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The long drawn out painful Donkey Screw… 22 February 2007

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Iraq War.

  al Anbar, March 1, 2006 

But the old “slow bleed plan” was just a couple of weeks ago?  Now it is the revisit and narrow the authorisation?

There is such a “Humpty Dumpty – ness” about it all. And these are not even the “king’s men”. 

Too late fellows:

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Joseph R. Biden Jr. (D-Del.) began calling for a reauthorization of the war early last month and raised it again last week, during a gathering in the office of Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.). Participants included Kerry, Armed Services Committee Chairman Carl M. Levin (Mich.), Charles E. Schumer (N.Y.), Jack Reed (R.I.) and Russell Feingold (Wis.).

Those Democratic senators have emerged as an unofficial war council representing the caucus’s wide range of views.

“We gave the president that power to destroy Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction and, if necessary, to depose Saddam Hussein,” Biden said of the 2002 resolution in a speech last week before the Brookings Institution. “The WMD was not there. Saddam Hussein is no longer there. The 2002 authorization is no longer relevant to the situation in Iraq.”

An observation that Gen Odom (ret.), NSA under Reagan, made in 2004Then he said, BRING THEM HOME.  Declare Victory, got Saddam, no WMD:  mission over.

Long war.

Senior Democratic aides said the proposed resolution would be sent directly to the Senate floor for action, without committee review, possibly as an amendment to a homeland security bill scheduled for debate next week.

Reid said no final decision had been made on the timing. Spokesman Jim Manley said Reid wants to present the idea to other Democrats before determining how and when to proceed.

 Meanwhile today, on The News Hour, I heard how just last month the rules for calling up the NG and the Reserves were changed entirely.  Whole new ball game. The old rule was, serve, or may be called up, 24 months out of 5 years.  The past was “wiped away” and a new 5 years is on the books.  All may be called up again, for 1 year within 5 years.   As soon as the transcript is up will post it…

From the NYT report (it was the same reporter appearing on TNH):

[N]ational Guard officials told state commanders in Arkansas, Indiana, Oklahoma and Ohio last month that while a final decision had not been made, units from their states that had done previous tours in Iraq and Afghanistan could be designated to return to Iraq next year between January and June, the officials said.

The unit from Oklahoma, a combat brigade with one battalion currently in Afghanistan, had not been scheduled to go back to Iraq until 2010, and brigades from the other three states not until 2009. Each brigade has about 3,500 soldiers.

The accelerated timetable illustrates the cascading effect that the White House plan to increase the number of troops in Iraq by more than 21,000 is putting on the entire Army and in particular on Reserve forces, which officers predicted would face severe challenges in recruiting, training and equipping their forces.  [snip]

War.  Long war.  They will be scraping them out of Germany, out of the Korean DMZ, off far flung bases and installations.  They can still break it more… and they will.

Suicide by president.  Democrats complicit.

As I type this, on C-Span the long walk around presser at WRH/Building 18 today is on.  Miserable.  General after general intones in the days since the WaPo article broke.

Why are they always so surprised?  We know they are not…

To draw more heavily on Reserve units, the Bush administration announced in January that it was revising rules that limited call-ups of Guard members. The previous policy limited mobilization of Guard members to 24 months every five years, but prolonged and large deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan led the Pentagon to abandon that rule.


UPDATE, 6:41 am

Democracy NOW! had a segment yesterday on the issues raised in the Wapo article on WRH/Bldg 18. One participant, Mark Benjamin writes on injured vet issues, esp on the brain injured, Ward 54 at WRH.  I used to read him when he was with UPI previous to Salon:

MARK BENJAMIN: … On the other hand, the same Army is trying to make a determination about how much money the Pentagon is going to pay that soldier, perhaps for the rest of their life. Now, the Army’s mission, you have to understand, is to take ground and hold it. The Army’s mission, frankly, is not to compensate veterans for their service.

 So what we have is essentially a conflict of interest. The Army is trying to do both at the same time: save money for bullets and bombs on the backs of veterans, and also treat them and compensate them. So it’s this strange problem.  […]

And this…

MARK BENJAMIN: Well, certainly, I think what Lieutenant Goodrum is talking about is when a soldier who has a stellar career sees something that they think is wrong in the theater, say, in Iraq and tries to alert superiors and tries to do the right thing and ends up resulting, in this case, in the death of a young soldier, and in Goodrum’s case, which I think is very well documented, it ends up that there’s a lot retribution against the soldier, and it’s carried out through his medical care, and it’s carried out through charging him with AWOL for trying to go get psychiatric care. I think those cases are relatively unusual. They do happen. I mean, being a whistleblower in the military, stepping up and doing, frankly, what officers are taught to do, which is blow the whistle when things get out of hand, yes, there are serious, serious cases of retaliation, and you do come across them.

I think the bigger problem, though — and I think Lieutenant Goodrum can speak to both of those — is you have those situations where you have somebody who tries to blow the whistle about dangerous equipment or lack of equipment, and so on and so forth, but then you get into this other issue of this frightening sort of bureaucracy, where the military is, a, trying treat you and, b, trying to determine if they can compensate you — and I think a lot of soldiers would say “not compensate” you by trying to save money, and doing those at the same time. And when you mix all that stuff together — for example, in Lieutenant Goodrum’s case, you have a very nasty recipe, where soldiers are both being retaliated against and struggling against a bureaucracy that is set out to primarily — or my reporting suggests — primarily save money on long-term disability payments and not so much emphasizing medical care. [snip]


UPDATE, 9:38 am

Politico.com on the current Democratic “plans”… my it is a thin read:

Both Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., are under pressure from anti-war lawmakers and outside groups to do more to end U.S. involvement in the Iraq.

But neither wants to take any step that risks exposing their party – and in Reid’s case, several Democratic presidential candidates – to a political barrage from Republicans. […]

“We are going to be very measured in how we approach this,” said one top Democratic strategist. “We will do nothing to endanger our troops in the field, but we will continue turning up the heat on Bush to end the war. We will go step-by-step, day-by-day, until we get there.”

There?  Quick! check all of America, but esp where the mics are in the halls at congress for “there”.  Should be big, white taped “X”s to show “there”.  Whereever film crews are setting up…

Such. worn. out. bullshit.


UPDATE… 11:15 am

Oh this is just hilarious.  Stoller on the Blue Dog bump in the road And catch the thread… posters shocked!  SHOCKED! I tell you!! at who is a Blue Dog….  others do the fast needlework to bind up the loose threads.  What a joke… And Stoller who posted last week on Reid and other Dem weakness in the face of the war….. lists his blog critics.

 LOL Tuck the baby into the coffin and shut the lid.

Very amusing.  Blue Dogs acquired 7 in numbers in that so critical election just past… and New Democrats (basically DLC) swelled from 47 (iirc) to now 60.  There is some cross over between the two.. and plenty of conservative Dems (Chet Edwards of TX for one) who are not official BD nor ND.

 I gather Stoller’s reaction is to call for Edwards to be primaried.

Just a lot of very conservative Democrats.  Oh the Boyz are so surprised.  What did they think? 


UPDATE, 11:50 am

Who is IOZ Operation Himmler – on ME, US and The Dems…. from the close…

This is all to say: Iran has never invaded anyone and is in no position to invade anyone. It’s to say that there is no such thing as an accidental war. It’s to say that we aren’t arming our clients in the Gulf to defend against Iranian aggression; we are preparing them as staging grounds for American aggression. It’s to say that this is all hew, cry, and bullshit. And it’s to say to all the pansy-ass Donkle do-gooders who wring their hands over our warmaking but won’t say empire, who look embarrassed and say, “I’m not actually comparing the United States to Nazi Germany”–stand the fuck up and ask it with me: What is the putative difference between what is now occuring vis-à-vis Iran and what once occured vis-à-vis Poland? Fuck the Gulf of Tonkin. The word of the day is Gleiwitz.

Accidental fucking war indeed.




1. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 February 2007

Maybe when the economy finally goes off the cliff we’ll have to stop the military spending b/c we’re too broke. Like Chalmers Johnson has been saying, maybe bankruptcy is the only hope to save this country from itself.

2. Sabrina Ballerina - 22 February 2007

Certainly Bush and his crew are not planning on ending this war –

The surge is in effect, basically approved of in the non-binding resolution which did not say ‘no more troops’. It said ‘no more than 21,000 troops’ – no one in the media pointed that out.

So, the games will go on – with resolutions such as Biden’s being blocked, filibustered etc. The message at dk and other ‘liberal’ sites will be ‘we are showing the American people that Republicans are refusing to end this war but when we have a bigger majority in 2008, then we’ll be able to do something’. So predictable.

3. liberalcatnip - 23 February 2007

Are any of the big box bloggers getting behind Mike Gravel? (I really don’t know much about him but he seems to exemplify “progressive”.)

4. marisacat - 23 February 2007

I thought he did well at Carson City, better than at the Winter runway thing.

Not sure, I think I saw some rather niggling commentary from the Koswhack direction that he should drop out.

The smell of Democracy. Gee at least he is NEW!

The rest of it, but for newly birthed Obama, is so tired.

5. liberalcatnip - 23 February 2007

The rest of it, but for newly birthed Obama, is so tired.

I don’t think I’ll be able to make it until November ’08 without massive doses of IV caffeine.

6. D. Throat - 23 February 2007

The Italian left just capitulated… they will agree to Prodi’s enforcement of Berlesconi’s expansion of US bases and more soldiers to Afghanistan… in order to “save” their leadership in gov’t.

It is the same scam world wide.

Meanwhile Cheney is in Australia whining that the Chinese are rapidly building their military and that is not a good for world peace… yeah he actually said the word “Peace”.

7. liberalcatnip - 23 February 2007

Can I get an amen?

8. liberalcatnip - 23 February 2007
9. marisacat - 23 February 2007

well.. ITalian government.. what to say. I remember years ago reading some run up to the G-6 (I think it was 6 then), and the article flatly said, Craxi wanted to attend so everyone whould know he was still president of italy.

I have lost track of how many PMs they have had. Dozens since the war.

10. D. Throat - 23 February 2007

It also looks like Blair will redploy troops from Iraq to Afghanistan…

oh and BTW Blair is also in talks with the US for installing a “Defense Shield” in the UK. Russia has already said that it will aim its missles at Poland and the Czech Rep if they go ahead with the same plans…

So it looks like Blair was just trying to temper public sentiment before he went for the “big guns”…. gee I am so glad that the Democrats are in charge… soon things will change…. not.

11. D. Throat - 23 February 2007

I think Berlesconi was the longest serving since WWII

12. D. Throat - 23 February 2007

OH!!!!!! You have to just watch the first 30 seconds of this... I couldn’t get any further than that

13. marisacat - 23 February 2007

hmm I almost did not click on the link, as I had seen some of both panels that Cspan covered.

This is quite different. What are they, shock troops for a sick, old, venal man?

That is a political rally of a certain type. Distasteful.

14. D. Throat - 23 February 2007

A game called “Catch the Illegal Immigrant” staged on New York University’s campus by a student Republican group drew several hundred students yesterday. But most came to protest the game, not to play it.

Under the game’s rules, according to one student Republican, players were to search on campus for the student chosen to wear a name tag saying “illegal immigrant.” The winner received a small reward.

You see this is where progressive always mess up… you can not fight illogical crap with logic. Why argue with nonsense? They got what they want national media and they furthered embedding the idea in the mainstream.

Caitlin Kannall, secretary of the College Republicans and a sophomore from Illinois, said the event gained publicity after an announcement appeared on the social networking Web site Facebook about a week ago, and a competing event was organized. It was Ms. Kannall who was wearing the “illegal immigrant” name tag in the game.

Sarah L. Chambers, the president of the Republican club and a junior from St. Louis, said the protests did not convince her that the game should be canceled. She said her club had about 40 active members and a mailing list of about 400. About two dozen attended yesterday’s event.

If I were a protestor I would have signed up to go hunt down Miss. Kannall… if they want to know so much what if feels like to be hunted down… now that would be much more effective than yelling at these fools … and it would make them think again for their next stunt. I wonder if Ms. Kanell would have enjoyed her experience of being hunted down by 200 Latinos.

But this is how they train the young GOPers… the more bold and outrageous your are at promoting the goals of the GOP you will be rewards… they see these stunts as Merit badges.

It goes with out saying that the Democrats do the opposite. Here we have a supposed progressive librul site where Generalitito comes down from the mountain every other day to proclaim a new law of the land… “No more swearing in Titles” and all the blogmaids and blogeunuchs… cheer and sing his praises.

Are we winning yet?????

15. Sabrina Ballerina - 23 February 2007

But this is how they train the young GOPers… the more bold and outrageous your are at promoting the goals of the GOP you will be rewards…

D Throat this is what they do at DK. The bullies let it be known that if you want in, you have to be a bully too. It’s fascinating to watch. The vast majority definitely do NOT want in, but the few who do, study and work hard to demonstrate how ‘mean’ they can be and how impervious they are to insults. Creepy really.

They are no different than those students. They hunt down those they designate as ‘trolls’ in the same way. It is damn disgusting . Most of the rest merely watch and pity them. It was that behavior at dk that turned me off Democrats.

Amen, Catnip! Applause! Applause! They are so thin-skinned, such whiners and complainers. Babies, really. Keyboard ‘tough’ like their cohorts on the right who they strive to emulate.

So the rules changed once again just for Opol – he really gets to them for some reason. They really want him gone. I wonder if they know that an offer (I’ve heard more than one) was made to him re the media! I hope he accepts. I have a feeling if he is banned, dk will not be spared should he start doing interviews or creating artwork for media outlets. Bad strategists, bad public relations. They are their own worst enemies. It is a siege mentality.

His last diary had nearly 900 recs – much of his popularity is due to their relentless, blind hateful attacks each time he posts a diary. Because the attacks are not just on him. They are on a large part of the Democratic Party who increasingly are learning they are not welcome in the party, only their votes and cash contributions.

I laughed at the ‘no profanity in titles’ nonsense. A quick search of just one of the opol haters brought up these diary titles (Opol’s title also had asteriks btw)

Punxsutawney Phil: “F*** it. You don’t need me anymore.” (Diaries, All Topics)
posted by Bob Johnson on 02/02/2007 06:53:39 PST

6. Hillary Clinton: I’ve made love to her. She ain’t so hot. (Diaries, All Topics)
posted by Bob Johnson on 01/22/2007 09:56:42 PST

I though Kos was worried about keeping the site ‘respectable’. ‘lol’

8. Vote for me in the primaries or I’ll kick your f***in’ ass at YearlyKos `08 (Diaries, All Topics)
posted by Bob Johnson on 01/18/2007 11:55:26 PST

The troll cop, eleeeech, as Miss D called her, wanted the ‘rules’ enforced in Opol’s diary, but laughably when Bob Johnson violated all diary rules (lost the link right now) well, she thought it was just fine. lol – and the whining from this woman about how ‘mean’ people are to her. She better be careful, gotta keep up that ‘I’m tough’ pretense. Could anyone take them seriously?

So now, profanity in a title is a bannable offense. Well, if you’re Opol! And it’s hillarious how the enablers try to excuse the ‘horsefu**er’ nonsense. ‘It was on a weekend’ or ‘horse doesn’t get caught in the filter’ etc. etc. Hillarious! They truly do underestimate people’s intelligence.

Hunter’s diary was on the FP all day with only 150 comments. I think that’s part of the problem. Opol represents the left and as everyone knows, the left is not welcome at dk.

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 February 2007

and the left, the untapped, reviled left, is bigger than they want to face. MUCH more interested in chasing the votes of misogynist bigoted suburban white xtians.

17. XP - 23 February 2007

It is all fun and games to people them. The undocumented are just prey for people like Ms. Kanell, and to her there is no value. Until somebody stands up to people like her, then they cry oh no, we are victims her. BULLSHIT, they are nothing more but soulless beings who have nothing better to do but to preach hate and violence so they can attract followers to do their bidding.

18. JJB - 23 February 2007

I’ve been saying for years that our Mess O’Potamia would be an issue in the presidential elections of 2008, 2012, and 2016. It seems that some in the MSM are coming to the same conclusion. This is web-exclusive commentary from Newsweek‘s Michael Hirsch (via msnbc.com, you wonder why this doesn’t get into the print version):


The Petraeus plan will have U.S. forces deployed in Iraq for years to come. Does anybody running for president realize that?

Web-exclusive commentary
By Michael Hirsh
Updated: 4:15 p.m. ET Feb 22, 2007

Feb. 22, 2007 – The British are leaving, the Iraqis are failing and the Americans are staying—and we’re going to be there a lot longer than anyone in Washington is acknowledging right now. As Democrats and Republicans back home try to outdo each other with quick-fix plans for the withdrawal of U.S. troops and funds, what few people seem to have noticed is that Gen. David Petraeus’s new “surge” plan is committing U.S. troops, day by day, to a much deeper and longer-term role in policing Iraq than since the earliest days of the U.S. occupation. How long must we stay under the Petraeus plan? Perhaps 10 years. At least five. In any case, long after George W. Bush has returned to Crawford, Texas, for good.

But don’t take my word for it. I’m merely a messenger for a coterie of counterinsurgency experts who have helped to design the Petraeus plan—his so-called “dream team”—and who have discussed it with NEWSWEEK, usually on condition of anonymity, owing to the sensitivity of the subject. To a degree little understood by the U.S. public, Petraeus is engaged in a giant “do-over.” It is a near-reversal of the approach taken by Petraeus’s predecessor as commander of multinational forces in Iraq, Gen. George Casey, until the latter was relieved in early February, and most other top U.S. commanders going back to Rick Sanchez and Tommy Franks. Casey sought to accelerate both the training of Iraqi forces and American withdrawal. By 2008, the remaining 60,000 or so U.S. troops were supposed to be hunkering down in four giant “superbases,” where they would be relatively safe. Under Petraeus’s plan, a U.S. military force of 160,000 or more is setting up hundreds of “mini-forts” all over Baghdad and the rest of the country, right in the middle of the action. The U.S. Army has also stopped pretending that Iraqis—who have failed to build a credible government, military or police force on their own—are in the lead when it comes to kicking down doors and keeping the peace. And that means the future of Iraq depends on the long-term presence of U.S. forces in a way it did not just a few months ago. “We’re putting down roots,” says Philip Carter, a former U.S. Army captain who returned last summer from a year of policing and training in the hot zone around Baquba. “The Americans are no longer willing to accept failure in order to put Iraqis in the lead. You can’t let the mission fail just for the sake of diplomacy.”

Many U.S. military experts now believe that, if there is any hope of stabilizing Iraq, the Petraeus plan is the only way to do it. The critical question now, they say, is whether we have anywhere near enough troops committed to the effort, and whether America has the political will to see the strategy through to the end.

“This is the right strategy: small mini-packets of U.S. troops all over, small ‘oil spots’ [of stability] spreading out. It’s classic counterinsurgency,” says one of the Army’s top experts in irregular warfare, who helped draft the counterinsurgency manual that Petraeus produced while commander at Fort Leavenworth last year—the principles of which the general is applying to Iraq. “But it’s high risk and it’s going to take a long time.”

Well, it’s already taken quite a long time to get to this point, and things are obviously getting worse. And it is highly unlikely that we can still be fighting three years from now with the soldiers we are using and abusing today, so something is going to have to be changed w/r/t recruitment. You might think that some forward looking Congresscritters, particularly those on the Dem side of the aisle, would be thinking about how to deal with this and speaking about it, but if they’re doing the former, they certainly aren’t doing the latter:

[T]he Petraeus plan developing on the ground and the Iraq debate generating headlines back home seem to be disconnected, increasingly so. On Wednesday, most of the Democratic candidates for president gathered in Carson City, Nev., and pitched their various schemes for capping funds for the war and thus forcing at least a partial U.S. withdrawal. Back on Capitol Hill, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi threw her support behind a proposed bill by Rep. John Murtha that would reduce the U.S. presence in Iraq by requiring troops to spend one year at home between deployments, among other provisions for readiness.

Can any of these efforts succeed, when the highly esteemed Petraeus will be making regular visits to the Hill pleading for more time? Phil Carter, who is also a lawyer, believes the congressional efforts to cut off Petraeus will fall flat—although he’s also skeptical that the general’s plan can work without several hundred thousand more troops, which Congress is highly unlikely to authorize. “I just don’t see Congress stepping up and drawing a line in the sand,” he says. The analogy one hears most often is to the end of the Vietnam War, when Congress cut off aid to the South Vietnamese government. But Carter believes that comparison is a false one. “The myth on Vietnam is that Congress did it, but by the time they did Nixon had pulled out all the U.S. troops anyway,” he says. “This is different.”

Even so, because the Petraeus plan will likely extend well into the next presidency, much will depend on the views and actions of whoever is elected in 2008. Ultimately, if we do withdraw prematurely, we may end up doing what embattled British Prime Minister Tony Blair has just announced he’s doing in the southern Iraqi city of Basra: declare victory (though there is scant evidence of one), and go home. But not if Dave Petraeus and his dream team can help it.

No matter how bad a military situation appears to be, there’s always some hyperambitious general willing to sacrifice the lives of countless other people to satisfy his dreams of martial glory. As Hirsh points out, in the rare event Congress actually begins to show some spine on the issue of the Iraq war, all Petraeus will have to do to silence them is show up and demand they kiss his medals and combat ribbons. In the meantime, the soldiers doomed to fight this war will be faced with this:

In the nearly two years Cpl. John Callahan of the Army was away from home, his wife, he said, had two extramarital affairs. She failed to pay his credit card bills. And their two children were sent to live with her parents as their home life deteriorated.

Then, in November, his machine gun malfunctioned during a firefight, wounding him in the groin and ravaging his left leg. When his wife reached him by phone after an operation in Germany, Corporal Callahan could barely hear her. Her boyfriend was shouting too loudly in the background.

“Haven’t you told him it’s over?” Corporal Callahan, 42, recalled the man saying. “That you aren’t wearing his wedding ring anymore?”

For Corporal Callahan, who is recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, and so many other soldiers and family members, the repercussions, chaos and loneliness of wartime deployments are one of the toughest, least discussed byproducts of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and loved ones have endured long, sometimes repeated separations that test the fragility of their relationships in unforeseen ways.

The situation is likely to grow worse as the military increases the number of troops in Iraq in coming months. The Pentagon announced Wednesday that it was planning to send more than 14,000 National Guard troops back to Iraq next year, causing widespread concern among reservists. Nearly a third of the troops who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan have done more than one tour of duty.

Most families and soldiers cope, sometimes heroically. But these separations have also left a trail of badly strained or broken unions, many severed by adultery or sexual addictions; burdened spouses, some of whom are reaching for antidepressants; financial turmoil brought on by rising debts, lost wages and overspending; emotionally bruised children whose grades sometimes plummet; and anxious parents who at times turn on each other.

It’s going to become blindingly obvious to just about everyone that no matter how bleak their lives might be, joining the military is no way to improve them. In a few years’ time, we might actually get an answer to that rhetorical question from the 1960’s: What If They Gave A War And Nobody Came?

19. ms_xeno - 23 February 2007

[drift] Just noticed that somebody named “davidbyron” is posting at Mo Betta’. Watch your step around him. He is a notorious misogynist, despite his anti-war opinions. I remember him well from the Ms. days.[/drift]

20. marisacat - 23 February 2007

JJB, thanks so much for that…

not the first time that Newsweek has covered its very large ass for posterity (meaning worthwhile material or strong statements from writers boxed up – but usable later – as ”web only”).

On the eve of invasion – and I do mean eve, it was almost the third week of March 2003, the 12th iirc… both Fineman and zakaria had interesting posts, web only.

Fineman went thru a tick tock of Powell’s connivance and closed with calling on him to resign in the face of war for lies, and put a hard line down. Yeah… so Fineman can quote that in a few years – or he may have already.

in the same online version Zakaria detailed his YEAR of travelling to various countries, US embassies and missions, meeting with various foreign government officials and detailed the already badly frayed, falling apart, angry, mad, hurt, shunned, abused, threatened, state of our Foreign Relations. Over and over, country after country, their leaders did not want this war.

All carefully prepared for when Fareed (who had recently become a US citizen and could be absolutely gag worthy in some of his fealty based conversations) and little Howard need those articles.

Any day now.

21. ms_xeno - 23 February 2007
22. marisacat - 23 February 2007


LOL d*vidB*ron is the only person locked out of this site before I opened… 😉 What a fucking mess. Dkos went thru DB I, II, III and IV as well. Thanks for th tip

23. marisacat - 23 February 2007

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:



24. ms_xeno - 23 February 2007

Ah, Mcat, his reputation precedes him, then. I tipped of MBM, too. I’m guessing he makes the average woman-hater on Kos look like Phil Donohue and Alan Alda rolled into one…

25. New Fake Name - 23 February 2007

SB (#15):

Kos’s new “no profanity in titles” sneering , hypocritical dictat needs the caveat: “unless you are one of my paid employees, that is.”

Like Hunter the Horsef***er for instance.

I agree with what someone said earlier. Kos INC’s dem perception management operation employs the very same intentionally outrageous and hypocritical ‘controlled controversy’ tactics and a coordinated pack attack by “community” kos-operatives to try to get unherded commenters to blow their cool, and trip them up into making a intemperate statement, which they then exploit to attack or ban the wrong-thinking “troll”.

26. marisacat - 23 February 2007

LOL… yeah basically I just declined to be their serf.

It is and was so clear, they wanna be Cyber Lords and Cyber Blog Maids.


27. Tuston - 23 February 2007

ms_xeno: that is one scary link. Feminism=Nazism is bad enough, but did you click on the “Feminism on Trial Ring” link? Maybe forced vesectomies/hysterictomies (some of the hatebloggers are women!) is not such a bad idea; these folks definetely shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce (/snark).

JJB: Great links and disection; topical as ever with Cheney telling the bruces in Austrailia, no worries we’re gonna “do” Iran, and Pelosi whining that Dick is being a Dick.

In a few years’ time, we might actually get an answer to that rhetorical question from the 1960’s: What If They Gave A War And Nobody Came?

Well buddy, if the kids don’t come then they make them come. There’s more than one way to “shanghai” sailors into service. Just one more “terrorist attack” or a “thermonuclear event” anywhere and the draft comes back with a vengeance.

28. marisacat - 23 February 2007

Well I have not been to DB’s sites in a long time.. but they were a horror. IIRC he lives (or lived) in Alabama. No disrespect to the South as a whole… but gee whiz.

29. marisacat - 23 February 2007

Well buddy, if the kids don’t come then they make them come.

I think one reason that San Francisco has gotten such a hard (extra hard) drubbing over the past year, 18 months is that our School Board was working to ban ROTC from the HSs here.

I don’t think all of the cute legislation about drafts is at all “benign”… and was very interested from 2001 forward, the bulk of it comes from the Fucking Democrats. Rangel really is distasteful to me. Esp with his draft leg and cute talking points.

They are afraid we might become some big (well bigger, and we are not all that liberal) Rebel Central.

I am sure they plan a draft within a few years. They are not giving up on war.

30. Tuston - 23 February 2007

Tommy Sadsack is out?! Curious. IIRC, he was the only Pretzldental hopeful calling for immediate withdrawl from Iraq.

31. ms_xeno - 23 February 2007

Sadly, Tuston, I’ve seen it all before. There are many adroit practitioners of Byron’s type out there. He’s just been at it longer and steadier than most.

32. marisacat - 23 February 2007

Tuston… yeah agree. he did call for that. Very hard for him to get a hearing with the supposed Lion Tamers performing scheduled fights for the center ring.

looong two years.

33. ms_xeno - 23 February 2007

From Dissident Voice and Greg Moses: (Thanks to chreebomb at LJ’s debunkingwhite board for the tip)

A Walk And Help For Suzi Hazahza

…New York attorneys Joshua Bardavid and Ted Cox are scheduled to arrive in Dallas Wednesday morning to file federal habeas corpus motions in behalf of Suzi, Mirvat, their father, and two brothers, who have all been held at Haskell since “armed and armored officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted a middle of the night ‘raid’ ” of their home on November 2.

According to the habeas writ that will be filed Wednesday, the Hazahza family arrived in the USA with temporary visas from Jordan during the summer of 2001, and they applied for political asylum. Once the appeals for asylum had been exhausted, the family was placed under a warrant of deportation in the summer of 2005, but the family was not notified about the warrant until they were abducted during pre-election immigration raids known as “Operation Return to Sender…”

34. Paul Curtin - 23 February 2007

I see the military is taking the bold step of blaming the patients at Walter Reed for the conditions. Dr. Reed would be so proud! Glad to finally understand what “supporting the troops” means. My Bush era American English translator ring has been out of whack lately.

35. JJB - 23 February 2007


Oh yes, conscription is definitely the 800 lb. gorilla that dares not speak its name, to mix metaphors with a high-speed blender. My own feeling is that they’ll be some kind of national service requirement with non-military options so distasteful that the wartime military will look attractive by comparison. But with Cheney sending warning signals to China, there’s no way the military can be sustained by current methods, so some serious change is going to have to be made.

As to David Byron . . . what memories I have of that dear chap! In addition to the many awful things that can be said about him, he’s an apologist for the Ulster Loyalists, as well as the late Slobo Milosevic. I also recall him arguing that Hitler was more-or-less goaded into WWII, and for all his anti-war posturing, he would also give voice to some absurd apologias for British imperialism. Back in the pre-scoop days at Little Orange Footballs, I finally got under his skin to such an extent that he would stalk me in whatever comment thread he could find me with obscenity-laced tirades that finally got him banned. As I recall, the thing that pushed him over the edge was my linking to that ancient web site of his, which apparently he didn’t like having to answer for (taking it down appears to be beyond his competence). At any rate, he was banned, w/o my even having to request it. I kind of liked watching him sputter and spew uncontrollably. He came back for the scoop site, but didn’t last long. He’s been also been banned at Billmon, Atrios, steve gilliard, even My Left Whine — those are the ones I can remember, there are others whose names I’ve forgotten where he’s DBona non grata, as BooMan might put it.

My guess is his misogony stems from having contracted whatever STD is eating away at his brain. Obviously, it was the woman’s fault!


Your guess about the Newsweek scribes covering their rears is doubtless correct. Also, I now remember there’s a foreign edition of the magazine that’s significantly different from the version available in the US, and that CYA material may be appearing there.

36. marisacat - 23 February 2007

ms_xeno… I Love Greg Moses.. I tripped across his writings summer of 2005.

JJB oh yes DB on the loose. Nothing changes As the Blogs Squirm.

37. Revisionist - 23 February 2007

Is anyone following the OKC stories? The internet was still pretty young at the time it happened and much of the weirdness surrounding it got relegated to conspirisphere. IIRC, it was even suggested that Chandra Levy’s murder was connected. She was at the execution IIRC.

Without getting into the specifics, I am wondering why this is happening now. I dont believe new information just bubbles up without someone having an agenda. I cant figure out how it hurts Bush (it doesnt appear to strengthening the theory Saddam was involved). So the only thing I can think of is that it meant to damage the Clintons somehow.

[drift] The Clintons were very lucky in the fact that most of their reign was before the net had matured. They got a free pass so many topics that today would be blogged and blogged and blogged again. Geffen was right about the baggage. If Clinton get s the nom she will be called the Dragon Lady by the time the convention rolls around [/drift

38. marisacat - 23 February 2007

Revisionist, someone has sent me a little bit of what is getting kicked up just now about OKC.

I did not know that Chandra LEvy was at the execution ?? at one of the closed circuit sites that observed?

How interesting.

39. Tuston - 23 February 2007

I guess my OCD GRRRLLness is kicking in again and checked out the orange bog (no L intended) and the liberturdian dumbocrat has a take down of Kucinich.

I realize that Dennis is a problematic character, and I’ll even admit kos scores some good (if hipocritical) points on choice, but mostly its a shitty LGF-esque attempt at demogogery.

The first comment is a real beaut though:

At least you’re honest. (1+ / 0-)
Recommended by:rktect
So, the lefties in the “big tent” really can go hang, eh?

Freedom is merely privilege extended unless enjoyed by one and all -9.50, -5.74

by redstar on Fri Feb 23, 2007 at 08:33:50 AM PST

No more so (23+ / 0-)

than the “righties” can go hang because I don’t like Evan Bayh,

I’m not legally required to carry water for anyone, in any wing of the party.

Quite frankly, this victim mentality is quite unbecoming.

by kos on Fri Feb 23, 2007 at 08:36:47 AM PST

little lord kuss le ‘roid’s condescension is so cute, but I love this unasnswered mutinous question from BJ:

Question for you, kos… (3+ / 0-)

If you didn’t like Bayh, why did you like Warner?

Tag your Hillary diary with the appropriate Hillary Diary Archetype Number

by Bob Johnson on Fri Feb 23, 2007 at 08:47:46 AM PST

[ Parent ]

Uh, yeah, good question (0 / 0)

by MKS on Fri Feb 23, 2007 at 08:50:19 AM PST

[ Parent ]

Come on Bob (1+ / 0-)
Recommended by:mcfly
you know the answer to that 😉

My Michigan For Edwards Blog and the official Edwards 2008 Blog

by philgoblue on Fri Feb 23, 2007 at 08:54:42 AM PST

[ Parent ]

Nope. (0 / 0)
I really don’t.

Tag your Hillary diary with the appropriate Hillary Diary Archetype Number

by Bob Johnson on Fri Feb 23, 2007 at 08:55:20 AM PST

[ Parent ]

Sacrilege! Heresy! Abomination!

How dare anyone question the littlest blahhglord?!

40. Tuston - 23 February 2007
41. marisacat - 23 February 2007

well politico.com (just my take) is itching to track down quiet money to bloggers.

new media outlet, eager to be edgey… sure why not?

I got a hint of that off a comment Ben Smith (a side bar blog at politico) made about the Armstrong post at MyDD that brought up Gibbs, an operative for Obama, of the 2003 Osama ad against Dean (and I referenced MyDD yesterday, just not the politico link as I did not know of it then)

42. Tuston - 23 February 2007

#41 is an intersting observation. I think the Boyz (esp. Kuss) are headed for a very, very public “take down” or two heading into ’08. I suspect they will occur a just the right time to have the most spectacular effect (c.f. “dean scream”).

But I’m just speculatin’…

43. marisacat - 23 February 2007

Armstrong v Gibbs in Politico…

Netroots pioneer and former Mark Warner consultant — doesn’t, as far as I know, work for Hillary, but he couldn’t have done her a greater favor than he did this morning when he hammered home the point that Obama’s claim on a “new politics” is in question.

Armstrong revives the ad above from a group with the classic name of Americans for Jobs, Health Care and Progressive Values — of which top Obama aide Robert Gibbs was then the spokesman. The ad focuses in on an image of Osama bin Laden to attack Dean for –ironically, given Gibbs’s current employer — his lack of foreign policy experience

he also raises a day or so later that Kos piled on Gibbs.

I was there every day, Kos did not post on apparently did not care about the Osama ad in Dec 2003. We took care of it in diaries. A fascinating political story, however one came down on the play that was run.

But now he does care about Gibbs. 😉

44. bayprairie - 23 February 2007

ns_xeno said

Just noticed that somebody named “davidbyron” is posting at Mo Betta’. Watch your step around him. He is a notorious misogynist, despite his anti-war opinions. I remember him well from the Ms. days.

i haven’t seen a MRA in months! where have they all been hiding? i was hoping sombody broke the mould (snicker) that made them.

45. bayprairie - 23 February 2007

ns_? kerchoo!

my keyboard sneezed!

46. arcturus1 - 23 February 2007

well, I’m happy to reprt agence-france is reporting that Divine Strake has been canceleld – just a short bit, not worth a link – curious to see a longer article, i/e. it’s hard to beleive they are totally abandoning this which they’ve been so intent on ramming through – & we have all those languishing scientific mins to care for . . .

btw, I did post up that Manny Babbitt piece, along w/ something I think I owe catnip for finding on homeless & incarerated vets – nuttin’ overly original, jes the facts ma’am

have a good ‘n – a little later & we’re off to the coast today

47. Tuston - 23 February 2007

I think we should start a “pool” on when Kos starts posting “why I now support Billary for pretzldent” pieces. The winner of the pool will get their own DLC-ona engraven plastic crown and an endless supply of PD cookies…

48. Tuston - 23 February 2007

arcturus 1: Yah, sometimes we do catch a break. I’ve really had quite enuf rads for a lifetime, and could do without radioactive dust.

I’ve lived in deserts for most of my life, the Sonoran and Mojave but I’ve never experienced anything the Amargosa desert . Not only is it more barren and lifeless than my home, but its fucking creepy.

BTW I think Amargosa is derived from the spanish word for bitter, amargo.

49. marisacat - 23 February 2007

arcturus thanks for posting that .. I had posted on Divine STRAKE a few months ago. IIRC there is a whole series… also Divine HATE.

Tuston jsut a matter of time. I saw the really very silly DD/LV diary on Obama, how this was his BIIIG mistake…. LOL he also was Delaware Dean til he had a big fake turn around.

As for mistakes. I see that Blogometer has a quote from obama, from Calitics and SF Gate Blogs…. Apparently he called Boxer a “cutie”.

Lordy. have to laugh.

50. arcturus1 - 23 February 2007

here’s the Guardian:

The Defense Department said it would find other ways to test the nation’s ability to penetrate underground bunkers that produce and store weapons of mass destruction.
. . .

John Wells, a Las Vegas carpenter and regional representative to the Western Shoshone National Council, said the blast would “compound wrongs” for the American Indian tribe.

The tribe fought the test in court and long has contested the government over the test site, now contaminated from years of nuclear tests.

as expected . . .

51. missdevore - 23 February 2007


“According to the Journal, “Mr. Chalabi will serve as an intermediary between Baghdad residents and the Iraqi and U.S. security forces mounting an aggressive counterinsurgency campaign across the city. The position is meant to help Iraqis arrange reimbursement for damage to their cars and homes caused by the security sweeps in the hope of maintaining public support for the strategy.”

In his new position, Chalabi will be responsible for security tasks.”

52. bayprairie - 23 February 2007

hey up there! number 12! D. Throat! i managed to watch the entire video!

it is a laid-back infomercial promoting the netroots / markos / BBB franchise. it could as easily be a video on amway.

about halfway through it the “speaking, close-up dude”, who functions as the blender to bind the various BBB bits together says something like “we only know each other by our screen names” and he goes on talking about how they develop respect, working together etc etc. from that point on i’m asking myself if the prog male who was on my screen is one of those who would rec. cunt-call attacks against women. kind of a little game i played to pass the time while i watched. surely i must have seen at least one or two. heck knowing Dkos, if but from a distance these days, i probably saw more than one or two.

the piece feels old, dated. one example: the cindy sheehan sig on the quilt was interesting in a sad way. cindy’s now gone. chased out of dkos, as i understand things, by reactionary chavez-haters (one of whom, i read here at marisa’s, is judged to have been a noted right wing troll). if she could have foreseen her dkos blogging fate would she still have handed over her signature to be sewn into a patchwork “Democrat Rose” by a quilting circle, then sold to raise funds? i realize at some point that at least some of those whom im watching on the video are “Shut Your Fucking Pie Hole” people. maybe cindy is really better off shed.

maryscott puts in an appearance and has one of the nicer segments in the piece. based on recent events i wonder if she may also be dated material to the franchise, and her blog a thing of the past to them.

the “we’re people who like to love our neighbors” bit at the end is clearly the biggest hoot-hoot-HOOT in the video and almost makes the time spent watching the video worthwhile. i won’t spoil it though and it is a bit too drenched in holy water for me. i suppose the video speaks the truth in the sense that religion is part and parcel of the franchise produc line.

technically, the setting is bad throughout, its endless hallways and meeting rooms in nondescript hotel convention spaces that could be anywhere in this country, all yellow soullessness on my screen. so antiseptic that it seems devoid of any life, other than artificial. by the end of it, i found myself once again resisting a mild depression, with this due to color and setting alone. most infomercials are far better lit.

53. marisacat - 23 February 2007

hmm it was the opening (I mean it opened the video) rally at the speech Reid gave. I found it distasteful… and unpleasant. The raised fists for an old hack…

The rest was largely just plain old gush in gush out slop.

No shock.

54. marisacat - 23 February 2007

Miss Devore….Rowan Scarborough previously of WahsTimes and now WashExaminer was on WJ this am… slightly pushing Chalabi. Trying to sell his Shia credentials. Amazing!

Well we still have Neocon active and writing and punditing and wheezing and loser Dems wheezing…

so I guess it means our first and bestest pet goes on, still on the Gravy Train

55. NYCee - 23 February 2007

30. Tuston – 23 February 2007

“blockquote>Tommy Sadsack is out?! Curious. IIRC, he was the only Pretzldental hopeful calling for immediate withdrawl from Iraq.”

No, actually I think hopefuls Kucinich and Gravel are also calling for immediate withdrawal. Certainly, whatever “immediate” means, no less so than Vilsack.

56. New Fake Name - 23 February 2007

Legal Statement filed by a US sponsored/supervised Interior Ministry counterinsurgeny torture program survivor, a resident of Fallujah, to the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission


No wonder the Bush regime don’t want the Gitmo detainees to have a chance to tell their stories in court.

57. NYCee - 23 February 2007

Catnip, you mentioned Mike Gravel (Dem contender for prez, former Alaska senator) above in a positive vein re progressive bona fides…

Finally, some media spotlight on this maverick.

Mike Gravel will be a guest on Cspan’s WJ on Feb 26, Monday, 7:30 ET.

Thank you, Mr Lamb. I was a ‘wishin for this. The guy is like nonexistent on the radar, although he threw his hat in the ring months ago. I want people to hear him. HEAR what a political hopeful can actually say, can dare to say when they are true progressives and eschew the safe safe safe road.

From what I have seen and heard of Gravel, which, admittedly, is very little thus far, he is the one who cuts closest to the bone when it comes to antiwar and anti-imperialist/elitist issues, hitting at the US’s bad behaviors, present and (land sakes!) PAST. (Pssst … you know, those memory hole issues, largely forgotten and verboten: Unofficial dictum for politicians and msm: speak no evil of our nation in the past, and, voila, no evil EXISTED in the past.) I think he staged a days long filibuster re getting out of Vietnam – very active against that war, which is when he served in the senate.) He, I believe, speaks truth to power on our abysmal behavior re Israel/Palestine, too. (iirc from a brief Hardball appearance several years ago.)

At the winter mtg speeches last month, he not only called out Republicans but Democrats as well. He said that any Democrat who voted for the IWR is not fit to be president. He called it dereliction of duty (paraphrasing, but that was the exact phrase used by Barbara ??? who ran against Kay Bailey Hutchison for US Senate, TX, last go-round. And what he said was what she said, whatever the exact words. God, I loved it when she said that.)

Marisa, I actually liked Gravel at the winter mtg, but didnt catch him at the event you mentioned, where you said you liked him better. He started his warm-up a little wobbly, but once he got into the speech itself, he was surefooted and pounded a lot of very worthy and rarely pounded points on our foreign policy.

Of course, I can only like the guy up until he behaves in a way that changes my mind for the worse, but so far Im thrilled he’s going to be on the stage – small thorn though he may be, it is better he’s there than not at all, to say the things he says. What I’ve seen is nothing like what we usually see from establishment shrink-wrapped Dems. He also advocates for single payer healthcare, not the very ambiguous “universal”.

Hope he does well on WJ.

58. New Fake Name - 23 February 2007

RE: Chalabi as new head of the Iraq ‘popular committees”

How Trotskyite of him.

You all were aware, of course, that Chalabi got his phd from the Straussian Neocon madrassah of the University of Chicago

Just recently the University of Chicago officially celebrated its Bush Jr. Straussian Neo-Con cabal, highlighting Wolfowitz Ph.D. ’72, Ahmad Chalabi, Ph.D. ’69 (the CIA’s Iraqi puppet), Abram Shulsky, A.M. ’68, Ph.D. ’72 (head of the Pentagon’s special “intelligence” unit), Zalmay Khalilzad, Ph.D. ’79 (Bush Jr’s roving pro-consul for Afghanistan and then Iraq), as well as faculty members Bellow, X ’39, and Bloom, A.B. ’49, A.M. ’53, Ph.D. ’55, together with Strauss. According to the University of Chicago Magazine, Bloom’s rant “helped popularize Straussian ideals of democracy.” (16) It is correct to assert that Bloom’s book helped to popularize Straussian “ideas,” but they were blatantly anti-democratic, Machiavellian, Nietzschean, and elitist to begin with. Only the University of Chicago would have the unmitigated Orwellian gall to publicly assert that Strauss and Bloom cared one whit about democracy, let alone comprehended the “ideals of democracy.”

59. D. Throat - 23 February 2007

Sounds like they are trying to get rid of the stragglers sooner rather than later… Visack quits and minutes later Kos is pushing Kucinich to drop out…. I guess Hilliary needs all of those 4 pts in the polls before the Oscars on Sunday. Whether Gore wins or loses if he shows up to the Oscars his face will be beemed to a billion people…. that can not be a good feeling for Hilliary.

A few days ago Gore was speaking at the University of Toronto and 20 dollar tickets were being scalped for 500 bucks… ya think he will have problems raisining money????

60. New Fake Name - 23 February 2007

Oops (#58) Fixed Link for Straussian Neocon madrassah

61. marisacat - 23 February 2007

NFN, there seems to ahve been a mini hot bed of tied to the US Gov Iraqis out of the UofC… I ahve cuaght interviews with others. To be blunt, nasty people.

NyCee.. I ahve cuaght him a few times. He was in NH a couple months ago wtih Granny D.

Nice guy. I like him.

62. D. Throat - 23 February 2007

I am still amazed that Hilliary has no stump speech.

63. marisacat - 23 February 2007


Gore coming here in April to the Masonic Auditorium. It was sold out months ago.

I don’t think he is running tho… The recent quotes are too strong.

64. arcturus1 - 23 February 2007

gore just might want to be begged

65. NYCee - 23 February 2007

(While Im at it, thanks, Geffen, too, re Hillary. Delicious. Spread around liberally.)

Oh my god, a smack at Hillary (Billary, twofer) AND Carville! The Clinton MACHINE. How sweet it is.

I have no idea whether this will help or hurt Hillary, but I am not surprised that “jounalist” Dickerson (cited in your popcorn post, I think) said the former. He has struck me as such an eager butler (handmaster? lol) to the establishment that coming from him, I would see it as a wish not an observation. I had a very bad reaction to him when I used to see him on TV, heard him on AAR a few times, too. Very careful to give BushCo the benefit of the doubt, bent over backwards, it seemed to me. That was back when Bush had better numbers, so perhaps he has oh-so-courageously (lol) deviated a bit from his safe perch, just coincidentally, while Bush’s numbers sink into the twenties.

I think what must be most worrisome to the “first black president” and wifey (is it a bi-racial marriage, or is she black too?) about Obama’s presence is that that huge bloc of black goodwill toward the Clintons has been made vulnerable to some serious erosion via Obama (Who would be the second black president, if he won, I suppose.)

Not a poll, but anecdotally, I noticed the beginning trickle of callers to Cspan saying they had been for Clinton (some even say, Oh I still like Hillary, she would be a good president) but Obama had (Instantly!) won them over, mostly during the period just after his formal declaration that he would run. It didnt take much to flip them into his camp, which, if Hillary were listening, could not have been comforting to her. And this is just the beginning.

66. NYCee - 23 February 2007

Oh, if anyone hasnt seen it yet, here is the Dowd piece, en toto:

Obama’s Big Screen Test

67. marisacat - 23 February 2007

she was always radioactive. Way back in ’92 she intro’d Bill at a rally in Chicago… and you could tell, she wished she was an elected IL Dem on the stage giving him a send up. It was def not “wife of the candidate” and yet I did not see that it got us anything nor would GET us anything.

Childrens’ Def Fund did yeoman work to recast her image for the ’92 run. Well Not Friends Now. MSM hid almost entirely her being a board memeber of Wal mart from 86 to 92 (it was in teh European media and UK media, similar to Laura’s early vehicular homicide… Europeans were very interested…)

So 14 years later. Here we are… her Iraq War vote a yoke on the nation and on her.

68. D. Throat - 23 February 2007

If Gore is not running then he must be getting a thrill out of causing such a stir. Hilliary finally got the big polling companies to drop his name in their polls.

69. JJB - 23 February 2007

Here’s an interesting, funny article re The New Republic:

The New Republic, the thinning left-leaning weekly magazine whose circulation has plunged in the era of the Web, is overhauling itself with a new configuration of owners, who are investing in a new look for the magazine and cutting back its publication schedule to every two weeks.

CanWest Global Communications, a Canadian media conglomerate that had been a minority shareholder in The New Republic, is now the majority owner. Martin Peretz, the editor-in-chief, is retaining his one-quarter interest.


Franklin Foer, who was named editor of the magazine a year ago, said that he has been spending much of his tenure mulling “how to revise the magazine’s identity for the age of the blog,” and now plans to reinvigorate the publication and its Web site with a deeper commitment from Mr. Asper.

His goal, Mr. Foer said, is for the magazine to “transcend ideology” and to become what he calls The New Yorker of politics.

“There’s a massive vacuum in political journalism when it comes to magazines writing about politics, the culture of Washington and presidential politics,” he said.

Starting March 19, the magazine will publish fortnightly and will double in size to about 80 pages from the current 40, Mr. Foer said. It will be printed on heavier paper stock, and will be redesigned to include more original photographs, cartoons and other graphic elements.

“It’s hard to be less visual than we are now,” Mr. Foer said.

The New Republic’s circulation, which was about 101,000 in 2000, has slipped to slightly more than 60,000 now. Mr. Foer attributed the decline in part to an intentional culling of subscriptions sold at reduced rates, a move that has helped save costs. Since then, he said, with the help of “buzzy” articles, “we’ve been growing at a slow but steady clip,” and circulation last year within Washington grew by 30 percent.

“We’re within striking distance of being profitable,” he said.

Now, losing roughly half your circulation in the space of 5 years is a calamitous turn of events for any sort of periodical, and a story about how said publication is engaging in rather desperate measures to stay afloat might be expected to discuss just why readers have abandoned it in such large numbers. It isn’t a secret that the main reason for this plunge in circulation is due to TNR‘s having been one of the loudest voices cheering on our disastrous invasion of Iraq, and heaping invective on anyone who pointed out that it was likely to end in catastrophe. This isn’t even hinted at in this story, which parrots the TNR‘s claim about intentionally dropping readers who were given discounted rate subscriptions the same way it reports BushCo. fallacies with a straight face. I also love that “30% growth rate within Washington!” as if losing tens of thousands of readers throughout the rest of the country can be made up for by attracting a few hundred more in DC. Back in the late 1940s when Dwight Macdonald was publishing his wonderful magazine politics, he would joke about its low circulation with the advertising phrase “Be Exclusive! Read politics!” He also used that phrase to advertise a book he wrote by adding “only 2,000 copies sold!” or whatever the exact figure was. What Macdonald did as self-deprecating humor Foer and Peretz do with a straight face, claiming it proves how much more prestigious and influential they are with drastically fewer readers. One wonders if, like Macdonald, they will soon publish in the Letters To The Editor page a scathingly critical missive from someone claiming to be a Staten Island ferret rancher (the letter was in fact written by Macdonald himself). Yes, that’s a rhetorical question. What Peretz and Foer really need is to have whoopie cushions attached to every chair they own.

On a more serious note, the time for The New Republic to give up the ghost is long past. It has been moving steadily to the Right for a very long time now, to the point where any claim that’s it’s a left-of-center publication is ridiculous. If at all possible, the magazine should be given as dignified a death and burial as it’s possible for it to have. That way, those who cherish what it once was won’t be subjected to any more of the following:

A redesigned Web site is to appear in mid-April, with more video and new features. Mr. Peretz said that the magazine had been “over our heads” on the Web, and had been using “retarded technologies,” but was now making a bigger investment.. . . Mr. Peretz, 67, has himself become a blogger. He said he was “not enjoying it exactly,” but that he had found it addictive.

“When I used to see something irritating, I would typically call a friend,” he said. “Now I just go to the blog.” He said he is often surprised at how quickly readers will post a response. “It’s as if they’re waiting for something,” he said. “Then they say, ‘Ah, here he is. I’m going to pounce.’ ”

Pounce yourself, Marty.

70. marisacat - 23 February 2007

Only someone willing to fight for the vote, no matter the skin color that caste that vote, should run.

He remains vague on all of that.

71. NYCee - 23 February 2007

Oh, here is the Gravel filibuster (lone, 5 month) to which I referred. It was to end the draft in ’71.

Gravel Versus “Warmongering Leaders

That’s my title imposed upon the link, but catch the last paragraph, from Gravel’s own website. Love it.

In short, Senator Gravel’s opposition to the draft is based on his desire to insure that no American man or woman is sent to a distant land to fight unnecessary and ill-advised pre-emptive wars of choice by reckless, ignorant, warmongering leaders.

72. liberalcatnip - 23 February 2007

A little diary pimping: Canada’s supreme court has struck down the use of security certificates that were used to indefinitely detain and deport those suspected of terrorist activities and to hide secret intel used against them.

A victory for human rights and justice!

73. aemd - 23 February 2007

Don’t know what to say about this. LOL.

“For now, bloggers must be their own police. Participating in online political discussions without disclosing financial ties to a candidate would violate the unwritten rules of the blogosphere, website operators said.

“Campaigns and organizations promote their candidates and efforts, obviously,” Markos Moulitsas , the founder of DailyKos.com , a prominent liberal blog, said in an e-mailed response. “If they do it openly, it’s well accepted. If they use sock puppets ( create aliases to hide their identities), then it’s a big deal.”


74. CSTAR - 23 February 2007

I’ll go out on a limb here.

The warmongers have not thought through how they will fight *the war* (the one they want to fight as opposed to the one that political reality has given them to fight). Or rather they have not thought through how to fight this McWar in terms of conventional military thinking, that which is taught in West Point and Annapolis, the kind which you might see referred to by Patrick Lang in his blog or other Ex-military. This thinking is probably very old. Who knows, it might even be a French invention.

How will they (the Kristols, Ledeens of the world) fight the war they want to fight? Well clearly, they’re probably smart enough to have realized by now that they can’t go to that war with the army they’ve got, as opposed to the one they would like to have. Even a draft won’t be enough. If you needed 1/2 million for Iraq, what’ll you need for Iran AND Syria? Plus logistics. Very expensive.

Maybe they’ll expect us to get used to a NKOW (new kind of warfare). Which as I said at the beginning I’ll go out on a limb and say it means that the kind of destruction we saw in Lebanon (Haret Hrek) may just be a precursor to far worse aerial destruction there and elsewhere. Of course this isn’t really a new kind of warfare, but its advocates will expect that the arguments (and evidence) against its effectiveness, even on military terms, will have either been forgotten or can be shoved aside as being based on obsolete conditions and assumptions.

Out on a limb. Maybe.

75. NYCee - 23 February 2007

Good on Canada! Another √ in the column marked evolution of the species. Bravo!

76. marisacat - 23 February 2007

aemd… thanks for the boston.com link.

What a HOOT! The sites are rife with paid operatives – as we all know… not a breaking news flash. Love the comments!! I bet that is why the paper wrote it, to get people to comment.


that makes a lot of sense. Any wars to come will be massive carpet bombing. Guernica writ enormous. Lebanon for years.

77. NYCee - 23 February 2007

Re what pundits and journalists say in the MSM v in cyber corners… Pat Buchanan is much stronger in his wording against US foreign policy, such as favoritism to Israel and the war on Iraq, online and in his mag (which I think I have seen transported, his columns, onto antiwar.com), than when he gets on TV (I think they keep a cot for him just off-stage at NBC/MSNBC… quick cat naps btw appearances…)

Good point, that pundits like Fineman put their feet on both sides of the fence, re the paper and the cyber publications (eg, Newsweek). I wasnt aware of his online view, as opposed to what he fed the mainstream TV and mag audience, which was typical and frustrating. Not opposition of any sort. Although, given that so many people read publications online now, one would think they would be more reluctant to put such contradictory two stepping on the record.

78. New Fake Name - 23 February 2007

Kus trashes Kucinich because….[wait for it]…because according to Kus, Kucinich changed his stance on women’s issues to become more pro-choice.

Evidently, to the Kusser, such behavior is a sign of weakness and dishonesty.

79. Revisionist - 23 February 2007

[blockquote]I did not know that Chandra LEvy was at the execution ?? at one of the closed circuit sites that observed?[/blockquote]

Actually I was wrong. Levy arrranged for Susan Carlson to attend the execution but was not present. But part of the buzz earlier in the decade was she was offed because she stumbled on something regarding McVeigh and OKC.

80. marisacat - 23 February 2007

New thread:

Friday afternoon and evening open thread

LOL well kos regressed to reveal his true self on womens issues and led FP abuse (abortion is “horrible, horrible” with idiots like RedDan carrying the clarion call) against women.

So that makes him what i wonder. Other than one more tired prick.

81. earth to meg - 23 February 2007

” was the opening (I mean it opened the video) rally at the speech Reid gave. I found it distasteful… and unpleasant. The raised fists for an old hack…”

The Reid thing was downright embarrassing. And Kos is one of the most boring uninspired speakers I think I’ve ever seen. I heard him on Air America a couple of times and was underimpressed – he talked fast and almost unintelligibly and clearly is uncomfortable in the spotlight. That assholiness is a cover for his extreme anxiety and insecurity, no doubt.

Man, if they were trying to “convince” people to become Dems by watching this video, they won’t get many takers. Yikes.

82. ¡Para Justicia y Libertad! » Blog Archive » The Sick and Twisted Games People Play - 23 February 2007

[…] to win a prize if they find an individual with an “illegal immigrant” name tag. (h/t to D. Throat over MarisaCat) The game was sponsored by the NYU College […]

83. JJB - 23 February 2007


Thanks for that link, the Kosolini quote is priceless. His site was overrun with political operatives prior to and during the 2004 campaign, at this point you might as well call it Sock Puppet Central.

As for BlackShirt (aka RedState), the damn thing’s probably run out of an office in the WH. It’s as independent from the GOP as Jeff Guckert was.

84. liberalcatnip - 23 February 2007

So much to catch up on.

Thanks for the info about Gravel. Imho, he’s probably too scary for the dkos bunch – kind of a real life OPOL.

Thanks for the nod on the homeless vets stats. I’ll check out your piece.

“Blogger Woodstock”? How nauseating. Woodstock in Las Vegas? Ummm…

85. marisacat - 23 February 2007


speaking of RedState in the next thread I posted an old Garance Franke Ruta article from TAPPED, most info on RedState, Krempasky etc… but a little on the so called left.

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