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“Godzilla in a Headscarf” 17 August 2006

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.


I scammed this bit of slap-in-the-face brilliance from Nur al-Cubicle… it is from The Exile site, penned by War Nerd on July 23, about the 10th, 11th day of the Hizbollah – Israeli War… 

And it is a scream!

But we’re talking demographics again, dude. Passage of time, plus difference in birthrate, means that by now the IDF has a thin, real thin, crust of Ashkenazi brains’n’brawn on top and a bunch of flabby mama’s boys under them. See, those whitleather-tough survivors wasted their genes on the whole socialist kibbutz commune experiment, had a kid or two, or none. Their kids are old now. Meanwhile, Israel admitted every loser from Russia or Ukraine or Yemen who could claim a grandpa who liked carp or a grandma who carried the overprotective gene or whatever, anything that could make them look Jewish  […]

As long as the IDF was beating up on Hamas down in Gaza, it could hide its weakness most of the time. Not all of the time — pretty sloppy, letting Hamas commandos tunnel right into that base, blast a tank and kidnap poor baby Shalit right while he was thinking up his next capsule review. Still, except for the occasional slip, the IDF was safe in its F-16s and Merkavas, facing Pals with nothing but rifles and old RPGs. It’s easy to look tough rolling through refugee camps in the world’s most heavily armored tank.  […]

It was a good plot twist: one minute the IDF is stomping around Gaza blasting amateurs, when something taps it on the shoulder, and there’s Hezbollah, looking like Godzilla in a headscarf. Pretty funny moment, something almost Abbot & Costello about it.

oh I had a good laugh.  And read it in full while Allen and Webb were on Nightline about macaque, “macaca”, etc.  Staged crap, imo.  They did show the anti-semitic flyer that Webb used during the primary.  Looking at it in full color (I had seen a section of it in black and white) hmmm… more than questionable. 

So:  they can form a circle and point.  That will do it for me.  Couple of Republicans from Virginia – they BOTH love that Confederate crap, they love it….  Bah.  Screw ’em.

And to further the hilarity… this from Angry Arab.  And I guess I was in the IDF in So Lebanon 2006mood for it, but the thread was perfect foil for the War Nerd piece… in the As’ad thread, the various participants hurl some tribal and national slams.  Quite amongst themselves… long habituated to it…

Or maybe I look at George (Bush, not Allen – or god! No, both of them, come to think of it…), and I will scam a laugh anywhere. I. can. 

As I listen to Tzipi Livni (Likud member and Israeli Foreign Minister) on Charlie Rose… have a laugh, she tries to push that Lebanon may find that they ”cannot afford Hezbollah”.

Charlie says that Hezbollah and Hamas “had it both ways”.. they got “their hands on government” but did not “have to surrender their arms”.  Gosh, why would they?

And she says that Israel ”had to go to war” because Siniora is weak.  hmmm… Charlie agrees (he agreed with everything, no shock there!)… OK!  Here is news, Charlie is a Likudnik… 😉



UPDATE,  6:50 am

Round up piece from the BBC on the Israeli withdrawal (making motions):

Israel’s military said it had passed control of half of its positions in the south to the current UN force there.

It indicated that a full withdrawal from what was a stronghold of Hezbollah could take weeks or even months.  

Lebanese army moving into place (more tea with the IDF?, see Angry Arab above)

 Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora said the army deployment was to defend the country and that no weapons would be allowed outside the authority of the Lebanese state.

But senior Hezbollah figures have made it clear there is no question the army will disarm its fighters.

The BBC’s Jon Leyne says there seems to be a tacit agreement for the fighters to hide their weapons and go underground.

and whatever else (UNIFIL)… line by line, pretty entertaining.

The expanded UN force’s commander, Gen Alain Pellegrini, said he expected the first elements to start arriving early next week.

“This Unifil will be very different from the previous one. The old Unifil is dead,” he told AFP news agency.

Issuing edicts by leaflet, still:

Israeli aircraft have been dropping leaflets warning refugees to stay away from southern Lebanon.

The BBC article appears to promote the idea that IDF is in charge of Bint Jbeil.  Not if you read 5 weeks of non-stenographic reporting…


UPDATE, 7:45 am

– CT –

Ezra Klein in TAPPED.  Well… you gotta recall who did bring Lieberman to the Democratic senatorial election, back in ’88:

YOU CANNOT KILL JOE, YOU CAN ONLY MAKE HIM STRONGER. The latest polling out of Connecticut shows Joe Lieberman beating Ned Lamont by 12 points, 53-41 percent. The “actual” Republican in the race, Alan Schlesinger, is being demolished, clocking in at a mere four percent. Even more telling, though, are the internals. Lieberman gets a full 75 percent of the Republican vote, making him, for all intents and purposes, the Republican nominee. […]

The question, of course, is whether Lieberman, in the event of a win, will dance with those that brought him. … Will he try and screw over all those Democratic senators who abandoned him? And if he doesn’t, what will he demand from the Democrats in return for his continued support?

It would be bitter irony for the left if their successful challenge to Lieberman left him more powerful than he’d ever otherwise dreamed of being.

Well, it would be … ironical.  Tsk Tsk… surely the ‘ever militant, Give ’em Hell Harry, always wearing his Everlast shorts and evading car bombs from The Mob Harry Reid’ can rope in Joe.  Should be easy, take a slight break from Republican compliant earmark work, slap Joe around and get back to bidness.

What???  Joe is not scared of the Blahhggs? That powerful Dem party weapon???  Dkos, FDL, TPM Muckraker, Atrios and all the assorted little Blahhgettes??  All the assembled Snots and Knots??

Oh you bet I am laughing.



1. aemd - 17 August 2006

The article by War Nerd is hilarious. Lord, that guy can write.

“The rest of you idiots actually seem to take Cooper seriously when he talks about how the IDF is going to “expel Hezbollah from Southern Lebanon.” Christ, Hezbollah IS Southern Lebanon. You might as well try to expel ants.”


2. NYCO - 17 August 2006

What’s really not-funny for the Israeli government and the Israeli survivor-victim myth, is that Hezbollah failed to behave like Arabs typically do. No pointing of scimitars toward the Mediterranean, no calls for wider war, no letting the Israelis expand their territory. Another thing this one-month war (so far) does is to make people in the West less afraid of what might happen if Israel gets its ass whupped. There might just be a new feeling of “Well, let Israel and her neighbors work their own stuff out.”

3. NYCO - 17 August 2006

That piece you quote is funny, but

A Hezbollah mine or shaped charge turned it into a very expensive oven,

I hope that was just an unfortunate word choice on his part.

4. marisacat - 17 August 2006

Well Israel itself used “blitzkrieg” – just a few weeks ago in the early days of this war… I particularly noted it.. Pretty appalling.

Maybe I am too sensitive, but years ago when I read in Ha’aretz of the “camps” Israel was setting up in … hmmm Poland I believe, in order to circumvent their own Rabbinical panels on the sort of instruction that should be mandated for conversion to emigrate… I cringed.

They might consider skipping “cleanse” (the cables were careful to say over and over that word was in the Israeli quotes and not their choosing) “cleanse S lebanon” as well.

I think modern political and military Israel is proving that they do not observe respect for the dead of the Holocaust.

5. NYCO - 17 August 2006

Yeah but the rest of the piece is pretty funny.

Then there’s a shot of the IDF zooming around in their Merkavas and US-supplied SP 155mms, blasting dry hills or doing dirt donuts on some local’s wrecked house.

“Dirt donuts”… LOL.

6. D. Throat - 17 August 2006

The War Nerd is brilliant. Here is an earlier piece describing the Shia... I think that Bush should have read this article two years ago it would have saved him a lot of “frustration”… he is able to get out a lot of information in a very basic vernacular:

We believe in winning. Remember the beginning of Patton, when George C. Scott stands up in dress uniform and says, “No son-of-a-bitch ever won a war by dying for his country — he won it by making some other poor son-of-a-bitch die for HIS country”? That sounds pretty obvious to us, but it’s not the only way you can think about war.

In fact I’d say Patton (Patton in the movie, not the real Patton) is wrong. You can kill twenty of the enemy for every guy you lose — and still lose the war. That’s what happened to us in Nam. We made a million or so of them die for their country, vs. 60,000 of us, and still lost. The British killed dozens of Kikuyu for every settler or soldier they lost fighting the Mau-Mau, and they still got run out of Kenya. Body count is the WORST way to figure out who’s winning a guerrilla war.

If the Shi’ites wrote the script for Patton, George C. Scott would get up and say something like, “Go ahead and kill us — you’ll be sorry!” We’re talking about a martyr culture here, where dying makes you stronger. You know, that shouldn’t be so hard for us to get, because we’ve got Christ, who won by losing, by dying. But that was a long time ago, and it’s so prettified by now that Mel Gibson had to make a whole movie to remind people that martyrdom actually hurts.

The Shi’ites’ martyrs are a lot more recent. Their favorite disaster happened in 680 AD, at the battle of Karbala. Yup, THAT Karbala — the same city where we’ve been fighting Shi’ites for the last few months. Karbala means “anguish.” That should tell you something about the way Shi’ites see the world, that they named one of their holiest cities after something we’d call “clinical depression.” They’re not smiley-face optimists. If a Shi’ite coached your kid’s soccer team, he’d start every practice with a video of the team’s biggest defeat: “Yet again we see Jason missing the goal! Truly we AM/PM Minimart Big Gulps are out of the playoffs forever and a day!”

7. boran2 - 17 August 2006

Thanks, excellent link. The archives will apparently be worth exploring.

8. Deepest Troat - 17 August 2006

Where is the people power now? Oh thats right, to busy hiding and burning bridges. Netroots my ass.

9. CSTAR - 17 August 2006

Israel is attempting to create a rift between the Lebanese population and Hezbollah supporters by exacting a heavy price from the elite in Beirut. The message is: If you want your air conditioning to work and if you want to be able to fly to Paris for shopping, you must pull your head out of the sand and take action toward shutting down Hezbollah-land.

Col. Gal Luft (Ret), a former IDF commander in the town of Ramallah.
Washington Post July 19, 2006
So let me get this straight. If I am a middle class person living in a 60 sq meter Beirut condo, with appliances (including air conditioning incl.) on credit, Col Luft (Ret) wants me to shut down hezbollah-land?

10. marisacat - 17 August 2006

thanks for the Gal Luft quote. I did not know him, of him til I heard him on PBS Lehrer’s The News Hour a few weeks ago. I know you linked to the transcript, the back and forth he had with… ugh forget his point counterpoint person’s name… who is emininently reasonable on ME politics.

Yes Gal Luft was hard to take.

Same as the slams we are leveling against the Iraqis for not standing up in just the way we want them to…

WE NEVER stop to consider what it means to install weak beholden governments… let some sort of real democracy fight for its rights and let it surface. Messy and bloody as it may be.

11. NYCO - 17 August 2006

Israel is attempting to create a rift between the Lebanese population and Hezbollah supporters by exacting a heavy price from the elite in Beirut.

The problem is, this idea looks nice on paper, but you never know what lurks in the hearts of men. The rift is bound to develop, but along fault lines that may not be entirely predictable. People are individuals, they are not game pieces on a war room table, and people who you never thought would go over to condoning/supporting Hezbollah just may do it. It’s a dangerous game for Israel to play.

12. NYCee - 17 August 2006

Well, a Washington Post reporter in Lebanon, a Mr Cody, kept doing his damnedest, for a member of the conventional press, I guess, to disavow Susan Swain, Cspan WJ host, of the meaningfulness of DC’s fav talking meme – the Lebanese playing nice and disempowering Hezbollah. She tried them on him for size but he kept tossing them off. Not a fit.

“But Susan …

But Hezbollah IS part of Lebanon.

But this idea of disempowering Hezbollah is currently not even on people’s lips.

But yellow flags are flying and Hezbollah is seen as victorious against a hated bully.

And Susan…

And seen as helpful with reconstruction and compensation in the aftermath.

No, no, give it up, Susan.”

Paraphrasing, natch, but that was how it went.

Ah, the lull. (Dont forget, psychotic, blinkered minds are busy-busy-busy, even when the bombers arent.)

What the fuck is NEXT?

Bush is not a quitter. He is a failure who inists on being a winner. That is what worries me.

13. marisacat - 17 August 2006

Hey… FOX says Hezbollah won.

Just caught Shep and one of their older correspondents (meaning he has been in and out of the area for 20 + years) saying, people write in constantly telling them they are wrong, ie, Israel WON… and they said, sorry here on the ground, israel did not win.

14. TustonDAZ - 17 August 2006

I saw two “elite” lebanonese families interviewed on the Leherer News Hour about two weeks into the bombing. They were affluent Lebanonese Americans who had been living (or staying for an extended period) with family in Lebanon but had bugged out when the bombs started falling. One family was Marionite Xtian, the other Sunni. Both families spoke accent free standard American English. Both had nothing but praise for hezbollah, considered it part of Lebanon, and credited its efforts with “driving the Israelis” out of S. Lebanon six years ago.

The Israelis have created a rift allright; a rift with them and Amerikkka on one side and the rest of humanity on the other.

15. TustonDAZ - 17 August 2006

I guess Beau Gest won’t be crossing scimitars with the Hezbollah death eaters.

France Throws U.N Peacekeeping Plans Into Disarray
Chirac Rebuffs Pleas to Make Major Contribution to Mission

By Colum Lynch
Washington Post Staff Writer
Thursday, August 17, 2006; 3:06 PM

UNITED NATIONS, Aug. 17 — France has rebuffed U.N. pleas to make a major contribution to a peacekeeping mission in southern Lebanon, setting back international efforts to send a credible military force to the region to police a cease-fire between Israel and Hezbollah, according to U.N. and French officials.

French President Jacques Chirac instead committed Thursday to send a relatively small military engineering company of 200 soldiers to serve in a reinforced U.N. peacekeeping mission that is expected to grow to 15,000 strong and that will help Lebanon police a demilitarized zone in southern Lebanon. He also said that a force of 1,700 French troops and crew stationed in ships off the coast of Lebanon could be sent in to help the U.N. force during a crisis.

In all seriousness, I don’t think the French lack elan, Chirac surely realizes this pause is no real truce.

16. NYCee - 17 August 2006

Gee, wont be able to pop in here much soon, as I am going to a nice, beachy place where the livin is slow and easy and the Sea Oats are high… and the computer access scant. Must get ready, and that is a chore, because if I ruled a nation it would be called ProcrastiNation.

But do want to drop down a few more Tasini v Hillary tidbits for your look-listen.

The Nation has this on NY1 lockout:

This Is What Democracy Looks Like?

Final paragraph with nice clickable link to get people to protest the lockout by NY1.

It’s time to take on our downsized politics of excluded alternatives. Click here to contact NY1 and demand that it act in the public interest and allow this debate. It’s the right thing for the New York Senate race, and it’s the right thing for our democracy.

There is also a small snapshot of Tasini on the move, campaigning, from New York Magazine (Note the noting of the “shabby” headquarters… gee, I was told I’d love it, that it was a Village progressive Dem landmark, had lots of “character”… but then, beauty is in the eye…)

From last paragraph: Can Tasini Pull a Lamont?

Then again, Tasini points out that he was polling at about 13 percent in July, slightly higher than Tom Suozzi (then at about 10 percent against Eliot Spitzer) and about the same as where Lamont was—in February. The Clinton camp is on low alert. She’ll likely debate him on September 6, insiders say, but her people want to forbid Tasini from asking Clinton questions. Her spokesman, Howard Wolfson, says no plans are set. “We’ll see how the campaign develops.

Har. Get the last two lines. “She’ll likely debate him…” (I can NOT see this happening.) “but her people want to forbid Tasini from asking Clinton questions…” (Ah yes, far far more likely to get softballs from an MSM-scrubbed debate moderator, no? Lol. If she could ask him ten questions to his one, she wouldnt allow it.)

And then, again, in lieu of money and televised media coverage, I suppose a few short Tasini-camp video ad spots will have to do. NY1 will invite a pol who polled at 1% to talk to the folks in audienceland but not at 13%, justifying this because the 1%er has the scratch. So, come ye beggars, git ye yer scraps…

Tasini on Israel included in menu- scroll. (This may be a once in a lifetime chance to see a Democrat who’s running for US Senate say this, folks! Just moderate, fair, commonsense… Oh Jesus, “beyond the pale” in Amerisrael. What next … evenhanded? Perish.. )

17. CSTAR - 17 August 2006

From the French military point of view, it’s not clear who they will be protecting. Suppose for instance, that, based on “reliable information” the Israelis try to kill Nasrallah with an airstrike. Does anybody seriously doubt that the Israelis would attempt to bump off Nasrallah, if they had enough confidence in information about his whereabouts? The only cost to the Israelis would be negative international reaction, which hasn’t dissuaded them in the past. Moreoverever Bush-Blairito would say nothing.

In the event of such an attack, what are the UN troops supposed to? Try to bring down Israeli aircraft? Retaliate against Israeli airfields? Doing nothing would make the French complicit in such an action.

18. NYCee - 17 August 2006

Will read the War Nerd’s offerings next chance I get. Looks sharp from what Ive read so far… but Im off to trawl the unsuspecting, the unaware, the uninformed and misinformed for a few more Tasini votes… and do a quick clean up here first… or I DIE.

Btw, I heard a new Tasini/Clinton poll is due out soon. I am dreading the results but I am also hoping to see that some of the trawling has borne fruit. Not expecting a watermelon but a few kiwis would be nice… no, too cynical… a few oranges, then.

19. NYCee - 17 August 2006

I just heard on the radio that the French have agreed to add more to their peacekeeping force. Maybe 1,500? Cant be sure. Heard it before I saw this and was on alert.

20. wu ming - 17 August 2006

when will these people get it through their skulls that the westernized elite are not the population that you need on your side to make things happen?

same method since the 19th century, awe the natives with a quick cannonade, install a “king,” demand trade and resource monopolies, and assume that the compradores will rule the country to one’s liking. and then look dazed and confused when the boxers slaughter your missionaries, and the natives get their hands on guns and decide there’s better uses for their treasure than enriching foreign stockholders.

the fact that they’re still surprised after the past 200-odd years of history is what astounds me.

21. TustonDAZ - 17 August 2006

Actually, I’m quite impressed with the French; it seems whatever macho, “we’ll march in” merde they fed Connie and Olmert stopped the hard core bombing for a little bit at least….

wu ming- They’ll get it through their thick skulls just after Cheese-Whiz (the angry white male diety’s son) comes down to toss all of us macaque’s and macaque lovers into a lake of fire.

22. marisacat - 17 August 2006

well a perfectly reasonable looking, S Asian origin, by my take Indian, wept on BBC yesterday. She was treated so very badly as she flew on Monday I think it was. The reporter asked her why, that is when she broke down as she said “Becasue I am Brown”.

About 25 or 30… young educated reasonable looking woman with excellent English. US English.

And our “safety” is to have our shoes exrayed, and surrender shampoo and Mother’s milk.

It ain’t working.

And shit like all of this was one of the likely scenarios with LUNATICS in charge.

You can quietly and calmly surveille a boarding party… they did it very well in Europe BEFORE 9/11. And it was usually done at three points before departure. Perfectly courteous, low key, low voices. One on one. It is the personal contact, the soft repeated questions that will alert well trained people.

23. NYCee - 17 August 2006

Btw, Marisa, I thought your take on the code getting out deliberately, a la Allen, sounded on target. Then today I heard on the radio of another Republican apparently committing an Allen … something about blacks cant swim…

The Idiot (I just safely assume) running for K Harris’ congressional seat.

Your supposition is gaining some mentum, I do believe.

24. wu ming - 17 August 2006

yup. flying from from taiwan to SF and back again in december of 2001 was an object lesson in competence and bluster. checked at three points in taipei, twice by calm and friendly soldiers, smooth and thorough as anything, and then utter chaos at SFO, “voluntary check-on baggage scans” (i kid you not), lines snaking this way and that across each other, all manner of useless busywork, national guard reservists resting arms boredly on guns while staring at the crowd, and extra-rude immigrations officers berating furriners for not understanding how to navigate the poorly-signed madness.

a nation with any sense would suck up its pride and ask the europeans for pointers on this stuff. flying through vienna in the 90s was fast and secure, none of this makign a show of inconveniencing people but not doing anything.

i wonder if americans will ever get fed up with it, if there is a point where they’ll lose their patience. i used to think so, now i’m more ambivalent.

25. marisacat - 17 August 2006

no I think Americans, most of them, have agreed to be sheep, fatted for sacrifice, if they can have the commercial items they feel they bargained for.

And they won’t care one little bit as various “browns” are led off first to detention, then to disappearance then to whatever is the usual, from time immemorial.

For a long time now, I think only 20 – 30 million sane people, with any idea of a “country” or a “nation of one people, however diverse” left.

26. marisacat - 17 August 2006

NYCee… i landed on a comment somehwere, forget where from a Virginian who said that forwathever reason, that Macaque and its derivative “macaca” is in fact known in VA.

Maybe from bleed thru from returning military over the eyars…?? I have no idea.

Oh i thought immediately it was on purpose.

Allen knew who to single out, knew he was from the Webb camp, knew he had been introduced to him and KNEW HE WS FILMING.

Then the set up wtih the nice friendly S Asian Indian group, who murmured and mumbled and said all is OK.

And again, Allen and Webb are BOTH into the Old Confederacy crap, hype, shit and romanticism. And the racism.

And LOL i am beginning to think BOTH dye their hair. LOL. NOt just Webb.

27. NYCee - 18 August 2006

A few part rant…

Just read War Nerd, present, as featured here, and the month past, on N Korea…

Well, that Nerd certainly has a way of cutting through the spin and the top layers of gauzy overlay most are swimming in… (Anderson Cooper … lol, gotcha… AC annoyingly does lay his bias quite obviously into his ‘brilliant’ questioning re Israel v hell, the region… Ive noted.)

WN on NK – We’ve basically wimped out on its threats, provocations, assaults over the decades (details given) while otherwise busying ourselves by wasting ourselves – people, resources, attention, planning, (global cooperation/good will, diplomacy?) etc – with stupid unnecessary wars elsewhere (Vietnam, now Iraq) while diddling with NK, which is the crazy as a fox (and just crazy) psycho killer down the block – an ever-preparing, ever-growing entity, growing from threat to capable psycho killer. Hates us and Japan with a super passion.

(Michael Parenti chides in my inner ear about talking about the govt.: “Dont say “our,” dont say “we”, DONT SAY WE!!! Even Chomsky does it and it’s wrong… it’s they, IT’S THEY!” – unless you agree with the They, then you are of the We, but he always speaks to crowds of Lefties, so…. Alas, alack, my “we” is “they”… I do hate saying we, but I fall into it… )

Gee… I guess this is why the other Kim was so hep on a Sunshine Policy… You better be fucking willing to give peace a chance, because the other guy, the other Kim, is damn sure willing to make war. And for reunification and all that other good stuff, too. Me, I go for this tack, too.


I remember a former ambassador, active at the time of Bush1, talking about how Congress, the Newt Crew, during Clinton’s tenure had done their damnedest to fuck up the Sunshine Policy with which Clinton was willing to engage. They caused trouble. Renegging on sanctions-lifting agreements, running off their chickenhawk mouths, I believe. Promises broken. Threats made. Angered Kim the Bad. Then enter Bush2 and whatever pinholes were letting the sunshine in were filled in with typical bushite. Bush’s eclipse policy? Axis of Evil and all that sunblock policy, SPF 100.

28. NYCee - 18 August 2006

And now, what do we have but another senseless war and the bullies are all busy, and the people who wanted to give peace a chance, by golly, have been sidelined again.

Fucking A and B, C all the way to Z. No wonder Kurt Vonnegut calls us a failed experiment, the human race. Experiment over, he did declare, on NOW a year or so ago. Fin. No mo sequels. No more double triple checking necessary in the lab. The undeniable results are in and they are written in stone. We are a miserable, miserable species… (They, I mean THEY! Right, Michael?) Therefore, all we can do is accept our eventual and deserved extermination, by our own (their!) miserable hand. Global warming or global warring, thus he declared it would be so.

And yet, I am not old as Kurt, and so I will always try to do something. Something. I cannot just sit in my armchair (well, I dont have one… my couch, I do have a couch) and await the inevitable (maybe he doesnt either, but expresses his scorn, disappointment, and sense of things to come in a way that makes it seem so…). But I do know exactly what he means.

29. NYCee - 18 August 2006

End of rant…

Btw, Mary McGrory popped up, as I was searching back in the Kim Sunshine/Bush eclipse archives, and she certainly did seem to be on the mark, and even willing to mention the I-word (Israel, via “Sh” Sharon), as McGovern does, albeit not as blatantly, in connection with BushCo’s march to war on Iraq while NK troubles bubble. She discussed Bush1’s dangerous dismantling of Kim’s sunshine policy. (With yet another tie-in to recent discussion here in the same column, that of the GOP playing the race card in reverse for thine ears only (Southern base). Here ’twas Lott a Stromming himself, with poor timing, right outta the Majority spot: Whoops! Rove steps up, the Good Doctor steps in to save the patient, or GOP reputation..)

Bush’s Moonshine Policy

Ah, what a bunch of fucking clowns we have in Congress (Sy Hersh is right)… everywhere in DC. If they all just went to Crawford, just shut the govt down, and we all had to fend for ourselves, we would probably do better, at least be safer. No more funding defense, no more missiles to launch, bombers to bomb, and let Star Wars sit there in all its high-priced failure to atrophy… Send the military home too — not just “the boys” but the whole fucking lot of them in DoD and everywhere — really send them ALL home.

Hey, maybe Newt was trying to do us a favor when he pushed Clinton to that line… SHUT IT DOWN! Maybe the Libertarians (hardcore) are right…

30. NYCee - 18 August 2006

PS – (Always!)

I should say maybe Libertarians are right for America, but they like govt for military (and roads), right? So maybe they would just kill us all off too, although a lot of them are on antiwar.com. (Where you’ll find Pat Buchanan deeply ensconsed, who, I must say, I would vote for over Hillary or Schumer as president, at the present time, given that foreign policy in the ME is like the screaming overwhelmingly biggest issue facing us and is handled in the worst way… raining destruction down on others, building up the IOUs for our destruction by those with whom we fuck who we fuck… and Buchanan actually stands alone making sense a lot of the time on the ME. Yeah, I’d take Buchanan over Hillary in the Oafal Office in a NY minute at present.)

Govt seems to work well elsewhere, in some nations, but Americans just dont seem to have a fucking clue, certainly not the leadership. The populace seems to be slowly waking up… perhaps too slowly and still too quietly, though.

31. NYCee - 18 August 2006

Just reading some of those banning threads over at MLW. Since they were mentioned here, as otherwise, I wouldnt have had a clue. Just dont go there, although I find some interesting posters there. Might try it more, but I should probably reduce, not add on. I enjoy reading Arthur Gilroy. Just discovered he plays at Birdland regularly, which would make it so easy for me to see him play.

Anyway, I get a kick out of him.

Okay… must kick myself to do pre-trip errands. Im gone…

32. D. Throat - 18 August 2006

This is obscene:

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration is scrambling to assemble a plan to help rebuild Lebanon, hoping that by competing with Hezbollah for the public’s favor it can undo the damage the war has inflicted on its image and goals for the Middle East.

Administration officials fear that unless they move quickly to demonstrate U.S. commitment, the Lebanese will turn more fully to the militant group, which has begun rolling out an ambitious reconstruction program that Washington believes is bankrolled by Iran.

American officials also believe that the administration must restore its influence to keep a newly assertive Syria from undermining U.S.-supported reformers in Lebanon.

A major rebuilding investment would put the United States in the position of subsidizing both the Israeli munitions that caused the damage and the reconstruction work that will repair it. Such a proposal could meet with resistance from Congress, but administration officials said that the need for action was urgent.

“People have been seized by the need to do more, in a tangible way, and they’re working feverishly on this,” said a senior administration official who asked to remain unidentified because he was speaking about plans still in development. “They know we’re in a race against time to turn around these perceptions.”

U.S. officials and private experts agree that the administration faces an uphill effort trying to outdo Hezbollah, which has a broad local base, well-developed social service programs and the confidence of many Lebanese.

“Hezbollah is deeply integrated into Lebanese society,” said Jon Alterman, a former State Department official who is head of Middle East studies at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

“We’re coming in when there’s a sense that we stood by the destruction of Lebanon by an ally, with U.S. weapons, and didn’t complain. So we may be too late.”

… all we have to do is look towards NOLA to see who will benefit AGAIN with no bid contracts…

33. NYCee - 18 August 2006

Sorry to be such a thread hog here, but I am the only one posting …

One last thing. Just checked DKos and see there is a good proTasini diary fast scrolling down. It does have 75 comments, I dont have time to read. Just diary and first two posts and then posted. Now must go. But I thought this was instructive as to the “progressive” nature of the Democrats on DK

Thus far, here are your recommenders of the diary.

NYCee, Black Maned Pensator, greenskeeper, Fist of the North Star

And one, for sure, is a GREEN!

Progressive? Oh right, that means “regressive” under new big tent/strong poles definition. Uh huh. Dig.

Aptly titled:

Tasini vs. Clinton: The costly disconnect between views and votes

34. NYCee - 18 August 2006

Oh… D Throat, didnt see you.

Good, you broke my hogdom.

35. marisacat - 18 August 2006

NYCee… thanks for the link to the Tasini diary…

I remember Black Maned Pensator. Seems to me he was a good writer (realise here he is a recommender, not the author).

Don’t worry about the posts, post as you like, as things occur to you…. 😉

36. gong - 18 August 2006

NYCee, your link to that diary is broken, it should be this. Now up to 95 comments.

D. Throat, what I wonder is how the U.S. or Israel could get in on the reconstruction without, directly or indirectly, funding Hezbollah. Do I have an exaggerated sense of how entrenched Hezbollah is in the social infrastructure of south Lebanon? Probably I’m just not trying hard enough to imagine how awful and delusory American plans might be.

37. marisacat - 18 August 2006

gong, I think “awful and delusory” is right on target.. Hezbollah had banners up with in 24 hours “Made in the USA” stretched across complete devastation.

and thanks to D Throat for the link.

Off to read. … 😉

38. marisacat - 18 August 2006


This just came in the email distribution from FAIR about NY1

39. NYCee - 19 August 2006

Thanks, Mc.

Love FAIR. They got on Move On’s case too.

Here’s what I got today from Tasini people in email.

Would You Pay $5 to Safeguard Democracy?

Dear Friends:

NY1, the Time Warner-owned news station in New York, is continuing its undermining of democracy and fair political debate. In response to the flood of emails and calls criticizing the station’s refusal to let Jonathan Tasini participate in a scheduled Town Hall meeting for the U.S. Senate race because Jonathan had not raised or spent $500,000, the station has quietly CANCELLED the event. In one sense, the station’s action is a direct result of the outpouring of grassroots outrage to the station’s suppression of political debate. NY1 feared the power of the grassroots, the power of regular citizens like you.

Unfortunately, rather than rescind its undemocratic and anti-free speech position, the station is closing off debate.

But, you have two ways to make sure there is a full debate in the Democratic primary for the U.S. Senate. You have a chance to ensure that our progressive message is heard and that voters get a chance to hear the different views on the future of our state put forth by Jonathan Tasini and Hillary Clinton.

#1: Would you pay $5 to safeguard democracy? Would you like to show Big Media giants like Time Warner that they can’t control our democratic debate? Justifying the station’s money-buys-democracy policy, Steve Paulus, senior vice president at NY1, told the Associated Press, “There are 5.5 million registered Democrats in New York. All Tasini would need is for each one to send him a dollar.”

So, we issue a challenge to voters across the state: make sure Jonathan has a fair shot at getting his message out. Donate $5 at our website http://www.tasinifornewyork.org/donate (our system won’t accept less than $5!!!…try it!).

#2: Do you believe Hillary Clinton has an obligation to the voters of New York to explain her vote to go to war in Iraq, as well as many other positions that are out-of-step with the majority of Democrats in New York? If you do, call Hillary Clinton’s campaign office NOW. Tell her that she cannot hide from the voters and undercut democracy by refusing to engage in an open debate with Jonathan Tasini. Call: 212-213-3717

Thank you for all you do for the campaign!

Lol. NY1 Just cut the Town Hall, rather than take any more irate calls.

E-mail suggestions – I likes! Will call Hillary from beach, I will. And cough up the fiver for Tasini. All y’all (practicing my southern) can call her toll free too, lol… for the sake of democracy. 😉

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