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Mouseless Open Thread .. ;) 21 January 2007

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

   Hong Kong pawn ticket, 1950s

A Chinese calligraphy pawn ticket just seems so appropriate… 😉



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 January 2007

I wonder what it says?

2. marisacat - 21 January 2007

Harry’s Stuff

the site I found it at (an old Brit who was in China and HK at that period) says for a pcket watch…

3. supervixen - 21 January 2007

wow, it’s beautiful!

4. marisacat - 21 January 2007

In 1968 Harry drove from Kuwait to London – in a dear little Fiat… The link is to a photo and a couple of grafs about Basra.

Iraq was the secular breath of air between islamic law Kuwait and Iran. That is not a comment in support of Saddam nor the Ba’ath party. however American both may have been… 😉

5. ms_xeno - 21 January 2007

On a related note, are there any other fans of Sung Po-Jen’s Capturing A Plum Blossom here ?

6. Miss Devore - 21 January 2007

You can’t find a mouse in SF??

Can you borrow one from a neighbor? I’ll bet more people have extra mice than cups of sugar.

7. marisacat - 21 January 2007

oh I can find a mouse. It is just going out and getting it.

Or two day delivery…

8. supervixen - 21 January 2007

I admire Harry’s list of favorite movies.

9. wu ming - 21 January 2007

the calligraphy is hard to read, but the vertical column down the middle appears to say 15 dollars and 80 cents. the cool thing about it is all the different layers of writing: a printed blue form, with black brush writing for the price and other information, and red ink chops (carvbed seals, serve the f(x) of signatures) and red rubber stamp for the date.

hop[efully gong will pop in and give us a better translation.

10. colleen - 21 January 2007

did you try taking the mouse apart and cleaning the trackball and the inside with qtips and rubbing alcohol?
Also, they sell quite nice solid state ones without all the trackball nonsense for a quite reasonable price (I got mine for 15 bucks)

11. marisacat - 21 January 2007

colleen… ooo thanks. I did open the mouse… and cleaned the ball (tho it was new, used once, dropped in the drawer as “extreme need back up” LOL) it seems to be a cheap Chinese thing (it came iwth some keyboard). The rolling ball seems to be inside a badly designed roller space, it can retreat inside the mouse. So no matter the surface it is set on, a defect…

My Belknap that died did not have the underneath ball…

I found a reliable (35 rave reviews after I discarded several possibles, where people wrote: “worked for a few days and then…” ) Microsoft optical 4 button with a versatile scanner button. And no underneath roller ball.

Circuit City… about to order it… 😉

12. marisacat - 21 January 2007

wu ming… thanks for the translation!

SV it is a wonderful list of movies. I have seen only a small number of the oldest ones. But i also see listed several I had forgotten about that are so nice to think of again.

He seems, despite a clear love for certain eras of German films (really into Leni!, clearly a lover of Lubitsch too) not to have cared for Fassbinder. Don’t think I saw a single one…

13. marisacat - 21 January 2007

oops I see they call that center button a mouse a “scroll wheel”. Not a scanner button.

14. ms_xeno - 21 January 2007

Oh, and FWIW: I’m mouse-less all the time when I’m using the Mac. The mouse is in fine health, but our house is so small and cluttered that there’s really no place to put down the laptop, the mouse, and the pad all at once. 😮

Best wishes and speedy recovery to everyone who’s having mouse-related issues. :/

15. marisacat - 21 January 2007

so ms_xeno does your laptop have that rolling ball/mouse in the center of the keys? (you can tell I just look at the pictures, tho I did break down and read the specs on a 25.00 mousette… LOL)…

16. ms_xeno - 21 January 2007

Nope. It’s a genuine antique (2002) Mac OSX, and so has only the keypad.

17. Tuston - 21 January 2007

Howdy folks,



In other news, it looks like Blair is headed for some legal hotwater:
UK Guardian

Blair likely to quit if aides charged in loans inquiry

Patrick Wintour
Monday January 22, 2007
The Guardian

Tony Blair is likely to stand down early if charges are brought in the cash-for-honours affair against any of his key aides, including Ruth Turner, arrested on Friday on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.
Ministers said they were certain Mr Blair would not seek to stay until his planned departure date of June or July if any of his immediate entourage were charged.

One senior Labour minister told the Guardian: “He knows he would need to do the right thing for the party.”

I wish I knew, I’ve wanted to be a Knight since I rirst read about King Arthur as an eight year old…boys and swords, well you know…

18. CSTAR - 21 January 2007

sans souris, sans soucis…

19. marisacat - 21 January 2007

… and the souris I have is sans merci… 😉

20. Arcturus - 22 January 2007

Tuston – don’t the Minutemen have a Knights of the Templar franchise in AZ?

21. Tuston - 22 January 2007

Arcturus- Indeed they do, in Tempe of all places:o)

But I’m precluded from membership due to my long term affiliation with the JAMMs

That’s allright though, ’cause these day’s I’d rather beat any sword I find into a plow rather than look for maidens to save or dragons to slay…

22. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 January 2007

I’d like to beat some swords upside their empty little low-browed heads. I bet the tone produced by the flat of a sword off of those hollow wood blocks would be an interesting little chiming sound.

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