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We are so screwed. 23 August 2006

Posted by marisacat in Big Box Blogs, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, WAR!.

Irancartoon.com - Lei Hao - China

Just as I finished reading this from Qatar (snip below) I heard on MSNBC that a previously unidentified group has the two FOX reporters and is demanding release of Muslim prisoners in the US. 

Sounds like, at first blush, a 72 hour demand window. 

A bit of a whiff – and I only say that as we are hurtling faster and faster to wider war.

From The Peninsula:

[P]repare for Iranian attack: Israel minister Meanwhile, a cabinet minister and former Mossad spy warned yesterday Israel should prepare for a ballistic missile attack from arch enemy Iran.

“Iran has threatened to attack us with its ballistic missiles and we should prepare behind our lines and civilians for such an attack,” Pensioner Affairs Minister Rafi Eitan said in an interview broadcast by Israeli public radio.

Eitan, a member of the security cabinet and a former spy for Mossad, the country’s overseas intelligence agency, said the authorities needed to “refurbish or prepare numerous shelters.”  […]

 Raanan Dinur made the remarks during a tour of the north, which was pounded by more than 4,000 rockets fired by the Iranian-backed Shi’ite Hezbollah during Israel’s 34-day day war in Lebanon, killing 41 Israeli civilians.

One of Iran’s top clerics warned last week that if the Islamic republic is attacked by the United States and Israel, it will retaliate with ballistic missile strikes against Tel Aviv.

Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said Israel should be “wiped off the map” and called several times or the Jewish state to be moved somewhere else on the planet.

Iran is Israel’s public enemy number one and has never recognised the Jewish state.

Morning after morning the callers to Washington Journal are like cluster bomblets going off… and this am was no different.  A few extras crawled to the light as Dick Armey was on…

Racism, paranoia, fear, the deep rooted belief that if anyone gets anything, someone lost “theirs”.  Many callers, on all sides of the political issues and divides, call and begin calm, but within the minute or two or three alloted to them rise to near hysteria.  

I have no real idea where we are headed.  I only know that in summer of 2002 as some friends argued that Bush only threatened war (and I would instantly signal the waiter for another bottle of whatever red wine we were drinking) – I looked ahead and literally saw a yawning black chasm.


UPDATE,  10:00 am Beat those nuclear drums for war:

Israel signs contract for nuclear capable submarines: reports

Israeli newspaper reports say Israel has signed a contract with Germany for two new U-boats capable of launching nuclear weapons.

The Jerusalem Post newspaper says Israel wants the new submarines to counter the growing threat from Iran.

Israel’s Defence Ministry has refused to confirm or deny the report of the deal said to be worth $US1.27 billion, a third of which will be financed by the German Government.

The U-212 submarines carry a crew of 35, have a range of 4,500 kilometres and can launch missiles carrying nuclear weapons.

They are capable of remaining submerged for much longer than the three German U-boats already in the Israeli fleet.

Israel has never acknowledged developing nuclear weapons, but is widely believed to possess them.

[thanks Madman]

And the beat goes on…

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – Dutch police arrested 12 passengers on a U.S. Northwest Airlines plane bound for India which was forced to turn back to Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport on Wednesday, news agency ANP reported.

ANP said a police spokesman said 12 were arrested, but declined to give further details due to the ongoing investigation. Dutch police were not immediately available to comment on the report. The Dutch defense ministry said earlier the pilot decided to turn back after the crew said several of the 149 passengers on flight 42 to Mumbai were behaving suspiciously. […]

The Dutch secret service AIVD warned in March that the war in Iraq and the presence of Dutch troops in Afghanistan might motivate possible attacks and encourage the recruitment of home-grown Islamist militants.

There have been several scares since the British plot was uncovered, including at the Tri-State Airport in Huntington, West Virginia, on a Pacific Blue flight from Fiji to Sydney and on a British plane from London to Egypt diverted to Italy.

An Iberia Airlines flight bound for Madrid was turned back to the Netherlands in April after a woman raised the alarm about a passenger she thought was acting suspiciously. The passenger was later cleared of any wrongdoing.  [snip]

A report on CNN said the men had caused alarm when they began to use their cell phones.


UPDATE, 10:30 am…

– BlahgSnots and Party Snots –

Well… Taibbi is right in his criticism of the Rahm quotes… however, Rahm is right as well. 

I too would equate Al Sharpton  – in his present incarnation as useful Democratic paid mouthpiece – with Blahhhggers.

I’d also be interested to know who finagled that Al, Jesse and the head of NOW should be in the stage with Lamont – for his victory speech.  It sure as hell did not say, CT has chosen.  It said, factions chose. 

I keep saying, Kos runs a diversionary operation.

Paid mouthpieces abound in the so-called A listers.  As I have said before, too many of them washed up from their former lives and avocations.  Washed to the political shores.  Ain’t it a damned shame.

      Mohammad Amin Aghai/Iran

I find the loudly identified “schism” in the party (and Taibbi lumps in Tasini with Lamont… that is called:  missing the point, big time) present this year remarkably uninteresting, particularly as it is fashioned for the press, for the game of tension and the horse race of it all. 

Which is exactly what the BlahgSnots are employed to work on.

The real schism is decades old.  Never gone away, the party holds power, uses its base then discards it on a regular schedule… and it is why progressives, liberals, the left should not vote to reinforce the party.


UPDATE, 12:20 pm

Hail the new Manzanars:

From Sharon Smith via Counterpunch:

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly asserted just days ago, “all young Muslims should be subjected to more scrutiny than Granny [at U.S. airports]. And we should blend some Israeli screening procedures with our own.”

A significant minority of Americans apparently agree.

A USA TODAY/Gallup Poll conducted in late July showed nearly 40 percent of Americans said they harbor prejudice against Muslims. The same percentage supported requiring all Muslims, including U.S. citizens, to carry a special ID “as a means of preventing terrorist attacks in the United States.”

Nearly one in four—22 percent—said they wouldn’t want Muslims as their neighbors. An early-August poll by Cornell University found that 44 percent of Americans support limiting Muslim-Americans’ civil liberties, while 27 percent supported requiring all Muslim-Americans to register with the federal government and 22 percent favored racial profiling of Arabs and Muslims for security purposes.

To be sure, recent U.S. polls tail trends in Israel, where an October 2005 Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies’ opinion poll showed 46 percent of Israel’s Jewish population favor “transferring” (i.e., ethnically cleansing) Palestinians from Israel’s occupied territories, and 31 percent supported transferring Israeli Arabs out of Israel’s borders. But the parallels are clear.

How long will it take  My guess, christian cadres will be tapped to run the new detention centers.  Seems inevitable.  One more event on US soil, is what it will take…


UPDATE, 4:15 pm hmmm

Markos Moulitsas, whose blog, the Daily Kos, championed Mr. Lamont, was more blunt in explaining why he had not taken up Mr. Tasini’s banner.

“I fed off the excitement and energy Lamont created amongst Connecticut activists and bloggers,” Mr. Moulitsas wrote in an e-mail message. “I see none of that energy or excitement for Tasini.”

Likes him some Clinton.  Wants more…

Care for some Veuve Clicquot to wash down that slice of Blahhgger on a triscuit? 

Poor boy, just a cheap hors d’oeuvre to Hillary. 

And a tool, of course, of the party.. and of AIPAC.

Mr. Tasini, who, at 49, has never run for public office before, is a complicated political animal. He has even been sharply critical of Mr. Lamont, arguing that he is insufficiently antiwar and would never have won without spending $4 million of his own money.

Mr. Lamont, like Mrs. Clinton, has also strongly supported Israel in the ongoing conflict with Lebanon, while Mr. Tasini — who has many family members in Israel — has chastised Israel for its bombing and invasion of Lebanon.

Page 2 of the NYT report is a scream, read a certain way. 

We are utterly bereft of leadership in this country, broad based leadership that openly and righteously supports the American people — and the Democratic party corraled the so called Liberal Blogs – long ago, almost right away – into a rigid party ghetto.  Nothing new…

Mr. Dean said that his group was not scared to take on Senator Clinton over Iraq, but that there was “a time and a place” for such challenges — and spurning her within her own party did not make sense.

Let’s all be sensible.  And not deviate.  Not one little bit. They, the Deans in their various capacities at DNC and DFA, are going to be fine with Casey, fine with Webb, fine with Massa, and I suspect fine with Ritter in the CO governor’s race.  Yes, fine with Hillary.

Yes, let’s all elect – and badger people into supporting – DINOs, as we trumpet taking down Lieberman. The game cannot get emptier…


And some more, hmmmmmm.

Throwing this entry at Blogometer up, in toto.  … so sue me.

The problem with Kerry is that he lay down first – and now he is waving from that prone position.  Waving a bit frantically. 

BTW, it was Hillary (and her minions) in charge of the Democratic rapid response out post in NYC during the RNC.  And they did absolutely nothing.  Nothing. 

I cannot stand the R party but they worked their sagging, wretched asses off during the Democratic convention in Boston.

It’s a crying shame.  But no Democrat in charge feels the least bit of shame for imcompetence in running a supposedly national political party.

They really do inspire sheer, rolling, ever renewed with each day, disgust.

BLOGGERS VS. MSM: That Must’ve Been Some Conference Call

The highlight reel from 8/11’s conference call between Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) Iraq war veteran Patrick Murphy (D-PA) continues to grow with the release of more confrontational audio, this time between Kerry and The Hill reporter Jonathan Kaplan.

The latest excitement began when Kaplan asked Murphy: “Do you think Ned Lamont‘s victory in Connecticut hurts or helps your chances of defeating the GOP incumbent?”

Not satisfied with Murphy response Kaplan pushed the question again and after Murphy answered Kerry lectured Kaplan that the press: “”should not allow them [the GOP] to be able to try to transform failure into an offensive policy to suggest that someone is weak because they have an alternative that works.”

 Kaplan was not amused by Kerry’s tone and shot back: “Isn’t that your job not ours?” Kerry did not back down: “”We communicate through you … We need to invite you to hold them accountable … We speak but if it doesn’t get out there, the American people don’t hear it.”

The fun didn’t stop there. Kaplan later asked bloggers on the conference the call “Hey if you’re going to blog about it and rip Fitzpatrick, why don’t you rip Kerry for blaming the media for how he can’t communicate with the American people.”

When a blogger responded “the media does not put the Kerry message out” Kaplan shot back: “Screw that and Screw him!! For Him to criticize us, it’s his own fault.” The call breaks down from there but Kaplan can be heard saying: “Actually i shouldn’t have even said that because I’m going to get in trouble.”




1. wilfred - 23 August 2006

We’re headed right where Buscho want us: permanent war.

For all who are interested, put the documentary “Why We Fight” on your Netflix queue, it’s a stunning eye-opener.

2. marisacat - 23 August 2006

well yes. Wider endless war.

But I have no real view of the outcome. I have long expected Bush to use a nuclear weapon. For one thing, successive US administrations ahve seriously considered it, all of my life. Why should he, paranoid sociopath, be any different.

He wants to be a real stand out when the history is written.

Fuhrershaft. Leadership.

And many US born Americans, many right wing immigrants who came here for our ‘Strong Father’ image, are helping him.

The country is a cancer. And it had every chance on earth to be completely different.

3. bayprairie - 23 August 2006

la gran naranga* today

Booman now likes Mark Warner. He’s obviously been bought off by the Warner campaign (diverting some of my suitcases of cash to Booman’s Pennsylvania address), because he was one of the big critics of Warner’s appearance at YearlyKos.

But really, I think Booman has simply realized that Warner isn’t someone who can be easily caricatured.

wow, 21st century democratic party standards in action. This Candidate Is Not Easily Caricaturized!!! Can they possibly set the bar any lower?

Caspar Milquetoast for President in 2008!

Vote for Caspar! “the man who speaks softly and gets hit with a big stick”.


4. marisacat - 23 August 2006

oh for god’s sake.

Booman (and in fact it included a soft rebuke to MB as well) was taken down by another attendee at the really quite tired luncheon operation. In the thread to his post on the filet mignon as sandwich meat event. See comment from Susie. And she posted her quite cool take on the speech etc at her own blog Suburban Guerilla.

Christ, I wish BlahhhggSnots had lived Real Lives before they began to lecture. Often to people not in need of lecturing.


5. marisacat - 23 August 2006

not easily characterised?

Lordy. I’d check Warner for white Florsheims. LOL.

6. gong - 23 August 2006

Ha! bayprairie, I had exactly the same reaction.

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