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Opera Glasses and Popcorn… ;) 20 December 2006

Posted by marisacat in Big Box Blogs, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Iraq War, WAR!.

  The O'Rellys perform in Paris, 1930s 

 I noticed this at the AFP wire

WASHINGTON (AFP) – A senior US diplomat implicitly confirmed a report that Israel‘s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert had met with senior officials from Saudi Arabia.

Dick Jones, the US ambassador to Israel, said he had no detailed information on the meeting in Amman first reported by an Israeli weekly publication when asked by journalists about rumors of a diplomatic warming between the two countries.

“I think it is a very important development that this contact was announced. I don’t have any particular details on it, but the very fact that they would be, first of all, able to communicate and be willing to communicate, shows very serious approach.” [snip]

AFP called it “implicit confirmation”… and previously I had seen this at Angry Arab

I have not written on the sudden resignation of Prince Turki Al-Faysal (he wanted “to spend time with his family”, an official statement said–the same excuse that US politicians use when they resign for reasons that have nothing to do with the sudden love of one’s family).

I am waiting to learn more about it. One source today told me that Turki recently met with Olmert, and the news of the meeting rankled some in the (dysfunctional) royal family.

posted by As’ad @ 5:49 PM link

I think I can still put 2 and 2 together… 

By the by, as various B-B-Blahhgers deign to play Shut the Various and Sundry Fucking Pie Hole games

THIS is how it is said (from Hotline’s Blogometer):

IRAQ: Homecomings And Accountability

Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D_CA) addressed Daily Kos readers 11/27:

Americans did not give my party a mandate simply to “work with the President,” or to wait for cues from a blue-ribbon committee. …The message is clear – the American public has directed the Democratic Party to be bold, to change course on Iraq, with the main goal of bringing our troops home. … Congress has the power to end this occupation. We must stand up to our responsibility and bring every pressure to bear on this Administration. We must use every lever and pursue any avenue to hold them accountable for their immeasurable failures in Iraq. This isn’t just another priority for the new Congress. According to the voters who have elected us, this is the 110th Congress’ most solemn duty.

… and NOT the drooly nearly Republican bullshit (oh yes Reid revised, big whoop) that Hill-a-ree and Reid have dished out.  It’s a pity that all Reid has to do is jerk the BBB chains… those pink rhinestone studded chains…

When you softly, gently, bi partisanly, murmuringly agree to escalation of war (surge!) you are not working toward a short timeline for withdrawal.

You are signing on to devastation, for political gain. Further, it is flat out immoral.

It seems the BBB still buy (and the Dems are still selling) that most of elected DC, lobbyist DC and various hangers on, relatives, and pets ”knew nuthin'” about what was coming down the pike when they voted on the IWR in October, 2002.  They voted for the ”threat of war” and now they are facilitating a little surge.

Bull Fucking Shit.

Again from Lynn Woolsey:

”This isn’t just another priority for the new Congress. According to the voters who have elected us, this is the 110th Congress’ most solemn duty.”


UPDATE, 4:42 am Thursday…

Alexander Cockburn notes what Norman Solomon of FAIR has said, the cacophony has been rising for more troops to Iraq:

[F]rom the Republican defeats at the November 7 polls through to the publication of the Iraq Study Group report, there was a window for Washington to commence diplomatic operations to get out with all speed.

That opportunity has almost gone. Now a decisive moment approaches. The Democratic leadership — Pelosi, Reid, Emanuel, Biden — is recommending that the Democrats in Congress vote to approve the supplemental budget appropriation early next year, probably $160 billion, which will give Bush enough money to keep the war going till he leaves town.

Enough Democrats have always been available to push these appropriations through, sometimes by huge majorities or, in the Senate, unanimous agreement.

Here’s the record of shame:

By 2004, when it was clear a disaster was unfolding and after Iraq’s alleged WMDs had been exposed as frauds invented by US and British intelligence agencies and the press: HR 4613 — Final House Vote July 22, 2004: 410-12. Final Senate Vote July 22, 2004: 96-0.

In 2005, by which time it was clear that the US attack had spawning civil war, plus staggering corruption — HR 1268: Final House Vote May 5, 2005: 368-58. Final Senate Vote May 10, 2005: 100-0. HR 2863: Final House Vote December 19, 2005: 308-106. Final Senate Vote December 21, 2005: 93-0.

By 2006 the American people were turning decisively against the war. Bush’s ratings were among the lowest in presidential history. Up came HR 4939: Final House Vote June 13, 2006: 351-67. Final Senate Vote June 15, 2006: 98-1. HR 5631 — Final House Vote September 26, 2006: 394-22. Final Senate Vote September 29, 2006: 100-0.

Years ago, my father used to tell me that when it came to assessing the likely policy of the British Labor Party, the best approach was to figure out the worst option available, and then proceed under the assumption that this was the course the Party would adopt. Here in the U.S. I’ve always applied this useful journalistic rule to the Democrats, with unfailing success. Never for a moment, after November 7, did I doubt that Reid and the others would do the wrong thing.

As we warned after the election, the role of the Democrats will be to ease through a troop increase. This prediction has turned out to be 100 per cent accurate.  [snip]

As I post this the Pakistani ambassador to the US, Mahmud Ali Durrani, is on C-span.  It is very hard to take. He bleats for more troops, more money, more gunships… and last, “no chinks in our armour”.  Afghanistan, Pakistan and  the US should ”stand together”. “You [meaning the US] started a job and you need to finish it”.  He says… 

I am sick to death of smiling, snide, lecturing puppets.  Here or there…

We are killing ourselves from within and being drawn into complicated cons from without…


UPDATE, 6:27 am

Bob Parry / Consortium News:

[S]o far, however, Bush has confronted stiff opposition from the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff to the plan for raising troop levels in Iraq, partly because the generals don’t think it makes sense to commit more troops without a specific military mission.

    But it’s unclear how much the generals know about the expanded-war agenda which has been discussed sometimes in one-on-one meetings among the principals – Bush, Olmert and Blair – according to intelligence sources.

    Since the Nov. 7 congressional elections, the three leaders have conducted a round-robin of meetings that on the surface seem to have little purpose. Olmert met privately with Bush on Nov. 13; Blair visited the White House on Dec. 7; and Blair conferred with Olmert in Israel on Dec. 18. 

[add in the article referenced at the top of this post, high level Saudis, possibly al Turki, have met with Olmert  – Mcat]

    All three leaders could salvage their reputations if a wider war broke out in the Middle East and then broke in their favor.

[and for the insane, esp the fucking Xtian insane, the answer is more war  – Mcat]

    Bush and Blair spearheaded the March 2003 invasion of Iraq that has since turned into a disastrous occupation. In August 2006, Olmert launched offensives against Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon, drawing international condemnation for the deaths of hundreds of civilians and domestic criticism for his poorly designed war plans.

    The three leaders also find themselves cornered by political opponents. Bush’s Republican Party lost control of both the House and Senate on Nov. 7; Blair succumbed to pressure from his own Labour Party and agreed to step down in spring 2007; and Olmert is suffering from widespread public disgust over the failed Lebanese war.

    Yet, despite these reversals, the three leaders have rebuffed advice from more moderate advisers that they adopt less confrontational strategies and consider unconditional negotiations with their Muslim adversaries.  [snip]

This is the close:

   In early 2007, the revival of this neoconservative strategy of using the Israeli military to oust the Syrian government and to inflict damage on Iran’s nuclear program may represent a last-ditch – and high-risk – gamble by Bush and the neocons to salvage their historic legacy.

    If that is the case, then Bush will approve “the surge” in U.S. forces into Iraq, which likely will be followed by some provocation that can be blamed on Syria or Iran, thus justifying the expanded war.

    Betting the lives of American soldiers and countless civilians across the Middle East, Bush will follow the age-old adage of gambling addicts: in for a dime, in for a dollar.

And damn the Democrats to hell if they collaborate



1. Chris - 20 December 2006

If I had just one more beer in me, I’d run out and get “When you softly, gently, bi partisanly, murmuringly; agree to escalation of war (surge!) you are not working toward a short timeline for withdrawal. You are signing on to devastation, for political gain.” tattooed on my forehead. I almost want to start blogging again just so I can steal that from you.

2. D. Throat - 21 December 2006

Gee… Chris Bowers is really EMBARRASSING.

3. D. Throat - 21 December 2006

Get a whiff of Hotline’s Blogometer sponser… it’s all good for the CAUSE!!!!

4. D. Throat - 21 December 2006

… and another thing…what about these FP embedded ads for You Tube on DK???? (a billion plus dollars spent for You Tube… someone needs to increase their revenue…quick)

Kos got away with the iPod ad for CTG… anyone notice the that “friend” who offered to produce the video for free in which you could see an hear Kos wearing a not so subtle iPod, made the ad in the same genre as the not so subtle Switch to Apple ads. He did the same with Blogger a few years back.

Kos is backwards… he hids commercial profiteering like these but then plasters oil company ads all over his site…. strange boy. But then again, confusing embedded ads with real blogging is what Kos does best. So why limit himself to just politicians when he can do the same with private companies.

Soon we could see MB extoll the virtues of oil baths … perhaps they could set up an oil spa at YK 07.

5. marisacat - 21 December 2006

Throat… who is Blogometer’s sponsor?…


6. Deepest Throat - 21 December 2006

I think Bush’s speech said it all, he keeps his widdle war and Rummy leaves a hero while the Dems get their min wage and other domestic policies.

It is really sad, this is what we have come too. I guess Congresswoman Woolsey didn’t get the memo from Speaker Pelosi on what happens to any Dems who steps out of line like McKinney.

7. marisacat - 21 December 2006

Well.. fortunately I think Woolsey is pretty safe in her seat, she represents the general area of Marin, north of SF over the GG bridge. Not sure the actual size of the district, but it is anti-war…

And who knows… I doubt McKinney is gone. She may not make it back to the House but I suspect we hear from her again.

…sigh: and the “domestic policies” the Dems get will be small, watered down and full of loopholes. Love how quick Barney Frank was out there, selling out. Conyers appears firmly in his box.

I hold out some small hope for Waxman and Dingell. About it…

8. bayprairie - 21 December 2006

Throat… who is Blogometer’s sponsor?…


when i looked early this morning it was exxon mobile.

different ad now though.

perhaps they only come out late at night.

9. marisacat - 21 December 2006

NOW I see the banner ad. I mentally block most ads. I don’t even need a blocker from my browser… LOL…

Thanks… bay and throat

10. bayprairie - 21 December 2006

Bowers should think about trying out for the sequel. Judging by that post he’s certainly qualified.

11. marisacat - 21 December 2006

LOL… It is interesting to watch.

They need a replacement for Lieberman, as issues rise of Dem collusion with WH and with Republicans. So Tauscher is on the bar b q. And the Third Way… (about in the middle of today’s Blogometer a snip from Mydd). …lest they speak of the DLC.. having declared it dead so many times… don’t you know.. 😉

And of course no word about the NDN. No real thought to how the AFL CIO is suddenly swarming the netteries.

Just mosey along til you lift your skirt for the highest bidder..

Such cons…

12. ms_xeno - 21 December 2006

I’ve been sparring with some yob on Portland Indymedia about Kucinich. Well, it’s not really sparring when all you need is a butter knife. I really need to know what part of “You can’t be anti-war in a pro-war party” these paid/unpaid apologists don’t understand.

I really, really want somebody with some humanity to step forward and run in 2008 as an Indy. I don’t care if they mouth-breathe and wear Elvis T-shirts every day on the campaign trail. [Percy Mayfield]But if it’s not too much trouble/Just please send me somebody to love[/Percy Mayfield]

13. Deepest Throat - 21 December 2006

Hmmm…looks like some Blahhgers will now have to disclose about their sponsors.

A company that helps advertisers connect with bloggers willing to write about their products for payment will now require disclosures amid criticism and a regulatory threat.

Besides other bloggers questioning the ethics of receiving payments without disclosure, the Federal Trade Commission said in a Dec. 7 staff opinion that failure to disclose could, in some cases, violate consumer-protection laws on deception. The FTC did not single out PayPerPost or say whether it would launch any investigation.

14. marisacat - 21 December 2006

I really, really want somebody with some humanity to step forward and run in 2008 as an Indy. – ms_xeno

Somebody has got to break the scripts…

15. marisacat - 21 December 2006

DT… I saw that posted at Beltway Blogroll.. Thanks for the RS link… Interesting!

16. ms_xeno - 21 December 2006

Somebody has got to break the scripts…

Yeah, and get around the protective barriers that all the good li’l pwoggies will set up around Billary/Obama. However much they hate her, they’ll be sure to hate anyone from outside the club even more…

17. gong - 21 December 2006

This is kind of strange. Especially if you recognise the diarist.

18. marisacat - 21 December 2006

God. Could jacinto pack in more stereotypes. And be more hypocritical.

He or she is just an asshole, but always did lecture.

ANd how dull. And typical of the site, when one thinks about it…


19. gong - 21 December 2006

Is it possible for someone to be too clueless to be an asshole?

20. marisacat - 21 December 2006

LOL… seems so… 😉

21. D. Throat - 22 December 2006

Ha… Jiacinto is the most open racist and bigot on DK preaching about racism…

Wasn’t it he the one always throwing up that the biggest danger to the Dem Party … was African American politicians. I seem to recall him stating ad naseum the dangers of AA FEMALE pols. And this crap makes the recommend list… this is on par with Bush installing a fundies in charge of women’s health…

If any one has a doubt the way DK is going the fact that this racist freak, Jiacinto, is still allowed to spew crap (never even a repremand) and liberal and progressive voices have been banned… go figure.

22. bayprairie - 22 December 2006

ms_xeno sang

But if it’s not too much trouble/Just please send me somebody to love

oooooo thanks for that. i decided to do some snooping and just found out TODAY that percy mayfield was curtis mayfield’s father. how cool is that? i never knew.

23. ms_xeno - 22 December 2006

Me neither, bayprairie. So thanks for pointing it out.

Looking at the earlier mydd link makes me notice once again that somehow the bloggie “leaders” care more about possibly hurting a Senator’s feelings (yeah, like Reid has feelings, that amoral pile of shit) than they care about all the citizens around the world that he hurts and kills going to work every damn day. >: Oh, mass butchery is okay so long as you can word it to make it look like you kinda’ sorta’ might feel bad about it. But actually paying attention to the powerful people that play these li’l verbal reindeer games and being disgusted with them ? Oh, shame on you, unwashed citizens. Be more like the Reagan-worshippers and put on a happy face !!

If you are done with your patriotic shopping, feel free to wast some time reading the thread I mentioned earlier. Laughs galore. “Kucitizen” has gotta’ be on Denny’s payroll. He/she has all the depth of a used car seller, and about as much cred.

24. marisacat - 22 December 2006

I will say as the BlahgSnotosphere (LOL skippy did not coin that one!) developed I was honestly shocked at the reverential tone that the Party Thugs demanded be used when discussing pols. They even disliked anyone using “DINO”. I am in a Democratic machine town, we ALWAYS sort out who is who.

It is MUCH better and much safer to view Kucinich as an Ohio pol out of the Ohio leg… than to get carried away with wishes lies and dreams.

I mean, it is just smart.

25. ms_xeno - 22 December 2006

Yep. But it’s hard to avoid that morbid fascination with those who’ve done you wrong, especially when there’s no way you can ever get revenge. Kind of like when you can’t stop googling that friend who skipped town five years ago still owing you that hundred dollars. :p

But I’ll try to behave better, M. 😮

I think I could live just fine with dreamers, if they just had the stones to take it all the way and bear the consequences. Those folks are thin on the ground, though. The DP buys them up and submerges them (a la’ Cindy Sheehan throwing in her lot with the PDA) and then it’s all over. 😦

26. marisacat - 22 December 2006

ooo sorry I was not clear! I was thinking of Kos who was bitchy and dismissive of the Kucinich run. I found that hilarious and he tried to rally the strange troops by saying this that or other in relation to Kucinich and Iowa 2004.

Silly games… 😉

Oh I am fine with the dreamers, too… if it is not fake and fully inside.

27. ms_xeno - 23 December 2006

marisa, it’s too straightforward to just pick a candidate who aligns with the largest percentage of your views and rally behind him/her. Anyone can do that. What one needs to draw in the crowds is a big show– that wiggle and dance and constant ear-to-the-ground about who looks macho and bloodthirsty enough to win, or nobody will understand what a Great Strategizer one is. :p

The weird schism between the pwoggie cry of “We’ve got the power” and that of “Nobody we were truly in sync with could possibly win” is one of those things capable of giving me a splitting headache for a month, if I let it.

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