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Harvest 26 November 2006

Posted by marisacat in 2006 Mid Terms, Afghanistan War, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Iraq War, Political Blogs, San Francisco, WAR!.

 spiegel.de, afghanistan harvest

I saw a stray news piece that Afghanistan accounts for 92% of global opium harvest…

 A staggering 92 percent of the illicit opium worldwide is being produced in Afghanistan, a United Nations narcotics researcher said.

The figures point to an increased production of opium in Afghanistan, and do not herald a decreased production of illicit opium in other parts of the world, Thomas Pietschmann, research officer at the U.N. Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said in an interview with TML’s The International News Hour.

This constitutes the highest percentage of drug production in Afghanistan the U.N. has ever recorded.

The 2006 figures point to an increase of 59% in opium poppy cultivation in one year, and a 49% increase in drug production.

Contrary to wide belief, fighting poppy cultivation and opium production was not on the agenda of the allied forces that invaded Afghanistan in late 2001, Pietschmann said. He explained that this was considered a task for the police and not for the military. [no shit – Mcat]

then landed on this interesting article which relates to issues of Sibel Edmonds and connected matters:

[T]he Turks would not have been successful in staging what may be recorded as one of history’s finest intelligence coups had it not been for many sympathetic US military personnel, bureaucrats and politicians who, whatever their egotistical reasons, believed themselves to be acting in the USA’s best interests. Certainly, no one can accuse them of not effectively representing their powerful Turkish clients whether in defeating US Congressional action recognizing the Armenian Genocide or ensuring that US corporations close lucrative deals in Turkey.

The sympathizers names are now overly familiar: Douglas Feith, Brent Scowcroft, William Cohen, Richard Perle, Michael Ledeen, Bob Livingston, Marc Grossman, Paul Wolfowitz, Eric Edelman, Richard Armitage, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Dennis Hastert, et al. Rather than re-hash their affiliations and track records here, visit rightweb.irc-online.org to find out more about their linkages to each other and Turkey (Israel too).

The Turks knew it would take lots of cash to pull off such a scheme and sustain it. The illicit drug trade provided an endless source of funds to pay for WMD components, US defense technology, politicians, money laundering schemes, counterterrorist operations, safe interrogation houses, and dozens of front companies. Given Turkey’s solid reputation as a key refining point/middleman for opium coming out of Afghanistan (it is ultimately transported into the Balkans and on to Europe and the USA), it is no surprise that the Turkish government always seems to have a steady supply of cash to spread around. Perhaps it is just coincidence, but under the watchful eyes of the Pentagon and US law enforcement and intelligence agencies, opium crop production in Afghanistan has increased over the last decade. The profits from refining and distribution of the product have flooded the black market — the playground for intelligence operatives and assorted criminal enterprises. [snip]

OK… not so surprising, really. Illicit [drug] money is the grease and gravy, we make sure it flows… and poor Webb blew his brains out in a small Sacramento apartment…  

But an October 2006 comment at the bottom of the article, here is a snip from it: 

 Speaking of Hastert, Lukery at Wot Is It Good 4 has just dug up and transcribed a year-old interview in which Daniel Ellsberg talks about Hastert having received suitcases full of cash from the heroin trade.

Please see “Ellsberg: Hastert got suitcases of Al Qaeda heroin cash, should be in jail” for more details.

led me to the link above, where is transcribed a 2005 KPFA/Pacifica interview with Daniel Ellsberg. 

Snip from Ellsberg:

[T]he major effect of that is that terrorist gangs are taking a cut of this, including Al Qaeda, which essentially taxes this traffic as it goes through the various lands where each ‘band’ pays a percentage as they hand it off. In other words, the US is in effect, endorsing – well, ‘endorsing’ is too strong a word – ‘permitting’, definitely permitting, or ‘not acting against,’ a heroin trade – which not only corrupts our cities and our city politics, AND our congress, as Sibel makes very specific – but is financing the terrorist organization that constitutes a genuine threat to us. And this seems to be a fact that is accepted by our top leaders, according to Sibel, for various geopolitical reasons, and for corrupt reasons as well. Sometimes things are simpler than they might appear – and they involve envelopes of cash.

Sibel says that suitcases of cash have been delivered to the Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, at his home, near Chicago, from Turkish sources, knowing that a lot of that is drug money.

Now these are pretty inflammatory allegations, let’s say, and it’s note-worthy that they haven’t even been picked up by the mainstream press. The Vanity Fair article made that plain, though not in as much detail as the antiwar.com interviews – but not one major newspaper I don’t think has picked up her allegations against Hastert which are very specific, and one would think very important. [snip]

It is an interesting interview with more than just a charge against Hastert in it… Reminded me again of Condi shopping for thousand dollar + Ferragamos as people died in Katrina. And tried to slough off blame by invoking god…  There is a charge that State takes the cash, too… 

But easy to see it will be Sex Scandals Forever! for an America that is prohibition prone, but selective in its acknowledged sins… We certainly had a crescendo of sex scandals to grease the way to election 2006.

What was that about Nancy’s Armani suits… vs SUITCASES of cash…? 


UPDATE, 10 pm in San Francisco…

Democrats say no liberal plans in next Congress

Aww.  It is so sweet of you guys to keep reassuring… Not to worry, we got it decades ago.  The “sell” was always going to be:

“Win in 08! – Don’t rock the boat, or the president… remember the lessons of Miami in 00:  Be Good, let the Rat Fuckers fuck you!!”. 

I missed the Chris Wallace FOX Sunday show… good thing I did: 

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Three Democratic congressmen who are about to take important leadership posts said on Sunday they plan to pass popular legislation blocked by Republicans but would refrain from pushing some of the most controversial elements on the liberal agenda.

The three, appearing on Fox News Sunday, are among the most liberal Democrats who will take over key committee chairmanships when Democrats regain control of the House of Representatives in January.

Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts, who will take over the U.S. House of Representatives committee that covers banking and other financial institutions, mentioned raising the minimum wage, providing cheaper drug coverage for the elderly [btw, it is my guess the ”donut hole” stays – Mcat] and providing more affordable housing [stop shitting us, Katrina anyone?  The housing projects people are forced from – made easier by provisions in the big Welfare reform laws – and Kelo… – Mcat] and help with college tuition as the focus of Democratic legislation [little whispers of Pell grants as Lazarus].

…we already know about Barney… out hawking ”surrender” to the corps… and ready to “amend” Sarbanes-Oxley as a ”trade” for small things

“Our first efforts are going to be to do those things that I think the mainstream of America wants,” Frank said.

“Some things have become liberal because the right wingers who control the Republican party have abandoned them to us.”

Whatever Barney… tell yourself what it takes to sleep at night.

There is more:

Rep. Charles Rangel of New York, who is about to become chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee which handles tax matters, said,

“We don’t want really a fight with the president. What we want to do is to prove we can govern for the next two years.” […]

He pointed out that Democrats’ majority in House and especially in the Senate was thin and in the end President George W. Bush always had the power to veto what Congress passes.

Always performing the part of “the children”, happy when Mommy and Daddy smile at them.  Gets sickening.

 UPDATE, 10:50 pm

Fresh hot anonymous quotes!  From Sanger of the NYT, who has some chit chat about the draft report from the Study Group.

“It’s not at all clear that we can reach consensus on the military questions,” one member of the commission said late last week.

The draft report, according to those who have seen it, seems to link American withdrawal to the performance of the Iraqi military, as President Bush has done. But details of the performance benchmarks, which were described as not specific, could not be obtained, and it is this section of the report that is most likely to be revised.



UPDATE, 11 AM Monday …

So… I have on a panel (C-Span) on Afghanistan and the upcoming NATO summit in Riga.  Ralston (former SACEUR) is there, former DoD (some lune, a “former” from the Bush DoD is saying Bush goes to the summit with a “strong hand” GMAFB!) , Surfaty from CSIS… others.  And it is only from the 21st of November… SO dated.  Full of bromides that died sometime ago, all of them.


Catch this via TruthOut, from the UK Independent:

NATO Urged to Plan Afghanistan Exit Strategy as Violence Soars
    By Stephen Castle and Kim Sengupta
    The Independent UK

    Monday 27 November 2006

    NATO’s fragile unity over Afghanistan has begun to crack ahead of an important summit – with one public call to discuss an exit strategy from the Allied forces’ bloody confrontation with the Taliban.

    While heads of government are to make a show of unity over Afghanistan at tomorrow’s alliance summit in Riga, Belgium’s Defence Minister has questioned the future of Nato’s most important mission.

    And heads of the alliance’s 26 nations are unlikely to agree to send reinforcements to Afghanistan – dealing a blow to Tony Blair’s hopes that others will take up more of the increasingly heavy burden.

    In the bloodiest day of violence to grip the country in many weeks, a series of fierce clashes between Nato forces and Taliban fighters and a suicide bombing left 76 people dead and more than 45 injured yesterday, many of them children.

    Though Belgium only makes a small military contribution to the Nato mission, the Minister’s comments will alarm senior figures at the alliance’s headquarters where there is already concern that France is getting cold feet about its role in Afghanistan. Paris has remained publicly committed to the mission but Nato sources are concerned about the possibility of an eventual French withdrawal. They are pressing for an enhanced UN profile in Afghanistan to reassure the French who are suspicious about an expanded role for Nato because of Washington’s hold over the alliance.  [snip]


I have had on MSNBC this am… really it is like viewing a long scarred and rescarred landscape… but oddly, as bad as the media gets, truths abound.  My quick take is that likely the force numbers will be bumped up in Iraq –

and the Dems will, somehow (toe shoes ON!, they are such balletomanes of politics), declare that this is not incompatible with earlier calls (however wavering) for “phased withdrawal” and “deployment” (however vague, from staging in Okinawa to “just next door”)…


And I’d like to stand up for ”San Francisco values”… so  maligned as they are by the Neo Cons, Republicans, fucked fundies, “moderate” Democrats, Blue Dogs, DLCers and the rest of the trash heap – even Newsom has been mumbling that we reinforce the national take on us… well his poll numbers are very weak – and he was always too chummy with the Hoover Institute …

I can safely say that there is NO neighborhood inside San Francisco (and in fact the whole of Norther CA, even the more conservative districts) in which you might not find a peace symbol, wreath, evocation of peace… and so forth. 

And those who might disagree, would let it go, frankly in the name of peace.

For shame:

DENVER – A homeowners association in southwestern Colorado has threatened to fine a resident $25 a day until she removes a Christmas wreath with a peace sign that some say is an anti-Iraq war protest or a symbol of Satan.


UPDATE, 1:30 pm Monday…

Pundit to pol, post and ripostewah wah wah

Following in President Clinton‘s footsteps, a prominent Democratic congressman yesterday accused a Fox News anchor of conducting a skewed interview designed to make Democrats look bad.“I’ve got to say, Chris, you have an odd view of balance,” Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts told the host of “Fox News Sunday,” Chris Wallace. “I am struck by the tenor of your questions. You advertise this as giving us a chance to talk about what we’re going to do, but everything is aimed at trying to put us in a kind of a bad light and look at the most controversial and not very representative things that we plan to do,” Mr. Frank said. [snip]

I so fucking do not care:  WHAT DID THEY EXPECT????…

SOMEBODY try talking to the American people.  Because no one – still – is bothering to do that…


UPDATE, 4:15 pm

From Nur al Cubicle, a translation from Le Monde on il papa’s upcoming visit to Turkey…

A Peril in Turkey?

Analysis of the Pope’s trip to Turkey, by Le Monde‘s religion reporter, Henri Tincq.

The streets of Istanbul were deserted of Istanbul when Jean Paul II went to Turkey for the first time, invited by the Patriarch of Constantinople, the primate of the Orthodox Christianity. On that November 28th, 1979, Muslim public opinion was completely indifferent to the visit. However, two days earlier, Mehmet Ali Agça, the young Turkish terrorist and member of the Grey Wolves, had threatened to kill the Pope, eighteen months before his attempt. Twenty-seven years later to the day, Benedict XVI will fly to Ankara and Istanbul at the invitation of Patriarch Bartholomew. But different from 1979, the indifference of the Turkish street threatens to be openly hostile. [snip]


UPDATE, 9:45 pm Monday

Oh… Too too too delish.  If you have ever hated the crowd at The New Republican.. which, by the way, can indeed be done without joining one of the many Kos/whackian pogroms against the mag and its [cough strangle choke] adherents, read Who is IOZ… yum.  And some very nice writing too…

A snip:

The New Republicans

To those who doubt that The New Republic has jumped the shark, let me put it to you this way: The Fonz is on the motorcycle. There is no need to read the content number of what Spencer Ackerman calls The Giagantic Self-Parody Issue of TNR. The table of contents is enough:

Honestly, I thought the table of contents listed at WiIOZ was satire.  IT”S NOT, it is what’s listed at TNR!

He (or she) then goes on to write further about the all too estimable bunch at TNR – and about Iraq.  A truly stellar edition of TNR (for all the wrong reasons, what lunes, still stuck in the sky) and a great post at Who is IOZ:

Anyway, it’s all quite miserable, and I encourage you to read as much as your refusal to pay TNR subscription fees allows. […]

There is more realism in a community dinner-theater revival of Man of La Mancha than in the whole of TNR’s double-issue spiritual confab about Iraq. Leon Weiseltier, who was invented by Thomas Pynchon as a parody of Leopold Bloom and then sprang miraculously to life during a Ouija session in which Marty Peretz communed with the spirit of Theodor Hertzl, writes one thousand words detailing why he believes we should “quit,” before concluding that he is “unable to conclude that we should quit.

So so pleasing…

Admittedly, there’s a moldy quality to the phrase “ideological struggle” that smells to me of college-campus Karl Marx, so part of my objection to the phrase is stylistic. Aside from that, it seems to me that it’s a gross overestimation to assume that the contradictory grab-bag of emotions, ideas, and allegiences possessed by most people from Pittsburgh to Palau ever do or will coalesce into something as tangible (presumably) as an ideology. Ideologies are the playthings of a very small ruling elite in this world, and the rest of us suffer mostly from forced inclusion in this or that bloc.




1. TustonDAZ - 27 November 2006

Mientras, al sur hay mucho pedo en Oaxaca:

Thousands of supporters of the Oaxaca People’s Popular Assembly or APPO for spanish initials, marched from the governor’s offices eight miles into Oaxaca City on Saturday. As they entered the city center, protesters formed a circle around the town square, which has been occupied by Federal Police since October 29th. The APPO called for a 48-hour “peaceful siege” of the Federal Police encampment, maintaining a full block of distance between the protesters and the police barricade. Within less than an hour however, police officers robbed a protester of a cooler filled with soda, and set off a series of confrontations, that would lead to a five hour battle ending in gun fire.
Protesters and federal police fought along Alcoa for some two hours before the police began to advance, firing more tear-gas and glass marbles through slingshots. By 8pm protesters had been forced out of the city center, many were captured and beaten along side streets by Federal police. Once forced out of the center, uniformed and plain clothed state police officers surrounded and captured dozens of protesters, brutally beating them with batons and firing teargas at close range. State and Federal police also opened fire with hand guns and assault rifles, wounding dozens. In unconfirmed reports, three people were shot and killed, and their bodies hauled off by police.

Throughout the night, plain clothed gunmen, like the paramilitaries who have killed with impunity for months in Oaxaca, entered hospitals throughout the city looking for wounded protesters. Witnesses said, the gunmen threatened hospital workers at gunpoint and removed several wounded people from hospitals. The Director of Hospital General, doctor Felipe Gama, acknowledged the gunmen entered his hospital and roamed the halls with pistols drawn, but he denied reports that they had removed patients.

Democracy Now!

y tambien hay problemas en la frontera (pero era mas molestar que matar)

Protest of Mexican waste facility holds up American tourists

PHOENIX Protesters of a planned Mexican waste facility delayed American tourists on their way home from a popular Mexican resort city yesterday

About one thousand residents of Sonoyta, Sonora protested the construction of La Choya Hazardous Waste Facility.

The protest was held about 50 miles north of Puerto Penasco, or Rocky Point, a beach-side city popular with American tourists.

The blockage began about 11:15 a-m. By three p-m, about 100 cars were backed up at the Sonoyta border crossing because the protesters were spread across the road.


I’m not trying to equate the two situations but what is common to both is the courageous activity of citizenry on their own behalf, something arrogant gringos could take lesson from…

Or to try lamely to tie in to Marisacat’s title for this particular thread:

As ye sow, so shall ye reap

BTW if I was that peace lady in Pagoosa Springs I’d put up a giant neon inverted pentagram, claim Satanism as my religion and tell ’em to stuff their fine up their fucking arse (maybe Ted Hagaards’ busom buddy could help the”good christians” with finding the proper orafice)

Fucking Mason’s got their upside pentacles at the goddamn town enrance and the peace sign is satanic?!

2. cactus ed - 27 November 2006

One-note Markos demagoguing the NARAL, LCV and Sierra Club endorsements of Linc again, while mixing in his revisionism about the Pombo defeat. MB comments:

If, as Nancy Keenan told Pollitt, NARAL is not a partisan organization, it shouldn’t be endorsing anyone.


Well, yes. So the result will be no endorsements, and Dems get hurt over all by Markos’s stupidity.

Luckily, there is some pushback in the thread. Best comment is from someone I have never seen before, “walja:”

3. marisacat - 27 November 2006

Kos is fixated… AND running a job for the conservative Democrats, IMO.

LOL NOne of which explains that, to me, Keenan is well inside. Perhaps the agreement is to work to shaft NARAL with rank and file, starting iwth online Dems. Many of whom are operatives and aides and employees, so who are they all talking tO ?????

Kate Michelman (preceeded Keenan) was far too friendly with Dem pols, imo. Too chummy iwth the PA pols, too chummy with Spectre… and on and on. All the way up to her balletic games (toe shoes ON!) in the Casey/Pennachio run… threatening to enter then all but endorsing Casey.

Fuck ’em all. 😉 And twice on Sundays.

4. marisacat - 27 November 2006

ed, followed the link:

Kos is far too cute on the RI race.

LOL Sheldon WH and Chafee are long time friends, their families, historically, as well.

The FAMILIES met in 00 and it was decided not this year for WH to run. SO it goes to Chafee.

But of course it all revolves on Kos.

Naturally… he is the axis that the earth revolves around… and I just heard he is the equator, as well. Soon he will be the sun and the moon..


5. marisacat - 27 November 2006

Ha Ha… Don’t miss Big Drahmatic Tent:

I will NEVER cancel my membership in the (10+ / 0-)
Recommended by:Ed in Montana, Go Vegetarian, Alice in Florida, jxg, further, abbeysbooks, bic momma, Marcus Graly, seancdaug, collegekid318
Sierra Club as long as I’m alive. Blaming the Sierra Club for every f’ng failure of Congress, despite all the great work they do elsewhere, is like blaming Bill Clinton for the Iraq war because his screwing shed a bad light on fellow Democrats, costing Al Gore the Presidency in 2000.
You bash Sierra Club enough now, and they may not come around to help when you really need them.
Go ahead and flame me. It’s a wolf pack mentality around here. But sooner or later you’re going to drive away people you shouldn’t.
My Karma just ran over your Dogma
by FoundingFatherDAR on Mon Nov 27, 2006 at 04:13:49 PM PST
[ Parent ]
Really. I’m with you…and sick of Kos (2+ / 0-)
Recommended by:stiela, jxg
bashing the entire body of work of the Sierra Club because of this issue. This coming from a man who takes advertising dollars from Chevron. Blah!
“Our sweat and our blood have fallen on this land to make other men rich.” Cesar Estrada Chavez
by bic momma on Mon Nov 27, 2006 at 04:19:34 PM PST
[ Parent ]
Um (0 / 0)
Thoughts on the Chevron ads: If they weren’t here, they’d be somewhere where people don’t hate them with a burning passion and might be influenced by them.
Ditto for those Glenn Beck ads. We let them waste their money here so they won’t use it for effective advertising.
by collegekid318 on Mon Nov 27, 2006 at 04:54:05 PM PST
[ Parent ]
the entire body of work? (0 / 0)
Come now.
And then the Chevron cheap shot.
Honestly, it becomes clear that some simply can not deal with reality.
More at TalkLeft
by Big Tent Democrat on Mon Nov 27, 2006 at 05:21:55 PM PST
[ Parent ]
those who live in petrochemical houses… (1+ / 0-)
Recommended by:Dave925
when you stop consuming energy on your computer derived from fossil fuels I’ll worry myself with your criticisms here.
Anything’s possible with Commander Cuckoo Bananas in charge. -Homer J. Simpson
by Cheez Whiz on Mon Nov 27, 2006 at 05:28:50 PM PST
[ Parent ]
Thank you! (0 / 0)
We all seem very happy to support Democrats is they only vote to screw us 10% of the time. Why does everyone hold non-profit organizations to a higher standard?
I do think that the natural bias of these groups toward incumbents is a problem. But let’s also not forget that, in the case of the Sierra Club, the board is elected by the membership, and the state political committees are staffed by volunteers. It’s far more effective to change these groups from the inside than to wall ourselves off behind some vision of political purity.
Wesley Clark in ’08
by Go Vegetarian on Mon Nov 27, 2006 at 04:23:12 PM PST
[ Parent ]

LOL In case you missed Armando and his grasp on [cough strangle choke] reality…

6. cactus ed - 27 November 2006

Armando knows his argument is stupid, but he bluffs. Even pyrrho calls him on his bullshit.

7. cactus ed - 27 November 2006

One more thing. The whole Markos/Armando line, reiterated in the thread, about “let’s fight this in primaries” is utter, utter, utter fucking bullshit. A real primary battle is a very rare thing, particularly when there is an incumbent, Lamont notwithstanding. Where are you going to find real politicians (not dilettante millionaires) who are going to challenge the incumbent. “Let’s fight this in primaries” is a recipe for status quo.

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 November 2006

their time is past … it’s just going to take a little more time, and change, but it is …

9. D. Throat - 28 November 2006

Have you notice how Kos consistently omits the Human Rights Campaign in his bitch fests. Yunno the gay org that endorsed and fund raised for Casey, Foley, Lieberman and Shays…

This is definitely a targetted hit… and he is getting paid handsomely for it. Wait for it… soon we will be seeing a push for Democrats for Life All Star Tim Ryan. This is just a premtive strike… Kos will introduce an anti choice candidate in a matter of days.

This is how he trumps up lies that the faults and weaknesses of the Dem party are with the “special interests groups” (well some are more special than others). Kos conveniently forgets to acknowledge that the DLC is the biggest special interests group in the entire Democratic Party and it is them against everyone else that has destroyed the party itself since Clinton. However, Kos would rather blame the girls and the spotted owls … instead of the big bad wolf in out midst of the Democratic woes.

Yeah… it was those uppity chicks that launched a full frontal attack on Dean… cuz horrors upon horrors he actually did something to improve the party. Yes it was the spotted owl folks that coordinated with a media smear with Murdock against Murtha.

Kos is just a paid gun for hire.

BTW I see Mr. GreenJeans Meteor Beard…. STILL has not made a peep against DK advertisers regarding Prop 87.

And Tiggaris STILL refuses to speak to Black bloggers in NOLA…and is confused as to why they call Carter the “white candidate”.

(Will this cookie request from the navy pic be here forever? It is trigger on every click)

10. TustonDAZ - 28 November 2006

They never sleep, and their termite-like minions tirelessly seek burrow in and devour the marrow of the earth and her children:

Decades after the Cold War uranium boom ended, leaving a trail of poisonous waste across the Navajo Nation, the mining industry is back, seeking to tap the region’s vast uranium deposits once again.

Companies are staking claims, buying mineral rights and applying for permits on the edge of the tribal homeland. They make no secret of their desire to mine within the reservation as well.


With demand increasing, the price of uranium has climbed to more than $60 a pound. Six years ago, it was as low as $7.


A subsidiary of the Texas-based company holds a Nuclear Regulatory Commission license to mine in and around Crownpoint, a crossroads town of 3,000 Navajos that sits on the largest known undeveloped uranium deposit in the U.S.


Mining in both places is expected to yield 42 million pounds of uranium over 20 years — worth more than $2.5 billion at today’s prices.

Two Canadian firms — Strathmore Minerals Corp. and Energy Metals Corp. — are also laying the groundwork for mining.

The LA Times

FWIW it seems like the Navajo Tribal Council isn’t selling out (unlike the HTC with Peabody Coal on Black Mesa):

The tribe claims jurisdiction over any territory where mining would affect Navajo residents, regardless of who owns the land or the mineral rights.

“A sovereign has a right to protect its people against environmental threats,” said David Taylor, an attorney in the Navajo Department of Justice.


“We have no intention of letting them mine without a knockdown, drag-out legal battle,” he said.

BTW “navajo” is a slur derived from the Spanish navaja or “buck” knife; Dene is the name the people use to describe themselves.

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