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Hola Chavez! :: Updates 21 September 2006

Posted by marisacat in 2006 Mid Terms, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Venezuela - Chavez, Viva La Revolucion!.

Hey hey… he gave me some laughs on a day when I needed them.  And exposed a weak and moribund Democratic party.  No spine  – and legs of wet  noodle.

His words should simply roll off our strong backs.  And of course, we should find ways to be a friend to our hemisphere. 

I say it has been quite a few days between leaders finding ways to communicate thru the media.  Full text of the Chavez speech at the UN.

We are in such danger… but at least there is some fresh new theatre in town… 😉

From Angry Arab:

Bush today said that he asked his secretary of state to reactivate the “peace process.” O people of the Middle East: get to the bomb shelters, FAST.

posted by As’ad @ 12:10 PM link


Saul landau on the Letelier assassination September 21, 1976:

[B]ush, like previous U.S. presidents, has done nothing to seek the extradition of Pinochet, who perpetrated the terrorist act of September 21, 1976. So, when we remember victims of terrorism, like Letelier and Moffitt, we should also recall the duplicitous nature of Bush’s war on terrorism. He doesn’t really mean it. When he speaks the “t” word, he excludes those who covered their murders with anti-Castro or anti-left rhetoric.

We should also recall that Osama bin Laden and other terrorists of today received CIA backing when they used their murderous impulses against the Soviet Union.

On September 21, 2006, Chilean President Michele Bachelet inaugurated the Orlando Letelier Salon at Chile’s UN headquarters, a good way to preserve historical memory. A bust of Ronni Moffitt and Orlando on Sheridan Circle brings some passersby to ask about how a Chilean general whom the U.S. government had supported in a military coup ordered a terrorist act in Washington. /snip/


UPDATE, 5 am

Well I guess Musharraf is indicating he is switching columns.  VERY reluctant ally – or at least willing to go public with the ”standard issue US threats”…. Although he has shafted us… A Q Khan, likely some assistance to OBL on the Pakistan/tribal region side of the hill after Tora Bora… and so on.  And who knows who the ISI really support. 

But gotta laugh:

“The intelligence director told me that [Armitage] said, ‘Be prepared to be bombed. Be prepared to go back to the Stone Age’,” President Musharraf said. “I think it was a very rude remark.” The claims come at the end of a week in which relations between the US and Pakistan have sharply deteriorated, and days ahead of the publication of President Musharraf’s memoir, In the Line of Fire, which will be serialised in The Times from Monday.

On Wednesday, President Bush, in an interview with CNN, said that he would not hesitate to authorise immediate American military action inside Pakistan if he had intelligence of Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts. Asked if he would give an order to kill the al-Qaeda leader, Mr Bush said “absolutely”.

President Musharraf was clearly angered by Mr Bush’s declaration that the US would act independently of his authority inside Pakistan.

“We wouldn’t like to allow that. We would like to do that ourselves,” he said. The President’s potentially incendiary claim of US threats comes at a particularly sensitive time between Washington and Islamabad, amid suspicion in Washington that Pakistan is not doing enough to curb a resurgent Taleban in Afghanistan, or in the hunt for bin Laden.



… and a bit of a silly, but still very political in my view, look back (for me) at Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo… what a hoot they are… and it reminds me of the old Cockettes here in San Francisco from the 60 and 70s as well as the ballet troupe and dances of Mark Morris

And I like the photo… too.  😉


UPDATE:  12:30 pm

Not to be missed. [thanks Madman]… you gotta wonder how long Charles will last.  A few posts on at TAPPED, someone in a FP posting (forget who) does call him ”shrill” (myself I do a high-styled, very shrill imitation of a crazed Siamese cat when the party fucks up royally – and yes my vocal chords are shredded…). 

But of course CP is right.  And, natch, Republicans are laughing.

THE SILENT PARTY. You worthless passel of cowards. They’re laughing at you. You know that, right?

The national Democratic Party is no longer worth the cement needed to sink it to the bottom of the sea. For an entire week, it allowed a debate on changing the soul of the country to be conducted intramurally between the Torture Porn and Useful Idiot wings of the Republican Party, the latter best exemplified by John McCain, who keeps fashioning his apparently fathomless ambition into a pair of clown shoes with which he can do the monkey dance across the national stage. They’re laughing at him, too.

And … you know, can be missed.  But for form I add it, the Kos FP anti SYFPH which he can do “cuz it is me”, predictable sloberation. 

The shorter version:   those damned Dems, they shoulda listened to me.  However the original article that Arianna draws on, at Roll Call, is blocked to non-subscribers.  It sounds like some states (Michigan – Stabenow) under harsh economic times will be arguing both points.

Not that it matters, because Charles Pierce is right.  And we’ve all known it.

But when media talked about CT, Lamont, Lieberman and “the war”… oh I do recall Kos suddenly talking about, almost frantically, and TPM backing him up (muck muck) it was all about Social Security.

Whatever.  When the day comes, if he does not produce, the party will write him off.  Never fails. 

Meanwhile, the party leadership is piggy backing Chavez, in a panic – and it ain’t pretty.


– I’ll call you –

Oh.  I had thought they were all so close.  Like a stack of tiddly winks…


WARNER: The Lamont Primary

Jane Hamsher at firedoglake looks at 9/21’a New York Times article reporting ex-VA Gov Mark Warner “has largely avoided Mr. Lamont, instead lending his name and fund-raising capabilities to races that are genuinely in play and have longer-term strategic value for the Democratic Party, like Representative Harold Ford Jr.‘s bid for the Senate in Tennessee.”

Hamsher comments: “For someone who clearly wants to woo the blogosphere, it seems awfully short-sighted. In case anyone hasn’t noticed, we care quite a bit about this race, pretty much across the board.

All I can say is – if you don’t want to show up now, that’s fine. Don’t come begging with your hat in your hand come 2008.”

Maybe Warner, just, like, you know, “wants his space”.  I am sure he’ll call his friends in Blogo-Rube-Land soon. 

 Y’ all were a good investment, surely?




1. NYCee - 22 September 2006

Thanks for posting the Chavez text. Great.

I caught a snip of Greg Palast giving Randi some much-needed context to the mainstream Chavez flap. She also had Wayne Madsen on, who spoke about an experience he had during the wee hours of the coup. Before it was news. Some inner DC circle he says he was in, a gathering with big military men in the beltway… a sudden buzz, their cell phones called many of them away with the WORD. Jubilation! When they returned he heard: “We got him!”

Randi is about the only openminded “chancy” host left on AAR who is willing to break from all the safe reaction: “Ooooh, so beyond the pale, not for polite company, etc. (My boyfriend tells me Chris Matthews, apparently, thought the sulpher comment was a reference to a Bush fart!) Take it on the road, Hugo, not into the august halls of a gathering of world leaders!

Lol, he turned it into BLACK Comedy Corner, United Nations. Long overdue, perhaps.

I dont know if the comedy angle serves him well, but yes, I had a laugh and my laugh was loaded with the mammoth truth in jest he loaded into his performance.

And I give him a fucking pass for playing the clown (while serious as a heart attack). After all, the man has a right to get ‘funny.’ He KNOWS what Bush DOES, has DONE to him/his country (failed coup) and what he is capable of DOING in FUTURE. He knows what’s dangerous about Mr Danger firsthand. He knows his own personal history with this Sociopath who shakes his scepter at the globe from on high (and bombs/lectures/threatens/strongarms) and the ugly historical record of what happened to others in Latin America who ticked off the hegemonic, brutal capitalist dictators to the north – not by threatening or attacking it, but simply by trying to help their long suffering people get out from under the oppressors’ boots.

And what he says, why, it is fucking true. It’s just TRUE.

That is the thing.

He is calling out Bush. He is making him an object of ridicule. He is reducing him down to size. What a true thing. He is saying, look, he is a small, hypocritical, dangerous, powerful man. Colbert did it in his own way. Kossacks loved it. John Stewart loved it. Keith Olbermann loved it. And they do it too. But not so much love for Hugo along with a glaring lack of context. (Keith made him worse person and Stewart said, Danny Glover, what ARE you doing hugging that nutcase!) But Hugo has more at stake than Colbert ever did and he is telling the world much more directly what it has at stake with this dangerous serial killer on the loose. Right there amongst them!

Bush bombs Iraq and Lebanon. And Afghanistan… to what effect? But all the establishment Left/party players, et al can do is join the Right to say Hugo bombs… at Comedy Club, UN.

Hey, maybe, for once, someone is just making it real. With jokes.

2. marisacat - 22 September 2006

LOL we are always so kind about leaders of other countries, from France to whomever we wish to take out, war on, and so on. /sarcasm

AAR has been destroyed from within, from what I hear from n69n, Norn who is friends with a lot of the lefty women who started out there… the move was on early to purge left, radical, non aligned and so on voices.

Goldberg who is a Hollywood person, music iirc, and is part of the whole NDN NPI bullshit that Kos Rosenberg etc Trippi Penn and so on.. Goldberg took over and withheld pay, dumped people.. Franken appears to be little mroe than a Clintonista / Kerryite and they needed the radio to be an arm of the electioneering for the party.

What else is new… LOL… 😉

You know there is os much bullshit, always, about ”why the left fractures”. It is moved on, from within. Factions sell out, or were masking their intentions hidden, factions are aligned with the status quo / the right… and so on… and work to break whatever diversity (!), broad based left dynamics are occuring.

OBserve the god damned fucking blogs.

There it is in small playlet. It always happens this way.

It is interesting to watch Chavez… and watch the so called Democrats.

LOL… what a hoot!

3. NYCee - 22 September 2006

Yes, and, speaking of which, that Del Dem diary was horrendous. Talk about a CHILL. Talk about death. Well, you need a big chill to preserve the corpse, eh?

Btw, saw your DN links in last posts… Did you catch the recent Phyllis Bennis interview? I really like that woman. I believe it was she who was talking about Iran and that Bush seems to be signalling he’s a goin’ off on his own, as with UN tack. I think it was she who spoke of the positioning of US military ships/blockade will happen which Iran will rightly react to as an act of war. Iranians will know it is an act of war but not most Americans, who will then think the US is justified in attacking Iran when it responds to the blockade militarily. I think she was the one who said that but cant keep it straight after a while. Anyway, she was GOOD as usual.

Btw, Daniel Ellsberg was on Colbert. Weird format for him! Will catch tomorrow. Hope he gets out a message or two. He appears to me rather like a haunted and haunting specter (haunted by his own late whistleblowing action on Vietnam) who keeps warning us about miltary madness and Rep or Dem flawed behavior/political posturing that takes us to war… our nation’s Jacob Marley to our warmongering Ebeneezer. He was virtually alone early on when the Bush war drums started beating. Aaron Brown gave him a very disrespectful, rushed 5 minutes in comparison to the hours upon hours of generals and hawk blabberers. And that was about it for the dissenting voice from CNN.

Anyway, Ellsberg is a national treasure. I always loved him, and then there he was, endorsing Tasini… great.

4. NYCee - 22 September 2006

Oh speaking of sulpher, I mean, sulfUr (fuck English spelling!) here is a diary with a few tidbits on the reaction to Chavez from our Dem leaders … Pelosi, I had heard, but look at Charlie Rangel in full stupid mode. What the fuck…

Dems Warn Chavez: Dont Bash Bush

5. marisacat - 22 September 2006

Iranians will know it is an act of war but not most Americans, who will then think the US is justified in attacking Iran when it responds to the blockade militarily.

I think this is key. We don’t recognise acts of war anymore unless we can cry Victim!

We feel completely justified in unnecessary aggression.

I mean, how dare Rangel say no one, globally!, may criticise the US president?

WTF. Talk about lunatic. They are frantic to not bear the mantle of “unpatriotic”… and to me deep down, the Dems are scared shitless AGAIN going into the mid terms. And yet, they play Mini Me.

I caught Pelosi on The News Hour, where iirc she made the “thug” statement… but she also did some very fancy footwork over prospects for Nov. A lot of “taking it day by day” “we will see… ” and so on.

My own guess is that there is roiling raging anger in the nation and a LOT of it is ugly ugly ugly.

When in doubt head for the yawning gutter.

My own guess, it is not the sort of rage that gets people to the ballot box. But I could be wrong.

6. NYCee - 22 September 2006

As if once was not enough…

Different tack… different whip… Still, whipping.

I made my sentiments known.

Shut Your F*cking Pie Hole: A Follow-up

I also just threw a bit of pie, manzana, at good ole Admiral-something (big Hillary drone) on the Chavez thread I linked to above. That guy…

I must must must go to bed. Argh.

7. NYCee - 22 September 2006

The links to both posts are not operational, ladycat.

Btw – sorry about your cat, Baby. I know the love of cats. I lost my last one to cancer this year. She was such a luv. More like a little tuxedo puppy than a cat… very, very blazing eye contact and always came to a snap of the fingers or a call of her name. Little luv. We were both crazy about her.

8. TustonDAZ - 22 September 2006

If we had a real opposition party, not mini-me’s, that gave people at least some small hope for change I think that the very real rage many feel would get people to the ballot boxes, but with our current crop of “national democratic leaders” we’re fucked even if White Jesus personally intercedes and Dems win.

The Democratic Party has died in lordosis, and real liberals continue to get fucked in its name

9. marisacat - 22 September 2006

NYCee… which links not working? I tried the Letelier, that worked… and the link to the Angry Arab (whihc goes to his FP not to a post)…

or did you mean links in your comments.? I see those don’t work…

10. marisacat - 22 September 2006

… very awkward joint presser Msharraf and W.

They also got to the E Room about 15 minutes late… I mean, easy to speculate after the quotes around. They are denying the quote. Bush directly, Musharraf dissembled and avoided denial… LOL


11. marisacat - 22 September 2006

hmmm NYCee… here is the MLW version of SYFPH – Follow-up Version.

hmm well I can say one thing that I heard, and I accept the overall structure of the story, and discount some of the details as it came from a highly partisan side of the Ohio Sherrod / Hackett mess.

I heard that the Boychicks use SSP as an operational base for youngish, underpaid (well, no slam on BBB, that is political work when a newbie) campaign workers that get farmed out to the campaigns which are, shock shock shock the campaigns that all the Blahhhgers promote.

My own guess from reading his churned out crap for weeks, the author of ”SYFPH follow-up version” is one of that cadre. Apparently Ttagaris, who I so enjoyed when he worked for Pennachio, he seemed decent, straightforward and so on… but the story is he is the DNC tie in. Produces “content” that the online worker bees post as diaries and commentary and so on.

Some version of that is the working, operational arm of the Jerome, Stoller Bowers Kos DavidNYC [and I guess jane at FDL, but who knows] mess… and after CT I don’t question that there is some tie in with the DNC — and DFA national and MoveOn, at least to operatives int he field.

I am not stupid, none of this is new, nor is cooperation some naturally poisonous swimming pool.

It is that they shut down discussion. And are still doing it.. see the Nyhan issues re Am Prospect, Tomasky, Atrios etc.

It is the top down aspect. And that it is a political machine moved to the online world, old, tired politics. Same old same old.

It is not winning.

12. TustonDAZ - 22 September 2006

Well if Oprahs’ 7th Sexiest says it, it must be true:

See, that’s why I don’t think we’re going to win back the House or Senate. Because you can always trust Democrats to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


I’ll be shocked if we wake up on election day controlling either chamber of Congress. If we do, it’ll be because enough candidates decide to give those DC consultants and staffers the middle finger and run the race they know they need to run to win.


13. marisacat - 22 September 2006

well… I think there is some internal polling that has them freaked. Not that they were going to win much anyway. Not in the cards. Gerrymandering for one.

But Pelosi really dialed it back yesterday on The News Hour… not even standard stuff of “we expect to do well”.

I do wonder a little at what they are looking at numbers wise. I am thinking it may be much more desperado than even I imagine.

Frankly ’06, ’08 are kind of make or break for Kos and his whacks.

Thanks for the link, Tuston.

14. TustonDAZ - 22 September 2006

I agree there are very few pickups in the cards and at least a loss or two (counting Lizardman), gerrymandering just the beginning of the problem….

If there is one highlight in all of it is that the BLAHGS will take a hit…I love it when weasel’s get their wages (sorry to all non-human weasel’s for the comparison)

I think there’s some consesus here that the Dems deserve/needto/justwill lose in the up comming but what’s freakin’ me out is this stifling holding pattern we’re in is starting to break up and in my ears I hear whisper crack on this turgid crust America has been skating on…

15. bayprairie - 22 September 2006

PsiFighter37 says

It’s frustrating to have trolls of any kind, whether they be right-wing nutjobs in disguise or people who appear ‘concerned’ about the chances of the Democratic Party in the 2006 elections.

IMHO, what’s more frustrating is to have ambitious cross-posting loons crawling upon the drowning shoulders of well-meaning online activists in an attempt to get to the top of the dung hill and grab the golden ring (and a free lunch). Psifighter seems to me to be a perfect example of the modern day online “free lunch and a plane ticket leadership” opportunist.

A dime a dozen in left-behind blahhggistan, im afraid. Literally, no bench with this team. True trolls are very easily dealt with in scoop. One bans them, simple as PIE. this poster’s concern isn’t with trolling. its with enforcing political censorship. these posts are warnings to non-troll people about speaking their minds. its about enforcing the mad political orthodoxy.

it has nothing to do with trolls. so if you are one who BELIEVES (i am not) and if you are one who is BUILDING SOMETHING (even if unsure of what that something might be) be afraid.

be very afraid.

step out of line by asking legitimate questions?

get jawboned to death.

laughable. and completely inept. such a good message too. SHUTUP.

I say off to the taigia with the pocket-liner class.

16. Arcturus - 22 September 2006
17. Arcturus - 22 September 2006

do you listen to KPFA? Robert Knight did a very funny bit on various uses of “demonizing” language on Flashpoints yesterday – it puts the media hysteria over Chavez’ “devil” in great context

18. NYCee - 22 September 2006

Yes, I was speaking of my links, Marisa. It was so late, I was tired and prone to errors. I think I forgot to do the “=” in html.

Just in case anyone wants to check out the reactions.
Dems Warn Chavez: Don’t Bash Bush

Not so bad, that one, actually. Lots of people – including me! – in the first swath of 20 I read not willing to take the operatives/official line. Admiral Whatever gets a little pushback. Maybe the operatives were busy shoring up the SYPFH, Part Deux… Oh no, wait… that one only got 21 comments… His silly “tip jar” got a paltry 14… people may be tiring of mandates… directives…)

Fuck that Rangel comment. It belongs in my hugely ticked off with certain D’s file, along with Durbin’s Maliki dance. This is for pols who usually vote right – Left – but then need a yank of the neck, stage left, EXIT, when they mouth off like garden variety rightwing idjits.

Schumer’s “despicable and disgusting” re Chavez doesnt even make it into that file. He, I have completely given up on. He will never get my vote again. Never. That’s the file he’s in. I guess I’ll take a leaf from Chuckie and label his folder “D for Despicable, Disgusting Democrat.” (Who, word is, will NOT filibuster Bolton… He like ‘im on Israel… and general ME imperialistic warmongering and sabre rattlin’) This is the last I heard on it. Note who joins him in “reconsidering” past oppositon to Bolton. Um, yeah, Hillary. Same file for the girl. Dump.

Last I heard: Schumer and Hillary Pressed to Reappoint Bolton “Pressed” by guess who? Zionist seem a good guess? Yeah, it is. Yesterday i heard Schumer wont filibuster.

From article/link:

One Jewish leader may have an idea why. The president of the Zionist Organization of America, Morton Klein, said yesterday that “important friends” of Mr. Schumer and Mrs. Clinton have confided to him that the senators are “seriously reconsidering” their position on Mr. Bolton. Mr. Klein, in a telephone interview, would not disclose the names of the friends, saying they had not given him permission to do so.

“If they came out against him, I would be somewhat surprised,” Mr. Klein said of the New York senators. “I think there’s a reasonable chance they might support him this time around.”

Here’s the Kos version of Shut Your F*cking Pie Hole: A Follow-up Hillary obviously doesnt need anyone to work for her, but if she did, I sure as hell wouldnt. And I wouldnt vote for her even if she were in need of my vote. No. I have been pushed to that space, it is what is left for me. I tried but they are too far from me to link up to them now. Let them die out or flourish as poison fruit without me tending to them. The other Dems are safe in my district, and for other major offices, so I wont work for them. That leaves me the Green candidate for Senate, Howie Hawkins. Might do a few spins around the block for him. Hey now! 🙂

19. marisacat - 22 September 2006

A few weeks ago (well maybe 6, 8 or so) Voinovich did a op piece in the WaPo… tht voting FOR Bolton is part of opposing the terrorists.

LOL. The Dems read it. And despite Tired harry saying something a couple weeks ago aout filibuster, they never would.

In the hearings back at the time the Voinovich piece appeared, Boxer sought conciliation wtih Bolton, in so many words, she said to him “we can work together”.

I think they ALL know what side the bread is buttered on.

I am kind of interested to see how many decide to retire and not run again after 06.

I think it is just too rigged now, in too many ways AND the R have the upper hand.

20. TustonDAZ - 22 September 2006

I’ve been away again all day, but I caught the latter half of today’s Democravy Now! interview of Evo Morales idriving in my good ol’ bio-diesel rig (Buy American, buy bio-diesel or make it) :o}

Wow. This is what a real leader sounds like. (not that I’m advocating adopting Morales as a “hero” to worship; merely that he sounds like a smart, decent and brave man…)

Here’s a link to the transcript

and a graf:

PRESIDENT EVO MORALES: [translated] I never wanted to be a politician. In my country, politicians are seen as liars, thieves, arrogant people. In 1997 they tried to get me to run for president. I rejected that idea, even though that brought me problems with my own grassroots organizations. Then I was later obligated to become a member of the lower house of parliament. I didn’t want to do that at the time, either. I preferred to be the head of a rat than the tail of a horse. I preferred to be the head of my own organizations fighting for human rights and fighting for the rights of the members, and not getting involved in electoral political processes and wind up not fulfilling promises.

But what I was learning in that period in ’95, ’96, ’97, is that to get involved in politics means taking on the responsibility, a new way of looking at politics as serving the people, because to get into politics means service. And after hearing the demands, the broad demands of our grassroots organizations, I decided finally to run for president.

You know Morales’s altruism is not a “faithbased intiative” mirage, but el es el verdedero

Maybe one day America might produce a president like this, but then again, probably not…

21. Deepest Throat - 22 September 2006

Delaware Dem is a lying hypocrite – he should troll rate himself as a Republican or Green concern troll since he called John Edwards a pinko commie…..lol. (via nowhereweb)

Senator John Edwards: A Communist?

I had the opportunity to attend a Lunch fundraiser for Congressman Chaka Fattah, who represents a portion of the City of Philadelphia in Congress. Congressman Fattah is currently considered a frontrunner to be the next Mayor of Philadelphia in 2007.

The headliner for the event was former Senator John R. Edwards.

Boy, has he changed.

Mr. Edwards has definitely become more “radical” with respect of his ideas. According to his speech, he believes in the following:

1) Complete and total wealth re-distribution
Before saying this, he prefaced his remark with: “Now I want ya’ll to know this next remark is pretty radical, but it is something I firmly believe…”

I can only assume Edwards is expressing support for socialism or communism here. I disagree, as will most Democrats. I believe in a progressive tax, which means that those who earn more should pay more in taxes, and I believe an Estate Tax and Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and a Welfare assistance program that serves as a safey net for a limited number of years. That is the extent of my positions that can be characterized as “wealth re-distribution.” But, who here believes in “complete and total wealth redistribution?

4) Wealth redistribution amongst nation states.

This is insane. Seriously, this idea is insane. Smacks of world communism. I am all for the United States giving aid to foreign countries for humanitarian reasons, but for “wealth distribution,” no way.

Keeping with his Kostapo nature Delaware”Dem” likes to make death threats

fuck yourself to death. seriously, you say you have children. you have no life. I have not lied once on this thread and you have repeatedly. you are a troll. die.

can you feel the luvvvv….Yes, maybe I should write to the DNC and explain why I will no longer will give them money with all the links to the very powerful UberKos. I know it will not do a damn thing, but it will bring a smile to me knowing I spoke real truth to power.

22. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 September 2006

Tuston, amigo, thanks SO much for the Morales.

Oh, to hear that from one of our own …

23. marisacat - 22 September 2006

I also caught a very straightforward, cleanly spoken, human and humane interview, Charlie Rose (well he was the dolt posing the questions) with Michelle Bachelet of Chile …

Fantastic. It made me yearn so for sanity. And humanity.

I am not convinced we can get ours back – as a nation. I think we fracture further.

24. CSTAR - 22 September 2006

The long arduous process of reconciliation in former repressive latin american regimes is far from over. The marginalization of indigenous peoples still continues. However, the repugnant experience of the 70’s and 80’s with military regimes in South America has made the return of that kind of right wing dictatorship unimaginable except for those in the extreme right (still significant) who no doubt would make any pact with any mister diablo that comes along.

What is truly remarkable about Bachelet, is that her positions on so many issues is principled despite the enormous power of the Church. She will make compromises. She negotiates. That is politics. However, that kind of political courage is forged in an environment where the abyss is never too far off.

I sadly see that here, we have lost an opposition.

25. gong - 22 September 2006

Funny, I would have thought that issuing death threats against another poster would be cause for banning.

26. marisacat - 22 September 2006

oh tuston, thank you. I get DN with Amy at Midnight- on one of the PBS channels.. I will make sure to catch it.

we are still in heat wave… ugh I will likely listen in the kitchen, which is cool, off the little garden that does not face south.

27. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 September 2006

how interesting is it that the South Americans, people who we’ve fucked over, invaded, killed and exploited for over a century … THESE are the voices of sanity on the world stage. They’ve come through the fire WE ignited and speak with such clarity. Even with the differences btwn them … such clarity.

Oh, how I mourn for what this country has become, what monsters we are. How we stomp about and kill and exploit and ramp up the horrible consequences … we ARE the fucking Germans now, the Romans, the Soviets, the Afrikaans … so damned self-righteous and self involved.

How much I appreciate the bright light that Chavez and Bachelet and Morales bring into these dark times.

Oh, and a question, HOW can Chomsky NOT be on any of the “news” shows after all that has happened this week, in this environment where odious characters like Coulter and O’Reilly have so many soapboxes available to them?

28. marisacat - 22 September 2006

well the death threat fellow also handled the LLC for Kos. And is an online whip and certainly displaysed indications of being a Dem party organiser.

As I keep saying: THUGS.

29. marisacat - 22 September 2006

Madman… I did see a few threads at Kos and the anti Chomskys were out in force.

One called him shrill… and that goes way back there. It swept in with the DLCers, Dh and DemfCT and Ron K and so on.

Dem party thugs. I am a broken record.

30. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 September 2006

Chomsky isn’t perfect, but who the hell is? No reason his voice shouldn’t be heard.

No debate in this country, none allowed. No real spectrum of opinion, no variety of perspective. How much we would benefit from Chomsky having more input … yet it is supposed liberals who attack him as avidly as any rightie.

31. TustonDAZ - 22 September 2006

“who feels it knows it” is a line from a bob marley tune and I think maybe because of the suffering the south americans are the most sane…Morales is indio, Chavez a mestizo from the working class (right?) they’ve lived the dirt, and shit and sweat and blood of the ninth cirlce of hell known, cutely, as the “third world” (as if there were more than one)

Those folks suffer(ed) and so can feel empathy and that most divine of human emotions, compassion.

At least that’s how it should work out in theory, but you’ve got to have the intention to feel that way; if you add all the ingredients into the alchemical retort of experience you don’t always get gold, sometimes you just get lead (cf. Israel).

32. CSTAR - 22 September 2006

Torture: The Washington Post has a piece by Vladimir Buskovsky worth reading

Uruguay in the 1930s and 1940s was a progressive state with a vast safety net and very high standard of living. AS a result of various changes in world markets, and internal political upheavals, It became hell by 1970. The following from facts (quoted from Wikipedia) are well known and widely documented:

After defeating the Tupamaros, the military seized power in 1973. Torture was effectively used to decompose the MLN.Uruguay soon had the highest per capita percentage of political prisoners in the world. The MLN heads where isolated in improvised prisions and plunged into repeated acts of torture. Emigration numbers rose impressively, Uruguayans looked for political asylum throughout the world. Bordaberry was finally removed from his “president charge” in 1976. A national council chosen by the military government elected Aparicio Méndez

Widely reported anecdotal evidence suggests that conscripts there and in Argentina during the “guerra sucia” (Argentina’s war on terror) were forced to take part in torture (at least to be present in some way, such as prison guards) so as to spread the blame and prevent singling out perpetrators if and when civilians returned to power.

Pelosi, take note. The slope is slippery, very slippery.

33. marisacat - 22 September 2006

Pelosi is a fool.

After I heard her speech at AIPAC in 2004 I did not vote for her in the GE cycle. I also heard Hillary’s speech.

The strange fervor of the speeches, the declaration of complete fealty reinforce my belief that Tel Aviv pulls our strings. It may have been a push::pull in other years but Clinton and bush – well my take we have been on our knees thru both administrations.

In Kerry’s case he was flown to Masada and gave a speech – at dawn iirc. I have read the speech, again utter fealty. And Cam Kerry is aligned wtih extremist settler groups and was in Israel in the summer of 04.

I really do not think the leadership of either party is still in possession of a full deck. OVer the edge.

34. NYCee - 23 September 2006

Surely it couldnt have topped her gushing speech to AIPAC the year earlier, could it? She was dripping in goo. I was so disgusted. The next day she genuflected before the visiting Dalai Lama, crying crocodile tears over his oppressed people’s occupation by China. Your Holiness, she called him. Nice act.

Someone REALLY REALLY needs to do an expose, a documentary on this. In the same vein as the flood of docus on Iraq/corporate, Fox/media malfeasance. I envision a split screen showing the outrageous consequences of Israeli conquest and oppression and, on the other side, these Dems on their soapboxes standing tall with AIPAC and other PROzionist groups…really dig deep and expose both parties’ ties and collusion with Israeli madness – the economic, military, political support by our leadership. The propaganda and taboo. Have Finkelstein comment, among others. Show how our govt furthers the outrages and outrage in the ME while nurturing the toxicity that is present day Israel, a nation that has painted itself into an ever smaller corner, with knee jerk militarism and acquisition as its MO, necessarily responding like a rabid animal, when confronted, rather than a rational, law-abiding state. And our govt is in partnership. Both parties.

Yup, this would, indeed, be a BRAVE docu. Wonder if anyone will step up to the plate, not just in terms of making such a film, but also, in terms of promoting and distributing and showing it. Seems quite a distant marker to reach, doesnt it?

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