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Stumble Mumble Fumble Dumble 4 January 2007

Posted by marisacat in 2006 Mid Terms, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Iraq War, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, U.S. Senate, WAR!.


 You knew it would not be long, via Reuters:

Key Democrat might consider troop boost in Iraq

Thu Jan 4, 2007 3:34pm ET138

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President George W. Bush is likely to link any short-term increase in U.S. troop levels in Iraq to political milestones or other conditions, a key Senate Democrat said on Thursday, saying he might consider backing such a “surge” if those conditions are right.

Michigan Democrat Sen. Carl Levin also predicted the Republican president would soon find a way to end the “open-ended commitment” of U.S. troops to Iraq, even if Bush does propose a short-term boost in forces.

”Just giving” a monster ”the keys to the car” plus a gun and a trunk load of Molotov cocktails – and he rides with the codes in the “football” beside him… and they let him do this, over and over.  Pushing us all over the cliff…

Levin said any temporary “surge” he might consider backing, would need to be combined with the announcement of a reduction in U.S. forces starting in four to six months, and set political milestones for Iraq to meet.

Options developed by military planners could include up to 30,000 additional troops, according to defense officials. The United States now has 132,000 troops in Iraq.

My old guess was, somehow, they plan to get 50 – 60 K in there.  Why not.  Dems are pliant.  War forever…

more to come..


Scammed from a Madman email, via Salon:

Bush to Name Retired Admiral As Top Spy

By KATHERINE SHRADER Associated Press Writer

January 04,2007 | WASHINGTON — Retired Vice Adm. Mike McConnell, a veteran of more than 25 years in the intelligence field, will be named by President Bush to succeed John Negroponte as national intelligence director, a senior administration official said Thursday.

Negroponte will move to the State Department to become the No. 2 to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

The nominations of McConnell and Negroponte are expected to be announced by Bush on Friday.

The administration sought to dispel any suggestion that Negroponte’s shift was a demotion. Bush personally reached out to Negroponte, an experienced diplomat, to take over the long-vacant job as deputy secretary of state, the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity because Bush has not announced the nomination.

Bush also talked personally with McConnell about taking the job as director of national intelligence, overseeing all 16 U.S. spy agencies.

Under Donald Rumsfeld’s reign at the Defense Department, there were rivalries and friction between the Pentagon and the intelligence community. Robert Gates, who took over last month as secretary of defense, supports McConnell’s nomination to the top intelligence post, the official said.

The personnel shifts in the intelligence community come as Bush is planning to announce changes in strategy for the war in Iraq. That speech — once expected before Christmas — now is not likely before the middle of next week, at the earliest.


UPDATE, 3:26 pm

Charlie Rangel needs to call Carl.  He is on The News Hour saying the President may be CinC but he “cannot wage war without the American people” and that Congress is merely there to “reflect our will”. 

Oh do dial my dear.  Of course the language from the Dems was in crumble… well, forever.  Walter Karp has written that despite bare to little support for the assault on the Phillipines, the Dems barely peeped (will pull up the Karp quotes and add).

They just blither…

For now, from Moyers at The Nation

But America needs something more right now than a “must-do” list from liberals and progressives. America needs a different story.



UPDATE, 4:00 pm

Amy on Democracy Now! today (comes on here at Midnight, so I have not watched it yet):

[J]UAN GONZALEZ: We were discussing with our previous guest how Nancy Pelosi has tried to crack down on some of these leaders, especially Conyers on Judiciary over the impeachment issue and Charlie Rangel over his constant call for the return of the draft. Could you talk about that?

RON WALTERS [Director of the African American Leadership Institute at the University of Maryland and advisory chair to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation]:

Well, this is a politics that really started in the election, and you have to trace it back to the Blue Dog Democrats, the conservative wing of the Democratic Party in the House Democratic Caucus, and they were saying that, well, some of these chairs that are going to come on stream, if the Democrats win, are going to be very “liberal,” quote/unquote. That began to resonate with the Republicans, who then sent out a series of letters saying that, yeah, some of these chairs are going to be too liberal. They’re going to go after the President to impeach him. They’re going to do this, that and the other.

In response to that, Nancy Pelosi then extracted some promises — one of them, for example, from John Conyers, that he wouldn’t go after the President and impeachment, another from Charlie Rangel, saying that he wouldn’t roll back all of the tax cuts — so that that politics was really sort of the politics of the election process.

It’s now become the politics of 2008, and so the irony here is that, although African Americans played a very substantial role in the election of 2006, in particular, turning over the Senate to the Democratic Party, that sort of moderate politics now begins to threaten the kind of agenda that you just laid out.  [snip]

I certainly have no problem with her Armani suits.  But why KNEEL in them?  And then crawl South, to a Boll Weevil…


UPDATE, 2:39 am ….

LAT via The Boston Globe:

[A]lthough both Abizaid and Casey were expected to leave their posts early this year, Bush’s decision to name their successors at about the same time he unveils his revised strategy is a signal of how thoroughly he intends to break from past policies, which he recently acknowledged are failing.

The choice of Petraeus in particular could have wide-ranging significance. Petraeus is closely associated with the push for a more complex counterinsurgency campaign, which would move US soldiers out of their large bases and into smaller outposts in troubled neighborhoods in Iraq. [snip]

 Maybe… if this were summer of 2003.  Too late, whatever the trenchant analysis, pro or con may be:

Advocates of such a plan argue that it is the only way to gain the confidence of Iraqi civilians and protect them from attacks. Abizaid and Casey have resisted such moves, arguing a more visible US presence would inflame locals and prevent Iraqi forces from shouldering the security burden. [snip]

Really too late to “gain confidence”… but certainly not too late to be sitting ducks.

I would say, best advice, prepare for hundreds of christian burials – stateside.  Thousands of muslim burials, there.

Petraeus oversees most of the Army’s leading military colleges, where he supervised work on the new Army and Marine Corps counterinsurgency manual, issued last month. The manual advocated multiple manpower-intensive tactics that would break sharply from many of Casey’s views for a lighter US footprint in Iraq.

Casey is a native of the Boston neighborhood of Allston.

Bush’s selection of Fallon would be more unexpected. Fallon would become the first Naval officer to take command of the Middle East headquarters since its creation in 1983. Because most threats in the region have been land-based, the command, known colloquially as Centcom, has alternated between Army and Marine generals.

When I was a small child we visited a Civil War diorama in Georgia, at some sort of historical park near a battleground.  The painting depicted more than one grossly fat general atop a horse as men were slaughtered all around.  When I pointed out the fatness, my Aunt said generals were fat and did stay on their horses.

It was also the day I saw a chain gang, striped uniforms, bound at the ankle, working as a clean up crew at the park. 

I hear they are back – war never went away either…

When Florida followed Alabama’s lead and re-introduced the chain gang, Amnesty International was quick to point out the obvious:

“Florida became the third state to use chain gangs in 1995, following the lead of Alabama and Arizona, where the authorities reintroduced chain gangs in May. Last used in the USA thirty years ago, chain gangs are being hailed by their supporters as an effective anti-crime deterrent, but by opponents as a step backwards, evoking images of slavery.”

As these ugly images go by, C-Span has on the Congressional Black Caucus leadership swearing-in program from today.  Dyson and his particular syncopated language officiating, Reverb opening with a harmony version of America The Beautiful.   In the Democracy Now! link above it says that among the shafted issues from the CBC is reparations as well as the long running issue of felons regaining the right to vote. 


UPDATE, 3:43 am

War and Piece – I think I won’t welcome our new overlords:

Gates picks former mapping agency and DIA head James Clapper to be undersecretary of defense for intel.

A striking number of military people running the intel agencies and taking key intel posts, with DNI now also going from civilian to miitary hands.

Posted by Laura at 09:55 PM


UPDATE, 11:45 am on the Pacific Coast, Friday

 I meantioned Nancy and the old Brown – Burton machine in California in the thread below –  I see Meyerson has up a good overview in American Prospect:

[P]hil Burton was first elected to the House in 1964. In his 19 years as a congressman … he was responsible for the legislation that established Supplemental Security Income (SSI) for the aged, blind, and disabled; created black-lung compensation for coal miners; increased the minimum wage; made strikers eligible for food stamps; greatly expanded the size and number of national parks; and abolished the House Un-American Activities Committee. More broadly, he broke the power of the old Dixiecrat barons in the House by subjecting committee chairmanships to secret ballot elections within the Democratic caucus. He engineered reapportionments of California that were greatly to his party’s benefit, and he steered contributions to the Democratic candidates who needed them most.

When he died, Sala succeeded him in a special election. Just four years later, in January 1987, Sala herself lay dying of cancer. She asked Phil’s brother, John Burton, who had represented an adjoining congressional district in San Francisco, to come to the hospital and told him that she wanted “Nancy” to succeed her. …  the woman in question was the former California Democratic Party chair Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi had been associated with the Burtons since shortly after she and her husband had moved to San Francisco in the years when Phil’s star was rising. The Pelosis had a large, attractive house, and the first thing she recalls Phil saying to her was, “We’ll use this for fundraisers.” But Phil’s appreciation of Pelosi wasn’t confined to her abilities as a hostess. He saw in her a commitment to progressive values and a clear political sense of how to turn those values into laws. When John stepped down from Congress in 1982, Phil asked Pelosi to stand for election to replace him, but she declined, saying her children were too young. Five years later, Sala, on her deathbed, evidently saw in Pelosi the same qualities that Phil had seen.

This time, her children older, Pelosi said yes, and in April she won a squeaker of a special election. [snip]

She ws opposed, as I recall, from the left by Harry Britt and Carole Ruth Silver, both then on the SF Board of Supes (going on memory here).  I caught a replay of a debate between Nancy and CRS a couple of nights ago.  Contentious and tense.. 

   Marin Headlands in the back ground

Marin Headlands in the background.  As you cross the Golden Gate Bridge heading north to Marin you see to left, to the West toward the setting sun, the completely undeveloped Marin Headlands.  Burton legacy… even as I thought there might be a dent in the machine in the Gonzales run against Newsome in 2003, hard not to blow a kiss to the untrammeled and spectacular land…




1. Miss Devore - 4 January 2007

it’s a surge….it’s a bump……it’s a pimple!

WASHINGTON – President Bush plans to order extra U.S. troops to Iraq as part of a new push to secure Baghdad, but in smaller numbers than previously reported, U.S. officials said Wednesday.

The president, who is completing a lengthy review of Iraq policy, is considering dispatching three to four U.S. combat brigades to Iraq, or no more than 15,000 to 20,000 U.S. troops, the officials said. Bush is expected to announce his decision next week.
“Instead of a surge, it is a bump,” said a State Department official. He spoke on condition of anonymity, because Bush hasn’t yet unveiled details of what the White House is calling a “new comedo forward”
in Iraq.

(mostly from Mcclatchy Papers with an adolescent minor editorial revision.)

2. marisacat - 4 January 2007

Isn’t that depressing? A sacrificial bloodbath, which is hwat it all has been, is reduced to Go Long, Go SHort, Surge, Bump, Pimple, Wrinkle.

Write a jingle. Fill the pen with blood.

It is beyond words…

Thanks for posting the McClatchy…

(will bring some of the links from the last thread forward)

3. TustonDAZ - 4 January 2007

Sacrificial bloodblath is right. It’s like they’re setting up the scene for a Lebanon/Marines Barracks massive US casaulty attack and hoping it will have the reverse effect on the Public’s mood than Raygun’s disasters.

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 January 2007

I still think we’re going to be looking at something that looks more like Dien Bien Phu or the a bigger version of the Battle of the Little Bighorn, ESPECIALLY after Psycho attacks Iran. Like the troops in those battles, the US military is:

* over extended with tenuous supply lines
* under-supplied by their gov’t
* lacking a clearly defined mission
* GREATLY outnumbered by a foe they don’t understand, a foe that they underestimate for reasons of racial prejudice and societal arrogance.

Hard rain is gonna fall.

5. marisacat - 4 January 2007

madman… did you tivo Olberman yet? I caught a little as i was cooking. Heard Rockefeller admit to Olberman he is “surprised” by what Levin said.

Honestly, long ago it seemed that Warner and Levin agreed on a lot to do with the war. They just let Warner carry the message, as majority..

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 January 2007

I heard that too. Depressing. They really need to open their fucking eyes and quit being so fucking collegial.

Turley was awesome, though. That man will, if there is any justice left in the world, be nominated to the Supreme Court by some future liberal President, if there ever is one.

7. marisacat - 4 January 2007

I missed Turley… will catch the transcript tomorrow…

8. Miss Devore - 4 January 2007

I think the most depresssing thing is that both sides are seeing a changed course in Iraq solely in military terms. To surge or not to.

Recently Bill Clinton offered up a plan regarding oil-profit negotiations for Iraqi citizens. Ok, it could be “incentivizing” or it could be good old reservation reparations in the Amerindian way. But it involves something other than accelerating deaths of Iraqis.

And if you’ve heard me wank on this in other venues, my apologies: If we can have Pizza Huts in the Green Zone and assorted Forward Operating Bases, why the fuck can’t we return Baghdad to electric capacity to pre-war levels?

Even the ISG hinted at going modest on the bases.

Not to mention that a resolution of I/P is fundamental.

I just finished Anthony Shadid’s “Night Draws Near: Iraq’s People in the Shadow of America’s War”, and despite that the content mostly concerns the early years of the war,it does drive the point home the horrid consequences of insisting it is about US.

Most aptly named national acronym.

We are the World.

That’s a flat chant.

And to prep me for my aneurysm: since karen hughes has been in charge of improving the US image in the Muslim world, I dearly want to know how much she is being paid for this. When you don’t do your job, you should be fired.

Of course, upon reflection, who is doing their job?

Oh well, I’m off to a book about the changes the Mississippi flood of 1927 wrought.

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 January 2007

MSNBC does show Countdown again at 9 PST.

10. gong - 4 January 2007

I certainly have no problem with her Armani suits. But why KNEEL in them? And then crawl South, to a Boll Weevil…


11. wu ming - 5 January 2007

at least in dien bien phu, the vietnamese let the french surrender at the end.

what i fear is our response to a defeat of custer-like proportions.

12. bayprairie - 5 January 2007

not quite the pandhandle at golden gate park, is it?

House Warming
For Democrats and Deadheads, the Gilded Party

1000 dollars a plate.

i think tonight i’ll put the byrds on the turntable and skip the ungrateful dead. something with clarence white?

13. marisacat - 5 January 2007

hmmm…, would it have killed the Dems (and their various souls, the DNC, Dtrip, DSCC, etc) to have fielded several events, like a big campaign night, a 1K tcket, a 250.00 ticket and a big reception at some venue near mass transit for say 25.00??

On the other hand… maybe this is more honest about who they are.

Nothing about today bothered me, Nancy gets to celebrate and fashion a story line (she has been in politics all her life, all thru the children growing up) to innoculate agaisnt the “SF Liberal” slams that are coming (tho I would rather she did not try to escape, but then she is just barely liberal) but 4 days … well gets a bit long.

Not LOL that any of that matters.

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 January 2007

good point wu ming.

15. supervixen - 5 January 2007

Mcat- “she has been in politics all her life, all thru the children growing up”

That’s a crucial point that mcjoan glossed over in her feeble “feminist” diary the other day:

Many of the women running for public office are older, waiting until they’ve raised their families or extablished [sic] themselves in their careers to run. Nancy Pelosi’s political career reinforces this argument. She waited until her youngest daughter was in high school to run for Congress.

mcjoan completely ignores the conclusion of the study she mentions, which is that women are less likely to be asked to run, and less likely to perceive themselves as qualified to serve. The point with Pelosi is that, coming from a political family, she was well aware that she was qualified, and she had an “in” as far as being asked to run.

16. marisacat - 5 January 2007

hmmm I’ll read the mcjoan piece. After my coffee… LOL.

Well i cannot swear to Nancy’s early – mid 20s, obviously 5 children are 5 children. But before running for the House (’87), with the deathbed (I am not kidding) endorsement of Sala Burton, who filled the seat for her deceased husband Phil… Nancy had been state party chair. She has a long history as a prodigious fund raiser. They never were out of politics. which is fine… and nancy is also welcome to craft a narrative. I h ave no problem with that…

One reason the town is so Democratic is that we have a strong long standing machine out here, Brown/Burton machine. Brown for Pat Brown father of Jerry and Burton for Phil and Sala Burton. It just does not end.

17. TustonDAZ - 5 January 2007

I know we should let the dead rest in peace, and this link is a few days old, but IF they can write this in the local rag in Bumblefuck Austrailia (not to knock bumblefucking or Wodong, Austraila) why not the LAT or WaPo or the Grey Prostitute herself? (not to knock prostitutes)

IT was not the Iraqi Government but its American masters that chose to execute Saddam Hussein in a great rush as soon as the first sentence was confirmed, thus cancelling all the other trials on far graver charges that awaited him.

The present Iraqi Government had nothing to hide if those trials went ahead; the US Government did.

… they hanged him for Dujail?

It’s as if they had taken Adolf Hitler alive in 1945, but ignored his responsibility for starting the World War II and his murder of six million Jews and just put him on trial for executing people suspected of involvement in the July, 1944, bomb plot.

With all of Saddam’s other crimes to choose from, why on earth would you hang him for executing the people suspected of involvement in the Dujail plot?

It’s because the US was not involved in that one. It was involved in the massacre of the Iraqi Communists (the US Central Intelligence Agency gave Saddam their membership lists).

It was implicated up to its ears in Saddam’s war against Iran — to the point of arranging for Iraq to be supplied with the chemicals to make poison gas, providing Baghdad with satellite and AWACS intelligence data on Iranian targets, and sending US Air Force photo interpreters to Baghdad to draw Saddam the maps of Iranian trenches that let him drench them in poison gas.

It was the US that finally saved Saddam’s regime by providing naval escorts for tankers carrying oil from Arab Gulf states while Iraqi planes were left free to attack tankers coming from Iranian ports.

And it was George W. Bush’s father who urged Iraq’s Shias and Kurds to rebel after Saddam was driven out of Kuwait in 1991, and then failed to use US air power to protect the Shias from massacre when they answered his call.

The US was deeply involved in all of Saddam’s major crimes, one way or another, so no trial that delved into the details of those crimes could be allowed.

Instead, the spin-doctors in the present Bush Administration put the Dujail trial first and scheduled the trials for Saddam’s bigger crimes for later, knowing that they would all be cancelled once the death penalty for the Dujail incident was confirmed.

The dirty laundry will never have to be displayed in public.

18. D. Throat - 5 January 2007

ood to see FEMINISM ISSUES (13+ / 0-)

FINALLY being covered on the Front Page!!

More at TalkLeft

by Big Tent Democrat on Thu Jan 04, 2007 at 02:18:33 PM PST

Be nice. (3+ / 0-)

by oculus on Thu Jan 04, 2007 at 02:26:39 PM PST

[ Parent ]
I admit … (20+ / 0-)

it was tough to work in a writing stint between toilet cleanings, but Nancy inspired me!

by SusanG on Thu Jan 04, 2007 at 02:28:17 PM PST

[ Parent ]

Was this before or after the Blagmaids creamed in their pants about the wacko fundie Taylor “blushing” at voting for Pelosi…

The thing I watched most closely? The vote of Gene Taylor (D-MS). Gene has in past years been a holdout in voting for the Speaker, refusing to vote for Nancy Pelosi, instead casting a protest vote for Jack Murtha or voting “present.”

But today, Gene Taylor was there with his fellow Democrats, voting for Pelosi for speaker.

And his fellow Democrats actually burst into spontaneous applause.

I’m not sure, but it looked to me like he even blushed a little.

It was a good day.

After cleaning the toilets… the stage was set for the White Boyz to shit all over women…and promote this Neanderthal

He’s a conservative Democrat… (4+ / 0-)

One of the few southern conservative Democrats left. That’s all the backstory there is to it.

That’s Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid to you, Mr. Bush.

by DC Pol Sci on Thu Jan 04, 2007 at 08:53:15 PM PST

[ Parent ]

Also, His House Was Destroyed by Katrina (10+ / 0-)

But like Charlie Melancon (D-LA) and almost no other pol, he came out looking great. He devoted himself to helping his constituents, even though he himself also lost his home.

He has either the most or the second most Republican district held by a Democrat. Bush won his district by something like 30 or 40 points.

The revolution will not be televised, but we’ll analyze it to death at The Next Hurrah.

by DHinMI on Thu Jan 04, 2007 at 09:16:13 PM PST

[ Parent ]
I grew up in his district and worked for him (22+ / 0-)

briefly. He’s Catholic, pro-life, conservative, very pro-military (not the Northrup Grumman “military,” but rather veterans and servicemen and women), with a strong populist streak. He has modeled himself after former Congressman Sonny Montgomery (D-MS). Lately, Murtha is his model (minus the alleged money politics).

Gene is, in my experience, very, very ethical — to a fault — he takes little or nothing from lobbyists, does not allow his staff members to take gifts of any amount. (During an Ag bill, some farmers donated a few cans of corn. I was instructed to give it to a homeless guy Gene knew who used to live on the Capitol grounds.) He has even donated his pay raise in the past to a scholarship fund (not sure about his current practice).

BTW, he lost his house in Katrina.

Gene’s a real-deal Democrat, albeit a conservative one. He will not become a Republican. He often says that he is a Democrat because Democrats are for the working man (he’s not one to be gender neutral, but he means women, too.) Simplistic, but I like it.

Here’s something I can’t square: he voted against the Gulf War, but in favor of W’s authorization on Iraq.

“I am the only gay in the [Daily Kos] village.” — Daffyd from “Little Britain”

by Joelarama on Thu Jan 04, 2007 at 09:21:59 PM PST

[ Parent ]
Wow, he deserves applause then (9+ / 0-)

I think that from whatever part of the country you come from, we’re all Americans…..even those from Utah. So whether you’re from rural Missisippi or downtown San Francisco, we can all find common ground. One of the things I really resent about the Republican onslaught is the polarization of this country. The idea that you don’t count if you’re from a certain part of the country has become prevalent. Recently, liberals have responded but in a fairly negative and counter productive way. Websites like http://www.fuckthesouth.com and others are not helpful. Taylor sounds like a really good guy. I’m glad he voted for Pelosi. I’m also glad that Heath Shuler did as well, I heard he was considering not doing it.

by SoCalLiberal on Thu Jan 04, 2007 at 09:32:15 PM PST

[ Parent ]
Thanks for the Comment (6+ / 0-)

Knowing about a person’s complexities makes it harder to write them off as just a “sell-out Democrat.” I especially appreciate hearing about his ethics about not accepting gifts but instead giving them away to people with greater needs.

The revolution will not be televised, but we’ll analyze it to death at The Next Hurrah.

by DHinMI on Thu Jan 04, 2007 at 09:33:02 PM PST

[ Parent ]
He’s the type of person who (10+ / 0-)

in many cases used to be a Democrat, who is a “conservative white man,” with a populist steak, with whom Democrats could really make inroads. More perhaps in the West than in the South, because the South is less libertarian on social issues, of course.

They’d give us a chance if we show we can govern. Not a majority of them, of course, but enough to make a meaningful dent in the Republican base.

“I am the only gay in the [Daily Kos] village.” — Daffyd from “Little Britain”

by Joelarama on Thu Jan 04, 2007 at 09:39:08 PM PST

[ Parent ]

Please… go back to scrubbing toilets…. much more useful.

19. D. Throat - 5 January 2007

I noticed McJoan’s scrubbing bubble rubbing the shitstains off of Langevins toilet yesterday… pretty insulting to use an example of a “women candidates” losing to a Christo facist… Democrats for Life Allstar.

So that is two DFL “All Stars” in two days that the Blogmaids are scrubbing toilets for… looks like a trend,

20. Miss Devore - 5 January 2007

Tuston–CBS on-line carried a Reuters story on it……and-via Raw Story..an Iranian TV station :

A report on a 24-hour Arabic-language television channel – based in Tehran and run by the Iranian state radio and TV service – claimed that Saddam Hussein’s execution was rushed by the Iraqi government in order to thwart an escape plan, masterminded by the United States.

“Al-Alam TV cited an unnamed Iraqi official source who alleges that Hussein had agreed to help quell the Sunni resistance in return for a two-week postponent of his execution, and help to gain passage to Jordan, where a fugitive Iraqi Minister recently escaped.

The source told the television station that Iraqi officials discovered the purported plan at the last minute and “foiled it.””

Don’t know about the latter as that story fits Iranian govt. needs as well–but in the days before he was hanged I did wonder if some sympathizers might manage an escape..

Some Iraqi-American administer, who was jailed in the Green Zone on corruption charges managed to pull off an escape, though he did have a private militia to assist.

21. marisacat - 5 January 2007

uh… that is not what I have heard about the Gene Taylor district in MS. He runs as a Dem as fewer levers would be pulled for him if he changed parties. He cannot change parties.

He has had a high Christian Coalition approval rating for years. And LOL he endorsed Massa running in NY-29 early on. Which was a clue.

The boyz so love him ….

22. marisacat - 5 January 2007

You know the White Boyz [hardly scarcely nearly] never mention Bennie Thompson, right in there with a district next to Taylor and Melancon. They just don’t mention him.

Bennie is black.

23. TustonDAZ - 5 January 2007

Miss Devore- Possibly. I believe little and disbelieve less. But I have all sorts of reasons to doubt an Iranian TV station story (Now why on earth would Iran want a story about the US “rescuing” saddam from Shia justice making the rounds). I have many fewer reasons to doubt the rationale of the austrailian columnista a I linked above.

Knowing a modicum of the long and despicable history US dirty dealings with Saddam over the years faced, and recognizing an upcomming trial for gassing the Kurds threatening to expose who sold the chemical precurssors and labware to Saddam to begin with it is very easy for me to believe Cheney (or….) let Negropointe know it was time to speed up the handover to the Shia….nobody, including Bush the dumbass, would expect the Shia to do other than what the Cell phones revealed.

24. supervixen - 5 January 2007

“His House was Destroyed in Katrina”?

SO FUCKING WHAT?? So was Trent Lott’s.

He’s Catholic, pro-life, conservative, very pro-military

Oh yeah, that sounds fabulous.

Good Goddess, these people are stupid.

25. TustonDAZ - 5 January 2007

Knowing about a person’s complexities makes it harder to write them off as just a “sell-out Democrat.”

Oh Danny Boy,

The Lies, the Lies are Shining…

(/genuflect and kiss the jewel encrusted phallus)

26. marisacat - 5 January 2007

Well I agree he was useful at public events about Katrina. I watched the hearings and so on before the House committe.. But no reason to bow down.

They love to promote the Red riding as Blue.

27. Miss Devore - 5 January 2007

Tuston–yes, I would agree it likely was speeded up before US complicity items could come under discussion.

I also read the Iraqi constitution does not permit executions for those over the age of 70 and saddam was approaching 69.

Well, I guess the Iraqi constitution also requires the president to sign off on the execution, but that didn’t happen, either.

28. TustonDAZ - 5 January 2007

The whole thing stinks to me. Beyond the immanent Kurd Gassing trial and vast pile of US Dirty Laundry he had fact he was executed on Eid ul Adha , or the Festival of SACRIFICE, it was filmed by at least two individuals, that Saddam was heckled (and made public), and that he got recite the muslim prayer twice makes me highly suspicious that the whole thing wasn’t planned to go down exactly as it did.


29. marisacat - 5 January 2007

It seemed clear they wanted to be rid of him, the least they might have done is let the trials, compromised and complicit as the system was, for forth and let the Holy period pass… but nooooooooo.

We got rid of a witness. Same as with Laveigh.

30. TustonDAZ - 5 January 2007

Meanwhile, back on the Ranch, the NG, BP and get in a mexican standoff with mexicans:

National Guard troops positioned along the border in the Tucson sector experienced a first of its kind ordeal Wednesday night: an aggressive encounter with people crossing over from Mexico.

It happened in a remote area in the west desert named Fresnal Peak. That’s near Sasabe.

The Guardsmen are on the border to free-up overburdened Border Patrol agents, build fences and watch for illegal activity — something some saw clearly Wednesday night.

All is peaceful now along the U.S./Mexico border, but it was a much different story Wednesday night around 11:00 p.m. when a group of armed men confronted National Guard soldiers.

Agent Jim Hawkins said, “The weapons that these individuals were carrying were in plain view. The National Guard soldiers were aware that the individuals were armed and were approaching their position.”

GE/nbc “news” affiliate KVOA 4

Just on at the 6’oclock update (no link yet) they said that the Minuteweenies are headed to the same area…

And, oh joy! Chertoff just decided that Tucson Metro area is eligible for the 750Mil anti-terror pork up for grabs presently…

31. Miss Devore - 5 January 2007

I read earlier today that the Tiajuana police went on strike–because their weapons were taken away??? Have to check on that story and hope it was from a source that doesn’t crash my home computer.

In the meantime, I must have my tear soup course as I just ran across this statement “somewhere”:

Disclosure: I was a victim of an outing.

(the original was italicized)

32. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 January 2007

That’s a crucial point that mcjoan glossed over in her feeble “feminist” diary the other day:


>>crashing sound as madman faints, stunned, knocking everything off of his desk, desktop detritus flying hither and yon … small stars and fairies circle a big bump on his head

33. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 January 2007

… sorry bout that … I’m just stunned, since that NEVER happens.

34. TustonDAZ - 5 January 2007

“…since that NEVER happens”

are you trying to deny hanging with fairies? I’m sure your not denying the large bump (cone) on your head…

35. marisacat - 5 January 2007

I’m laughing:

Blog Maid to research missed points.

36. supervixen - 5 January 2007

Madman – LOL!!

As Miss D observes, the Mad King is at it again. I wish he would make up his mind – either I “outed” him, or I didn’t.

Enter LEAR and Fool.
Lear. Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! rage! blow!
You cataracts and hurricanoes, spout 4
Till you have drench’d our steeples, drown’d the cocks!
You sulphurous and thought-executing fires,
Vaunt-couriers to oak-cleaving thunderbolts,
Singe my white head! And thou, all-shaking thunder, 8
Strike flat the thick rotundity o’ the world!
Crack nature’s moulds, all germens spill at once
That make ingrateful man!
Fool. O nuncle, court holy-water in a dry house is better than this rain-water out o’ door. Good nuncle, in, and ask thy daughters’ blessing; here’s a night pities neither wise man nor fool. 12
Lear. Rumble thy bellyful! Spit, fire! spout, rain!
Nor rain, wind, thunder, fire, are my daughters:
I tax not you, you elements, with unkindness;
I never gave you kingdom, call’d you children, 16
You owe me no subscription: then, let fall
Your horrible pleasure; here I stand, your slave,
A poor, infirm, weak, and despis’d old man.
But yet I call you servile ministers, 20
That have with two pernicious daughters join’d
Your high-engender’d battles ’gainst a head
So old and white as this. O! O! ’tis foul.
Fool. He that has a house to put his head in has a good head-piece. The cod-piece that will house
Before the head has any,
The head and he shall louse;
So beggars marry many.
The man that makes his toe
What he his heart should make,
Shall of a corn cry woe,
And turn his sleep to wake.
For there was never yet fair woman but she made mouths in a glass.

37. Miss Devore - 5 January 2007

I’ve got some catching up to do. I’ve been at Booman blabbing on his lastest FP post.

MitM–you got me wondering about the origin of the knockout star imagery.

38. Miss Devore - 5 January 2007

Victimology czechlist:

Did you suffer physical harm?

Did you lose your job, or suffer a crippling loss in income?

Did you have to change your locale due to fear from further injury?

Are you “banned” from places you could previously visit?

Can you only speak via proxy?

Is it a result of being part of an historically powerless group?

Are you imprisoned?

Are you dead?

If you can answer affirmatively to the above questions, you may be a victim.

However, if you only took an ego blow, or a bit of earned shame, you will have to petition for special status victimhood.

Please step in line behind those living in Iraq, Darfur, New Orleans, etc, who do not fit that status.

39. D. Throat - 5 January 2007

When is Outing not an Outing

… When DHinMi does it.

DK scrapped bottom of the barrel today and is sinking fast.

DHinMI in his natural state of vile wretchedness outed a blogger by name. But according to DHinMI’s logic it was not really an outing because if you were like him and kept notes on all of the commenters on DK and googled key words… you too could find out the identities of your fellow bloogers.

Armando who was NOT OUT (posting your CV) kinda excludes you from that category… wrote and interesting Meta Diary

To me it is publishing the true identity of a blogger or commenter without their express consent, manifested by their disclosing it themselves at their own site.

Of course there are situations, sock puppets being the prime example, where an anonymous blogger or commenter is practicing a deception by not disclosing who they are. Relatedly, the failure to disclose conflicts has been used as a rationale for outing. I personally do not accept that. The conflict itself, without specifics, can be disclosed without revealing the identity or personal information.

However curiously Armando purposely steers the debate away from DhinMi intentional outing of a blogger which was done out of pure spitefulness and meaness,

your outing was outrageous (23+ / 0-)

i’d just begun really paying attention to the site, so it sort of blew me away. the question, right now, seems to be: what if someone on the site has personal info- like their real name- on their site user page, but then takes it down? is it then still acceptable for someone to continue to reveal the user’s name? is it acceptable for that someone to continue revealing that user’s name more than once? and if such an abuse is considered bannable, but is done by a very prominent dk member, and that member is not banned, what does that tell the community? in other words- your case was an obvious and egregious violation of policy and privacy, but there needs to be some clarification about other circumstances.

© 2006 “certain thoughts are prayers. there are moments when, whatever the attitude of the body may be, the soul is on its knees.” -victor hugo

by Turkana on Fri Jan 05, 2007 at 05:15:43 PM PST

That is too similar to a current controversy (9+ / 0-)

and I will not express any opinion on that.

More at TalkLeft

by Big Tent Democrat on Fri Jan 05, 2007 at 05:19:20 PM PST

[ Parent ]

Uncanny timing of your diary! n/t (12+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
taylormattd, Thistime, Melody Townsel, Turkana, melvin, Patriot Daily News Clearinghouse, buhdydharma, nonnie9999, Friend of the court, possum, mikk0, Got a Grip

The Impeach Project

by srkp23 on Fri Jan 05, 2007 at 05:26:31 PM PST

[ Parent ]

Sure (3+ / 0-)

But the discussion here is generalized. That incident has a lot of details that make it not a case that needs to be discussed specifically here.

More at TalkLeft

by Big Tent Democrat on Fri Jan 05, 2007 at 05:48:56 PM PST

[ Parent ]

Well it is not surprising that along with Armando, Blogmaid Supreme and MB join in to save DHinMI butt…

However the most frightening comment made so far:

However… (0 / 0)

one might have discovered his identity because he had mentioned several specific aspects of his life, like his residence, where he attended undergraduate and law school, his ethnicity, his first name, his profession and his specialty. What he did NOT do, however, is write anywhere Blank Blank also blogs under the name Armando. If that were the case, would anyone consider it an outing?

For an exact analogy of what apparently prompted this diary, look here.

The revolution will not be televised, but we’ll analyze it to death at The Next Hurrah.

by DHinMI on Fri Jan 05, 2007 at 07:59:14 PM PST

So…(what I have always assumed) all of those “Tell Us Who You Are” diaries… are nothing more than data mining diaries to find out the true identities of commentors. People tell their age, race, city, state, careers, schools, marriage status….etc. According to DHinMI knowing a few facts about commentors and then googling for their identities is “FAIR GAME” to be outed…

Good to know.

40. D. Throat - 5 January 2007

Let’s see how Kos lies himself out of this and kept DHinMI around… some bloggers are more “pure” than others.


Many people chose to post to Daily Kos under pseudonyms, keeping their real names confidential. There are many reasons why people would choose not to reveal their real names. Revealing the identify of someone who has chosen to remain anonymous is a bannable offense. It is also a morally reprehensible thing to do.

41. spiderleaf - 5 January 2007

Hey MCat, now that I’ve officially joined the “banned from daily kos” krew, how do I score me one of those nifty banners? I’m hoping mine can say “asked too many questions” 😉

42. spiderleaf - 5 January 2007
43. marisacat - 5 January 2007

Hi spider… are you now banned?

Alan Smithee has a series of them I just picked “for being too INDEPENDENT”… you can be “too GREEN” or ‘too – about 12 different things’.

link to his site below, or he hangs daily at Stop Me Before I Vote Again

The Invisible BLog of Alan Smithee

44. spiderleaf - 5 January 2007

Hmm, and I seem to remember having this type of conversation before about “outing” armando.


45. marisacat - 5 January 2007

LOL Banned for being TOO INQUISITIVE..

Good one. He should add that one…

46. gong - 5 January 2007

D. Throat, you’re reading DH wrong. He says he’s against working out a poster’s meatspace identity on the basis of facts s/he’s revealed on the blog, and then publicising the identity. What he’s arguing is that what he did was different, because the poster in question had already linked his meat identity to his blog identity, though on another site. It’s a pretty thin argument, and IIRC our hostess was banned for less, but he’s not saying what you’re saying he’s saying.

47. spiderleaf - 5 January 2007

Yup. Armando special in action. Within minutes of my challenging him in the Mscot apology thread. Didn’t realize I was banned until hrh mentioned that if your rating and commenting ability is gone, you are banned baby, banned.

Didn’t occur to me to try and seek redress or any such nonsense. Why bother, I’d logged in there for the first time in about 6 months. Kinda funny that the last 3 comments of mine, until the hidden one (which asked armando if he was threatening to out me…), had oh, about 10 recs as of the banning. Klassic Kos Kidz.

thanks for the info on the banner 🙂

48. marisacat - 6 January 2007

Well here is my take..

the Kidz one by one outed themselves. They wanted to be name identified pundits and thsu began to go to seminars and panels and use their real name, (that would be a few of them) or they linked to their identities in threads for the hareem to acclaim about old photos (that one would be Armando) or they fraudulently posted as a di$intere$ted party at a political elections Dem Party site (that would b Daily Kos, LLC) while working as paid state chair for a primary candidate and using their real name at the campaign blog (that would be Dana P Houle, MI chair for about 3 months for Clark and iirc DHoule at the Clark blog)

or as happened to BB/”blogswarm” you are a shark swimmin’ with sharks.

Oh — too bad so sad.

And they all seem to suffer from the ex wife problem.

Now I am really sad.

BTW, today they have been madly spamming the entries from June that build off SMBIVA crashing the Desert Slurp.

Also new thread open

49. bayprairie - 6 January 2007

marisa mentioned

MI chair for about 3 months for Clark

and that explains the “soothing words” in regards to gene taylor earlier this a.m, would it not? taylor to massa to clark.

50. bayprairie - 6 January 2007

and welcome to the club, spiderleaf!

51. Miss Devore - 6 January 2007

All these dramatics regarding the outing of various bloggers reminds me of the blue dot woman of the wm kennedy-smith rape trial, who took to the talk show circuit, post trial. sans dot, of course.

Suspect these people all desire to be “known unknowns”

Alan Smithee site crashes my home computer. Does he have one for “banned for claiming Adam & Eve nekkid”?

Do we have to have a yearly nasty convention now?

52. marisacat - 6 January 2007

he posts most days at Stop me before I vote again.

Let me take a look at his site (for some reason does not crash my computer) and see if he shows an email…

Good one about Adam and eve! Still Nekkid. Franco still dead (Ford still being buried?). Armando and DH still in a tiz whiz.

53. marisacat - 6 January 2007

I left a comment at his blog, asking for the url to the “Proud to be banned…” series.


54. supervixen - 6 January 2007

hi spiderleaf, nice to see you! Did you ever get a warning before being “silenced”? I love this new twist on banning – they let you log on, but you can’t do or say anything.

I’m writing a post for my blog talking about the hypocrisy and lies surrounding the banning issue, so if you wouldn’t mind, please email me with details. feministsupervixens AT yahoo.com

Now that I’m banned and unable to respond, I’m being accused of “outing Armando”:

I don’t give a rat’s behind. (23+ / 0-)
Recommended by:Sharoney, Lisa, maryb2004, taylormattd, Rita in DC, Ahianne, Thistime, tlh lib, srkp23, CalNM, peraspera, celticshel, melvin, vigilant meerkat, buhdydharma, blueoasis, nonnie9999, vox humana, Friend of the court, BentLiberal, mikk0, Got a Grip, leonard145b
I did not know those two were the same person until you mentioned it, so how am I supposed to know or care that Blogswarm and Bob are the same person? You exercised poor judgement by bringing it up in this thread. That was not for you to mention; that was for him to mention.

You’re better than this. You don’t want to lower yourself to the level of the “Out Armando” crowd, with hrh as high priestess. Even if stuff identifying him is on the web, that was very irresponsible for you to mention it.

Conservatism is Dead!

by ,A HREF=”http://www.dailykos.com/comments/2007/1/4/133829/8010/190#c190″>Eternal Hope on Fri Jan 05, 2007 at 11:40:44 AM PST

Ooh! So now I’m a “high priestess”. Cool.

hrh was involved with some pretty ugly stuff (11+ / 0-)
Recommended by:Sharoney, taylormattd, jah4168, highacidity, peraspera, DMiller, Rick Oliver, tvb, soyinkafan, vox humana, Cronesense
…related to the 2005 Thanksgiving “Pumpkin Pie” blowup, involving the brilliant (but flawed) starkravinglunaticradical. Similarly, too many hints were dropped: and hrh (and one or two others) combed the web, provided numerous links and discussed (dismissively, maliciously) whether this or that biographical particular was real or some reflection of pathological lying on the part of that person.

I found it to be very disturbing. Even moreso when the powers that be here on dKos let her stick around after that. Steered very clear after that, and wasn’t sorry to see that she managed to ban herself last week.

But we shouldn’t be doing things like that to each other. If you get so worked up you want to do something like that, it’s really time for time out. Turn of the computer and go take a hike, or read a book or something. Way more than counting to ten is necessary before embarking on such a path.

by Land of Enchantment on Fri Jan 05, 2007 at 08:33:41 PM PST

The fact that I never DID “out” anyone, either Armando or starkraving, doesn’t matter now. The truth doesn’t matter – what matters is what’s replaced it, a false meme that’s been cooked up for political reasons. And these are the people we expect to help usher in a new era in American politics! Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

It’s interesting that the starkraving case would be brought up, however, because the situation is very similar to Armando’s “outing” – there was detailed info readily available on the web and accessible to anyone who wanted to Google a little. And the “victim” in question had dropped numerous hints about his/her personal life and occupation, etc. Yet there was great shrieking dismay on the part of the “victim” when the dots were connected. The difference is that Kos and the majority of the community didn’t appear concerned at all that starkraving was outed, and couldn’t wait to get rid of her. There was no grim discussion of the evils of “outing”. In Armando’s case, of course, there was much mournful wailing and rending of garments, plus the obligatory impassioned farewells as he rode off into the sunset, etc. – though why he had to go anywhere remains a mystery. I guess so he could come back again and receive the adulation of the masses. What is that country song: “How Can I Miss You if You Won’t Go Away?”

55. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 January 2007

vixen, are you one of those PAGAN princesses. Those are my favorite kind!

The link to the “proud to be banned” images is here:

Proud to be banned.

56. Miss Devore - 6 January 2007

He didn’t go anywhere, tho. After the “I Will Blog No More Forever” post, he was “semi-retired”, then shortly thereafter, he changed to btd. I realize he is still referring to his months of abscence, but that is just part of the preferred narrative.

57. marisacat - 6 January 2007

He was also “poiunick” I think it was…

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