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SOTU :: Opium for the Masses :: Year Round Forever Elections :: &c :: Open Thread… ;) 23 January 2007

Posted by marisacat in Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems.

  old banner Afghanistan

In case anyone needs to post a sharp little scream during any of the speeches tonight… Bush, Webb, Bacerra (en Espagnol, we are so sweet to them!) or during Hillary, on with Tweet and KO…

I see Lott is already shaking his slave master finger at the Dems… worried tonight will be “chilly” for el heife.  Gee, I could wish.  Hillary in the past always smiles and nods.  If she does not tonight we will know she is trying, trying again and again to be opposition.  What about Bush v Gore did the Dems miss?  Or as I sometimes say, did it not matter, not one little bit?

“I hope we won’t act like children,” said Senate Assistant Minority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.). “The Democrats in the House, if they’re not appropriately considerate of the president of the United States, then that will agitate those of us on our side, and then we’ll respond in kind, and then the American people will turn us off.”

Democrats, however strongly they are feeling their oats at the moment, say they do not intend to be disruptive.

“We’ve always been respectful of the president, and I would assume that would continue,” said Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.). “This is really his night to give us his view, and I think people generally make their views known through applause and non-applause.”

Love that word, agitate. I think Lott is being his old Ole Miss self, a white agitator… 

At TAPPED, they are really screwed together right.  Still stressed over what to call her.  Don’t be asking the online Dem party to change a light bulb.

  Unless you like extended discussion in the dark… 😉


UPDATE, 5:35 pm Pacific Time…

Aw…. from Beltway Blogroll:

State of the Union Alternative View

Posted by Heather Greenfield | 04:18 PM

Reporters asked Majority Leader Harry Reid why Democratic leaders selected freshman Sen. James Webb, D-Va., to give the rebuttal to the president’s State of the Union address Tuesday night. Webb, is a favorite of bloggers, and his victory over Sen. George Allen, R-Va., was a key race that gave Democrats control of the Senate.

“Every place he’s been, he’s been someone who’s moved the ball forward,” Reid said, explaining Webb’s accomplishments in Vietnam and as Secretary of the Navy under former President Ronald Reagan. Reid said Webb understands what it means to go to war, what it means to be at peace and he understands Reagan Democrats.

Selling the Reagan Democrats is the ticket.  Laugh now and laugh later too…

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi added that she first met Webb when he was campaigning for human rights when there was no media spotlight.

But neither Reid or Pelosi directly addressed a reporter’s question about whether Webb was chosen in part because he is one of two members of Congress with sons serving in the military in Iraq.

Webb is expected to speak for five minutes following the president’s speech. He declined to give reporters any details on the speech, but said it would include Iraq and economic fairness, issues he campaigned on during his Senate race.

War!! it’s all about WAR!  And only those who went to war may speak to us!  Only they KNOW!  Oops! what about el heife?  Why so successful? 

I just don’t see how we ever get free… even as we “move the ball forward”. 

Other than that, air kiss, air kiss.





1. AlanSmithee - 23 January 2007

Listening to the pre-speech show on KPFK, largely because I can’t stand the sight of the Chimperor any more. Unfortunately their resident pwoggie Lila Garrett is hosting the post-speech, but the website lists Ralph as a post-show commentator, so I figure it’ll even out.

2. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 January 2007

LOL … screw Lott. The Republicans acted like louts throughout Clinton’s years in office. The Dems, of course, whined like abused puppies, yet like a whipped pet kept coming back for more.

3. marisacat - 23 January 2007

Be nice if they took off the poodle leash. But they never do… 😉 How quick Dianne was to reassure.

4. marisacat - 23 January 2007

Edwards is going to be on with Scarborough at 9PT, Midnight ET.

FYI. Should be thrilling!

5. ms_xeno - 23 January 2007

Oh, Madman. You’re so quaint. The DP has the Leftie stragglers to beat on for its own amusement. A mere fifteen to thirty minutes perusing a site like Ballot Access News shows that they’re refining this technique a little more with each passing day. Such as their attempt to make Romanelli pay in PA for what it cost them to get him ejected from the ballot under circumstances that could politely be called “specious.”

When A Problem Comes Along, You Must WHIP IT !!

C’mon !! Everybody sing along !!

6. AlanSmithee - 23 January 2007

They’re playing a Bush-Speech mashup before the speech! Too cool!

7. Miss Devore - 23 January 2007

peoples:I can’t get the video on my TV, just the audio. (one of the problems one has with “free” cable, is it has to be run thru the vcr.)

so please be my german shephards on any relevant visuals.

first audio impression is that they are clapping way too much for this loser.

8. AlanSmithee - 23 January 2007

Here we go. Sounds like the usual rock-star screaming you get from one of the Chimperor’s usual audience full of lackys.

9. marisacat - 23 January 2007

Miss Devore, I think there was free TX champagne in the cloakroom… LOL they all seem giddy and slaphappy!

War! Power! Doesn’t look like a lame duck to me!

10. Miss Devore - 23 January 2007

NCLB led to local control? I thought there was some dictator in the NCLB office that favored rethug contibutor contractors to provide textbooks and software.

He’s going thru this thang really fast.

Association health plans??? omigoddess. The worst thing ever invented.

11. AlanSmithee - 23 January 2007

Yeah, like big ag needs an excuse for violating the law. Shrub wants reform like a grasshopper wants a TIVO.

12. Miss Devore - 23 January 2007

hmmm lame duck. there was that odd story about a man who shot a duck and put it in the fridge. his wife took it out two days later and it was still alive.

urban folklore for the occasion.

13. AlanSmithee - 23 January 2007

Nukes and corn. Yeah, that’ll work. Shrub’s looking for the quick techno fix that just ain’t gonna happen. He knows his only hope is to be long dead before the oceans rise enough to swamp DC.

14. marisacat - 23 January 2007

won’t he just build a granite mountain in Texas and retreat to the top… seems to that is what is coming.
And a lot less brush cutting… LOL.

15. Miss Devore - 23 January 2007

forgot to mention the florida terrorist who got away with purchasing boots.

“from the late Zarqawi..”

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 January 2007

did anybody else notice how many African Americans they lined up along the center aisle?

It’s one bad idea and discredited rightie wetdream after another. I love the way he’s going to balance the budget, not raise taxes AND “fix” healthcare, social security etc by giving money away on middle class subsidies and plans written to benefit huge corporations. Might has well just played the video from one of the previous years.

Oh, we’re up to the “be afraid!” part.

17. marisacat - 23 January 2007

Obama is sitting right in front of Hillaree.

what a hoot.

18. AlanSmithee - 23 January 2007

I’ll bet Hil is trying to stare a hole into the back of Obama’s head. She no doubt resents sharing the DLC’s affections with him.

19. Miss Devore - 23 January 2007

I so want to mess with the tv wires to get the visuals, but can’t risk losing audio.

ok, of course the reason for speedy reading is to make the Syria/Iran points. and counting on the fact that most Americans don’t really know about that Lebanon fellow.

20. AlanSmithee - 23 January 2007

Looks like the Dems might get their bigger military. I’m sure Hil & Murtha are pleased as punch.

21. ms_xeno - 23 January 2007

I am blowing off the whole thing in favor of Brazilian guitar via iTunes. Oh, and pretzels. The flat kind. Hard to choke on ’em.


22. Miss Devore - 23 January 2007

“Civilian Reserve” = Let’s federalize the PMCs so we can pay them less. And because there’s no way most folks are going to be able to afford college.

He’s anti-malaria!

ok, that completely changes my mind about him.

Mtumbo is a Muslim, no? No, I’m thinking of….Olajuwon.

23. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 January 2007

wow, that’s inspiring, a man came here to become a Dr., but his University talked him into playing basketball. I’m having a hard time holding back the tears, or holding down the bile, or … something.


24. marisacat - 23 January 2007

LOL the “son of the congo” who is a citizen. hmmm.

He is onto the subway savior.

25. AlanSmithee - 23 January 2007

Sounds like some of the blow monkeys in back are having seizures. Pretty sad when the leader of the free world has to bask in the reflected glory of the subway savior.

26. marisacat - 23 January 2007


The cause goes on, God Bless.

oh well…

27. AlanSmithee - 23 January 2007

I gotta go take a shower. A loooong shower.

28. Miss Devore - 23 January 2007

Eat your heart out Curtis Sleezwa–there is only one Subway Savior!

did Brokaw have a stroke or did he get new teeth? (see what you can detect with just the audio?)

29. marisacat - 23 January 2007

Onto Wwbb.

Pretty mild stuff………………….

The Economy… and Foreign policy. He says the Dem party differs with Bush on thse.

Welll onto lite. Lite. Lite.

30. marisacat - 23 January 2007

I swear they model Webb after Dobbs. same diff. No diff.

31. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 January 2007

boy I wish I had some booze in the house, so I could start working on the blackout, a blackout that would be an improvement over the last … god, how long WAS that moron babbling, an hour?

32. marisacat - 23 January 2007

LOL They cut out the passages on shutting down reconstruction in Iraq and instead using the monies in NO.

Float. And it crashed hard… I sure do hope…

33. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 January 2007

and Webb quotes nothing but Republican after Republican.

34. marisacat - 23 January 2007

Weeeeeeee Like Ike!

35. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 January 2007

weeee, want to beeeeeee Ike!

36. wu ming - 23 January 2007

i don’t know how you people can stand to watch bush speak. i’ve sworn him off ever since his first SOTU. can’t take it.

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