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Taking a walk today… ;) open thread if anyone wants one… 24 August 2006

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

     World Wildlife Foundation 1985 - Kuhn-Klein



1. gong - 24 August 2006

Well, it’s way off-topic (billions of miles off topic, actually), but I’m tickled by the news that Pluto will no longer be counted a planet.

2. cactus ed - 24 August 2006

Looks like egg on the BBB’s faces


3. marisacat - 24 August 2006

Thanks for that cactus ed, I’d never have seen i t… 😉

they have become like crazed communards of some of the bloodier days of the French Revolution.

They probably don’t understand about the sort of planned meeting for elected officials who worked together on a plan to save work for the state is all about.

Sorry to call them deaf dumb and blind. But I did.

Interesting as Fleet Admiral has done shit shoveling work for them/thugs… plenty of it in fact..

Do I sound a tad acid? LOL Just got thru with a distasteful email exchange…

Not everyday that someone who erased, and thus censored, your work then writes to you.

Also dumb.

4. cactus ed - 24 August 2006

Well, for extra credit I can predict the form kos’ mea culpa is likely to take. But you’d probably be ahead of me on that one, too. 🙂

5. marisacat - 24 August 2006

LOL… I cannot imagine what Kos would say… 😉

I am sure they are more than happy they got itty bitty story to spread around. I just ran into ti at BMT…

I see them as someday writing:

”JoeNoMentum Lieberman got in an elevator today and pushed the “Down” button.

He KNOWS he is going down!! Proof! We have proof! We’ll have the You Tube in a minute!!”

LOl or something like that.. 😉

6. gong - 24 August 2006

marisacat, that’s purrfect!

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 24 August 2006

the pluto thing is funny … esp. the way that the ignorant newsmodels babble about it without any understanding of how science works.

8. Deepest Troat - 24 August 2006

They all suckas for following Jane. Let’s see, she did a little blackface and people still followed her and now this, people will still follow like the lemmings that they are.

9. cactus ed - 24 August 2006

Ok, one more


See, dKos is already at perfection – The Truth! That messy dissent thing would just tarnish it. How icky.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 24 August 2006

One note, the debunking of the Holy Joe story is by FleetEnema … Admiral, one of the bully boys always pushing for “centrism”. I take everything he writes w/ a grain of salt.

11. marisacat - 24 August 2006

cactus ed, thanks for the comment link, I followed it and read the diary. Wonderful diary.

12. Deepest Troat - 24 August 2006

hey Madman, we have to buy into his shit, but it sure is fun watching them eat their own. munch, munch

hey cactus ed, ya wanna see what happens to folks who dissent. I am not talking about dissent on the dkos web site, look what happens when dKos refugees try to start their own website:

8-21-06: I’m estimating getting nowhere[web.com] back up sometime this week. The krazy kossacks hordes will not keep us down. I am currently surrounded by several large textbooks on web security & have consulted an expert on this matter and am going over everything with a fine toothcomb. To the kossacks who broke in once again: An AOL account may be difficult to trace, but it’s not impossible.

what Little Lulu should have said “So, no, I don’t think we need a whole bunch of dissent on this blog and off this blog. and everything else, BETTER SHUT THE FUCK UP.

13. marisacat - 24 August 2006

ooo I did not realise that Nowhere got hacked again.

Thanks for the tip… 😉

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 24 August 2006

LSF came under multiple DOS attacks over the last several months. Not that he good folks at the Big Boy Blogs had anything to do with it.

15. D. Throat - 24 August 2006

Just an observation…

Why is it only acceptable when white people proclaim racism in the “progressive blogosphere”?

I keep reading these breathless accounts of racism…even Jiacinto the biggest racist bastard (a million times Jiacinto has equated the “evilness” of left liberal devils as Black female elected officials incarnate) on dK had a diary about racism… but when Black people proclaim what they percieve as racism… then it is called “over sensitive”. Reading Aravosis racist rants on McKinny and debates of Snow’s “tarbaby” slur… where the majority of Koshits refused to comprehend the racist intents… leads me to believe that

Racism is only “real” in the “progressive” blogosphere… if white politicicans can benefit from it. Racism does not exist in said blogosphere if it only deals with race and inequalities of a group of people… those folks are just “hyper-sensitive”.

16. marisacat - 24 August 2006

hmmm. there were several points at which I had to just wonder who the hell, all too often, was at Dkos and related sites.

One was the whole “atmosphere” of anything to do with race, racism, issues of historial reference to do with slavery, economics of slavery and so on…

and here is a laugh, all the bizaare navel gazing they do over the Democratic party. Slobbery self-serving crap.

I had NEVER in my entire life heard such complimentary drool about a political party. And we were Democrats.

If the party is not viable as a vehicle – whihc indeed it has been, even if kicking and screaming – but if it is not a viable vehicle, Then it is nothing.

But they LOVED to do diaries about what it means to be a Democrat. LOL then later they did diaries on what it means to be a christian and a Democrat.

What utter bull.

And there sure were plenty of homophobic vibes as well. And then LOL Pie. WHich was not about the ad, it was about how unwelcome strong womens’ voices were. And how Dkos runs purges.

… not that anybody asked for all of that… 😉

17. D. Throat - 24 August 2006

Yeah … these are the same people who basically called McKinny an uppity nigra… who are going apeshit over Allen’s slur …which is tame compared to Aravosis “I hate liberal nigras” rant.

18. D. Throat - 24 August 2006

… and they still couldn’t find a negro or a nigra to speak at DailyKos… imgine that … a “Democratic” party event… and they could not find any Black people even though Blacks are one the largest demographic voting block in the party.

Maybe Jane should have painted her own face Black and gave the speech.

19. marisacat - 25 August 2006

hmm I only paid sporadic attention… but iirc their ”Southern Panel”… was all white. I think Jerome ws on it… LOL. Maybe he talked aobut stars in the Southern Hemisphere.

I DO remember a diary or a long comment from Fabooj about how she had either worked thru her So Cal contacts to work in non white political groups.. but it foundered. Seems it was lack of interest all around.

I don’t think the money that wants to go active, or more active, in the party is the least bit interested in non-whites.

LOL Andy Young is on the board of the Drum Major Institute (DMI) that seems to be a nexus of awards or cash or something for Kos Greenwald etc.

Just tired, seriously out of date people. Or that is how I see it.

20. bayprairie - 25 August 2006

well you’ll be glad to know there’s at least ONE white democrat who isn’t racist.

and from virginia!!!!!!

go figure.

today’s orange lipstick on a pig award goes to:

Jim Webb’s America
by 5oclockshadow

There are many monuments on the national mall in Washington, D.C., but only one statue of a black man.

That statue is there because Jim Webb fought to have it included in the Viet Nam memorial. Indeed, the boots on that statue were molded directly from Jim Webb’s own combat boots.

my gawd, that’s almost as good as jesus washing the disciples feet! even better perhaps! those combat boots are a nice repubilcan touch!

er.. ah… i mean democratic touch, ‘scuse me.

not very well blended though. the poster needs to work on smoothing his comedic delivery. perhaps he should come over here, where its “easy” to “make fun of” those who are “working hard” to “build something” over on those partySAN blahhhggs :::rolling my eyes::: .

i suggest they learn a little about smooth comedy from the pros in the audience over here.

anywho, continuing on.

While at Georgetown he (Webb) began a six-year pro bono representation of an African American Marine who had been convicted of war crimes in Vietnam (finally clearing the man’s name in 1978, three years after his suicide). He later said he finished the job for the sake of the soldier’s mother.

In 2004 he (Jim Webb) wrote:

“in fact the greatest realignment in modern politics would take place rather quickly if the right national leader found a way to bring the Scots-Irish and African Americans to the same table, and so to redefine a formula that has consciously set them apart for the past two centuries.”

i suppose we should expect such kneepad fluffing posts. theyre required when you try and paint a lifelong republican as a “progressive” ::COUGH COUGH COUGH:::

billmon has a good take on this very issue.

James Webb — former Secretary of the Navy and all-around gung ho ubermilitarist

Webb definitely has his dark side. He was one of the ring leaders of the thinly veiled racist campaign against Maya Ying Lin, the designer of the Vietnam War Memorial, which Webb famously called a “wall of shame.” The wall, of course, is one of the most brilliant and moving public monuments ever built anywhere — and also quickly proved to be one of the most popular, which must have driven Webb nuts. Unfortunately, he and his fellow Neanderthals were able to mau mau the National Park Service into planting a couple of faux heroic soldier statues near the wall, adding an ugly splash of neo-Stalinist realism to what is otherwise a postmodernist masterpiece.

All this is just a long-winded way of saying that when it come to the Vietnam War, Webb’s views have about as much wisdom and sanity as a Rambo movie. And he has a particular chip on his shoulder about the Vietnam Veterans Against the War — and John Kerry. Like so many of his fellow bitter enders, he (Webb) zeroes in on Kerry’s 1971 anti-war testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee:

(Webb speaking)He (Kerry) testified that fellow veterans had routinely “raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan.” With those words, he defamed a generation of honorable men.

I guess Webb still hasn’t heard about Tiger Force. And he probably doesn’t remember that just three weeks before Kerry testified, a military court martial convicted Lt. William Calley of doing — and ordering other men to do — things like this:

yeah.. so there’s another Warner democrat, yes? Like Tim Kaine but with the boots not the bible. got all the bases covered now!

makes me want to puke.

nother bottle of wine, marisa? maybe we should order us each one and save the sommelier…

a fucking trip.

21. marisacat - 25 August 2006

Ring that Liberty Bell for Progressivism.

I like ot point out Monument Avenue in Richmond VA.

Big monument to Jeff Davis. Big monument to Robert E Lee (put up in 1890). BIg monument to
J E B Stuart…

and a small monument to Arthur Ashe. If I were the widow I’d pay to ahve it b*mb&d. Lotta white Southern Confederates made him, a depiction of him, into a lawn jockey…

Oh yeah Webb. hmmmmm. Very very liberal.

22. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2006

oh god, the thing about the boots makes me want to retch.

23. Deepest Troat - 25 August 2006

I hate catching my own errors after I hit that “send” button. My only beef about the comment section on any blog, you can not make corrections. That being said –

hey Madman, I hope you got what I was trying to say. It should have read – we do not have to into his shit.

I hate it when my fingers can’t keep up with my brain.

24. marisacat - 25 August 2006

Webb is really into his boots.

He made big declarations that he is campaigning! right now! in his son’s Iraq combat boots.

… and that George Allen wears cow boy boots.

LOL… I am so not taken in… 😉

I really think that for most of the so called politicians on the Big Political Landscape, when they oppose something it almost always is due to some personal pique.

I would guess that the Bush Baby admin snubbed Webb in some way as they were gearing up in 2002. He probably thought he had some “standing” from being Sec of the Navy for 10 months under Reagan. I have forgotten why it was so short. IIRC thre is some dispute over why he left. Wouldn’t you know. 😉

Oh the R are laughing laughing laughing.

25. Deepest Troat - 25 August 2006

D. Throat – ooo I hear ya. But let me tell ya and that shit is getting very old fast too.

After I posted my rant diary about that kind of shit, I got the same ole same ole – don’t put me into that “Category”; I am offended bs. In fact, I pissed off one blogger, I inspired him to write his own diary in his own blog, titled – I’m fucking pissed…

What the fuck is wrong with y’all? Over the last several days I’ve heard complaints from people in damn near every ethnic, gender, sexuality and interest group about how the Democratic Party doesn’t recognize them and how they may just stay at home in November.

how do I know it was about me, his post time was 30 mins right after he told me I “offended” him over at another blog. I guess I was his last straw and this is why we, the ethnic, gender, sexuality and interest group should SHUT THE FUCK UP –

Seriously, whatever your problem happens to be I’m going to give you some great advice: QUIT COMPLAINING AND GET TO WORK BECAUSE WHAT NONE OF YOU SEEM TO REALIZE IS, IF WE DON’T WIN THEN YOU HAVE EVEN LESS POWER.

And we, the ethnic, gender, sexuality and interest group, should look to him as our role model

Oh, and for those of you who want to take ME to task (because I obviously don’t understand your position) I’m a gay man and I still intend to vote straight ticket D in November EVEN AFTER JUST ABOUT EVERY DEMOCRAT IN THE LEGE VOTED TO AMEND THE CONSTITUTION TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST ME.

At least YOU can get married.

I guess we just need to shut the fuck and take one for the team and we should not get overly sensitive when we see more Janes doing what she did because it is not good for the party. It is all about winning in Nov.

26. marisacat - 25 August 2006

…sounds like same old same old. Shut your fucking pie hole.

All I hear is the panic and thugs of a dying party. Well collapsing to permanent second place.

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