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Christmas Night Open Thread 25 December 2006

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Germany, Israel/AIPAC.

  Romerberg Christmas  Market in Frankfurt

Well… no doubt highly impolitic on Christmas Day… but Hedges is more blunt than ever:  Get Carter in the January 8 issue of The Nation.

Catch the last graf…

 [W]hen Rabin, who had come to despise what the occupation was doing to the citizenry of his own country, was sworn in as prime minister, the leaders of these American Jewish organizations, along with their buffoonish supporters on the Christian right, were conspicuous by their absence. On one of Rabin’s first visits to Washington after he assumed office, according to one of his aides, he was informed that a group of American Jewish leaders were available to meet him. The surly old general, whose gravelly cigarette voice seemed to rise up from below his feet, curtly refused. He told his entourage he did not have time to waste on “scumbags.”

One thing I am hoping for in The New Year:   more and more public people cut the last tie… that Ray McGovern drops obeisance to Poppy, that Hersh stops pulling his punches over Israel…

I recently saw a quote from Moyers calling CPB – and certainly PBS – to become radical… BRAVO!

We want more of that!


Found the Moyers quote at Danny Schechter’s News Dissector:


Bill Moyers: “In public broadcasting we need to get back to the revolutionary spirit of dissent and courage that brought us into existence in the first place, and this country does, too.



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 December 2006

Draft Moyers for President.

2. bayprairie - 25 December 2006

and what holiday delicacy is this? why, i do believe it’s an artfully constructed Spanische Windtorte,, in the thread of which our knight-errant’s manservant suffers grevious persecutions at the hands of a french.


happy holidays everyone!

3. Deepest Throat - 25 December 2006

¡Feliz Navidad a todos!

4. marisacat - 25 December 2006

ugh. thanks for the link bay…. btw, the MTP mentioned ws REALLY REALLY bad. with Rick Warren (talking all about himself) and Jon Meancham basically talking up Newsweek sales. I hear their religious covers are the highest mag stand sales.

About says it all.

And then we get Big Drahma Tent being a faux scholar.

God help us. LOL.

5. marisacat - 25 December 2006

DT: Merry Christmas… 😉

6. colleen - 26 December 2006

And then we get Big Drahma Tent being a faux scholar.

I would buy his pretensions of scholarship before his religious pretensions. I’m also deeply touched by the nightprowlkitty sockpuppet’s fine Christian responses in that thread.

7. marisacat - 26 December 2006

LOL… 😉

8. Miss Devore - 26 December 2006

worldkos wrestling today:

“Ha ha (7+ / 0-)
Recommended by:
taylormattd, cookiebear, vcmvo2, Elise, Geekesque, Nightprowlkitty, Darrell J Gahm

If “rudeness” was a definition of “troll”, hrh would’ve been banned as a troll a long time ago.

by kos on Tue Dec 26, 2006 at 10:14:16 AM PST

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Others have rated this comment as follows:taylormattd






Darrell J Gahm

Well, with hrh in their sites, there will be only one remaining “feminist” regular feature at DK. something involving elise-the-police and missbore-ya talking about their bras.

only NPk’s ersatz beatnik stuff will serve as comedy competition.

9. marisacat - 26 December 2006

Good summation Miss Devore.

The old debate used to be, was Kos a shit from the get go or did he just smell money and loads of freedom to be a shit kicker (if a boring, predictable one).

I long ago opted for ‘shit from the get go’. He enjoys being an asshole so much…


Oh yes… Blog Maids to Aisle 10!!…

10. Miss Devore - 26 December 2006

mcjoan of archness is leaving her day job:

“FP (14+ / 0-)
Recommended by:
Sharoney, lipris, musing85, Lahdee, Coldblue Steele, TiaRachel, Andrea inOregon, HK, Elise, LNK, paxpdx, desordre remplir, AndyS In Colorado, Mary Mike

My last few weeks in the paying job have been a little unpleasant. A lot unpleasant, making time here on the blog difficult to come by. It’s discouraging, after 9.5 years at a place, to have it end badly.

But the days I have left there are countable on one hand. Good thing.

America’s Second Harvest

by mcjoan on Sat Dec 23, 2006 at 08:14:22 PM PST”

does kos give that good a fellowship?

I never read kos much in all my years there, so I can’t assess his vicissitudes, though I am surprised he is throwing his support to the bots of his site. which I guess explains why there is a diary on his site alledging sen. brownback as a potential savior of africa.

and except for dood, who can be found in various places, there is no humor there, anymore. “Trucker pundit?” a heartbeat away from michael richards.

11. marisacat - 26 December 2006

LOL… from her unleashed conversations with em dash of LSF/Unbossed (two of a kind) well, let’s say Kos gains a “fellow” and the private sector loses middle manager. Of the trite variety.

LOL. The most amusing thing at that site and the various box car sites is the stress between Boyz. And their distemper innoculated (as DH put it about McJoan) Blog Maids.

LOL. I did say I was not stopping for Christmas. Nor for New Year’s.

12. D. Throat - 27 December 2006

Re: Agreed but… (none / 0)

black and latino christians don’t vote their faith when it comes to candidates for office.

by bruh21 on Tue Dec 26, 2006 at 07:34:37 PM EST
[ Parent ]

Sure they do. (3.00 / 2)

It’s just that liberation is as much a part of the gospel as holiness for them.

by pastordan on Tue Dec 26, 2006 at 07:55:11 PM EST
[ Parent ]

Clueless fool… and this is why the white boyz don’t get why Obama’s hype is not catching in the African American communities. They actually believe that Dobson is a contemporary of MLK. Cluess to the fact that MLK used the pulpit as a tool to fight for freedom whereas todays evangelical wingnuts use the pulpit to curtail freedoms.

Jesse and Al know this because they were there… so in order to rewrite history the Clintons “created” Obama in their own likeness… to repeat their own words…”God God God… no message”.

I call it the Great Recolonialization. It reminds me of the old adage:

When the missionaries went to Africa, they had the bibles and the people had the land;

The missionaries taught the people to pray and when they looked up the people had the bibles and the missionaries had the land.

13. marisacat - 27 December 2006

well… the Democrats seemed to luv the “advisors” who tell them to go after the evangelicals. Judging from the NYT article on Vanderslice and hmm Sopp or Sapp. Hilarious names.

LOL They sure do not want to go after any of the left. They’d rather the grubby greasy grabby Bible creeps.

Fine iwth me.

Oh I cannot stand Obama. Just a grubby old time pol. And yes crafted together.

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 December 2006

the biggest difference btwn MLK and the evangelicals is a simple one:

MLK talked about what he believed his faith called on HIM to do, and tried to speak using it and OTHER messages to find common ground to accomplish those goals.

Dobson et al talk about what their faith calls on OTHER PEOPLE to do, whether they like it or not.

15. JJB - 27 December 2006

It certainly is . . . instructive to check out the various comment threads devoted to the late Gerald Ford. A lot of amazingly bad historical memory on display. Murray Kempton once said that people who succeed in forgetting their pasts are rewarded by having them forgotten by pretty much everyone else. He was talking about Alger Hiss’s ability to get people to think he might not have been guilty as charged, but it applies to so many others (it’s certainly much more correct than F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ridiculously inaccurate dictum about there being no second acts in American lives, just because there was none in your life Scotty . . .). I hated how at the time Ford was hailed for “bringing us together,” and how his administration was “a time for healing,” and that afterwards we were successfully healed. I remember a nation that was totally adrift under the “command” of a president as ineffectual and clueless as Herbert Hoover had been, one that refused to own up to just how awful were the things it had done in the previous decade, and headed off to the disco to snort coke and hump indiscriminately. Now we’ll have the usual deluge of platitudes about how Ford was one of those bipartisan unifier types who tried to bridge differences across party lines, blah, blah, blah, completely ignoring the fact that he became House Minority Leader in 1965 by engineering the ouster of someone who was a genuine accomodationist (Charles Halleck of Indiana who’d refused to back Goldwater in 1964), and that he performed exactly the type of grandstanding obstructionist act that Newt Gingrich would do 30 years later. Some unifier.

At least you could say he was an honest man, with virtually nothing to show for it when he left the White House. He then embarked on what may be the least dignified post-Presidential career in history, basically selling his name and face at every meet-and-greet where wealthy procine types can be found (preferably on a golf course).

Oh well, RIP Jerry. I’m sure you were a decent enough guy on a personal basis, but you’re public career is a testimony to what’s wrong with the US political system.

16. colleen - 27 December 2006

does kos give that good a fellowship?

I’m pretty sure that the ‘fellowship’ for McJoan has been lucrative.

17. marisacat - 27 December 2006

Blog Maid to Aisle 10!! strap on those knee pads.

LOL A caller to Cspan this am called Ford a ”party hack thru and thru”.

Oh that would be a bingo!

Meanwhile “pwogwessive” [from SMBIVA and Smithee] sites are half genuflecting. Too cute.

18. JJB - 27 December 2006

Thank God!

A caller to Cspan this am called Ford a ”party hack thru and thru”.

At least someone’s willing to tell the truth.

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