, Bush and Blair should be forced to produce Jesus.   Being christians and all. Do they ever let us forget that? 

And managing to evoke, over and over, such worry and concern for those under the Israeli aerial bombing runs.  Bloody evangelicalism.


From Nur al-Cubicle – as those dogs, Bush and Blair today said they cannot do what is ”popular”, they must do what is ”right” – that was out of Bush’s bloody mouth….  Make them produce this Jesus they believe in.  Really… not kidding here.  Sick of the xtian games.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Israel targets refugees

A Jordanian cameraman for Germany’s N24 TV and his driver were killed when Israel directed artillery fire at a 50-car convoy of refugees organized by the Red Cross. The convoy was evacuating the sick, elderly and others from Rmeish.


biddy said…
First the UN, then the Red Cross what the hell is their problem?
4:05 PM  


 UPDATE, 6:15 pm

The bottom line, the US Come to Jesus Jamboree… US plans 4.6 billion in armaments sales to the ME countries (that figure is for Arab sales, x-Israel).


UPDATE:  1:00 am Satruday…

“It’s a global movement, it’s a global ideology,” Mr. Blair said. “We’re not going to defeat this ideology until we in the West go out with sufficient confidence in our own position and say, this is wrong. It’s not just wrong in its methods, it’s wrong in its ideas, it’s wrong in its ideology, it’s wrong in every single wretched reactionary thing about it.”

    Tyre [Getty photo via BBC]

Looking over the photos (NYT, Reuters, AP) of the global protest to the unnecessary war on Lebanon… the pics are not pretty.  This from Malaysia, simply a massing of demonstrators, is mild.  And, as it is Malyasia and the caption says they broke thru a cordon while Condi was there, I guess playing Brahms following her peace prayer just did not do it.  Again, if playing the Pharisee, please bring Jesus along.  So we can have a real show:  The Second Coming.

    malaysia anti USA anti war demonstration Friday 7/28

And if this, at the close of Norman Solomon’s article from FAIR is at all accurate (and I have no reason to disbelieve it),  for shame...

“Of all of Israel’s wars since 1948, this was the one for which Israel was most prepared,” Gerald Steinberg, a political science professor at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University, told the San Francisco Chronicle (7/21/06).

“By 2004, the military campaign scheduled to last about three weeks that we’re seeing now had already been blocked out and, in the last year or two, it’s been simulated and rehearsed across the board.”

The Chronicle reported that a “senior Israeli army officer” has been giving PowerPoint presentations for more than a year to “U.S. and other diplomats, journalists and think tanks” outlining the coming war with Lebanon, explaining that a combination of air and ground forces would target Hezbollah and “transportation and communication arteries.”

Which raises a question: If journalists have been told by Israel for more than a year that a war was coming, why are they pretending that it all started on July 12? By truncating the cause-and-effect timelines of both the Gaza and Lebanon conflicts, editorial boards at major U.S. dailies gravely oversimplify the decidedly more complex nature of the facts on the ground.

 Let me add, I was suspicious of the damned spring-time, so-called revolt of the [retired] military generals – at the time. Obviously any power point presentation to journalists from senior Israeli military is something known to our military leaders, as well.

Bacevich called it right, positioning for CYA for history, as the ”grand plans” of 2001/2/3 slam to earth in a barrage of blood and horror… and that was just Iraq.  For me, our military is discredited.  And that means we are very unsafe.

The only decent response to 9/11 was to be a better power.  A decent global partner.  But that was never in the cards.

    protest against the Israeli airstrikes over lebanon

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice headed to Jerusalem on Saturday to discuss ways to end the 18-day-old war in Lebanon as Israel rejected a U.N. plea for a truce to aid civilians trapped by fighting.

“There is no need for a 72-hour temporary cease-fire because Israel has opened a humanitarian corridor to and from Lebanon,” said Israeli government spokesman Avi Pazner.

While Israel has let aid shipments through its blockade of Lebanon, international relief agencies say they have been unable to get Israel to guarantee safe passage to civilians in southern areas hardest hit by Israeli bombing aimed at Hizbollah.

U.N. Emergency Relief Coordinator Jan Egeland asked on Friday for the 72-hour truce to let relief workers evacuate elderly, young and wounded people and to deliver emergency aid.

The problem is the Israeli AF is bombing the so called corridor.




1. Arcturus - 28 July 2006

What a sight! Now Blair wants to pose as the reasonable man of peace?

A couple of OT items:

India-US nuclear deal crosses major hurdle

Exceptionalism seems to be close to universal. I suspect if we had records from Genghis Khan, we might find the same thing.

The operative principle is illustrated copiously throughout history: Policy conforms to expressed ideals only if it also conforms to interests. The term “interests” does not refer to the interests of the US population, but to the “national interest” — the interests of the concentrations of power that dominate the society. –Chomsky, Great soul of power

Nicholas Kristof: Israelis are brimming with moral clarity, as we Americans were after 9/11. (reprint)

2. Meteor Blades - 28 July 2006

“…a moment of opportunity…”

The publicly expressed NeoCon view since this latest Israeli action began has been focused on “opportunity.” Kristol’s and Ledeen’s strike-Syria-and-Iran-now theme and Newt Gingrich’s purloined World War III mantra being the most visible.

The question is, do the NeoCons, their reputation deeply wounded among erstwhile believers, see this as their last best opportunity? Do they fear that a possible Democratic majority in one or both houses of Congress come January will fatally undermine their influence on policy? (Given the lame opposition most Dems present to the Bush Regime’s Iraq policy, the barely registering opposition they present to its Iran policy, and the total prone-out they offer when it comes to Israel, I can’t imagine why the NeoCons would be worried. Still, you can never be certain of these guys’ secret longings.)

As for their upfront desires, you would think that if Iraq weren’t enough, Israel’s inability so far to achieve even a minimum objective against Hezbollah would give them pause in their warmongering over Iran and Syria. But they’ve been out of touch with reality since one of their original number – Jeane Kirkpatrick – said the Kremlin was populated solely by hard-liners who couldn’t be bargained with just months before Mikhail Gorbachev ascended.

3. marisacat - 28 July 2006

Still, you can never be certain of these guys’ secret longings

Well from what I read, their ”secret longing”, geo political that is… is China.

Nobody ever claimed they were genuinely brilliant. They just rose to immense power in a moribund political system – and no opposition.

As for the Dems, they have spent years claiming Iran was the great danger. When they weren’t frantically pointing at N Korea. And the R just laugh. Enough wars to go around. Not exactly slim pickins.

4. Deepest Troat - 28 July 2006

This goes to what my friend said. I found this on GU’s Comment is free by Karma Ekmekji, My enemy’s enemy

During my college years at the American University of Beirut, I was in the privileged position of speaking my mind. I never agreed with Hizbullah having arms after the Israeli withdrawal in 2000, and believed that it would hinder any chance of Middle East peace.

But my thinking has changed so much over the past two weeks. I’m not one of those “Muslim extremists” everyone worries about. Yet I’ve started to think positively about Hizbullah. I don’t agree with their principles, or politics. But in all my life there has never been an Arab leader who stood up against Israel. Now Hizbullah is accomplishing what for the last quarter of a century, no Arab leader dared dream of. And for that, they are starting to gain my respect.

Israel has bombed our airports, ports, bridges, houses, churches, mosques, schools, communication antennas, and UN watchtowers. The Israelis have killed more than 500 civilians. Do they think I could really cheer for them and turn against Hizbullah now?

5. marisacat - 28 July 2006

The Israelis are on a murdering spree… and I think it is appropriate to ask if, as a side benefit, they sought to inhibit a growing economy, a secular educated society right next door to them. They certainly destroyed the infrastructure and set a half million into one form of diaspora, internal or otherwise, or just temporarily displaced

NO Sabbath Friday evening battles with the conservatives (real battles wtih cops, tear gas, mounted patrols etc) out in the neighborhoods of Beirut demanding secular people observe.

6. Arcturus - 28 July 2006

b & b, retreads:

“It didn’t take me long to make up my mind that these liars warn’t no kings nor dukes at all, but just low-down humbugs and frauds,” Huck said.

“But, Huck, dese kings o’ ourn is reglar rapscallions; dat’s jist what dey is; dey’s reglar rapscallions.” —Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

this from today’s UNIFIL report:

Intensive aerial bombardment was also reported in the general area of At Tiri, Brashit, and Tibnin, north of Bint Jubayl. There are a number of civilians who are still stranded in these towns and caught in the crossfire, including Bint Jubayl.

There were two direct impacts on UNIFIL positions from the Israeli side in the past 24 hours. Eight artillery and mortar rounds impacted inside an Indian battalion position in the area of Hula, causing extensive material damage, but no casualties. One artillery round impacted the parameter wall of the UNIFIL Headquarters in Naqoura. There were five other incidents of firing close to UN positions from the Israeli side. It was also reported that Hezbollah fired from the vicinity of five UN positions at Alma Ash Shab, At Tiri, Bayt Yahoun, Brashit, and Tibnin.

All UNIFIL positions in the area of operation remain permanently occupied and maintained by the troops. UNIFIL dispatched three logistic convoys to resupply some positions yesterday. Additional convoys are planned for today, particularly to the forward positions in the eastern and central sectors which are facing critical shortages of basic supplies.

Israeli artillery continues to hit UNIFIL positions in south Lebanon

7. raincat100 - 28 July 2006


At least five people were shot – one fatally – this afternoon at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle by a man a witness said was upset about “what was going on in Israel.”


8. marisacat - 28 July 2006

CNN has an early report that the shooter is a Pakistani… but that is just one report.

9. raincat100 - 28 July 2006

local news is useless.

dk thread here…getting messy, but some locals are posting:

10. Deepest Troat - 28 July 2006

I was buying dinner and I saw it, the place had Faux News, after a while, they had an editorial….. it was the worst thing I saw, so bad I needed a shower. The gist of it was how it was the collective us who did the shotting because we were backing the terrorist instead of the Israel. It looks like they are going to their bread and butter meme – you are either with us or for the enemy.

now I want to cry. The one thing I will agree with the guy….this is THE UNITED STATES OF HELL

11. Deepest Troat - 28 July 2006


Sources told KING 5 the suspect is a 31-year-old Pakistani man with a criminal background. He is from the Pasco but his citizenship status or how long he has lived in the United States is unknown. Also unknown is what sort of criminal record he has. Officials are on the way to the Pasco to interview his family.

According to the Seattle Times, a man got through security at the Jewish Federation and told staff members, “I’m a Muslim American; I’m angry at Israel,” then began shooting, according to Amy Wasser-Simpson, the vice president for planning and community services for the Jewish Federation.

It is becoming the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

12. marisacat - 28 July 2006

welll I did read that his statement, as reported by Wasser-Simpson, is not currently confirmed by the police.

13. observer - 29 July 2006

Jonathan Cook’s piece called the “The Lies Israel Tells Itself” exposes the real divide between Judaism and what is happening in Israel:

That is what comes of having a “citizen army,” where teenagers learn to use a gun before they can drive and men do reserve duty until their late 40s. It means every male teacher, professor, psychologist, and journalist thinks as a soldier because that is what he has been for most of his life.

Israel is not unique, far from it, though it is in a darker place, and has been for some time, than “we” in the West can fully appreciate. It is a mirror of what our own societies are capable of, despite our democratic values. It shows how a cult of victimhood makes one heartless and cruel, and how racism can be repackaged as civilized values.

Rabinnic Judaism has been replaced by a “cult of victimhood” in Israel. We’re seeing its rise here in the U. S. as it is sold every day by the MSM as we watch the Towers collapse for the umpteenth time. It all fits into that odd combination of impotence and omnipotence that Schell discusses in his piece on America as history’s fool.

This newest war is exposing the mechanisms operating in the U. S. in all their rawness–and it makes all the concern over elections and political parties seem pretty silly.

14. marisacat - 29 July 2006


thanks for the Cook link.

15. NYCO - 29 July 2006

Whatever the background of the shooter, I’m truly disgusted and aggrieved at this turn of events in Seattle. One thing this whole sorry mess is making me do is thinking more about other people at night. Recently it has been the innocent victims in Lebanon, last night it was the innocent people at that center.

Unfortunately I think the Seattle police’s measured and reasonable statement about the shooting (that this evidently was a case of someone acting out their personal animosities) is going to get lost in the blaring coverage by Fox and Friends (ie the entire media).

The most important thing is to keep Israel/Palestine’s rabies from spreading in this country. Those people have RABIES and the only cure is to not get bit.

16. marisacat - 29 July 2006

well the cure, long ago, would have been an equitable Arab state. Still Arab majority – and that is not changing. The problem is not going ot go away – most esp as we insist on not being a impartial player – and as long as we support the (arguably) third/fourth largest military in the world, as it actively wages war, it likely will come here. It is here anyway… the intense pressure from the so called Jewish lobby. It’s here.

No one should be surprised.

17. NYCO - 29 July 2006

Well, I think the rabies won’t have really arrived until American Jews (and American Muslims) start killing their OWN over this. That’ll happen, too.

18. NYCee - 29 July 2006

But many will be surprised, I bet. They dont know the half of what our country does to enrage the region on the I/P issue.

Notice how many critics of American religious fanatics (Christofascists) and Muslim religious fanatics (Islamofascists) cant seem to call out the fanatical Jewish settlers who believe that God deeded them the land on the WB and more. Judea and Samaria. What are they called? Not much. Not really mentioned. But oh boy, do they ever raise a ruckus when a few scattered tents are dismantled on some hilltop in the WB upon which they have claimed their ‘entitlement.’

I remember reading an article a few years back, I think from the FOX website, where hundreds of Israeli police (unarmed, of course) had to struggle like hell, all day, to remove a few of these people and their rabid supporters. Kicking, screaming, throwing objects at the cops. And they vowed to return.

I also recall a disgusted Israeli woman interviewed for a 60 Minutes piece on the Christians who “adopt” settlements. (They actually learn Jewish folk songs and dances and celebrate Jewish holidays in TEXAS to futher solidify the bond with their fanatical Israeli accomplices. Charter trips to the Holy Land. Set up shop. Donate. Adopt. Fund.

This disgusted Israeli spoke about those who are not religious fanatics but who also snap up WB real estate, against international law. She said they are just plain GREEDY. She was disgusted because she knew it was wrong and she knew it only hurts the peace. She called them greedy because they get grants and subsidies from the govt to live on the WB, even though they know it is wrong and hurts the peace. And guess what, some of our aid is fungible, and goes toward those subsidies too. Yes, we subsidize land theft with our tax dollars … in a place where Land for Peace is serious as a heart attack.

Greater Israel in action. God or greed, its all crazy. And it is hurting us. Because we are tied into the crazy like crazy. Americans dont know the half of it. I include myself, but I know enough to know wrong when I see it.

By the way, I commend the Presbyterian Church, USA, for deciding to divest due to Israel’s apartheid intransigence. They came out with a statement on this in 2004, I believe.

19. CSTAR - 29 July 2006

Has any Neocon (“nouveau con”) actually written publicly about
what a remodeled greater middle east should like like? Pundits and
pols use words like decency and freedom to describe some “vision” and
offer a lot of mechanistic proposals to get there. Just look at
current Blair/Bush/Condi/Olmert et al pronouncements (which I
paraphrase) “Change reality on the ground”, “achieve lasting cease
fire”, “strengthen the lebanese government” etc, etc. There is also a
great deal of discussion on regional balance of power, “getting at
state sponsored terrorism”, “destroying infrastructure of terror”,
“military option” this that and the other,

But I’d some like to devise a thought experiment to probe whether
these people actually have a clue of what they’re talking about or at
least if they’re really telling us what the agenda is. This thought
experiments have to conform to some rules:

Whole segments of population can’t be made to disappear overnight.
Continuity of individual and collective behavior. That is, if percentage XP believes or supports P one day, that percentage isn’t going to change appreciably from one day to the next.
If you expect to change, slowly, that percentage XP you need to provide a mechanism for doing so and also an estiamte of time.

Without such a critical analysis of their endgame, we’re wasting our
time with the nouveaux cons. They are like a doctor that cannot tell
you what a healthy person is, yet starts providing meds to a patient
or even worse, uses a scalpel. However, never underestimate how low
a nouveau con can go: Look at this article.

20. marisacat - 29 July 2006


thanks for the Podhoretz…
and I just read this from Matthew Rothschild on Condi… 😉

21. gong - 29 July 2006

Meanwhile, in Gaza:

As of last night, 29 people had been killed in the most concentrated 48 hours of violence since an Israeli soldier was abducted by Palestinian militants just more than a month ago.

The operation is codenamed “Samson’s Pillars”, a collective punishment of the 1.4 million Gazans, subjecting them to a Lebanese-style offensive that has targeted the civilian infrastructure by destroying water mains, the main power station and bridges.

The similarities with Israel’s blitz on Lebanon are striking, raising suspicions that the Gaza offensive has been the testing ground for the military strategy now unfolding on the second front in the north.

(From the Independent.)

22. gong - 29 July 2006

From the same story:

Mr Shaath, who had a daughter, Mimi, late in life, says that he tried “laughter therapy” with his five-year-old at home in northern Gaza. “Every time there was a shell, I would burst out laughing and she would laugh with me. But then the Israelis occupied everything around us, and there were tanks, and shrapnel in the garden, and she saw where the shells were coming from, and she was terrified. So Mimi now gets angry when I laugh.”

23. marisacat - 29 July 2006

yes I agree, the offensive is coordinated.

None of this will be ending – esp as America has fully “green lighted” this horror. And rushed in the fresh arms for more war on civilians. all to subjugate people to Israel’s will.

No other conclusion to come to…

The global protests are quite something. Match that to the WTO protests… America is isolated. Well – our one friend, Israel.

24. CSTAR - 29 July 2006

The New Reality in the ME. It’s here.

I just read this in Le Monde:

Nasrallah: “If one sees an effort to solve the current crisis, it’s because of the glorious resistance of Hezbollah and the Lebanese people” The Hezbollah leader also said “Our victory should not be feared, it is a victory for all Lebanese, of all religions, all regions, all political movements, muslims and christians alike, for all arabs that side with us in our struggle against aggression”

That’s a new reality all right. Nasrallah seems to have become the undisputable leader of Lebanon.

25. marisacat - 29 July 2006

CSTAR, thanks for the link.

well… FOX is running near 24 hour coverage – of the marine barracks in Lebanon. As tho Nasrallah himself carried it out… and in fact I caugth a panel at Heritage thsi week that identified the “mastermind” of the barracks blast and tied him to [present day] Al Qaeda.

I jsut don’t think it is all that neat.

But raise Halabja and go to war over it, when we facilitated it…

26. Deepest Troat - 29 July 2006

Didn’t Poppi Bush state that the New World Order would begin in Middle East – the West Bank actually.

REPORTER: You said, President Bush, that a “New World Order” would emerge once the Gulf crisis has been solved. How do you envisage this New World Order?

PRESIDENT BUSH: I want to see a solution to the question of the West Bank, for example. But I think if we work cooperatively as our — with our common sights set — this aggressor will not succeed — it opens up all kinds of possibilities for a New World Order.

So it is not the West Bank, will Gaza do to complete this transformation?

27. Lil' Slugger - 29 July 2006

Con Man = Confidence Man = A person who gains peoples’ confidence in order to swindle them.

As per usual, people miss the point over Jerome’s astrology. It’s not that he believes in a goofy religion/superstition, it’s that astrology can be an especially lucrative snake-oil. Sure, there’s con-men in other religions, but not every, say, Catholic sets up a commercial website, pretends to be an expert in theology, and makes business predictions and gives out advice based on the bumps on the Pope’s head. Clearly, now, he’s trying to convince people that he wasn’t an expert in astrology. And clearly, back then, he was trying to convince people that he WAS. Mendacious much?

When you consider Jerome’s ‘youthful indescretion’ with the SEC, and you know he posted under various names (notably “MyDD”, allegedly “Vis Numar”) long after he said he gave it up, the astrology should raise all the eyebrows in the entire blogdom. Mixing stock pumping with new age snake-oil? Businessmen might call it “synergy!” but others might consider it a PATTERN of unethical behavior. And that’s the important point: It’s not some isolated, youthful mistake, it’s a modus operandi.

For those not aware, mydd.com’s early days were as a business/astrology website. The DD stood for “Due Diligence”. Here’s the front page, circa April 2001:


Although he has said that he became politically active after the 2000 election it doesn’t show on that page. Instead, there’s a bunch of posts with about as much authenticity as:

Debbie says: Dr. Jerome’s Magnetic Underpants slimmed my thighs and cured my hemorroids!!!
Joe says: Dr. Jerome’s Magnetic Underpants gives my car 300 MPG and 120% more horsepower!!!
Billy-Joe Jim-Bob says: Dr. Jerome’s Magnetic Underpants gives me thicker, firmer erections!!!

Then, this is what the page looked like after 9/11, all the better to cash in:


“(website in development) Independent Political Election Coverage and Prediction” At the bottom: “Independent Due Diligence is the process of investigation into the details and the verification of material facts.” And suddenly, not only is Jerome an expert on Astrology, Stocks, the Economy and Magnetic Underpants. He’s an expert on International Politics and “Material Facts” [!]. Or so he’d like you to believe, in order to gain your confidence…

See also:

More fun from My Dollarsign Democrats (not all sub-links work):
(Notice “astroworld.mydd.com” URL:)

See, it’s a lark (MyDD = Jerome):

Clarissa explains Israeli politics:

Here he is upset that someone made more money than he did swindling stocks, while connecting all the dots of 9/11 right back up to Cynthia McKinney. Or something:

More Jerome here:

28. Deepest Troat - 29 July 2006

Its the NWO for some and its the End of the World for others. Looks like the fundis are having a hay day on this one. Tim LaHaye is talking and the mindless are following.

When Tim LaHaye talks, the faithful listen—by the millions. The conservative Protestant minister is the coauthor of the wildly popular apocalyptic “Left Behind” novels. The controversial books, which have sold more than 60 million copies, depict the biblical end of the world: the Christian eschatology of the upheaval that precedes the second coming of Jesus Christ, known also as “end times.” LaHaye recently spoke with NEWSWEEK’s Brian Braiker about why he believes the events currently unfolding in the Middle East reflect biblical prophesy.

NEWSWEEK: How do you interpret what’s happening in the Middle East? Are you seeing signs that these are the end of days?

Tim LaHaye: Biblically speaking, the very nations that are mentioned in prophecy—and have been mentioned for 2,500 years as occupying the focus of the tension of the last days—are the very nations that are involved in the conflict right now. That may be one of the reasons there’s a sudden interest in bible prophecy because all of a sudden they realize end-time events could possibly take place and break forth right now.

Now I gotta go find that end-time web site where they had a web cam to see the live view of the second coming.

We had LaHaye, time to see what Robertson and Farwell have to say now.

29. marisacat - 29 July 2006

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