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Rent Boys — and ordinary Americans 31 August 2006

Posted by marisacat in DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.


Stop me before I vote again has several good posts… and from one came this report of Russell Baker’s:

 In today’s cash-fueled political world, both parties claim they have no option but to function as indentured servants of corporate America. This, not surprisingly, creates a dynamic of dependency and obligation. The Republicans have excelled at this game, especially under the tutelage of Karl Rove and Tom DeLay.  But the Democrats have, increasingly, belied their long-assumed commitment to the little guy and the average American by cozying up to the money trough as well.

This pattern accelerated markedly under the Clinton Administration, which, despite some reformist tendencies, often aided the big-business agenda, easing domestic regulations and passing international trade agreements that tended to unshackle the large corporation. Some of these changes were clearly in the public interest, such as streamlining cumbersome and often-antiquated bureaucratic processes. But many others were not: lowering environmental thresholds and diminishing governmental oversight.

Once the Democrats turned into the opposition, key Clinton figures found a home in offering their advertising, public relations and arm-twisting skills to industry trade associations and corporations. They retained their links to the party, and have lived a kind of dual life ever since, moving effortlessly from corporate work to campaign work and back. The friendliness with big business has escalated under the reign of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who has assembled his own so-called “K Street Cabinet” – named after the street where the lobbying hordes are headquartered.

it is loaded with information on corporate betrothed DC pols… as it dates from mid June 2006 it is a little behind in the report on Andy Young.

Madman sent a link to a good post by Scott Lemieux over at Lawyers Guns and Money… but i want to snip out a quote from the comment thread… it made me laugh last night…

It’s one thing for the Dems to stand up and very loudly proclaim that Rumsfeld is an incompetent buffoon. It’s another thing entirely for them to stand up and say what the hell they’re going to do differently if they win.

So far we’ve gotten a bunch of mushmouthed crud about beginning a process whereby we commence consideration of our long-term strategic objectives in Iraq with an eye to initiating discussions on the feasability of significant troop reductions in the short to medium term.

Yay. That’ll show ’em.

The muddled cluckers — the “we broke it, we bought it” Democrats — are nearly as bad and more likely to get the enduring blame, post bug out, when the wingnuts indulge their Dolchstoss frenzy.

Knight Ridder has reported in recent days that ethnic-based militias, like those in the Kurdish region of northern Iraq, dominate many Iraqi Army units, and that their soldiers express greater loyalty to their militia leaders than to the nascent Iraqi government being formed in Baghdad. The Iraqi Defense Ministry denied those reports.

Abizaid said he thinks the risk of outright civil war in Iraq is low – “I think it’s possible, but not probable. I don’t see it now. … I think we would see it coming and I don’t see it coming. … I think we can work our way through 2006 in a way that has a good outcome for Iraq.”

Abizaid also said that Iraq has gone through enough politics that “now we are finally at the point where we are going to have a four-year government and that, in and of itself, gives a lot of strength… “

The anniversary is done. In the coming year, for New Orleans, more people will move away; opportunists, good and bad, will move in; those who can afford the contractors whose prices have skyrocketed past what meager insurance and federal assistance has offered will rebuild homes so that the best blocks will be checkerboard neighborhoods; crime will rise; the poor will be told to be happy in their trailers; water and electricity will still be unavailable to many places. At some point, someone in the EPA will admit that, yes, the ground, the water are contaminated.

In the weeks after the storm, even before the power was back, Mr. Anderson opened his club for what he called French Quarter Town Hall meetings. The weekly gatherings, which at first offered little more than camaraderie by candlelight and warm beer, evolved into a de facto government for a part of New Orleans that had experienced little flooding but could not begin cleanup and rebuilding because of the city’s overall paralysis.

The meetings drew officials from the city, the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers — all of whom were given an earful — and bit by bit, things improved. Many locals, in fact, gave Mr. Anderson a lot of credit for kick-starting the Quarter’s recovery.

So it is especially poignant that the Andersons have now decided to leave. But their story is not unique: many in this city are suffering the same continuing loss and strain that led these two to their decision. So their departure raises the question of whether others who can afford to leave, those who have not sunk every penny into a now-moldy house or a devastated store, will also move on.

But from a wonderful blog  about post Katrina Pearlington MS [thanks Madman] is this:

Today is silence for me. Breathe in, breathe out. Respect for all that we’ve endured, thankfulness for all the help we received. Jaw set tight. It’s still too enormous for me to get my head around, so I won’t try. Words are often useless for me, and today, more so.

So instead, a simple photograph of my mom’s Eden, one year on. She’s sitting on the front porch of what will be her new home soon. It’s risen on the foundation of the home Katrina destroyed, only steps away from her FEMA trailer, and every day she looks out the trailer window a thousand times at it, and her gold smile lights up, and she whispers “Thank you, Jesus.”

It’s been built by the sweat and love of volunteers from all over the country. From all walks of life they’ve come into the Gulf to help their brothers and sisters. Normal, average Americans, disgusted by their government’s inaction, they’ve picked up hammers and done it themselves. [snip]


UPDATE, 11:50 am

– Star – Moonbeams – Jar –

In case you thought I had forgotten Mark Warner, Jerome Armstrong (and thus Kos) and the Star Business – I had not.

According to a legitimate release from his PAC, Ex-Gov. Mark Warner (D-VA) “will enter into his Second Life” today at 3:30 pm ET. He will become ‘the first American political leader to engage in the online virtual world, Second Life.”

hmm … maybe Mark Warner departed the rooted reality of car phones (whatever!) and the governorship of VA for … being a tad too virtual?

Warner “Internet Team Leader” Jerome Armstrong: “This is in many ways an experiment. We want to see what people make of this. How will they organize? How will they interact with each other and with Governor Warner? We’re all figuring out new ways to do things online — in how we work, play and share ideas. We don’t know yet how people will use Second Life to engage in politics. But we want to find out” (release, 8/31)

And, once again a zinger of a comment:

“In Second Life, distances and time differences vanish…”

Almost as quickly as a candidates’ grasp of reality.

I’ll be the second orc on the left … the one with the sword or power. Go get ’em

BTW, because its probably relevant…

Scorpio October 23 – November 21

For Thursday, August 31 -You are the recipient of many truths today. People are in the mood to tell you how they feel, and while not all of the reviews will be glowing, you will end your day with closer, more meaningful relationships. Someone who you desperately want to impress is already raving about your ways, so relax and realize that the two of you are equals after all. Your reputation is on a big upswing, and you have broken some beastly bad habits. Congratulations!

Red Arrow the Orc of Manchester | 08.31.06 11:13 AM

… not too much I can add to that. 


UPDATE, 2:45 pm

Well!! Hotline was not done.  In classic fashion ( you know they are Republicans, they play at being squishily welcoming to all, but let’s get real) they instruct us to stop sniggering.

I see no reason to stop:   snig … snig, snig.  snig snig.  There, I snuck some in.  😉

Here is but a snip (or a snig) but let me say, if you need a laugh… click thru and read. 

If Warner has half a brain, he’ll pension Jerome off.  Wanna bet that is what Jerome wants?

SECOND LIFE — Let’s dispense with the hee-haws: yes, it’s easy to make fun of Ex-VA Gov. Mark Warner’s history-making foray into the world of avatars and Second Life(s)s. But think about it: there are 48 million Americans who use the blogosphere, a fraction of which — perhaps 4 million — are regular consumers of the political blogs. This new venture might be mockable, but it’s path-breakingly mockable.

The Hotline signed on as “Hotline Burbclave.” Our first attempt to navigate the new world was stifled when we bumped into a post. Then, as we attempting to adjust our appearance, we accidentally began to take our clothes off — the buttons are too close together! […]

Apparently, CNN’s Internet team was preparing a segment and a producer needed some footage. Then, suddenly, Warner turned gray, and then transformed on stage into a nude, buxom woman and flew off.

Hamlet Au, the event’s host explained that Warner was “respawning.”

At about 3:40, the real Warner flew in from above the stage. The audience, about 20 odd characters, many of them Second Life regulars, virtually clapped. One reporter shouted out “Will Jim Webb win Virginia?”

That violated the rules. Warner would only answer questions from Au this day, although he plans a virtual town hall meeting in September. [snip]

Now remember I said they are (essentially) Republican (Doug Bailey from Ford admin… and hanging with Ham Jordan and Gerry Rafshoon as they play at Unity ’08 — which may spring a mixed use ticket at us… or some such boomarang) at The Hotline… bear that tidbit in mind.  And who knows what the hell Jerome et alia are.

Poor Mark.  But he is well named.



1. TustonDAZ - 31 August 2006

LMAO- Maybe Jerome and Warner and “Red Arrow the Orc of Manchester” could just settle for an online game of Doom…

And in other “manufacturing Reality news” ,U.S. military leaders in Baghdad have put out for bid a two-year, $20 million public relations contract that calls for extensive monitoring of U.S. and Middle Eastern media in an effort to promote more positive coverage of news from Iraq:

A public relations practitioner who asked for anonymity because he may be involved in a bid on the contract said that military commanders “are overwhelmed by the media out there and are trying to understand how to get their information out.

“They want it [news] to be received by audiences as it is transmitted [by them], but they don’t like how it turns out,” he said. As an example, he said, there are complaints that reports from Iraq sometimes quote Shiite cleric and militia leader Moqtada al-Sadr more than military commanders.

The proposal calls for monitoring “Iraqi, pan-Arabic, international and U.S. national and regional markets media in both Arabic and English.” That includes broadcast and cable television outlets, the Pentagon channel, two wire services and three major U.S. newspapers: The Washington Post, New York Times and Los Angeles Times.

Monitors are to select stories that deal with specific issues, such as security, reconstruction activities, “high profile” coalition force activities and events in which Iraqi security forces are “in the lead.” The monitors are to analyze stories to determine the “dissemination of key themes and messages” along with whether the “tone” is positive, neutral or negative.

The media outlets would be monitored for how they present coalition or anti-Iraqi force operations. That part of the proposal could reflect Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld’s often-stated concern that the media does not cover positive aspects of Iraq.


The proposal suggests a team of 12 to 18 people who would provide support for the coalition military command as well as the Iraqi government leadership.

Prospective contractors are also asked to propose four to eight public relations events per month, such as speeches or news conferences, including “preparation of likely questions and suggested answers, themes and messages as well as background, talking points.”

2. marisacat - 31 August 2006

god. just reading that gave me a head ache.

3. CSTAR - 31 August 2006

From the blog linked to above: tragic photographs, at the same time beautiful. The Grapes of Wrath.

4. marisacat - 31 August 2006


oh that reminds me… I had meant to add that link. His photographs are wonderful…

Madman has been sending me links to the site all year.

5. NYCO - 31 August 2006

That violated the rules. Warner would only answer questions from Au this day, although he plans a virtual town hall meeting in September.

LOL, I just did a spit-take. So basically, Second Life is just like Real Life. What was that about “breaking down barriers” again?

6. marisacat - 31 August 2006

I actually went to the site. IT is very “gamey” – shall we say. There is a woman sliced in half.

Hips down is on view.


I mean, you have to wonder.

7. NYCO - 31 August 2006

My favorite is the proud statistic on the front page… “US $ spent in the last 24 hours: 300,000” (or whatever the number is)

Woo hoo! We’re changin’ the political world, baybee.

8. marisacat - 31 August 2006

the whole premise of the site seems… LOL shakey. What a HOOT!

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 August 2006

while it’s easy to make fun of the Second Life thing, it’s haunted by young first adopters. This far ahead of ’08, it’s damned smart, and the people who haunt those site will respect it, as long as it was done honestly.

On another topic, Operation Eden is a site I keep finding myself drawn to. The epitome of “witnessing”. Wonderful stuff. Check out the image on the link I just posted in the sentence above, and try not to … well, cry. I caught my breathe when I checked in.

We’re so lost, broken, corrupt (in the ROTTING sense of the word).

10. marisacat - 31 August 2006

well I suppose it is my computer but the FP of Second Life loads with a lot of overlapping.

I am all for reaching young people wherever. However. And it sure is not MTV by now (tho they were pretty worthwhile in ’92 – i.e., long ago) and it sure ain’t CNN Rock the Vote.

11. D. Throat - 31 August 2006

Move On finally is doing a Clinton Tasini poll although you can not find it directly from their front page.

Btw Mcat… you page is now “unflitered”.

12. marisacat - 31 August 2006

D Throat

ooo thanks for that tip. I had not even figured out what to do. I did check and i am not in any way identifed at WordPress as “sex” or “erotica”. Sex only appears in my categories here as part of “Reproductive Health”…

to be honest, I was flummoxed as to what to do. I did notice that I was not seeing a couple aggregators that seem to access my RSS feed on the referrer list..

Perhaps it was a glitch.

… due to the attacks on Brian Nowhere’s site (reminds me to go check on his site), that made me concerned.

Thanks again.

(btw, there is thread at MyDD on the poll, a Stoller entry, I had just landed on it…)

13. NYCee - 1 September 2006

Hey ~ greetings from mom and dad’s retirement village… very pretty and actually happening, not saddening, place in NC where I am currently held over on a visit due to hurricane rain dances.

Tried to alert everyone late last night when I heard of the Move On poll – Clinton or Tasini or War or Peace, DLCed or not, corporate or non, etc and so on…

Boyfriend called. He got an email from Move On and so did I .. (Did anyone here, MO members not in NY, I wonder?) I also got a bunch from Tasini crew and went online on Mom’s horse n buggy computer to post here at 1:00 AM. Could not achieve so I threw something up on cindy sheehan’s rec diary on DK. Now I am in the cadillac deluxe commons computer room – Just saw a white deer! – (Mom’s is dial up, in serious need of muchos upgrades. Mcat’s format was undoable. I had no place to click in my name, email… the text box was uber funky.)

Anyway, night time seemed the right time to get up to speed as their method of FINALLY doing this poll is rather subpar… like thieves in the night… catch it if you can…

MoveOn put it out yesterday late AM, I guess, and even Tasini’s website didnt have it on front page till afterward, cause I was on it at about 12:30 PM. And it ENDS at 11 AM today. Like in 2minutes. Damn. certainly not enough time to alert all one would like to alert.

Here ’tis at tasini blog

Thanks to everyone here who was amongst those who really helped to spread the word and make the case… At least this is some progress, if not late and a big begrudging!

14. NYCee - 1 September 2006

Thanks for heads up on stoller MyDD bit on the poll, Marisa.

Rather depressing… the header and then I perused the first ten or so posts…

What has Clinton done for NY really, btw? I see people such as NYCO complaining (an observation I cannot avoid, nothing more) a lot about upstate neglect, but then saying Hillary has been good for upstate or is far better for it than Tasini would be on a proTasini diary on DK… so I guess there has been progress upstate under Hillary … but what? I am a bit confused. I dont hear of it until its time to compare her favorably to Tasini and then again, it is not tied to specific wonderful things she has actually accomplished.

The greatest progress, I have to say, that I have noticed during Hillary’s tenure, on a statewide level, is a Pataki (and… various dems, et al, I guess???) plan that went into effect a few years ago to get healthcare to lots more new yorkers, those who didnt qualify formerly for medicaid, but couldnt afford private plans. It really is pretty good and not hard to get on. (dental, medical, drugs…) And they hawk it all around in special ses that set up info on sidewalks.

15. NYCee - 1 September 2006

Meant to say hawk it around in a special bus, set up info on sidewalks. Dont know how that particular mangle occurred.

16. marisacat - 1 September 2006

NYCee that sounds like a moe than decent health program. Reminds me of TENNCare before Bredesen gutted it (a Dem gov, and he did what Haley Barbour did in MS to Medicaid… same thing).

Some of my relatives were on TENN Care. Moderate requirements, if you had some resources but could nto afford private insurance, wholly self funded, it was fantastic. Nobody that I heard from had any real complaints and at least one person was very ill, needing quite a bit of care. Including surgeries.

But pretty much shut down for the middle class now.

Sad, because that is the way for states to go. Going to have to. Will not be happening at the Federal level. Not not not.

we shall see..

17. Deepest Troat - 1 September 2006

Have you seen this – BooMan blasted a new blog called Mo Betta META – A Kewl Sleeper Cell of Serial Blog Wreckers Some of the great hits by the Great Booman

I went over and looked at ductape’s thread a MLW where he said “we are all hizbollah”. You know who I saw posting in that thread? A who’s who of the worst of the worst. Donkeytale, Stu Piddy, StarkRavingLunaticRadical. All three banned from BT for various reasons. All three busily destroying the community over at MLW.

When the same people move from orange, to blue, to green, to maroon, and each time they cause disruption, get banned and take a portion of the community with them, then it is no accident. It isn’t the fault of people as different as me, Maryscott, Chris Bowers, and Markos.

I would think that the fact that Booman Tribune allows for conspiracy talk, that it is forthrightly opposed to the DCCC and the DSCC and the DLC would make people appreciative. Maybe people would take care to both help me survive the hit in advertising that causes and protective of the site against diaries that will scare both politicians and advertisers away.

BTW, last month I was paid under $200 because some of the ad buyers didn’t pay up. My server costs and internet costs are almost $200. So I came close to losing money last month. Not that I get the sense anyone really cares.

My ad revenue has been adversely affected by my decision to oppose Bob Casey and by my actions at Yearly Kos, where I took on Markos for his branding of Warner.

The reason Markos has DHinMI and his trollcops go around abusing conspiracy theories it so that the site cannot be marganlized so easily. He doesn’t want it to be a political liability for Obama or Kennedy or Reid to post on the site.

18. Deepest Troat - 1 September 2006

Booman tells all How MLW feel apart

Do you want to know why MLW went nuts? It’s because they realize that allowing that type of commentary to go unchallenged will mean the whole site can be marginalized.

Fox News picks that up and tags MSOC with it, and she won’t see another dime from any candidates or the party.

It’s up to people like ductape not to subject the community to that threat in the first place. If he would use a little common sense it wouldn’t wind up destroying MLW’s community. But too many people want to defend the free flow of ideas as the highest ideal.

How writing negatively and talking bad about the choosen politicians affect ad revenue

My ad revenue has been adversely affected by my decision to oppose Bob Casey and by my actions at Yearly Kos, where I took on Markos for his branding of Warner.

It is difficult to tell how badly I have been hurt by that decision, but it is my own decision to be to the left of the DSCC and DCCC.

As for members’ diaries having a negative impact, I am unaware of any diaries causing problems. I did have to fight off a lawsuit over a diary Oui posted once, but that was about defamation.

As for the idea that I am in this business for profit. I made $12,000 last year. By housing costs for the year exceeded that. I have $10,000 less in the bank today than when I started the site.

I like when anger gets to them, they sing like a canary.

19. marisacat - 1 September 2006

hmm. Thanks for posting that Deepest Troat.

Reading the thread. I had read the post at Mobetta when it first went up – and about 8 comments.

I had NOT seen the Boo comments nor the extended thread with MT and others.

Beyond interesting.

Boo in no way blames any blog proprietor. It is all about the truculent, dissident, divisive posters.
Not a word about the utter bullshit that the blog owners engage in and promote.

Nor can he include Armando with the Blog Thugs. For a good reason. He is dependent. On Armando and on others… MyDD and so on. LOL Big Time LOL.

SOrry they shat where they lived. And in the case of MLW, and BMT both desperate for the approval and involvment of Armando. The involvment of Dkos with them at all times. yes even when it looked the other way… no they always needed Dkos in their back pocket.

End of story.

Either you are independent or you are not. Either you are a party blog, and stuck protecting your shaking ass from the party withdrawing its favor… or you are not.

Eihter you are tied to the “stipends” or you are not.

Both MLW and BMT wanted income from their sites. Fine. Then it is a business. And online magazine that is tied to the party…. And both sites played endless favorites with people. ENDLESS.

Both played emotional games at the sites. Deadly.

Does not work.

20. marisacat - 1 September 2006

From the thread at Mobetta:

At 11:31 AM, Raging Hippie said…

“Communities”? Hardly. A blog that’s operated in order to earn advertising revenue for the site owner is a for-profit online magazine. Rather than whining about how contributors–who are not paid for their writings–fail to self-censor in order to meet some vague notion of what is advertiser-acceptable, why not set out specific standards for submissions, then screen those submissions prior to publication in order to ensure acceptability of content?


Think Raging Hippie has it. And iirc he or she is an atty, whether currently practising or not. Some idea of implied agreements. Whether written contract or not. Boo and others are all upset because the posters did not work for their (blogowners’ wallet) personal betterment

I must say that I NEVER bought into the “community” idea at the Blahhgs. For one thing it is pushed too much… and I think it is done for purposes of imposing restraints. As in, you are hurting the community. and sotto voce, how dare you.

A tad stalinist. You are hurting the party. And plenty have pulled that crap when they read things that made them uncomfortable.

The emphasis should be on open political discussion.

Let people fight it out.

Not become an online soap opera or party apparatchik site with thugs in control.

Nor a place that supports the Armandos and DHinMIs of the blogsnottery.

That sort, as well as Boo’s very misplaced ‘Philospher King for the party’ (lordy for such a tawdry thing as the Democratic party) posings, drive plenty away.

LOL Kos should purge his unused UIDs.

21. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 September 2006

I registered w/ MoveOn as a NYer. Never bothered to update where I live … I just like to get the emails to see the latest way they’re spinning their wheels. I got NOTHING about the Tasini poll.


22. bayprairie - 1 September 2006

NYCee said…

Hey ~ greetings from mom and dad’s retirement village…

hey, wb!

23. bayprairie - 1 September 2006

Marisa said…

LOL Kos should purge his unused UIDs.

oh he will he will.

as soon as the party blows his chump-ass off, and he needs some income the gears will begin turning. hell, between the two of us we’re five members!

i bet he can sell them!

number 96 UP ON THE BLOCK!!!!!

24. marisacat - 1 September 2006


25. TustonDAZ - 2 September 2006

As Juan (er John) pounds Baja and promises to give the last week(s) of this summer’s chubascos some extra punch I have one more thought on Katrina and the ever-constricting sphincter of lockdown in occupied territories of AmeriKKKa.


New Orleans resident Pearl Bland was arrested and jailed on drug paraphernalia charges in August 2005, just weeks before Hurricane Katrina devastated the city. She pleaded guilty on August 11, and her judge ordered her released the next day for placement in a drug rehabilitation program. Recognizing Bland was indigent, he waived the fines and fees. But Bland was not released the next day. The Orleans Parish Prison (OPP) instead held her because she owed $398 in fines and fees from an earlier arrest. She had one more court hearing in August and a September 20 status hearing was set where in all probability the fines and fees would have been waived.

Pearl Bland never got her September hearing. Instead, once Katrina hit, she joined thousands of prisoners stuck in purgatory.
“Pearl Bland spent 10 months in prisons around the state because of $398 in fines and fees that her judge would most likely have waived if she had ever gotten to court,” said Tom Javits, an attorney with the ACLU’s National Prison Project. “But because of the storm and the the response to it, she didn’t get her day in court for months, and then only because she sought out help,” he told the Drug War Chronicle.

ACLU report It would be bad enough if Pearl Bland were a fluke, but sadly, her case is typical of what happened to people unfortunate enough to be behind bars when Katrina hit or to be arrested in the storm’s aftermath. snip

A year after Katrina, thousands of prisoners have never seen an attorney, never been arraigned, never appeared before a judge. Scandalously, no one has a firm count — or if they do, they’re not telling. “Nobody knows the numbers,” said law professor Pamela Metzger, who heads the Tulane Law School Criminal Law Clinic and whose students have been going into Louisiana jails and prisons in search of the Katrina prisoners. “When we ask the district attorney’s office to assist us with this, just so people can get lawyers, they say it’s not their job. Just since June, my students have been able to track down and get released about 95 people,” said Metzger. “But we just have no one of knowing how many are in jail.”


The New Orleans district attorney’s office did not return repeated calls seeking information on the number of people arrested before or after Katrina who have yet to see a lawyer or have a court hearing. Similarly, and perhaps indicative of the state of affairs at the public defenders office, no one there even answered the phone despite repeated calls. (That’s not quite true. On one occasion, a woman answered, but she said she was an accountant and no one else was in the office.)

the lights are on, but no one’s home…
I’ve got a crazy idea! Let’s kidnap* two of their Bortac guys and see if we can’t get some folks released in prisoner exchange…

*I’m joking of course, and in no way support violence or kidnapping…

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