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Weekend Open Thread… 28 October 2006

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   tidal wave, China 2004 

Mark Shields on The News Hour on Friday said, the Dems will win “north of 30” in the House. 

But !!  Let’s hear it for Stuey (Stuart Rothenberg who writes for Roll Call, here drawn from Suellentrop in the NYT/TimesSelect):

The national political environment currently is worse than it was in 1994, when the Democrats lost 52 House seats, eight Senate seats and 10 governorships, and when Republicans won G.O.P. control of the House for the first time in decades,” writes Stuart Rothenberg […] .

“If you are looking for a midterm election year that is comparable to 2006, you need to move beyond 1994 to include other recent ‘wave’ midterms, particularly 1974, 1958 and 1982,” Rothenberg continues. “In 1974 and 1958, the president’s party, in each case the Republicans, lost 48 seats. In 1982, Republicans lost 26.”

Citing 1994, 1982, 1974, and 1958, Rothenberg concludes,

“[T]he past four true midterm wave elections saw the victorious party winning 52, 48, 48 and 26 seats, suggesting a reasonable range for success for Democrats this year.” He predicts that the number will be on the high end, and perhaps even larger:

With the national environment being as it is – and given the last round of redistricting, which limits possible Democratic gains – Republicans probably are at risk to lose as few as 45 seats and as many as 60 seats, based on historical results. Given how the national mood compares to previous wave years and to the GOP’s 15-seat House majority, Democratic gains almost certainly would fall to the upper end of that range.

The paucity of competitive districts limits Republican risk, but how much? Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer. But if redistricting cuts that kind of wave by half, Democrats would gain between 22 and 30 seats next month. And if the new districts slice Democratic gains by a smaller but still significant one-third, Democrats would pick up from 30 to 45 seats.

Dangerously big waves can be very strong and very unpredictable. They can bring widespread destruction and chaos. Republicans now must hope that this year’s midterm wave isn’t as bad as national poll numbers suggest it could be, because those national numbers suggest a truly historic tidal wave.


Hard to say.  Little things like Reynolds give me pause.  And paws.  Reynolds of the Page Scandal and the RNCC… Upstate NY-26.  He has regained his edge… (or whatever it is that allows him to poll ahead) … and I have read reports that Davis, a former Republican and self funder running on the Dem ticket, doesn’t really bother to campaign.  Bit of a vanity run perhaps. Two years ago, Davis ran against Reynolds and took 44%, Reynolds winning with 56.

But you have to wonder…

I’d dearly love to say the Republicans have shot their very vicious wad, overshot their wad.  How many times can abortion, gays (married and otherwise) embryonic stem cells championed as babies and all the other non-science, filth, accusation, hatred, division, racism… how long can it go?

If the American people, the ones who still vote … buy it again, post Iraq invasion, post Osama-is-still-free – but both parties use him in ads – post Katrina/Rita, post post post, it will go forever.  I don’t notice that the general run of the public, checking-in right about now for an election, hears much else.  Democrats bleat “health care” and there are good plans for incrementally expanding Medi-Care for instance… but the years go by… and we don’t have full coverage for 0 – 18 for instance, we don’t have national catastrophic health care… but we do have a shiny new, bi-partisan! Bankruptcy bill that specifically did not exempt the 50% who are forced to bankrutpcy from killing medical costs.  Nor did the Amendment exempting mil serving overseas, in-country pass (no surprise). So…Democrats run on “adjusting” Medi-Care Part D or “adjusting” NCLB…

From Nevada’s The Review Journal in May 2005, I find TRJ is worthwhile to track Reid:

[T]he Senate passed the class-action bill 72-26 on Feb. 10 and approved the bankruptcy reform bill 74-25 on March 10. Reid voted for the bankruptcy reform bill and against the class-action bill. Durbin voted against both bills.

Durbin’s comments echoed concerns expressed by some Democrats that Reid gave up leverage on those two votes that might have proved useful in the judicial filibuster battle.

Reid said he has no regrets.

“I think the work that was done showed the American people that we can work together, that we were able to do bills that even my caucus was not enamored with,” the Nevadan said.

Push that gobblygook, old man.

Reid seemed almost dismissive of last-minute efforts by Sens. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., and John McCain, R-Ariz., to broker a compromise over the Bush nominations.

“There can be nothing done in any side arrangements — call it whatever you want — that takes away the ability to filibuster and (leaves the) nuke option … still on the table,” Reid said.

The fight to preserve the judicial filibuster, Reid said, is the “most important issue I’ve dealt with in my 40 years of public service.”

A former boxer, Reid compared the upcoming showdown to a prizefight.

“We’ve done everything that we could. We trained hard,” Reid said. “The fight is about to begin.”

Just a morally bankrupt old hack.  And, over and over, it seems his office, Rahm’s office, Schumer’s office and Harlem Day Tripper luncheon hosts know how to play the Boyz.  The Boyz push product.

And maybe if the blogs (AKA:  Blahgs) did not work the same deadly margins that the national Democratic party is working….  I always say, it is Democratic thug work on display.

IF the Democrats had ONCE managed a line vote on a final bill that is going to help to kill the American people, I’d feel differently.

How long can you sell the same issues ?  With no resolution?


    The Econimist 8/06

Sorry.  I had to go hunting for this depiction of Rahm from an article in The Economist… after hearing none other than his co-author, Bruce Reed, describe it while discussing the upcoming tidal wave on a C-Span panel I caught today.

Whatever is coming, Reed says we should thank Rahm.  Oh I am sure…


UPDATE, 6:15 am

From Spiegel.de, interview with Suskind:

SPIEGEL ONLINE: So the average interrogator at a Black Site understands more about the mistakes made than the president?


The president understands more about the mistakes than he lets on. He knows what the most-skilled interrogators know too. He gets briefed, and he was deeply involved in this process from the beginning. The president loves to talk to operators.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: The government’s tenor seems to be that, with the transfer of the 14 prisoners, the system of Black Sites is ending.

Suskind: They were the prizes, the most significant of them. Are there others? Of course, they are in various places, in the sort of loose confederation of prisons that are housed simply within countries. The prisoners are farmed out but not beyond the purview of the United States, which is still interested in what they say. The Egyptians, Jordanians and others keep us informed. I assume there are still about 100 prisoners and that the system of Black Sites is continuing. The president has preserved his right to do that.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Does the transfer to Guantanamo mean that the system of the Black Sites will come to an end?

Suskind: No, the president reserved the right to continue this program.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Do you expect the announcement of court proceedings against the Sept. 11 masterminds anytime soon?

Suskind: No. Can you imagine what discovery would look like for their attorneys? Constitutional crises are knitted into every step of that traditional legal process.

The process of discovery for who was overseeing the (Black Sites) program would be very complex for the United States, and would lead right into the White House.

My guess is that there will be some push-and-shove and court rulings and challenges and that nothing really significant will happen until January 2009, when a new president is in office.


UPDATE, 7:20 pm…

Well.  I am watching the latest debate between two Sons of the South, the reprehensible run for the senate seat in TN. 


Harold Ford, a regular on the morning Imus show – apparently the really quite ugly racist, sexist, you name it, slurs lobbed out by Imus, who on most days is a Republican operative, go down just fine with Ford. 

Ford has just stated that he campaigned with his friend Mark Pryor (D-AR) in Nashville the other day.  And Sen Pryor promised him he can be on the Gang of 14.  They will even go public and call it the Gang of 15.  Ford was happy to identify it as the group that kept the filibuster against Bush judges off the table.

I have read as much as I could about this race.  Even trivia like Kos ”not shedding tears” if Ford loses (wow, the cult master speaks, OK for him to be dismissive) over an issue of civil rights that Kos is entirely indifferent about (always willing to eat a fried cat if wrong)  and today Wolcott pushing what I consider simple-minded and flat explanations.  Sorry to be blunt, I think it is more complicated than some suppressed “gay” issue with Corker.  Strikes me as tired Dem party knee jerk.

Unless every race with sex issues is masking some repressed gay issue. Sherwood who apparently attempted to strangle his mistress?  … and had to settle a multi million dollar suit from the woman.

The last place I heard a repressed (I guess) ”gay issue” was the Bruce Reed description of Rahm in the cartoon shown above.  So common that I did not even mention it…

No, in Tennessee, it is the race issue.  But in every possible direction.

One issue is that Ford, every day in every way, makes a promise, tho I read he does not call attention by word to his [possibly historic] run as a ‘Southern Black going to the senate’… but what I hear is a fervent promise to be a servant.  To update things a bit.  He will be as repressive of rights for others as any white Southern senator. He’ll even invoke the God of the 10 Commandments.  He is begging the white establishment to trust him… 

He is applying for the old job of overseer.

And it is not pretty.  He has made himself the white man’s minion in his very happy participation in the Imus show.  Imus comesthisclose to calling Ford his “boy”.  I have listened to that shit now for years between them.

Not pretty. Everybody uses “new”.  New South.  New Democrat.  New new new new new.

No, I see the Old South, still in play.  Both sides.


UPDATE, 9:30 pm.

Who says only Republicans vote against their interests?  Line right up, so Casey can hover over your reproductive organs… SO much better than Ricky hovering…. and Think!  It is NON-PARTISAN GOTV !!!!(extra exlamations in use indicates I have surrendered my brains)… SO much better…

Single Women Voters Targeted in Pennsylvania

eRobin reminded me in comments just below about a non-partisan GOTV project she’s involved with in Pennsylvania. Nothing would feel me with more glee than to see Senator Man-on-Dog turned out by a bunch of single women. If you feel the same, head on over here to learn more about PA Action’s smile-and-dial program.

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But Casey is on track to win anyway?  Right?  Right?.

From the PennAction site linked to above:

1. Please remember that this calling is non-partisan.
We aren’t encouraging anyone to vote for any candidate in particular.
Please don’t mention any candidate’s or incumbent’s name. We are
working on turning out women who are likely progressive voters.

Neat trick. Not a “new trick”, just an old trick.


UPDATE, 9:50 pm

Oh why deny myself a treat:   Buckley on the “Gay Impasse”.  As I read it, it occurs to me he laughs daily over CT.  And Lamont.  And New Media.  Having chaired an actual movement

And engineered a very successful Trojan Horse.

[P]resident Bush has acknowledged the implications of the New Jersey ruling, and the fever that built up three years ago is reignited. There are men and women in America who have no designs to limit the movements of gay Americans, but who believe that notwithstanding this, there are sanctuaries that are naturally, and organically, reserved for traditional arrangements between men and women. There is something ranging between innocent frustration and raw fury over the proposition that a society of equal rights is required to disregard those characteristics that make up a married couple. Mr. Bush may elect to launch a movement for a clarification of the Constitution.


UPDATE, 12:20 PM, Sunday…

… obviously I don’t buy every single little point this Weekly Standard article makes (LOL How could i?)… but it hits on points that just rankle iwth me. 

One is the willing ignorance of too many so called Liberal Acitivist voters.  Everybody owns their vote and I cannot disrespect even votes that horrify me (as in for Bush/Cheney)… but god dammit.  At least make it an informed vote:

[S]omething’s not right with this picture, obviously, but then so many pictures seem out of whack this election year, and nowhere more so than in Virginia. Here George Allen–former governor, favorite of the conservative movement, and one-term Republican senator of no particular distinction–is being challenged by the most sophisticated right-wing reactionary to run on a Democratic ticket since Grover Cleveland. [well… that is crediting Webb with a lot, imo  – Mcat]

It turned out that not many people at Mrs. Langley’s knew much about Webb. As committed activists, they were just happy he’s a Democrat who’s been running even in the polls with Allen and has a fair chance at an upset. And they know he’s a Vietnam veteran whose two Purple Hearts, Silver Star, and Navy Cross testify to unimpeachable heroism. Other things they think they know about him, however, aren’t quite so.

“He’s a war hero, but you know he’s refusing to let the campaign reference his war experience,” one of Mrs. Langley’s neighbors told me. “He refuses to exploit it. That tells you something right there about the kind of man he is.”

The neighbor didn’t flinch when Mrs. Langley played the campaign video, which offered a parade of old combat pictures of Webb and a series of testimonials from his war buddies.

Page 2 has good send up of the silly 2004 Democratic convention and snips from being on the campaign trail with Webb. 


UPDATE, 1:50 pm, Sunday…

You gotta believe – and cresting to 13 million of his own money, 6 million the past 30 days alone, iirc – who can say that Lamont does not WIN!… 😉

 Sorry to be blunt, but when they shuffle out the cell phone dodge (frm the comments)… wellllllllllll:

[L]et me pour on a heap of optmism in here, folks. There are somethings about polls that I’ve never liked. I thnk that they have a lot of trouble reaching poor, disabled and senior citizens, many of whom don’t have telephones. They also can’t reach the many people who only have cell phones.


Another tidbit from Roxanne, Rox Populi:

Prediction: Amy Sullivan will build a whole new cottage industry around a Ford victory

Thus spake Harold Ford Jr. this morning on Fox (according to an emailer):

“What Tennesseans will get is a Jesus-loving, gun-supporting believer that family should come first, that taxes should be lowered, and that America should be strong. When Tennesseans send us to the Senate, that’s what they’ll get in my votes, and that’s what they’ll get in the kind of leadership that we have not had in the Senate over the last six years.”


Here’s the latest on Lieberman bragging about the seniority he’ll have if he wins reelection.  Make no mistake, these DC Democrats are only our temporary allies.  They have total contempt for the rules of the party [oh… you thought there were RULES? MCat], and they cheered Joe after he faced us in the primary.  It is no longer reasonable for them to call for party unity, because they no longer have any legitimate claim to call themselves leaders of the party.  They may be leaders for the next few decades simply due to inertia, but it’s very clear that Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are liars who think nothing of insulting Democratic primary voters who play by the rules.  

My my.  So unprincipled.  Just name calling.  And 8 days before an earth shattering election to save a nation in a constitutional crisis….  My.

The American people know this.  They know that Democratic Senators are moral lepers, weaklings, and that is the only reason we aren’t further ahead when the Republicans screw everything up.  The Democratic Senate leaders will sell us out at every opportunity, be it torture, Iraq, Alito, Lieberman, the Bankruptcy Bill, or stopping war with Iran.  They aren’t poll-driven, they aren’t fear-driven, and they aren’t driven by strategic differences.  They are simply driven to beat us down, their voters, by any means necessary.  That’s why they cheered Joe.

I am screaming with laughter. {Be sure to vote vote vote vote!)  And Ford and Webb and Casey will be SO FUCKING DIFFERENT?  Oh and Senator Clinton?  What about HER?  Maybe y’all need another ”Day Trippers go to Harlem and stumble”.  Remember!  Bill told y’all he reads blogs.  And Boyz believed him.  What chumps.

It’s sad.  Lamont can win this, and we’re all doing our best to make that happen.  But the important story here is not that the country supports the war, it doesn’t.  Lieberman is running on an antiwar platform, promising to bring the troops home in a transparently dishonest pander to the left.  The important story here is that the DC Senate Democrats and DC lobbyists are not on our side.  They have their own side, a side that is out of touch, immoral, and dishonest.

We can win this fight, as the polls are tightening.  But it would be a whole lot easier without that knife in our back.

How’s the temperature on that bottle?  Little more gin there for you?  Maybe a diaper pin is stuck in the baby? 

What sulky bullshit.  And all over JOE.  Bill Buckley is laughing really hard.


AP: Lieberman Cites Support of Senate Dems As Reason He’s Still Competitive (David Sirota)

There have been great, courageous and heroic Democrats who have come to help the Lamont campaign. But as AP reports tonight, the complicity of most Democrats is what is still keeping Joe afloat.

Posted at 10/29/2006 06:04:14 PM EST – #

Complicity… yes, day in and day out, that is the word.  All of this frantic flutter and flying hoo hoo does make one wonder… did the Boyz think it would all be sunlight and roses with a Lieberman challenge?  Especially using a sort of mixed bag as a vehicle?

Come on.  Really pushing it to call Lamont other than a “Lieberman supporter”. Which he has been in word, deed and dollar bills. 

I never heard all that much authenticity in the pique over the NYT editorial that supposedly got Lamont all hot and bothered (but not enough hot and bothered, we have all noticed).

Oh wellllllll. On to the next great adventure. Tally HO! 





1. TustonDAZ - 28 October 2006

I saw Shields and the loathesome Lowry last night too, and I’m feeling buoyed, so today I’m sticking with my “serious” prediction of 23 and 5 (no sarcasm, really…)

The recent news from Oaxaca is disturbing:

OAXACA, Mexico – President Vicente Fox announced Saturday he was sending federal police into the violence-wracked southern state capital of Oaxaca after a U.S. journalist and two Mexican men were shot to death. The clashes occurred Friday as leftist protesters barricaded streets as part of a five-month-old campaign to oust the governor.

Fox’s office issued a declaration saying that the federal forces would concentrate in Oaxaca on Saturday. His office later clarified that he was referring to federal police, not troops, but did not specify how many were being sent.

TustonDAZ notes: Federales Judiciales are a paramilitary and not your typical cop or FBI type…fully auto M16’s are standard issue

Gunfire erupted Friday in a rough Oaxaca neighborhood when armed men tried to remove a blockade set up by protesters demanding the resignation of Oaxaca Gov. Ulises Ruiz, according to state officials and witnesses. Both sides fired but it was not clear who shot first.

Bradley Roland Will, 36, from New York City, was shot in the abdomen and died later at a Red Cross hospital, police, witnesses and friends said. Will worked for Indymedia.org, an independent Web-based media organization and sold video footage on a freelance basis, said friends and Indymedia colleague Hinrich Schuleze.

Oaxaca Attorney General Lizbeth Cana blamed the violence on the leftist protesters, whom she has compared to an urban guerrilla group. She said the armed men were angry residents defending themselves.

“The people are fed up with permanent violence, threats and kidnappings,” Cana said.

However, U.S. Ambassador to Mexico Tony Garza said the armed group may have been police. The Mexico City newspaper El Universal on Saturday published photos identifying some of the men firing at protesters as local officials.

“It appears that Mr. Will was killed during a shootout between what may have been local police” and protesters, Garza said in a written statement.

Protesters have taken over the city since for five months, building barricades, driving out police and burning buses. The protesters accuse the governor of rigging the 2004 election to win office and using violence against his opponents.

They accused the governor of sending the armed men against them.

“Ulises Ruiz is trying to massacre our people,” said protester Antonio Garcia.

another note: guns are strictly controled, with long prison terms for even having ammunition, so they rare as hens teeth in mexico. Except, of course, for the police, feds, and traffickers (often these groups are merged). Campesinos sometimes have antique long arms but teachers are not generally known to be “packin'”

An Associated Press video taken at the scene shows people ducking for cover as shots rattle out from many directions. A group of six men are seen running through the street with Will.

Esteban Zurrita, a resident of Oaxaca, also was shot dead in the clash, said Cana.

The third victim was identified as Emilio Alonso Fabian, whose bullet-ridden body was found about two miles from the clash. Many of the protesters are teachers.

Oswaldo Ramirez, a photographer for the Mexico City daily Milenio was shot in the foot at and taken to hospital, Milenio said on its Web site.

A second shootout erupted between protesters and an armed group outside the state prosecutors office and left three people injured, Cana said.

Friday’s clash came a day after teachers agreed to end their five-month-old strike that has kept 1.3 million children out of classes in the state of Oaxaca — a move that was expected to take the sting out of the protests.

The teachers have been camped out in Oaxaca city’s colonial center since May when they first walked out to demand higher pay and better working conditions.

After police attacked one of their demonstrations in June, they extended their demands to include a call for the resignation of Gov. Ruiz and were joined by leftists, students and Indian groups.

Police and armed gangs have led sporadic attacks on the protesters, leading to retaliatory violence.

Will had been documenting the upheaval in Internet dispatches. His reports showed strong sympathies with the protest movements.

“What can you say about this movement, this revolutionary moment,” he wrote in a dispatch dated Oct. 16. “You know it is building, growing, shaping, you can feel it, trying desperately for a direct democracy.”
After the meeting, the Interior Department and teachers union released statements condemning Friday’s violence and saying they were making headway in coming to an agreement.

Ruiz repeatedly has asked federal authorities to send troops to restore order.

AP via yahoo

Funny how the Federal negotiators and the Teachers say they were close to an agreement when this gunfight broke out…

2. Ezekiel - 28 October 2006
3. marisacat - 28 October 2006

ooo great links. Thanks Tuston…

Ezekiel, that diary is a hoot. Of course Jerome is right. But then one wonders why he nearly fell apart when passed over for the FP last fall.

Which tribal right of passage I assume will come after elections. Yum!

4. Ezekiel - 28 October 2006

The comments are coming fast from McJoan and DavidNYC. How dare anyone get off topic just before the most important election in history.

What will these people do if the Dems don’t take either house?

5. bayprairie - 28 October 2006

davidNYC must have had the ill fortune to draw saturday thread duty.

where’s big tent democrat when he’s obviously needed?

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 October 2006

LOL … so it finally sunk in Jerome? It’s been Orange State/Little Orange Footballs for months and months now.

7. TustonDAZ - 28 October 2006

In defense to the orange parisian (does he have a beret?), it is hard to see the truth when you’ve got people blowing smoke up your ass…

8. NYCO - 28 October 2006

NY-26 may not be in play any more, but it’s balanced out by NY-25 (Syracuse area) unexpectedly continuing to be in play. Walsh (R) vs. Maffei (D).

There’s a new problem for Walsh this morning with a Wall Street Journal front page story questioning his travel arrangements.

9. bayprairie - 28 October 2006

a self-admitted, paid political consultant who’s been posting as such using username Greg at Carter for Nevada states:

My first diary on the topic of martial law, posted on September 21, got a bit less of a response than the later one – but this was of course before the bill had passed. You may wonder, why did I post this under “Major Danby” instead of “Greg at Carter for Nevada,” given that Jack Carter has been the only politician I know of who is aware of and willing to talk about the issue?


no, what im wondering is why you didn’t have a disclaimer that you were a paid political consultant in your Major Danby sigline.”

You’ve been using two names

at the same time.

Bannable. At least you’re honest about it… now.

by Plutonium Page on Sat Oct 28, 2006 at 01:02:54 PM PDT

I e-mailed Markos about this before doing so

telling him exactly what I planned to do, and how I planned to respect the spirit of the proscription against sockpuppetry, and got no response. Unless by mistake (and I don’t think I’ve made any mistakes in this), I have never used one account to recommend, or refer to, or otherwise promote anything that the other account has done. My understanding is that that is what Markos considers “sockpuppetry” to be and I have respected that.


by Greg at Carter for Nevada on Sat Oct 28, 2006 at 01:11:06 PM PDT

Ok, if you e-mailed Markos, that’s cool


by Plutonium Page on Sat Oct 28, 2006 at 01:15:35 PM PDT

guess paid political consultants aren’t subject to Dkos rules. only the beeleavers.

10. marisacat - 28 October 2006

How many accts does Armando have? 3 that are known. “Armando” “poiuynick” and BTD or as I call it, Big Dramatic Tent…. LOL

Sorry they are fodder for laughs…

How many did Petey have, beloved as he was by various FPers?
5 that I was aware of… as he huddled under the pretense of being an Edwards supporter…

More fodder.

11. marisacat - 28 October 2006

BMT diarist comments on Jerome a Paris diary.

Catch all the smack downs.

12. Ezekiel - 28 October 2006

This from right-winger Dan Riehl re: Kos and Webb.

The only people who are fooled are the dKos readership.

13. marisacat - 28 October 2006

oh that is a hoot.

Love the 2004 comment.

Thanks for the link.

I am not in VA, so not my issue. But Webb is just an old time reactionary Dixiecrat. Boll Weevil… 😉

14. D. Throat - 29 October 2006

Have you noticed how Jerome’s “environmentalist” coauthor M. Beard is no where to be seen….

I guess he is too busy putting the last touches to his diary on Chevron and Arnold’s collusion with the anti-environmentalists PACs in California… NOT

15. Ezekiel - 29 October 2006

I see the big story on Drudge is that Hugo is going to steal the elections, presumably for the Dems. These guys are amazing. They will use every option available to hold on to power–every option.

The parallels get closer and closer. A ruthless and larger Right crushes a smaller Left while a middle that’s lost confidence in democracy stands by and either cheers or keeps their mouths shut.

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 October 2006

Boing Boing has a piece up w/ multiple links detailing the murder of an Indymedia journalist by Mexican government paramilitaries in Oaxaca. The situation there is apparently turning very dire, right after reports that the activists and the government announced that they were nearing settlement the national gov’t sent in the federal paramilitaries.

17. TustonDAZ - 29 October 2006
18. TustonDAZ - 29 October 2006


May I be so bold as to offer a little editorial comment?

right after reports that the activists and the government announced that they were nearing settlement the national gov’t sent in the federal paramilitaries.

right after reports of nearing settlement Ruiz’s thugs shoot up the teachers to create a “crisis” so Fox cand send in federales judiciales

I don’t know, but I don’t think the Feds’ could come in without the appearance of chaos created by Ruiz…

19. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 October 2006

LOL … Jerome launches le Resistance!

I shouldn’t poke fun … it’s good to see that more people are realizing it.

20. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 October 2006

you know us cheese-eating-beer-drinkin’ gringos … always over-simplifying.


21. TustonDAZ - 29 October 2006

Hey! we eat cheese here to, and not just quesadillas…tequila, chile and queso fundido melted in iron skillet with chips, que bien rica!

And beer drinking is a holy obligation at Sunday afternoon barbacoas …fun linguistic trivia: if you want to sound really cool don’t order “cervezas” order “Chevys”

22. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 October 2006

that runny white stuff isn’t REAL cheese!


23. TustonDAZ - 29 October 2006

Tell that to the goats…

24. marisacat - 29 October 2006

that ‘runny white stuff’ is barely one off from Mother’s milk… meaning, instrinsic to life.


25. CSTAR - 29 October 2006

This (the Jerome diary and its reaction) is very interesting. For example this reaction on BMT (thanks Mcat for the link) “But I don’t want to have it until November 7. There should be a single-minded focus on winning the upcoming election, and winning it big. Now we have 3 of the 8 rec’d diaries there talking about this new meta issue. ” Good lord. I’ve heard that one before. What we do we then commit suicide? (I can think of other sexualized metaphors…and I assume so can everyone else)

In the latest réponse Jerome says some very obvious things e.g. “and as I’ve mentioned before, on economic issues, kossacks are much more to the right (or centirst, if you prefer) than you might guess for a supposedly lefty website.”

That site is indeed “foutu”.

26. marisacat - 29 October 2006

that site is completement fou… 😉

As for the BMT diary… agree. A long time ago, on a lark one hot night that I could not sleep… I x posted an old piece of mine “Skrewball Universe, Foreskins for Ratzy”… It is a PARODY, a satire of how the church, the state and the political parties and their designated pundits conspire to smash abortion and reproductive rights.

It was a long ramble. And while I personally did not meet a tired propagandistic Baltimore Catechism – nor anything so narrow and doctrinaire – til I was over 30… I am indeed a baptised and confirmed Catholic if non-practising. I just reject the fucked power grid: Thanks ever so, by no… LOL.

Lordy. The BMT Catholics lined up in arms. They freaked out!

I was ”losing the party votes”. And not near any election, rmember…

LOL. They have no idea.

It is all VERY transparent:

One, these people at the tied to the party sites are limited. They really are.

Two, they seek to repress people.

So, after the BMT Catholics called me a witch (more or less, the power to move votes, LOL)… I went off and read some Ronald Firbank.

For my sanity.

27. NYCee - 29 October 2006

Tried to give the Jerome diary a recommend but it was past time. Will do for part deux. Like that he didnt follow the “WARNING!!! SYFPH before elections!!! gag order.

Btw, Scott Ritter on Csapan, BookTV tonight. Interviewed by Sy Hersh on his book, Target Iran. Also, earlier in the eve is an interview of Ray Takeyh on Iran. (Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations, Middle Eastern Studies.) Funny, he is from the CoFR, but he was nuanced in an intelligent way, I found. Not a mush out or toeing the rw/establishment line, such as sabre rattling with softeners added. Some cogent, instructive insights. I found it interesting.

Cspan Schedule

Ugh… Robert Kagan … Ugh… interviewed by Tom Friedman. Yikes.

28. cactus ed - 29 October 2006

Something is sticking in MB’s craw:

Some cynics, Greens and others, say: Of course not, how could anyone be so stupid to believe that a Democratic majority – boosted to power in great part by moderate newbie Democrats from reddish or purplish states like Nebraska, Pennsylvania and Virginia – would move in a progressive direction? The best that can be hoped for, they say, is that the far right will be somewhat curtailed in its efforts to dismantle the last shreds of the social safety net and that the worst aspects of foreign policy under the Bush and Cheney Doctrines will be reassessed.

Pragmatic idealist that I am – a stance some label as “sell-out” [what, no link? 😉 ed]- I continue to hope for more. In the past, we progressives have been taken for many a ride by Democratic leaders who ignore our work for the party’s success (and sneer at progressives who have defected because they’re sick of being taken for rides). I hope we will not be ignored this time around.

29. NYCee - 29 October 2006

I added my 2 cents to the Jerome diaries, as well. Ben Nelson gets front page accolades, Tasini doesnt even exist – until the Clinton operatives need to quell any mention of him on the sidebars.

Talked about the capitulation, absolutely nothing but excuses and fizzle by Kos after dem bankruptcy bill folding. Ford was a big promoter of that bill in the house. He loves Jayzus, not so much the poor. How rich.

30. gong - 29 October 2006

Interesting that on Jerome’s threads you seem to have people who both are upset at getting called right-wing and are advocating right-wing values and views.

That was a great rant you posted, NYCee.

31. marisacat - 29 October 2006

Ford is a fake. he’s got a white preacher man shilling for him. Among other things.

I hate to be rude… but the games are pretty obvious. He’ll do the white man’s work.

32. marisacat - 29 October 2006

oh another thing, Ford signed a letter wtih Lott in December 2001 calling for toppling Saddam.

I mean, let’s get real. He calls Bush his friend.

33. marisacat - 29 October 2006

oh the erstwhile hope that Southern Mid West Everywhere Biz Wing of the Democratic party gives a shit other than to mimic Republicans.

That seems to be the very old scenario that MB is so ”pragmatic” about.

Tired stuff.

I forgot to post this yesterday, from Jeff Cohen. I think it is about the best that can be done with that sort of “pragmatism”. Cohen struggles. If he can pull this out past 2008 (meaning again in 2010) I will be surprised.

even he admits in a round about way, that if a progressive agenda (or even inclusion) were to occur, this was the year.

Instead I see fake christians like Ford elevated. He HIDES behind religion. He co mingles his stance on gays with his “faith”, his stance on “PBA” is also co mingled iwth his “faith”.

And Webb is just too like Allen for my taste. There is no “lessor”.

Absolutely disgusting.

From Cohen:

Second, by fighting to change the Democratic leadership. This is especially crucial in advance of 2008. By and large, the current leadership has few principles, except taking power. . .and is generally inept at that. It’s timid, waffling, too close to corporate interests and too afraid of the American public, especially on issues where the public is more progressive than they are – from Iraq withdrawal to trade to universal healthcare. That’s why a progressive platform was avoided in 2006– and why Democrats could not win in 2000, 2002 and 2004 (or win by enough to avoid the election being pilfered).

2006 should have been about a positive agenda – a permanent one, not something that needs to be reinvented every election cycle. But a progressive platform is unthinkable with pro-war corporatists like Chuck Schumer and Rahm Emanuel running the Democratic Senate and House campaigns, and often choosing the candidates (including a slew of hawkish pro-corporate types.)

Democrats need a progressive compact with America emphasizing national health insurance, just taxation, living wages, jobs-producing energy programs, trade policies that protect incomes and the environment.

Polls show these are popular measures with the American public; they are not so popular with corporate lobbyists and consultants close to Schumer, Emanuel and the Clinton wing of the party.

I call it the scraping the bottom of the barrel sell. Vote them in one more time, so they notice us. Somehow they will know we don’t like them!

That would be my shorter version.

34. CSTAR - 29 October 2006

Goodness, loved those responses… Drive them out of the party.???

35. colleen - 29 October 2006

In the latest réponse Jerome says some very obvious things e.g. “and as I’ve mentioned before, on economic issues, kossacks are much more to the right (or centirst, if you prefer) than you might guess for a supposedly lefty website.”

Untill Kos allowed DHinMI and his stable free reign in their ‘leadership as shame and humiliation’ strategy and purged most of those not inclined to suck up, DailyKos wasn’t nearly as right wing as it is now.
The fact of the matter is that now it is a blog controlled by Blue Dogs and other variously flavored ‘centrist’ operatives who think they’re as good at propaganda as Luntz and Rove (which they aren’t) and that most voters are as stupid as dittoheads (which we aren’t)
I’m pleased that Jerome apparently understands what has happened to the blog and hope that he will cease posting there.

36. marisacat - 29 October 2006

I have not caught up tot he threads to the Jerome diaries… Does he indicate some great, fundamental break?

I seriously doubt he would cease posting at Dkos.

This is from his follow up:

The reaction to my previous diary was a lot stronger than I expected, but I’m proud to have triggered such a rich debate. And the majority of the 1,200 comments are smart, interesting and show the best of dKos.

So, of course I need the attention. But I want to deserve it.

37. TustonDAZ - 29 October 2006

Gosh, I sure hope can really feel worthy sometime soon.

38. TustonDAZ - 29 October 2006

“he can really feel…”

39. gong - 29 October 2006

Oh, man, the cell phone excuse. Too much.

If the sites were really about electing Democrats, you’d expect a lot less energy devoted to parsing unfavourable polls, wouldn’t you?

40. Meteor Blades - 29 October 2006

Golly, and if I just abandon the Democrats altogether, stop thinking that they make at least a slight difference by being in the majority, I can count on a move to the left how many years before I turn 100?

No matter that my Diary you linked sharply critiqued all the Dems who voted in favor of the IWR and noted in detail that none of them has apologized enough or pledged to learn from their mistakes and move toward a change in foreign policy, starting right now with Iran. Of course, unless I say “to the wall” with all the Dems – perhaps Barbara Lee excluded – I’m clearly still a DLC apparatchik and, if not actually right wing, a sockpuppet for those who are.

41. D. Throat - 29 October 2006

Still waiting for MBeard’s post on Chevron and Arnold….

He’ll do the white man’s work.

I hadn’t realized that Ford is not married… well that set off a few bells a ringing and triggered more radar alerts with his violent protest against Gays… sounds like he blelongs in the GOP of Drier, Foley and Hasert.

42. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 October 2006

they did those things, MB, yet you’d STILL counsel people to vote for them, no matter how shamelessly warmongering they continue to be?

They may never move to the left, but get them out of the way and maybe we can build some new leaders who ARE from the left.

43. marisacat - 29 October 2006

LOL… whatever works for you MB.

About where it lies.

I shafted the Dems as I REFUSE to share in how lame and, all at once, blatant they are. And I decline to support the Clinton national machine. SO much is off the table that there is no point.

It has been so cute watching the Boyz (and Blog Maids and out of work H’wood producers and various Dixiecrats and Biz Wing and former Repubs) collect cash for Lamont and others. Very like the living room of the carefully uninformed in Arlington VA, pointed out in the Weekly Standard above.

Perhaps if Bill does nto enjoy a long and happy life and if some of Hillareeee’s more caustic lines and opinions come to light during a [losing] run, we may be rid of them.

But I am not holding my breath.

44. cactus ed - 29 October 2006

and if I just abandon the Democrats altogether

Louie, this could be the start of a beautiful false dichotomy.

I can count on a move to the left how many years before I turn 100?

Not gonna be a move to the left just because Dems get elected. So you can’t count on one your way, either.

45. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 October 2006

Not gonna be a move to the left just because Dems get elected.

if anything, the Dems will continue to keep STOPPING a left from developing.

46. Meteor Blades - 29 October 2006

By the way, D. Throat, I promised a Diary on Prop. 87.

47. marisacat - 29 October 2006

OH!! we have the battle of the Jesus As Fig Leaf cadres.

FOX is running tape that Ford this am said that Dems both LOVE and FEAR Jesus.

But the republs just FEAR Jesus.

SO the Dems get the double tattoo, on both sets of digits, 4 each hand????

And the Republs just get “FEAR” tattoo’d on their right knuckles?

Will the REAL Elmer Gantry please stand up?

Or maybe the ”Jesus As a Fig LEafers” could jsut go to war with each other.

SOMEBODY should call Ford on his drippy fake religiousity.

48. colleen - 29 October 2006

“the Dems will continue to keep STOPPING a left from developing.”

Just as Meteor Blade’s good friends have consistently done. Notice that MB does not speak to the substance of Jerome’s diaries. Most of the folks here and certainly MBand his dear, dear friends have been around long enough to recognise the enforced right-ward shift on the so-called liberal BB blogs.

49. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 October 2006

well, it’s more important that “we” … “WIN” … (we not including hippies, hairy-legged women, fags, queers, trannies, peaceniks, granolas, free thinkers, paper-trail activists … you know, the RABID LEFT) … and the only way to WIN is to shut those peoples’ fucking pieholes. If they won’t learn their place and get with the program, then sadly the Beard has no choice but to agree that they must be cast out, banned, shunned, reviled, pushed away … all for the good of some imagined future utopia where the good warmongering, profit-loving Vichy Donks throw a few shekels off of the Big Party Lifeboat (lovingly provided by Big Pharma, MBNA, Murdoch, AIPAC and the good folks at Boeing, Raytheon et al) for those who manage not to disappear below the waves.

50. marisacat - 29 October 2006

LOL… In the lifeboat with Tallulah!

Those Democrats. They be casting off what is left: LOL VOTERS.

They don’t need ’em!

51. marisacat - 29 October 2006

LOL St Jerome in the Desert

The minders need to get around more. They left SMBIVA out of the “Bloggers Suck” essay effort — and they seem not to know there is quite a bit of caustic Kos Viewing around the netteries.

52. mjb - 29 October 2006

Madman – I believe you omitted the death-cult abortionists from your list. We certainly can’t have *those* people in the party.

53. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 October 2006

mjb …

they ARE a subset of “hairy-legged feminists”, but since they ARE singled out for special opprobrium, I should have highlighted their special place in the ranks of the unclean and uwelcome. Thankfully, w/ Ford, Casey and Webb on board, we won’t have any of “them with “us” when we “win”.

54. Meteor Blades - 29 October 2006

colleen, you have complained about my calling you out, but you see no hypocrisy in calling me out. This may get you raves here in the cocoon, but it’s “obnoxious.” One way or the other. Either you don’t call me out and I won’t call you out. Or otherwise. I don’t care if you call me out, slander me, say whatever pops into your head. But don’t play the wounded crybaby when you get some response.

As for Jerome’s Diary, it’s your typical nonsense. By the time I returned from canvassing on Saturday and signed on, it had reached 900+ comments. I read and recommended and read a couple hundred comments. Obviously, he had more support than opposition and he is in no more danger being banned. Over the past 18 months, Jerome and I have frequently discussed – and agreed upon – a number of topics discussed in his Diary, particularly around our mutually shared interest, a decent energy policy.

But you’ve got an active account on Daily Kos, colleen, so why didn’t you drop in and pipe up along with the hundreds of others who recommended and affirmed Jerome’s comments?

55. D. Throat - 30 October 2006

By the way, D. Throat, I promised a Diary on Prop. 87.

Gee…MB… yunno I am so stupid. Of course there is a huge difference between writing a diary on Prop 87 and one on Chevron who has put millions of dollars into defeating it. Oh and that the CA GOP is co sponsering the PAC with Chevron… shows no hypocrisy in Arnold’s reframing himself as an “environmentalist”…kinda like you.

Perhaps Arnold and the GOP are taking your advice and using “the man’s money” to further their own ideals……

MB and Arnold belong to the same environmental association…the “Opportunist”… they speak in favor of the environment ONLY when it suits them.

56. bayprairie - 30 October 2006

As for Jerome’s Diary, it’s your typical nonsense.

that today’s current partay-line? just askin.

57. Meteor Blades - 30 October 2006

I don’t have to “reframe” myself on the environment. Unlike Arnie, I have a track record. But, of course, you think it’s bogus, so why do I bother?

58. bayprairie - 30 October 2006

one more try

As for Jerome’s Diary, it’s your typical nonsense.

that today’s current partay-line? just askin.

59. D. Throat - 30 October 2006

You jumped in IMMEDIATELY to ward off people from commenting badly about the Chevron ad… or were you just taking a break from canvassing, phonebanking and/or some other “conscientious” activity

60. D. Throat - 30 October 2006

BTW there is a lot of CYA going on over at MYDD… what do they know that we don’t???

61. bayprairie - 30 October 2006

speaking of typical nonsense:

Trouble in Our Big Tent?
by Big Tent Democrat

But we are a Big Tent, and it is our core values that unite us.

cue the sousa

62. Meteor Blades - 30 October 2006

bayprairie, as the context makes clear – but my juxtaposition possibly did not – I was not calling Jerome’s Diary nonsense, which would be ridiculous, because I agreed with much of it. I was referring to the D. Throat‘s implication that I cravenly avoided commenting on that Diary. Which is nonsense.

63. Meteor Blades - 30 October 2006

Oh, and D. Throat, my comments regarding the Chevron ad were not made to “ward off” other comments, they were in response to those comments. I laid out my position, and I told nobody to shut up. What other posters did is no more under my control than what you say here.

64. Meteor Blades - 30 October 2006

Sorry about the bold.

65. aemd - 30 October 2006

” did the Boyz think it would all be sunlight and roses with a Lieberman challenge? Especially using a sort of mixed bag as a vehicle?”

Of course they thought it would be “sunlight and roses”. They’s the netroot$ and their business plan is truth (justice, apple pie.. 😉 ) The voters of CT don’t mean shit. It’s all about them and their “pull” in Washington.

Thanks guys (and blogmaids), not only did you help get Holy Joe re-elected, you just made him the most powerful person in the Senate. Maybe the whole slime pit of DC. Why, oh why you ask. Hmm, maybe like Groton. Ole Joe maybe Jewish but he do bring home the pork.

After all of this, those “Inconvenient Voters” would be fools not to vote “Teh Holiest Joe” back into office. Voters know which side their bread is buttered on even if the netroot$ don’t. ROFL!

66. Madman in the Marketplace - 30 October 2006

core values? WHAT core values? The Dems have made it clear that they want anybody who actually HAS any values that aren’t Republican values to STFU about them … CORE VALUES.

Armando/BTD is as full of shit as ever.

67. marisacat - 30 October 2006

Well ARnold DOES have a track record on energy and the environment. Despite recent pseudo-liberal chit chat.

I think his presence at the 2001 meeting at the Bel Air (think it was the BA and not the Beverly HIlls) sealed it.

Real pity about Arnold… and everyone falling for his soft scheisse rhetoric.

aemd LOL agree. I think they all thought if they TOUTED Lamont it would work.

Pretty silly. But it HAS been fun to watch.

NOT FUN to watch Lieberman become much more powerful than he was previously.

Oh what a shame it all has been. I still believe the Repubs enticed the baby buccaneers (and others LOL, they were not alone) into this. That was my impression spring of 2005 and it is what I wrote in an email I dropped to ctkeith, now known as Swami and much petted by the Boyz.

How that will go now, who knows. I suspect the Boyz will paint themselves as victims (as Stoller is now doing). Whiners. The “Great Lost Cause”.

Oh… BTD. I call that one ”Big Dramatic Tent”. Another episode that will be fun to watch …in his tiny alternate pool.

68. aemd - 30 October 2006

“Pretty silly. But it HAS been fun to watch.”

Yeah, it has been. LOL.

What did it for me was the blackface and defense of it. Not that it was a major loss/gain for either side but that it showed that the Lamont “team” was outta control. It was ALL about them, what they wanted, the netroot$ knows best and fuck the voters of CT.

…But, hey, it ain’t over yet. It’s a big ole country and the Dems may pull it out yet. The “Inconvenient Voters” may slam on the brakes and settle for gridlock. I’m sure they’ll take a win by default. Maybe they’ll strike a claim and declare a mandate. LOL.

69. aemd - 30 October 2006

” I call that one ‘’Big Dramatic Tent” ”

Don’t think there’s a tent big enough to fit that drama queen. 🙂

70. colleen - 30 October 2006

“But you’ve got an active account on Daily Kos, colleen, so why didn’t you drop in and pipe up along with the hundreds of others who recommended and affirmed Jerome’s comments? ”

Of course my point was that your dear, dear friends (and your lame self) were not among those willing to acknowledge the indisputable right-wing shift on DK. A shift which you and your ‘centrist’ friends are responsible for and have consciously and deliberately cultivated with methods I’ve seen you applaud. A shift which y’all have collectively enforced and deny with alcoholic stubbroness.

I no longer post on DK for exactly the same reasons I don’t work for or date Republicans or subscribe to The New Republic, not even when they offer me a free year. However, take heart, I do think there’s some money to be made writing about the rise and fall of DK and DK (and it’s operatives) as examples of what is wrong with the Democratic party and, after all, your dear, dear RonK is employed in the same county I live and vote in.


71. marisacat - 30 October 2006

aemd Too true. No tent big enough for that one.

New Thread Up: Tizzy Whizzy?? … Whiff of a Tiff?. I suggest the Boyz – and cohorts – find a lot of hankies. Weep Weep.

72. christian - 30 October 2006

thank god that chevron ad is back above where it belongs on DK.

i know kos has no kontrol there, but some might find the irony of all these self-loving “we’re kossacks united” diaries about how they’re taking it to the streets while chevron arnold laugh and laugh as they throw money to kos who scoops it up off the floor like the running dog he is…

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