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The only way… 26 January 2007

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, Big Box Blogs, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Iran, Iraq War, Israel/AIPAC, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, WAR!.


I think Miss Devore was asking, where is Elizabeth Holtzman?…. Here she is, up in The Nation (again) arguing for Impeachment:

[Y]et House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has taken impeachment “off the table.” (Impeachment proceedings must commence in the House of Representatives.) Her position doesn’t mean impeachment is dead; it simply means a different route to it has to be pursued. Congressional investigations must start, and public pressure must build to make the House act.

This is no different from what took place during Watergate. In 1973 impeachment was not “on the table” for many months while President Nixon’s cover-up unraveled, even though Democrats controlled the House and Senate. But when Nixon fired the special prosecutor to avoid making his White House tapes public, the American people were outraged and put impeachment on the table, demanding that Congress act. That can happen again. [snip]

And who is right beside her on the page… Scott Ritter, arguing as he did prior to Iraq War (his efforts to reach out to Kerry in 2002 and ’03 are heart breaking, then and now) to stop the coming war.  Democrats have always been far too cosy with the idea of war on Iran.

[I]f I were to be invited to go to Washington today and speak to the Democratic equivalent of the Republican Theme Team [In April 2001 I was invited to Washington, DC, by a group of Republican Congressmen collectively known as the Theme Team. The subject was Iraq.], I would spend very little time on the issue of Iraq. Right or wrong, the Iraq War was a product of domestic American politics, not any genuine threat to national security, and as such the solution for Iraq will be derived not from whatever happens inside Iraq, surge or no surge, but rather from what happens here in America. It will take two or more national election cycles for the American electorate to purge Congress of those elements, Republican and Democratic alike, who are responsible for the Iraqi quagmire. […]

If I were to address a Democrat Theme Team equivalent, I would focus my effort on trying to impress them with the issue that will cost them political power down the road. This issue is Iran. While President Bush, a Republican, remains Commander in Chief, a Democrat-controlled Congress shares responsibility on war and peace from this point on. The conflict in Iraq, although ongoing, is a product of the Republican-controlled past. The looming conflict with Iran, however, will be assessed as a product of a Democrat-controlled present and future.

If Iraq destroyed the Republican Party, Iran will destroy the Democrats.

Bingo on that one!

I would strongly urge Congress, both the House of Representatives and the Senate, to hold real hearings on Iran. Not the mealy-mouthed Joe Biden-led hearings we witnessed on Iraq in July-August 2002, where he and his colleagues rubber-stamped the President’s case for war, but genuine hearings that draw on all the lessons of Congressional failures when it came to Iraq. Summon all the President’s men (and women), and grill them on every phrase and word uttered about the Iranian “threat,” especially as it has been linked to nuclear weapons. Demand facts to back up the rhetoric. [snip]

Ah yes… well… I don’t see them doing that.  Biden is already deep to his nose hairs (plugs there too, do you think?  ;P ) in dissemble.

Perhaps they can charge the next war too.  Bankruptcy bill for the US of A?  …coming soon I would imagine.

What a sad sham it all is.

Of course, Ritter is still sane and functioning, unlike rather too much of Congress.  Along the way he says make AIPAC appear before congress and publicly state their whispers.  Yes that would be sanity.  And decency.  Honesty too.  But we don’t have that.  We are chained to the table that Nancy keeps sweeping clean.  How dare she.

The National Security Strategy of the United States, most recently promulgated in March 2006, lists Iran as the number-one threat to the United States, not only in terms of its yet-to-be-proven nuclear weapons program but also from its status, as declared by the Bush White House, as the world’s leading state sponsor of terror. The Bush Administration has repeatedly linked Iran with the perpetrators of the 9/11 terror attacks and has accused Iran of harboring people and organizations involved in that attack. If left unchallenged by Congress, the Bush Administration firmly believes it has all of the authority required to initiate military action against Iran without Congressional approval.

It’s an important article.


I was about to close this off, when Madman popped me this.  Apparently they called the dumping of Rumsfeld… and now say that Cheney will go, Rice moves over and Negroponte to step up at State.

The CC Insider/InDecider has just heard more rumors (see earlier posts) from a SECOND reliable source that Dick Cheney will be stepping down as Vice President and will be replaced as Vice President by Condoleezza Rice. And now we’re hearing that she would like to be on the ticket as the GOP VP candidate in ’08.

According to our rumor-meister, John Negroponte will be filling Condi’s current position as Secretary of State. Negroponte is currently was until recently* the Director of National Intelligence (the first person ever to hold the few-years-old position) and the former US Ambassador to Iraq.

I had heard Gergen on Cooper’s 360 last night.  My ears popped as he chided Durbin for the “delusional” remark, then from Gergen’s own blank faced comments… it was pretty clear.

We are still in deep Donkelphant shit.  My short hand for it is, Bush has the codes. That strange souped up car he runs about in, powered by jet fuel, the back seat full of Molotov cocktails, the “football” with the codes beside him, it’s coming at us..


UPDATE, 6:40 pm

Oooo… to swoon for… from IOZ

… Les Racines de Net, despite their endless pretensions of sanscullotery, are totally ga-ga over Our Boys, who carry the light and life of empire, all that is good and dear, the moral core of the nation, et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitum, amen. George Bush makes a retarded Caesar, but if Wes Clark crossed the Potomac with a couple of legions, they’d paint him purple and name him Dictator for Life.

And a most delicious little graf…

The Donkle has no particular ideological opposition to invading other countries and killing foreigners, provided the war is not “sold with lies” or executed “incompetently.” (All wars are sold with lies, and competence is as rare a commodity on the battlefield as anywhere else, and yet . . .)

They still go into raptures over Bill Clinton’s Kosovo campaign, even though it accomplished nothing but more misery and bore an eerie, prescient resemblance to Israel’s mad bombing of Lebanon, about which, to be fair, most libbloggers were equally, tellingly silent. Kleagle Kos, bird-beaked and bird-brained, is himself an ex-military man, who claims to have loved Ronald Reagan, the liberator of Aushwitz and executioner of Latin America, even though Kos was too young to love anything other than junk food and furtive masturbation during the reign of that particularly Tussaudian icon of American imperial dreaming. What was that old American motto? Progress is our Product!

There is more, of course… 😉

And SMBIVA took a good swing at Webb (and Hillary, using a Stoller article as the trampoline).. I could tolerate the online love affair with him better if there was much, or infact ANY, evidence people have read the helpfully catalogued articles, essays and whateverelse at his site… But they have not.

So, my prediction, it will be Hillary the party bosses burn at the stake this campaign season, to assuage the hunger for elite blood. All the better to slip some more zesty corporate kitchen mass market confection over on us. Like this rugged ole wooden masked warrior from Virginia — this Webb freak — or something else, anything will do, even… Johnny E. Anything but St Hill.

 i have no idea what is in store for HIllary.  But all signs point to a messy run.  Center Ring, Top Card Fight!  Direct the kleig lights to scour the heavens, distribute the weapons!


UPDATE, 5:45 am

Tom Andrews of Win Without War is on Washington Journal… and the freaks are coming out of the woodwork.  Of course, they sound a lot like thereisnospoon (you are a commie!) and Delaware Dem (you are undermining… something!).

Ooops another “underminer” call!  And Andrews is a LIAR (oops there is Armando, Fernando and Big Drahma Tent).

All of us undermined Bush, “at every turn”.

Tells you something doesn’t it?  As Bush tootles onward, clutching the codes, a jet fueled car loaded with Molotov cocktails.  But yes, be sure and worry about …. the COMMIES.




1. Miss Devore - 26 January 2007

Good for Holtzmann. I followed her career in the 70’s and felt she wouldn’t be a sellout.

2. Madman in the Marketplace - 26 January 2007

Love the Ritter. He’s our Cassandra, doomed to be proven right after terrible tragedy.

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 January 2007

Speaking of Iran, (via Etaraz, we find this scary panel:

War with Iran is practically inevitable, according to a panel of experts who spoke yesterday at NYU.[…]

Unger discussed a piece he is investigating for an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair where he makes the case that war with Iran is inevitable.

“[The U.S.] essentially built the fire,” he said. “By the end of February, all the elements will be in place. The question is, will they light the match?”

Former U.S. intelligence official Paul Pillar said his friends in government fear the day they wake up and hear the news of a U.S. military strike on Iran.

Near the end of one panel, moderator Stephen Holmes mistakenly referred to “our troops in Iran.”

“We don’t have troops in Iran,” Pillar corrected.

“Iraq,” Holmes said. “Sorry. We don’t have troops in Iran – yet.”

Scattered members of the audience let out a nervous laugh. No one smiled.

4. NYCee - 27 January 2007

Well, I came home from work mid-afternoon hoping to catch a few visuals of the DC antiwar march on Cspan, as the TV had been left on that channel and had an hour of memory to rewind to, but it was not to be. Instead, I saw Hillary at her first Iowa town hall pep rally.

“Let’s gab, folksies!” And they did, in uber bedazzled fashion (reminded me of those old Shrub town halls when he was hot and the folk were bots). As for fashion, most were already sporting I ((((heart))) Hillary accessories – pins, signs, whatever. Hillary for Prez! Waving those books to be signed. Craving her signature somewhere. Calling her their “hero.” Cant wait to have you, wonder WOMAN, as first woman president. Giving her abundant cheers over easily uttered answers to softball questions and comments, eg, “Universal healthcare: Im for it!” Whooo eee! (Single payer? Uh, no. Just what every other democrat, probably even Ben Nelson at this point, says theyre for… “universal”… whatever that means.) She will start with the kids. Kids kids kids! Speaking of the little devils, she had a handicapped guy (an actual little person, didnt catch his ailment, but it was something serious) who she got treatment for and got to college or something. Big crowd pleaser. Nice beaming prop. He has a 4.0 gpa!!!! Yaaaay! She walked on water. They stampeded her afterward to get her signature. She graciously said she would stay on to bestow her written name upon them – those Cedar Rapids folk would just have to wait! Yuk yuk. Oh so cozy.

It really was quite disheartening. The fan action was super sunny the nth and she was too – right back at ’em. (She was the Music Man and they were the star struck River City denizens…if anyone has ever caught that musical of old) Hand in glove. She was hitting her stride and on a roll. Creepy. Almost two years away, the election, and these fawning folk are already sold, no need to shop around. They creep me out. Will it snowball – the popular, the most popular one? And then they all fucking follow.

Is it a lock for her?

What’s the sense of it, crystal ball and all, from we the people right here?

5. marisacat - 27 January 2007

well I saw a little of Hillary, maybe 15 mins of the speech, then I simply fell asleep.

As I was watching I wondered, did they lay a trail of dollars to the event site?

I think I read that was her first visit to Iowa in 3 years… and when she drops in on NH soon it iwll be the first visit in TEN years.

Frankly, it will be fun to watch the Top Card Fight Club cannibalise each other.

Was reading today that Edwards firmly voted for Yucca Mt, after first flirting with a NO vote…. Despite 21 environmental groups (the anti Yucca petition and lobby groups I imagine) beseeching him not to. Along with all his other votes.

What a bunch.

6. Miss Devore - 27 January 2007

Missed it all. Worked for 6 hrs today (California taxpayers–you are getting your money’s worth from me; not quite sure about the remainder of my department)

NYCee, I am old enough to know and despise The Music Man. My mother, who usually had good taste in literature and classical music, was a complete sucker for these upbeat, positive things. Which would result in situations, whereupon discovering some misplaced marijuana of her hs-aged children, might declare “There’s trouble in River City, now!”

I’m going to have to take a stab at trying to get some groundswell to return the presidential debates to the care of the Women’s League of Voters. Because if it is in the hands of those 2 clowns at the Committee for Presidential Debates–in power since 1987–it will be Hillary wired for responses.

I wrote about this at ruinedcitruscrop last summer:


7. marisacat - 27 January 2007

LOL anyone needs to regurgitate something stuck in the windpipe, turn on Cspan. Book TV is running the reception for McAuliffe’s book, on the 22nd, in the full dining room at the Four Seasons in Manhattan….

Bill just said Terry has the “heart of a child”.

Quite the gathering. O’Reilly is there and promised the co author he’d “move some books” for them.

8. js paine - 27 January 2007

was this post about an iran war ????

i get so confused here ….

might i hazard a comment as if this post was about iran

some enemies of empire are for invasion
and some are for containment

the art of the game is to keep everyone guessing who’s who

now vets of these fracklings
like me seff here
iran is unmistakeably
marked for containment not invasion
and not even that twilight state between
why ?
well no not because its more useful alive then dead like say …fidel’s cuba
but because like say mao’s china circa the korean …conflict
we just ain’t got that much juice baby

hey btw why no more u veeeezeeet us at stop me ???

9. marisacat - 27 January 2007

oh but I DO visit. And I comment. And they don’t appear.

A while ago I thought you were kidding aobut the Hillary name thing. Then I figured out you were serious…so I began to fill it in… but when I’d go back in a few hours, no comment. Tho I would get a message saying it would appear…

so, see… 😉 I tried.

Oh sorry… I think Bush wants to use a nuclear bomb before exiting the Oval. He’s jealous, I think, of Truman. Why should it be a private club of one? I have thought this since they sent the Hero of the Israeli State up in the Columbia, with his particular eyes, pilots eyes… to supposedly “study wind and dust patterns over the ME”

Land war, No.. but frm what I read, special ops have been across the border for a year or more. No air support, so, perhaps we should call these “suicide missions”.

We shall see.

10. js paine - 27 January 2007

“He’s jealous, I think, of Truman.”

aren’t we all
he’s two up on all of us

dark ops don’t count
only undeniable bomber or cruise missile raids

if we do that i’ll know its time the nan and i
retired to that cabin in the rockies
for a steven king ski weekend

11. marisacat - 27 January 2007

yeah I know special ops don’t count. But I’d really rather Bush fully imbibed… we are so suffering for whatever level of restriction he lives under. I expect he’d like to wander around fully drunk every day.

So instead he will bomb things.

I jsut don’t think we or Iran or the world gets free of him. Whereas he goes off scot-free.

12. bayprairie - 27 January 2007

jsp said

was this post about an iran war ????

i get so confused here ….

comments here are kinda freestyle aren’t they?

jsp also said

hey btw why no more u veeeezeeet us at stop me ???

i stop by every day or two and check in. i must confess i often feel that i should comment just to be neighborly, but haven’t yet. not past the sense of intimidation i suppose. ha. i lurked at kos from prescoop up until june 2005 before i said anything. if i start commenting, you will soon wish i’d not overcome my “vocal” disability!

the city in the musical music man, river city, was modelled on Meridith Willson’s hometown, Mason City, Iowa.

After a concert at the Surf Ballroom in nearby Clear Lake, IA on the night of February 3, 1959, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper died in a plane crash after taking off from the Mason City Municipal Airport.

the real trouble with river city.

13. supervixen - 27 January 2007

I have to chime in here and admit that I love “The Music Man”. There’s a lot of really fun wordplay in the music and I’m a sucker for that. I’ve never yet figured out what “Shipoopi” means, though.
No, it’s not a great musical but it beats the living shit out of “OOOOOOOOOKlahoma”. That’s the musical I hate hate hate with a blind raging passion.

OK, off topic, sorry, back to politics…. someone should write an pop-opera about the Clintons. Something like “Jesus Christ Superstar” meets “Evita” meets “Mamma Mia”. “It was much better than Cats!”

14. wu ming - 28 January 2007

another music man fan here.

what can i say, i have a soft spot for barbershop quartets. competed in a competition once, audience was a bunch of creepy old knights of columbus types, but hell, the dense harmonies made it worth it.

no idea what shipoopi was either.

15. NYCO - 28 January 2007

Re Terry McAuliffe… I ran something up the flagpole at Big Orange the other day and was surprised at how many people saluted.


What an absolute putz.

16. Miss Devore - 28 January 2007

Ugly-2 schools hit in Iraq; US helicopter downed in Najaf:


WaPO says Iraqis battling insurgent in Najaf, no mention of US helicopter.

17. marisacat - 28 January 2007

Well… LOL… the show between Terry and Bill was more than gag worthy. Bill is “the best president the country has ever had”.

And honestly considering it was The Big Launch, the gathered creme de la creme (very old media such as Wallace of CBS and assorted “book people”, other media, aging wealthy Dems) was pretty scabrous.

At best, Rotarian or Elks with better bodies and furs.

18. It goes without saying... « Marisacat - 1 May 2007

[…] I did post in January riffing off a Holtzman article in The Nation on impeachment – as well as an excellent piece from Ritter, also in The […]

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