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Lotta bullshit out there… ;) 16 February 2007

Posted by marisacat in Big Box Blogs, Blonde Sense, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, la morte de St Germain Dog - the best the BLAHgers had.

  La Louche is a low life snob! 

As I said, La Louche would be on an island for a respite… champers at the ready… but she is simply an entertaining fiction, serving as an alter ego and diversion.. 😉

This of course, again from the OPOL diary, is one of the core problems with a site that is top down, thug run, lid on it, tied by the shoe laces to the Democratic party:

 we don’t know the whole truth (4+ / 0-)

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and someday we will have to make room for this discussion.

Remember to call Congress and call often

by lisastar on Fri Feb 16, 2007 at 11:32:42 AM PST

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and miracle of miracles, what is just a little farther down (and I remember testvet’s diaries):

 OPOL keep blasting and saying it LOUD they will (12+ / 0-)

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listen,  I never expected to learn at 47 that the CIA had used me in mind control experiments while I was in the Army at Edgewood Arsenal I am hardly a hippie  and I am definately not a right wing loonie  I am just an average American who joined the Army because of family, I trusted my Chain of Command and they in turn turned me over to Nazis the CIA snuck into the US after WW2  and then let the bastards do human experiments on 7120 enlisted Army soldiers the CIA  had gotten DOD to recruit and abuse   where is our justice? even now 3 decades later  Congress does nothing and I will keep protesting it  that is our right as American citizens free speech  just say it often and loud

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with but one step”

by testvet6778 on Fri Feb 16, 2007 at 11:17:09 AM PST


Yes, well… some people benefit from controlling the conversation… and that is part of the problem. Nancy has her list of what is “off the table” as do the party organs.

Note to banshee: apologies if I bore you.


UPDATE, 6:20 pm in San Francisco… 😉

My.  Stress in Blahgstrasse.  Well… I recall an email a few weeks ago from wilfred, commenting on some flap doodle the Boyz were on about… the gist was, stress among the natives:  The congress they bitched at people over, shut people down over, shut off conversation over… and it will be as limp in the majority as it has been for years in the minority.

That would be a bingo!  wilfred wins!

[Q]uite a few Democrats took, and continue to take, great pains to make it known that they disapproved of Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan being hired by the Edwards campaign.  

[oops! not all that happy with the Salon article?  Tizzy Whizzy that the campaigns did not take the blogger advice to stand up?  What party do you think you are dealing with here?  -Mcat] 

However, none of the same people are making it known that they found Young comments offensive, and that they would like to see the Washington Times journalist who propagated the false quote be fired. This is because, ever since Clinton denounced Sistah Souljah, many Demcorats have convinced themselves that distancing themselves from their own party is the surest path to political and media fame as a Democrat. It is in this way that virtually every single media scandal about someone saying something outrageous, offensive or vulgar focuses on Democrats and progressives. This is one of the reasons why we are the ones always apologizing, where Republicans and conservatives are the ones always on the attack.

For a party whose main image problem is that we don’t seem “tough,” it is pathetic and self-fulfilling that the only people are [sic] “leaders” are willing to be tough on are ourselves. For crying out loud, take advantage of these moments when they come to you. Have some respect for yourselves.   

Are you talking to the… Democrats???

Don’t let Republicans demand you apologize for year-old comments made by random junior staffers while their elected officials call for your murder on the floor of the House. Why would anyone respect a party that acts like that? How pitiful can we be, as we beg for mercy even after we took the majority in both House of Congress? If the Democratic Party doesn’t learn to respect itself, and find that it is more important to denounce Republicans than it is to Sistah Souljah every single person in your own party, not only can we forget about winning the White House in 2008, but our time in power on Capitol Hill will be short lived indeed. [snip]

My.  Maybe someone can get Bill to invite him back to Harlem for Red Devil’s Food Cake…  That did seem to to do the trick…

This was an amazing day for me. I felt a tremendous swelling of patriotic pride and love for America when I attended this meeting. Here I was, with a group of my friends and colleagues, meeting with one of our nation’s Presidents because our small, do-it-yourself political operation had drawn his attention. I mean, this is largely work I have completed and a movement to which I have contributed from the bedroom of my apartment in West Philly. Somehow, in only a few years, this resulted in meeting with a former President of the United States. As I was thinking about this, I quickly remembered that President Clinton attended a public high school Arkansas (as I did in Liverpool, New York), and rose to become President of the United States. And here we were, conversing with one another as citizens, overlooking the New York City skyline, which is quite possibly the greatest architectural achievement in the history of humanity. And we were doing it in a neighborhood, Harlem, which has never been particularly wealthy but whose residents produced some of the greatest works of art worldwide in the 20th century. It was a dizzying and remarkable moment that reminds you just what the true promise of this nation really is, of the greatness we have achieved, and of the still yet untapped potential of America to accomplish far greater things still. As I walked back to the subway with Atrios after the meeting, crossing streets named after other great Americans who achieved far more than anyone had expected–Adam Clayton Powell, Martin Luther King, Malcom X–I could not stop thinking about how utterly vast our potential as a nation is. American democracy indeed.  [snip]

I would have inserted grafs, but the gush oops! I mean rush of it is stronger in the original format, the unbroken roll out…

Don’ t miss the thread.  Commenters were not impressed…


UPDATE, 4:30 am Saturday… balmy night on the Pacific Ocean…

Oh I fought with myself, manfully I did!, over posting this hmmm entertaining sub thread that landed in the InBox.  I donned a black belt to fight with myself.  Not sure who won, but here it is!

 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (4+ / 0-)

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During the Blizzard of 2006, I commented on the current snow fall acculamation.

“It was five inches when I checked two hours ago.”

Since then, that statement has been attributed to me describing something else.  As I have been telling these two for the past year, a yard stick would be required.  

Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc

I support Barack Obama for President.

by Lucius Vorenus on Fri Feb 16, 2007 at 06:24:37 PM PST

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Open topic thread.


1. earth to meg - 16 February 2007

She can’t help herself.

Fer gawd’s sake Bob, give it a rest…. (2+ / 0-)
Recommended by:suicide blonde, Pager
You’re coming off as really bitter….

As an “old one”, who has been an active “leftist liberal” for over a half-century, I know that there were/are all kinds of different people on the Left. Unionists, socialists, communists, liberal Democrats, and yes, hippies.

I don’t think OPOL’s diary was trying to take anything away from others. He wrote from his perspective. Why don’t you write your own diary from your perspective, instead of getting into a pissing match here?

NO MORE DYNASTIES! No more triangulation! No more lies! No more war! No more corporatists! ELECT PROGRESSIVES NOW!

by Hornito on Fri Feb 16, 2007 at 04:07:33 PM PST

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* [new] Nonsense. (0 / 0)
There’s no pissing match here. Look at Bob’s other comments, which have added a great deal to the discussion.

He correctly pointed out the title was misleading, which it is. And he also has spoken to the substance. I see no insults or bad language.

Accuracy is important. It’s not everything, but it’s not chopped liver, either.

by Nightprowlkitty on Fri Feb 16, 2007 at 04:16:00 PM PST

What’s that? Johnson’s comments add a lot to the discussion!!?? Accuracy is important?! That’s cognitive dissonance on crack.

2. arcturus1 - 16 February 2007

& from the non-libby trial:

A federal judge in Virginia has dealt two blows to the defense of a pair of pro-Israel lobbyists accused of illegally trafficking in classified information.

In one ruling this week, Judge Thomas Ellis III rejected defense motions to demand testimony from Israeli government officials. In another decision, the judge refused to suppress statements the FBI obtained in 2004 from the two lobbyists, Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman, who were later fired from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Defense lawyers said Israeli officials, who refused to appear as witnesses at the trial, could confirm that Messrs. Rosen and Weissman were not paid or unpaid Israeli agents, explain Israel’s relationship with Aipac, and aver that the pair actually advanced American interests through any disclosures of classified information.

3. marisacat - 16 February 2007


think we have to thankful that Clinton was – thank god – too chicken to do anything about Pollard.

what a hideous joke it all has been…

4. Miss Devore - 16 February 2007

I missed so much today-ended up working through my lunch hour. Saw the story on Raw Story about the special prisons for Muslims in Indiana. So many sites I can get on damned home computer, so I wondered if that story got around elsewhere.

As for the theatre-in-the-blog. I did notice that OPOL repost at dk and that Arthur Gilroy wrote an “LOA-Not GBCW” at MLW, but her site takes too long to load at home. I do see some podcast possibilites for these sites–a lovely menu that lists “circumcision guy”, “Elise goes down”, “Pastordan has the curse”. But then you’d have to pay a little extra for real gems like “Rants from My Left Ward” & “a/bdt: A stands for both attack and apologise”

I have thought, having observed those glitches that tell the user “you are not allowed access to this diary” that kos is trying to set up some stable (of horsefuckers, no doubt), where subscribers get access to an elite level of diarists. I mean it would be stupid because those diarists wouldn’t be able to shine in the “public eye”, but I’m not sure they aren’t above being really stupid.

It was fun to get my little trangression ticket from Blue House Diaries this morning. Blogging under the influence of frankness. The email’s in my work computer so I can’t share it, but I was informed I was disrespectful and discourteous to “Big Tent Democrat.” I will so treasure that email. Maybe I will place it up for auction to benefit WearilyKos! After all, last year, they did auction “Lunch with Armando” (As an aside, when he wrote his, what I called his “I will Blog no More Forever” diary–a phrase I noticed Nonpartisan ripped off from me today–I wrote a comment therein, where I asked–something to the effect “And I paid $5000 to have lunch with you at YK1?” Shortly thereafter, I got an email from some kosovarian wanting to know if it was true. That was an example of how little some people can surmise your character via a blog.

I do wonder how they compensated the sucker that won the lunch. Did they have to have lunch with McJoan?

5. New Fake Name - 16 February 2007

Speaking of calling bullshit to bushit…

Great essay from Robt Dreyfuss about Bush’s press conference earlier this week :

Breakdown At The Iraq Lie Factory


My favorite passage:

Without his Orwellian apparatus behind him, the president spent most of his hour-long news conference yesterday shrugging and smirking, jutting his jaw out with false bravado, joshing inappropriately with reporters asking deadly serious questions and stumbling over his words. It was painful to listen to him trying to justify the nonsensical claims that Iran and its paramilitary “Quds Force” are somehow responsible for the chaos in Iraq:

6. jim jones libertarian man hunter - 16 February 2007

off thread but
why are you so damn good at this mcat

is it color sense ????

a knack for format ???

okay so the word choice has flair and zest
and ease of delivery and

oh i’m going to shoot my self

i guy in verbal
snow shoes just can’t cut it in this fancy tap prose game

btw my new name in the struggle T Fisher Cat esquire
gentleman squirrel eater

7. jim jones libertarian man hunter - 16 February 2007

“I can not get a drivers license due to hallucenegenic flashbacks ”

one of which is actually real

the day i caught a dropped nuke in the nevada desert

i was looking for my prior nites
anal probots ship in the mid day sky
when over head just coming down like a tiny spec
i see this …well tiny spec that grew bigger till it was very big and i caught it with a kinda touch down pass over the head motion …

wow what a think to flash back on …eh ???

but hunter done gonna troll me fer tellin’

8. marisacat - 16 February 2007

Honestly I think a hellish situation, Odom called IRaq “shattered” in 2004 and said we should pull out THEN, just blew to hell over and over with the introduction of Salvadoran death squads a la Negroponte. The killing of Calipari came as no surprise.

Thanks for the link to Dreyfus…

9. jim jones libertarian man hunter - 16 February 2007

miss devore how can you read so much ????

and still have time to write

i find i need so much time to compose my comments and such
there’s only a little time left for reading and absolutely no time for thinking

but then writing is think in reverse right ????

10. marisacat - 16 February 2007

Miss Devore stellar comment..

… hello js… 😉

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 February 2007

oh, Bowers, Bowers, Bowers … did one of the checks bounce? Did the “hotline” fax direct to Reid’s office break down? What got into you … YOU SOUND LIKE ONE OF US.

Jeez, and we all know that’s a BANNING OFFENSE from one of the Big Boyz Boxcar Blogs … better watch out or that “Liberal” Advertainment Ad Pipeline will dry up too.

Not that you’re wrong, but this exact problem has been going on for a while, and you and Armstrong and Kos et al HAVE HELPED THE DONKLEPHANTS DO IT … over and over again.

I hope this is a trend, but I’m not holding my breath.

12. the banshee - 16 February 2007

If you bored me, well, it’s a big internet, right? Who cares if you’re the world’s leading kos-bashing site? I can start my own goddamn kos-bashing site. What’s the matter with me, anyway? Fuck that noise.

j/k of course. My prior comment left a worse taste in my mouth than it did in yours. Carry on, I’m having fun. These cringely, haggard mugwumps are all interesting specimens to carefully manipulate with tongs and a magnifying glass.

13. ms_xeno - 16 February 2007

Re: Bowers. The email I would have sent if I thought any of these clowns were still/ever at the point where they could benefit from it.

Dear Chris DDDDD,

Sorry. After the Democrats wiped their collective ass on my vote in 2004, I decided that it wasn’t worth my time to defend them. In anything. There is no reason for me to give a flying leap about defending bullies who whine and snivel when they’re outbullied themselves by the very people they snuggle down with through 99% of the average year they’re in office.

I wouldn’t turn my head to spit on you if you were running past me on the street with your hair on fire. Go away.


ms_xeno, Naderite: 1996 – ????

14. liberalcatnip - 16 February 2007

Wherein I take it upon myself to rewrite Bowers’ nauseating post:

As I was thinking about this, I quickly remembered that President Clinton attended a public high school Arkansas (as I did in Liverpool, New York), and rose to become President of the United States (as I did not…and DAMN! if I could be president and have my own inner circle, my “clique” if you’ll indulge me and perhaps a uniform – something like Napolean’s with a little less dramatic flare because that really is tasteless for a modern man of these times unless you’re teh gay, I suppose – I would sit in that Oval Office with my little plastic toy solders laid out all over the floor and just lock the door while I planned the expansion of the empire and shouted “Viva My Revolution!” to my imaginary throngs of well-wishers and adoring fans.)

15. marisacat - 16 February 2007

I was not being sarcastic.. but as I said a few days ago.. they just insist on being squirrelly… 😉

Can’t help themselves, I guess..

Well the boyz need to get out more. It was years ago that I read the first harsh bashing of kos. And I did not write it.

16. ms_xeno - 16 February 2007

Shut up, Madman. You’ll be sorry when Chris gets to decide who goes on the tumbrill. He has a memory like a steel trap. Well, a steel trap made of rusted twist-ties and a cracked set of dentures.

17. ms_xeno - 16 February 2007

As for you, liberal catnip, everyone knows that you’d have to travel to America if you needed an emergency cosmetic nose job next week because your country wouldn’t let you have one without a seven-year waiting period. And that’s why we’re better than you. So deal with it.

18. Miss Devore - 16 February 2007

js-I kicked Evelyn Wood’s ass so bad. you don’t hear about her anymore, do ya?

the only activity I have done in my life more than breathing, has been reading.speaking was painfully difficult for so long, but I eventually broke through.

it was funny- I won some college lit mag “best prose” thing in my early twenties, and my mother read it and was astounded “You’re very complex!”

Apparently she thought I was only this weird offspring that wanted her bangs too long.

I will have to give her credit for giving some direction in literature, art & music. Too bad she died at 60, trying to come to terms with Catholic charismatic crap, and trying to get a real estate license.

19. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 February 2007

OOOOO, I’m so scared!

Hey, if you need a rest from Bullshit Boyz & their Blogz, go watch this. America may be fallen apart, but we know how to make entertaining wastes of time!

20. Miss Devore - 16 February 2007

amusing anecdote I heard from a grad student(who is on my blogroll) about his attempt to get to the College Art Association meeting in NYC, in light of the snowstorm. He got stranded in Phoenix ,and eventually sent back home.His refund from the airlines was classified as “futile trip” and his hotel stay in Phoenix racked up as “distressed passenger”

Distressed passengers on futile trips. You have to love the taxonomers.

21. Miss Devore - 16 February 2007

I can’t stand how clever everyone is here. Yeah, I knew about the pernicious Mitm, MCat & wilfred some time back. but now there is also DT and Ms-x, the brazen hussy catnip, etm, bayprarie, moiv & wu ming (who I recognize from various sources) etc, etc etc.

Tain’t right that someone banned from the dk should experience such delight.

22. marisacat - 16 February 2007

It’s the Valley of the Banned here.

LOL… seems to me Nonpartisan had some very cute names for Mcat… I must, simply must pull up his/her comments. 😉

23. liberalcatnip - 16 February 2007

As for you, liberal catnip, everyone knows that you’d have to travel to America if you needed an emergency cosmetic nose job next week because your country wouldn’t let you have one without a seven-year waiting period. And that’s why we’re better than you. So deal with it.

It’s eight years. And shut up. So there.

24. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 February 2007

Faster Bannedcat! Kill! Kill!

25. liberalcatnip - 16 February 2007

It’s the Valley of the Banned here.

As long as it isn’t Beyond the Valley of the Banned because that was such an incredibly BAD movie that I still haven’t been able to banish it from my head.

26. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 February 2007

Opol’s diary is still at the top of the rec. list with nearly 900 comments (that usually means there’s a fight going on) He had over 500 recs this afternoon.

Further down on the list is Rep.Earl Blumenauer with about 60 comments so far.

Marisacat, I always read testvet’s diaries. He’s fighting a lonely fight to try to make the government accountable for the promises they made to him and the others who were involved in those tests. Did you click the link to the photo of him listening to the ‘radio when he was 18? Spooky looking ‘radio’. He’s a huge supporter of Opol because he promoted him and took an interest in his diaries.

Miss D., I agree re the great writers here ~ Ms xeno would not have lasted one diary (one comment probably) on dk. She would have been banned instantly. lol! There should be some kind of literary award for banned dk writers. As kos said ‘I’m not looking for great writers, I’m looking for loyalty’ when he announced he was looking for new FPs.

I agree with one thing Bowers says although no one dared say it before on dk. Letting the right make such a big deal out of a lower level staffer is typical. Dems have not learned to change the subject, not to address the trivia, in this case the bloggers, and go on the attack immediately. They have so much ammunition, Foley eg, that they will not use.

Distressed passengers on futile trips funny, Miss Devore.

27. the banshee - 16 February 2007

‘I’m not looking for great leaders, I’m looking for loyalty’ when he announced he was looking for new cabinet members.

28. Tuston - 16 February 2007

re: testvet6778
No disrespect intended toward the poor man, but it probably was Lily drugs that fucked him up, not the swiss


The guiding force behind MK-ULTRA was Dr. Sidney Gottlieb,{…}. He played this role for 20 years, until his forced resignation and a two-year disappearance in Australia after CIA scandals began breaking out in 1973.


Only one problem seemed to slow down Gottlieb’s ambitious drug experiments: the agency couldn’t get enough LSD. The drug was manufactured only by the Sandoz company in Switzerland. The CIA was able to secretly buy small amounts from Sandoz, but this was not considered sufficient. The agency kept worrying, moreover, that the Swiss were also exporting the drug to the Sovier Union.


Whatever restraints on LSD tests had been imposed by the Olson death seem to have been abandoned when the agency received the electrifying news, in October 1954, that Eli Lilly & Company had succeeded in synthesizing the drug in its laboratories. This was the breakthrough the agency had been awaiting for three years; now it had access to all the LSD money could buy.

They way some of the hoariest OChem prof’s tell it is that after their first “taste” the CIA approached Sandoz with an order for 10K+ pounds of acid, and good Swiss chemists balked as they realized that much lsd was enough to dose every human on the planet multiple times. This of course was the object of CIA, but the Swiss weren’t about to become an arms manufacturer for the US, they just wanted to find a legitimate market for their remarkable discovery. Undaunted the spooks got Bushco subsidiary Lily Pharm. to violate international patent agreements and cook the mega load of liquid zen. The scariest part is that LSD is
a meta stable compound when stored properly and lasts indefinetely.
Albert Hoffman, the discoverer of LSD, recently turned 100 years old and they held a three day symposium on LSD in honor of the occasion. In addition some 50’s era sandoz lsd was produced and consumed, with the judgement made that no loss of potency or effect had occured.


Get along, get along Kid Charlemagne…

29. liberalcatnip - 16 February 2007

I have a family tie to the lsd experimentation here in Canada during the 50s – early 60s when it was thought it could cure alcoholics. I was born in Weyburn. ‘Nuff said.

30. ms_xeno - 16 February 2007

Miss Devore, did I mention that I like your page ? Cuz’ I do.

S.B., I am now accepting submissions for my future Orangeville Alias. I was sort of leaning toward Ralph’s Alien Lovechild but that might be too obvious, even for the aparent quality of bouncers over there. Anyone else have any ideas ?

31. ms_xeno - 16 February 2007

Blumenauer on Kos ? Feh. Do I even wanna’ know ? The guy holds a more or less invulnerable seat in the most liberal district in supposed liberal Mecca (in fact, it’s my district) and he still routinely jumps at the sight of his own frickin’ shadow. We’re talking about a guy who sent out a questionaire a couple of years back to find out if his continuents really cared all that much whether Soc. Sec. was privatized or not.

And don’t get me started on Wyden. I’ll have to kill myself. :/

32. liberalcatnip - 17 February 2007

I was sort of leaning toward Ralph’s Alien Lovechild but that might be too obvious, even for the aparent quality of bouncers over there. Anyone else have any ideas ?

I suppose AuntyMobocracy would also be a tad obvious too? 🙂




Or just…WhoTheHellMadeYouKing?

33. liberalcatnip - 17 February 2007

Oh…I like this one: SpiralOfSilence

34. liberalcatnip - 17 February 2007

Scalia in Canada:

“We have become addicted to abstract moralizing,” Judge Scalia said. “It is blindingly clear that judges have no greater moral capacity than the rest of us to decide what is right.”

Judge Scalia said back in the days when the United States was a true democracy, citizens changed the Constitution if a consensus developed around adding or eliminating a human right. “What democracy means is that the majority rules,” he said. “If you don’t believe that, you don’t believe in democracy.”

Judge Scalia ridiculed his court’s landmark ruling legalizing abortion in Roe v. Wade, saying that it was absurd to issue such a decision without deciding first when a fetus becomes a human life. “Amazing!” he said. “Of course, that question was central.”

35. ms_xeno - 17 February 2007


Or just…WhoTheHellMadeYouKing?

My favorite so far. 😀

The Spiral page is interesting, though. Because I think that’s why so many DP Big Brains (or wannabe’ Big Brains) really, really, really hate you-know-who. The core reason. It’s the very mentality described on that Wiki page, only with a more pedestrian wording:

Sure we know we’re being screwed and robbed every day by people who claim they care about us, but we’re suffering in silence like good little kiddies in the planet’s most dysfunctional political family, so why can’t you ?!

Hey, I read Skeleton Closet and its ilk and I know the guy ain’t perfect. I really want some other outsider candidates to happen along the way before I’m too old to fill out a damn ballot unless it’s in Braille. BUT, when shit is knawing at you like crazy, when you know in your gut how incredibly WRONG it all is– yet nobody speaks up to show you that THEY know it, too, well…

The first person who shouts that, yes, it’s awful and no, you’re not out of your mind gets a lot of gratitude just for shouting when everyone else either whispers or doesn’t speak at all. Not unconditional worship, but gratitude for sure.

36. D. Throat - 17 February 2007

Am I the only one who is having screen problems? It started after the WP outages… the whole side bar of the page goes to the bottom of the story

37. D. Throat - 17 February 2007

My wife was out in the streets (5+ / 0-)

Closing down streets, protesting.

But she was also very politically active. Her mother was a big-time campaign worker who had paid positions in many campaigns. Hubert Humphrey stayed with them when he was in town.

My parents were street-level Dems.

Dick Cheney is Nostradamus

by Bob Johnson on Fri Feb 16, 2007 at 12:40:54 PM PST

Still are. (17+ / 0-)

In fact, I just talked with my dad about an hour ago and he said, “I am so sick of reading about Bush and Cheney, the king assholes.”

He was at the protest on the beach in California that spelled out “IMPEACH” in human bodies.

And he’s an old-fashioned union Democrat. He was a precinct captain when I was kid. I walked the precinct with him every election, local, state and national.

So as for the claims in this diary that it was only the far left making such statements early on and any number of topics, I call, “Bullshit.”

Dick Cheney is Nostradamus

by Bob Johnson on Fri Feb 16, 2007 at 11:17:20 AM PST

Hmmmm…. Sounds like the only person in BobJohnson family that has issues with the far far left is…. BobJohnson. His parents seem petty cool… what happen to BobJohnson… of yeah he was the joke. And what is BobJohnson’s claim to fame… thugging in the DK threads against “far” leftist… the man has got issues… sound like the revenge of the nerd complex.

38. liberalcatnip - 17 February 2007

And just how many hours has he spent in OPOL’s diary because he doesn’t like the title? Wow.

39. Miss Devore - 17 February 2007

ms xeno, as for the monikers:
Luscious Vagina?
One Pissed Off Labia?
I love my page, too, and I have my own model, a chihuahua mix (not mine) that doesn’t take kindly being referred to as a pig. The “won ton ears” she could live with.

40. bayprairie - 17 February 2007

“Gate crashing” for profit
by Renee in Ohio

So, to recap. We have this guy (Markos Moulitsas Zúniga) who runs a blog and co-wrote a book, who in the process has aquired some celebrity. He uses phrases like “people powered” and “crashing the gate” as his branding. In the meantime, whether he has indeed “crashed a gate,” or merely procured, for himself, a seat at the table, he’s made it clear that he is not so interested in helping anyone else get in.

But even beyond that, he’s in our f***ing way! He’s become yet another moneyed arbiter of what news is “fit to print,” as it were, and which voices will have a harder time being heard. And I don’t make a living by blogging, but somehow squeeze it in around work and family, in what I ironically refer to as my “spare time”–because it’s that important to me to make a positive difference.

And given the time and energy I, along with countless others, have invested in the project of taking our country back, I simply can’t stand idly by while the tools of the revolution are co-opted by would-be kings.

the full course tonight complete with a tasty desert link to 114 advertising liberally member blog’s weekly rates!

and don’t miss great comment by The Blogging Curmudgeon

get it while its hot!

41. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 February 2007

I hate to break it to Bob, but depending on the union, his father may very well be “far left”. Unionism, after all, is hand-in-hand w/ Communists in the eyes of BOTH parties.

Geez, these stupid guys.

42. liberalcatnip - 17 February 2007

#39. I vote for these two!

Luscious Vagina
One Pissed Off Labia

and I’ll add:


43. bayprairie - 17 February 2007

haha!!!! super usernames!

i think madman might take exception to your spelling of one though. i know for a fact he spells it



DT, my margins are blown on front page load also, with DIV sidebar completely wrapped to bottom. prossibly a url that’s a character or two too wide? something similar. things are fine margin-wise once i load single diary & comments except in the following diary.

What’s it all about… and who ARE these people…

and this wraps sidebar to bottom too.

if an object is doing it, its something peculiar in that post, a rabid tag! the good news is as soon as it disappears, things’ll be right as rain.

44. ms_xeno - 17 February 2007

I will say this for the thread bayprairie links to on BMT. It didn’t melt down into a morass of everyone acusing everyone else of being CIA– just because one poster mentioned the CIA. I’ve lost count of how many Indymedia threads get scuttled that way after promising starts and it just drives me insane. Except the trigger word is usually “COINTELPRO.” Imagine a lost script for a Python episode that even they deep-sixed because it was too mean to armchair revolutionaries. :p

Oh, and you are all cracking me up with the names. Surpised nobody’s based any on Armando yet, though. I feel kind of sorry for MSOC, even though I’m not an avid reader of her stuff.

45. marisacat - 17 February 2007

DT and bay

My page returned to normal after a few hours… and will still occasionally let the whole right side column drop to the bottom.

That was one of the worst down times for WP since I signed on in March of last year. Once it was completely off for 3/4 hours in the middle of the night… but at least they had a static page up. This one felt very hard to control.

ugh, at one point, as wP was going down then up, then down again, I lost a fairly longish comment. had to let it go, too hard to replicate… 😉

REALLY glad to hear that OPOL’s diary is still at the top… fantastic!

Yesterday at the time of the “glitch” disappearance, I noticed that over on the Official Front Page some thang also riding at the top, of hmm Kagro’s I think, sported A CUCKOO CLOCK…

do these people have any perspective? It looked ridiculous.


Oh yes, absolutely Bowers is right about being intimidated over a hard right putsch, supposedly about two low level staffers (except Bloggers are king makers in their own mind… )…

But the Boyz always snap to genuflection. They get “tetched” or are bitching, using their page as leverage, as they want something…

A few weeks ago Stoller went on for days over DC, the senators, the party, etc. Called the senators “leprous”… but it all passed over. Back to genulfection wtih mild disagreements.


What a great thread… I loved waking up and reading it.

Fan-TASTIC! screen names.

46. D. Throat - 17 February 2007

Best comment EVER!!!!

Wow… this is exactly the point… and why Kos and his krew are so dangerous to the real progressive movement.

One thing I see in this diary is that the Republicans would like nothing more than to divide the left into the so-called “far leftist” camp and the “reasonable moderate” camp and then convince the “reasonable moderates” of the present that the tie-died hippies of the past were crazed lunatics.

Unmooring the present day liberalism from all historical underpinnings is something every Republican wants to do. It’s endemic throughout their entire histriony.

This destruction of the ideological foundations of liberalism has been going on for decades. The Republicans have been taking a little more and a little more, trying to destroy any liberal idea or though a piece at a time by marginalizing the fringe of the left.

No I’m not a hippie, never was and never will be. If you really want to know I consider myself a “Star Trek Liberal”; in terms of believing in a united humanity that transcends the dying boundaries of nationalism.

(Make no mistake, the corporatists are noticing the old nation states are dying and if we do not notice that as well and begin to act globally on behalf of people worldwide I believe we will wind up with the corporate world state of our worst nightmares. And America will not run it, America will be a corporate colony with a beaten down population of serfs — and those people will be you and me and all America’s children)

In fact I think it’s time for a new kind of liberal. A new generation as it were. Not that the people of OPOL’s generation were wrong or crazy — they weren’t. I am the generation just after OPOL and I am not ever going to run around in tie-die and bell bottoms and stick up two fingers and say “peace, man”. But the challenges were different then and the stakes are even higher now. And we deny the disown the history (even the “crazy left” history of liberal activism that the Republicans have made filthy) to our own cost.

The enemies of OPOL’s “dirty hippies” and the enemies of today’s “reasonable, well dressed, reasonable sounding liberals” are the same. Their goals have not changed. Left to their own devices they will divide and divide again until everyone to the left of Ken Salazar is at each other’s throats. To the Republican right, nothing less than total agreement with their aims is reasonable.

Their isolating and marginalizing each decade’s far left has gone on so long I don’t think most people realize that the corporate right of this country has been doing it deliberately and incrementally and systematically.

What I see as a major point of this diary is not that the hippie left of the past was the be all and end all of all that is good and righteous. It is a plea that the left should rise again. That allowing the Republicans to separate us into wild eyed crazies and “moderate non partisan tame democrats” serves no one but the Right. That today’s left has been too quiet and too accommodating.

It is time for the left to get a little bit louder, as they say on Air America.

Big justice is built from bricks of smaller justice – me (-6.25, -6.92)

by AndyS In Colorado on Fri Feb 16, 2007 at 10:17:36 PM PST

… and this is how and why they were quick to label Dean a wild eyed radical liberal… when he was not. All of the so called liberal media are in sync chanting that Obama must not become “radical” t be acceptable. Like starting an illegal war was moderate. To see people like Luscious Vagina (that one is going to stick)… falsely thinking that calling himself “moderate’ will some how appease the radical right is insane. Kos has done nothing but divide and then divide again the left. I don’t even think that he is smart enough to realize the damage that he is doing… out of plain greed.

Suddenly, when theing get hot they run back to their roots…

47. D. Throat - 17 February 2007

Suddenly, when theing get hot they run back to their roots… Bowers props up his argument against Donohue by siding with abortion and calling the right terrorist… Now on Feb 17… they realize it is Black history month…on DK…. there are only 28 days in this month…

But just like Emsock and the CubanHEELer endless cycle of abuse and forgiveness…. it won’t last long…

48. marisacat - 17 February 2007

great comment, thanks for posting that…

oh yes the old rocking chair they work from. Throw one thing at the wall, let it slide down, throw soemthing else at the wall.

The terrorism, The Bloggers Were Terrorisred! and the bowers slurp for wimmens issues – abortion under assault from the hard right day in and day out – is just so predictable.

One of the more amusing ads around the netteries has been the ad between posts at Mydd (of all places) for HPV immunisation. What a scream!

49. Miss Devore - 17 February 2007

catnip (you brazen hussy!) I love Delaware Dame and BigTastyDameocrat.

50. Miss Devore - 17 February 2007

wait. I’ve got it:

Llorens of Aravia

51. marisacat - 17 February 2007

Oh! That made me laugh out loud. Fortunately i had put the coffee down… 🙂

52. marisacat - 17 February 2007

Someone could always register under:






53. D. Throat - 17 February 2007

Nope my screen is still messed up… maybe try chnaging to another template and changing back

54. Miss Devore - 17 February 2007

Kosy Arrangement.

Otto Ban.


55. D. Throat - 17 February 2007

Oh and I put the odds of Gore jumping in later at 70%. He is now polling third place behind Hilliary and Obama beating out Edwards. That is a pretty strong showing for someone who is admant about not running… no one is begging Hillary to run or even stay in the race.

56. D. Throat - 17 February 2007

In regards to your update…

HA…. is Luscious Vagina saying that Japanese men have little dicks… gee has he measured all of them.

Racist delusional teeny tiny prick.

57. Tuston - 17 February 2007

I keep flashing on that old Gary Larson Cartoon about white guys comparing missile size, only the comic was much funnier and not pathetic…

58. ms_xeno - 17 February 2007

I am lost as to why so people are anxious to have Gore back. I suppose many convince themselves that he represents some Last Golden Age of Progs. A woefully bad memory of what the two Clinton terms were actually like. They can’t have Bill back because of term limits but they can have Al, which is the next best thing. Give me strength…

Then again, I am lost in general as to why so many people cleave to the Democrat Party at all when, as somebody on Salon put it while the carnage in FL was being mopped up in early ’01: I don’t know why so many people tolerate a party that ran out on them so many years ago. I don’t know why they sit like abandoned wives with candles in the window, pining for the spouse who ran out on them decades ago yet still expects them to show up on Election Day.

59. ms_xeno - 17 February 2007

Oh, and I think that the divide between liberals and the left is as old as time. It’s just that savvier liberals under better, more humane electoral systems have mastered the art of taking what good things they can from the far Left and leaving the rest. Liberals in this country generally agree with the Right that the Left is a useless and embarrassing freak show good for nothing but ritual abuse. Liberals and the Right are like the two dogs in that old Warner Bros. cartoon, with Liberals as the little dog that is always being smacked around by the big dog;Yet is always happy to find an even weaker target to help the big dog beat up.

Speaking of Hippies… Honestly, can I dump a bucket of lukewarm compost tea on the next Liberal/Proggie twerp who starts whining about “circular firing squads ?” It’s such an insulting and useless term, on any number of levels. It pretends to an equality and fairmindedness on liberals’ behalf that, so far as I can tell from my three go-rounds as Green/Indy voter, does not exist. Liberals are not magnanimous people standing with me in a big friendly circle only to be turned upon by treacherous Lefties for no good reason. Blearrgh. Just stop it. >:

60. marisacat - 17 February 2007

DT… it is not straightened out yet.. sometimes the right hand column is in place, sometimes not.

New Thread up: Break the Scripts

61. marisacat - 17 February 2007

ugh. I hate “circular firing squad”… it is used to shut dissent. Very clearly.

I have come to hate the old quote they love to drag out about either “herding cats” or how they don’t belong ot an “organised party”, etc.

The lines allowed are so few…

62. marisacat - 17 February 2007

DT… hilarious sub thread. A real scream when they call him “Lucy”. Too runny. And on target.

63. ms_xeno - 17 February 2007

Well, Mcat, I think you ducked into my LJ briefly that day when I was arguing with a Dem friend about Kucinich and the DP in general. They really do fall back on the most tired tropes and then don’t know what to do when the people they claim are “welcome in their Big Tent” blah blah blah don’t identify with the metaphor and wouldn’t want in “the Tent” even if we did identify. They don’t get the difference between the infinitives “to welcome” and “to exploit.” It’s why I prefer to stick to trivia when we interract and to just leave the rest alone. Otherwise, I’m afraid that I’d really come to hate them.

64. the banshee - 17 February 2007

Llorens of Ataxia

65. the banshee - 17 February 2007

…no offense to ataxics of course. I was referring to involuntary and irregular operation of the keyboard…

66. Miss Devore - 17 February 2007

banshee–what one could only wish: Llorens of Aphasia

67. marisacat - 17 February 2007

LOL Llorens of Numlock. (or at least that is what the button on my key board says… )

68. outofwater - 17 February 2007

How about cbw for cunt, bitch whore. Own it.

69. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 February 2007

wow you people are prolific!

First, that Andy S comment is fantastic (I like the “Star Trek Liberal label … that is a good description of my worldview as well, kinda New Millenium Enlightenment).

Second, the names are great (I vote for One Pissed off Labia), and LOL Bay …

Miss Devore, do you have some kinda hellish pun generator on your ‘puter? Are you possessed by the spirit of Henny Youngman? It’s too early to be laughing this hard.

As for circular firing squads, if an “ally” keeps knocking my rifle out of my hand so that I can’t shoot my enemy, then the “ally” is fair game.

70. Miss Devore - 17 February 2007

outofwater–cbw leaves out “harpy”-can’t leave out one corner of the universe.

MitM-I believe the only New Year’s resolution I ever kept was “Rename other people’s pets.”

Co-workers are always excellent targets for renaming, too.

71. Tuston - 17 February 2007

re: the “Star Trek” liberal label

I think a lot of progressive ideals were presented in a good light in the various iterations of the ST entertainment universe, but the foundational paradigm rests on the whole “top dog” model, and so is somewhat suspect. Then there’s the whole Klingon violent “darkie” and Romulan devilish “mongoloid” racial subtexts that never quite went away.

That shouldn’t be surprising. After all, inspite of all the egalitarian and universalist ideals, Star Trek was concieved of as a “space western” . I think a conception derived from colonialism, inspite of enlightened ideals, will always suffer cognitive dissonance to some degree.

Lard of merci, I know I do…

Its great that the later series have Capt. Sisko, the divinely informed Afro-Kirk, and Jane Hathaway, the Maggie Thatcher/disciplinarian school marm of space, but really are these the heroes we should be chosing? Their myths seem similiar to the ones Obama and Hilary relie upon to mask their raw ambition for prestige/position.

I don’t mean to be ornery, and I actually am a big Star Trek geek, but I think that attaching the problematic “Star Trek” label to the much maligned “liberal” monikor may be problematic due to some of the source material…

72. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 February 2007

well geez, nuthin’ is perfect. There aren’t any really strong women, either. It’s more the idea that people can interact through reason and shared understanding that I was thinking of, but you’re right about all of that.

73. Tuston - 17 February 2007

It’s more the idea that people can interact through reason and shared understanding that I was thinking of..

Yeah I’m down with that, too. Sorry if I came across too stridently,

I just lived through the annual invasion of “high holy” hippies that Tucson suffers every Gem Show, and am a little sensitive to the whole “great white guru/leader” trip. I swear every year I won’t do sound for these hipocritical misogynists (I’m sorry if that is a bit broad of a brush, but what is a 57 year old man serially sleeping with 18-20 year-olds called?) but every year the “good people” that just love music, and who I respect beg and I end up doing it.

The final result is I become agro against everybody, and begin to hate all hippies (another horrific misnomer, but a somewhat useful label)

I hope I ain’t takin’ my bad mood out on you, MitM.

74. Miss Devore - 17 February 2007

Hey! I have friends who go to the gem show!

I get your larger point, however.

75. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 February 2007

oh, no, you’re right on ALL of those points, though I think the subversive things in some of the stereotypes is the way those shows developed that cultures like the Klingons were far more complicated and open to change than they first appeared.

Not at all … I feel better today than I’ve felt in a week now that my chest doesn’t have a hairy troll living in it playing speed bag with my lungs! Ain’t no breaking my stride, ain’t no bringin’ me down! (God, you know I’m giddy when I start paraphrasing bad Matthew Wilder songs).

Anyway, I’m really bad at joining anything, so the whole guru thing always puzzled me.

76. Tuston - 17 February 2007

Miss Devore: You should skip the February OR rains and join them sometime; fantastic bazaar fun in the seventy degree sunny weather.

Sadly the Tucson Gem and Mineral show of today, although much larger and more lucrative than ever, is not the funky Gem Show of my youth in the seventies or even 1015 years ago.

The Chamber of Commerce types are happy, the hordes of free-spirited-patchouli-stinkin barefoot types less so…

77. Tuston - 17 February 2007

…the whole guru thing always puzzled me.

You and me both, buddy.

The highpoint of my recent drama was during sound check. I called thethe most bloated ego present, “levi” and he barked at me, “Call me JAH Levi”. The bluster of Authority means little to a deviant like myself andI responded “I call no man, Jah, Mr. Carl Goldstein” He stormed off and never finished his sound check (which pleased me immensely) and then ignored me for the rest of the night.

I think he’s realized how much I loathe him, I just wish I told off the teen molesting montebank sooner…

78. Miss Devore - 17 February 2007

Tuston–I have skipped the PacNorthwest rains for about 20 years (and I was in Bellingham & Seattle, not OR) Now, I am in what is called The South Bay, a way of acknowledging we are not as cool as San Franciscans and their nearest neighbors.

79. Tuston - 17 February 2007

Miss Devore..sorry about the geograhical mistake; at least you on the southern fringes of the future nation of ecotopia.

I am in what is called The South Bay, a way of acknowledging we are not as cool as San Franciscans and their nearest neighbors.

ROTFLMAO…yeah I know the way to San Jose…I used to take the 17 to make it over the hill to SC and the old pre earthquake downtown and the lighthouse (dog or hippy, or “its”) beach.

80. Miss Devore - 17 February 2007

I went to that hippy college Fairhaven for a year or so, in B-ham–although at a time (’73) when the rebellious aspect of it was rather formalizing. but yes, I was an earth-shoe wearing vegetarian…but one day my best friend there & I, after listening to some lunacy that went on in our “Education for Liberation” class (not really a class, but make lunch collectively then whine about our oppression in a circle) realized how silly a lot of this stuff was, and we spent the rest of our time their satirizing it.

81. arcturus1 - 17 February 2007

Tuston sez used to take the 17 to make it over the hill to SC and the old pre earthquake downtown and the lighthouse (dog or hippy, or “its”) beach

shoulda known! lol when? we lived in Sc 74-79 – still occasionally get back down there

82. Miss Devore - 17 February 2007


83. wu ming - 17 February 2007

ah, the city of subdued excitement!

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