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“Human Shields” in Gaza, “Cut and Run” in Iraq – from a Brig General… 20 November 2006

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 GAZA - border -Aug 2005

Interesting how suddenly focus can change…

From The Globe and Mail:

JERUSALEM — A weekend standoff in which hundreds of Palestinians, including women and children, formed protective human shields around the homes of two militants has forced Israel to reconsider missile strikes on buildings in Gaza, and prompted vows from Palestinians to repeat the tactic in the future.

“We consider it a new kind of resistance, highly successful, one that will serve us well against the Israeli enemy,” said Jamila Shanti, a Hamas lawmaker from Beit Hanoun and founder of the party’s women’s wing.

The fiery 50-year-old former philosophy professor is widely credited for coming up with the new strategy of using women as human shields to fend off Israeli attacks. She led the demonstration of women in Beit Hanoun on Nov. 3, which allowed dozens of Hamas militants to escape an Israeli siege on a mosque.

Saturday night, Dr. Shanti got a call from Mohammed Baroud, the local leader of the Popular Resistance Committee, who had just received a warning from the Israeli army that he and his family should leave their house, which was to be destroyed in an imminent air strike [snip]

UPDATE:  7:10 am

At Danny Schechter’s site I found a very good report on the human shields in GAZA in the C S Monitor:

“[I]t’s a victory. They forced the army to change direction,” says Sliman A-Shafi, a Gaza correspondent for Israel Channel 2 who said the Palestinians protested under the slogan “Either we live together or we die together.” [snip]


From General Odom who opposed the invasion of Iraq to start with… and, I suppose with an old man’s courage, has said that his room mate and close friend from West Point died uselessly in Vietnam … I did sit up and listen when I heard him say that a few years ago:

The United States upset the regional balance in the Mideast when it invaded Iraq. Restoring it requires bold initiatives, but “cutting and running” must precede them all. Only a withdrawal of all U.S. troops – within six months and with no preconditions – can break the paralysis that enfeebles our diplomacy. And the greatest obstacles to cutting and running are the psychological inhibitions of our leaders and the public.

Our leaders do not act because their reputations are at stake. The public does not force them to act because it is blinded by the president’s conjured set of illusions: that we are reducing terrorism by fighting in Iraq, creating democracy there, preventing the spread of nuclear weapons, making Israel more secure, not allowing our fallen soldiers to have died in vain, and others.

But reality no longer can be avoided. It is beyond U.S. power to prevent sectarian violence in Iraq, the growing influence of Iran throughout the region, the probable spread of Sunni-Shiite strife to neighboring Arab states, the eventual rise to power of the anti-American cleric Muqtada al-Sadr or some other anti-American leader in Baghdad, and the spread of instability beyond Iraq. [snip]


A quick glance at one of our own hawks:

[O]ne Democrat to watch is Congressman Tom Lantos of California. He will probably succeed defeated Congressman James A. Leach of Iowa as chairman of the House International Relations Committee. In this instance, Lantos ­ probably the most virulent Zionist in the entire Congress — is by far the more dangerous of the two.

In a detailed statement in November 2004, Leach opposed the use of military force against Iran. He voted against the “Iran Freedom and Support Act,” which allocates funding for “regime change” in Iran. Liberal Democrat Lantos on the other hand cosponsored the act, and is a leading advocate of sanctions. Lantos enthusiastically supported the first Gulf War, and voted to authorize the second one. He was a big supporter of Israel’s latest war on Lebanon, and has vowed to Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to block aid to Lebanon until the latter agrees to international troops on its border with Syria. He wants U.S. intervention in Sudan. The neocons could ask for no more solid ally than Tom Lantos. And he is by no means alone in this prospective role among the Democratic victors in the midterm elections.  [snip]

We shall see…


Last (for now), on the domestic front an interesting post that arrived by email…. another emailer wondered if Arkansas is one of the 12 or so state parties carefully tied in knots thru bankruptcy.. ;0

…in the 1980’s while chairing Alan Cranston’s campaign here, I had discovered how pathetic many of our state parties actually were.  Many were literally bankrupt, the office supplies and machines (typewriters) had been taken for unpaid debt, and padlocks were on the door.  The State Committees that had the franchise were held in one or another lawyer’s file cabinet, (In Georgia it had been Bert Lance’s for about 20 years), and the reason for this condition was frankly racism.  The Southern States would not allow the release of the franchise to a newly elected Central Committee or Board, because it would be Black.  They could do this because the parties were in bankruptcy, and whatever lawyer had the letterhead in his files was also the court appointed trustee. 

When Dean took over the DNC — this was the condition of about twelve of our State Parties.  He actually had to find lawyers to go into court and get the parties out of this kind of “Trusteeship” before he could even begin to reorganize.  In fact, one of the reasons some of the Field Organizers Dean appointed are on the staff of the DNC rather than state parties is because it avoids dealing with old trustees and old court judgments. 

The really sad thing is that Democrats all around the country don’t know about all this — about how the party structure was sabotaged essentially over the matter of race over a long stretch of years.  By not actually dealing with the matter — and it should have been argued out and dealt with in at least the 1970’s — it has festered, and now we have this assumption by James Carville that he is the great white master, who can dictate the structure of the DNC, including which African American should head it as opposed to Dean, or whom ever else the properly constituted DNC should elect.  [snip]

Real pity that Carville ever crawled out of his Loosiana swamp…. 


UPDATE, 3:20 pm…

OGMAFB!  Who will break the script… because it is going to kill us… the title is “Senator Obama calls for troop shifts“. 

“I’m not suggesting that this timetable be overly rigid,” he added, but said President George W. Bush should announce as policy a “gradual and substantial” withdrawal.

“Drawing down our troops in Iraq will allow us to redeploy additional troops to northern Iraq and elsewhere in the region … this force could help prevent the conflict in Iraq from becoming a wider war, consolidate gains in northern Iraq,” and allow troop levels in Afghanistan to be bolstered, he said.

Right, relax, have a drink, drink to empire – remember, we don’t want ”wider war”… watch the s l o w passage of the same scenery over and over again… the words will roll over us like coat after coat of vaseline.   

In fact, go up to the observation lounge and watch the seasons change:

“The President’s decision to go to war in Iraq has had disastrous consequences for Afghanistan,” he said. “We have seen a fierce Taliban offensive, a spike in terrorist attacks, and a narcotrafficking problem spiral out of control.”

I think it is debatable who that served and IF that is generally viewed as a failure.  I view it as a  failure, but i have no real assurance what the agenda was October 7 2001 when we officially invaded Afghanistan… but the UN report last year, declaring Afganistan an all but failed narco state, was hard to find reported on inside the US.  Europe and the UK reported on it, as they knew the product was headed for their countries.  And ours, of course…. 

“I have long said that the only solution in Iraq is a political one … the days of asking, urging and waiting for them to take control of their own country are coming to an end. No more coddling, no more equivocation,” Obama said.

Coddling is it?  I see murderous, [by now] long standing destruction and the push pull game we play with puppets…

“Let me emphasize one vital point: Any U.S. strategy must address the problem of sectarian militias in Iraq,” he said. […]

Obama repeated his call for a regional conference that would include “the Iraqis, Saudis, Iranians, Syrians, the Turks, Jordanians, the British and others … to get foreign fighters out of Iraq, prevent a further descent into civil war and push the various Iraqi factions toward a political solution.”

Stop. Don’t send him again.  It is becoming offensive this charm game the Dems are playing – and with war.  Fucking pacifier…


UPDATE… 4:00 pm

I need the strong Japanese binoculars so I can count the fleas [thanks to Madman]: 

Representative Barney Frank has proposed in a series of meetings with business groups a “grand bargain” with corporate America: Democrats would agree to reduce regulations and support free-trade deals in exchange for businesses agreeing to greater wage increases and job benefits for workers. […]

“What I want to do is break that deadlock,” Frank said in an interview. “A lot of policies that the business community wants us to adopt for growth are now blocked. On the other hand, the business community is successfully blocking the minimum wage [increase] and created a very anti union attitude in the Congress.”

Frank proposes that if businesses support a minimum wage increase and provide protection for workers adversely affected by trade treaties, Democrats would be more willing to ease regulations and approve free-trade deals. Frank also would support changes to immigration rules favored by businesses, and noted that allowing more immigrants would put needed funds into the Social Security system.

… still counting fleas:

Frank casts his proposal as a way for capitalists to quell some of the populist fervor that was expressed in last week’s election, when many Democrats vowed to crack down on companies moving jobs overseas.

What little scratch the dogs got, they offer up on a platter.  Got anything else to give up Barney?  Anything LEFT TO GIVE??

Have to laugh… the 110th is not even at opening day.  We don’t even know how popular those “populists” would even be…

FInd a Blue Dog and bow down….

And this from Page 2:

Frank said he will work out details of his grand bargain after conducting a series of hearings starting early next year. “I am not claiming I have majority support,” he said. “I expect to spend much of the next year in the committee documenting this.” But he said he has general backing from Pelosi and other top Democrats.

A starting point could be health care. Many businesses are trying to shed high health care premiums. Frank hopes that workers and businesses can agree on a government-administered plan paid for by workers that would reduce burdens on businesses, which would pass on savings to employees through higher wages.

Just in time to have some ass-backwards, jiggered mess of a health care sell out for the blinkered Dems to run on in ’08. 

You will love it when Hillary runs on health care – again, 14 years later.



Madman tried to leave this link as a comment, but ran into a WordPress bug (error messages… stray boll weevils no doubt, swearing they are not not not Blue Dogs, 😉 ).

From Who is IOZ wherein he deconstructs a quite naive and full of flabby thinking post from FDL:

[T]alk of “keeping our word” is cultural paternalism of the worst order. We make ourselves into a parent who promised some expensive Christmas present but reneged because of the cost, or because of forgetfulness, or because Mom’s really a bitch, or because Dad’s too busy chasing the secretary. Civilization does not belong to America to be promised, given, or withheld. The web of local customs and history is too delicate and too complex to be simply swept aside. The Burkha was not invented by the Taliban. The Taliban did not arise out of a vacuum. Afghanistan is full of people whose cultures were ancient when Columbus was begging the Spanish for little boats . . . ancient when the Vikings landed in Newfoundland. Millennia of local, tribal, and ethnic cultures; centuries of Islam; these aren’t mere details to be overcome by good planning, skillful appropriations, and consulting “the experts in the State Department.”

What will Christy Hardin Smith and the rank-and-file Democrats say with a new man in the Pentagon, Condi Rice running state, and a poltiical establishment that will explain of the next war: This time, we’re gonna get it right?

Catch the thread at IOZ, someone posts the first comment to CHS’s “dreamland for wars” (clap for Tinkerbell there too!) posting…

Hail Barnum!



1. JJB - 20 November 2006

Re the Gaza human shields, Israeli apologists always like to claim that the Palestinians don’t deserve anyone’s consideration because they didn’t have a Ghandi leading them in peaceful mass resistance. Let’s see what happens now that they’ve developed this tactic. My guess is we’ll soon see a lot of rationalizations for mass slaughter of the people employing this device.

2. cactus ed - 20 November 2006

Another reality check? How long will it take before the Markos/Armando/thereisnospoon doctrine is publicly repudiated at dKos itself?

3. D. Throat - 20 November 2006

Not all negros are alike…

MyDD, SSP, and DailyKos endorsed Karen Carter for Congress in Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District run-off election. John and Joe in DC over at AmericaBlog have done the same. My Left Nutmeg and Spazeboy joined the party from the friendly confines of CT as well.

Karen Carter has also taken some courageous stances on “social issues.” She is pro-gay marriage, choice and stem-cell research. These are not easy positions to take in the deep South. Indeed, her opponents (primary, run-off, and future) are hammering her, primarily through a network of churches, for those positions. In the face of that pounding, she refuses to run from her convictions.

Are these the same racist twits who were against a true southern black female progressive… Avarosis came close to calling McKinney the N-word… NOW… the white boyz are championing a southern black female…give me a fucking break…

The disengenous little turds are conveniently omitting their racial bigotry in this campaign… you see Carter is one of the people who got a a gift from Nagin after his mayorial run… a box of Oreo cookies. The message was loud and clear, Carter… was on the white team, promoting Landrieu’s DLC (DINO) brother for NOLA mayor….

I guess that fact slipped pass the white boyz… Oh but she is progressive… so the hell was McKinney… as I recall the only person in the entire freaking congress to vote no on giving Bush extraodinary powers… but to these little shits… she was “embarrasing”.

Southern Strategy is alive and well in Netrootz Inc company town.

4. Caribe - 20 November 2006

Long life to the palestinian resistance!!!

5. Caribe - 20 November 2006

Actually… hopefully short life! 🙂 I hope they get soon a decent country like the one Israel stole 50 years ago and enjoys today.

6. gong - 20 November 2006

D. Throat, another paragraph from the piece you link:

There have been a few concerns in the comments about her position on economic issues. To alleviate those concerns, if only partially, I asked her about a few of them. For instance, she would have voted against the bankruptcy bill and would never vote to privatize Social Security. Her words. But most importantly, this race is about corruption and Katrina. One and two. It’s about showing the American people we are willing to hold our own to account while “draining the swamp” in Washington, D.C.

Sounds pretty thin to me.

7. marisacat - 20 November 2006

The disengenous little turds are conveniently omitting their racial bigotry in this campaign… you see Carter is one of the people who got a a gift from Nagin after his mayorial run… a box of Oreo cookies. The message was loud and clear, Carter… was on the white team, promoting Landrieu’s DLC (DINO) brother for NOLA mayor….

what does it all mean tho? Plenty of conservative whites on board for Nagin – from the get go. Hardly a progressive. Anything but…

Carter is endorsed by Breaux… enough said.

Frankly I consider us in a protracted “Reconstruction” era. and it ain’t pretty.

Minstreling being done by both races…

8. D. Throat - 20 November 2006

The point is there WAS a progressive Black female voice in the SOUTH… but they were too embarrassed… none of them could give a good reason why horrible blogads were smeared all over their sites against McKinney.

Now they are in NOLA speaking to NO BLACK BLOGGERS and promoting a Black candidate that the majority of the district (who happen to be black) DO NOT WANT…

My problem is their blatant hypocrisy and lies… why do I not see them all lined up trying to get a “progressive” in Nebraska… their arguments do not add up… why do they deem themselves progressives …only now… when they back Ryan and Casey… still no mea culpa for Whitehouse.

9. marisacat - 20 November 2006

Well I don’t think the BlogSnots support progressives – at all. They get it up for a hybrid and we see this over and over – who is less than bible and verse conservative on a few, just enough, issues to sell them. Blogsnots constantly editorialise positions with NO LINKS…. They foster those most likely to sell out the progressive (I hate that word, always have) agenda.

Nagin is a real jack ass. Should send oreos to himself. And Mitch landrieu is no prize.

Supposedly, the story goes, his/Nagin’s numbers went up in the black community after the “chocolate city” speech.

What ever.

Across the board I am unimpressed. But all too often that is what people get with a machine. Whether in LA, NOLA, SELA or online.

Nancy is in a tough spot… she engineered the games against Cynthia McK… CBC went along… Jefferson, for his sins, was taken off Ways and Means (people of all color and no color in NO noticed, powerful seat post Katrina – but hey not my problem) she likely has to ax Alcee Hastings (fine with me, I don’t care – she made that flagrant dumb verbal promise, I cringed, it sounded like Bill at his first big presser… deadly!) and LOL soon enough she will make other moves.

I wish her luck. Oh and stop the war… ;). Too. And it looks like Barney is making it clear what is for sale for the assurance of getting 2 big bucks added to the minimum wage. What a joke.

”Response to Training” dies hard. I think sales talk of ’08 will convince most of the old liberals to roll right on over. Some oversight, a thrill or two… and then they zip it up.

I will hope for something, anything that breaks the script.


10. marisacat - 20 November 2006

So cute. Ezra is fine iwth Barney and his blather.

LOL why be surprised, Reich (publisher of The American Prospect) in San Francisco on Labor Day insisted that NAFTA had not had an effect on US jobs. Newsom – not a flaming liberal whatever anyone thinks – almost choked, visibly. It has in SF much less in heart land, inner manufacturing states. Reich blindly batted back newsom’s disagreement.

Honestly I am so not a Democrat. Anymore.

11. gayle - 20 November 2006

“Frank hopes that workers and businesses can agree on a government-administered plan paid for by workers that would reduce burdens on businesses, which would pass on savings to employees through higher wages.”

Fat chance the savings will get passed on to workers.

Sounds like Frank wants to push the Romney- Blue Cross/ Blue Shield MA plan nationwide. I just got my package touting the new “universal” plan here, which also informed me that my rates just went up. Not only that, but the new low cost option we’re all being forced to purchase (if we can’t afford more), is catastrophic only. Essentially, it’s the same care people get in the ER now for free, but now they must pay, pay, pay.

Oh, how everyone’s going to pay!

Onto the Palestinian topic, I hope they keep the cameras around. I doubt passive-resistance can work there without the constant glare of the media.

12. marisacat - 20 November 2006

Sounds like Frank wants to push the Romney- Blue Cross/ Blue Shield MA plan nationwide.

Gayle, that is what I have thought, about Barney (who is basically a Clintonista) and others too. They LUVVED that terrible plan of tithing us for a bit of care.

Frankly I am sick of what kind of “Christian” nation this is. It is killing too many people, here and elsewhere too.

SOMEONE has got to point out the irony of the Dems who will run on health care for the umpteenth time in ’08.

But clearly to benefit the corps.

13. D. Throat - 21 November 2006

Frank is doing what Kennedy did with NCLB… letting his so called librul fat ass cover for the GOP/DLC.

14. D. Throat - 21 November 2006

From what I read there is NO ILLUSION with Black voters as to who Jeffereson really is… the dynamics are to keep the seat within NOLA’s Black political machine (which is to keep NOLA… Black) … if he is indicted they still get to keep the seat. What pissed me off about the BBB is that they act just like the GOP in assuming that Blacks are ignorant about the vote…

I just got back from New ORleans and it seemed that the Black voters had begun to stop depending on the old alliances. People are bginning to think for themselves.

Funny, the kind of trangulation in NOLA by the Black voters and the Black political machine are trying to pull off would make a Clinton blush….

IIRC Breaux and Co were licking their chops at the notion of a white NOLA. So this is much deeper…which is why Chocolate City” resounded in the voters and Nagin won.

But this is not about this congressional seat… what most people see is that Blanche with a 25% approval rating is on her way out in two years… Jindal (Did you notice that the only person of color blogger the blogsnot could find is also Indian…) is looking good and of course there is no alternative Dem candidate on the horizon (Gray Davis replay)…

This is where you see the DEM and GOP have the same mentality when it comes to people of color… only in dire circumstances if their has to be a person of color then they will create their own… neither party has a problem with paying lipservice to the overwhelming African American population…. Jindal well he’s got color that will do… and Carter is not the first Black to do the DLC’s bidding… ie Ford, Arthur Davis…

There is a clearer pattern here more than ever. Rahm’s DCCC 2006 extravaganza that only netted 8 wins out of 29… did not back any African American candidates…the real reason Clayburn is getting the Whip seat not Rahm. Schumer’s DSCC with a bit more tact gently pushed MFUME out of the Senate races. Scumer knows how to tie up money flows and it is very effective ask Hackett. And the one African American governor that was able to “slip pass the gates” even after the Librul Blue Dem Machine is Mass had the nerve to actually change the rules of the nominating convention… AT THE CONVENTION.

Black congressional seats are now a rare breed… did you see the incoming class of 2006… Rahm’s pet in Georgia that took out McKinney and the one who “slipped passed the gates” from Mn. I see that they are already gunning for him… I read somewhere where they are linking him to Farakhan…. Oh and there was a plethora of African American candidates endorsed by the Netrootsz Inc…. NOT

15. marisacat - 21 November 2006

you know the battle years ago between John Lewis and Julian Bond was very tough… and it was tough as (imo) both knew: there’d be few seats.. EVER.

NO does not win with Nagin. … talk about an overseer who reports back. There really was no one in line up. Just as I don’t see any choice, not really, between Carter and Jefferson. Couple of creeps are being shoved at the voters.

Up to them…

And Blanco scraped in… The Democratic machine was/is under assault. Baton Rouge did nothing but rejoice at the fall of NO… and honestly, why save that corrupt old machine? And, I even shed a tear for it last year… LOL… I have to laugh at myself.

Bobbie Jindahl (that type) is where a lot of the moves, as I see it, in ths country have been/will be, the dark skinned non US born ”black” – in media, politics, business, etc. SE Asians are a particular favorite.

Ellison fought off the Farrakhan issue and got some Democratic weight (endorsements) behind him in MN, fwiw. But I doubt the Dems in congress are comfortable with him…

And yeah, blogger boys are trying for a new Raj. Mostly they just offend. Serial offenders… 😉

Send them a ceremonial elephant to ride, it is what they want.

16. marisacat - 21 November 2006

I did see Johnson – in debate wtih C Mck. He barely functions. Nobody has to like CMcK but she was alive and smart… Johnson is the reverse. One reason I say we are in a really fearsome “Reconstruction” era. WIth a lot of fervor for banning and judging.. and Potempkinism.

And she was the ONLY person on the House panel that took testimony from the NO / Katrina women who was decent to them. Shays and others were appalling.

17. D. Throat - 21 November 2006

He barely functions.

That is what the DLC/GOP want in their Black politicians… so the fury that Jefferson is “not functioning” is hysterical… that is what they wanted from him.

What is “interesting” is that the Black voter have been playing by the “non-purity” rulz the white boyz like to shove down throats. One of the Dem illustrious pols just said… “Don’t expect to get everything you want” (Meanwhile the GOP said the exact opposite to their base when they won the house and senate)…

All those po’ Black folk that can’t “think for themselves” when they go to the polls… have been choosing the lesser of two evils FOREVER. I for one am not going to parachute into their community and tell them I know better… when I don’t. The DLC/GOP plan is to make no difference between the candidates so that even when people vote they have NO CHOICE… but there are always real or even perceived differences… to the fact that Carter only got 4% (she wasn’t even close) says the the feeling on the ground is that she is of absolutely no use to the Black voters there…

This is how we get the Marion Berry phenomenons… it is the blogsnots dream of “non purity non ideological” taken to the extremes... This is Boo-caca’s wetdream of women voting against themselves for Casey.

18. D. Throat - 21 November 2006

… and speaking of non purity and non ideological…

How freaking dare they resort to “ISSUES” pro choice and pro gay marriage …in the name of promoting Carter…. when these shits have been rallying against it for everyone else… even wrote a fucking book on the evils of “issues”… lowlife “PURITY” hypocrits.

19. cactus ed - 21 November 2006

Bullshit revisionism from Markos, with only one comment speaking some truth.

20. marisacat - 21 November 2006

modern politics, esp race politics is still trapped on the plantation. IMO. I am speaking of the white imperative in modern politics.

Other than to observe, I don’t involve myself in local politics by donation or money support – abd obviously I don’t play the games the boyz do, collecting money to support “reporting” (Ttagaris going to NO) when really they are there to work on a campaign, sell it to the touts and snouts…. I personally don’t believe in it. The poeple on the ground should pick their reps.

Not that that happens much at all.

21. marisacat - 21 November 2006

This is Boo-caca’s wetdream of women voting against themselves for Casey.

Well it would have helped if the 9 women senators had not signed a paper of support for Casey. If pro choice groups and individuals (Michelman was esp bad) had not given in to the people they foolishly consider their partners… LOL… meanwhile the party has already sold out women and choice. Long since sold out blacks. I was so entertained by Obama trying to sell Ford by saying he was lonely as the only black senator.

Deeply offensive.

Lotta plantations in the Democratic party.

22. marisacat - 21 November 2006

cactus ed

ooo thanks for that. There is something so transparent about how desperate blahhgers are to muscle out (on the thin and ephemeral blog page) all the groups and individuals – to say nothing of much much bigger money in play than net collected monies – who work for their candidate.

I guess it has something to do with portraying party apparatchik work and machine politics as having something to do with McNerney.

I personally think they used Hodes and McNerney for ass cover. Get in, a bit, on progressives.

Although a former FPer did work as campaign manager for Hodes… LOL “hire me I have access to the netroots money” … soon to go on his CV, I would guess..

As best I can determine, environmentalists (1.5 million in money from environmentalists) and people on the ground in CA-11 and Northern CA put McNerney in… I wonder how many people in Tracy and Stockton and the Central Valley were glued to the blogs.

The boyz are bellows for themselves. Not much else… imo.

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