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Never try to fry a house cat 13 November 2006

Posted by marisacat in 2006 Mid Terms, Afghanistan War, Blonde Sense, Border Issues, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Iraq War, Mexico.

   Boito comes to Venice

you find you are dealing with some sort of 5 star Marine general who pulls rank…

I have some links collected to put up… but moving a little slowly  😉


hmmm I just noticed this at the LA Times, picking up on the Sunday TV appearances…

WASHINGTON — Democrats poised to take control of Congress said Sunday that they would press to begin a phased U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq within four to six months, part of an agenda aimed at overhauling key aspects of U.S. policy in the Middle East.

“First order of business is to change the direction of Iraq policy,” said Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), who is in line to become chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee next year when Democrats become the majority party in both chambers of Congress.

Senior White House officials countered that setting timetables for U.S. troop withdrawals would weaken the Iraq government and embolden insurgents, but they acknowledged a need for fresh ideas on Iraq and expressed a new willingness to negotiate with Democrats on an array of foreign policy issues.

White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten indicated that the president would block legislation calling for a scheduled withdrawal.

And I see McCain, no shock, is out there calling for more troops and an opinion piece floating about from Kagan and Kristol also exhorting for more sacrificial games…   Fareed weighs in


UPDATE, 7:45 am on the Pacific Ocean…

Stumbled over this from Cursor, a full reprint of the Harper’s Ken Silverstein article on Obama it is located down a little on the left side on the page…

[O]bama was winning support from not only African Americans but also Chicago’s “Lake-front Liberals” and other progressives. He was still largely unknown in Washington circles, but that changed the following month when Vernon Jordan, the well-known power broker and corporate boardmember who chaired Bill Clinton’s presidential transition team after the 1992 election, placed calls to roughly twenty of his friends and invited them to a fund-raiser at his home.

The event marked his entry into a well-established Washington ritual–the gauntlet of fund-raising parties and meet-and-greets through which potential stars are vetted by fixers, donors, and lobbyists. Gregory Craig, an attorney with Williams & Connolly and a longtime Democratic figure who, as special counsel in the White House, had coordinated Bill Clinton’s impeachment defense, met Obama that night. “I liked his sense of humor and the confidence he had discussing national issues, especially as a state senator,” Craig recalled of the event. “You felt excited to be in his presence.” Another thing that Craig liked about Obama was that he’s not seen as a “polarizer,” like such traditional African-American leaders as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. “He gets respect from his adversaries because of the way he treats them,” Craig said. “He doesn’t try to be all things to all people, but he has a way of taking positions you don’t like without making you angry.” [snip]


… this from Tuston on permanent check points on certain roads inside the US in AZ, AZ STARNET:

Fixed checkpoints inch toward reality
By Brady McCombs
Arizona Daily Star
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 11.13.2006

With Rep. Jim Kolbe out of the picture, the U.S. Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector has renewed optimism about finally getting permission for permanent checkpoints.

Congress has withheld funding for permanent inspection stations since 1999 and required the sector to move them every seven or 14 days since 2002, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office. Kolbe, who is leaving after 21 years in the U.S. House of Representatives, opposed the establishment of permanent checkpoints, arguing that they served little purpose if drug- and human-smugglers know where they are.[snip]

… a bit of additional commentary from Tuston from the thread:

Just so you all understand; these checkpoints are within the US, and if I want to buy organic food (un-available in el barrio) I need to have some cock-sucker from the midwest ask ME if I’m a US citizen and have his under-trained puppy sniff my tires.

I make it a point to only reply in gutter spanish (e.g. “que piensas, pendijo” or “por supuesto, perujo”)

BTW comming back through the permanent military checkpoint in mexico on Sunday Night, I noticed 40,000 lbs of Pot (or one semi-trailer full) being unloaded by the soldiers and being loaded into another one…supposedly it was a “bust” but I’d bet you dollars to pesos that those bales of reefer still end up in NY somehow…


And.. from Who is IOZ a flurry of sharpened butter knives right back at the Democrats… 😉  He picks apart some quotes from the NYT  [thanks to Madman]

[T]he Times article is a good reminder that although they’re more ostentatious about it, the Republicans aren’t the only ones wearing the crazy suit. Howard Dean takes an opportunity in the national media to muse that Iraqi Kurdistan, stripped of the American protectorate, will face a Turkish blitzkrieg of some sort or other, an Ottoman resurgence if you will, like a batty nonagenarian misremembering the dangerous “sick old man of Europe.” It would be, he says, the worst thing that could happen, the sort of statement that’s sure to give rise to some excellent gallows humor in Baghdad.

Somewhere the Arab Woody Allen is shrugging his shoulders, holding his palms up to the air, and saying, “Worse? How could it be worse!?”  [snip]

Reid is not spared… oooo yum!

It’s a particularly fitting irony that the Senate, whose surprise turning was the sparkler on the Democratic cake, will now be in the hands of a crytofascist land speculator who makes it the first order of business to play the enemies-within card and then takes the table with a daring opposition to “fixed timetables for withdrawal.” (Remember, eager Dems, if it isn’t fixed, it isn’t really a timetable.)


UPDATE, 9:30 am…

This is a Reuters report I saw over the weekend… and I think it indicates one, that possibly the electorate solidified quickly post election and two, we can see what will chill the faint courage of the Dems.

Of course it may all be affected what god knows what… Times are fluid.  Hell, very fluid, we are swimming in spilled milk. 

[B]ush’s 31-percent job approval rating, down from 35 percent a week earlier, was a new low in Newsweek’s polling. Some 63 percent disapproved of the Republican president’s job performance, and a full two-thirds agreed that “he won’t be able to get much done” in the last two years of his term.

The drop in Bush’s approval rating came after Wednesday’s resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who had been a lightning rod for criticism of the administration’s handling of the war in Iraq.

While a bare majority of 51 percent called the Democrats’ victory “a good thing,” even more said they were concerned about some of the actions a Democratic Congress might take, including 78 percent who were somewhat or very concerned that it would seek too hasty a withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

Another 69 percent said they were concerned that the new Congress would keep the administration “from doing what is necessary to combat terrorism,” and two-thirds said they were concerned it would spend too much time investigating the administration and Republican scandals.

Friday, the death toll for November was 23, by the next day 26 – and as I read that I thought, well it is 29 or 32 on the ground in Iraq already…

The Democrats should screw up what ragged courage they have, bank on the fact the electorate has been reminded of “split tickets” (they may not get the WH but they might, no matter what, keep the House for a few cycles) and full steam ahead – to whatever.


This from Counterpunch

[T]he Democrats have been elected because Americans are now sick of Iraq. Their enthusiasms die quickly. American expectations for the wars they start are perfectly captured by the image of Bush landing on an aircraft carrier with a big banner behind him saying Mission Accomplished. It’s a blockbuster version of the Homecoming Game with guys in uniforms and cheerleaders and flags, and there is no hint of death or decay. Anything beyond that kind of performance is welcomed like the kid who couldn’t make the team.

I doubt there is widespread concern that Iraqis still huddle in homes with no reliable electricity or clean water, no jobs, and fearful to step into murderous streets. I doubt there is much guilt over having killed half a million of them. I doubt there is guilt about running a secret gulag and torturing helpless captives. I doubt there is guilt about blood-spattered holes like Abu Ghraib. Because if there were such guilt, there would have been a revolt against Bush’s criminal government. [snip]


UPDATE, 12 Noon


UPDATE: See Mike Crowley on an early potential dispute between Baucus and the Dem caucus, regarding authorization allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices.

Crowley remarks, “Baucus faces re-election in 2008, making him likely to tack rightward to please conservative Montana voters. (Although it’s possible that drug-price negotiation would play well in a Montana that just elected a populist like Jon Tester.)” For what it’s worth, I think Crowley’s “on the other hand” parenthetical is more on the mark. Blocking Medicare’s ability to bargain for cheaper drugs seems like significanly less of an electorally seductive move than backing lavish tax cuts (which Baucus did prior to his 2002 race).

Wait a fucking minute!

One, the Newsweek poll up post indicates American voters are 91% for lower drug prices.  Don’t make promises if the likes of Baucus can undercut them with specious scheisse.  And blubber for 18 months now about the really rather oily Schweitzer of MT and yet-to-be-determined Tester (Conrad Burns HAD to go and Tester did run on a populist medical care platform…) with MT “trending blue”  or rainbow or purplish.. or whatever the 31 Flavors game is that BlogSnots play…

Sirota is running around calling the new hires “Lou Dobbs populists” – I am gagging, the transition to rather more ordinary blogger/pundit for Sirota has not been wonderful…

Go buy spines, everybody!… and the various and sundry publications – all of them, even TNR, should be pushing for change.  Not providing cover to shaft ordinary Americans – and less than one week out from election…

Honestly I never even considered frying the cat… 😉


Bitch Ph.D looks at the Supreme Court:

Why I haven’t talked about Gonzales v. Carhart / Gonzales v. Planned Parenthood

Because, really, aside from the confusion of having three cases with similar names (Stenberg v. Carhart–in which the ban on D&X was struck down–and the current two cases being argued about a minor variation on the same fucking law, [Attorney General] Gonzales v. Carhart and Gonzales v. Planned Parenthood), I don’t get why this is in front of the court at all.

Part of the plan, sad to say… The WH referred the issue of the 2003 Partial Birth Abortion congressional bill to the Solicitor General… and here we are.

I listened to the recording of the case before the court via Cspan on Sunday… hard to say which way it will go – Clement, the SG, closed heavily on ‘PBA” as infanticide.  You know the US Catholic Bishops were applauding and toasting each other with rare cognacs as they clicked their Prada shod heels (Ratzy’s fav) .. lest they be in Kansas.  And phoning Rome of course… things are going well in the Western Hemi.

Bitch notes a question of Roberts…

And I think we have to view Roberts’ questions (as reported by Slate and the WaPo, respectively) as very revealing:

“If a woman can take into account the impact on the fetus” and its suffering, “why is that beyond the scope of things the Congress can take into account?”

Because, dummy, Congress can’t rule on a case-by-case basis; individual women, by definition, are doing precisely that. Next?

“marginal benefit in safety” from using the procedure is “enough to override the state’s articulated interest?””

Bzzzt!!! Whose safety are we talking about? Do people no longer have the right to decide which medical risks they are willing to run and which they are not? Don’t we really think that this kind of thing is better judged by medical professionals than it is by lawyers?

Yes, not his only one where he wondered why the Congress should not interfere in a medical procedure… BTW, Clarence was silent, and if Alito spoke, I missed it.  Of course, no shock, Scalia and Roberts were guiding and authoritarian.  Kennedy asked a few questions… hard again to guess. 

It was left to Breyer, Ginsberg and a little bit to Souter to speak for sanity.

The worry is the wording of the “PBA” bill is so broad it could be used to further restrict abortion outside of the “PBA” games.  AND… I understand from someone positioned to know, the worry over this case or cases is that, if lost, the Republicans come back with a reworded bill.

We shall see.  I’d love to see a majority Democratic House and Senate thwart the Shulers, Ellsworths + 4 other new members and a few others already there… Casey, Reid (on the all star list at Democrats for Life based on 5 out of 5 votes in the 108th congress) a few others … but I am not holding my breath.  I see a lot of authoritarians in charge on the Democratic side.  Greed, too.

Over and over they either recruited hard liners or more than a few for whom the language of banning is easily couched in the political cover provided by “PBA” banning – with tricky language for ”health of the mother”…

It’s funny, so many online men – and off line as well, lecture ”grow up” (those precise words have been used) about issues of abortion and elections politics (ah there is the money game!)… Alterman, Nathan Newman, Kos and the many Whacks… quite a few… others offer limp fakery, more transparent than used tissues… It has been interesting to watch.


UPDATE, 5:00 pm

Fifth anniversary and not a good one…

[N]o official celebrations were held Monday, and no Afghans approached in street interviews knew it was the five-year anniversary. Many smiled when reminded of the Taliban’s fall, though some also lamented the deteriorating security in the country.

A high-level report released Sunday found that violence has risen fourfold over 2005 and that more than 3,700 people have died in 2006 because of insurgency-related violence. […]

At the city’s central cinema, janitor Jan Mohammed said he was happy when the Taliban fell, thinking Afghanistan would see a new era of freedom and security.

“But it’s not that good now,” he said. “The other big problem today is figuring out how to feed your children.”

Five years after the Taliban’s ouster, poverty is still endemic in Afghanistan, and the cost of living has risen sharply. Many women still suffer from abuse and discrimination, and the drug trade is out of control. And despite the presence of some 40,000 U.S. and NATO troops, the insurgency is unabated. {snip]

I read a report a few weeks ago from a NATO commander on the ground in Afghanistan… who said very bluntly, if we do not turn around Afghanistan, and fast, in a few months, he believes the people will rise up and accept the Taliban back, simply for security.

How’s that Law ‘n Order theory [masking chaos] of governing working for ya Imperial America?

Not working here, not working there… it seems designed to fail…


UPDATE, 4:15 am – Tuesday


 Up to 150 Sunni Muslim men were abducted from the offices of the Higher Education Ministry in central Baghdad this morning in what appeared to be the largest sectarian kidnapping of the Iraq war.

A convoy of around 40 new camouflaged pick-up vehicles was seen surrounding one of the ministry’s research buildings in Karradah, a religiously-mixed neighbourhood, at around 9:30am local time.

Around 80 gunmen dressed as police commandos were then seeing lining up a crowd of men in the car park of the Sunni-led ministry, handcuffing them and leading them away. A civil servant who happened to be in the bank at the time of the raid watched as the gunmen searched the victims’ identity cards, sorting Sunnis from Shias.

“They were checking identity cards in the car park. They picked only the Sunni employees. They even took the man who was just delivering tea,” the witnesss, a Sunni himself, told Reuters. “They gathered them all in the pick-ups. At the same time, I saw two police patrols watching, doing nothing.”  [snip]




1. TustonDAZ - 13 November 2006

Howdy Pardners!

As the Iraq-astrophe crumbles intractably towards its date with WWIII (due sometime after the referendum on the final status of Kirkuk) we desert denizens of this tiny corner of the southwest wrested from mexico facilitated by the massacre of children have “permanent checkpoints” comming to our Interstate Highway.

Fixed checkpoints inch toward reality
By Brady McCombs
Arizona Daily Star
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 11.13.2006
With Rep. Jim Kolbe out of the picture, the U.S. Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector has renewed optimism about finally getting permission for permanent checkpoints.
Congress has withheld funding for permanent inspection stations since 1999 and required the sector to move them every seven or 14 days since 2002, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office.
Kolbe, who is leaving after 21 years in the U.S. House of Representatives, opposed the establishment of permanent checkpoints, arguing that they served little purpose if drug- and human-smugglers know where they are.

(tuston notes: no shit sherlock, but they sure make it easy to set up “patsies” to convince the uninformed that something is being done about the “border problem”)
With the delegation’s most experienced remaining member, Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Arizona, supporting the permanent checkpoints, Border Patrol officials with the Tucson Sector are optimistic that they can secure funding for permanent checkpoints.
The earliest it could happen would be fiscal year 2008, because language prohibiting permanent checkpoints and requiring they be moved every seven days was included in appropriations for the Department of Homeland Security for fiscal year 2007, which began Oct. 1.
Kyl said he’ll do his best to change the restrictions, but he added that it won’t be his top priority.
Kolbe’s replacement — newly elected Democrat Gabrielle Giffords — said this week that she plans to support the restrictions on permanent checkpoints. Constituents in Santa Cruz and Cochise counties have complained about delays caused by the checkpoints, she said.
In addition, she doesn’t think permanent checkpoints make operational sense.
“Once they are established, coyotes and smugglers and people trying to come north illegally know where they are and plan their routes accordingly,” Giffords said.
There are 33 permanent checkpoints on highways along the border in Texas, New Mexico and California, but none in the Tucson Sector, which operates six temporary checkpoints, the government report said.
Currently, the agency operates temporary checkpoints on Arizona 85 in between Ajo and Lukeville, on Interstate 19 between Tubac and Green Valley, and in Southeastern Arizona on Arizona 80, 82, 83 and 90, according to the Office of Inspector General report.
Border Patrol officials have already indicated where they would like the permanent inspection stations. In its July 2005 request to Congress, the agency proposed the following three locations:
● North of Ajo on Arizona 85.
● South of Green Valley at Kilometer Post 53 on Interstate 19.
● Near Fort Huachuca near Milepost 304 on Arizona 90.
The local chapter of the Border Patrol’s union, the National Border Patrol Council, said a combination of permanent and roving checkpoints would be ideal. Most importantly, agents want legislators to leave decisions to Border Patrol officials, which Kolbe didn’t do, said Mike Albon, spokesman for Local 2544 of the National Border Patrol Council.
“The Border Patrol should run the Border Patrol, not some congressman whose constituents don’t like to be stopped on the highways,” he said.
Permanent checkpoints protect the safety of agents, their dogs and illegal entrants, Rod-riguez said. They also offer agents many of the same high-tech tools available at the legal ports of entry and better communication with law enforcement resources such as the Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System, he said.
“Permanent checkpoints are a very useful tool for the sector,” Rodriguez said. “You can thoroughly inspect a vehicle much more so than at a temporary one like you have now.”


Just so you all understand; these checkpoints are within the US, and if I want to buy organic food (un-available in el barrio) I need to have some cock-sucker from the midwest ask ME if I’m a US citizen and have his under-trained puppy sniff my tires.

I make it a point to only reply in gutter spanish (e.g. “que piensas, pendijo” or “por supuesto, perujo”)

BTW comming back through the permanent military checkpoint in mexico on Sunday Night, I noticed 40,000 lbs of Pot (or one semi-trailer full) being unloaded by the soldiers and being loaded into another one…supposedly it was a “bust” but I’d bet you dollars to pesos that those bales of reefer still end up in NY somehow…

2. cactus ed - 13 November 2006

I just read that article about the Dems calling for a phased withdrawal. If Bush vetos, or just ignores (because he’s a “unitary executive”), then the only way to force a withdrawal is to cut off funding. Imagine how that will get spun if it happens.

3. marisacat - 13 November 2006

cactus ed:

oh we will be the leftischer hordes who spit on soldiers. In a heart beat.
Damned if you collude – damned if you take a breath…
I never bother to refute the the “spitting” theme from the 60s and 70s. For one I am sure it happened, we have hordes of plain old haters in this nation. Who knows their political stances.
Rummy’s speech in Kansas, given one day after he was bounced, was full of old idealogue rage… All the old protesters opposed America and espoused communism. No really, he is still saying that. They ”marched against this country” and for Godless Whatever.
LOL… as Oprah (that great Civil Rights protestor) speaks at the King Monument ceremony. She tells us King wanted a christian nation.
Thanks, I am grabbing “character of their souls” and not looking back.

great article, thanks. I will move that up into the post… Falluja was the template.
BTW, I noticed Gabrielle Giffords is going to marry.. hmm Patrick Murphy I think… a PA candidate. LOL Good thing they BOTH won, they can move to DC together…

4. JJB - 13 November 2006

Kagan, as I’ve often noted, is a hopeless idiot. Kristol would to well to contemplate the admonition Tony Bennett repeatedly made to Stephen Boyd in that cinematic masterpiece The Oscar: “You like down with pigs, you end up smelling like garbage!” If Kristol spends too much time co-authoring with Kagan, people will assume he’s just as dumb. And there’s the chance that repeated exposure to someone so brainless will have a corrosive effect on Kristol’s own cranial candlepower.

5. marisacat - 13 November 2006

K and K, oh yes… laughable people really. I wish MORE people laughed at them. Basically, as i see it, for the most recent return of the full bore fucked crazies, they know they get 6 years, totally unstopped for the ”no reason for it full invasion, take over of a sovereign nation”.

Panama writ large, so many other “forays” “excursions”, “feeding missions” and, just to throw it in from this hemisphere, whatever phrase we use lately for poor Haiti… probably some version of starve them out there, lest the dominoes fall and we have to starve them here…

So next time… they know the fixed/unfixed time frame for full marauding before the nation hiccups.

And now we watch the Dems cough and stumble – all too likely.

I am sure there will be the good surprise here or there… And one is Loebsack, who replaced Leach in Iowa. I will put osmething up about him later.

LOL The Dems are mostly disowning the actual liberal/left who made it thru…

As they cram the Shulers down our throats.

Might as well laugh.. 😉

6. D. Throat - 13 November 2006

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) questioned Pelosi’s (D-CA) “commitment to eradicating corruption,” after her backing of “one of the most unethical members in Congress,” over Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md), who would normally be in line for the highly sought position.

Who are these CREW people they suddenly six months ago they became the flava of the month… they attacked DEAN because a fundraiser for someone on their hitlist was held in the DNC building which also holds other Dem orgs… they never specified if Dean was directly involved just attacked by association…. whoever they are they must be aligned with the DLC and most likely AIPAC the main supporters of Hoyer.

They sound like a stealth org… doing the DLC dirty biddness….

7. marisacat - 13 November 2006

Two entries over at TAPPED trying to sandbag Murtha. Which is not all that hard, tho things like ABSCAM are old. Find something NEW… LOL.

I have no special love for Murtha, the Dems hardly bothered to get behind his Nov 2005, repeat 2005 call for deployment (hardly cut and run) outside Iraq.. but honestly if that is who Pelosi wants, I will support that.

I did read that Steny hs long bolstered support with raising money and other reach out to House members… and it DOES sound like Murtha was happy to play earmarking, working the lobbyist and MIC world, majority or not a player… so if it falls ot Steny.. well…………

So what. But yes word is out, some groups really behind Steny.

8. D. Throat - 13 November 2006

Sirota has a good wrap up on Steny on Huff Po…. well he had a post… not there anymore… now just a little summary.

This is actually funny
… why can’t Dems just cut to the chase

Rahm’s handpicked candidates only won 8 out of the 28 wins. Dems needed 15 to take the house, therefore, Rahm was an absolute failure.

Dems took back the house WITHOUT the aid of Rahm with 20 [not hand picked by Rahm] seats…with 5 seats to spare. Infact, Dems could have won more seats if it hadn’t of been for Rahm selecting pro war candidates… when the country voted 60% against the war.

9. JJB - 13 November 2006

Both political parties had better get used to the idea that the US public is getting sick of the Iraq war, and they had better end it sooner than later, and much sooner than sooner. The last five days have seen 20 fatalities, 14 of them Americans (also 4 Brits, a Slovenian and a Pole). Post-election polls indicate that the public expects the Democrats to end this mess, and there are no long-haired, pot-smoking, foul-mouthed hippies for a Nixon-type to use as foils in his attempts to keep the war going and win.

With a couple of weeks, this war will have lasted longer than our participation in World War II, and there is no end in sight. John McCain’s notion that we can win with a mere 20,000 additional troops is a sick joke (try a minimum of 500K John, and even then it can’t be done), but it’s the only concrete proposal anyone other than Murtha has suggested, and no one has pointed out its obvious inadequacy.

10. marisacat - 13 November 2006

well.. there is the overarching plan of “Total Victory”..

which just fed all the nazi whiffs.

Be interesting to see how both sides do.

Just caught some conversation on Tweety… Tauscher is pushing Steny (my guess Blue Dogs want a pay off, she all but said that…) and McDermoott is for Murtha.

lol GO Murtha!

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 13 November 2006

Old school bring-the-bacon-home corruption, or new school corporate-cocksucking-neo-libertarian-tecnocratic corruption … hmmmmmm

gee, at least the old guys got schools and roads built. What are the Hoyers of the world robbing us for? Rich investors, that’s who. Not very “purist” of me, but if those two are my choices, AND one has the added selling point of being against this criminal war and DIDN’T push thru the Usurer Protection Act …. well, I support old-school corruption Murtha anyday.

Fuck Hoyer.

Oprah can take her “christian nation” and have her girlfriend cram it up her ass while Steadman watches. I feel pretty sure that MLK Jr would be appalled, and would remind her that he was calling for people to ACT LIKE CHRISTIANS, not to make OTHER people act like christians.

Not a monument, but rather a gravestone for the murder of a dream. Where were all those people in 2000 & 2002 & 2004 when once again jim crow games were played in multiple precincts?

12. marisacat - 13 November 2006

oops.. I misspoke upthread, working from memory, the correct King phrase is “… content of their characters…”

I hope they had more than the Judds singing… but that the act I caught.

The drawings of the area (big area) looked to be a mixed sort of thing… trees, but also vry unnatractive and globular sorts of, gee what to call them, one was an arched entrance and a few other outcroppings.

hard to tell what it will be.

13. wu ming - 13 November 2006

first we take out hoyer, and then we go for emmanuel. reid and schumer will have to wait until after ’08 or ’10, when and if we can actually get enough non-DINOs to form a majority within the dem caucus (not holding my breath).

murtha is imperfect, but he doesn’t hesitate to take the hammer and tongs to bush, and sounds like he honestly wants out of iraq.

14. TustonDAZ - 14 November 2006

Jeebus, am I busy these days (X-mas rush is on!)

Gotta luv how a holiday for a guy who said “give up all your worldly goods” is all about worldly goods…

Anyways, back to the border beat, it seems the cause of illegal immigration is all those poor aborted fetuses (fetui?)

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) – A Republican-led legislative panel claims in a new report on illegal immigration that abortion is partly to blame because it is causing a shortage of American workers.

The report from the state House Special Committee on Immigration Reform also claims “liberal social welfare policies” have discouraged Americans from working and encouraged immigrants to cross the border illegally.

The statements about abortion, welfare policies and a recommendation to abolish income taxes in favor of sales taxes were inserted into the immigration report by the committee chairman, Rep. Ed Emery.

All six Democrats on the panel refused to sign the report. Some of them called the abortion assertion ridiculous and embarrassing.

“There’s a lot of editorial comment there that I couldn’t really stomach,” Rep. Trent Skaggs said Monday. “To be honest, I think it’s a little delusional.”

All 10 Republican committee members signed the report, though one of them, Rep. Billy Pat Wright, said Monday he didn’t recall it connecting abortion and illegal immigration.

Emery, who equates abortion to murder, defended the assertions.

“We hear a lot of arguments today that the reason that we can’t get serious about our borders is that we are desperate for all these workers,” Emery said. “You don’t have to think too long. If you kill 44 million of your potential workers, it’s not too surprising we would be desperate for workers.”


The abortion connection to illegal immigration was listed under the report’s recommendations on federal social policies and potential state legislative actions on illegal hiring.

“Suggestions for how to stop illegal hiring varied without any simple solution,” the report states. “The lack of traditional work ethic, combined with the effects of 30 years of abortion and expanding liberal social welfare policies have produced a shortage of workers and a lack of incentive for those who can work.”


I suggest we set up breeding farms, and look into finding uteruses for all those frozen embryos (but only the white ones, ok?)

15. TustonDAZ - 14 November 2006

One more post before I go make wood-chips:

First, for the sake of context, I like to point out that we in AZ have our own 21st century poll tax; valid state drivers licenses or US passports required.

Arizona has gone to great lengths to ensure that only U.S. citizens can vote in elections.
The same goes for poll workers, who must be qualified and registered to vote.
But to the surprise and dismay of some local Democrats, those who count your votes don’t have to meet the same requirement.
The Democrats say they are troubled because three foreigners — legal residents with work visas — helped to conduct Pima County’s electronic vote tabulation last week.
Two Lithuanians and one Syrian were employed by the county to help run the machines used to scan votes, said Brad Nelson, director of the county Elections Division. One of the Lithuanians is a permanent county employee. The other two are temporary workers brought in to help with the election.
The county had 50 or more people helping with the ballot-counting process, Nelson said.
“The question that is raised for us is with strict rules for poll workers being qualified electors and registered voters in order to work at the polls, it seems illogical that the requirements would not follow through to the counting of votes,” said Donna Branch-Gilby, chairwoman of the Pima County Democratic Party.
Current state law says that “all election personnel shall be qualified electors and registered to vote in the state of Arizona.” But the law makes no mention of those who count ballots, said Joseph Kanefield, the state elections director, who works for the Secretary of State’s Office.
Bill Risner, an attorney for the county Democrats, confirmed that the office appears to be correct.
“My view is they never thought of it. It just never came up,” he said.

Lovely, isn’t it; the Pima County Dims don’t want the public to think that the Rethugs are more xenophobic and generally blinkered than we Dems…

I’d don’t know Donna Branch-Gilby, but I do know Bill Risner (he’s a fellow part-time ex-patriate by the sea in Mexico and a good guy to invite to a party or get you out of jam) and I’m sure he doesn’t give a damn if Lithuanian or Lutherans count the vote, just as long as the counting is transparent and accurate.

16. TustonDAZ - 14 November 2006

whoops! forgot the link:

AZ Starnet

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