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Soft landings… 23 November 2006

Posted by marisacat in 2006 Mid Terms, 2008 Election, Big Box Blogs, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Iraq War, The Battle for New Orleans, WAR!.

Arapahoe and her posse, wild No California turkeys...

Well… at least for this crowd of No California “wild” turkeys found wandering, on the loose… Arapahoe, Iriquois, Cree, Lakota, and Cheyenne.

I laughed hard when I saw this in the News Blog at The Guardian:

Rumours of war in the Iraq Study Group

The supposedly bipartisan Iraq Study Group, led by that redoubtable political fixer James Baker, has been hit by partisanship, according to an intriguing report in Newsday.

The article says:

“A source who spoke recently to a leader of the Iraq Study Group said he complained bitterly about internal dissension and partisanship among members of the supposedly bipartisan group, and was worried about reaching consensus on the key issues.”

According to Newsday, one of the Iraq experts who advised the Baker group said his colleagues were split between neoconservatives and more conventional “cold warriors”, such as Mr Baker himself, who want a more pragmatic approach to the Middle East.

I thought divisiveness and some stray inability to ‘get it together’ [why should puppets bother?] was our bitch and moan about the Iraqis?  Using “pragmatic” just tells me they needed another couple of Lee Hamiltons in the study hall.  What a joke…


Fancy footwork… please god:   let a bright and burning sun shine on him and the rest of his face fall off – when he stops being a mean little war monger, I will rescind my prayer…

[“I] believe victory is still attainable,” the Arizona Republican says. “But without additional combat forces we will not win this war.”

    In carefully scripted language, McCain then adds: “If the country does not have the will to do what it takes to win in Iraq – send in more forces – then US troops should not be made to serve more tours of duty.”

    “As troubling as it is, I can ask a young Marine to go back to Iraq,” he said last week. “What I cannot do is ask him to return to Iraq, to risk life and limb, so that we might delay our defeat for a few months or a year. That is more to ask than patriotism requires.”

    “It would be immoral, and I could not do it,” the former Vietnam prisoner of war added.

    Nuanced and multifaceted, McCain’s position puts him in conflict with President Bush, most fellow Republicans and, so far, with many of his would-be White House rivals should he run for president.

    The stance has allowed McCain, a staunch supporter of the war, to distance himself dramatically from how Bush has handled the conflict. [snip]

Not sure what the reaction will be to the above, but he has outdanced Hillary…

However, lamest among a lame group (all 2008 hopefuls, both sides) is Frist:

 “We do have to have victory in Iraq. We have to define what victory is,” the Tennessee Republican said.

Did we ever, officially, figure out “is” ?? 


I think this speaks for itself... re-reading the quotes from Will Marshall of the PPI, inside the DLC…

However, I do have an expectation from the Blahhger Boyz:  if they want to bleat that the DLC is so ineffective, give me a hard date by which it no longer exists as a gatekeeper in the Democratic party… <crickets in the thudding silence>.


[B]ut there was always a bigger obstacle: the deep reluctance of America to throw itself into a new “peace process”, never mind its coolness to the notion of talking to Syria and Iran.

The Democrat victory in Congress this month has done little to change that. Leading advisers caution that European politicians misunderstand the party if they think that its members are more inclined than Republicans to put pressure on Israel or to talk to Iran. […]

Will Marshall, the president of the Progressive Policy Institute, a centrist party think-tank, said: “The Democrats don’t play the role in the Arab-Israeli relations that the centre Left does in Europe.”

He cautioned that European politicians should not expect Democrat members of Congress to want the US to put more pressure on Israel. “If anything, the party is more naturally pro-Israel” than Republicans, he said.

During the Israeli shelling of southern Lebanon “Democrats didn’t breathe a word”, he pointed out.

“I thought it was something a true friend should have said to Israel — ‘Don’t overplay your hand’ — but there was nothing.” That sympathy for Israel turns easily, several Democratic officials in Congress suggested, into a dislike of the notion of talking to Iran. That is not very different from the Administration’s open dislike of the notion, urged on it by Britain and James Baker, the senior adviser to and co-chairman of an imminent cross-party group on the US predicament in Iraq. […]

This broad common ground between Democrats and Republicans on Middle East policy would probably persist if a Democrat won the White House in 2008, one senior strategist suggested. That is not to say that it doesn’t matter who is president; President Clinton immersed himself in the peace process, while the Bush Administration, to distance itself from him, stayed shy.

More truth in that than some of the low caterwauling and whispery yodeling from the Democrats…

Those who hope that Bush is a “one-off” delude themselves about how different a Democrat might be.

“Europe would be right to conclude that this election began a real course correction,” a senior Democrat aide said. “But it would be wrong to think that even if it were reaffirmed in 2008 with a Democratic president or a moderate Republican, that the US will be asking for permission slips from other countries.”

Some of the American imperviousness to clamour from other governments is the result of the shock of September 11, 2001, he said. But some sprang from its stature as the sole superpower after the fall of the Soviet Union. Clinton’s charm merely delayed the onset of the world’s resentment, he argued.

“We’ll sound friendlier to the world than the Republicans,” one official said. “But we’ll still want Europe to do more to fight terrorism.”


And while I am slamming the kinder, gentler house gods (bridges for sale, no money down)… [thanks to Madman]

Powerful U.S. Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Tomczak) just hates it when I use the D-Tomczak reference in my column. […]

Emanuel is the political operative being credited these days with the Democratic takeover of Congress. He’s ruthless and hardworking and, in victory, deserving of post-election applause.

But if City Hall had not sent Don Tomczak, the corrupt city water department boss, to Emanuel’s congressional campaign in 2002–and Tomczak’s political army of hundreds of city workers who stumped the precincts with the promise of overtime–then Emanuel wouldn’t have narrowly defeated a local grass-roots Democrat.

And Emanuel wouldn’t have been in a position to bask in all the national media love.

The national media narratives involving Emanuel and another Chicago Democrat, U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Rezko), have already been approved and written.

They’re scripts to congeal the national mind, not to be deviated from in polite society. So you’re not supposed to mention the soon-to-be imprisoned Tomczak around Emanuel.

And never, ever mention the indicted Chicago political Real Estate Fairy, Tony Rezko, to Obama, or ask if Rezko sprinkled magic fairy dust just as Obama purchased his fine home for hundreds of thousands of dollars less than the asking price [snip]

Slice of Tammany on a triscuit – anyone?  Cold Duck, anyone?  Sparkling Burgundy? 

The whole column is interesting… unless one is particularly fond of the odor of packaged Dem meat.  😉  I never was, not even when…


I truly love the Angry Arab… because he kicks everyone:

“The number of civilians killed in Iraq reached a record monthly high of 3,709 in October, mostly a result of sectarian violence, according to a U.N. report released Wednesday.”

(Will the UN Security Council investigate their murder? Will the Pope, who was praying–whatever that means–for Pierre Gemayyel today–be praying for them too?)

posted by As’ad @ 10:23 PM link


Don’t get me wrong. I am most distressed over the murder. I really would like that the killers be brought to justice. The massacre of Bayt Hanun should not go unpunished. Wait. What did you think I was talking about?

posted by As’ad @ 8:29 AM link

Re: The Truth (4.00 / 10)

I have little right to claim part of my blood. I have every right to claim part of my blood, my mother’s blood. I have little right to divide myself. I am as much my father’s son as my mother’s, and his ancestry isn’t much different from the ancestry of those who came to the Dakotas as missionaries and opportunistic traders or school teachers or ranchers … taking Lakota wives. I am, like most Americans, a child of exploitation and love, lies and connection, despair and hope. I clung to stories of of my “red” blood because the history of my “white” blood felt shameful to me. I am exploitation and tradition. Love and hate. Racism and welcoming.  I am American.

On Thanksgiving, I am both thankful and torn. Hopeful and despairing. Optimistic and hopeless. Hated and hating.

I am American, a curse and a blessing, a living contradiction, a history written upon forgetting, grand words and shameful actions.

I am blessed for two parents who pushed me to read, who pushed me to question, who pushed me to know. That is an American trait, no matter how often most Americans try to deny it.

“Whenever a Voice of Moderation addresses liberals, its sole purpose is to stomp out any real sign of life.” – James Wolcott

by Madman in the Marketplace on Wed Nov 22nd, 2006 at 11:17:00 PM EST


Going next door for some crab… fresh off the wharf, and champagne… but will add a few more things later… 😉

Happy Thanksgiving… and may more on earth be like Arapahoe and her posse, not sacrificed

We have killed enough.  All sides, everywhere.


UPDATE, Friday morning, 6:10 am

To put it succinctly, try not to upchuck any of that pumpkin pie over these numbers – from Al-Ahram:

America’s material losses in Iraq are far greater than many had magined. According to one study, the war in Iraq could cost the US more than $2 trillion. The figure seemed so far- fetched at the time that few believed it. However, a more recent study, conducted by Columbia University professor and Nobel Prize laureate in economics Joseph Stiglitz and Harvard University professor Linda Bilmes, confirmed the estimate. Already, they said, the US has lost $2.267 trillion.

Their study, a summary of which appeared last week and the full version of which will be published in December, comprised several subsets of estimates, including the total outlay on combat operations; compensations paid to the families of some 3,000 soldiers who died in Iraq and compensations, insurance payments and other reimbursements to the more than 20,000 wounded (according to official estimates); and the economic losses accruing from the repercussions from the war, such as skyrocketing oil prices.

In the run up to war, winter of 02/03, I read a haunting column from Polly Toynbee in The Guardian, that the projected cost to Britain for engagement in the Iraq War was enough to make all of the UK “green”.  If that was a generous projection then, I bet it is on target now.




1. bayprairie - 23 November 2006

beautiful Anita O’Day passed away…

a (way too) short quicktime excerpt and another (both broadband large – newport 1958)

kind of an article/obit and a profile

2. marisacat - 23 November 2006

I saw that… thanks for the links…;)

Can we let them keep Milt Friedman (buh-bye) and petition for Anita O’Day to come back… ??

3. fladem - 24 November 2006

Its the least of many reasons why the Iraq War is a complete disaster, but the 2.2 Trillion in losses is roughly equivelent to the present value of the gap in social security.

Put another way, the future of social security is literally being spent in the Iraqi desert…..

4. NYCee - 24 November 2006

Well that is the sad thing about the Dems in Congress. They are miserable failures when it comes to the I/P Conflict. Miserably failing us. Really, there have to be some grand protests, solely on this issue, mainly directed at the democrats and generated by progressives to get them to be different from the GOP, better, evenhanded. Evenhanded has to be released from its long exile into taboo. They have to be scared by their base on this. Really. And all joiners and comers welcome.

We are in crisis when it comes to our political leaders and this issue. The people are ahead in this regard, as one poster said on the times online thread.

Had to laugh at one post attached to the article, where Blair’s image is held up for resurrection, or at least a face lift, if only he will get the I/P issue addressed, full steam ahead. Lol. I see that here and there, the attempt to dress Blair up anew, to distance himself from the horrid me policy he bought into with BushCo. Sorry, aint buying and never will. He should have damned well known, had he been so concerned about IP, that Iraq was not the backdoor to peace and his lovely little war on Iraq (didnt have much concern for Iraqis, did he?) was only going to make matters worse there as well. And Bush isnt playing with a full deck, OBVIOUSLY, Toe, so why were you so fucking willing to play with him?

Downing Street Memo to Blair: They are going to fix the intelligence around the decision to go to war.

Blair: We’re IN! (throws on flowery words about this great cause, our preventive, shitearsed war, ad nauseum, month after year, as he continually peddles and excuses it and rides sidecar to Bush… blahr blahr blahr)

Fuck Blair and this idea of a resurrection of his image and that he always did favor another approach, going to the UN, blahr, blahr, blahr …


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