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What’s it all about… and who ARE these people… 16 February 2007

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, Big Box Blogs, Blonde Sense, la morte de St Germain Dog - the best the BLAHgers had, Political Blogs.

  The donkeys laugh at the rank and file

Not sure anyone can stand more of it… but via Danny Glover at National Journal‘s Beltway Blogroll… The Bloggers are still talking (La Louche’d be on an island for a week smoking gilt tipped pale rose and violet cigarettes, flutes of Veuve Clicquot at the ready, but what the hell) and others are still observing…

I did read thru the Marcotte entry at Salon (very quick one screen ad) as I was certain I would be interested in different snips than Danny Glover… and yes I was interested in a different snip:

As I noted at the time of my resignation, the majority of the hate mail I was receiving was from men, and almost all the e-mails made note of my gender or suggested that I would be a more pleasant woman if I wasn’t so “angry.” Bluntly put, I find it hard to believe that many men would end up being denounced on TV for using words like “fuck” or “cunt” on their blog and expect to receive piles of e-mail offering an opportunity to suck the sender’s dick.

I dunno, call DD/LV – he and his Blahgger Support Boyz may know….

Regardless of its motive, the result of the smear campaign was to send a loud, clear signal to young feminist women. It tells them that campaigning for Democratic candidates, and particularly doing so in positions that would help the candidate connect with young feminist communities like the one that thrives in the blogosphere, is a scary, risky prospect. There are few things like having Bill O’Reilly work himself into a pearl-clutching fit while speaking your name over the air, or watching your in box fill to the brim with sexually violent, threatening e-mails. Young feminists certainly picked up on the message. As one wrote in a blog post tracking back to Pandagon, “I will never, ever go into any sort of actual work on any political campaign. I still might have to close off my original teenage wasteland-style blog. People will gleefully tear you apart any day of the week — but I’d rather not have that done to me over politics.”

Yes, with great assist from Bowers  (please note the rather tart reply from moiv, who manages an abortion clinic in a red state) and not a little from The BLoggers themselves, the theme is that the women were victimised, in fact terrorised! – and so they fled.  With hordes of similarly affected women behind them.

Oh puh-leese.  What about politics – and the politics of religion in the game – have y’all  missed for the past nearly 30 years?  Donohue is a killer operative and made his play.  A big one.  The Bloggers (not limited to Marcotte and McEwan) were chicken tenders, dispensed with rather quickly for maximum effect.  The Edwardses are the hapless Southern Baptists (where ever they may drop their white christian donations these days) in this mess of an Event…

There is this from Joan Walsh at Salon (emphasis is mine):

The backlash to the Edwards scoop, even more than the outcry over our Obama stories, was puzzling but also enlightening. We weren’t the only people who had solid information that Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan had been told they were leaving the Edwards campaign.

But if any bloggers knew, they didn’t report it. The bloggers closed ranks around the Edwards campaign, some even claiming that Salon had gotten the story wrong. There were suggestions, in Salon letter threads as well as in blogger-to-blogger whispers — it was loud; we could hear you! — that we’d peddled misinformation, or perhaps been peddled it, to help Hillary Clinton.

Before the Marcotte-McEwan meltdown, liberal blogfathers [STOP THAT!  they are NOT liberal! – Mcat] Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas Zuniga and MyDD founder Jerome Armstrong came under scrutiny, even attack, for their work on behalf of Democratic candidates, especially former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner. (Armstrong was on his payroll; Kos was merely friendly, but surprisingly friendly given Warner’s centrism.)

[JOAN!  JOAN!  Kos and Jerome are NOT liberal/left/progressives – at all!  Please get this straight!] 

Then Warner announced he would forgo a 2008 run, as did netroots favorite Sen. Russ Feingold, leaving the field without an official candidate.

When the blog-friendly Edwards campaign — the candidate’s wife Elizabeth has reportedly blogged on lefty sites under an assumed name — hired Marcotte from Pandagon and McEwan from Shakespeare’s Sister, it was hailed as a victory for the blogosphere. Thus preventing their firing, or denying it had ever happened, became crucial for building “the movement,” as MyDD’s Chris Bowers so often describes his blog colleagues’ goal.

But what is “the movement,” and what are its goals? Is it correcting, challenging, augmenting and maybe someday replacing the staid, arrogant, sometimes corrupt, rarely courageous titans of the mainstream media? Or is it replacing a tired and politically timid field of Democratic consultants with a new generation of cyberspace kingmakers? Of course, there’s room for both in the liberal blogosphere. But can individual bloggers do both? [snip]

I’d say smart campaigns will vet and have a tightly configured contract for the blogger/hire to sign.  Bloggers who want (all too desperately) to work for the narrow, tired, corrupt game of Two Party politics will start writing about the politicians’ pets, children and wives… rather than the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM), Holy Jism and Plan B all in the same breath.  AND hook up with the goals of the DFLA to push 95/10, along the way to the Holy Jism…

Compromise” means time to blather about women’s morality, but still not about men

Published by Amanda Marcotte October 3rd, 2006 in Abortion Rights

As I indicated yesterday, I think the 95-10 legislation is a good bill for pro-choicers. Since we are pro-choice, we have supported women’s right to choose how she wants to manage her reproductive life. Choice means it’s on the woman; whatever her reasons, they are hers and not ours to use political means to constrain.* That means if women are making choices that they don’t feel are optimal, we pro-choicers want to find out how we can help them make the best choices for them.

The 95-10 legislation was conceived by “pro-lifers” and the ironic thing about it is when “pro-lifers” honestly looked at the actual reasons women have abortions, they found that the best measures to lower the abortion rate is to adopt…..pro-choice proposals we’ve been making since the beginning of the second wave of feminism: Access to contraception, the education to use it, and more assistance to women to raise the children they do want. This clearly bugs the “pro-lifers” who are reluctantly signing onto this project that the meanie feminists were right all along—every “moderate” on the abortion issue I’ve read who praises the 95-10 legislation admits to the fact that pro-choicers are the exact same people who legalized contraception, advocate for education, and advocate for low-cost contraception. In his article yesterday Saletan acted like pro-choicers just suddenly discovered contraception, even though the plantiff on the landmark contraception rights case Griswold vs. Connecticut was the director of Planned Parenthood, an organization that most “pro-lifers” want to shut down. [snip]

now that Pandagon is up… the articles are accessible…  


For good measure:


by Delaware Dem

Thu Feb 01, 2007 at 11:58:17 AM PST

I have had some close calls with outings. 

Back last fall, a Wilmington News Journal reporter revealed my identity in a story about Biden failing the bar exam.  Back in 2004 or 2005, I had posted, as Delaware Dem here on Daily Kos, a comment talking about the prospective Delaware state races that were upcoming in 2006. In that comment, I referenced the fact that prospective Attorney General candidate Beau Biden had failed the bar on numerous occassions, although he eventually passed. 

This industrious reporter was able to do some googling on “Delaware Dem” and he was able to find out who I really was.  No amount of begging or pleading was going to dissuade him from going ahead with the story on Beau Biden failing the bar, even though my part in the story was trivial at best.

Delaware Dem’s diary :: ::

Well, I had an understanding boss, and there was no harm, no foul.   After considering briefly stepping away from blogging at Daily Kos due to the outing, I continued.   I naively trusted the good will of Kossacks and those on our side of the spectrum in general.
I have just been informed that Mariscat, a founding Kossack who has since been banned from Daily Kos, has posted a picture of myself on her pathetic little WordPress website.  I will not link to it.  I do not want to give the bitch the traffic. Needless to say, this picture is not only another outing of me, but it is also a copyrighted picture owned by my employer, which Mariscat stole for her own uses.  She posted this picture on her website, apparently in oppostion to my opinions here at Daily Kos, although, after reading her rantings, it is hard to tell what she is saying.  Her writing has all the comprehension and grammar skill of a ten year old.

Since the little cowardly bitch has no contact information on her website, I had to contact WordPress itself, and I am pursuing the necessary legal action. 

But, that does not resolve the problem.   I have been a outspoken member of this community for nearly four years, as both Delaware Dean and Delaware Dem.  I have made many good friends here, and while many, even Markos, do not agree with me all the time, we all respect each other and friendly with each other.

Hey, I am even friendly with Big Tent Democrat, pyrrho, and other notable Kossacks who probably oppose everything I stand for.

The problem is the people who do not respect you.  The people who refuse to act civilly, respectfully, or even legally when they disagree with you.

There is too much on Google, and too much is known about me, and my personal life, for me to continue to trust the goodwill of those who shown none to me.

Therefore, this will be my final diary and comment on Daily Kos as Delaware Dem. 

I will still be here, and like other outed well known Kossack, I will be back in time.

But for now, Goodbye.

Tags: GBCW (all tags)


BTW, my email is still at my Info page at both Dkos and BMT.  Perhaps a simple mispelling of my blog name prevented finding it.  Oh those third tier attys… doing third tier work…

And this as well (emphasis mine):

Outing Bloggers

by BooMan
Thu Feb 1st, 2007 at 03:48:21 PM EST

Delaware Dem has been outed by Marisacat and has written a GBCW diary. I happen to know Delaware Dem from our local Drinking Liberally chapter. We enjoy disagreeing about politics over a few beers. I don’t know why some people have the urge to reveal the identities of people that are clearly trying to maintain their anonymity. Is that a cool way of winning an argument? Is that a proper retribution for what you consider to be rude or bullying behavior? I think it is totally lame. Marisacat ranks on me all the time. I don’t mind, although sometimes I have to shake my head at what I consider a bad misreading of what I think and where I stand. But this outing business is beneath contempt. I know Delaware Dem likes to tell people to STFU and get in line and all that. But that is no reason to go post his picture on the internet. Since DD is a lawyer I assume he will be taking some action.

If I were Marisacat I’d take that photo down and apologize…profusely.

Not Cool.


I have to laugh.  The (Edwards) Bloggers never figured out who their compatriots in the “movement” were, or they did not care.  They wanted the linking and the stroking….  And the jobs with The Big Democrats.  Apparently.

What  has been revealed in both Events is that Blahhggers (male and female) do a ton of empty chest beating, missing the point, whining, whinging and all around bullshitting. 

The souffle that never rose for sinking.  Into their laps.

 Seriously. Troll Rate me. Ban me. (8+ / 12-)

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But Mariscat is a bitch, a whore, and a cunt.  Whatever derogatory term you want to use, use.  

by Delaware Dem on Thu Feb 01, 2007 at 01:31:58 PM PST

[ Parent ]

As Elise is selling/describing/offering her body parts to, I would surmise, anyone reading the thread, the only worthwhile non-knee jerk assessment slides by (who ever called the Boyz really swift missed the boat):

 Sad, really. Your have just thrown away (8+ / 0-)

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RobertInWisconsin, Irfo, Thistime, diplomatic, GN1927, Ja of Anoroc, daMule, suicide blonde

the possibility for any meaningful visible role in politics. Your lack of discretion is astounding, counselor.


by Robert Davies on Thu Feb 01, 2007 at 05:57:14 PM PST

[ Parent ]

And Marisacat… well, not a victim.  Not fleeing.  What can I say.

Whinge on Boyz. And Assists.


UPDATE, 1:10 pm

Via Danny Glover’s Blog Bits column:

Jerome Armstrong of MyDD is working with Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., to hire an eight-member Internet team for Kerry’s Set A Deadline project to get U.S. troops out of Iraq. Politics and Technology also gave Kerry kudos for running the first Flash advertisement with Blogads in order to promote Set A Deadline. And Kerry was a guest of Heading Left at BlogTalkRadio this week to discuss the project.

Well. Its a paying job… tho the whole thing is pretty transparent as an ego rescue for Kerry.  Democrats will go in 20 directions and then dither.


And in a diary just up at MyDD, California Nurses profile the ’08 field, so far, w/r/t health care:

Health Care Corps. & ’08 Candidates–Today’s SinglePayer Update

Watch your wallet: the health corps are gearing up to lobby, bribe, threaten and cajole the 2008 Presidential candidates.  You can count on them to pressure our leaders for more profit and less reform.  Two of the biggest healthcare corporations/lobbyists, United Healthcare and Blue Cross, are in trouble for patient endangerment, while George Bush looks to hack more money out of Medicare for his Iraq adventures, the Governor of Washington fumbles healthcare reform, and the Governor of California can’t make his healthcare math add up.

Brought to you by the National Nurses Organizing Committee as we organize to make 2007 the Year of SinglePayer Healthcare.

Roll Call takes an early look at the lobbying efforts by health industry groups directed at 2008 candidates.

Short take: it’s not good news. [snip]

… and this:

The American Medical Association has long blocked any genuine reform in the healthcare sector, putting their profits above their patients.  Now their proposals exactly mirror George Bush’s:  

”AMA’s plan calls for a combination of public- and private-sector initiatives to get health coverage for all Americans, he said. Those proposals include tax breaks for people who pay for their own health plans and insurance policies that people take with them from job to job”. [snip]

and this…

The article singles out Hillary Clinton for her closeness to the pharmaceutical industry.  As we have noted earlier (here and here), Mrs. Clinton was the second-highest recipient of money in 2006 from both the insurance and the healthcare sectors of our economy.  Perhaps that explains this:

While Mrs. Clinton has said she intends to issue a universal plan, her focus thus far has been on more incremental change. …Since announcing her White House bid on January 20, she has touted proposals to expand the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, to increase the use of electronic health records, and, most recently, to improve access to lower-cost prescription drugs.


While I don’t like Edwards’ plan, I give him credit for putting something out.  Romney has, too, although his plan is far worse than doing nothing.  Mrs. Clinton–what about you?  Mr. Giuliani, McCain, Obama–do you have anything to add?  [ooo… towel snap!]

Fun fun fun in the dry and cracking arroyo of American national politics.  How many are running?  20 yet?  Is it possible to get it up again for the eternal ditherers, Biden and Harkin?

Looong two years.


UPDATE, 2:25 pm on the Pacific Ocean… bright and sunny here…  

Really, it is low comedy.  I happened to see OPOL riding at the top of the Rec List.  Never saw the whole thing (I know they think I read the Blahhgers and the Baby Box Car sites religiously, but I don’t) so read.  And what do I see, all on my own, no emails this time, 🙂 [emphasis mine]

 Is it because of the graphics maybe? (7+ / 0-)

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I understand you had problems yesterday, which of course confirmed in the minds of the Obsessive-Compulsive Girlz that there was a conspiracy to keep OPOL down.

Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc

I support Barack Obama for President.

by Lucius Vorenus on Fri Feb 16, 2007 at 11:26:32 AM PST

[ Parent ]


Tsk.  Get with the script:  that is cunt, bitch, whore

I used to see/read “OPOL” in various comments here and there, and did not know who it was.  Very good diary… deserves to ride at the top of the Rec List. 

Open Topic thread…



1. the banshee - 16 February 2007

Congeries of frustrated lawyers and the schoolmarms eager to fellate them…

What fascinates you about that?

2. earth to meg - 16 February 2007

“But Mariscat is a bitch, a whore, and a cunt. Whatever derogatory term you want to use, use. ”

This comment was recommended by nightstalker, dkos “feminist.” Yep. Although she railed on someone in another post for being referred to as a “heather.” Oh the hypocrisy. You could fly through that transparency.

3. marisacat - 16 February 2007

LOL… I post what interests me. I post about hypocrisy and basic fairness.

Your mileage may vary.

4. marisacat - 16 February 2007

9:51 AM PT

WP was down for about 40+ minutes… and I see coming up bit by bit.

LOL NOt a Marisacat hiccup.

5. colleen - 16 February 2007

What fascinates you about that?

Pathology is always fascinating to observe.
Why do you care?

6. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 February 2007

Banshee, a better question would be ‘what fascinates them about engaging in such behavior publicly?’ That’s what fascinates me about people who claim to be part of a movement and expect to be taken seriously. One can only hope they have no aspirations to become political bloggers.

Earth to Meg, yes, and she, npk, is still there, but Thistime, who rightly troll-rated that vile comment, has been banned.

I had a problem too, Marisacat but the message said they were working on it!

Colleen made a comment on the previous thread about people being fearful of retaliation from dk by using their dk names. Everyone has to do so at their own pace. Friends are a consideration also. And yes, that says a lot about the place. It’s a different situation for different people, imo. As with everything.

7. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 February 2007

And don’t forget, btw, the support of the Christian Pastor for all of that and the curse placed on Marisacat and applauded by his supporters ~ lol. And they talk about the Christian Right!

8. marisacat - 16 February 2007

Thistime banned and Miss Devore “warned” at BLue House for being blunt with BTD.

Poor chicklet, I doubt they know how many blogs he has blown into, crashed and trashed, abused, insulted people and then having crapped in the (supposedly pristine) valley, attempts to make his crawl outta town look like a nuclear freeze party.

BHD can be the 6th or 7th or or or… Its a living diorama.

9. marisacat - 16 February 2007

ooops: I mean Thistime banned at Kos. Sorry if it appeared to conflate.

10. earth to meg - 16 February 2007

“Poor chicklet, I doubt they know how many blogs he has blown into, crashed and trashed, abused, insulted people and then having crapped in the (supposedly pristine) valley, attempts to make his crawl outta town look like a nuclear freeze party.”

Yes, you have to assume that his behavior. won’t. change. Antisocial personality characteristics don’t begin to describe this guy. Turning onto a new blog doesn’t make him a “new” person. Same jerk, different blog. It might takes years on the couch for this guy. He’s not gonna change. All it will take at this other blog (or wherever else he is posting) is one comment that tilts his windmill the wrong way and he’ll out himself as the abuser he is. Probably shouldn’t take too long. These people generally can’t contain themselves for long.

11. ms_xeno - 16 February 2007

I suppose that since I took issue with the notion that it was feminist to back a warmonger who would kill women overseas, my objections to feminist bloggers as wholly-owned subsidiaries doesn’t count.

It’s very convenient for the mainstream Demo blogs to paint this as a stark split between the secular humanist angels and the Bible-thumping devils. But the truth is much more murky and complex. It usually is.

A hallmark of undemocratic regimes of many stripes is that they cultivate a siege mentality in a pair of camps that tends to push out any voices beyond the two most popular poles.

Well, I’ve had my “BAD FEMINIST” T-Shirt at hand since the ’00 election. Along with my “BAD JEW” shirt (too murky on Israel-Palestine) and “BAD UNIONIST” (too skeptical of the big guns at AFSCME) shirt and so on. So many ways to be “BAD” and all it takes is the simple phrase “There is more to this than you are saying.” I need to recycle the shirts into a quilt, and hang it in the window where my Dennis K. campaign sign used to be. 😉

12. ms_xeno - 16 February 2007

Oh, and a clipping for D. Throat that you might not have seen:

Out of the Closet and Onto the Court.

…But I have nothing but respect for the NBA people going beyond the “locker room code” to offer real support. Former teammate Michael Doleac told the Palm Beach Post, “If that’s who he is, good for him. John was a smart guy, a great guy, a fun guy.”

Another former teammate, Grant Hill, said to the Associated Press, “The fact that John has done this, maybe it will give others the comfort or confidence to come out as well, whether they are playing or retiring.”

But my favorite comments came from Knicks coach Isiah Thomas. Lord help me, I am starting to really like the man, which may be a sign of the apocalypse.

Thomas told the press, “If [there is an openly gay player] in my locker room, we won’t have a problem with it. I can’t speak for somebody else’s locker room, but if it’s mine, we won’t have a problem. I’ll make damn sure there’s no problem…. We’re a diverse society and we preach acceptance. We’re proud of diversity and no matter what your sexual preference may be…no one should be excluded…” –Dave Zirin

Hopefully a little more nuanced than Spaulding’s piece. I’ve always liked Zirin and I don’t even follow sports.

13. marisacat - 16 February 2007

well the carefully selected voices that are allowed to rise on the [choke strangle cough] “distaff” side, Amanda, Pam, Maha Jessica Valenti and so on… Blog Maids at Dkos

are pretty well owned.

As I said when Amanda made her announce and before this all blew up, it appears she is “really out there” but she is Approved Vaginastan. And thsu controllable.

and the Terrorism shit is just a weak cover story for a massive (but old news) cave in.

I don’t see much else…Oh except they [all of them] never understood DOnohue and what came down…

Might as well laugh.

14. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 February 2007

I meant to say that your OP is excellent, Marisacat. I would suggest sending it to Amanda. She no doubt missed DD’s and PD’s use of and support for the ‘c’ word. This whole affair had nothing to do with ‘young feminists’ no matter how they try to spin it. They simply are not ready for the big time, and indeed, may never be. They all have left a trail behind them, men and women, that they ought to have known would come back to haunt any with political ambitions.

Also, candidates can set up their own blogs. Anyone can be a blogger, as we’ve seen. Few are exceptional, and most of the current crop of ‘A’ listers have already damaged themselves. I foresee political campaigns creating their own blogs and writing their own content from now on. Why not?

This is excellent, and what we’ve all been asking:

But what is “the movement,” and what are its goals? Is it correcting, challenging, augmenting and maybe someday replacing the staid, arrogant, sometimes corrupt, rarely courageous titans of the mainstream media? Or is it replacing a tired and politically timid field of Democratic consultants with a new generation of cyberspace kingmakers? Of course, there’s room for both in the liberal blogosphere. But can individual bloggers do both? [snip]

They made another big mistake. I remember posting the Salon article and then reading that ‘Salon may be wrong’. Now, they have angered a far more widely read publication who will want to set the record straight.

Who are they, marisacat asks. Amateurs, all of them. Silence would have been the best choice after Salon published the story. But kneejerk is what they do best. No foresight.

15. D. Throat - 16 February 2007

I think the Eugene and Nonpartisan… promotion of DD’s “cunt” speak… shows their true colors… no matter how “with it” they pretend to be on MLW

16. ms_xeno - 16 February 2007

I hope there’ll always be room for the other kind of amateur. The kind that’s not for sale.

I read the tail end of yesterday’s thread with all the talk of new spaces where the writers won’t have to kowtow to some bad-tempered jerk– or Chevron. I’d probably stick with LJ since my political postings are only sporadic– I’m mostly an artist and that’s what goes up when I’m most focussed. But I wish you all nothing but luck in getting a new space that you like…

17. D. Throat - 16 February 2007

Actually that is a very good point… some people may only want to write one good post a week or even a month… aggregated feedburners will give them a large audience that they may not have being sporadic on their own.

18. bayprairie - 16 February 2007

by my way of thinking what’s revealed nicely in this post is how little difference there is between how many men on the right, and many men on the left, attack women with whom they strongly disagree.

of course such behavoir haven’t been exactly hidden so perhaps “revealed” isn’t the best choice of word. in this specific instance those men on the left made sure theirs was on the top of the rec list for an entire day at naranja and front paged at another site. and all based on convoluted lies that swirl around some false “outing” that was used to further their disparate agendas.

outing is like birth. you’re either still inside,

or you ain’t.

19. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 February 2007

Ms xeno, I used the word ‘amateur’ in the context of what these people aspire to. For so long they have been acting as though the rest of us are naive and ignorant of the political landscape. Which may be true, but then we were not pretending to be anything other than citizens who were outraged by what was happening in this country.

This incident shows that they were no less ignorant of the field (politics) they intended to profit from, than the rest of us. I like the rest of us better. We did not have such aspirations and did not appreciate being talked down to by them.

20. D. Throat - 16 February 2007

Just read that Ms. X #12…. that is exactly what I was referring to… I don’t want to sweep the problem under the rug,,, but for heavens sakes at least frame it where it can do good for blacks and gays. Your entry is a hell of a lot more proactive to Pam’s predictable “Black people sure are homophobes” screed

21. marisacat - 16 February 2007

BTW, House voting on H Con Res 63… the Iraq Resolution.

Dems 228 Yes 2 Nay Non Voting 2

Repub 17 Yes 180 Nay Non Voting 4


LOL A couple of weeks ago Dems were bruiting they’d have 60 or R with them

22. liberalcatnip - 16 February 2007

#15. Very true, D Throat. I hadn’t noticed before that they both rec’d that vile bullshit.

As for the MyDD rant about threats of violence, those online rants certainly aren’t the exclusive domain of the wacky right. I wrote a quick post back in April 2006 criticizing a top rec’d diary at big orange in which the diarist was all too happy to see Bush tumble over Niagara Falls and drown while Booman was proud of himself over at BT for suggesting the Dershowitz’s kids be bombed. Violent fantasies disturb me a great deal and the so-called left certainly can’t claim innocence on that front.

#14. This whole affair had nothing to do with ‘young feminists’ no matter how they try to spin it.

I wrote about that at Mo Betta last nite. I agree.

I was going back through some of my old posts today (it’s my one year blogiversary) and found more than one I’d written about the lack of a “progressive” agenda amongst people who claim that name as their political moniker. One would think it would be somewhat simple to state clearly what being a “progressive” is all about (ie. what are your collective policy stances?) From what I’ve seen, being “progressive” only means winning elections – issues be damned. That’s what’s bothered me about that branding.

It doesn’t stand for anything substantial and people who are attracted by the label on the big blogs (thinking it means “liberal”) muddle around afraid to identify their values because they might be troll-rated or banned. “Progressive” does not mean “liberal” on those blogs and it continues to stun me that so many people just don’t see that. They’re a part of a “movement” that is completely undefined beyond “winning” and you can’t have a successful movement if you don’t know what you’re fighting for.

/end o’ that rant

I have more thoughts on that relating to the recent implosions and the effects of winning the Nov elections that I’ll put together later today or tomorrow over on Mo Betta under the headline “Stuck”.

23. D. Throat - 16 February 2007

Maybe I am reading too much into this…. It is great that she is finally giving John Amaechi more than two sentences (his response to bigotry) but in this “positive” piece she doesn’t even mention that he is black…. no tags for positive black gay message but I noticed Pam has two tag categories for black homophobes….

I don’t get it….?????

24. marisacat - 16 February 2007

GENE TAYLOR of MS voted against the Iraq Resolution.

Also Jim Marshall of GA (both Dems)…

Feel pretty sure that Gene Taylor helped get all that hot Fema and whatever else cash to repair Jeff Davis’s “hardly damaged” house.

Jesus, the boyz slobbered all over Gene for more than a year. Belov’d as he is by the Christian Coalition (87% approval for the last year I looked) and an early endorser of Massa who ran and thankfully lost in NY-29 (I sure don’t care anymroe and hardly have since 93).

And I sure noticed that the (more) progressive/left who won in ’06 are NOT on the list for extra $$ assistance from DCCC. Ellison, Loebsack, Shae Porter, etc.

They used McNerney and Hodes to cover their ass so they can point and say, see, we care.

I mean it is so clear.

25. liberalcatnip - 16 February 2007

Dan Gerstein, Lieberman’s 2006 communications director, lectures lefty bloggers on the Edwards bloggers affair.

As one commenter put it:

Conflict of interest much? I mean, seriously: having Dangerstein write about liberal bloggers is like having Cheney write about Joe Wilson.

Conflict aside, anyone who can take ostentatious offense at the writings of Amanda and Melissa while describing Donohue’s hateful bigotry as merely ‘controversial’ clearly has no moral compass whatsoever.

26. marisacat - 16 February 2007

It all revealed, for the umpteenth time, what a handle the bigots/wingers/et alia have on election politics. And how the bloggers (not just The Edwards Bloggers) persist in thinking it, everything on earth, is all about them.

I’d suggest limiting themselves to blogging. Seriously. RantLand with a corralled readership of pretty ineffectual lib/Dems/whatevers is the ticket. What they can handle.

The difference in Pandagon between when Jesse Taylor blogged there (went on to work for strickland of Ohio, iirc), political analysis and observation, and the predictable rants now… well… there you are.

27. D. Throat - 16 February 2007

Name that Hippy

These people are pathetic…

“Look at me I’m radical too … well at least I know someone who is…”

28. D. Throat - 16 February 2007

Where the hell do the come from???

I could post the same diary (11+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
Sharoney, dday, littlesky, ablington, Nightprowlkitty, duckhunter, buhdydharma, Iranaqamuk, dirtfarmer, godislove, Same As It Ever Was

… only with pictures of my parents and their friends, all good, hard-working union Democrats who busted their asses to get Nixon impeached.

Photos of my dad in black shoes with white socks. It would be hilarious.

Hell, my mom and dad worked for Eugene McCarthy’s campaign. But I don’t think they ever qualified as hippies.

Dick Cheney is Nostradamus

by Bob Johnson on Fri Feb 16, 2007 at 12:17:34 PM PST

… very telling.

In the OPOL thread… the finally put it back up… says it was a bugall of the thugs are “making nice”

I am a “moderate” liberal of which (22+ / 0-)

you speak, and I do admire your writing and passion. We will disagree, but your views are always welcome, and don’t let ANYONE ever tell you different.

Thanks for this diary.

Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc
I support Barack Obama for President.

by Lucius Vorenus on Fri Feb 16, 2007 at 11:24:40 AM PST

29. marisacat - 16 February 2007

LOL.. Look! Over there! at Darfur!

Look! over there! at AIDS in AFRICA!



30. ms_xeno - 16 February 2007

S.B.– Understood about the term “amateur,” totally. Heh. Some yob on brickburner.org tried to give me a lecture yesterday about how I was a terrible writer because a paragraph I wrote wasn’t exactly clear regarding whether I was being sarcastic or not. (Juvenile though they are, smilies surely do serve a purpose.) Even after I clarified for him and apologized for the confusion, he just wouldn’t shut up.

So I’m sorry to report that dick-wagging spans the entire political spectrum. (Big news, huh ?) This guy just made me laugh. He had such a personal stake, aparently, in proving to me that I was an “amateur.” Missing entirely the fact that of course I am. Don’t pretend to be anything else. At least another guy who I bump into on SMBIVA once in awhile popped in to tell him that he was barking up the wrong tree.

D. Throat, glad the piece was to your liking. I’ve loved Zirin for several years and hope La Nation (as Alan Smithee calls it) is paying him well. Also I hope they don’t tear out his teeth and turn him into one more boring jaggoff worshipping anything with a “D” after its name. That’s the stock in trade for most regulars at that rag.

31. liberalcatnip - 16 February 2007

D Throat,

This is the bit that caught my attention, via the cookieperson:

i even knew someone who became a prostitute because the assumption was it was a proper leftist thing to do


I thought Bob/Rex’s proclamations a la ‘hey my parents taught me this stuff before the damn hippies did!’ were hilarious in their defensiveness.

‘Everything I ever needed to Know I learned from my parents!’

32. arcturus1 - 16 February 2007

o ms x!

So many ways to be “BAD” and all it takes is the simple phrase “There is more to this than you are saying.”

33. ms_xeno - 16 February 2007

Oh, and since everyone’s been talking about NOLA again:


Public Housing Residents Reclaim Homes

Via Common Ground Media & NO Indymedia:

…Having been barred from their homes for over 17 months, the Peete residents decided to return to their apartments in the face of possible arrest, the threat of terminated housing assistance, and HANO’s plans to demolish the complex. “Since they don’t want to do nothing to fix up the units, we’re going to fix them up ourselves” said Allen ‘Lenny’ Harris, resident of C.J. Peete for 52 years. The tenants have generators and supplies to keep them going and plan to clean out dozens more apartments.

Housing officials argue that the apartments are too badly damaged to repair. Residents and housing advocates scoff at that idea. Harris, whose apartment only needs a lick of paint, says “The flood never got into the buildings. It got to the top steps and didn’t go no further.” Residents complain that most of the damage in the buildings is from vandalism and from HANO’s neglect. HANO failed to secure the buildings after Katrina and wind, rain and vandals have taken a toll. John Fernanadez, Associate Professor of Architecture at MIT, did an inspection of the 4 public housing complexes slated for demolition and said that “no structural or nonstructural damage was found that could reasonably warrant any cost-effective building demolition…” and that the units could easily be brought to “safe and livable conditions with minimal investment…”

The residents are not stupid. They know when they’re being bullshitted by suits. No wonder the Secret Police or FEMA or whomever was so anxious to get so many of them packed away incommunicado. All I can think of when I look at these photos of the residents who defiantly came back is that Marcia Ball song from So Many Rivers:

…Well there waiters here to wait
And haters here that hate us all
But the light from above’s like a blanket
That surrounds us all.

C’mon and dance with me, Baby
C’mon and dance with me ’til the dawn
C’mon and dance with me, Baby
You know you’re not alone
You know you’re not alone…

–*Dance With Me* (Sample Here.)

34. ms_xeno - 16 February 2007

arcturus1 (love the name), if you have a “BAD” survival story of your own, please share it. I live to be consoled and/or bolstered.

😀 I have survived enough Feminist Online Wars, enough Local meetings, enough shouting matches w/friends-family about Israel to know of what I speak. But I bet I’m not unique there…

35. liberalcatnip - 16 February 2007

Speaking of Katrina: Digital neighbourhood watch plan

A neighbourhood watch for the digital age, utilising the power of social networking, has been proposed.

Two lecturers in the US have suggested creating a network of Community Response Grids (CRG) in conjunction with the emergency services.

Citizens could leave text, video and photos on the site of emergencies, natural disasters and terror attacks.

If they can get it running smoothly, it would certainly be more helpful than people like “heckuva job Brownie” and the useless crew at FEMA.

36. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 February 2007

Lol, ms x ~ ‘dick-wagging’ – well, true, but then there are always enablers. Nothing new, you’re right. I think we’ve met the same guy! lol! Insecure, but also I think they have a comprehension problem sometimes. If you don’t spell things out, the literal-minded don’t get it.

I’m surprised Opol’s diary is back up. But he’s got hundreds, maybe thousands of supporters there. Some for his work, others created by the thugs when they tried to run him off. I was surprised at the relative calm in the thread today (except for the very envious Bob Johnson, although at least he wasn’t drinking this time). He’ll probably post a ‘snark’ diary later after a few drinks. Usually does. So childish.

It’s usually a battlefield. Even Npk decided to play nice. Maybe they’re getting smart or worried. But the sad thing is that many people have been banned for defending Opol against the thugs. So, it’s a bit late. And once again, predictably, not one of the thuggish attackers was banned. It showed them up, and as I said was a real awakening for me and many others to see them in action. That and the hrh affair were the turning points.

Marisacat, he used to just post quietly and people liked his stuff. As he became more popular and hit the rec list more often, that’s when the attacks began. He did a diary last week that was very moving called ‘Before I Sleep’. They left that one alone too. I think they are beginning to feel the effects of all their bullying.

The Opol battles are months old now and he prevailed only because of the huge support he has and the horrible tactics that were used against him. They were at their worst in their attempts to get rid of him. Hunter, DhinMi, Mslaura, Plutonium Page, Bob Johnson. Kos himself, with no provocation at all, came into a diary to tell Opol what a useless piece of crap he was and how he hated his work, and why wasn’t he out ‘doing something’. You could feel the hate. Very nasty and of course that gave free reign to the rest of the thugs

Then there were the sycophants, the brothers (who used to like him ’til they saw how the wind was blowing), psifighter (always jumps on Kos’ bandwagon) Npk et al all joined in. Hope they’re watching what happened to former friends of kos.

What they never saw was that they contributed to his popularity. No strategy even on their own blog. And I laugh when they act like there was no plan to ban him. Both Hunter and DhinMi openly threatened to do so right in one of his diaries. The record is there.

37. marisacat - 16 February 2007

Thanks for that Sabrina… I had also missed sLouise.. which someone explained to me.

Seems pretty clear Kos is a tight bundle of hatreds. And his thugs…

Good Luck to them all.

38. marisacat - 16 February 2007
39. arcturus1 - 16 February 2007

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