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Rare Drop of Hope 23 July 2006

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    Frank Capa

Israeli filmakers  have signed a letter in solidarity with Arab and Palestinian filmakers – and with their compatriots – against the Israeli military aggression in Lebanon and Gaza.


In an open letter to those who plan to attend the Arab Film Biennial in Paris, which is scheduled to open this coming Saturday, dozens of Israeli filmmakers and producers express their solidarity with their Palestinian and Lebanese colleges:

We unequivocably oppose the brutality and cruelty of the Israeli policy, which has reached new heights in recent weeks. Nothing justifies the continued occupation, closure, and oppression in Palestine. Nothing justifies the bombing of civilians and the destruction of infrastructure in Lebanon and Gaza. [snip]

 Precision is precise:

As the convoy’s three cars approached Tyre, the first was hit by an air strike, killing everyone on board. The two remaining cars tried to escape, but one was also hit by an missile, causing more deaths and injuries.

The Haidars jumped out of their car and ran to a nearby orchard, but the Israeli jets returned to drop two more bombs, wounding Zeinab, her mother and grandfather, and killing her grandmother.

After about 30 minutes hiding among the trees, Zeinab’s father went back to the car. He found it was still working and drove to Najm hospital, on the southern edge of Tyre.

I heard Gingrich say this will be the most volatile mid term elections ever, speaking of the as yet unknown effect of widening war…. Whatever hon. Dems will be sure to be flat-footed.  Tin eared.  And dull.

Stop me before I vote again has multiple damning entries, but this one just stood out.

more to come… 😉


Couple of snips from Juan Cole today:

The Israelis tend to launch their wars of choice in the summer, in part because they know that European and American universities will be the primary nodes of popular opposition, and the universities are out in the summer. This war has nothing to do with captured Israeli soldiers. It is a long-planned war to increase Israel’s ascendency over Hizbullah and its patrons.

But since Hizbullah’s short-range katyushas can only hit targets 3-4 miles away, and were mainly being fired at the occupied Shebaa Farms, why worry about it so much? 

There follows a several point analysis but a snip or two of the reasoning (JC reinforces some points made by others during the past week):

Some of Hizbullah’s missiles might have been able to hit sensitive Israeli chemical or nuclear sites, or just cause panic by hitting Israeli cities. There was zero likelihood of Hezbollah launching such a strike unprovoked. But this capacity formed at least a slight drag on the Israeli ability to strike Iran and the Palestinians with impunity. The destruction of the Hizbullah arsenal may be the precursor of even more drastic action against the Palestinians and perhaps a bombing raid on Iran’s nuclear research facilities near Isfahan.

And this, and btw, the clear statement that Israel (the political right, yes, but who runs the country?) has no interest in a Palestinian state is why some Dkos diaries are essentially dishonest in calling for a “forget and move on”.  Not fucking likely:

There are also offensive considerations.

The Right in Israel is determined to permanently subjugate the Palestinians and forestall the emergence of a Palestinian state.

This course of action requires the constant exercise of main force against the Palestinians, who resist it, as well as threats against Arab or Muslim neighbors who might be tempted to help the Palestinians. Thus, Iraq and Iran both had to be punished and weakened. Likewise, the Israeli Right has never given up an expansionist ideology. For instance, the Israelis have a big interest in the Litani River in south Lebanon. If and when the Israeli military and political elite felt they needed to add territory by taking it from neighbors, they wished to retain that capability.

Also, I am catching some from all of the cables.  The openness, glee even (from Grange just now, one of the retired mil “advisors”)  that Israel is acting in our place is stunning.  Won’t go down well in America on top of Iraq War, judging by the calls to Washington Journal for two weeks.


UPDATE, 11:00 pm PT

 Laura Rozen excerpts

Patrick Cockburn in Baghdad:

Parents dare not let their children wander the dangerous streets of Baghdad alone, but until a few days ago they could give them a treat by taking them to al-Jillawi’s toyshop, the biggest and best in the city, its windows invitingly filled with Playstations, Barbie dolls and bicycles.

They go there no longer. Today the shop on 14 Ramadan Street in the once-affluent al-Mansur district is closed, with a black mourning flag draped across its front. The three sons and the teenage grandson of the owner, Mehdi al-Jillawi, were shutting down for the evening recently, bringing in bicycles and tricycles on display on the pavement in front of the shop. As they did so, two BMWs stopped close to them, and several gunmen got out armed with assault rifles. They opened fire at point-blank range, killing the young men. …

Baghdad is now breaking up into a dozen different hostile cities, Sunni or Shia, heavily armed and living in terror of the other side. …. I never expected the occupation of Iraq by the US and Britain to end happily. But I did not foresee the present catastrophe.

Baghdad has survived the Iran-Iraq war, the 1991 Gulf War, UN sanctions, more bombing and, finally, a savage guerrilla war. Now the city is finally splitting apart, and — most surprising of all — this disaster scarcely gets a mention on the news as the world watches the destruction of Beirut so many miles away.


UPDATE, 1:20 am Monday

Blah Blah Blahgs and Kosola BlogAdola 

Various Righties are hot on the Kos trail, Riehl World View notes:

Mickey Kaus is pointing out how Armstrong employer Mark Warner seems to be getting a pass on his Lieberman support? Hmm.

Dan Riehl has multiple, in fact multiple multiple, posts on Glenn Greenwald.  Frankly never all that interested in Greenwald — except that he suddenly was one of the “beloveds” as of a few months ago,  and so the little Kos cadre of sites were in mad ”link love” with GG – but other than that I only read him from time to time.  The main stressors for the righties seem to be issues of his CV and issues of sock puppetry.   And how his book for Working Assets was cooked – or not cooked, I would not presume to know…. 

This from the San Francisco Chronicle and this from The Nation are both of interest and informative, not merely as to Greenwald and his book.  Same old same old… manufacture both ”leaders” and consent.

However Riehl does have this entry, and with the core points I surely do agree:

Starting with the Armstrong affair, I became very interested in the mechanizations of a growing number of Liberal groups and individuals with a great deal of money who have begun sinking it, in part, into Internet initiatives designed to impact political discourse in America. Part of that sub-initiative includes blogs and bloggers – small change, really. Still, it’s ground I, along with many, occupy on the Right.

It’s their right to do it.

But by buying or creating certain things all but transparently – like books and blogs, I see it as, in effect, co-opting populism in a way.

I’m not suggesting there’s anything illegal with their doing it. Though, imo, they’ve made some poor long-term choices, though their efforts are succeeding somewhat short-term.

What I resent is big money being plonked into blogging to create things that are designed to look objective, when they clearly aren’t. And that, and not Greenwald is what resulted in my being focused on him of late. The Greenwalds will come and go, for now. At least until they cultivate the real deal. And he is really just a paid monkey, or a lap dancer, as I believe I called him before. Certainly he’s intelligent. But his now obvious character flaws ultimately do him in in this environment. Blogging exposes you tremendously, particularly if you allow your emotions to get the better of you, which Greenwald repeatedly seems to do.

… more to come on Kos – and that boyish plutocrat in CT (a Brookings member no less!), Lieberman too!

 [thanks to observer, Deepest troat and D Throat for links]


UPDATE, 2:50 am PT, Monday

Some quick snips from Juan Cole’s early am entry for July 24:

The Daily Star reports that

“Israeli warplanes continued their bombardment of Lebanon on Sunday, killing at least eight and wounding 45, as Hizbullah gave the Lebanese government the green light to negotiate on its behalf for a prisoner swap with Israel . . .

Juan Cole:

I have noted before that it isn’t very nice to make people leave their homes and then bomb them as they leave.

For more on the gauntlet that Israel is making innocent Lebanese civilians run in the south, see this article.

Lebanese television reported another 4 persons killed by Israeli air strikes in the south. Air raids on towns and villages around Tyre on Sunday left 45 wounded.

The Israelis also bombed south Beirut again. It is a pro-Hizbullah area, but its inhabitants are civilians.

And a link to Billmon with JC comments:

Billmon quotes sources that do not believe the war is going at all well for Israel.

Despite bombing Lebanon back to the stone age, they had not stopped the rocket attacks of Hizbullah, and taking a single village was costly for them. Billmon does not mention another element in the losing of the war, which is that aside from the US congress and the usual pundits in the US, most people in the world don’t seem to approve of the Israeli wholesale destruction of a whole country.

I don’t think they were counting on those thousands of evacuees getting this kind of television coverage. They are used to controlling communications in Gaza and the West Bank and did not count on how intertwined Lebanon is with the world information system. (Hence their recent attacks on internet servers.)


UPDATE, 3:45 am


Nur al-Cubicle does not say, possibly a translation from La Repubblica, but Israel is promising for each Katyusha rocket to destroy 10 apartment buildings in Beirut.

That would match what has been the running ratio of Israeli vs Lebanese dead.  10 : 1

Unecessarily brutal and clearly, clearly collective punishment on civilians.  Do they WANT to become Nazis?  I mean, we are left to wonder.


Whup Uppity Update, 11:00 am

A clutch of links about Lamont, Lieberman, Kos, Whacks and some (imo) scrambled political whacking.  Not in agreement with it all… but hey, blood sport and frankly!, are there any identifiable “sides” left in an every man/woman on their own Democratic party? and so on….

The Salon piece by Colin McEnroe makes some points however (the ad is short) and their graf on Maxine is revealing [is she clear that Lamont is a member of Brookings, rather more significant than any online, ginned-up, fake “progressivism”, much less, forgive me while I laugh, insurgency] and this is the close:

If Lieberman’s sudden discovery of the black vote doesn’t work, of course, the Clintons will cut Lieberman loose like a sandbag on a sinking balloon. They already have, sort of. Each has made separate statements promising to support the Democrat chosen by party voters in two weeks, so no matter how many nice things the ex-president says in Waterbury, we should understand that today’s Joe Cool could be Aug. 9’s Joe Who?

But maybe the ploy will work because Waterbury is, after all, a lucky charm for Democrats. And it’s one that speaks to both Bill Clinton and Joe Lieberman’s dimly remembered roots. In 1960, John F. Kennedy abruptly added a Waterbury stop to his campaign schedule, and 40,000 people stood around until 3 a.m. waiting to see him. He spoke from the balcony of a beautiful and storied old hotel, the Elton. The night was celebrated by historian Theodore White as a turning point, and Pierre Salinger called it the greatest moment of that campaign. It’s a story both Clinton and Lieberman would know well, or would’ve known back in 1970. In the ensuing years, each has parked some of his youthful ideals and gotten behind the wheel of the shiny new centrism. And the Elton Hotel has become an assisted-living facility. Time is pitiless.

hmm About where it is at.  Depending on what happens this could get more cut throat after August 8.  Blood splatter.  Or they slink off. 

Who knows.

Weekly Standard weighs in… looking at the KosWhackian FP, the diaries, the silence and the noise on Israel – Hizbollah – Lebanon War.  Their broader assumptions leave me rather cold, but then I am waaaay on the other side of the river from the WS operatives. 

NY Mag with a multi-page take. Good photo montage heads it up (I am not all the way thru it)…

AND correcting a mistatement I made down in the thread, the Quinnipiac poll is larger than I had thought:  2,502 polled by phone.

AND Ann Althouse has a few things to say about Kos, silence, the WS and whatever it really is, in her opinon. 

It has been entertaining watching the designated Thugs patrol threads.  Big issues, party dissension, Mid Terms, polls but be sure and STFU about a vicious killing border war/invasion/collective punishment that we back, fund and provide the armaments for.  Not fucking likely.

Oh and yeah, Warner is supporting Lieberman, but the blogs nudge Boxer (fine! whatever!) and Warner is making nice at the DLC summer Conversation in Denver for endorsement, kind words whatever he can find. 

Boyz?  Boyz?


Dogs of War – and Chaos 22 July 2006

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  Israeli - Hizbollah - Lebanon war. 7/18

Arthur Silber is back from extended illness… and he is smoking! Several entries, but a snip or two from a couple:

The Monolithic, Warmongering Establishment: When There’s No One Left to Kill 

[W]ith regard to the coming still broader Middle East war, it’s been entirely clear for many years, and long predating 9/11, that Iran was the major target in the neocons’ sights.

What is astonishing and alarming is that the identical view has now been fully accepted and endorsed by almost the entire U.S. foreign policy establishment, as well as by Congress.

And as I’ve previously noted and as Jim Lobe reports, this same view is held by Republicans and Democrats alike  {…}

A snip from Lobe:

“[There has been a] buildup of domestic forces that now see Iran as inexorably at the center of the entire regional spider web,” noted Graham Fuller, a former top Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and RAND Corporation Middle East expert.

 “The mainstream is unfortunately grasping for coherent explanations, [and] the neocon/hard right offers a fairly simple, self-serving vision on the cause of the problems, and their solution.”

In much the same way that Saddam Hussein was depicted, particularly by neoconservatives, as the strategic domino whose fall would unleash a process of democratization, de-radicalization, moderation, and modernization throughout the Middle East, so now Iran is portrayed as the “Gordian Knot” whose cutting would not only redress many of Washington’s recent setbacks, but also renew prospects for regional “transformation” in the way that it was originally intended.

The notion that, as the puppet master behind Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, and Shia militias in Iraq, an aggressive and emboldened Iran is the source of Washington’s many problems has the added virtue of relieving the policy establishment here of responsibility for the predicament in which Washington finds itself or of the necessity for “painful self-examination, or serious policy revision,” according to Fuller. […]

As was the case with Iraq, the only dissenters among the policy elite are the foreign policy “realists,” who argue that this administration, in particular, has made a series of disastrous policy errors in the Middle East – especially by providing virtually unconditional support for Israel and invading Iraq.They also include regional specialists like {Augustus Richard] Norton, who maintain that the depiction of Hezbollah, for example, as a mere proxy for Iran – let alone the notion that Tehran was behind the July 12 attack – is a dangerous misreading of a much more complex reality.

From SIlber again

War is our first choice in almost every crisis. One of these days, we may finally have our wish fulfilled in its ultimate form — and only afterwards will we realize there’s no one left to kill.

There’s a thought to cheer you up.

A number of earlier essays on related topics are noted at the conclusion of this post from yesterday. [that post is on how war loving the Dems are… snip follows]

Here is the opening from SIlber’s Thank you Democratic Warmongers

Thank You, Democratic Warmongers

In the last several days, I’ve heard Madeleine Albright and Joe Biden both point ominously to Iran as the ultimate power and manipulator behind events unfolding in the Middle East. They both spoke about how “clever” and “manipulative” Iran is being. Yes, just like those darker-skinned peoples are always so “clever” and “manipulative.” As a very modest concession to more enlightened sensibilities, people like Albright and Biden could at least attempt to disguise their racism, rather than offering it in the repellent form found in movies from the 1930s. But even that is asking too much these days. Most other prominent Democrats have expressed similar views.


I read yesterday that the IDF took along the reconfigured tanks, the ones for leveling homes (as we/they bomb religious centers, target Arab journalists and bomb communications centers to shut TV coverage of the war to the North of Lebanon, from Nur al-cubicle, here and here)… just as we did, taking the reconfigured tanks to iraq after we first consulted with Israel on Jenin style war fare.

This is a dicey read.  But not news.


Beirut 1982From Alvaro Vargas Llosa on The Lebanon Blitz:

As I traveled in Lebanon two weeks ago, four things struck me: the almost miraculous reconstruction of Beirut; the free-thinking cosmopolitanism of its middle class; the spirit of peaceful coexistence among the various religious groups, thanks in part to the open-mindedness of much of the Sunni population; and the resentment against Hezbollah among Christians (who comprise more than 35 percent of the population) and Muslims almost everywhere except the Bekaa Valley and southern Lebanon. […]

All of this progress has now been reduced to rubble. The infrastructure that took billions of dollars to rebuild is being pulverized. The institutions that managed to hold the internal peace are being blown away. The confident embrace of the outside world is dissipating.

An atmosphere is now emerging in which civil society will shrink and extremists will thrive, as happened between 1975 and 1990. The country will now be hostage to the ideological and personal designs of power-hungry leaders.

(As I write these words, I get an e-mail from Nada: “… We are trapped. If Israel stops, the threat of this happening again will hang over us forever because Hezbollah is still strong. If they don’t, we will be paying too high a price. … They have just bombed Byblos (a city in northern Lebanon) … this is hell, we are running out of fuel!”)

MSNBC was very careful earlier today to explain that ”cleanse” was a word that IDF and Israeli government spokes people were using to describe actions in the South of Lebanon.  

If they are not cringing (and they are not), I am.


Uri Avnery:

No real solution will be achieved, because there is no treatment of the root of the matter: the Palestinian problem

Many years ago, I was listening on the radio to one of the speeches of Abd-el-Nasser before a huge crowd in Egypt. He was holding forth on the achievements of the Egyptian revolution, when shouts arose from the crowd: “Filastine, ya Gamal!” (“Palestine, oh Gamal!”) Whereupon Nasser forgot what he was talking about and started on Palestine, getting more and more carried away.Since then, not much has changed. When the Palestinian cause is mentioned, it casts its shadow over everything else. That’s what has happened now, too.

Whoever longs for a solution must know: there is no solution without settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And there is no solution to the Palestinian problem without negotiations with their elected leadership, the government headed by Hamas.

If one wants to finish, once and for all, with this shit – as Bush so delicately put it – that is the only way.

From a site I am not familiar with but landed at thru Google news while hunting for an update on Gaza:

Since 9-11 it has been a calculated US-Israeli tactic to label the fight against Israel’s foes as an integral part of the war on terror.

On July 19, a rally was held in Washington, featuring the governor of Maryland, several members of Israeli-occupied Congress, the Israeli ambassador, and evangelical leading-light John Hagee.

The Washington Post reported that “Speaker after prominent speaker characteriz[ed] current Israeli fighting as a small branch of the larger U.S.-led global war against Islamic terrorism” and “Israel’s attacks against the Shiite Muslim group Hezbollah were blows against those who have killed civilians from Bali to Bombay to Moscow.”

Said the Israeli ambassador: “This is not just about [Israel]. It’s about where our world is going to be and the fate and security of our world. Israel is on the forefront. We will amputate these little arms of Iran,” referring to Hezbollah.[5]

Still in full blown SNAFU mode I see…


Update, 11:50pm, PT

Flee for your lives, we will be entering your villages say the leaflets the Israelis are dropping south of the Litani River.  Nur al-Cubicle explains the route they must take:  The bridge over the Litani was bombed Day One.  I am far away, but it sounds as tho the displaced are being boxed in for a kill.

The official line from the AP via USA Today:

Israeli military officials have said they want to push Hezbollah beyond the Litani River, about 20 miles north of the border, with the Lebanese army deploying in the border zone. An Israeli radio station that broadcasts to southern Lebanon warned residents of 13 villages to flee north by Saturday afternoon. The villages form a corridor about 4 miles wide and 11 miles deep.

With Lebanese fearing an escalation in the battle, international officials worked to end the conflict.


Update, 12:45 am PT

Nice post, but really… a lot of us said this long ago.  I am sure Billmon did as well.   

In fact, in spring of 2004 as 15 towns and villages rose up, nearly across Iraq.  Roads N and S of Baghdad were under siege and it was clear, one ugly bloody end would be our soldiers and marines cut off, surrounded by hundreds of millions with every reason to hate them.  (April 2004 DKos diarieshere, here, here, here, here.  The meat is in the threads, which are short, 9 – 31 comments)

Abu Ghraib broke at the same time, Gen Odom (ret) was pushing for us to declare victory (that everlasting American “face”) and come home… based on ”no WMD and Saddam in hand”.  It was viable, possible…  Gelb of the Council on Foreign Relations soon had Odom on a 2 hour conf call to members.  And it would have spared both us and Iraq. 

But not in the game plan for the Boyz in DC.  It seemed clear then, a last chance was refused.

Lordy, even Daniel Pipes had a post at his site, more than one in fact, stating US mil should withdraw to bases, cease the aggressive patrols and fighting in the cities and towns. 

It would have saved Fallujah, Najaf, Tal Afar Ramadi, on and on.  It might have cut down on the atrocities.

We will never know. 

Things are immeasurably worse now than even a few months ago, certainly worse than in spring of ’04.  Hell, pick a year.

Now we are stuck.  You know we will blame everyone but ourselves.


UPDATE, 3:50 am PT

From the BBC:

Mr Egeland arrived in southern Beirut on Sunday just hours after Israeli strikes on the Hezbollah stronghold, and the ruins of high-rise apartment blocks were still smouldering.

Mr Egeland expressed shock that “block after block” of buildings had been levelled.

“It makes it a violation of humanitarian law,” he said.

Mr Egeland appealed for both sides to put a halt to attacks, and urged Israel to allow the secure passage of aid.

10 photos from the BBC of the area south of Beirut, southern Lebanon.


UPDATE, 5:30 am, PT

USA, UK and Israel contra mundi. More or less…


[thanks to Madman]

Eastasia and Oceania :: War Updates 21 July 2006

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Haaretz says thousands of troops are over the border.  They should know…

Army chief tells troops fighting may last a long time
Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Dan Halutz told IDF troops that the fighting in the north may go on for an extended period of time. In his first missive since the start of the recent conflict with Hezbollah, Halutz stated that,

“We are responsible for defending our independence and the integrity of our country.  The State of Israel is in the midst of fighting an extremist Islamic terrorist organization that denies our right to exist, and is operating under the auspices of Iran and Syria, which aim to threaten Israel’s sovereignty.

 ”The fighting was aggravated after provocations by Hezbollah and Hamas, which carried out terrorist attacks in Israeli territory, in which a number of IDF fighters were killed and Corporal Gilad Shalit and reservists Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev were abducted.”

”We are responsible for defending our country’s independence and sovereignty, and for the security of its citizens.”

“The fighting in the north was added to the fighting in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, and may continue for an extended period of time. This is a test for us. Our moral and ideological strength will reflect on the country’s citizens and will aid their ability to face the threat on the home front”.

”The society’s strength and the trust has in the IDF strengthens us and will continue to do so. We will do whatever it takes to maintain the state’s security.” [snip]

I dunno.  A little too achtung! in there for me… but i am not comfortable when George says, as he does often, that ”We will not fail”.  ”We will fight forever”. 

Just so out there.


Kos has up a contentious and frankly despicable ad (rides at the top of the column, at $4,200 / week) from the Johnson campaign against Cynthia McKinney.

Text of the ad:

Commissioner Hank Johnson surprised the world by forcing Cynthia McKinney into a runoff in the Georgia 4th. Shrill, polarizing politics only discredit our cause. Hank will serve with humility, integrity, and conviction.

It’s time to restore respect to progressivism.

Madman dropped me an email:  why don’t they just say, we want to be rid of the uppity n- – – – -. Somehow it sounds like that…

These are Kos’s words during Pie (which was not about the ad!):

‘’Oh I’ll reject an ad if I think it’s inappropriate. And it’s happened a tiny handful of times. I just don’t see anything wrong with this ad’’.

Diary on the ad – and it’s Delaware DemWhip what ever thread commenters are left who are not Dem staff, aides on the Hill, campaign workers, Central Committee workers, Red State Dems working for elected office holders, DNCers sitting on the site, etc.  Most threads are a joke.  Orchestrated joking and agreement. 

Now, as the fine members of Booman Tribune reminded me earlier this week, I am no fan of Cynthia McKinney, mostly due to her ‘incident’ with the Capitol Police earlier this year.  

I believe I posted a diary entitled “Cynthia McKinney is an Embarrassment.”  Needless to say, this caused quite a flame war in and of itself.  I was called a racist, a sexist, and an all around evil asshole.  I didn’t mind that.  On any given day, I can be called all of those things.  Indeed, in my Booman diary above, I was actually called a member of the religious right!  

Needless to say, Cynthia McKinney engenders enormous amount of respect among many progressives, so I expect there to be some backlash much like certain other ads provoked a backlash a little over a year ago.  

I will point out that, as I said during the Pie Wars a year ago, it is only an ad.  Kos or Daily Kos is not making any endorsement.  Kos or Daily Kos is not supporting or endorsing Hank Johnson (that I know of).  It is only an ad and I am sure that if Cynthia McKinney wished to purchase an ad on Daily Kos, she could do so at any time.  

[I think she is trying to run in GA, not on the netteries with the BlogSnots.] 

Further, as I learned on Booman earlier this week, many progressives were and still are angry at the DSCC’s tactics in clearing the primary field for Bob Casey in Pennsylvania.   Obviously they, and I, dislike the interference in the Democratic primary process.   Bob Casey, they say, should have earned the nomination, and I agree.  It should not have been a coronation.  Indeed, we make the same arguments with respect to Joe Lieberman. [oh indeed!] 

One of the reasons we are angry with him and wish to depose him in the primary is because he did not wish to be challenged by those he is supposedly representing.  [really laughing, is that the royal “we”?]

Well, there is also a primary in Georgia.  Cynthia McKinney, like Joe Lieberman, will have to face the voters and earn their support.  The ad is part of the primary process.

Whoop de Doo.

No news how debauched the threads are for any sort of real discussion.  Rigged.  These two comments — without even bothering with the DD and Armando/poiuynick back and forth, reminds me of the thread during Ratzy/Nazi that had DD, Armando and DH threatening to unzip and compare.  Really.  Can it all get more “frat”? —  anyway I digressed:

these two sum up the whole site:

Oh, I don’t know. (7+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
Delaware Dem, SallyCat, bronte17, vcmvo2, Elise, Buffalo Girl, trashablanca

Right now I’ll take anything that distracts people from yet another I/P/L diary flame fest.

“I was Rambo in the disco. I was shootin’ to the beat. When they burned me in effigy. My vacation was complete.” Neil Young. Mideast Vacation.

by Mike S on Thu Jul 20, 2006 at 07:06:59 PM PDT

[ Parent ]

Like the party… as Bill heads up to CT to stump for Joe and the local press there quoted him that Dems should not move against one of their own. 

I mean, you have to laugh. 

What party?  It is an ad hoc gathering of place holders and trough piggies. Like threads at Dkos.  And with only a few exceptions.

Of course anyone involved in CT should just STFU about other primaries.  And yes, Lieberman so deserves to be primaried.


Bernadine Healy, the former head othe RC/US (disgraced iirc) was on the cables today saying that the world had its eye on the Israeli – Lebanon – Hizbollah war and that it was “going well”.  Yesterday, I read reference, Bill Bennett was on the cables and said “Give the war a chance”.

This however, via Reuters Alternet, is from the report for publication from the ICRC:

The Lebanese Red Cross is one of the only organizations that is still able to evacuate the wounded and civilians under fire. Though it is operational in various places in southern Lebanon, its range of action remains very limited because of the situation. Rescue teams reported several security incidents involving ambulances and relief convoys over the past days.

The hundreds of thousands of people displaced by the violence are increasingly crowding schools, parks and other public areas that do not offer adequate shelter or hygiene and are short on emergency supplies.

Foreign nationals in Lebanon are still being evacuated by their respective governments, most of them by sea to Cyprus.

Humanitarian response

First humanitarian aid convoy arrives in Tyre

An initial ICRC convoy that left Beirut this morning, reached Tyre, in southern Lebanon, after 6 hours on the road. The 24 tonnes of food and other emergency items it was carrying will be distributed to 4,000 civilians in and around the city. The ICRC has a small office in Tyre.

The convoy is the first result of the ICRC’s negotiations with the Israeli authorities for access to the conflict area and it will follow an agreed route designed to ensure its protection. The convoy is clearly marked with the red cross emblem.

Since WAR! is going “so well”, let’s “give it a chance”.  The last death toll I saw was 335 for Lebanon and 34 for israel. 

Who gets the trophy? 


UPDATE, 6:30 pm, PT

the George and Blair show… via TimesOnline, full text of their conversation in St Petersburg.  It restored my faith in leadership.  Just what I needed… 😉

Bush to Putin: I gotta leave by 2.15. They want me out of town so they can free up your security forces.

Someone asks Bush whether he wants someone to prepare his closing remarks for the end of the G8 summit.

Bush: No. Just gonna make it up. I’m not going to talk too damn long like the rest of them. Some of these guys talk too long.

With the camera focused elsewhere, it is not clear to whom Bush is talking, but it is thought to have been President Hu Jintao of China.

Bush: Gotta go home. Got something to do tonight.

Go to the airport, get on the airplane and go home. How about you? Where are you going? Home? This is your neighbourhood. It doesn’t take you long to get home. How long does it take you to get home?

Reply is inaudible

Bush: Eight hours? Me too. Russia’s a big country and you’re a big country.

At this point, the President seems to bring someone else into the conversation.

Bush: It takes him eight hours to fly home.

He turns his attention to a server.

Bush: No, Diet Coke, Diet Coke.

He turns back to whomever he was talking to.

Bush: It takes him eight hours to fly home. Eight hours. Russia’s big and so is China. [snip]

… feel so much better!


UPDATE, 9:10 pm

VIVA Zapatero!  via Paper Tigress at Nur al-Cubicle:

In Alicante for the International Festival of Young Socialists, Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero broke the “Israel is never wrong” taboo in thought and in deed. He characterized the brutal Israeli intervention in Lebanon as an overreaction and donned a Palestinian kefeya.  [snip]


UPDATE:  9:40 pm

Via Counterpunch, Tom Hayden – whatever you may think of him, or thought of him (25 years ago I used to joke he wore a three-piece suit that zipped up the back, 😉 this is an interesting look at the Israeli lobby, as represented by the Berman brothers who “controlled” the seat he was running for in 1982, on LA’s west side…

It may not be news (in fact it is not, we have all watched it for years), but there are not too many published dissections of the “process”. 

Ever curious, and aware of my district’s politics, I decided we should go to the Middle East—but only as long as the Israeli “incursion,” as it was delicately called, was limited to the 10-kilometer space near the Lebanese border, as a cushion against rocket fire. Benny Navon assured me that the “incursion” was limited, and would be followed by negotiations and a solution. I also made clear our opposition to the use of any fragmentation bombs in the area, and my ultimate political identification with what Israeli Peace Now would say.

There followed a descent into moral ambiguity and realpolitick that still haunts me today. When we arrived at the Israeli-Lebanon border, the game plan promised by Benny Navon had changed utterly. Instead of a localized border conflict, Israel was invading and occupying all of Lebanon—with us in tow. Its purpose was to destroy militarily the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) haven in Lebanon. This had been Gen. Ariel Sharon’s secret plan all along, and I never will know with certainty whether Benny Navon had been deceived along with everyone else.

For the next few weeks, I found myself defending Israel’s “right” to self-defense on its border, only to realize privately how foolish I was becoming. In the meantime, Israel’s invasion was continuing, with ardent Jewish support in America.


UPDATE, 10:40 pm,

Really this posting is just so I can use this shot of a trashed protest sign from an Athens (Greece not GA) demonstration of a few months ago…

protest sign, Athens Greece 

and, yeah, the link to an article on her important trip.


UPDATE:  Saturday 4:20 am

The Fisk update, an appearance on Democracy Now! from Wednesday[thanks bay]. 

Have on Washington Journal – catching a retired Marine, a Lt Gen I think… counseling us… to recall the barracks, and we should be sure to know that Hezbollah did it… and “the marines did not fail” we were “bloody but unbowed” and then a lot of spin.  Lordy.  242 dead.  A bit more than bloodied.  

A snip from Fisk:

And the Israelis did come back some hours later and bombed the barracks of these soldiers, which were members of a logistics unit. Their job was to repair bridges and electrical lines. They weren’t combat soldiers. And they killed ten Lebanese soldiers, including the three young men who had protected me the previous day. This was outrageous, because the Israelis know what each individual Lebanese army unit is doing. They know if it’s a combat unit, armored personnel carriers, helicopters, whatever.

And they picked on this sole barracks to destroy those men, to exterminate them, because, of course, their job was to keep Beirut alive, to keep the power systems running, to repair the bridges which were being destroyed — 46 bridges now, according to Minister of Finance, who told me this a few hours ago, have been destroyed in Lebanon. […]  Now, bit by bit the bridges, the lighthouse, the international airport are being destroyed.

Oh not to worry, the retired marine is on to how he was called “baby killer” when he got home from Vietnam.  Everything is on schedule.  Build monsters, or put the local problems on steroids, assist invasion (and you know they will occupy southern Lebanon), invoke Terror, spin war and blood and be sure, absolutely sure to slam ”the left”.

The killings at My Lai will be fully forgotten before the epithets ever will be.


Reuters FACTBOX, comments from those evacuated to Larnaca:


“It was total chaos. Everyone was trying to shove their way to the checkpoint. Women were screaming that they had babies and old people looked like they were on the verge of collapse.”


“They’re blowing up a beautiful country and hurting wonderful people. It’s not right.”


“I don’t think the Israeli people would condone the actions of their government if they get to see what’s going on in Lebanon.”

  Syrian TV screen shot, bombing Beirut airpor 7/13

Syrian Mubashir TV images of the Israeli bombing of Beirut International Airport.

Also:  Calls to Washington Journal running heavily [in fact this am, totally] against Israel  – and the US, nobody is missing reality

The caller right now is on the Marine barracks killings from ’83.  Adding that ”if Israel wants to survive, they must make peace”.  They ”cannot keep humiliating the arabs who surround them”.  And, ”Rabin, as a warrior, had come to this understanding and was killed for it”. 

Oh! His last:  ”What are we paying Condoleeza Rice for?”…. 😉


UPDATE, 6:45 am

Norman Solomon, via TO on The Most Dangerous Alliance in the World.


UPDATE:   8:15  Omerta?  or what? 

 Forward notices the Silence of the Blahhggers.  Such fearless progressives!  But they are NOT progressive, nor liberal nor left, they are tied-in to the party!  They are party aparatchiks.  And campaign operatives.  finis.

BlogKnot quotes from the piece:

 Due to being the Biggest Blahgger in the Whole WIde World, Kos goes first:

This is “a morass of a mess of a disaster of a quagmire of a sinkhole,” Kos wrote. “It doesn’t matter what the President of the United States says. Or the United Nations. Or the usual bloviating gasbag pundits.”  [one of which is Kos lui-meme]

And this from Josh:

The “venom… is just, from my personal experience, just a whole order of magnitude greater than with garden variety political topics,” Marshall told the Forward. His Web site, Marshall said, typically receives 100,000 visitors a day, and as many as 300 to 500 emails from readers. In the past week, most of the vitriolic responses have come from critics of Israel.

I “touched off the fireworks” in saying that “Israel has a right to respond strongly when they have a border incursion over the Lebanese border,” Marshall said. “Some readers think that because I’m critical of our policy in Iraq… I’m going to be reflexively critical of what’s going on now, which I’m not.”

Marshall — who was raised in a secular Jewish home and considers himself “in some ways a critic of Israel, but still a Zionist and a supporter of Israel” — said he is uncomfortable with the strange bedfellows he sometimes wins by raising concerns about Israel’s conduct.

… seems conflicted by the conflict I would say.

“I understand the Palestinians’ rage,” Marshall wrote in a July 15 post on his blog. But for “Americans who seem only to see Jewish evil in the midst of this protracted conflict I can’t have anything but contempt. And it puts me on my guard.”

There are more grafs about – and from – JMM at the article, I hit the high points.


On his blog for the Washington Monthly, Drum offered a number of reasons to explain his own tight-lipped response to the fighting, a list that included: the “unusually vicious comment threads” it inspires; the seemingly “intractable” nature of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict — “a plausible excuse for inaction coming from a pundit or a blogger… [but] not a plausible excuse for a president of the United States”— and the fact that the complex is “fantastically complex.”

And from Stoller:

I’ve noticed some clucking in the right-wing wrongosphere about silence from the major left-wing blogs on the situation in the Middle East,” Stollar wrote on Saturday. “There hasn’t been silence, but there has been humility in the face of a fast-moving situation that is difficult to understand.”

Awww. “Humility”, that’s a good one from the Tiny Tyrants of the Democratic Keyboards.   And:  That is not all the Righties are clucking about.

Meanwhile, in the world not tied to the Democratic party…  One of several separate bombing runs at the Beirut airport.  Sydney Morning Herald ran this picture with a headline

“Global Outcry at the Bombing”

SMH pic 7/14/06


UPDATE:  9:50 am

Good diary by jimstaro at BMT, just elevated to the FP by Steven D.  On the Israeli peace movement:  Seeking ‘PEACE’ In The Middle East and Elsewhere

Land War. 20 July 2006

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   israeli soldiers

Israeli soldiers look as smoke rises over a hill in southern Lebanon following shelling by Israeli forces, in town of Avivim July 20, 2006. [Reuters Rohn Zvulun]

From Pepe Escobar in Asia Times:

Lebanon Left for Dead 

Lebanon is mired in a terrifying labyrinth of death and destruction. Beirut’s airport is bombed. Israel has imposed a sea blockade. Other than privileged Westerners who are being evacuated by air or sea, people have overnight become refugees. They are plunged into an exodus of hundreds of thousands crammed on rickety rural trucks, overcrowded buses, Red Crescent convoys and even Mercedes with Saudi license plates on a mad dash through Lebanese back roads to Syria. […]

So where is the much-vaunted “international community”? It is not listening.

Civilian Lebanese are thus being killed, in proportion to Israelis, at a rate of more than 10:1. This implies that Israel is not targeting Hezbollah, but above all Lebanon’s infrastructure.

Israel’s war has nothing to do with Hezbollah’s ideology, as the Israeli public relations machine spins non-stop; it’s already configured as collective punishment unleashed over the Lebanese civilian population. Israel officially ordered the entire population of southern Lebanon in essence to become IDPs (internally displaced persons). Southern Lebanon’s population, overwhelmingly poor Arab Shi’ites, overwhelmingly supports Hezbollah. […]

   israeli jet prepares at a base in N Israel, 7/20/06

Former Israeli congressman and committed pacifist Uri Avnery, on the Israeli website Gus Shalom, says that Israel’s real objective is “regime change in Beirut, and the installation of a puppet government”. It’s what Israel wanted – and didn’t get – with the 1982 invasion led by Ariel Sharon. Israeli journalist Gideon Levy goes one step further, accusing Israel of being a society in “moral collapse”. Israelis overwhelming support the bombing of Lebanon to dust.

Somehow you just know we consider Lebanon as ‘west of al-Anbar province’. On the other side of an irritant.  Syria. 

One of those 27 countires ”in the region”, as Gen Casey so comfortably said recently. 

Israelis on the move, Hizbollah holding on, Condi not packing her travel ‘gamos yet (but Canada’s Harper went there with his plane to evacuate Canadians!), and, without a doubt, Blahhgs are … writing… about something.  I don’t hit the BlogKnots til afternoon. 

Be back…


Update  3:15 pm

From the UN via the Irish Examiner:

Third of Lebanon casualties are children, says UN 

Nearly one third of all casualties in the Lebanon-Israel conflict have been children, according to the United Nations’ emergency relief co-ordinator, Jan Egeland.

He said it appeared neither Hezbollah nor the Israelis seemed to care about civilian suffering.

Nearly a third of the dead or wounded were children and the wounded could not be helped because roads and bridges had been cut by Israeli air strikes.

“It is nearly impossible in southern Lebanon to move anything anywhere because it is too dangerous. It is too dangerous for our people to move things,” Egeland said.

Without a truce allowing aid agencies to begin the relief effort there would be a “catastrophe“.

Well of course a very ugly old phrase from the Vietnam era comes to mind.  But, civilians are pawns for all sides.  The Israelis just have the really big weapons – and the US as a backer.

And you know Condi, not packing her Ferragamo outfits yet.  I hear Sak’s in DC opens the store for her after hours.  hmmm maybe a little 10 PM drive by… to get ready.

And you know they are just that shallow.  Haberdashery first.  And not just the women.


UPDATE,  8:20 pm

The Hillary update

I hate to link to NYO as their articles lately move to paid archives in three days (or so it seems).  But the article is good.  Jason Horowitz on recent doings and cash cash cash….

By the way. much mention by name of her significant staff and major donors, but ooops! no mention of Daou – nor of blogs.  Must have been an error.

 As a pack of New York officials sweated through their shirts at an outdoor rally on Monday, Hillary Clinton stood onstage and chatted amiably with Mort Zuckerman, the media mogul who owns the Daily News.A few hours earlier, behind closed doors, she held an audience with Mr. Zuckerman’s tabloid nemesis on the third floor of News Corp. headquarters, where New York Post owner Rupert Murdoch was hosting a fund-raiser for her Senate campaign.  […]

She then turned to Mr. Zuckerman and, in a whisper, complimented him on an editorial that appeared in the Daily News on Friday.

“I was thrilled with what she said today,” Mr. Zuckerman said afterward.

When asked if he found anything remarkable about Mrs. Clinton’s earlier meeting with his rival, Mr. Murdoch, he said, “I have never found anything strange about American politics.”


UPDATE, 10:00 pm Thursday

Jewish groups protest the bombing, in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO – About 300 people demonstrated outside the Israeli Consulate in San Francisco Monday to demand an end to Israel’s military attacks on Gaza and Lebanon. Demonstrators said the rally reflects a growing trend among American Jews to voice their criticism of the policies of the Israeli government.

Seventeen protesters were arrested for blocking traffic when they locked arms and sat down in the street. The protest was organized by the groups Jewish Voice for Peace, Jews for a Free Palestine and Break the Silence. [snip]


UPDATE, 10:30 pm Thursday

Call it the long arm of war updateMadman sent me this link from Harper’s on the (recurring and useful) myth in right wing politics of the ‘stab in the back’.

Every state must have its enemies. Great powers must have especially monstrous foes. Above all, these foes must arise from within, for national pride does not admit that a great nation can be defeated by any outside force. That is why, though its origins are elsewhere, the stab in the back has become the sustaining myth of modern American nationalism. Since the end of World War II it has been the device by which the American right wing has both revitalized itself and repeatedly avoided responsibility for its own worst blunders.

and while i was poking around I saw this in the marginSix Questions on Lebanon for Augustus Richard Norton:

2. Why did Israel react to the incident in this fashion?

I don’t buy the notion that [Prime Minister Ehud] Olmert is trying to improve his resume, that he was feeling insecure in the shadow of Ariel Sharon. This is part of a deep strategy by the Israeli defense establishment to hit at Iran indirectly and to make it easier for Israel to strike against Iran’s nuclear program later if it chooses to do so. Hezbollah and its arsenal of rockets was an impediment to that.

See you in Tehran in October?  Sounds like it.  I keep this picture in my file at Flickr.  I don’t know why really because it depresses me.  Could be a lovely  boulevard anywhere in winter.  We aren’t “all the same” but we are all people, all of us on the same small planet.

winter night in Tehran Vali Asr Avenue

That beautiful snowy street is in Tehran.


UPDATE:  Friday AM, 10:30 

Give Harry Hell!

Undersung diary over at BMT from PsiFighter… a really good diary unless of course you have kneepads with gilded poker chips as decoration that spells out, “Give ’em Hell Harry”.  Talk about thievery!, that fake battle cry from the strumpet.  We know what DC office strokes that boy!

 Anyway back to the diary… 😉

Harry Reid is overrated

by PsiFighter37
Thu Jul 20th, 2006 at 08:43:21 PM EST

(cross-posted at Deny My Freedom and Daily Kos)

Remember November 1, 2005? That’s the day that Harry Reid forced the Senate into closed session over the issue of prewar intelligence in Iraq. The blogosphere was full of love for Senator Reid that day; I even made a trek over to his PAC’s website and dropped a $10.01 donation for his efforts. In his comments, Reid had fighting words for the GOP and their obstruction of the investigation [snip]

Myself I consider Reid an embarrassment and a shill for the Republicans.  Garrulous old fool.  And when he “pops” off at Bush, it is personal pique, I don’t think he has any real differences.

And, you know… fully a part of Spasm in the Desert.  Oh yeah, big “movement” politics the Boyz are into.  So “people powered”.  Such party scammers.


War. From the land, sea and air… and with God’s might.:: WHuppitty updates :: Updates 20 July 2006

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   Iraq War

From an opinion piece in the LA Times [thanks wilfred]

In a week of vindictive bombardment, Israel has destroyed the infrastructure that Lebanon spent a decade building. Under the cover of misleading headlines, such as one that read “Israel Pounds Hezbollah Strongholds,” Israel has in fact bombed towns and villages, provincial centers and Beirut.

Israel has killed Christians, Sunnis and Shiites, old and young, men and women, from the great Phoenician cities of Sidon and Tyre to more humble towns — Chtoura and Juniyah, Damour and Naame, Jiye and Baalbek, Khiam and Batrun.

It has wrecked roads, bridges, a lighthouse, ports, tunnels, electrical pylons, water mains, fuel depots, gas stations, power plants, houses, shops, schools — and even a milk factory. It has repeatedly blasted the international airport that was the symbol of Lebanon’s rebirth from 15 years of war.

And for days the Democrats have lauded her and protected her. I read some mild phrases from Dingell.  But still they ask, nay, in some quarters, demand our votes.  Or call ”pure”.  I read “purity trolls” as a call out.

Fine by me… 😉

One thing is certain, I own my vote.  I never had the slightest desire to vote for Nader, but I would sign on in 2000 and read the chat rooms of people trading their votes, red states voting for Gore and a blue stater placing the Nader vote.  I LOVED it, owning your vote!

The heat is blasting, even at night, no break… The house is shut up, but for windows and doors open that create breezeways…  but the sun seems to beat in.  So will take it as it comes.


but this will replay from the tag end of the previous post (I am not done):

WHUP the FUCK [update].

Speaking of campaign operatives, I think I will expand a bit on comments from yesterday [7/18], as I read the comments to the probe, er, diary that Delaware Dem has up at BMT

Where it is so cosy for him.  And he and the proprietor are working out a good cop bad cop routine.  To run during Casey…

And while I am at it Boyz, how soon will you move your little union operative, the one carefully positioned to ”counsel” the women’s vote, into PA?  Long arc scam there.  Little GOTV election day for Bloomberg… little of this little of that.. always a ‘’volunteer’’?  Tho out in the open for Bloomberg.

Such blunt players.  Wanna bees.

Yes, but is more complicated than that. (none / 0)

If there was a complete ban on abortion, and abortion was classified as a murder of some degree, then yes, jail would be appropriate.  

But I would only be in favor of that if sufficient options were available to women.  For example, a Federal and State program that provides for foster care and adoption, prenatal healthcare, and financial assistance to the expectant mother.   If that route is available, there would be no need for an abortion.   But that route or options are not and will not be available under Republicans, and thus that is why I remain Pro-Life yet Pro-Choice.  

My Photoblog, Milhouse’s Glasses

by Delaware Dem on Thu Dec 23, 2004 at 06:58:28 AM PDT

[ Parent ]

There is more.  A dandy diary, two days before Christmas, Dec 23, 2004 by “mrgavel” a self admitted red state Dem officeholder.

And Delaware Dem bellied right up.

Oh yes, cosy good cop bad cop work all over the place.  Organisers, whips, herders, and the ones like MB and Kid O who ‘’pat the women down’’ – as Pyrrho says in threads here at MCat, he is happy when MB does that… ‘cuz he wants calm..

CLUE:  there will be no calm.

WANNA BEES… and they want to make their bones, partly, off quelling pro choice on line, genuine populism and full open political discussion.



For a change of … pace, catch the brothers who will be running Poland.

Mr Kaczynski, whose brother Lech is President, will accentuate the country’s status as one of the most awkward members of the European Union. In an inaugural speech yesterday he promised to make Poland a big country that would count in Brussels while protecting its culture and morals against EU liberalisation.

Marriage should remain a union between a man and a woman, he declared. “We won’t let ourselves say that black is white,” he said. “We are going to protect this foundation of social life.”

Lordy.  And you just know they had some US advisors… 

addendum, I just read it to the bitter end.  Page 2 is well worth it… AND the twins are short.  Napoleon, watch out!

Polish foreign policy, he said, would focus on strengthening democracy in Ukraine, play a creative role in resolving the crisis in the EU and stand firmly alongside the US.

“Poland is not a nation of deserters,” he said, referring to his commitment to keeping troops in Iraq. That may yet be a divisive issue in the future. One of his coalition partners, the volatile pig breeder Andrzej Lepper, argues in favour of a withdrawal.


Ari Berman in The Nation on the Israel Lobby in Action

Nowhere is the knee-jerk support of Israel more clear than in the debate in Congress this week–or lack thereof–over the Israeli bombing of Lebanon. Leaders of both parties have been quick to forcefully condemn Hamas and Hezbollah while offering unconditional support for Israel’s bombing of civilian Beirut.

Just take a look at the draft copy of the resolution under consideration in the House […]

Why are so few in Congress following the advice of Dingell and Warner? Perhaps it’s because of the influence of what professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt call “The Israel Lobby,” particularly its largest player, AIPAC.

Even former Bush and Clinton Administration Middle East envoy Dennis Ross, a sharp critic of Mearsheimer and Walt, admits that AIPAC exerts a disproportionate grip on the Congress. “It’s pretty clear that they are a significant force on the Hill,” Ross recently told NPR, “And that shouldn’t be underestimated.”

   israeli soldiers 

There will be more.. more war… and inevitably the Blahggs will … do something or other … 


Whup UPitty Update… 8:45 am

I am so relieved

Huffington’s efforts to raise outside capital may suggest that it plans to sell itself to a larger media property down the road. At least one other political blogger says he has no interest in VC because he wants to remain independent.

 Markos Moulitsas, founder of left-leaning political blog Daily Kos, says: “For me, outside investment is not necessary and it would make little sense for me to jeopardize the site’s independence for a little more cash.” He says his site is “extremely successful financially,” thanks to advertisements, including one featured last week from Working America, a community affiliate of the AFL-CIO.

Honestly, across many interviews and quotes, I think he is pushing that it is all the ads and nothing else a tad hard.  Somebody will be looking at that, I’d wager.  But still, sooo relieved!   [thanks observer]


 Tsk Tsk Update.  Not to worry:  Big Dog flying in.

HARTFORD, Conn. — One of the Democratic Party’s biggest guns, former President Bill Clinton, is coming to Connecticut to campaign for Senator Joe Lieberman.

Clinton’s visit, planned for July 24 in Waterbury, comes as a new Quinnpiac Poll shows Lieberman and his Democratic primary challenger, businessman Ned Lamont, in a statistical dead heat.

Lieberman’s campaign has not yet revealed details of the planned visit.

Don’t worry your little heads about Quinnipiac polls.  For heaven’s sake!!  The undisputed great pol (or one of the ”biggest guns”) of the Democratic party.  Right?  Right???

What is also less talked about on the Democratic party Blahhggs, is that John Lewis will stump (or is already stumping) for Joe.  SO, what is this, a John Lewis v Maxine Waters match off?

I don’t want to claim some special knowledge, but! 2003 there was no way on this earth that the Democratic party was going to permit other than the Democratic candidate to win for mayor in SF.  All the guns flew in, there was not a thing under the sun that was not put into the war effort.

And let me say, the election went the way of the party fair and square, they ran the Republican war game of pushing absentee ballots, early long and hard.  And late election night, Newsome’s own neighborhood pulled in with what he needed.  And  no one should think I said “stolen”.  I did not.

There was no chance in the run up to ’04 that an Indie (especially one formerly a Green) was to be permitted to win.  Was not gonna happen.

I call it all a mess (CT I mean).  But fun either way.  😉

PS… have a laugh, just noticed this line from the report on CLinton:

Clinton also said he thought it was wrong for Democrats to challenge one of their own.


UPDATE: 9:30 am

Israel tells Lebanon to evacuate the south, Wapo just up:

By Edward Cody, John Ward Anderson and Debbi Wilgoren

Washington Post Foreign Service
Thursday, July 20, 2006; 10:54 AM

BEIRUT, July 20 — Israel on Thursday told Lebanese residents to leave the southern sector of the country below the Litani River within 24 hours. The warning came a day after punishing airstrikes killed more than 50 people across Lebanon in the deadliest day since hostilities erupted July 12.

Some 600 people, many of them relatives of United Nations workers or U.N. staffers deemed nonessential, were being evacuated to a cruise ship off the war-ravaged city of Tyre, which lies several miles south of the Litani River. Many who remain in the port city appeared to be stranded , lacking — with banks shuttered, gasoline scarce and bombed roadways nearly unnavigable — the money or means to flee.


Pie in the Sky Update.

Hey nice idea.  Good analysis.  But wistfully look at that pie in the sky.  No one to stop us either.  I think of Israel as a burning tire around our neck.  We lit it on fire and we insist on wearing it…

But both cruel nations face long, relentless insurgency.

We did not learn in Vietnam.  And the smartest takes that I read and hear, say Israel will be left with a mad crazed hornet’s nest in the ME, more so than ever and fuly justified for Lebanese who see their country shattering, and a still in place Hizbollah.

 Years ago friends in the diplomatic corps would refer to israel as “America’s girlfriend” and later, in 1991, they called Gulf War 1 ”a lovers’ argument”, Saddam and Bush 41…

If only people did not have to die on the ground for the Lovers and the Girlfriend.


UPDATE, 11:30 am

but you know for cycle after cycle the Dems will run on Health Care.  Run on it, but do as little as during the decades of majority (think I am a little angry about all the missed opportunity?  Yes.):

Madman in the Marketplace at LSF on the gaming of the poor to benefit Big Pharma.  And the photo is a stunner as metaphor.

Suckling profits from the very life’s blood of people in the Third World wasn’t enough for multi-national Pharmaceutical companies. After all, there is a growing population of poor to exploit here:

The pharmaceutical industry is beginning to reap a windfall from a surprisingly lucrative niche market: drugs for poor people.

And analysts expect the benefits to show up in many of the quarterly financial results that drug-makers will begin posting this week.

The windfall, which by some estimates could be $2 billion or more this year, is a result of the transfer of millions of low-income people into the new Medicare Part D drug program that went into effect in January.


And Black Commentator is up, on israeli Apartheid.  They don’t mince words.

Imagine, if you will, a modern apartheid state with first, second and eleventh class citizens, all required to carry identification specifying their ethnic origin.  First class citizens are obliged to serve in the armed forces, kept on ready reserve status until in their forties, and accorded an impressive array of housing, medical, social security, educational and related benefits denied all others. 

Second class citizens are exempted from military service and from a number of the benefits accorded citizens of the first class.  They are issued identity documents and license plates that allow them to be profiled by police at a distance. […]

We at BC have to believe that if the American people knew the truth about what their tax dollars pay for in Israel and what is left of Palestine, there would be a deep and widespread revulsion, similar to that occasioned by US support for apartheid in South Africa. 

But there are important differences between that time and this one.  Though unspeakably odious, racist South African was only marginally important to US interests.  By contrast, the maintenance of Israel’s apartheid regime, essentially a white hi-tech and military outpost in the middle of all those brown people sitting atop a large share of the world’s proven oil reserves is absolutely central to US foreign policy for the foreseeable future. 

The US is Israel’s banker, its arms depot, and its principal diplomatic sponsor.  The US is far more complicit in the crimes of the Israeli state than it ever was in South Africa.


Open Thread: Big Wars, Little Wars, Links, Events :: WHUP the FUCK update: calling out THUGS 19 July 2006

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Lebanese village, nr Nabaytieh

The heat wave they promised would break by Monday (two days ago) is popping… we had a small earthquake (5.0 on the Richter) north of here, in Petrolia near Eureka… and the sunlight is a hard white blast today.

So ugh.  A little light today, but whatever comes in will pop up on the page…

[Thanks to NYCO], this from Ha’aretz:

At least 54 civilians and a [a = single!] Hezbollah militant were killed when Israel Air Force aircraft bombed targets in Lebanon on Wednesday, witnesses said.

I poked around Ha’aretz while there… and saw this, a blog at the site.  The issue of Israel being the US’s “deadly messenger” is put up for commentary… but.

America’s deadly messenger

WASHINGTON – Across from UN headquarters in New York, Senator Hillary Clinton (Democrat, New York) stood at a small podium adorned with the symbol of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations to give a speech in praise of Israel. Behind her and at her sides – a group of men in gray: Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Danny Gillerman, the chairman of the Conference of Presidents, Malcolm Hoenlein, the Israeli Consul General in New York, Arye Mekel. Mummified in their neckties in the sweltering heat of the east coast, serious of mien, nodding. “We will stand with Israel, because Israel is standing for American values as well as Israeli ones,” Clinton said. Here you have it – the whole foreign relations Torah on one slightly perspiring foot. […]

The Israeli action in Lebanon is not a nuisance, but rather an opportunity. A democratic Lebanon – truly democratic, without a Hezbollah hump – is litmus paper for the realization of Bush’s vision. Deterring Syria and returning it to its natural, miserable dimensions is also a continuing American aspiration, given the provocations and obstacles that Syrian President Bashar Assad is putting in the administration’s way on every front, in his assessment that America’s arm is too short to harm him at this time. So much so, that it is even possible to find people in Washington who are slightly disappointed by Israel’s decision not to attack Syria at the same time.

The United States, explained former undersecretary of state in the Clinton administration and former ambassador to Israel, Martin Indyk, to Haaretz yesterday, has no leverage on Hezbollah except “through Israel’s use of force.” Therefore, the way has been found for Israel to recompense the administration for its supportive attitude during the six years of the Bush administration and to prove what in certain circles has almost been forgotten: the regional power’s importance for the great power.

Tethered.  No good will come of this, and no news there….


How could I forget.  BlogSnotospheria {skippy did not coin that one!] Day.  And celebrate by donating to Lamont.  Truly, How Else.  [thanks to Deepest Troat]

What?  Silence?  crickets???… you don’t crave ”standing” in BlogSnot Land by donating… and getting on the hayseed truck? 

Room for more rubes… I promise… 😉

I think desmoulins, who has been around a while, has the right idea:

Re: Blogosphere Day 3: Ned Lamont For US Senate (none / 0)

I’m still amazed by this — the guy has about $90m in a personal fortune and you want us to donate to him?

Why not support progressive candidates like Dina Titus, for Governor of Nevada, who is facing an onslaught of negative attacks from a corporate-funded conservative “Democrat” (one far to the right of Lieberman) in the primary on August 15th.

Titus is running on a platform of ethics reform (in state where 4 elected officials where just convicted by a federal court of taking bribes), renewable energy (in a state that could go fossil-free if we decided to it), economic diversification (including into high-tech industries), smart growth, and improved educational funding (in a state that is dead last).

And she’s already set a record in Nevada for support from a small donor base; she’s got local blog support …and yet, as today’s Hotline pointed out, no one is paying attention.

 by desmoulins on Wed Jul 19, 2006 at 01:24:54 AM EST

Yup, right idea there…


Southern suburbs of Beirut

… seems clear to me, whatever the issues of Syria and Iran, that Israel set out to destroy the only recently restarted stability of Lebanon.  Rip at its infrastructure, threaten it with war beyond striking Hezbollah in the south…

 Even the death toll, nearing 300 for the Lebanese side, seems a taunt, as if, don’t like that?  How about MORE?

Sheer aggression.  Maybe I am wrong but I get the sense they and the American pols, both sides, over played this one.

I wish there was a way to make them, the lot of them, feel one ounce of what it is to be trapped in a war zone.


Woo.  Ah.  I’d suggest asbestos gloves for this Riehl World View post on Greenwald.

The really interesting part, any sign, anywhere, of the aggressive “Liberal” (oh yeah so very) Boyz standing up for Glenn?  I miss so much, I might miss the Big Push Back.

hmmm?  Boyz?  Girlz?  Is he or is he not one of your own, a loyal and working member of the Elections! R US! BlogSnotospheria ??? 

And if not, why not?


Ramp it up!  Dial those arms dealers — who are still cheering – a bumper year, years!  [thanks Madman]

The Turkish army may move into northern Iraq if violence by Turkish-Kurdish guerrillas continues, officials said yesterday.

From the people who bring chaos

US officials in Turkey and Washington are said to be pressing their Turkish counterparts to work with them to fight the guerrillas rather than act alone.

Any operation is unlikely to take place before the end of August, when the current military chief of staff will be replaced by an officer widely regarded as a hardliner.

The plans range from limited artillery and air strikes on guerrilla bases to attacks by commando forces or a broader ground offensive.

American officials, including the US Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, have repeatedly warned Turkey against entering northern Iraq, which is one of the few stable areas of the troubled country.


UPDATE: 1:00 pm PT

Reuters Alertnet:  Israeli ground forces will continue fighting inside Lebanon, reporting from Channel 2 – TV. 

    Lebanese-Swedish nationals evacuated to Mersin, southern Turkey seaport


UPDATE:  4:40 pm PT, and it’s a WHUPdate too…

Exactly!… from TAPPED

[B]ut yesterday’s Senate stem-cell vote has me wondering: Why, exactly, is Ben Nelson being given a free pass on his morally reprehensible vote against federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research?

Here is an issue where the public policy benefit is clear and the public policy cost is non-existent to anyone who doesn’t hold rather peculiar, even mystical, views of the eternal soul of a blastocyst (as opposed to, say, a viable fetus). Public opinion polls clearly support the Democrats’ position.

Numerous Republicans, including both from Mississippi, voted with the Dems — thus putting Nelson to the right of Trent Lott on this topic.

Can anyone name me an issue where Joe Lieberman falls to the right of Trent Lott, Bill Frist and Thad Cochran?  [snip]

It is called the Nelson Dobson.  A hammerlock, necklock that is permitted.

And yes, as the piece describes the “DLC lite” take on ‘’no litmus’’ test, for Lieberman on the war (and so much else), for Bob Casey on abortion (and so much else, PLUS:  he supports “legal protection of the fetus from conception” that is not some limited, personal aversion to abortion!)….

Let me say, Wittle Kos is DLC lite.  Those Boyz used Liberal, Progressive and Left even! to sell their scam…

Campaign operatives.  And buccaneers


WHUP the FUCK update.

Speaking of campaign operatives, I think I will expand a bit on comments from yesterday, as I read the comments to the probe, er, diary that Delaware Dem has up at BMT

Where it is so cosy for him.  And he and the proprietor are working out a good cop bad cop routine.  To run during Casey…

And while I am at it Boyz, how soon will you move your little union operative, the one carefully positioned to ”counsel” the women’s vote, into PA?  Long arc scam there.  Little GOTV election day for Bloomberg… little of this little of that.. always a ‘’volunteer’’?  Tho out in the open for Bloomberg.

Such blunt players.  Wanna bees.

Yes, but is more complicated than that. (none / 0)

If there was a complete ban on abortion, and abortion was classified as a murder of some degree, then yes, jail would be appropriate.  

But I would only be in favor of that if sufficient options were available to women.  For example, a Federal and State program that provides for foster care and adoption, prenatal healthcare, and financial assistance to the expectant mother.   If that route is available, there would be no need for an abortion.   But that route or options are not and will not be available under Republicans, and thus that is why I remain Pro-Life yet Pro-Choice.  

My Photoblog, Milhouse’s Glasses

by Delaware Dem on Thu Dec 23, 2004 at 06:58:28 AM PDT

[ Parent ]

There is more.  A dandy diary, two days before Christmas, Dec 23, 2004 by “mrgavel” a self admitted red state Dem officeholder.

And Delaware Dem bellied right up.

Oh yes, cosy good cop bad cop work all over the place.  Organisers, whips, herders, and the ones like MB and Kid O who ‘’pat the women down’’ – as Pyrrho says in threads here at MCat, he is happy when MB does that… ‘cuz he wants calm..

CLUE:  there will be no calm.

WANNA BEES… and they want to make their bones, partly, off quelling pro choice on line, genuine populism and full open political discussion.




WAR! … And everything else. :: Whip WHUPitty Updates… 18 July 2006

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  Iraqi teacher in round up

Couple quick links from TimesOnline:

It is madness. Why is no one doing anything to stop this?’

AS DIRECTOR of the Jabel Amel hospital in Tyre, Ahmad Mrowe is no stranger to the violence that has racked this area for decades.

But as casualties soared and even ambulances and his own hospital were targeted by Israeli warplanes, the doctor said that the latest Israeli onslaught was the worst he had ever seen. “It is incomparable, much worse than anything before,” he said, as he stood in a sweltering corridor packed with relatives of the victims.

A humanitarian disaster is unfolding in southern Lebanon where the Israeli war machine, determined to destroy Hezbollah once and for all, has been pounding the scruffy villages that dot these stony hills and valleys.


Warships join rescue flotilla for biggest evacuation since Dunkirk”

THE LARGEST evacuation of civilians since the Second World War was underway last night as six British warships joined the international rescue flotilla in the eastern Mediterranean.

The destroyer HMS Gloucester docked in Beirut yesterday afternoon to pick up the first Britons to leave Lebanon by sea. They are among tens of thousands of foreigners who had made their homes or taken their holidays in the reborn Lebanon and are now fleeing as Israel makes good its threat to bomb the country back to its war-torn past. […]

“I thought I have to put my family in danger for one hour to escape to Beirut rather than stay in Bezourie and see them killed in front of me,” said Mr Jafar, 36, who was accompanied by his pregnant wife and two children.

“There was an Israeli warship shelling the road while we were in the taxi. It took us 2½ hours to make the journey because the driver had to take a very roundabout route.”

Not anytime soon, AP via Yahoo:

Israel’s forecast of a lengthy campaign, coupled with President Bush‘s evident reluctance to bring pressure on Israel to agree to a cease-fire, seemed to quash any hopes for an early resolution of the crisis, now entering its second week.

The WAR! beat goes on…


Foreign photographers flee after hearing the sound of approaching Israeli warplanes while taking photographs of the destruction in the suburbs of Beirut, Lebanon, Sunday, July 16, 2006, following heavy Israeli airstrikes.


I need an amusement break, don’t you? 

oh I am not done. 

But be sure and check the parent to this comment below.  See what happened to a reasonable discussion, with opposing arguments presented…  See who derailed it.

 It is exactly this kind of comment (16+ / 3-)

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that guarantees tha sane folks like Markos won’t bother to post on the issue.

What a sanctimonious ass.

Ok, semi-retired from blogging. Returning fulltime in December.

by Armando on Mon Jul 17, 2006 at 10:52:10 AM PDT

[ Parent ]

Mr Clue got what happened…

I second that… (0 / 0)

…just take a look to see how the measured debate above gets derailed over the next 50 posts.  This was a stopper and a shame.  Intelligent people won’t be in your corner on this one, friend.

by Mr Clue on Tue Jul 18, 2006 at 12:43:03 AM PDT

[ Parent ]

Oh well.  Just more slobbery flame wars. Someone on an e-mail list will declare it all a joke and 20 will join in… And of course, surely sub-par.

Have some popcorn…


Tisdale in The Guardian:

“It is clear at the UN, at the G8, and at the EU foreign ministers’ meeting in Brussels that the US has used its influence to block calls for a ceasefire,” a senior European official said yesterday.

“It’s also clear the Americans have given the Israelis the green light. They [the Israeli military attacks] will be allowed to go on longer, perhaps for another week. And this is what we absolutely have to stop.”

Security sources said Israel knew there was a limit to how long it could resist pressure for a ceasefire. “They are trying to hit Hizbullah as much as possible before that happens,” one said.

A little Guernica, on the fly so to speak… but not too much.

            reloading S Lebanon 7.18 [Schait AP]


Just heard on MSNBC that IDF rolled tanks into a Gaza refugee camp.  People killed were ”militants”, well, no news there.

From the AP (full text)

18 July, 2006
1 hour, 13 minutes ago

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Israeli tanks began moving into the Mughazi refugee camp in central Gaza early Wednesday under cover of machine gun fire from troops.

The camp is near the Gaza- Israel fence across from the Palestinian town of Deir al-Balah. Israeli forces operated in the region late last week before withdrawing.

Israel began a large-scale operation in Gaza on June 28, three days after Hamas-lined militants tunneled under the border and attacked an Israeli army base at a Gaza crossing, killing two soldiers and capturing a third.

Israeli Tanks in Central Gaza; Fighting Is Fierce
New York Times, United States – 48 minutes ago
GAZA CITY, July 19 — Just hours after withdrawing from the northern Gaza Strip, Israeli tanks moved into central Gaza early Wednesday, encountering fierce

On Tuesday, as Israel withdrew from the north, there were hopeful signs of normalcy. The border crossing with Egypt opened to allow traffic into Gaza. The Palestinian cabinet members not under arrest, including the prime minister, Ismail Haniya, and the foreign minister, Mahmoud Zahar, met at Mr. Haniya’s office. Both he and Mr. Zahar are on Israel’s list of targeted officials and have not often been seen in public since the crisis began.

On Tuesday evening, Mr. Abbas arrived for meetings with United Nations envoys in hopes of ending the conflict. The United Nations delegation, led by Vijay Nambiar, met with Israeli officials in Jerusalem earlier Tuesday.

But by midnight the boom of artillery fire once again echoed across northern Gaza, and by early Wednesday the Israeli Army was moving back into the middle of the territory. The target this time was the Maghazi refugee camp, north of Khan Yunis and not far from where Israel had earlier cut Gaza in two. 

Gaza border crossing reopened
Aljazeera.net, Qatar – 11 hours ago
More than 3,000 Palestinians crossed into the Gaza Strip from Egypt after the border was opened for the first time in three weeks.

“We’ve been stuck under the burning sun, without shade in the desert since they closed the terminal,” said Qussai Abu Ahmad, returning from Egypt where his wife had gone for an operation.

Tragic situation

“It was a tragic situation. There was no water, the people spent all their money, the suffering,” he said as he crossed with his wife and two sons.

The road between Rafah and El-Arish, the biggest town in northern Sinai, was filled with cars and minibuses carrying Palestinians toward the border when it reopened.

Last Friday, Palestinian gunmen blew a hole in a wall on the border near the terminal, allowing about 1,000 people to cross before an Israeli helicopter fired warning shots, forcing a crowd to disperse.


Whip WHUPitty Update. 9:11 pm PT:

Oh, don’t miss this one…. [thanks to SR].  Why contain the joy to the two Koswhackerei schlubs (oh yeah, such leadership) up post…  Don’t miss “servantsavant” in the thread.

Popcorn!  Not masses, but a handful or two.  Or three… 😉


Been thinking of this movie for days… in case anyone else remembers it…  Schlondorff’s Circle of Deceit or Die Faelschung, filmed against war torn – for real – Beirut.


Aww.  How did he get a camera equipped probe up his own ass.  Don’t miss colleen’s comment.  Since he functions as an online organiser, I’d say they plan to ramp up the Fuck YOU, it is all about Unity crap.

I’ll pass, but I think they know that.  This is a good time to pull out La Louche again… 😉 

Marisacat on plain old vanilla AOL.




via Norman Finkelstein, Hirst from The Guardian, an over view.  [thanks NYCee] 

From the close:

Israel took 18 years to extricate itself from the Lebanon morass – and only then at the price of leaving in place a triumphant Hizbullah of which, along with Iran and Syria, it justly ranks as a co-founder. Even as, on its new Gaza front, it is likewise turning Hamas and other Islamists into more formidable future foes than they already are, it suddenly finds itself confronted, in alarming and maddening fashion, with this monstrous legacy of an old one.


UPDATE, 6:30 am, PT

Implosion tracking.  You know how the Republicans are always “imploding”… the Dems fondest dream.  Again they think they have it.  This time stem cell.  B-b-but what about 04?  Goodness! they had Nancy and Ron to help.  Oh, I agree, people are upset.  But, really what DOES it take?  Because we are not there yet.

We may never be “there”, that fondest wish of the jelly fish Dems.

I am more concerned about a country – and the rigged two party system – that politicises everything.  And restricts the political conversation to the skeet that is sent into the air.  And who runs the machines that propel the skeet into the air..?

In fact just now Clay Shaw of FL is on Wash Journal, sloberation over the Welfare Reform… tracking the lowered rolls in several states.  Mimicing his own ugly speech in the House yesterday.  And millions of Americans love to lap the poisoned milk.

Everybody off the welfare rolls is working, earning “good money” and some even “own their own home”. According to Shaw. Somehow tho poverty has gone up over the past few years.


UPDATE:  7:40 am, PT

Beat that puppy… Lieberman, or more accurately, Lamont

IF this is accurate, it’s a given, like the Kerry Navy records and his February 2003 medical records (never released fully during the run, either set of records), Lamont needs to fully release his IRS records.  At least 5 years and to not release 2005 yet…  Witholding just looks… fishy.  Get it out.

Mr. Lamont has declined to publicly disclose several years of tax returns, despite pressure from Mr. Lieberman, but said he planned to release his 2005 returns shortly.

Its the NYT, but the way the B-B-Blahhggers are tabloids and run by campaign operatives, I don’t give some ethical truth finding edge to either. 

Both are part of the problem. 

The ‘Sell It Sonny’ Update.

Gah, all we will hear for years

The last, most desperate “sell” from the Dems… who wasted decades of majority (Clarence Thomas would be a stellar event of the closing years of Dem majority…).  But, as a result, have the eternal issues to run on forever… health care (states are giving up, we all know we have to deal with it, the Feds are in concrete) social issues (and Dems are SO confused, be heavey Repub, or light Repub, which shall it be?) and the big enchilada, abortion.  Gay Marriage… a given.

on and on… forever. There is no Democratic strength, not in DC.

A similar rationale emerged during a dinner argument with a friend last weekend: How can bloggers, usually so invested in the Democratic Party’s successes, possibly rationalize throwing the seat to the Republicans? Since Lieberman’s independent candidacy is a virtual certainty, a Ned Lamont victory in the primaries would create a three way race that could, quite conceivably, allow a Republican to squeak through.

Worse yet, given the possibility of real Democratic gains this November, it could be the crucial vote that keeps Harry Reid out of the majority leader’s office.

So, every seat will be sold as The One… The One That WIll Put Us Over.  And it is a myth.  They won’t be regaining majority.  And they know it.


Nation Building … and other things :: Whup the Fuck Updates :: 18 July 2006

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 2003 graffiti Iraq

From the UK Independent [thanks to D Throat] a big piece on Jewish voices in the Diaspora (UK). 

I tried to excerpt it … but it was too hard.  So a link and a comment that the piece is very good, wide ranging.  If there is a near equivalent in the US – or a full page ad such as described, paid for by Pinter, a few large donations and many small donations, I have not found it.  If anyone knows of a US equivalent, please post in thread.

This from Reuters… an interesting tidbit. 

 BAGHDAD, July 16 (Reuters) – The marble floors have been polished, the chandelier hangs again from the main lobby’s dome and the ticket counters boast a fresh coat of paint.

The only thing missing from Baghdad’s 1950s train station after a $60 million U.S.-funded renovation is passengers.

So scared are travellers of insurgent ambushes and bombs on the rails that the sole running passenger train, which links Baghdad daily with northern Mosul, runs empty.

Yellow and green locomotives sit idle under the scorching sun at the weed-covered platforms outside the Art Deco-inspired station. [snip]

Baghdad Central train station,  built y the Brits, 1954  If this was ever profiled as a “positive” story (the rebuilding to the tune of 60 mil) I missed it.  Seems a natural.  But then if we saw this we might wonder why we are left to beg for Amtrak (full every day in CA and being cut back frequently or under fire to be cut back) when other countries value passenger trains.   Of course in Iraq people are too fearful to get on it.  And be blown up.

*** Update:  found this in a military pub.  And the photo (added above).

Beware the source!  Oooo Washington Times.  Projecting some ”level” of involvment of US mil in Iraq til 2016.  Honestly, I’d say 20…. oh 2066 – maybe

2116.  There you go.  Forever. Or until we are driven out.  Which ever comes first.

Out in the field, commanders learn lessons on the spot. When Brig. Gen. Kurt Cichowski, chief of staff for strategy at the U.S. Iraq command, was asked earlier this month by reporters how the security crackdown in Baghdad was going, he answered,

“I will tell you that there’s an evaluation that is going on right now about the entire operation that has started, and those are the kinds of lessons learned that we hope to tease out of what has happened in order to improve it for the future.”
    At Fort Carson, among the featured combat veterans was Col. H.R. McMaster, whose 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment gained fame by liberating the northern town of Tal Afar from foreign terrorists and Iraqi insurgents. The town’s mayor, Najim Abdullah Abid al-Jibouri, penned an open letter in February thanking the American troops for his people’s liberty. The mayor visited Fort Carson in May to personally thank the soldiers and their families.

You just know that if we have 1000 bases world wide (Chalmers Johnson), only 700 or so that we admit to… well, let’s get real.  We are never leaving.  Never intended to, and, like abortion, pols will run on ”Iraq – the issues, a hard date for withdrawal or not?”  for a few cycles. Not til they are ready to do so, tho… as in 2008. 

BTW, that reference to Tal Afar in the clip from the WashTimes… it slipped away, under the radar!, as they moved on Tal Afar as Katrina broke, but i heard Sy Hersh say that at least one US officer used the word “genocide” for what we did there.  

…onward, you know there will be more.  Operatives never sleep.  They doze.


UPDATE, 10:25 am PT

Dahr Jamail is up, with a Perspective for TO:

  Friday at the Lebanese/Syrian border, I spoke with a 50-year-old Kuwaiti man, Emad, as he fled Beirut with his family. “It’s very bad there, as the Israelis are attacking civilians, bombing police and petrol stations and even the fuel storage depots,” he told me, “In fact, they have even bombed the airport once again. I saw F-16’s bombing and there is smoke everywhere. This is a big disaster for the Lebanese.”

    When I asked him what he thought it would take to end the fighting, he promptly replied, “It looks like the Arab governments are not moving their asses, so I am leaving.”

    Yet as consistently as the Arab governments fail to get busy “moving their asses” toward something resembling a solution to this crisis, just as consistently are the people repressed by those same governments raising their voices.

    On Friday, tens of thousands of Arab protestors hit the streets, condemning the Israeli invasion of Lebanon and their actions in the Gaza Strip. 5,000 angry protesters gathered at a mosque in Cairo carrying banners that read, “Hey Arab leaders, you should be united.” In Amman, over 2,000 demonstrators gathered at a mosque after Friday prayers, shouting “Zionists get out, get out!” and “Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan are one people!”

    Thousands marched in Gaza, waving Palestinian and Lebanese flags.

                 Beirut Monday, afp photo in the bbc 


UPDATE:   11:00 am PT

Jesse Jackson on false piety and the Dems.  Listen Up!

Long snip:

Imagine going to the dentist with an aching tooth, and going through the pain of having it diagnosed and pulled — only to discover the dentist pulled the wrong tooth. Not only have you suffered for nothing, you’ve still got to operate on the real problem.

Democrats seem about to put themselves through this agony. Pundits and politicians tell Democrats that they have a “values” problem — that people of faith vote against them in large numbers because the Democratic party is seen as secular, or as anti-Christian, or as straying from mainstream values.

Poppycock. Democrats didn’t lose Florida in 2000 and the 2000 election because of the lack of a high faith profile. Al Gore won the popular vote nationally and the popular vote of the majority who cast ballots in Florida on Election Day.

He lost Florida because the fix was in, because the Voting Rights Act was not enforced — and because Republicans turned the recount into an alley fight while Gore played by rules. Then a transparently partisan majority in the Supreme Court violated its own principles and shamed itself by ordering an end to a fair count, worried Bush might lose.

This wasn’t about faith; it was about will.

Similarly, Democrats didn’t lose Ohio in 2004 and the 2004 election because of the lack of a high faith profile.

They lost because the fix was in, and because once again, Republicans had a partisan zealot — Ken Blackwell — as secretary of state. Once again he abused the powers of his office in choosing voting machines and election schemes. Once again, a majority of people set out to vote for Bush’s opponent. […]

But faith is not a political posture. True faith isn’t exhibited by symbolic acts, but by substance. Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things unseen. It isn’t a symbol of things to scheme for. Values are not expressed by the paraphernalia of faith. Values are expressed by action. An abolitionist fighting to end slavery expresses faith. A slave owner attending a church that excludes slaves from attendance reflects bad faith.


The battle at home. 

Unless you think “pro-life” is about saving ANYONE’s life.  It is a Right Wing Agenda… that too many DC Dems, Official Dems, Elected Dems and assorted Blahhhggs (and Blahhgg ”owners” and ”ownerettes”) are happy to play along with (“progressive” alternates to the megachurches… oh Jesus on a Triscuit.  Lordy!)

BTW annrose cross posted that at Dkos



Speaking of the Little Strumpet lui-meme and his Thugs and Blog Maids….

Interesting diary, some push back on what very likely is Master’s Voice – and that is not Kos, a mere tool – demanded quiet on a few blogs about Hizbollah – Israeli – Lebanon war.  (All about Lieberman, you know, daren’t be seen as anti-Semitic… might they not have figured out the issue would rise?  You have to wonder… )

While Bush stuffs his face, literally, and to my eye, Boy Blair wants it all ways.  Tend to George (he was almost kneeling at that table in St Petersburg) and bleat for the UN.

We are overloaded with operatives and poodles BOTH.  All.  Anyway! catch this [thanks D Throat] snip from the diary:

So I look today at what’s going on here, and it’s the same pitiful bullshit that’s always going on here – Bush-bashing, endless fucking Democratic endorsements (power for power’s sake?  I’m starting to wonder)…safe stances that wouldn’t offend any self-respecting liberal, and that likewise shouldn’t hold the interest of any self-respecting liberal, either.  Because Dailykos is succumbing to Beltway disease, and as I’ve watched that sclerotic sickness sink in, I’ve come here less often, and in fact only came here today to see if Dailykos had anything on Israel and Lebanon and Hezbollaha and their burgeoning nightmare war.  I knew in my heart there wouldn’t be any featured stories, and by God, there weren’t/aren’t – just the same old smarmy shite about Mr. ‘n Mrs. Smiling Wannabe Golden Democratic Savior of the Republic, and fuck all about the issue that’s gripping the world at this very moment.  

He got push back, jokes (you know those Koserei, gotta burble in their cribs) and that special love (and some support too): 

It’s a fucking mess. (27+ / 0-)

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Is that calling a spade a spade for you?

You think ten bajillion diaries on it isn’t enough?

Tell me again why some blog that’s focus is on getting Democrats elected has to be responsible for solving foreign policy issues that have the entire world stumped?

“I have a philosophy about elections. I believe issues divide and values unite.”–Gov. Brian Schweitzer

by mcjoan on Tue Jul 18, 2006 at 11:20:44 AM PDT

[ Parent ]

Don’t miss the quote from Schweitzer that is on her comments.

  ELECTIONS, got it?  Cash, money, left over stuff.  Ink, tabloid screams.  And wear your “Values” apron and not your “Issues” apron. 

Oh I am so not done.

You think they are into WINNING?  Not that I have noticed.  You think they are into BUILDING anything?  Other than trickle down to a controlled rigged game plan.

Ad men,  poor ones.  PR people, for slash work.

But:   Blog Maid to Aisle 10 for clean up.  Bring a mop.

          Blaahhgg Maids and Minders



Falls Flat. Flat.  Check all the grafs that start with “Lieberman”.  As subtle as 20 open threads a day.  About as meaningful.  But!  Media Matters.  It does matter, media does…. [thanks wilfred]

BTW, the House via C-Span is falling all over itself to congratulate an Israeli relief org “MDA” which after a “great battle” has managed to be admitted to the ICRC although it will demand to use the Star of David. (I’d be glad to be rid of the cross, as well tho the iCRC is far less hidebound and controversy plagued than the US RC)

Dems joined in happily. Ackerman (he joined with Ros-Lehtenin to work on this), Berkley, Engle, others. 

Today?  TODAY?  My guess, yes especially today.

Fine, whatever


Billmon is a guest poster at FDL.  Well.  Join up and see the world.


UPDATE:  2:00 pm, PT.  Never buy the propaganda read in the hot flash of the ordnance blast.

Bob Parry at Consortium News tracks it back:

Strategy Meetings

Though the immediate conflict between Israel and Hezbollah was touched off by a Hezbollah cross-border raid on July 12 that captured two Israeli soldiers, the longer-term U.S.-Israeli strategy can be traced back to the May 23, 2006, meetings between Olmert and Bush in Washington.

At those meetings, Olmert discussed with Bush Israel’s plans for revising its timetable for setting final border arrangements with the Palestinians, putting those plans on the back burner while moving the Iranian nuclear program to the front burner.

In effect, Olmert informed Bush that 2006 would be the year for stopping Iran’s progress toward a nuclear bomb and 2007 would be the year for redrawing Israel’s final borders.

That schedule fit well with Bush’s priorities, which may require some dramatic foreign policy success before the November congressional elections.

At a joint press conference with Bush on May 23, Olmert said “this is a moment of truth” for addressing Iran’s alleged ambitions to build a nuclear bomb.

And a bit more:

One interpretation of the Lebanese-Israeli conflict is that Bush and Olmert seized on the Hezbollah raid as a pretext for a pre-planned escalation that will lead to bombing campaigns against Syria and Iran, justified by their backing of Hezbollah.

In that view, Bush found himself stymied by U.S. military objections to targeting Iran’s nuclear facilities outside any larger conflict. However, if the bombing of Iran develops as an outgrowth of a tit-for-tat expansion of a war in which Israel’s existence is at stake, strikes against Iranian targets would be more palatable to the American public.

The end game would be U.S.-Israeli aerial strikes against Iran’s nuclear facilities with the goal of crippling its nuclear program and humiliating Ahmadinejad.

Tehran by October?   A breeze and on its way….  Whatever the weapon they decide upon.  My guess, they have something new too, that they are itching to try. 

Talk about the shit hitting the fan.  And arms dealers the world over stand up and cheer!

                 Iranian women


UPDATE:  Media so matters… 😉

Via Crooks and Liars, Tony Snow to Helen  [thanks to NYCO]… when she had her usual pointed questions (will get the WH transcript as well).  She gets accused of presenting the Hizbollah side.

Video-WMP QT later


Think Progress has the full transcript and a video as well: 

QUESTION: The United States is not that helpless. It could have stopped the bombardments of Lebanon. We have that much control with the Israelis.

SNOW: I don’t think so.

QUESTION: We have gone for collective punishment against all of Lebanon and Palestine. And what’s happening — and that’s the perception of the United States.

SNOW: Well, thank you for the Hezbollah view, but I would encourage you…

QUESTION: Nobody’s accepting your explanation. What is it say, to call for…

Well I can make a personal statement… I can comment on Snow being rude and oppressive (but we all know Helen can take it and dish it!) to a member of the media… and I can discuss Hizbollah, Israel, Olmert etc., without necessarily taking sides.  I can discuss war and who instigates it, who profits and how everyone but a small number loses.  I can discuss patriotism, nationalism and plain old love of country… and they are not the same. 

I can discuss militarism and the dangers of what I see in the nation, those who serve and wage the wars matter more than “citizen”.

And I intend to keep that up.  Really, nothing is off limits.  I saw a comment elsewhere recently about some of us want to take Sacred Cows (often wearing any sort of religious adornment, as Pharisee) and we want to just make hamburger.

I added the part about the religious display.

Enjoy – or not.  Enough people have been shut up.

      Ferlinghetti, City Lights Bookstore, SF


”Not ready to make nice” :: UMPteen WHUPS :: more WHUPS… 17 July 2006

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The previous post is chock full and has meaty comments on Blahhggs and Blahhggers and Democracy Alliance, (reported about on page A 01 of the Wapo today)…  Media Matters from that old, but ever new!, BMT post from Dec 05… but is also getting long, here is a link: 

War! that old ‘fog of war’… and a Blaahhgger – or two… War UPdates :: WHUP all the PUPS update :: WHUPS 17 July 2006


Danny Schechter weighs in… Is It Time For A Third World War?

he’s been watching the media – and the war.  And seeing what is hard to miss… he knows better than I…

WAR! beats a summer of sharks and ‘gators.  WIth WAR!, you get the Big One.  And all the sharks and ‘gators and Missing BLondes are just EXTRA! EXTRA!:  Read all about it!

And where is the media in all this, to rein them in, to connect the dots, to offer the missing context and background, to make vital distinctions between the aggressor and those aggressed upon, and to stand for human rights, and sanity? It is giving the Gingrichs and Pearles of the world a platform to advocate more killing with no one to challenge them effectively.  [yes! yes! it is!]

Has mainstream media devolved so far that world war is now considered a legitimate subject to advocate? Isn’t this new “mission” more madness?

Has it come to this? Is the summer heat corroding our senses?

Imported from the previous thread,… don’t miss it:  There is a Blahhgger Business Plan (I am wildly guessing!) to replicate – and of course outpace – the R Megachurches.  Whoop de doo.  It will take Boy Blahhgger ”decades”.  hmmm.  Republicans are laughing hysterically.

Megachurches are the GOP’s new and growing base. Next year, I will be working offline to start building the progressive alternative to the megachurches. It may be a decades-long project, but it has to start sometime.

Good grief.  At least at the top of the thread, there is not widespread joy.  Did he post without alerting the xtian blogswarm?

… you know there will be more.  The Blahhggs are in a High Holy State…


e voila!  Hendrik Hertzberg in The New Yorker on the Lieberman primary challenge.  Pretty straightforward…

Real Clear Politics has a page – Buzz Tracker – of links to Greater Blogo referring to the WaPo article on Democracy Alliance.

hmmm. First blog (or should I say Blahhggg) listed is FDL and I followed the link, but I see no mention of Wapo DA article.  Perhaps in the thread.  I certainly recall the time and place mentioned in the post at FDL… Mabuhay Gardens on Broadway… started as a Filipino owned food and drink place and morphed to be a hot spot for the punk scene around ’78, ’79, ’80.

…on to check the rest of the Buzztracker links…

The Carpetbagger Report reports 

There are Dems cited in the article who expressed “unease” about anonymous millionaires with undisclosed influence financing a progressive cause.

I like transparency as much as the next guy, but isn’t it far more important that these investments happen, and less important to know the identity of the donors right now? For years, the right has enjoyed infrastructure investments from the Scaife and Olin foundations. The Democracy Alliance is finally taking steps to help the left catch up — a little, after a 25-year conservative head start. If that means keeping the donor list under wraps, so be it.

AmericaBlog … pretty predictable, isn’t Aravosis a full fledged DC operative, one who changed parties iirc?  That always makes the hapless Dems happier, if someone left the STRONGER party (in a fucked race, mind you) and ”tends” to the Democrat garden?  Seen that one over and over:

Monday, July 17, 2006

Oh yeah, it’s only troubling when the left finally has rich people funding it

by John in DC – 7/17/2006 11:42:00 AM

Uh huh.

Yes, it is a problem that shadowy conservative groups have been carrying on stealth campaigns for decades. And nobody did anything about it. So don’t get snippy when we finally hit back in kind.

OW is predictable as well, iirc he is an employee of MM (think I have seen a disclosure, probably after Duncan’s – atrios – own readers chased him down about being on the board of MM – and he added his disclaimer at the bottom of his site.)

You Gotta Wonder

Published July 17th, 2006 in Politics, Media.

If you’re talking about funders of political movements, what happened to all those front-page articles about Scaife, Coors, Olin and the wealthy men and women who fund the modern con movement? Also the article says Media Matters looks for “conservative bias” in the media. Really? That’s news to me and I’ve worked at the place for two years.

I’ll quote:

Media Matters for America is a Web-based, not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media.

It as if the Post is demonstrating the need for such a watchdog, right there.

Funny how that works, eh?

sokay Oliver.  Since MM is at the heart of trickle down to the Blahhggs.  And of course to a “blog” or two or three as well.

I do believe it is time to run that comment from December ’05 again… that was posed in the Slander posting at BMT (this is a triple reprise at MCat, July 8, 16 and 17):

From an earlier posting of mine in BBB: Orange Crush… :: Navelling Update :: Whup Uppity Update :: Drahma Wahma Update 8 July 2006

And the look back. With “slander” as a topic (or was that an implied warning?) you know there was a heavy hand that meddled in this posting.  hmmmm.

The whole of this is very interesting, but catch the comment that, in lawyerly tone, leveled some questions. 

The same questions were sent to Media Matters.  There were no responses. 

I have x’d out the poster’s name (but of course it can be found in the thread) merely as a courtesy.  To my knowledge, this individual does not participate any longer, at all, on the political blogs.

Re: Ideas on Slander (none / 1)

There is indeed some money coming soon to liberal bloggers. That money is coming through Media Matters, which has received some funding through the Democracy Alliance (an arm of the NDN), but a lot of funding from other sources as well. The money is going to be made available for a variety of purposes that will potentially benefit all liberal bloggers. There are no strings attached, there will be no quid pro quos, and there will be no mandated talking points. The idea is really not that different from an artist cooperative where various photographers, for example, pool their limited resources to buy color printers. In this case, cheap or free technical support might become available. Or access to Lexis-Nexis. Maybe broadband can be bought in bulk. Who knows? These things are still under discussion.

to whom is media matters distributing this money?  who gets to decide how that money is spent and which liberal blogs will benefit from it.  these things are still under discussion by whom?

Smaller bloggers stand to benefit the most as liberal blogging gets more publicity and costs come down and expensive resources are pooled.

how will small bloggers benefit the most?  what expensive resources are going to be pooled?  who decides who will get to participate in that pool?  

Where women’s voices are valued and respected… Our Word

by xxxxx (xxxxxx at aol.com) on Wed Dec 7th, 2005 at 10:11:34 PM EST

  From what i have observed for, well, years now, “transparency” from the boyos is “Trust me, you know me”.

   No.  Don’t think so.

*********   Back to checking RCP Buzz Tracker  *******

Libertarian Leanings does NOT read the so called liberal blogs – and Blahhhggs – closely enough… his take is that “centrists” need not apply.

uh, Webb?  All that blither about Libertarian Democrats, to me that is just cover for conservative Dems.  Old time Dixie-crats. My old siren cry, Senator Shelby, come on home!  NO reason to leave the party!  I think Kos has read the master’s voice very very well.

Work to staunch any real progressive populism on line.  Evidently.

Checking the Wapo’s own link to Technorati of blogs referring to the DA article…

and right up is the correct article from FDL (enjoy!): 

When Satire Becomes Irrelevant

… lives in fear of right-wing bullies and is reluctant to fund programs with a political objective. So humor me here. Let’s say you wanted to re-write Chris’s thoughtful article on the Democracy Alliance in the style of, oh I don’t know, the Washington Post . Written by a couple of chuckleheads who have been hammered, whipped and beaten to a pulp by wingnuttia, so accustomed to repeating the narratives of the kool-aid chuggers that they don’t have the slightest idea how thoroughly they …

… more on funding scheisse, er, er… online activism! later… and the sub text!, they, Blahhggers, work to lose elections (amid noise and fury and Act Bluing) as much as most Dems do…

and the sub sub text?, STOP with bleating that the DLC is dried up and floating on the Anacostia River.  11 of 12 – and if Obama gets fancy ideas about the presidency (and I don’t think he will) it would be 12 of 13 vying for the ’08 mantle are … DLC.

Get a grip!


Deepest Troat brings an article from Forbes on the quietude of some of so called Liberal Blogs (and Blahhggs) on latest in the ME.

Where Is The “Netroots Left” On Israel?

Missing in action.

The so-called Netroots Left, led by Markos Moulitsas of the popular Daily Kos, wants to be a player in American politics. As a test case, the Kossacks are throwing their weight behind political newcomer Ned Lamont in Lamont’s attempt to unseat Joe Lieberman in Connecticut’s Aug. 8 primary. Best guess is that Lamont will pick off Lieberman. If so, the Kossacks can notch one on their belts.

And this is what Kos offered on his silence (goosed by Forbes?  ya think?):

Mon Jul 17, 2006 at 10:19:52 AM PDT

Kevin Drum explains his reasons for steering clear of this morass of a mess of a disaster of a quagmire of a sinkhole of a clusterfuck that is completely FUBAR.

Me? I grew up in a war zone. And there was one clear lesson I learned — there will never be peace unless both sides get tired of the fighting and start seeking an alternative.

It’s clear that in the Middle East, no one is sick of the fighting. They have centuries of grudges to resolve, and will continue fighting until they can get over them. And considering that they obviously have no interest in “getting over them”, we’re stuck with a war that will not end in any forseable future. It doesn’t matter what we bloggers say. It doesn’t matter what the President of the United States says. Or the United Nations. Or the usual bloviating gasbag pundits.

Same old.  Sorry to be rude.  And the US is fully a part of that mess.  But on to CT, on to MT, on to … where ever.  In 2002 the so called Big Blogs… were the ”War Blogs”.  If you wanted traction then, you mimic’d them.  New day these days.  The elections Blahhggs will rev up the ME and The Wars for the ’08 election.  Their master’s cue.

When BOTH parties will promise (”promises promises”, wishes, lies and dreams too!) to “bring us home”  And neither plans to.

’06 should be a blow out, and ’08 a piece of cake.  OG&P


UPDATE, a sorry showing in the face of WAR!

Nur-al-Cubicle has a clean tick tock on method of evacuation for various nationals trapped in the cross fire… for all but the Americans.  CNN reported tonight (Anderson Cooper) some Americans tired of waiting (bombs away! and I am sure some are wondering, are they pawns in a war zone?) are hitching rides with various nationalities being evacuated.

America, capable of being the best… that is never in doubt.  Acts in view?  Something else entirely.  Anyway, we are fast moving to what i call USA! USA!, a stadium roar sort of country.  There will be pockets of resistance.  Other than that…


UPDATE:  1045 pm, PT,

from Antiwar.com, a trenchant look at a few of the speeches given at the 36 hour anti-Vietnam war event in Berkeley in the mid 60s.  The author uses a book of the speeches published in 1965, We Accuse.  Good extracts from speeches.  I promise. 

A snip from the Norman Mailer:

Only listen, Lyndon Johnson, you’ve gone too far this time. You are a bully with an Air Force, and since you will not call off your Air Force, there are young people who will persecute you back. It is a little thing, but it will hound you into nightmares and endless corridors of night without sleep.” (p. 22)

and some commentary from the author:

Although I didn’t quote his speech, Staughton Lynd, a noted history professor at Yale University, criticized Robert F. Kennedy for his support of the Vietnam War.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing if major left/liberal antiwar activists criticized Hillary Clinton for her support of the Iraq war? I know that some of them do, but a fair number don’t.

War! that old ‘fog of war’… and a Blaahhgger – or two… War UPdates :: WHUP all the PUPS update :: WHUPS 17 July 2006

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Israelis shelling lebanon

Matthews had a special Sunday hour today on the increased-ever-ongoing-but-spreading hostilities.  Or The Wars.  Martin Fletcher who reports from the ME for NBC/MSNBC, not a raving leftie! said that the two soldiers were largely ”an excuse”, the IDF/Israel had wanted to do just what is unfolding for “five years”.  No surprise, I am just glad it got said. If there is a transcript put up tomorrow I will post it.  

[hell, 10 PM in the West, I am just catching MTP, Fletcher said the same thing. transcript, it also seems pretty clear that Gingrich wants to run… no news there = I guess ]

From an ABC AP round up piece 

But both Israel and Hezbollah signaled that their attacks would only intensify in an already brutal battle that has killed at least 152 in Lebanon and 23 in Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert vowed “far-reaching consequences” for the Haifa attack, Hezbollah’s deadliest strike ever on Israel. The morning barrage of 20 rockets came after Israeli warplanes unleashed their heaviest strikes yet on Beirut, flattening apartment buildings and blowing up a power station to cut electricity to swaths of the capital. […]

Along with the Lebanon attacks, Israel attacked along the second front where Israel is fighting, in Gaza. Fighter jets bombed the Palestinian Foreign Ministry in Gaza City, and clouds of smoke rose from the building, which has been hit before. […]

In Israel, Haifa a bustling port city of 270,000 people was brought to a standstill. The streets were eerily quiet as residents huddled in bomb shelters or stocked up on milk, bread and other staples.

“It’s a war, it’s an emergency situation and it will get worse,” said Sharon Goldstein, a 34-year-old security guard.

And this AP report via Anti-War, is the simple truth, I do believe.  I guess we are left to be thankful somebody says it.  In this case the Army Chief of Staff.

WASHINGTON – The Army’s top uniformed officer said Friday he did not think the United States was losing the war in Iraq but declined to say the nation was winning.

Americans should brace for a long fight against terrorism, said Gen. Peter Schoomaker, the Army’s chief of staff.

“I believe that we are closer to the beginning . . . than we are to the end,” he said during a luncheon on Capitol Hill sponsored by the Defense Forum Foundation.

… It is a short piece and just loaded with bitter truth…

Schoomaker said Friday he does not envision reducing the time soldiers spend deployed in Iraq because shorter combat tours would cause too much “turbulence” in the war. Soldiers are typically sent for yearlong deployments in Iraq, which many experts say is too long and stressful.

Liz Sly of the Chicago Tribune cabs it from Demascus to Beirut

MASNAA, Lebanon — At the border crossing between Syria and Lebanon, the taxi driver becomes jumpy. Israeli jets had struck the area hours earlier, and they could strike again at any time. He wants to move on as fast as possible.

That isn’t hard. At 10 p.m. on the third day of Israel’s strike against Lebanon, there are few travelers in either direction. Beirut’s airport has been bombed and so has the port, cutting air and sea links between Lebanon and the outside world. The roads are the only way in and out of the country, and they aren’t safe either.
War is always with us… and, you got it, the arms dealers cheer!

And so is jetsam, always with us, I mean!… in over the transom [Thank You Ma’am] is this tidbit … an hors d’oeuvre… but read in a certain way, a laugh is to be had. 

BTW, “Kossack” is seriously out of handand considering it started as a joke… rully rully out of hand.   A bigger laugh is the photo that accompanies this Hispanic Magazine article [thanks to Deepest Troat]. 

ENJOY!  … that photo is primed to go, imo.

hmmm… more than the Righties are setting up what they need for that marshmallow and weenie roast if Lamont fails to clear the high hurdle (everything is a horse race!) and WIN.  Catch this in the Toledo Blade.  Oh yes yes, just the writer’s opinion (which I think is more or less center/right).

HIGH noon approaches for the moonbats. We’ll soon know if they’ll sit above the salt at the Democratic table, or be exiled to the outer darkness.

High noon is Aug. 8, the date of the Connecticut primary. The “netroots” gang of left-liberal Web loggers have picked a fight they must win, or suffer a potentially catastrophic loss of face. […]

Most in the Democratic establishment regard the Kossacks as a force to be reckoned with. Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean, and presidential hopefuls Mark Warner, Wesley Clark, Tom Vilsack, and Bill Richardson were among the dignitaries who attended a conference Kos sponsored in Las Vegas in June.

 ooo that makes the Dems look so good, doesn’t it?  What a mess… they’re following a Pied Piper Munchkin.   Flotsam found Jetsam.  Oh yes, not exactly what is going on, but what the not too interested eye will see.  And remember, the Lieberman CT issues are national interest level.  Bowers says so…

The Internet has given lefty bloggers and the Democratic politicos intimidated by them an exaggerated sense of their strength, said the Web logger Silflay Hraka:

“Say one 10-member anti-globalist organization in San Francisco comes into contact with another 10-member group in Seattle. Each feels that their membership and political power has doubled, when in fact nothing of the sort has occurred. Communication … is enhanced, but the actual number of votes has not changed at all.”

The Connecticut primary will separate fantasy from reality, Mr. Hraka said:

“If the Leftnet cannot elect a candidate of their own choosing in a Democratic primary in one of the most liberal states in the union, then they can’t win elections, period,” he said.

 Not a Deaniac (but supported Howard from July 2002 – tho not for the chair).  Not a moonbat (but was a ”bat outta hell”, breathless to leave the party on Nov 3) and NOT, never, never!, a ”Kossack”. 

 ”Once upon a time” I posted at a pretty smart, not stupid, not dittoing, not blissed-out, not cultish political site. Not a “community” either (quick as wink you get “leaders”, gah!), an ad hoc gathering of adults to discuss politics. 

 And it sure as hell was not self-celebritising. Self-celebratory? Tho the owner, I do believe, was desirous of making it all of that.  Right about now, remember the pic in the Hispanic Magazine.  I was kind, it’s a click away.

About where it is at.  Oh yeah… I am not done… but I think they knew that.


UPDATE:  5:15 am, PT

Socialist Worker Online (UK) has eyewitness reports from the ground in Lebanon.  This a haunting one:

Terror in Sabra and Chatilla refugee camps
12 noon (British time), 17 July 2006

Alaa, a Palestinian refugee living in the Sabra and Chatilla, spoke to Socialist Worker

“The camps are almost completely empty. There is a fear that the Israelis will return and finish what they did during the massacre in 1982. Some have gone to Syria, others have taken to the shelters.”

“There is not enough food. We fear the worst, we have nowhere to hide. We are preparing for an Israeli attack on our camp.”


UPDATE, 6:00 am, PT

Paper Tigress at Nur-al-Cubicle has this:

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Israel using banned weapons

Lebanese military experts confirm the use by Israel of implosion bombs and white phosphorus in its airstrikes on Beirut’s southern suburbs. Reporters have seen at the facades of at least 20 eight-story apartment houses blow off in the Haret Hreik and Bir al-Abed neighborhoods.

Meanwhile 15 thousand refugess have arrived in Tyre, which the Israelis immediately upgraded to “prime target”.

no link, PT indicated in a comment she was translating an Italian dispatch.

ABC reported that we are charging US citizens, the few we have evacuated, for the flight to Cyprus.  Nasty engineered war and if you are so out of the loop that you are in the area, you pay for the evacuation.



UPDATE: 6:26 am, PT

picked this up over at Angry Arab, from the Independent (UK)

The Afghan government has alarmed human rights groups by approving a plan to reintroduce a Department for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, the body which the Taliban used to enforce its extreme religious doctrine.

The proposal, which came from the country’s Ulema council of clerics, has been passed by the cabinet of President Hamid Karzai and will now go before the Afghan parliament.


WHUP all the PUPS UPDATE, 7:30 am, PT…

not taking any prisoners even if I don’t know all the playas!  Have a laugh, I will never sort this one out – but lurching ahead to have an opinon anyway!… and it is lookin’ messy on all sides:

Looks like Greenwald is calling for some investigation (oh yeah, like Greater Blogland can do that and not lose it’s brains in the deal) of rightie bloggers.  OK… whatever!  Summer beach readingRiehl World View piles on — and this does seem to be a biiig mess this post… 

HOWEVER, Donkey Cons (not endorsing the whole post there either!… Cats are not dumb!) makes some very pointed points – which I DO endorse…(glad you read this far?):

Moonbat Patrol
Dan Riehl examines the increasingly bizarre paranoid projections of a left-wing blogger, which seem to have been touched off in the wake of the Kosola/JeromeGate meltdown and the frightening Frisch freakout.

Greenwald, it seems, is calling for an investigation of right-wing bloggers. But Glenn, here’s the thing: When did Jeff Goldstein or Glenn Reynolds

(a) hold online fund-raising drives for Republicans,

(b) become consultants to leading GOP candidates,

(c) organize a campaign to unseat an incumbent Republican senator, or

(d) hold a Vegas convention, invite the national media, lots of top candidates, and declare themselves the future of American politics? 

[the a b c d is what I endorse… that is part of the Boyz problems… they preened, they peacocked, they paraded… ]

Answer: Never. Kos and Jerome did all that, thus exposing themselves to scrutiny. I can’t explain what happened to Frisch except a possible object lesson in why drinking and blogging don’t mix.

 Total disclaimer and full on walk away, I know nothing about the Frisch mess.  Have not followed.  Have no opinion.

 Poke fun… this was not a fully informed posting, but nonetheless it was FUN.  All that matters.

 Unless, of course, you think with the likes of the tied-together-for-better-or-worse-so-called-Lefty Blahhhggers working full-time on things Democratic that ’06 will be a blow-out and ’08 a piece of cake. In which case be reverential…

 Since I am expecting little, I intend to amuse myself.


UPDATE:  9:20 am, PT

 Well WHUP THE TRANSPARENCY Update… have a big big horselaugh. [thanks to Deepest Troat… there are several throats, hope i got the right one]

Ooops! DT also provided the year ago notice that Kos ran about DA: 

One year ago Kos introduced DA:

The alliance is the brainchild of longtime Democratic strategist Rob Stein, who spent years studying conservative groups — in particular their success in sustaining GOP politicians and achieving many of their policy goals. Simon Rosenberg, president of the New Democrat Network, is working with Stein and is a leading promoter of his effort.

 They wanna help the Dems (they say!  I don’t fully believe them!).. but they wanna be secret.  And sign off on being secret, too.

Too funny.  Read away.

and I hear there is a routine going on at another site – about La Gata.  The sun shines and little birdies sing.  Here is the deal:  despite various and sundry at that site from time to time over the year (and I have the links), I never felt the need to register and reply or comment.  Further I considered anything there, FPed or from a principal [wrt anyone also being chastised at DKos, or from Dkos and the Thugs] to be Armando driven.  Still do.

And still don’t feel the need to register and comment at the site where the effluvia is rising.

Back to reading about the (laugh now)  BIG SECRET LIBERAL (oh puh leeeze) DONORS…. page A01 in the Wapo.

“Like a lot of elite groups, we fly beneath the radar,” said Guy Saperstein, an Oakland lawyer and alliance donor. But “we are not so stupid though,” he said, to think “we can deny our existence.”

whew!  Not stupid.  Sooo relieved.

Still reading.  But here is one thing I think… CAP does wonderful research.  I recently read an analysis at their site on access to birth control, rates of unintended pregnancy and abortion among one of the most challenged groups in CA, SE Asian immigrants.  It looked at the issues down into sub groups within the larger population.

 But the Dems don’t use any of that.  National Dems, DC Dems… and I don’t mean limited to abortion stats in poor Asian CA groups… I mean all the good research at CAP.

Lotta Three Card Monte going on.  I think a lot of that “liberal” money is funding online consensus and shushing opposition.  And doing it with money.

Oh yeah, just my opinion.  But at least I have mine.  And they are rock solid. 

Don’t miss this:

This accreditation process is the root of Democracy Alliance’s influence. If a group does not receive the alliance’s blessing, dozens of the nation’s wealthiest political contributors as a practical matter become off-limits for fundraising purposes.

Big huge horselaugh, just a long whinny:

Democracy Alliance organizers say they are trying to bring principles of accountability and capital investment that are common in business to the world of political advocacy, where they believe such principles have often been missing.

Gets to the nitty gritty on Page 3:

But some consider Democracy Alliance’s hidden influence troubling, regardless of its ideological orientation. Unlike election campaigns, which must detail contributions and spending, most of the think tanks and not-for-profit groups funded by the alliance are exempt from public disclosure laws.

“It is a huge problem,” said Sheila Krumholz, the acting executive director of the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. She noted that for decades “all kinds of Democrats and liberals were complaining that corporations and individuals were carrying on these stealth campaigns to fund right-wing think tanks and advocacy groups. Just as it was then, it is a problem today.”

The exclusive donor club includes millionaires such as Susie Tompkins Buell and her husband, Mark Buell, major backers of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), and Chris Gabrieli, an investment banker running for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination in Massachusetts this September. […]

Bernard L. Schwartz, retired chief executive of Loral Space & Communications Inc. and an alliance donor, said the group offers partners “an array of opportunities that have passed their smell test.” This is most helpful, he said, for big donors who lack the time to closely examine their political investment options.[…]

There also are a few “institutional investors” such as the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) that pay a $50,000 annual fee and agree to spend $1 million on alliance-backed efforts.

Trickle down to the Blahhgers is thru Media Matters and NDN.  NO news there.

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And the look back. With “slander” as a topic (or was that an implied warning?) you know there was a heavy hand that meddled in this posting.  hmmmm.

The whole of this is very interesting, but catch the comment that, in lawyerly tone, leveled some questions. 

The same questions were sent to Media Matters.  There were no responses. 

I have x’d out the poster’s name (but of course it can be found in the thread) merely as a courtesy.  To my knowledge, this individual does not participate any longer, at all, on the political blogs.

Re: Ideas on Slander (none / 1)

There is indeed some money coming soon to liberal bloggers. That money is coming through Media Matters, which has received some funding through the Democracy Alliance (an arm of the NDN), but a lot of funding from other sources as well. The money is going to be made available for a variety of purposes that will potentially benefit all liberal bloggers. There are no strings attached, there will be no quid pro quos, and there will be no mandated talking points. The idea is really not that different from an artist cooperative where various photographers, for example, pool their limited resources to buy color printers. In this case, cheap or free technical support might become available. Or access to Lexis-Nexis. Maybe broadband can be bought in bulk. Who knows? These things are still under discussion.

to whom is media matters distributing this money?  who gets to decide how that money is spent and which liberal blogs will benefit from it.  these things are still under discussion by whom?

Smaller bloggers stand to benefit the most as liberal blogging gets more publicity and costs come down and expensive resources are pooled.

how will small bloggers benefit the most?  what expensive resources are going to be pooled?  who decides who will get to participate in that pool?  

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From what i have observed for, well, years now, “transparency” from the boyos is “Trust me, you know me”.

No.  Don’t think so.