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Have a laugh: They “crashed the gates” and now we need a clothespin for the BRAIN… 30 January 2007

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, Abortion Rights, Big Box Blogs, DC Politics, Sex / Reproductive Health.


Well… as if they ”crashed” anything.  More like party tool by fax.  And phone.  Aide de camp to the aide de whatever…  Here is the big unkept secret:  They are all Blog Maids. 

Oh yes, that was right, there was a crash:  big crash in CT.  Their great line in the shifting sands.  The big Play to be a Playa.  Ooops.  Heard from Lamont lately?  Aldon?  Any of them?


Starting STFU and Plug your Pie Hole a little early, aren’t they?  Nerves.  Nervous.  Nervous Nellies.  Browbeating the little Dems. Carry a big stick and wish you had a big stick.  So evident.

BTW, for two days now the spam target of choice at Mcat is this entry.  Fine.  I will highlight it… 😉  I just re read it, it held up well.

Entries like this and this from Who is IOZ must drive them bats. 

 Over at DailyKos, the Deux Magots of Donkle self-amplification, something called Hesiod, who I do believe I’ve seen slinking around the comments chez Henley, quotes America’s Most Hysterical Homosexual™ before doing the usual Donkle disdainery over the appearance of some additional anti-Occupation sentiment at an “anti-War” rally.

 That is, if they get out at all.  They seem not to.  The most insular, hidebound, limited, ignorant people it has ever been my delight not to know… In short, basic Democratic party thugs.  Such old news. 

And as thugs, lobbing off The Big Lies… sooo… what shall the Dems be doing?  Fighting back at the presidential vetos? – their vote majorities on all that [cough strangle choke] legislation are not veto proof…  So shall they beg Bush to not veto stem cell (can they deliver NOTHING?) since they are too fucking scared to be shown up by a Republican filibuster…

As if he would.  He certainly knows that embryonic stem cell is a proxy abortion fight.  And despite dissemble during the Casey run (I support stem cell!! I really really do!….. by which he meant the 2001 federally mandated useless 60 lines) he will vote against the Stem Cell bill as it exited the House.  Even tho it deals with about to be discarded in vitro embryonic stem cells.

No I suspect Dems plan to lose. Keep the proxy battle on the side, never winning.

All a game.  A terrible nasty killing game.  Like the war.

Meanwhile, the parlour game is find a pie hole and shut it.  Keep the little Dems busy.  While the online Whips and Organisers chat amongst themselves.

Oh yes, this surely is a Bash the B-B-Blahgs thread.  If you want.  Post what you like…



Not that the joint changes, once a party site, larded with apparatchiks, always… You get the drift:

Send me a goddam fuckin’ check (4.00 / 10)

if this site is supposed to be about some creepy  scheme to head fake the freepers with cool  PR.  When I lobby & do PR, I expect to get paid for it.  I had been under the apparent misapprehension that it was, uh, how does he put it, “political analysis and other daily rants on the state of the nation.”  The term “rant” covers a hell of a lot of territory, IMHO.

James Webb is a bigot. And an uber hawk. Stephanie Herseth is a bigot. Harold Ford, Jr. is a bigot. And so are those who support them.

by NorCalJim on Mon Sep 20, 2004 at 09:25:40 AM PST

by the way… NorCalJim, I do believe, was banned last year.  Clear to see why… and I bet that 2006 tag did not help… 😉


UPDATE, 7:50 pm

hmmm.  And what if this is a mainline ”Kossack”?  One harbored close to the bosom of Daddy Kos?  An online whip…  A defender, sword drawn, of the Great Realm that is Koslandia?


Myself, I see Tammany Hall..  Bossism.   Democratic (or its early Jeffersonian incarnation) family, all the way back to Virginia and with Garvey and Brennan on one side of my family, I may speak.

What do you see?


UPDATE… 12:20 pm

Via Carpetbagger …

Opera Glasses!  Popcorn!  Kleig Lights!  Distribute the weapons!

A snip…

I’m afraid I can’t say the same about Sen. Joe Biden.

Senator Joseph Biden doesn’t think highly of the Iraq policies of some of the other Democrats who are running for President.

To hear him tell it, Hillary Clinton’s position is calibrated, confusing and “a very bad idea.” John Edwards doesn’t know what he’s talking about and is pushing a recipe for Armageddon in the Middle East. Barack Obama is offering charming but insubstantial fluff. And all of them are playing politics.

“Let me put it this way,” Mr. Biden said. “You didn’t hear any one of them get in this debate at all until they announced for President.”

Biden just unloads on the front runners. Nothing measured about it…  Why, I’d say he is doing work for the other side… 😉  And really, what else does he ever do?  Always smoothing the way for the Republicans.

Joey B, slime ball outta Delaware, you are rising on the useful meter.  At least at Mcat. As Carpetbagger notes, it is only January. 🙂  How far gone will it all be in a few months…


AND… Garance at TAPPED has some commentary up about the Biden words.  Or more specifically one word, clean, used about Obama.

Oh sure it rings badly.  Esp with all of Biden’s slobber about how coming from Delaware he so understands the South.  What with DE being a slave holding state.

Such Bowsers running.  Nobody is telling even a FORM of the truth.


UPDATE, 4:30 pm

Word has come thru that Molly Ivins has died.  At 62, recurrance of breast cancer.

   Melanie West photographer, 2000

The Texax Observer In Memoriam.  Those words sound wrong… somehow, for Molly.  Here is a snip from the page… they used grafs from her last column in 1976, before leaving TO to join the NYT.  Yes another era.  When there were liberals on the Op/Ed page of the NYT…

And for me, it’s leaving time.

I have a grandly dramatic vision of myself stalking through the canyons of the Big Apple in the rain and cold, dreaming about driving with the soft night air of East Texas rushing on my face while Willie Nelson sings softly on the radio, or about blasting through the Panhandle under a fierce sun and pale blue sky….I’ll remember, I’ll remember…sunsets, rivers, hills, plains, the Gulf, woods, a thousand beers in a thousand joints, and sunshine and laughter. And people. Mostly I’ll remember people.

NYT obit, Kit Seelye got the assignment. 




1. supervixen - 30 January 2007

It’s truly staggering how ignorant they are. I told my husband about the idiot who keeps calling Edwards a “Communist”. He was floored. His reaction: “Who ARE these people, and why on earth does anyone take them seriously?”

2. Miss Devore - 30 January 2007

omijayzuz…there’s going to be a NEW SERIES at dk on labor issues:

“(A collaborative diary between MissLaura and Elise.)

Issues of class and labor seem to pop up quite a bit on Daily Kos ..”

They “pop up quite a bit”?

Like that English Muffin in your toaster? (gigglegiggle, I said “muffin!)

The Ab-Fab of the blogosphere! Two low-level academics throw their careers aside to become political operatives to win the labor vote for the Dems and….lunch with a/bdt at yk2!

Yay! action! lmaolmaolmao

3. marisacat - 30 January 2007

Labor is increasing their presence online. Right at the blogs. LOL. Just so helpful to have a union rep right there posting….
One more thumb is you ask me…

Not sure how MsL and Elise qualify… but i am sure there is a cover story… 😉

I’d rather take a cooler more distant look at everybody/anybody.

4. js paine - 30 January 2007

my marisa thats my cousin tom tom paine
can’t miss that tear drop head
the dull artechoke like brain
see it staring out at you thru those dim eyes

“why i think i look like alfred hitchcock jaybo..”

in a pigs arse you scut

kos operative ???

hard to imagine his roll

count the holes in the french cruellers ????

5. js paine - 30 January 2007

why do my visits here make me feel like i just entered
a fancy fifties hat shop
in a minelli movie

6. marisacat - 30 January 2007

who is your cousin js? WHo is Tom Paine? (you posted before I published the photo, so I know the online whup is nt who you mean…

oooo can the divine shop be on those few delicious blocks of Madison? If they are, we serve champagne with hat fittings.

I am sure I was very impressionable when in Manhattan as a child with Mother and Aunties. No doubt a life long effect. Affect as well.. 😉

7. js paine - 30 January 2007

i drink to u all from that hat full of “cham – pan- yah ”

good evening friends

(see me fade
as my shadow unfills its own outline )

8. Miss Devore - 30 January 2007

“I am looking for a trendy, well dressed, cute, energetic girl ”

well now I understand everything.

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 30 January 2007

I always expect to see Dorothy Parker holding forth at a table near the fireplace when I pop in here …

… and I’m never disappointed.

10. marisacat - 30 January 2007

I do believe the “girl” would have to be very energetic.

11. supervixen - 31 January 2007

Miss D, you’re reminded of Ab-Fab – the first thing that came to my mind when hearing about this pairing was the old movie The World of Henry Orient, in which two madcap young fangirls follow concert pianist Peter Sellers around NYC.

The tagline was:

Step into the world of Henry Orient…and meet two junior-size misses and one king-size nut!

I think we can all guess who that “king-size nut” is.

An amusing sidelight: Merrie Spaeth, who played one of the youngsters in the movie, is now a Republican operative and mouthpiece who was connected to the Swiftboaters.

12. marisacat - 31 January 2007

oh I loved TWoHO as a child. What a hoot that a child actress grows up to be an operative. How fitting…

13. supervixen - 31 January 2007

It’s a good movie. Quite eccentric. Yes, Hollywood used to make eccentric movies… Spaeth was the blonde one.

As for your photogenic fellow who gives off that ineffable “Ned Beatty in Deliverance” vibe: I regret that I’m not “trendy, well-dressed, cute, energetic” enough for him. Alas, I flunked the Blog Maid tryout. I’m SO jealous of those girls with the rubber gloves and the knee pads.

14. marisacat - 31 January 2007

well also I loved Peter Sellars. Anything he made really. Not an easily replicable actor…Loved the Pink Panther Inspector Clouzot movies …

15. AlanSmithee - 31 January 2007

It’s always fun to stop in here and see all the deflated egos slashed with that trademark ‘M’ laying forelornly about the floor.

But what’s that graduation picture of Private Pyle doing there?

16. supervixen - 31 January 2007

Did you ever see I’m All Right, Jack? Boulting Brothers comedy with Sellers as a truculent union steward and Ian Carmichael as a silly-ass (of course). And Richard Attenborough before he became a saintly artiste director. A very, VERY funny movie. Perhaps the funniest movie about labor relations. Hey, it’s even on topic 😉

17. marisacat - 31 January 2007

I don’t recall seeing that movie. Than ks.. will look it up… 😉

18. Miss Devore - 31 January 2007

uh oh. Someone forgot to read the “Big Tyrant for Dummies” manual:

“That you have decided to lie (0+ / 1-)
Trollrated by:

is reprehensible.

I answered your question – which was intended to be rhetorical – you inferred that FDR issued his internment order in the act of a Unitary Executive theeory.

You were wrong. Having been proven wrong, you choose now to LIE about what I think of that order.

Now, since I have stated repeatedly that it is a serious blot on FDR’s legacy, your lie is truly despicable.

Cowardly bullshit from you and you can kiss my ass for trying that shit with me you fucking asshole.

You can kiss my ass you fucking shithead.

by Big Tent Democrat on Wed Jan 31, 2007 at 06:43:17 AM PST

And fuck you too Politburo. (0+ / 1-)
Trollrated by:

Fucking assholes.

by Big Tent Democrat on Wed Jan 31, 2007 at 06:47:27 AM PST

And fuck you again Politburo (0+ / 1-)
Trollrated by:

Fucking asshole.

by Big Tent Democrat on Wed Jan 31, 2007 at 06:52:21 AM PST”

Blogmaids! Please descend and explain the stylistics of a/bdt argument.

View Story | 160 comments

19. supervixen - 31 January 2007

LMAO! Armando taking a psychotic break. I love this one:

You are a fucking lying hypocrite (0 / 0)
Did you evne fucking rea dthe comment I was responding to? Of course not you sanctimoniius shithead.

I was insulted. Me. It was about me you stupid fuck.

by Big Tent Democrat on Wed Jan 31, 2007 at 07:03:52 AM PST

That line says it all, perfectly.

Where is mcjoan? She should be rushing in to wipe the spittle from the Mad King’s chin and reprimand people for provoking him.

20. marisacat - 31 January 2007

oh someone take his drugs of choice away from him. That or his license to practice law.

Notice all of the attys at the site?

Consigliere Thugs. LOL. As if that is heavier enforcer shit. Just same old same old.

Love that “serious blot”, the Japanese internment camps. As a result of that they are consdiered a “pliant” minority. And that they took 20K in reparations. Between the reservations and that internment period, the model exists to do it again. Reagan saw that, clearly.

Sad to say, Cheney and others knew how far to push the US system. How far to push the Congress, how far to push the Lie Down Fall Down Dems… hell are there 25 out of 535 that might have the remnants of a spine?

Please, Bush just exploited what was possible. Horrific as it is. As much as I doubt there is any “coming back” from it. Certainly no healing thru the Democratic party.

Poor Tent. Slap a red R on his forehead.

21. JJB - 31 January 2007

Currently, the top Recommended Diary at Big Orange Slop is something called “Obama Chills Out Fox,” posted this AM at about 9:30 EST. It has attracted a lot of attention, with well over 200 comments. Kosolini now has a FP item up entitled “Obama freezes out FOX” which references the same WaPo piece the earlier diary entry did. As per norm, there is no acknowledgement that this item was brought to his attention by someone. He’s been doing this sort of plagiarism since the earlier days of the site, but at least he used to try to cover his tracks by choosing a different title, this one’s nearly identical. And the prominent placement of the diary entry also makes this hilariously obvious. Though it does seem Boy Markos is slipping, he used to get this sort of thing up in about 15-20 minutes, this took him 2.5 hours to produce.

I’m All Right Jack is a brilliant film, with Sellers at the top of his form. As to that picture . . . to paraphrase a line from another great early 60s movie (Lawrence of Arabia), when god made Delaware Dem a vicious, ignorant thug, he gave him the face of one.

22. wilfred - 31 January 2007

Obviously being an MP on Kos doesn’t come with an insurance plan that doles out the much needed meds. Yikes. They are such a scary group of operatives. It’s no surprise that Marisa and I were both banned within a week of questioning two things: who were paid Dem operatives on the blog and where was the money trail at dkos. We asked for transparency and were banned pronto.

I loved it when Armando (who seems to have continued the downward slide as Big Tent Democrat by the looks of that link, I don’t ‘do’ dKos anymore) didn’t understand why I used those initials for Main Pager as he insisted the correct term was FP for Front Pager. Evidently the easy allusion to Military Police alluded him.

23. wilfred - 31 January 2007

LOL, looks like the spelling of that word eluded me! Never post before the first cup of coffee.

24. marisacat - 31 January 2007

LOL I am sending Drahma Tent a gift… some of my spam:

Xanax. | xanaxdu.ibloghost.com | IP:

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— Jan 31, 7:34 AM —

This post is being spammed today.

Tho a dosage of 2mg will not help him… come to think of it.

25. js paine - 31 January 2007

to touch on toes painted i suspect

have you gals heard of a manhattan klass war outfit
the struggle vixens ??

top cat
is the grand daughter of black list babe
gale sondergard

they’ve attached themselves to the greater apple union scene
mixed metaphoric results …so far

26. D. Throat - 31 January 2007

OMG that pic is so funny!!!

Have you ever seen “Little Britain”?

27. colleen - 31 January 2007

Not funny to me. I was taking a large sip of coffee as it appeared and had to replace my keyboard.


Yes, I have noticed the heavy concentration of lawyers. Apparently just about anyone with a personality disorder can become a lawyer. Still, I am grateful that DHinMI was unable to even complete his undergraduate education.

28. earth to meg - 31 January 2007

Kos probably failed at lawyering. He also appears to have failed at “consulting.” I just can’t see this guy being savvy enough, “inside” enough, to move in those circles. HIs newest exploit is some kind of “progressive” book publishing business. And hitting up his bootlickers for money. This from the front page:

“And if you register, consider registering at one of the higher levels so that YearlyKos doesn’t have to scrounge up so many dollars to subsidize your attendance.”

Not thanks for making an appearance. Not thanks for your hard-earned money. Not graciousness towards his readers for keeping that navel-gazing “meeting” alive. No. Kos’ self-important attitude is that he is doing his readers a “favor” by having YK exist at all (yeah, it was such a seminal event last year, all of that policy that got changed in Washington because of it!), and folks should just bow down, bend over, and open up the wallet. What a pompous ass.

29. marisacat - 31 January 2007

“to subsidize your attendance” ??

LOL I think it was the panels that were subsidized. By orgs out of DC, unions and so on.

Well LOL Chicago, maybe Obama will speak. But a few weeks ago he ws happy to slam Dkos as predictable.

He got that right. Maybe he is owrking up to a multi front ‘Sista Soljah” moment.

30. JJB - 31 January 2007


He never passed the bar exam, apparently got dazzled by the notion of making a fortune by the time he was 30 in Silicon Valley, and failed at that too. The consulting has certainly not been a success, unless you consider the sort of protection racket he runs now (i.e., “Buy My Ads, Or I’ll Trash You”) to be consulting. One of the reasons he’s succeeded with the website is that he has hundreds of people writing up pieces (called diary entries) that he and the FPers can then cannibalize for their FP pieces. He’s like that “artist” who used to get people to paint on canvases for him, and he’d sign his name to it. Or Jerzy Kosinski.

31. earth to meg - 31 January 2007

Well, he never came across as a brilliant, or even moderately interesting, writer in his own pieces. That place sort of reminds me of the Bush administration – you gotta wonder if that weird “top-down” authoritarianism is intentional and planned, or if Kos is just incompetent and flailing (??both). But the pervasive hostile attitude over there is top-down and clearly acceptable to him, whether it’s institutionalized or simply a clear flail. I think he got in over his head pretty quickly, then just rolled with it and let the capos do the dirty work. I can’t imagine what he tells the new “FPers” when they come on board – how they are told to handle Big Tent Dick and DHinMI and all the rest of the “team.” Any integrity you’d have would go out the window if you signed on to be part of the circus. At least, that’s how I’d feel. Does he promise them “book deals?” Compilations of their “pieces” into published works? I can’t see it. It’s kind of like Hugh Hefner and Playboy magazine – the girls are dangled some carrot of fame and bucks and rich men, and rarely do any of them make something of themselves past the center spread – and one of them was even murdered, wasn’t she? (Dorothy ????) Yikes. The FPers of Kos.

32. js paine - 31 January 2007

ahhh ignored
by bright folks….

what more can one hope for

33. marisacat - 31 January 2007

well a few months ago DKos crested past a million in ad revenue per annum. (It was mentioned in some trade publication.) Which I think comes first for Kos. Makes sense.

He charges 9K a week for the top/Premium ad. Even as his page views have been dropping.

34. marisacat - 31 January 2007

ooo js, I had not heard of “struggle vixens”. And googled but found nothing… will poke around..


35. supervixen - 31 January 2007

The most alarming aspect of the place is its cultishness. I’ve seen people writing about Crashing the Gates as if they are Scientologists and Kos is L. Ron Hubbard. If you haven’t read the book, the Orange kool-aid drinkers vent their indignation upon you. “You mean – you HAVEN’T READ IT???” I think it was Nightprowlkitty or Sharoney or one of the other fangirls who got up in my grill about that. Hell no, I haven’t read it – Kos is a poor writer and 90-95% of what he says is full of shit, so why would I buy a book full of his pronouncements?

earth to meg: I think the only people selected for the FP are those who are, in Kos’s word, “loyal”. So you must already be part of the little gang in order to be given marquee status. That’s why some of the more prolific, recommended diarists were passed over for the FP slot in favor of enforcer-cheerleaders like Miss Laura. Elise is desperately angling for the FP slot – she must have been bummed that she didn’t get it this year.

Marisa – yes, he claims the YKos cost per person is $600, if I remember correctly. My Bullshit Detector went off when I read that.

Seems to me that YKos is where he might be able to make a killing, finally – as a convention organizer where people schmooze with the VIPs, party and get laid. It’s like a Star Trek convention but with the added fillip of deluding yourself into thinking you’re being politically active.

36. D. Throat - 31 January 2007


It’s like a Star Trek convention but with the added fillip of deluding yourself into thinking you’re being politically active.

ok…now that is funny!!!!

37. js paine - 31 January 2007

they are non net
by conviction i suspect

something about

“do it ”

my daughter is one

i can try to get her to comment here

if the jobbler level view
of the daily gross (amerikan style)
appeals to ya

38. aemd - 31 January 2007

More shots across the bow from Smilin’ Joe at the Huffpo.

“We are all in love with the idea of a black or woman president.”

Guess that’s his version of “fall in love but fall in line”. 😉


39. supervixen - 31 January 2007

Hey, JSP, I for one would love to hear from your daughter the “struggle vixen”.

40. marisacat - 31 January 2007

js, absolutely please. I’d be delighted if she would. I was not looking for a website for them, I was just looking for mention of them perhaps somewhere.


aemd thanks for the link. LOL I just finished reading a really ham fisted defense of Joey B over at BMT. Really really bad.

The meme is out via the cables. Obamam is ”too sensitve”. ”If a R had said this the media would be all over him”. And Joe, The I Wanna Be Southern Slave Holder Guy, Really “meant nothing by it”. Barnacle of Boston gave him the pure white wash. It was hilarious!


I still think he was working for the Yankee Dollar, as I put it. Just a little punting for the Republicans.

Cuz it is NOT like he has a real chance. The man is such bad news.

41. supervixen - 31 January 2007

Biden disgusts me. I wonder why he still has a job. His faux-“Regular Guy” shtick, tossing in expressions like “man” and “jack”, with that ridiculous chimp-smirk, really pisses me off.

Barnicle is a scummy plagiarist too. The two are made for each other.

42. marisacat - 31 January 2007

Well there si a great comment at the Huff Po article, here is part of it, by stanbecker on the first page of comments:

biden is an entrenched symbol of deep rot in the senate. his polling won’t improve with time; it is more likely a dark horse would emerge than americans would subject themseleves to this man’s endless hysterically narcisstic prattle…

joe, the reason people are not taking you seriously is not because they need to come home to an experienced daddy…and haven’t quite realized it yet…but thanks for the desperate theory.

yes, in a state the size of my shoe, biden has garnered enough votes to retain a senate career…he shouldn’t be a committee head but the 19 white people that compromise the entire voting electorate in deleware keep giving him a majority, so he has seniority.

the majestic and epic scope of his irrelvancy is hard to quantify in mere words.
donate the campaign money to charity or a viable contender joe…if there’s any donor area left, so to speak.
but god he can talk; about himself anyway.
usually in the third person.

seriously, every single living person and half the domesticated animals in deleware could all go to the same movie opening and it wouldn’t cover the print costs…
he has as many dangerous psychological quirks as any other politican i can think of…

43. js paine - 31 January 2007


barnicle at least stole from a master
ajL was top shelf all the way

44. bayprairie - 31 January 2007

The Gay Place will always be a little less gay from here on out.

45. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 January 2007

did a quick “google-see” for “struggle vixens”, and only found this and this … not sure if it refers to them, but they do reference labor actions in NYC, so maybe …

46. supervixen - 1 February 2007

Oh this is delightful – the “Feminisms” diary this week is by a young guy who was on the wrong side of the Pie Fight and was raised by sexists:

One of my dad’s main outlooks on the issue was that the feminist movement only been allowed to start because the rise of state power substituted for the function that men used to play in families and caused women not to be as dependent on men as they used to be–something he wasn’t all that happy about.

My dad could certainly hardly be called a feminist–and yet from a political perspective, he would have, and still does, agree on many of the issues that are of concern to women. Equal pay? Check. Unfettered access to abortion? Check. Just to name a few.

It raises an interesting question: what about men who may have the “traditional” characteristics I described above, but still support the broader political agenda of the feminist movement? How much of the feminist movement is an attempt to enact or maintain specific aspects of policy, and how much of the movement is an attempt to engineer an attitude of equality, rather than merely enforce it by law? And is there a distinction between the two?

This is the best the DKos “feminists” can muster? What a bunch of maroons.

47. supervixen - 1 February 2007

It’s interesting, too, that the discussion is mostly about MEN, and dominated by MEN. The lovely DHinMI even makes an appearance.

So typical.

There’s a good hysterical freakout session by Miz Laura, with backup by Elise, because edrie challenged the use of the term “feminisms”.

48. Miss Devore - 1 February 2007

I guess I breezed through Fawninisms before the wrestling match began. Musta been those “interesting questions” raised. The important ones of classification, it appears. Hmm, if a rapist is a strong advocate of abortion rights, where does he fall on the fem-men scale?

The only amusing thing I saw was some assertion by eleech that she embraces the word “c**t”.Was embrace the correct verb?

This is too easy. This is shooting fish in a barrel without water.

49. marisacat - 1 February 2007

LOL oh that gave me a laugh, right off.

The Great Cee Word Debate.

They have wimmins’ ithues as tied up as anything else, whether at the district Dem Clubs, Central Committees, Online BLahg Boxes, &c.

50. supervixen - 1 February 2007

check it out: edrie speaks the truth:

try reading and learning about the movement and studying the evolution of it. there was and IS ONLY one movement with a clearly defined purpose and goal with many ideas within how to obtain those goals – now, if you don’t LIKE it, why not go try to start your own movement and use your OWN label, but don’t corrupt the feminist movement and feminism by watering it down with a poorly re-written history or an incorrect label.

But that is PRECISELY what Miz Laura and Elise and their enablers are attempting to do. They are trying to minimize, sideline, and eventually silence true feminist views, and replace them with the Stepford Wife/Little Sister faux-feminism that boils down to “Whatever the men want is totally OK, let’s not rock the boat, women’s rights are really human rights” etc.

Miz L and Elise are using the pomo academic-speak, which they only half-learned, to undermine the feminist movement. “sex vs. gender”, “different feminisms”, etc. – all bullshit. Divide and conquer. And to drive the wedge in further, and dilute the discussion, then they eagerly invite fratboyz like hekebolos, who admits he made “chauvinist remarks” during the Pie Wars, to write a “feminist” diary. It is to laugh.

You can see who the true feminists are on DKos – they’re not the ones who fall all over themselves excusing Kos’s pie-fight remarks.

51. bayprairie - 1 February 2007

a perfect example of Dkos feminism.

one idiot guy

writing about his idiot dad

in a thread filled with what seems to be mostly men.

talking about how women who collectively struggled, and took every victory they ever attained “was allowed”.

i take one thing back though. im wrong. the perfect example of Dkos feminism is mommytalkers.

look how they quickly gang up on teresainpa. why she remains at that site is beyond me. haha. what a collection of complete idiots and fools so many of those men are. what an embarrassment!

wheres the chevron environmentalist© when you need him? need some “big oil” on those waters.

52. Miss Devore - 1 February 2007

Marisacat….shouldn’t there be an expiration date on DD’s photo? I think it’s curdling.

53. D. Throat - 1 February 2007

This is just typically of homeschooled backwater cretins. He’s too stupid to even get the joke.

One of my dad’s main outlooks on the issue was that the feminist movement only been allowed to start because the rise of state power substituted for the function that men used to play in families and caused women not to be as dependent on men as they used to be–something he wasn’t all that happy about.

Ah…??? Didn’t he just tell the world his pathetic excuse for a father stayed at home while the mother went out to work to put food on the table??? But of course being the MAN ie having a dick… this clod of a father asserted his masculinity by making the idiot mother come home and cook and clean for the family. The mother was a fucking servant. If this is not a deranged abusive relationship then I don’t know what is, no wonder the boys are odd to say the least.

Some interesting point came out is that this heal is the brother of Thereisnospoon aka Bowers consulting partner and co chauvinist in the pie wars and lead instigator in trying to get women to shut up about their rapes… because it made him feel icky. Nice group of Feminismsssss Mensss.

It is now clear why Kos came down from the mountain top to get rid of “hrh”… you were taking up too much room and he needed to “brand” his own form of feminismsssss were rapists could be feministsssismms if they declared themselves pro-choice. Elise and Miss Laura the vangaurds of feminismssss … and the menssss concur….pathetic… Eugene the facilitator “vouches” for the Brothers Grim feminisms creds…. right after he vouched for Kos.

54. TeresaInpa - 1 February 2007

I agree that what passes for feminist discussion at dkos is pretty pathetic. But I don’t feel “turned on” because we are talking about a handful of young ignorant types who have done nothing for the woman’s movement but give ground and back off from offending men.

So the feminist and several other types of diaries are somewhat a waste of time. However there is still a lot worth discussing there and I like the traffic and the quick news cycle.

And I seem to remember that several people here were pretty rude about me, including hrh whom I had spent weeks defending. I guess I am too much a democrat to be cool amoung you all. Thats okay, but lets be honest about what happened to hrh. She was not banned by kos, she was auto banned. I don’t know why she chose to flame out, but it was her choice.

ps… I appreciate the gutsy “bite me” attitude here, but it’s kind of an echo chamber here and doesn’t take much guts to attack people at dkos from a distance.

55. supervixen - 1 February 2007

Hey Teresa, actually I was not rude about you. That was a distortion on the part of the creeps. I said you were “conflicted”, which I believe you are – like many feminist women on DKos. I’ve always appreciated your comments, as you know from my many recommends.

Yes, I was autobanned, by SusanG who led the charge trollrating every comment I made on my “Am I a troll?” diary. Nothing I said in that diary was trollworthy. Let’s face facts: it was an assassination more than an autobanning. They decided I had to be silenced. Their choice, not mine. That’s OK with me, though, because I have no desire to stay in their stinking frathouse. I don’t know why you choose to.

56. supervixen - 1 February 2007

Another thing, Teresa: as I told someone after I started the Supervixens blog – life is too short to hang around with people who aren’t feminists.

57. missdevore - 1 February 2007

T-in-PA. Ok the guts-meter. Does it take more guts for them to talk about us? That’s a question, without sarcasm.

There are many writers that I like there and I continue to read them. But a lot of people I liked were banned or left, myself included. And the dominant crowd there now is definitely not dominated by the best minds or manners. imo.

and if the blogosphere can poke at the “MSM” what is so sacred about blogs poking AT one another? I believe in free-market snicker principles.

58. TeresaInpa - 1 February 2007

Hi SV, Okay, you didn’t mean what you said to be rude, I accept that. But seriously, I don’t feel conflicted. I agree with a lot there and disagree with even more. I don’t expect to find a site with all like minds. I put up with the dumb stuff and the syncophants to take advantage of what I do like about the place.
I know you were hounded but I also wished you could have ignored them. There are still a lot of good people worth reading, they just aren’t as active as some of the people who are not worth reading.
Hey, there was a diary about most prolific commentors and I was #5. Only four people posted more comments that I did last year. Now that is pathetic! But I just started a new job in January and I assured my friend who lurks there and has been teasing me about being a nationally famous ” Commentor” that I will come no where near the top of that list this year.

Ms Devore, you make a good point….many of them actually. = )

59. afraid to speak up on kos - 1 February 2007

wow !
I really feel a bit of relief. I have been a daily reader there for the past 3 years. I have had some issues with some the “trusted users” but always thought it was just me since few people ever challenge them. Or if they do they get swarmed, You learn really quick just not to say what you really think about a variety of issues.

I got a giggle that those here are are ridiculing the same ones. My theory is that there is a cabal of operatives over there trying to channel the zietgiest into what ever hole they think it belongs. I dont know who they work for but they seem to like Hillary and Harold Ford and Biden. Same 5 people on every topic circle jerking their precious mojo. If you read the blog enough it isnt hard to figure out who they are. It is tin-foily but I have seen a pattern.

The hypocrisy exposed today was Delaware Dumbass calling you a bitch and cunt amoung other things. Most any other user would have been called out for that and swarmed with TRs. But Its Ok If You Are Delaware Dumbass. You just get hugged.

Its now easy to see WHY he failed the bar. You would think with all the lawyers someone would have pointed out that he has nothing to sue you for. Unless he blames you for his narcissistic personality disorder.

60. all we've got left - 1 February 2007

> Unless he blames you for his narcissistic personality disorder.

61. all we've got left - 1 February 2007

He has to blame someone, why not Marisa?

Men who use language like that truly despise women. The rage that consumes him is caused by the reality that women hate him back.

62. Tony Schinella - 1 February 2007

I don’t why everyone believes they have to be anonymous. If you can’t stand up for your beliefs, in person, why bother? Viva Marisacat!

63. Tony Schinella - 1 February 2007

I don’t know why everyone believes they have to be anonymous. If you can’t stand up for your beliefs, in person, why bother? Viva Marisacat!

64. supervixen - 1 February 2007

To Teresa – OK, I hope we’re cool now – I was annoyed when the dipshits tried to drive a wedge between us like the grade-school bullies they are.

I think it’s better not to put any energy into DKos – why give Kos content that he then makes money off of? Fuck that.

Come by Supervixens and contribute! Or go to other feminist blogs. Better that you hang with likeminded people. DKos is not where it’s at.

65. supervixen - 1 February 2007

Hey, “afraid”, getting banned from DKos was the best thing – I discovered all these great, intelligent, funny writers, the people with whom I should have been hanging out in the first place.

The double standard and the “groupthink” are what really sickened me about that place. Certain people can do and say whatever the fuck they want, and others can’t, because they’re not “in with the in crowd”. It’s so childish. These people never matured as they should have. Best to be out of that milieu.

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