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Tizzy Whizzy!! … Whiff of a Tiff? 30 October 2006

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In Key House Races, the Democrats move to the Right.  They sure do! says the Cat.

[“M]y guess is that if Democrats are in the majority, it’s going to be because of these New Democrat, Blue Dog candidates out there winning in these competitive swing districts,” Representative Ron Kind of Wisconsin, co-chairman of a caucus of centrist House Democrats, said in an interview.

But if candidates like Mr. Shuler do help the Democrats gain majority control of Congress, it could come at a political price, which may include tensions in the party between its new centrists and its more liberal political base.

While Democratic leaders have gone to great lengths to promote the views of these candidates, some, like Mr. Shuler, have views on issues like gun control and abortion that are far out of step with the prevailing views of the Democrats who control the party. On some issues, they may even be expected to side with Republicans and the Bush White House.

Democratic officials said they did not set out with the intention of finding moderates to run. Instead, as they searched for candidates with the greatest possibility of winning against Republicans, they said, they wound up with a number who reflected more moderate views. [snip that whip]

What is Boyz in a whiffy squiffy over?  Big Dramatic Tent – BDT, to bullshit everyone, says the NYT article is BULLSHIT.  Right back at you, Drahma Queen…

Stoller (we wuz stabbed!  Front and Back!!  [ooo! ouch!]), Bowers is now up on the roof… whizzing from the heights [emphasis is mine]:

[W]hat position would Democrats be in right now if our campaigns were $300,000,000 in debt and couldn’t run a single ad the rest of the election? That’s where they would be without our money.

[oooo, tell us more… news to us in the box seats… -MCat] 

Where would they be if suddenly 75% of their volunteers disappeared, and most GOTV operations were utterly devoid of warm bodies? That’s where they would be without us. Where would they be if 10,000 precinct captains disappeared a week before the election? That’s where they would be without the silent revolution.

[Boyz is the silent revolution?  Do tell… -MCat] 

Where would they be if the base wasn’t fired up and ready to vote? That’s where they would be without progressive media. Where would they be if they weren’t running on Iraq, finally? They certainly wouldn’t be this far ahead in the polls, and they wouldn’t have done it without pressure from the base. Where would they be without a means to distribute their message directly to millions of progressives every day on every issue? That’s where they would be without the progressive blogosphere.

[Screaming with laughter here! My Whiskers are Shaking!!  – If Kerry had won, and it was Kerry’s War, Boyz be so supportive!  So understanding!   – MCat]

Where would they be if they didn’t have more Democrats running for office this year than in any election in decades? That’s where they would be without the fifty state strategy. We re-introduced all of these things to the Democratic Party in the last four years, and basically all we asked in return was for them to play by their own rules and be partisan on behalf of the entire party for a change. They couldn’t even do that.

And I can’t emphasize this enough–we did it all by playing by the rules. I know this, because I was there every step of the way.  [snip]

What about the party’s long move to the RIGHT did they miss, “every step of the way”?  Boyz have facilitated.  Or are they ignorant of what they do, themselves?  Did they miss Kaine, Webb, Casey, all their drooley love [have a bib] for Schweikert?… shafting Cegelis for Duckworth? (I don’t like the rather too centist, whiff of ”faith” in the deal Duckworth, but no real dog in the fight)… McNerney and Hodes were personal ass cover selections for the Boyz… 

The boys bleat and their hearts beat for the Centrist shit.  Or did they miss the whole point of that Libertarian Democrat scheisse from Daddy Kos?

On and on.  Why weep now?  Boyz helped the party move right… Or did they miss what Reid is all about?  What Rahm is all about?  My my, they do public housekeeping for the DSCC, for the DCCC.  They constantly cover Reid’s shakey white hack ass.  Now that is a dirty job.

Too late to pitch a bitch fit now Boyz.  Have a hankie.  And a bottle. I have Opera Glasses to offer to the viewers.  This should be a good one.

It all smacks of extortion.  They wanna piece of pie (pie pay off?  Do you think?).  Did the big bad DC pols promise the Boyz something… and now don’t call back?  Because this weep fest from the Boyz has NOTHING to do with Left Liberal Progressive politics, values, goals or beliefs.  SInce the Boyz share none of that.

Oh you bet I am laughing.

And you KNOW there is more to come:  Boyz on display.  Show up and laugh.


BTW, thsi is the close of the NYT article… tell me this is not a target voter, a re-capture in this case, for the Koswhackians and the Party… oh they so want him back.  One reason Reid is Leader.  One reason they ran Casey, a virulent pro-lifer, in the most high profile, expensive race.  One reason they are running adamant pro lifers. 

What??, you think Boyz, Blog Maids and out a work H’Wood Producers and Dixiecrats and Former Republicans are not on board with this shit?

Mr. Yelton, 59 and a lifelong Democrat, said he recently changed parties, in part because he believed that the Democrats had suppressed anti-abortion viewpoints. He is running as a Republican for clerk of court in Buncombe County.

“There’s going to be a moderate party for Joe Blow, and whether that party is the Republican Party or the Democratic Party, that’s the battle we’re seeing,” Mr. Yelton said. “I expect to see Hillary Clinton quoting Scripture before it’s over with.”

He does not have to wait.  That bitch ladled out the shame game and the prayer game just weeks after the ’04 loss.  God forbid they look to themselves.

No, as Ron Reagan jr said A DAY AFTER THE LOSSThey will go right and go red.  It is what they know.

I call it now:  the party of mean old men and mean young men.  And the women who hang with that sort.


More of Bowers…

[E]llen Tauscher, just so you know, when you have a surprisingly strong and well funded primary challenger with tons of volunteers and lots of support in the progressive media come out of seemingly nowhere in 2008, just look over the cliff to see where that challenger is coming from. At the bottom, you will see me standing there, with hundreds and thousand of my friends and colleagues. We will be in the process of forming a human ladder for your challenger to use to climb up the cliff. When s/he reaches the top, don’t be surprised if more than a few of us come along, and suddenly you find yourself outnumbered, even as you stand next to your twenty-seven new friends. And then we will see who gets run over the cliff next.

Sorry.  ET is not worried.  She just is not.  Y’all had your chance.  WInograd who challenged Harmon… and that is just one… Believe me, Ellen is not worried.  The other reason is one word, Lamont.  DId not go well… and there was very little Blogosphere support (blackface notwithstanding, over at the FireyDoggieLakers). 

They ALL noticed the lack of real $$ blog support… 


Oh.  The gift that keeps on giving… This is the Big Dramatic Tent’s own comment to lead off his thread:

I tell you where our fights will come (5+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
michael1104, thereisnospoon, Larry Horse, Elise, shergald

Tax and trade policy, not social issues or national security.

Who in blazes is Ellen Taucher? Who does she think is going to listen to her?

Our intellectual leaders on national security answer to names like Clark, Levin and yes, Biden.

Not Taucher and Lieberman.

More at TalkLeft

by Big Tent Democrat on Sun Oct 29, 2006 at 10:14:40 PM PDT

I must go dip my whiskers in cream!  Hold the Opera Glasses for me, be right back!


UPDATE:  10:00 am

hmmm:  Bowers continues.  I have not had a chance to read it… so this is up here as a PSA.

Laugh… 😉

I am listening to Alan Abramowitz of Emory U… a poli sci prof. C-Span, catching up on Wash Journal of this am.  

Muddying the waters to assist the Repubs.  Or that is my take.  He also makes faces when blacks call in.  Not kidding on that.


UPDATE, 10:25 am

Aw.  The Guardian NewsBlog picks up on the Lamont  [LOL] “lost the plothistoire.

[M]r Lamont appears to have lost the plot in recent months, allowing Mr Lieberman, who is running as an independent, to make the election about his independence rather than the war. Mr Lamont is now trailing Mr Lieberman in all the polls. In the last few days, Mr Lamont has returned to Iraq, the issue that helped him to win the Democratic nomination.

He’s rolled out a new TV ad featuring the retired General Wesley Clark, Nato’s former supreme commander. “And now, three and a half years into a failing mission in Iraq, Joe Lieberman can’t seem to say we should change the course. And that’s a real mistake,” says Gen Clark.

But Mr Lamont may have left it too late. He’ll be hoping that this post at My Left Nutmeg, where Laura N managed to persuade still undecided voters to vote for him, is a portent for election day. [snip]

You know, the Democrats are suffering mightily from a couple decades of spotty to no bench building.  Clinton ONLY cared about his personal legacy … (throw a few dollar signs in that comment too).  Oh and the wif.  Yes, pulling ”an RFK”, with a remarkably inarticulate Democrat however, in the carpetbagging to NY.

When Hackett takes some snide swipes as he departs, who is speaking?  Not a Democrat, who speaks with a basis of knowledge.  A party carpetbagger.  Oh come on, he voted for Perot twice. So, what did it all mean?

Davis, a former Repub and self funder, cannot manage to make traction against Reynolds?  Mahoney in FL running in the ‘suddenly gifted to him’ Foley seat, bleats for the Blue Dogs and looks all smiley and non comittal when Pelosi’s name comes up.  Repub and self funder.

I could go on.  The list is long… These people will be less than really interested, no fire in the belly, believe me! then they’ll drift and make personal points (no REAL lasting battle within the party from them, they are basically just cheap imports) as they exit a contentious but brief association (politics is a diversion for them, a lot of vanity in the game) …

And who do you think the [former} Republicans, the “pro-lifers”, the Christianists will be voting with?  Damn straight!

Of course, the likes of Tauscher are crowing.  And soon the Boyz will be bowing.  They want IN, they give fuck-all about the country and the people.  Those poor ”people”.  Never any power.

Hell, if she just barely loses, Duckworth might run in the future as a Republican. Since she has a pick of districts…  Having a spotty at best personal voting record.  Tell me, why did Edwards barely vote half of his adult life?  It does not show ”he cared”.  All those years.

And poor Clark thinks he run as the general who ”fixed pot holes” and waged a war.  General Jackson is now retired, the opposite who tangled with him in Kosovo.  In the past he has been circumspect and declined comment on the WWIII accusations…  He might no be so in the future.  Those stars Clark wears are REPUBLICAN.

In short… there is not a party, imo, to fight for.  Damn straight: the Opera Glasses are to watch the actual, visible structural collapse.  Even if they squeak by in the House.  And I am not really expecting it.

 There was a very clear issue to elevate women, elevate choice, elevate privacy (if they cared) elevate safety for women in Red States.  The party passed.  I noticed.


UPDATE, 11:10

Tizz Whizz and now there is a monk in the skiff:

[T]he young monk wonders what we are doing sullying our principles by carrying people like Ford, Casey Jr., and Heath Schuler across the stream. The old monk says, I have already put them down, but you are still carrying them.

Not really worth a lift of the Opera Glasses, but what the hell.

Sorry fellas… the righties, DLCers (have you all missed who Clinton and the wif are?  DLC!) Blue Dogs, etc.,  are ALL crowing.  And with reason!


UPDATE, 1:00 pm….

Almost forgot… til the wee Boyz starting awakening on the wrong side of the trundle bed last night (who knew Blue Dogs and NDC was n00z)… I had planned to use this from the LAT on slightly out of view and 527 money, 501(c) as well…

Sterling, Colo. — Unions, corporations and wealthy individuals have pumped nearly $300 million this year into unregulated political groups, funding dozens of aggressive and sometimes shadowy campaigns independent of party machines.

The groups, both liberal and conservative, air TV and radio spots, conduct polls, run phone banks, canvass door-to-door and stage get-out-the-vote rallies, with no oversight by the Federal Election Commission. Set up as tax-exempt “issue advocacy” committees, they cannot explicitly endorse candidates. But they can do everything short of telling voters how to mark their ballots.

As is often the case, some nitty gritty on page 2 (link to a single page version):

Musgrave’s Democratic challenger, Angie Paccione, watched the water ad with a sinking heart. Like many candidates, she regards 527s as a mixed blessing. The independent group has undoubtedly given her campaign a boost; when the national Democratic Party canceled $630,000 worth of TV ads in the district, Patricia Stryker wrote a check for $720,000 to keep anti-Musgrave spots on the air.

But Paccione has no control over the message. Attacks such as the pickpocket dramatization could alienate voters. She considers ads like the one on water a waste of money.

“Clean drinking water?” Paccione said. “Holy smokes! There’s a litany of things you could do against Marilyn Musgrave. Clean drinking water is not one of them.”

Paccione’s own ads portray Musgrave as a conservative ideologue.

Don’t worry, the article hits the Repub money as well…;) 


Update, 4 PM… on a cold, gray SF day…

Blogometer on Bowers v 2.0 and the chime from Big Tent Drahma:

Later Bowers returned to strike a more conciliatory tone:

“We need a broad coalition in order to govern, and neither conservatives nor progressive will ever be thoroughly purged from a Democratic governing coalition. … To keep the coalition together, we need to do three things. First, we all must have an ownership stake. Second, we must all agree to act within mutually agreed upon rules to resolve intra-coalition conflicts. Third, we have to all be working for each other, despite our differences.”

Talk Left‘s Big Tent Democrat looks at the same stories and argues the MSM is trying to create differences among Dems the don’t exist

Other than that, if one reads Blogometer.. Boyz seem to be all about Lamont.  Kind of dear of them.  Right… all about Rules and Loyalty.

Have they heard of politics?


 UPDATE, 5:20 pm

Reversal here… as I am listening to the debate for SC governor… the moderator asked the Dem running as challenger if he would support Hillareeeeee in ’08.

He just barely managed not to faint.  He sorta gasped out something about hypo the ti cals.

So the Reversal is … every winger, “pro-life”, xtianist, 12 Commandment toter, faith droooling, tiniest little red tent on earth faker running on the Democratic ticket should win win win.

I wanna hear the howling on all sides as those questions fly … Fly for two years. 

And a writer I like – and like when he writes on America, Gary Younge from The Guardian… polls say one thing, people are less sure.

[I]f the pollsters are correct, the US is set for a transformation on a scale somewhere between the Gingrich revolution of 1994, the last Republican legislative revival, and the Blair landslide of 1997. Republicans are about to be crushed by a series of meteorological metaphors – tsunamis, floods and hurricanes are poised to descend on the US electoral landscape with devastating effect.

But, to hear the people talk, you would think the country was in store for little more than grey skies with a chance of rain. Many voters in key districts in the midwest say they are undecided or just plain uninterested. Ask them what will swing it for them and they shrug. The big issues, they say, are Iraq and something else – usually healthcare, the economy or social security. Hurricane Katrina, corruption and terrorism never come up. They will answer questions about the election if you ask them, but it rarely seems to have been on their minds before you interrupted. [snip]

 Not washing out the big wok, not just yet, so as to stir fry a cat next week…  😉




1. TustonDAZ - 30 October 2006

So has anybody seen the farmers’ wife with a buthcer knife?

Yeah, yeah I’ve picked up the dirty habit of reading the note and found this RCP link to Barones’ latest take on the polling

Fewer people vote in off-year elections than in presidential years. In 2002, 75 million people voted. In 2004, 122 million did. My hunch is that people who identify themselves as independents are substantially less likely to vote this year than people who identify as Republicans or Democrats — which would be good news for Republicans, since independents give Bush low job ratings. Another hunch is that the Republican turnout apparatus, with which the Democrats haven’t yet caught up, will boost Republican turnout as it did in 2004, and that the resulting electorate will be more evenly divided in party identification than the electorates shown in most of the public polls.

Well, I don’t care what sounds reasonable, I’m still stickin’ with my “serious prediction” of 5 and 23 but I could have me head in the clouds…

What isn’t nebulous is the end result IF many of these DINOs get elected over their nearly indistinguishable rethug opponents.

Pardon my dyslexia (yet another attempt at rattlesnake wit), but I saw the Mouse Beard infestation this morning and I certain that las ratas aren’t just going go away…thank goodness its soo much fun spraying the vermin.

2. marisacat - 30 October 2006

My hunch is that people who identify themselves as independents are substantially less likely to vote this year than people who identify as Republicans or Democrats — which would be good news for Republicans, since independents give Bush low job ratings…

Well that would be my guess. People should laugh… because if I am wrong – and I may well be – but my low numbers expectations for the House pick-ups are, iirc, shared by Michael Barone. And I have never really thought Barone was extra swift.

I still hang at 8 – 14. They may nudge in or even clear 15 by a seat or two… but gonna be a bitter, torn-up win.

Couple of academic political science profs on this am, already plowing the field that ”close races will be contested”. ONLY ones to really contest are Repubs. I can read that plowed field… and I can see the field rats.

Onward Blahhg Soldiers. Be of good cheer! After all!! if Centrists win, your views are represented.

However much y’all bleat and bitch and moan.

I still think this is all an extortion game. Boyz want something.

3. JJB - 30 October 2006

Barone is fervently wishing for this to be the case.

Where he comes up with the idea that independents are less likely to vote than registered party members, I have no idea. Since he cites no source for backup, it’s fair to assume he’s pulling it out of the nether regions of his digestive tract.

The pundit class is starting to get the idea that a lot of rage might get expressed at the polls next week, but they don’t really know, and no longer have any connection with ordinary citizens. Thirty years ago, someone like Barone had an annular salary comparable to that of, say, a high school principal, or the local police chief. Most of his fellow toilers in the MSM made a hell of a lot less than that. If they wanted to know what the average American was thinking, all they had to do was talk to their neighbors. Today, they’re rich, and their neighbors and fellow MSMers inhabit the tiny, upper percentile of income earners. They have no idea how most people live, even Americans with low six-figure incomes are people they’re alienated from in their little hermetically environment. To get to the point, Barone needs to fill up space, but has no clear idea what to say, so he’s indulging a fantasy he uses to lull himself to sleep at night. That it’s as divorced from reality as everything else about his life is probably inevitable.

4. Ezekiel - 30 October 2006

I might as well join the fun.

R – 215
D – 215

Contested – 5

“Contested” meaning that a notice of contest is filed with the Clerk of the House. Then the fun will begin.

Senate: 51-49 with Lieberman being a big “if” whether he will stick in that 49.

One final thing, I’ll give 5-1 odds against Pelosi ever being Speaker.

5. marisacat - 30 October 2006

well… if 75 mil voted in ’02… (and I am not hunting for the ’98 numbers) that included some fake patriotic swell to support the Pretzel. and is a lot lot less than ’04.

I am only guessing, but I would think people – those not highly partisan, anti or pro Bush, people who care NOTHING about the war at all, might pass over ’06.

There is bound to be a swell in those who believe in and/or abandoned the idea of “split government”.

If economic deprivation will turn people out, then Michigan should vote in killing numbers. That is a state with some desperate depressed pockets. There just was a pretty decent AP article on it, and it seems few blame their congress person. They blame the governor (and Granholm seems ot have pulled up in the polls, iirc – not going to check) or the president.

Hell except for a couple propositions (parental consent, the “Chevron” prop – 87, and public funding), I am. Passing on this election, compared to what I usually do.

LOL and I cut off MoveOn and ACT (which has disbanded, so really all of that was a waste) on July 4, 2004. It/the election was a cock-up and i was not going to put any more money even into GOTV foundational structure.

I am unsure rage, and especially deep frustration! always translates to voting.

And of course Barone is an idiot. Goes without saying… LOL. But in the previous thread I link to a Weekly Standard article on Webb, it is very on target. And not news.

6. marisacat - 30 October 2006


Blue Dogs/cohorts will try to take her down. I think that is inevitable. I have no idea how it might turn out.

Here is a hoot from The Note (obviously thre is laughing gas in the politcal water of the nation!):

Nedra Pickler of the Associated Press reported yesterday that Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, plans to announce that he’s considering a presidential run in 2008 later today. Hunter is scheduled to hold a 2:00 pm ET press conference on the waterfront in San Diego, CA to announce plans for an exploratory committee. LINK

LOL. Just the carcinogenic cherry on top of the day! This day can ONLY GO UP UP UP!

7. aemd - 30 October 2006

My goodness, Stoller and Bowers sure are jumping on Ellen. Maybe they should take it up with the man behind the woman. The real kingmaker of the New Democrat Coalition. A real “Lieberman-Tauscher-DLC type”.

Do I see Rahm in the class photos? Yep, there he is!


Wouldn’t do for the Boyz to be pissin’ off Rahmbo with their whining. Can’t burn all the bridges, ya know.

8. marisacat - 30 October 2006

Exactly. I still say they just want something.

A little tabloid extortion. Like they ran on Kaine two weeks out from a very tough election (and he sure was not MY candidate, I abstain from Dixiecrats).

9. ms_xeno - 30 October 2006

[snerk] Just got back from another round of verbal fisticuffs with the Kos-a-likes on a local LJ. Fell off the wagon. One of you should have stopped me.

Lots of stirring rhetoric about Dems with swords on White jackasses, ready to save us all from the brink of disaster. Point out that we could not be on this brink without the Dems, and you get cricket noises– followed by whines that you’re “ruining democracy,” “shitting on our only hope,” and the like.

There always comes a time in these exchanges when I have to ask the Kos-a-likes, do you need Indies, non-voters, Greens and the like, or not ? Your leaders are quite clear on the fact that they do not. Witness our local Demo Gov., the milquetoast Union-backstabber Kulongoski. He will not have my vote, thankyouverymuch. The fucker signed into law a “bipartisan” measure custom designed to do a Nader on any and every local 3rd Party challenger that dares to disturb his cozy two-tone cocktail bashes. The press was quite mum on it, of course.

Yet the little partisans seem to be unsure on the need issues. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to drop in on their little pep talks and create such ire in a manner of minutes. I wish they’d make up their minds. Then I could take up a new hobby, like drinking…

10. marisacat - 30 October 2006

There always comes a time in these exchanges when I have to ask the Kos-a-likes, do you need Indies, non-voters, Greens and the like, or not ? Your leaders are quite clear on the fact that they do not.


11. D. Throat - 30 October 2006

Considering that Armando aka “Big Tent Dem” jumped in with the same whine… it is a set up.

Either they are trying to distance themselves from what they personally wrought (hard push to the right) or it is more extortion.

It is pathetic the New Dems are the same as the “Old Dems” that are sponsered by Kos’s “think tanked” NDN … and iirc a fair number of them are Netrootz Inc. candidates… Herseth, Ford…yadda yadda.

Basically, it comes down to lining their pockets… playing the victim (as if) will give them a few more months of consultant fees from “progressives”… and probably another book deal.

12. christian - 30 October 2006

the great koz speaks of hypocrisy:

“Ken Mehlman and the RNC take money from porn kings. Not that I care about porn, nor care that people who work in a legal industry contribute to politics (though why a gay porn mogul gives to the RNC is beyond me…). But since Republicans have been hyperventilating about a contribution from another porn mogul to Harold Ford, it appears that a little hypocrisy never bothered Republicans.”

or a little big oil money never bothered a people powered quasi-democrat.

13. ms_xeno - 30 October 2006

BTW, marisacat, sorry if that message showed up multiple times. Mac theatrics, doncha’ know. 😮 However, it is with no great excitement that I report yet more stoopid insults from the Koz wannabees over yonder, which made me disappointed, as they say, but not surprised. :/

One of them kept yammering about how we have to have a DP majority so we can have “new soil.” I don’t think he’s realized that the fields are sown with salt… >:

14. marisacat - 30 October 2006

LOL… not to worry.. the comment only appeared once.

New soil? Geesh.

15. Chris - 31 October 2006

It’s a shame nobody’s come up with a way to produce energy from self importance, because I suspect that if the technology were available, we could use Bowers’ post to power a small Midwestern city for a year. Anyway, I think your predictions are probably just about right. My completely worthless prediction is +13 and +3, tops

16. JJB - 31 October 2006


Surely they meant to say “night soil,” as in “having Dem majorities in Congress will ensure more of the same old night soil.”

Because it will.

17. marisacat - 31 October 2006


LOL well I am just guessing. And as I say, if I am wrong people can laugh at me as closest to my guess is Michael Barone. I think he says maybe up to 17.

What I really see are far too many cliff hangers. And who knows iwth polls. Maybe there will be a good push and it gets to 25.

I did note that Bowers and Jerome seem very sure of everything. Including Webb’s victory party.

18. ms_xeno - 31 October 2006

“Night soil,” as in “night crawlers ?” You could be right, JJB. I was this close to re-titling the thread in question something snappy like “When I Think About You, I Soil Myself.” But that seemed like too much of a cheap, easy shot, even for Round 4,578,234 of this never-ending battle… :/

19. marisacat - 31 October 2006

I see a lot of triumphalism around. Kind of dumb.

I do see some people I hope make it thru the gauntlet… and some with little to no chance but who opposed anyway. Thinking of Rudofsky who ran agaisnt Kay Bailey H in TX. With elegance and verve.

BTW, KayBay was very cagey… she would not say she will serve her entire term. I have thought for a couple of years that the Bushes would like to put Laura in the US Senate. Maybe they have a state wide office they want to move KayBay to… who knows.

On the one hand, checkmate for the Clinton move…(so much “politics” is just personal pique) and, why should they not fully control a seat. As in, occupy it.

Just a stray thought.

20. JJB - 31 October 2006


No, “night soil” as in feces. In other words, more of the same old s***.

21. JJB - 31 October 2006

Also, I don’t see anything wrong with your proposed re-titling. Compared to the extreme vulgarity so many Kossacks stoop to, I’d say it’s the essence of intellectual wit.

22. bayprairie - 31 October 2006

Chris said:

It’s a shame nobody’s come up with a way to produce energy from self importance, because I suspect that if the technology were available, we could use Bowers’ post to power a small Midwestern city for a year.

You’re talking about the 300 million dollar man, arent you? Chris, where they would be without our money, Bowers?

23. Chris - 31 October 2006

You’re talking about the 300 million dollar man, arent you? Chris, where they would be without our money, Bowers?

The one and only. The dude hates me anyway.

24. marisacat - 31 October 2006

Here is a round up piece on the recent news reports of the COnservative Citizens Councils rising in the Dem party. Again, one might say.

match that with the co-option of the CBC, carefully carried out by the DLC and well reported at Black Commentator… welllllll.

Sorry!, I won’t vote for going back to the Old South and allow the Democratic party to resume old bidness – as much as it may never have gone anywhere, but was simply waiting, biding its time for a new face.. And I saw it up close in Macon and Milledgeville GA in the 50s and in the Civil Rights era.

Completely off the bus here…

25. NYCee - 31 October 2006

Im catching up here, so I am only on BigTent’s smackback to the NYT’s piece on the troubled (verboten!) big D-elicious tent (both linked by MC), but I had to pause for a larf break. Laughing over the quote below, by BTD/ Armando, who pinned valentines to Ben Nelson onto the DK front page and urged others to see him as a party asset, not just an ASShat (to borrow, momentarily, from the Hillary operatives fav slag tag for Tasini). He is beyond even the DLC, Ben Nelson, although he is the direction in which they lead us. He is a cretinous deep red hack, a Bush twin, if you will, just minus Bush’s grander ambitions (for now) and fancier, grandiose rhetoric re “demockracy” and “compassionate conservatism.” Ben is a silent, unobtrusive assasin.

Oh, and Ben kills endangered species, too. (Bush, not to be outdone, endangers all species with extinction.)

Anyway, here’s ‘mando/BigGorgeousTent on the NYT’s speculation of a rightward drift and internecine struggles under the glawwwrious big tent, due to the shitload of wangers being feted and fawned over, flap open, Rahm the smiling greeter. Big Tent is NOT amused.

Sounds like a Big Tent group [ie, MUST be faaabulous!] to me. And a bunch of DLC type bullshit [LOL and LOL again] from the NYTimes. More.

DLC bullshit? Sigh. How convoluted. I would say to BTD, physician, heal thyself, but I must substitute head clown (moonlighting as pimp) for physician.

26. NYCee - 31 October 2006

Just was listening to recording of yesterday’s WJ/Cspan, listening to the description of a Dem GA congressman, encumbent, who is polling ahead – socially conservative, ANTIchoice, formerly of the special forces/PRO military. Oh yeah, he is keeping his seat, not to worry. His Dem seat. You have to wonder, in a state like that, with its racist RED voting motivations and rightwing bullshit, if you shouldnt just let it go red.

When you have candidates like that on the Dem ticket, who the poli sci prof/guest describes as difficult for the Republicans to distinguish from the (horrid) GOPper, what is the point? What is the benefit? I guess, to DLC establishmentarians, like Big Tent D, it helps extend the slow death, with gradual steps pushing the middle ever more rightward, than allowing the harsher but more starkly clarified education to take its course. IE, let the people have what they want. Let them experience the bottom falling out, due to the imbecilic choices and motivations that are theirs (including good ole down home GA racism, as callers have pointed out, which is still quite alive and well… ole Dixiecrats still kickin’ … at the of their own basic needs)

PPS- Marisa: Hopping around to read while writing this, and just now saw your take on the Emory poli-sci prof on Cspan who I referenced above. I didnt catch all of him, his facial expressions, as I was moving around, tuning in and out, but yeah, I totally get your drift. He put that disgusting CODE COVER over the racism, didnt he though! Specifically by reworking the caller mentioned racial divide in GA as D and R, with blacks being Dems, largely. He totally swept under the carpet that it was the RACISM being discussed. Finessed it into D and R – just a Chinese menu, column A or column B. Nothing more. I was not taken by the man either.

(Take “taken” both ways. 😉

27. NYCee - 31 October 2006

Oooh… jumping around too much. “AssasSin,” not “assasin.” Forgot a “rather” before a “than.” Ah well…

28. marisacat - 31 October 2006

oh glad that you had the same take on the Emory U polisci prof. I found him very troubling.

I also thought he did not like the white woman caller who said despite being Georgian she had managed not to be inculcated to the deep racism and had a Black sister-in law and her daughter-in-law is a mix of Black and Vietnamese.

Well it is sad… Jimmy admitted in 2003 that SOUTH RURAL GA was very quiet on Meet Up nights for Dean.

But if you never ever diverge from the local lowest common denominator… well…

And the Democratic party never developed a populist message for the South, never invested in voter registration drives… and now is HAPPY to bi-partisanly fuck over people.

And embrace both Shuler and Ford.

It was Thurgood at his last press conf who said “white snake black snake, they both bite”. They asked him about a name being floated, someone more hard right even then Clarence Thomas. That was his answer.

And much of the South is happy to return to the hundred years post Civil war, when NOTHING changed. And pull more of the North, East and West with it. Since there are few shining examples.

29. NYCee - 31 October 2006

That Bowers post really was “quite something” (as an ex-boyfriend, French, used to like to say). Wowzer.

He is suddenly discovering the Tauschers of the party are not his best friends? She is big on NMD. Star warrior. Harsh rhetoric re NK. IWR voter.

And it’s funny – I could be wrong – but it seems to me that a lot of the big GOTV efforts, beyond the official Dem party org, are tied to MoveOn and other groups like… Act or Action something, cant recall the name… they called me, as did Move On, to volunteer. They are not blogs.

That was a stunning post by CB. On so many levels. Maybe he should take his pajama-clad self to bed more often, as it seems he is suffering from sleep deprivation. Just clearing his head now, as to how rightwing is the party… and how enabling the blogs he champions have been of that rw drift.

It seems her words, suddenly, have hit him hard upside the head. What are mere words when the foot soldiers have been, increasingly, lining up on the right (wing) side of the Dem party line? And he thought their battles would be for progressives? Where have his EYES been? Only now does he take great umbrage from a few Tauscher lines imported to the NYT, which are so like the lines on so many other banners under which the Demcrats (New, Blue, Ugh), in their ever-growing ranks, are (and have been) willing to fight… against liberal interests.

Maybe Armando needs to give him a pep talk. Oh, wait, he too is disturbed by Tauscher! Maybe Ben Nelson needs to give Armando a pep talk?

Me so confused!


30. NYCee - 31 October 2006

Me too you, Marisa. I can only assume that the description of the Demican congressman… M… something… was a real DISpleasure to your ears too.

31. marisacat - 31 October 2006

Well the boys think they are an epicenter. One reason I call the big promise that ”all liberal [but they are not] blogs are growing”… The Ever Exploding Krakatoas.

They are skating as it is politics and a lot goes under the bridge (under the table too) and I think the product push and “volunteers” they add to the few races they target gets thrown in the mix – esp for a party with no plan for electoral gains. Whatever the DNC tries to accomplish is too little.. And boring a hack like Reid/Schumer/Rahm was plenty happy to string them along…. Always the next Noble Lost Cause with the Dem party.

They are also very triumphal as they think there will be big gains (I see some really off the wall bleating) – that they can latch onto – due to the ever impending R collapse.

I hope a few humans make it thru the gauntlet in th runs… pretty much what I have always hoped for.. I saw some debates that gave me a bit of hope.

But the party is just a barely strung together fund raising vehicle. And the Dem party in CA appears in full collapse. How many years til the R can claim our 55 EV? The game will be fully over when they can do that.

When you are drafting people who most certainly did not vote for Kerry (Webb)… enh… the list is long.

Sorry to be so down.

32. ms_xeno - 31 October 2006

Also, I don’t see anything wrong with your proposed re-titling. Compared to the extreme vulgarity so many Kossacks stoop to, I’d say it’s the essence of intellectual wit

Hmmm… Given your clarification (sorry I didn’t get it the first time), how about “S’oil’s Fair In Love And War ?” “Soiled Survivors ?”


I’d better stop before Marisa has me ejected… :/

33. marisacat - 31 October 2006

Oh I thought it was GRREAT… Very adept and a sly play on words.


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