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Have a quadruple espresso … 7 March 2007

Posted by marisacat in Big Box Blogs, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, la morte de St Germain Dog - the best the BLAHgers had, Lie Down Fall Down Dems.

  Cafe de Flore Paris 1971

Oh, I should be embarrassed… but I’m not!

Is this the longest car wreck?  Ever?  Still in motion, if rather sad and lonely motion…

  •  Wrong again (0+ / 0-)

    You have no idea what you are talkng about.

    That has nothing to  do with it.

    Are some of his little friends feeding you that BS?

    Let’s Go Gators!

    by Big Tent Democrat on Tue Mar 06, 2007 at 07:56:16 PM PST

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    •  OMG!! That comment…. (1+ / 0-)

      Recommended by:

      …actually sounds like hrh in her most unhinged phase.  Awhile back, I suggested a deep breath, and got that same “You don’t know anything” reply.

      Without knowing the particulars, I’m pretty sure of the following:  Anyone who swats off the suggestion that a few deep breaths are almost always a useful idea is getting unhinged themselves.

      You do get very bratty sometimes, and probably most others would have been banned sooner.  Auto-banned, in fact.  Don’t understand the insistence on burning bridges.

      Safe journey, wherever you go.  And even the occasional deep breath, eh?

      “Every single Democratic candidate is immeasurably better than what we have in the White House now.” – Sen. Joe Biden paraphrased

      by Land of Enchantment on Tue Mar 06, 2007 at 08:38:14 PM PST

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      •  Omigod! (2+ / 0-)

        Recommended by:
        JPete, Same As It Ever Was

        You don;t know either.

        You see, unlike you and hrh, I know what I am talking about when it comes to office politics at daily kos.

        I  can not imagine why you would even write that comment.

        Let’s Go Gators!

        by Big Tent Democrat on Tue Mar 06, 2007 at 08:56:30 PM PST

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        •  I don’t claim to know much about… (1+ / 0-)

          Recommended by:
          Major Danby

          …office politics at Kos.  But it’s possible that my knowledge is something beyond a subset of your knowledge.  That I might actually know one or two things you don’t know.  Likely, even.

          I’ve been alive a little while, and have encountered plenty of varieties of human dynamics in groups.  Some more byzantine and ruthless than anything Daily Kos could ever dream of.  (Since our lives are mostly conducted outside of here, and there’s only been a very few years for convoluted intrigue to develop.)

          Mostly, I’m becoming convinced that you’re more thin skinned than I previously thought.  So it goes.

          Safe journeys to you.  At whatever you do.

          “Every single Democratic candidate is immeasurably better than what we have in the White House now.” – Sen. Joe Biden paraphrased

          by Land of Enchantment on Tue Mar 06, 2007 at 09:20:36 PM PST

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    •  OMG, i’m THE MAN! (0 / 0)

      yes, i am in immediate and constant contact with them! OMG!!!

      in fact, i’m IMing with all the current and past FPers — well, except you — at this very moment! it’s so fun! we’re dissing Anna Nicole’s funeral and Britney’s new do! OMG OMG OMG!

      ::good gawd almighty::

      what it boils down to is this: i made a direct hit. you don’t like it. so you’re having a fit and making wild accusations.

      but BTD, how many people at this site have been through so much worse? and you’re complaining about a troll rating and a warning?

      but whatever. at least now you have the martyrs gathering ’round you to ensure you don’t see the error of your ways and to keep fueling this wild paranoia. not a one of us can save you from that – only you can. it’s your choice: fall into the embittered angry pit — or join us here in reality. 🙂

      so i’ll leave you with it. go join peeder and whoever and carry on about all the secrets being passed to the extremely dangerous OMG COOKIEBEAR!!! OMG OMG! dkos’ newest THE MAN! … or return to the realm of the living

      ::bangs head against wall, returns to the much more interesting and definitely more exciting wholesale order i’m getting to make at Frontier Herbs::

      No, I’m more liberal than you!

      by cookiebear on Tue Mar 06, 2007 at 09:39:11 PM PST

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In case, by any chance, you wanted to be “up tp date”… that is the latest as of putting this page together…   Earlier, he natters on about who is “admin” and who is the “face” of the blog.

Good lord!… ws there a worse manager of a business enterprise than Kos?  Shitkickers, comment / abuse people / click / refresh / rinse and repeat addicts, all in a row…  and raking in the dubious ad money.  I have to laugh if this broken down display (and the “great” DH, DD, others, are no different) was ever to be the online Reid ”rapid response machine”.  Or much of anything…

What a scam!  Last… take a look at the FP.  My take, he is still missing a premium ad (9K a week) and the second spot as well.  Further, the revolving ads show Taegan Godard’s Political Wire and Jeralyn’s Talk Left.

Nice of them… or, like the top banner, week after week, giveaways.  Last I looked the banner was, forevermore, the religious slobberation and collection plate pass, Street Profits. Another underperforming effort at extending the shakey franchise. 

Fun to watch.  Keep it up Boyz…


This, from the AP, just up in the SF Chron:

Former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias of New Mexico told the Senate Judiciary Committee he was fired after the state’s senior U.S. senator, Republican Pete Domenici, called him at home in late October and asked whether the prosecutor planned to indict top local Democrats in a corruption case.

The call came just days before one of the country’s most hotly contested House elections between New Mexico Rep. Heather Wilson and Democrat Patricia Madrid. Corruption was a key issue in the race and an indictment of a top Democratic official could have had an impact, the prosecutor testified.

“(Domenici) said, ‘Are these going to be filed before November?’ ” Iglesias said. “I said I didn’t think so. To which he replied, ‘I’m very sorry to hear that.’ And then the line went dead.”

“I felt leaned on, I felt pressured to get these matters moving,” Iglesias told lawmakers. Five weeks after the phone call, he was fired.

So.  Democrats.  Lend me your ears… what are you gonna DO?  And what shall you do about Domenici, whom y’all love to hate in little asides about senility… and, what shall you do about WIlson?

Because this comment at the end of the last thread is what I see:

67. supersoling – 7 March 2007[Edit]
all the breathless celebrating of Libby’s conviction across the so called Left blovisphere is nauseating. Uh…Reid’s nipples are still sagging, Fitzgerald is going back to his day job, whatever that ever was, punk ass Bush is warming up his pardon pen and the Vampire Cheney is getting his clots cleaned to make way for more bloodshed.…and oh, we need to keep crossing over and voting for more uselss democrats now. What a sick fucking state of affairs. Sunk it is.



1. marisacat - 7 March 2007

you’ll notice from the sub thread at the head of the post.. that hrh, SuperVixen … is not not not forgotten… 😉

2. missdevore - 7 March 2007

I caught that-hrh, peeder–demons!

actually, LOA is still posting this AM.

crackiebear-now emboldened to talk back.

3. marisacat - 7 March 2007

LOL the first link in the text “longest car wreck” goes to his comments page.

People can re-check at their leisure.. 😉

4. ms_xeno - 7 March 2007

Looked at the FP ads. I for one am glad to see the war keeping on, and that there is somebody patriotic enough to make sure the soldiers can get a free beer now and then.

You all can natter on and on about impeachment and defunding, but it just makes you look like the idiots you are. Thank the stars that there are still true Americans attending to what REALLY matters.

(So, how is my BTD/LV impression coming along, Everyone ? I’ve been practicing. Oh, wait, I forgot this bit: )


5. missdevore - 7 March 2007

got this from a listserv I’m on. pity it isn’t local for me:


Hoes, Putas, and Dragon Ladies: Our Sexuality ReMixed
is a multimedia exhibit featuring performance, visual
art and readings for women’s history month at chashama
gallery from March 8 through the 14th. The exhibit is
curated by womanist activist filmmakers Abiola Abrams
and Sonia Malfa. Abrams and Malfa created the exhibit
to empower, examine, consider, reveal and comment on
the sexual representations of American women of
African, Latin and Asian decent.

[ClickPress, Wed Mar 07 2007] Hoes, Putas, and Dragon
Ladies: Our Sexuality ReMixed is a multimedia exhibit
featuring performance, visual art and readings for
women’s history month at chashama gallery from March 8
through the 14th. The exhibit is curated by womanist
activist filmmakers Abiola Abrams and Sonia Malfa.
Abrams and Malfa created the exhibit to empower,
examine, consider, reveal and comment on the sexual
representations of American women of African, Latin
and Asian decent.

The show will exhibit emerging visual artists Ifetayo
Abdus-Salam, Damali Abrams, Nancy Encarnacion,
Jennifer Fuentes, Devorah Hill, Urban Envy and Liliana
Velasquez. Collaborating entities include The Goddess
Factory, Bless Da Mic, Casa Attabex Ache with the
support of chashama gallery.

On Thursday March 15 7-9:30pm, the exhibit’s opening
night will feature an artistic dominatrix painting
performance. On Friday March 16 7-9pm Bless Da Mic
presents an open mic with a twist: women-friendly
erotic performance poetry and readings. On Sunday
March 18 1-3pm, Casa Atabex Ache presents a workshop
(for women only) on spirituality and sexual
empowerment. Warning: This exhibit features nudity and
adult situations. If you are offended by nudity or
sexual representations then please do not attend.

chashama gallery is located at 112 West 44th Street.
chashama provided residency support for the creation
of this show. chashama is a NYC arts organization
whose mission is to support artists of all genres.
chashama “adopts” vacant properties that are donated
by their owners and converts them into theaters,
galleries, studios, and window performance sites;
chashama then regrants this space for free or at
heavily subsidized rates. Since 1995, chashama has
transformed more than 20 vacant properties and has
given more than 5,000 artists access to space. Please
find artist statements, background, schedules and
updated information at http://www.thegoddessfactory.com.

6. outofwater - 7 March 2007

The Democrats have done what their going to do, they had hearings didn’t you hear? Those big, bad, Republicans in the administration know now not to fire US Attorneys who prosecute other criminal Republicans, there might be hearings again. GASP!

7. marisacat - 7 March 2007

LOL I think the Democrats are inventorying their stockpiles of powder.

8. outofwater - 7 March 2007

Woops. The inventory showed that all that ammunition was soaked through during hurricane Katrina; they don’t even have a dry, itsy bitsy 22 caliber bullet left.

So sad, and they never fired a shot.

9. BooHooHooMan - 7 March 2007

Nazina Vagina has the most incredibly wise and snarky Diary up today. His incredibly origginal conclusion? Wait for it – (drum roll…)Patience is a Virtue. Not Seen A Vagina Indeed.

I want to know more about what it was like in the very ‘early days’ [proto stone age] at orange. How did you all hear about them in the first place? I am truly convinced these guys are entirely full of shit and would just as readily be sellin ice cream online if there was a play for it.

10. XP - 7 March 2007

Here is something pretty interesting, PC World’s 50 Most Important People on the Web
Blaghers and Dems oh my!
23. Markos Moulitsas Zuniga Blogger, Daily Kos

The left’s most high-profile voice on the Web, Markos “Kos” Moulitsas, is a political powerhouse without equal online. His blog draws comments from liberals ranging from Nancy Pelosi (news, bio, voting record) to Jimmy Carter, and Moulitsas even launched a conference (broadcast in part on C-Span) for like-minded political activists. … Kos has not indicated any desire to run for office himself as yet.

And I thought he said he didn’t.

29. Ron Wyden U.S. Senator, Oregon

11. BooHooHooMan - 7 March 2007

The King of Jordan is Speaking today at a joint session of Congress. My god the little fucker is Jerome Armstrong with mutton chops and a mustache! RFLMAO!!!!

Though Markos’ HRH the Blogfather is more pliable, this Abdullah is more Independent.

12. marisacat - 7 March 2007


well it was more low key. What can I say. Scoop came in October ’03… DHinMI and DemFromCT joined as thread commenters spring of 2003, revved up over the summer and into the fall. By Fall they were elevated to FPers.

Billmon and Steve Soto, Gilliard (more tolerable imo when just covering the war at Dkos, a lot less of his personal crises on view)… moved on to their own sites having been fill-in Fpers for Kos.in 02 and early 03.

I landed at Kos Nov 2002, more or less via Alterman at MSNBC/Atrios/TPM, the original version by JMM.

Bit by bit, esp as I learned Kos had been in a “dot com dot died” here in SF and a few other trip wires, I ws thinking Tulipmania, bubble action… by 2004 it was carcinogenic, filled iwth operatives and whatever else.. but still lots of good diaries. Still good writers…

I DO rmemeber that the FP went stale early. Many of us moved to diaries as soon as scoop and diaries took hold. LOL Esp diaries at night… as there was starting to be, oh let’s say… a certain sterness in the day.. and at night we were freer.

God but DH, DemFromCT and Armando were boring FPers, imo. DFCT specialty was cut and paste NYT. Really, so progressive. DH specialty was himself. Armando’s specialty was himself.

They boxed it all up pretty quick.. and looking back “watchers” were there early.

13. BooHooHooMan - 7 March 2007

Not bad Abdullah, on the core of the problem in the Middle East?

“The denial of Peace and Justice in Palestine.”

Sounds like Dad.

Now suggest Congress cuts aid to Israel.

We’d see a melee on CSPAN with the critters lining up, fighting over pampers and syringes. My man will find himself diapered, drugged, and blindfolded on a plane.

14. marisacat - 7 March 2007

well iirc his wife Rania is Palestinian. and there is significant Palestinian population in Jordan. I forget the numbers tho.

Maybe for domestic consumption. Who knows. What a mess it all is.

15. BooHooHooMan - 7 March 2007

When the time is right, would they be ready?

You know it’s something, MCAT, following the election, following Libby’s conviction – that place should be howler halls apeshit Pushing Reid, pushing Impeachment, pushing, PUSHING.

Just Mr Softee from frat boys.

The only thing they’re pushing is Markos hyped rep, and excuses by/for dullards.

BTW the Hash Semite King closed his speech out with the traditional American exceptionalist cocksuckery and is no doubt headin’ down to treasury to pick up his check.

16. BooHooHooMan - 7 March 2007

In Fairness, Jordan’s existence is between a rock and a hard place. place.

17. Tuston - 7 March 2007

Ya know back in the day I went to school with one of the crown princes of Jordan, ( 11th in line under the previous King Hussein) and he was actually a fairly decent fellow in a school full of prick “princes”…able to get along with very pro-Israel NYC jewish tycoons’ scions, despite their constant agiprop teasing of him.

I have no idea what he’s up to these days.

I think that after a certain number of learjet flights even the most fair minded person must get isolated from the “commoners” even if they’re not actively part of the PTB octopus. Probably something to do with high altitude flights and Cosmic Radiation…

(BTW Firaas was a little dude too, despite his Norwegian mom)

18. marisacat - 7 March 2007

can I speak up for “a different era”… I went to school with a lot of Ranias, in fact with the last daughter of the last wife of Faisal – who married Bandar….

At my school there were “non pork” tables for lunch and dinner. Jews and Arabs which included children from wealthy US and even Israeli families (one’s father was the architect of Entebbe airport, one reason the Israelis had detailed plans of the whole set up)… sat with the Arab and muslim girls of the ME.

A different time.

Was there an international set of pricks in town… oh sure.

All of that, at least in any sense of a shared or communal spirit (and individuals will still vary) has gone.

19. colleen - 7 March 2007

I want to know more about what it was like in the very ‘early days’ [proto stone age] at orange.

a lot of the stuff is archived at http://www.dailykos.net/
Of course there’s no search engine

20. outofwater - 7 March 2007

I was there not too early; the first UID that worked for me was in the 1000’s. I lurked for a while before then, I remember I registered a few times before one took. I wish I had those usernames now, they could do some damage (not that I would).

From the start, the FP was irrelevant to me; it was boring regulation rehash, not very different from what it is today. The difference then was occasionally they would “promote” a diary rather than rip-off its content and reclaim it as their own.

I also never, ever understood the Cult of Armando. Wherever he was there was fighting, so if he had personal the genius they all proclaimed I was unwilling to sort through the drama to find it, so I stayed out. Eventually however, I stepped on a tripwire, and as they say, the rest is history.

Retrospectively, I know was set up. I’d been saying radical (read: unapproved) things all along, but not to anyone who mattered, but it must have caught someone’s eye anyway. Toward the end I’d become deliberately belligerent, but never ever broke a rule, so they couldn’t warn me because I was so careful to follow the Holy Grail FAQ. To resolve that problem they simply banned me without comment or warning. I don’t understand why they haven’t done that to a few others, perhaps because to do it all at once would be too conspicuous.

21. Tuston - 7 March 2007

Jews had achieved apparent “white” status when I went away to school, but when only the “real” whites were around they were still mocked as sub human “hymies” (just like women were stupid cunts, blacks niggers, latinos “spics”, asians, a greater number than jews by my day, were “gooks” etc.)

The whole experience was like gladiator school for executives and a crash course in classism.

22. marisacat - 7 March 2007

oh we avoided the language… lol being, I suppose, girls. The biggest stressor was a NY jewish girl who arrived late for term (although you got to town and basically waited for school to start, LOL) the issue was she arrived iwth about 20 suitcases of bandbox NYC shopping.

LOL. Might as well laugh.

23. marisacat - 7 March 2007

To resolve that problem they simply banned me without comment or warning. I don’t understand why they haven’t done that to a few others, perhaps because to do it all at once would be too conspicuous.

actually I think there has been a lot more of that then is generally known. For one thing, it often happens to people without a support system at the site.

I never really emailed with others at the site til summer of ’04. I reached out via email to Dancing Larry when he did a diary saying Back the Fuck OFF (so to speak, he was more diplomatic), when harassed by DD and msoc.

He was a gritty NE grassroots Alinsky type organiser, who often went up against Dem City Halls. I really liked the diary and searched for an email to drop him a note.

But many people did not email and talk about politics with others there.

If you are banned and are isolated, or don’t have a blog to go yell at.. well… you could be the tree in the invisible forest.’

24. JJB - 7 March 2007


I found Little Orange Footballs through a link at the late, great Media Whores Online. I made my first posts there at almost exactly the same time MCat did. Her description of those heady times matches my own memories of it almost exactly. For me, the place started going downhill pretty rapidly in late 2003, when the professional operatives started showing up in force, trying to pollute the dialogue in such a way as to make their own candidate seem the least objectionable one. BTW, I have intentionally phrased things in that negative fashion because in my view that’s exactly how it was, they weren’t interested in making their own man seem virtuous, just in trashing everyone else. The only people who seemed to have any kind of amateur standing were the Dean enthusiasts, and the confusion they displayed in dealing with the thuggish behavior of the pros, and their inability to understand why and how their candidate’s standing deteriorated so rapidly, leaves me convinced that most of them were actually sincere amateur players, though no doubt some were just incompetent mercenaries Dean found himself stuck with. FWIW, it was around that time that Armando showed up, yet one more reason the site deteriorated.

What attracted me to the site and made me keep coming back was the outfront anti-war attitude on display there. Whatever the failings of Kosolini and the crew he ended up surrounding himself with, he really did make it clear from the start that he opposed invading Iraq, and the place ended up providing a forum/meeting place for people who felt that way too. Of course, even then he was cannibalizing posts other people made, putting up front page items that quoted the same passages from articles that others had read and analyzed, even stealing some of their observations, all without crediting the people who’d done the work he stole. And I never found much of interest in what he had to say anyway, it was the other commenters who made the site so fascinating. The ones I remember most distinctly are MCat, colleen, and papertigress. There were many others whose handles have slipped my mind. Hard to believe that was four-plus years ago.

To look at what the site is today, well, I am sadly reminded of how FM radio went from being a medium in which DJs could play whatever the hell they wanted to the carefully calculated, taste-tested, structured, playlist-dominated thing it became after Woodstock made the bean counters realize there was money to be made off the so-called counterculture.

25. NYCO - 7 March 2007

Have to laugh at the Obama investing story… you realize of course that the whole point of the story is not to raise any questions about wrongdoing, but to slather around how much $$$ the guy has. Which could possibly be effective if someone were trying to turn off certain segments of the black votership.

26. marisacat - 7 March 2007

colleen is here and can speak for herself, but Paper Tigress was a wonderful poster. She left pretty much fully, over SHut YOur Fucking Pie Hole diary from JeffLieber, in Sept 2004. Declared it in the diary. And several people (including myself) lined up behind her comment in the thread.

Operatives were thick on the ground. Traitor was used agaisnt other voters, against American citizens. Coordinated efforts to drive off Dean supporters in 2004. Nasty.

Sweeps of operatives, demands for loyalty oaths (“vote for the nominee”) came in agaisnt Dean with the Al From editorial of May 11, 2003… in late fall Armando began coming over from clark blog… Clark supporters that I knew in Real Life were real people, online it was a hot bed of operatives. DHinMI was the Michigan chair for Clark. You can figure it out…

LOL I sw a stray comment over at MyDD last week that Clark is now saying how SHOCKED! shocked I tell you, he is that when Dean dropped out all of his “advisors” split. Being Clintonistas their work was done.

Just business. I only draw the line at the Osama ad. Tho it was very liberating in a sense.

27. JJB - 7 March 2007


Thank you for that link, I wasn’t aware that all that material was still available online. Just at random, I went into an open thread from almost four years ago, and found this exchange:


In the immortal words of that ….immortal Hades:

“We dance, we kiss, we schmooze, we carry on, we go home happy, whadaya say?”

Posted by Mike the Analyst at June 20, 2003 01:38 PM

Mike the Analyst:

Since you’re in the mood for classical quotations:
“Last came the race of iron. In that hard age
Of baser vein all evil straight broke out,
And honour fled, and truth and loyalty,
Replaced by fraud, deceit and treachery
And violence and wicked greed for gain.”


“Nor did earth’s rich return of crops and food
Suffice; the bowels of the world were forced
And wealth deep hidden next the gates of Hell
Dug out, the spur of wickedness and sin.
Iron now was in men’s hands to bring them bane,
And gold a greater bane, and war marched forth
That fights with both and shook its clashing arms
With hands of blood. Men lived by spoil and plunder[.]”


“Honour and love lay vanquished, and from earth,
With slaughter soaked, Justice, virgin divine,
The last of the immortals, fled away.”

Ovid, Metamorphoses, “The Ages of Mankind, Book I (translated by A.D. Melville).

Perhaps we could call that “Owed to the Time of Bush II” (pun intended).

Hope things turn out better for us. The next section is “The Flood.”

Posted by JJB at June 20, 2003 01:53 PM

Both you and Marisacat were in that thread as well. My goodness, what a time!

28. bayprairie - 7 March 2007

yes, its interesting from a pathological perspective to watch the rabid hyenas feed on the former friend and now-diseased pack member. the “pope’s kiss” has been withdrawn publicly, and the syncophants begin to attack their former “brother”.

anyone want to borrow my microscope? i promise i won’t put boot-black around the eye piece like i did last time :::snickering:::

i came to dailykos after billmon had left, but before they made the scoop switch. like JJB i was there because i was against war and seeking like minds. i never commented at all until 2005, lurked on an almost daily basis, happy to read, until i began noticing kos ragging on NARAL in the spring of 2005. about then i began commenting. by june 2005, soon after pie, armando had already called me an asshole multiple times in one of his late night threads.

what goes round comes around, right sancho?

29. marisacat - 7 March 2007

by june 2005, soon after pie, armando had already called me an asshole multiple times in one of his late night threads.

what goes round comes around, right sancho?

oh that snip on “asshole” made me laugh…..

30. missdevore - 7 March 2007

oh no! not in that place called Hope…..(from raw story)

“Days after tornadoes devastated their town, citizens in Hope, Arkansas are crying out that they still has not received help from FEMA, the federal government’s emergency management agency.

As 8,000 government mobile homes sit unused only 160 miles away, FEMA says it can’t employ them until the tornado-ravaged area is declared a federal disaster area, CNN reports. As that has yet to happen, the trailers sit idle.”

31. marisacat - 7 March 2007

jesus shat on Hope?

What will Clinton and Huckabee DO!

Our century is defined by the fucking FEMA trailer. It really is. The non-starter home.

32. BooHooHooMan - 7 March 2007

I appreciate the primer. I was like colleen re the musical background. Especially over time, I was not so inclined to sift through the drama to get to the alleged brilliance.

I still think its a stretch to say “professional operatives” in the same sentence with kos, his site or “the Party”

Markos’ and Co. posers fucking botched all that they touched in Connecticut and I’m no Lanny Davis. The ‘genius’ of Joe Trippi blew forty million for nada on Howards behalf. Not lookin’ forward to more of the same, and this is coming from someone who previously only worked for and invested in D’s in Senate and Presidential Campaigns .

33. marisacat - 7 March 2007

Agree on CT (I have to admit I had a LOT Of amusement poking fun at that mess – they forgot to advise all the naifs who were exhorted to contribute to a multi millionaire, that Joe had an pproval rating of 65%) and agree on Trippi.

What a mess.

But really are they significantly different from the hapless Dem leadership? Clinton strangle, Reid, others, remnants of the 90s still hanging around, and so on… they seem made from the same silly putty.

I often bring up that, whatever their faults, Matt Dowd and McKInnon used to be Dems and fled post 88/Dukakis. I think they smelled the rot.

Which is a different rot from the Republicans.

34. marisacat - 7 March 2007

Plus there seems a lot of “nothing new” in the supposed Dem/liberal/whatever money that was bruited about quite a bit in 2003/4/5/6/ (stein and his never made public map of R wurlitzer) and so on. The Rappaports Democracy Alliance and so on. Drum Major Institute is just a tired hang out that gives Kos awards. And so on.

That seems a bust but for dropping checks.

35. Tuston - 7 March 2007

Its interesting to see who’s finding religion in last daze of dkos. Phoenix Woman has a disinfo diary up called “The Senate Democrats Are NOT In The Majority”

to which eugene testifies:

That’s not an excuse… (22+ / 0-)

…for their unwillingness to lead, frame and shape the debate, back the Republicans into a corner.

Their majority – or lack of a working one – is really beside the point here. This Congress was always going to be about jockeying for position, and the Dems have failed totally at this.

And of course, they have well above 40 votes, so they can effectively block legislation they don’t like. They can and should play hardball to get this war over with. Instead they’re treating this like a slow-pitch softball game with a keg at second.

I’m not part of a redneck agenda – Green Day

by eugene on Wed Mar 07, 2007 at 09:33:47 AM MST

36. liberalcatnip - 7 March 2007

Good day all!

Houesekeeping stuff: I didn’t go to school with anybody famous or worthy of note and I ended up at dkos by following a link from Air America’s forum in 2004.

Anyway, I was wondering if you’d seen Abu Gonzales’ piece in USA Today:

They lost my confidence
Attorneys’ dismissals were related to performance, not to politics.

By Alberto R. Gonzales

As any employer or manager knows, the handling of personnel matters — especially the termination of employees — is one of the most challenging tasks in any business. Personnel matters in the federal government are no exception.

To be clear, it was for reasons related to policy, priorities and management — what have been referred to broadly as “performance-related” reasons — that seven U.S. attorneys were asked to resign last December.

The Justice Department, out of respect for these individuals, would have preferred not to talk publicly about those reasons, but disclosures in the press and requests for information from Congress altered those best-laid plans. Although our reasons for their dismissal were appropriate, our failure to provide those reasons to these individual U.S. attorneys at the time they were asked to resign has only served to fuel wild and inaccurate speculation about our motives. That is very unfortunate because faith and confidence in our justice system are more important than any one individual.
I hope that this episode ultimately will be recognized for what it is: an overblown personnel matter.

Wanker. He’s just trying to cover his lying butt obviously. I haven’t followed this story in depth but it seems to me that it’s about much more than “an overblown personnel matter”. But then what should we expect from a guy who thinks torture is okey dokey?

37. Tuston - 7 March 2007

In case any of you read Marvel Comics, stop reading SPOILER alert!

For the rest of us, I still think that there is something significant and poignant about the following:

NEW YORK (CNN) — He fought and triumphed over Hitler, Tojo, international Communism and a host of supervillains, but he could not dodge a sniper’s bullet.

Comic book hero Captain America is dead.

After close to 60 years in print, Marvel Comics has killed off Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, one of its most famous and beloved superheroes amid an already controversial story line, “Civil War,” which is pitting the heroes of Marvel’s universe against one another.

In the comic series, Rogers was to stand trial for defying a superhero registration law passed after a hero’s tragic mistake causes a 9/11-like event.

Steve Rogers eventually surrenders to police. He is later mortally wounded as he climbs the courthouse steps. (Watch the story of an American hero )

Marvel says the comic story line was intentionally written as an allegory to current real-life issues like the Patriot Act, the War on Terror and the September 11 attacks.

Somebody should have played taps for the US a long, long time ago

38. marisacat - 7 March 2007

LOL so who is forced to resign… seems to be DOn and Lisa and a couple of generals at WRH…


Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:



39. liberalcatnip - 7 March 2007

#37. How apropos.

What’s up with this?

Meteor Blades posted (0 / 0)

on Talk Left this morning here.

JRE 2008 “We should ask the American people to be patriotic about something other than war.” -John Edwards

by CA JAY on Wed Mar 07, 2007 at 12:45:57 PM MST

Has MB deserted dkos?

40. Sabrina Ballerina - 7 March 2007

Abu Gonzales should not be pontificating to the major news media. He is the first who should be impeached. That would not be difficult imo, yet there is no move to do so, despite his obvious violations of his oath of office, his total lack of understanding of the Constitution and his invovlement in so many of the crimes of this administration, ie, the NSA spy scandal, the torture memos etc. What ARE they waiting for?

Interesting history of DK – I think I discovered them around early 2004 or a little earlier. I was very involved in other established blogs at the time and we simply followed links to information that was relevant to the war etc. I began lurking occasionally about two years ago but didn’t sign up, again because I was signed up at several other blogs and didn’re really like their layout.

I finally signed up last year and did plan on participating more, but early on began to notice some disturbing behavior by the ‘administration’. It just steadily got worse with the administration always takiing the side of the bullies and seemed more like a rightwing site to me than a progressive site.

So I refrained from getting involved much. It was a shock though because my experience with progressive sites up ’til then, was pretty positive. It really doesn’t take long to figure out that something is very, very wrong with that place. Probably harder for longtime members to see because it happened over time, but for new people, it’s fairly obvious after a short amount of time.

As for cookiebear? That is one crazy individual who has accused people of all kinds of conspiracies. Her use of what she sees as the most devastating accusations, comparisons to other banned users, against btd now, is a rightwing tactic.

And what the stupid idiots do not realize is that by doing so, they are probably getting sympathy for btd because most, the vast majority of people know full well that being banned from dk is a badge of honor!! lol. Dumb, incompentent people. They may last a little while longer depending on how much money is poured into the site, but they are imploding from within. All that will be left wil be the most dull, boring, vicious, mediocre, dim-witted bullies on the internet. And of course their ‘leader’, kos.

Btd seems to have mistaken kos for someone who might be capable of being a good friend. Kos will dump anyone who gets in his way. This ought to be a lesson for the sychophants, but they always think ‘it won’t happen to me’. Who will they target next?

41. marisacat - 7 March 2007

Glen Ford of BAR on the Sunday display in Selma:

[F]orty-two years after the historic civil rights crossing of nearby Edmund Pettus Bridge on the road to Montgomery, the Barack and Hillary Show reveals that the last vestiges of the Black Freedom Movement are going – nowhere. African American political luminaries from around Alabama and the nation, eager to become part of the pageant, arrayed themselves in the box seats of their favorite’s church venues, validating the candidates’ vacuous presentations as if they actually contained something of substance worthy of the occasion. [snip]

42. arcturus1 - 7 March 2007

JJB #27 – i’m luvin’ ya more & more, man!

lc – thx for those links yesterday

Our century is defined by the fucking FEMA trailer. It really is. The non-starter home.:

w/ cyclone fencing & barbed-wire (which afterall, ‘conquered’ the Plains) no link, but i read in the past few days of a a security guard being shot at one of fema’s “parks” – y mas?

how on earth can a literate editor let Abu’s defintion of “performance” (“To be clear, it was for reasons related to policy, priorities and management”) stand unrelated to politics? To then sub-headline the article w/ “Attorneys’ dismissals were related to performance, not to politics”??? (puhlease, corruption investigations, death penalty charging, of course those are unpolitical . . .)

& here, something I only gave a skimmed once-over last night, but want to get back to, the close to Robert Brenner’s “STRUCTURE vs CONJUNCTURE: The 2006 Elections and the Rightward Shift”:

The Democrats will no doubt evince a bit more sound, if not much fury in the run-up to the next election. But even if they go on to win in 2008, what we are surely in for, in the absence of a major revitalization of mass movements, is Clinton Redux—conceivably under Clinton ii. In other words, a continuation of the long-term slide to the right, at perhaps a slightly slower pace than under the Republicans.

A political opening?

The fact that the Democrats have remained contenders essentially by playing the Republicans’ game raises the ultimate political conundrum. Between 2001 and 2006, real wages have been flat. Between 2000 and 2004—the last available data—median family income actually fell by between 2 and 3 per cent. Employment growth has been the slowest since World War II. There has been a big drop-off in employers’ willingness to continue to pay for health-care insurance or to honour pensions, along with exacerbated inequalities in the distribution of wealth. In other words, the gap between the material aspirations of the population and what the bipartisan merry-go-round is prepared to provide has reached historic proportions for the post-World War II epoch. Why has the widely bruited new populism failed to become more pronounced?

Part of the answer is perhaps to be found in the bizarre operation of the economy that has emerged under Clinton and Bush, and the cushioning effects that this has offered, however temporary. For a long period, ever-increasing female participation in the labour force countered declining male median real wages. After 1995, rising stock prices enabled corporations both to borrow with unprecedented ease and to issue shares at hugely inflated prices, allowing them to accelerate investment and unemployment. This created a hyper-boom that, however temporary and ill-fated, raised real wages dramatically over the four years between 1997–2001. That expansion proved illusory, issuing in a sharp if brief recession and a severe shortfall of demand. The next round of stimulus, provided by an epoch-making run-up in housing prices, made possible the greatest orgy of household-debt creation in us history, and, on that basis, a remarkable expansion of large-scale spending by wide swathes of the American consumerate.

Will the deflation of the housing bubble now in process finally make for a different outcome? There is not yet much on the horizon indicative of the sort of popular mobilization that is, as always, the precondition for any real progressive shift in us politics. But were the widely expected recession actually to materialize, things might get more interesting. The growing dissatisfaction with the war in Iraq, in combination with seriously worsening living conditions, would make for a combustible mix. Politics conducted without regard for the population would become a lot more difficult to sustain.

Mike Davis (the mega-slums author) has ‘The Democrats After November’ up there (New Left Review) that I also wanna get to.

Michael Ratner (of Center for Constitutional Rights) on kpfa right now talking about Lyn Stewart (available at their site as stream, podcast, or d/l)

43. arcturus1 - 7 March 2007

just got a weird message after trying to post w/ links – one ihaven’t seen before – let me know if it isn’t waiting in yr spamcatcher? (of course I didn’t save it first . . .)

44. marisacat - 7 March 2007

got it out of spam. It sent me there earlier…. sigh.

45. Tuston - 7 March 2007

Yo, what is it with vermonters?
the green mt boys, gay marriages, and now the audacity to force the issue of impeachment:

When Vermont Governor Jim Douglas, a Republican with reasonably close ties to President Bush, asked if there was any additional business to be considered at the town meeting he was running in Middlebury, Ellen McKay popped up and proposed the impeachment of Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

The governor was not amused. As moderator of the annual meeting, he tried to suggest that the proposal to impeach — along with another proposal to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq — could not be voted on.

But McKay, a program coordinator at Middlebury College, pressed her case. And it soon became evident that the crowd at the annual meeting shared her desire to hold the president to account.

So Douglas backed down.

“It became clear that no one was going home until they had the chance to discuss the resolutions and vote on them,” explained David Rosenberg, a political science professor at Middlebury College. “And being a good politician, he allowed the vote to happen.”

By an overwhelming voice vote, Middlebury called for impeachment.

So it has gone this week at town meetings across Vermont, most of which were held Tuesday.

Late Tuesday night, there were confirmed reports that 36 towns had backed impeachment resolutions, and the number was expected to rise.

In one town, Putney, the vote for impeachment was unanimous.

In addition to Governor Douglas’s Middlebury, the town of Hartland, which is home to Congressman Peter Welch, backed impeachment. So, too, did Jericho, the home of Gaye Symington, the speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives.

Organizers of the grassroots drive to get town meetings to back impeachment resolutions hope that the overwhelming support the initiative has received will convince Welch to introduce articles of impeachment against Bush and Cheney. That’s something the Democratic congressman is resisting, even though his predecessor, Bernie Sanders, signed on last year to a proposal by Michigan Congressman John Conyers to set up a House committee to look into impeachment.

The Nation

whats that old saw about “if the people lead, the leaders must follow”? or somehtin…

46. arcturus1 - 7 March 2007

o man, this ratner interview (kpfa, guns ‘n butter show w/ bonnie faulkner (sp?)) is smokin! ranging all over the civil rights map: detainees, mca, padilla, enemy combatants, kangaroo courts, domestic spying, torture – looks like it’s going the whole hour – must-listen stuff, seriously

‘not one word from the dems in last fall’s elections about restoring our civil rights – minimum wage, teh war, habeas for detainees to a a slight extent, but otherwise? not one word’ (my paraphrase)

thx fer saving me – why, it’s almot like a riligee-us experience

47. spiderleaf - 7 March 2007

19. colleen: if you enter the following parameters into google it should work as a site search…

site:www.dailykos.net [searchterm]

48. arcturus1 - 7 March 2007

show’s called: “Tyranny Abroad, Police State At Home”

‘this is not about the future, it’s about now – do we ever ‘go back’ from what we’ve already started down?’

(moving now into Haliburton’s detention facility contracts & off shore ‘penal colonies’ )

‘we now have preventive detention in place’

‘we have the legal framework & Haliburton’s building the physical frameworkk – here & abroad’

49. D. Throat - 7 March 2007

Meanwhile back at the ol’ DOW ranch:

2/27 Tues: -416
2/28 Wed: +52
3/1 Thurs: – 34
3/2 Fri: : -120.24
3/5 Mon: -63.69
3/6 Tues: +157.18
3/7 Wed: -15.14
Rebound: -439.89

50. marisacat - 7 March 2007

tuston… madman sent me this earlier. I remembered that in SF we voted on impeachment. IIRC it won by 8 pts.

San Francisco and Berkeley pass impeachment ballot measures in November 2006 election. Sebastopol passed 5/18/06.

Impeachment forum held at Democratic Convention 4/29.

Berkeley passes resolution 4/25/06. Fairfax 7/5/06. Koretz’ AJR39 expired in 2006.

51. arcturus1 - 7 March 2007

on an emerging police state: ‘it’s aimed at first againt the Other – arabs, immigrants’ – to get us to accept & put the framework in place

52. lucid - 7 March 2007

I want to know more about what it was like in the very ‘early days’ [proto stone age] at orange. How did you all hear about them in the first place?

I started reading DKos in the fall of 2003. At the time I was an avid reader of Narconews & Al Giordano started a side blog for the Dem primaries. He recommended Dkos, so I checked it out. DH and DD and their ilk annoyed me from day 1, though I always had a lot of respect for Meteor Blades. The others I gravitated toward were Marisacat, Theoria, Madman [the original LSF crew]. I enjoyed Eugene and MSOC for a while, but they both became tiresome… and there are many others who passed through or commented occasionally. I stopped reading the FP completely after the pie-wars [early 2005]. I tried out Booman for a bit, but never really liked it.

There did used to be a lot of freeedom there – as MC said – particularly at night. And it was a useful place to get poll numbers on races local around the country during election season. But it has become the Dem machine show now. I was already on the fringe when I started there, now, if I didn’t censor myself, I would be autobanned in a matter of days. So I ceased posting.

53. marisacat - 7 March 2007

lucid’s comment

reminds me that I SO loved the “local check-ins”. People would post on this or that from their area. Wonderful!

…and many of the diaries during the Dean primaries were excellent. Jumbo (who seems to have migrated to minor thug assist) and ‘hyperbolic pants explosion’ wrote fantastic diaries during that time.

54. lucid - 7 March 2007

Mcat – yeah the local issues that people would bring to the fore [often environmental stuff, or local economic issues] were fantastic. I’ve always had an interest in that type of stuff, but it’s difficult to find the time to track down local issue politics. It’s not like I can scan hundreds of local newspapers each day and still hold down a job and struggle to make it in the music industry… It often served as a good clearinghouse in a sense. Now there’s just too much noise, manipulation and vitriol.

55. outofwater - 7 March 2007

Day 1

I am progressive. I am liberal. I make no apologies. I believe government has an obligation to create an even playing field for all of this country’s citizens and immigrants alike. I am not a socialist. I do not seek enforced equality. However, there has to be equality of opportunity, and the private sector, left to its own devices, will never achieve this goal.

Posted May 26, 2002 12:57 PM

Now, just how did the site grow so large? Talk about humble beginnings.

The more things change the more they say the same, in the five intervening years his writing remains distinguishably his own.

56. lucid - 7 March 2007

I am not a socialist. I do not seek enforced equality. However, there has to be equality of opportunity, and the private sector, left to its own devices, will never achieve this goal.

He’d so like to be a libertarian…

But I gues I shouldn’t talk – I’m an anarcho-syndicalist, or as I’m wont to say, a real Marxist – you know, of the Grundrisse sort.

57. outofwater - 7 March 2007

He didn’t claim to be a Democrat in The Beginning.

58. supervixen - 7 March 2007

Catching up – wow, those folks over at Dkos have really gone ROUND THE BEND!! It’s screamingly funny, but also horrifying, like one of those office Xmas parties where some people get too much “cheer” and get up on the table and start stripping. It’s an astonishing spectacle that people will talk about for decades to come. Perhaps songs will be written about it. “The Night That Dkos Died…”

40, sabrina –

As for cookiebear? That is one crazy individual who has accused people of all kinds of conspiracies. Her use of what she sees as the most devastating accusations, comparisons to other banned users, against btd now, is a rightwing tactic.

Yes, she’s the same kind of person who, in medieval days, denounced the more attractive women as witches, and in Stalin’s time, got rid of pesky competitors by concocting some insane bullshit story. Scary, scary person. And as I’m sure you know, there are several more exactly like her roaming the halls of Daily Kos. Great fun to see her and Armando, an abusive lunatic in his own right, turning on each other. Tee hee.

All that will be left wil be the most dull, boring, vicious, mediocre, dim-witted bullies on the internet. And of course their ‘leader’, kos.

My thoughts exactly. Right on, Sabrina 🙂

I just returned from the funeral service for an elderly Jewish matriarch from my husband’s side of the family. She was quite the ball-busting Supervixen, raising a family of boys while her husband was off fighting Hitler, and when the kids were old enough to go to school she went to school herself, and ended up getting five degrees. As the rabbi said, she was an ideal example of a woman who was strong, intelligent, active, and beautiful, and unafraid to speak directly. She would tell anyone off. There were many great stories told on this theme, but the one I enjoyed the most was the one about when her eldest son came back from his posh New England college with a broken nose thanks to an altercation with a classmate. The next time she saw the president of the college, she went after him with leonine ferocity and demanded, “What kind of a reform school are you running here??”

One might ask the same question of Kos.

59. supervixen - 7 March 2007

Can someone who’s been paying attention explain to me the situation with Kos’s wife? As far as I can tell, she doesn’t participate much on DKos, she’s relegated to MotherTalkers (yes, that’s what women should be doing all the time – talking about their KIDS), and she was deputized to run the “feminism” round table at Yearly Kos.

To me, this situation stinks. But maybe I don’t know the whole story.

60. Kevin Lynch - 7 March 2007

So many of the things that were said in the early days were LIES. I made it to dKos after I saw it at the DFA website. back then it was a good read for all the reasons that have been mentioned. It was also a good place to share all the anger we felt at the direction the country was headed.

Now those days are long gone, just like my comments. Hope whoever decided to delete them after I posted here is having a good time. Keep reading!


61. arcturus1 - 7 March 2007

draw a lesson or not:

Rep. Lynn Woolsey, D-Calif., a member of the “Out of Iraq” caucus that favors forcing an end to the war, complained in a recent Web interview that Blue Dogs “are bragging that they have nine new members.”

In the interview with the liberal group Progressive Democrats of America, she pointed out that the Progressive Caucus can boast the same number of freshmen.

But party officials argue that those more liberal newcomers are not in competitive seats, and that their supporters are unlikely to forsake Democrats in 2008, when they will be highly motivated to turn out to try to wrest the presidency from Republicans.

The same can’t be said of the first-term Blue Dogs, many of whom are already preparing for tough re-election fights.

cuz ’til they hear & KNOW otherwise . . .

62. Revisionist - 7 March 2007

Man……… dd & dk seem obsessed with the FOX debate. Does anyone see it as I do. Hillary is tight with Murdoch. Reid’s son works for Hillary. Corporatists would be Ok with HRC and she is the candidate the repubs want to run against. Seems obvios to me that the debate was designed to showcase Hillary

63. ms_xeno - 7 March 2007

Well, I really am having an espresso right now at a local cafe. Oh, the joys of heading slowly towards solvency once more !

(It’s only a double, though.)

Wanted to say a little about seeing Lynn Stewart at PSU yesterday, but was too pooped. She’s a good speaker, energetic but not glib. She talked about the atmosphere amongst criminal lawyers she knows in the aftermath of her arrest. A juror who claimed after the verdict that other jurors had threatened her to make her vote guilty, the difference in her client’s demeanor after months of sensory deprivation, and much more.

People have acused Stewart of glossing what she does for a living, but I didn’t get that at all. She stated openly that the client she defended in the infamous case was a proponent of Sharia, who wanted to speak out against Mubarek in the U.S. because he naively believed that he would be freer here to do so than at home.

It was well worth attending. More info here for the curious, including PDF files of the letters many people wrote to the judge in her defense.

64. ms_xeno - 7 March 2007

SV, women can’t have babies and political beliefs at the same time. It makes their brains all cloudy-like. :p

[Ducks to avoid bucket of potatoes thrown at head.]

65. bayprairie - 7 March 2007

SV says

and in Stalin’s time, got rid of pesky competitors by concocting some insane bullshit story.

or perhaps this. Dkos, a soviet hotel!!!!!

Do svidaniya, Rossiya!

…the hotel conjures memories of gruff service, baffling bureaucracy, sinister food, and bizarre Soviet touches, such as radios that could only pick up one station and could only be turned off by being unplugged.

For… an American who first stayed at the Rossiya as a student in 1976, the worst part was trying to fall asleep: “The bed wasn’t really a bed. It was a slab of wood, like a wooden shelf.”

Equally rigid were the rules that governed the comings and goings of guests. It took a special card to enter the hotel, and each of the Rossiya’s long corridors was watched over by a surly dezhurnaya, a matron who collected room keys from guests whenever they left

complete with dezhurnayas

…the dezhurnaya, the “key lady.” This was usually a large, rather imposing woman with the ever-present handkerchief on her head who sat at a little desk in the center of every floor of the hotel…

…When you leave, you give your room key to her. When you return, you ask her for your room key. It doesn’t matter how many times or days or weeks you ask for the same key–she pretends not to know you, and you always have to ask for it by room number…

…Her main function seems to be not the keeping of the keys, though, but the guarding of the rooms: despite the fact that she never evinces recognition of the residents, she’s quick to detect an alien presence. American friends not living in the hotel are suspicious; Russians are not allowed at all, and have to be snuck in…

66. ms_xeno - 7 March 2007

In other news, our Secretary of State is still a shitheel, and Dan Meek continues to bedevil him for it.

…Meek says Bradbury is simply delaying. He points out that easily changed online voter registration forms also don’t acknowledge the existence of the Independent Party, although it’s been more than five weeks since elections officials certified the 18,908 signatures the party needed to qualify… — Nigel Jaquiss at *Willamette Week*

I owe Dan Meek another mash note. 8)

67. marisacat - 7 March 2007


I took a nap and while asleep 3 slipped to spam file. 2 of lucid and one of arcturus were bailed out…

now i have to go upthread and catch up.. 😉

68. AlanSmithee - 7 March 2007

I normally only wander over to DKO$ when I’m looking for a laugh, but I’m a bit confused by this Armandodo business.

The newest member of the Blogroll of the Banned, The Blogging Curmudgeon, mentioned in passing that Farmando has posted a GBCW diary. Now, hasn’t he done this before? I mean, is this a for-good-and-all kind of thing? Or is this just something Armandodo does when he thinks he’s not getting enough attention?

69. marisacat - 7 March 2007

catching up on my email too… this from Madman… as Tuston up thread mentions the state efforts to vote on impeachment…

here is a snip:

In the state of Washington, it is the people versus Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Party leadership.

At issue is a bill, S8016, submitted in the state’s senate by freshman state Senator Eric Oemig, which would call on the U.S. Congress to initiate impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush for high crimes and misdemeanors against the Constitution and the people of the United States and of the state of Washington.

The measure, which would take the form of a joint resolution by the two houses of the Washington state legislature, accords with the instructions laid out by Founder Thomas Jefferson, who, in his Manual of the Rules of the House of Representatives laid out state joint resolutions as an alternative route for initiating presidential impeachment proceedings in the House, in addition to the more usual route of a member submitting a bill of impeachment.

But two unprincipled and devious Democratic members of Washington’s congressional delegation, Sen. Pat Murray and Rep. Jay Inslee, are undermining Jefferson’s carefully designed fail-safe system by pressuring Democratic state legislators to kill Sen. Oemig’s bill. The Seattle Times reports in a March 2 article that Murray and Inslee are telling Democrats in the state senate to kill the impeachment bill on the grounds that it would lead to “divisiveness” in Washington, and that it would impede the “Democratic agenda” in Congress.

The article is by Lindorff who, with Barbara Olshansky, has worked with the detainees at Gitmo…

70. outofwater - 7 March 2007

AS-Yeah, he has done this before, and will again unless he is banned officially. If he is really banned he’ll be back still, but since he would not be able to “out” himself as Armando the Great in his next incarnation he’ll be kicked out within a week. There is a zero tolerance policy for low UID users who don’t echo properly, which is impossible for him, he needs the drama.

71. marisacat - 7 March 2007


agree, the nerve racking over FOX, NV is interesting, sort of. What are they gonna do. Its on, I suspect.. AND BlogPac acts like they can stop it. Waaa. waaa.

The Dems had primary debates thru FOX in 2003… and there were La Rouchies in the audience, both times, as I recall.

We did not even have FOX news here in the SF Comcast line up… they put it in just at the primary season.

Poor Dmocrats. What to do, or rather how to be actively inactive. Tending the dry powder.


72. arcturus1 - 7 March 2007

btw, Lindorff was on Flashpoints w/ Parry for the 1st half hour of flashpoints yesterday (talking about Libby/Cheney)

73. outofwater - 7 March 2007



Man………dd & dk seem obsessed with the FOX debate. Does anyone see it as I do. Hillary is tight with Murdoch. Reid’s son works for Hillary. Corporatists would be Ok with HRC and she is the candidate the repubs want to run against. Seems obvious to me that the debate was designed to showcase Hillary.

I couldn’t figure it out either, you solved the mystery. . Thank you!

[content of comment modified at request of the commenter -Mcat]

74. marisacat - 7 March 2007

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:



if this is old, well I was sleeping.. ;). But not as asleep as the Democrats!!


And I just read the emails about poor Martin. His latest whizz. Still in a tizz whiz. About his buds.

Who sold out and then tried to force us to come along for the cheap ride. Thanks NO, LOL

Of course, banning or shunning was going to come round and bite them in the ass. Had to. I suspect for one, if what Armando is slobbering on about is at all accurate, DH has sold himself to Kos as ascendant with a big “DC job” or what ever CoS to a new rep is in their minds.

By the way reading that first post or early post of Kos, upthread… althought i started reading in oct Nov of 2002 I DID go back to the beginning… and I had been certain he called himself a “liberal”…

thanks for finding that.

75. marisacat - 7 March 2007


a few weeks ago there were attempts around by whomever to post comments (not here, elsewhere) alluding to gay porn work.

I have not searched. One thing I know is that lots of internet svvy people during the various recessions of the 90s moved to internet porn / web master / etc., work.

The money was so big.

heard that from a friend in a company with a large IT support dept that downsized.

He was always a sort of class B small time, mean, woman hater. with some vicious cadres at DKos.

nothing would surprise me now…

76. D. Throat - 7 March 2007

British legislators vote for historic shake-up of House of Lords

British legislators voted Wednesday for a historic shake-up of the tradition-bound upper chamber of Parliament, saying all or most of its members should be elected instead of appointed as most are now.

If put into practice, the vote could transform the influence and image of Britain’s centuries-old House of Lords, which is at the center of a storm over suspected illegal political funding.

In a surprise, the lower House of Commons broke years of deadlock over how to reform the unelected House of Lords by giving strong backing for a wholly elected chamber.

A proposal for 80 percent of Lords to be elected also passed. That option would likely safeguard a small number of seats reserved for Church of England bishops, known as the Lords Spiritual. Proposals for smaller numbers of Lords to be elected were defeated.

Legislators voted to remove remaining hereditary peers — members of the House of Lords who gain their seats because of their aristocratic birth.

77. marisacat - 7 March 2007


I really like Lindorff and Olshansky… caught them in a long panel, just the tow of them, with Q&A, last summer I think… on gitmo and habeas..

So impressive, so real.

Olshansky said some generals are as mad over it all they are. IF ONLY the Dems gave a flabby shit. Lindorff and Olshansky said several Dems were concerned aobut HC but afraid to speak publicly.

The nation died in silence.

They jsut don’t care. They refuse to be the political partner of a wide spectrum of people.

hence no fucking respect.

78. supervixen - 7 March 2007

65, bayprairie: oh, the Rossiya! What an ugly dump. I tried to get something to eat in their restaurant once, when visiting Moscow shortly after Yeltsin took over and things were falling apart. The waitress ignored us for half an hour and then came over and snatched the flowers out of the vase on the table. It was such a brilliant “Fuck You” gesture that I had to laugh.

There’s a bar in Helsinki called Moskva which makes fun of Soviet style. It’s owned by Aki Kaurismaki and his brother. It’s a tiny place with hideous decor, battered red vinyl banquettes, uncomfortable chairs, and busts of Lenin. The service is deliberately rude. All part of the gag.

Finnish humor.

79. supervixen - 7 March 2007

out of water: that’s something to think about! I wouldn’t be surprised, put it that way.

80. supersoling - 7 March 2007

a question,
earlier today you linked to an early SYFPH diary at dKos in which a friend or aquantance, I’m too lazy to look back through the comments for her name, made a GBCW comment. Any way, out of curiosity I clicked on your name in that diary and found your last diary at dKos where you were inviting people who were fed up with bullshit there to come to BooTrib. I guess my question is when did you change your opinion about that site or Martin or both.? And why? If you don’t mind me asking. I also noticed that Martin wasn’t happy about that diary because he took it to be anti-dKos.

I also note that his current post takes dKos to task for banning Armando. For someone who’s always been averse to having anti-dKos shit posted on his blog he sure doesn’t have a problem with bitching when it’s one of his friends, does he?

81. ms_xeno - 7 March 2007

I know this will sound weird, but even though I’m about as anti-porn as you can get, the possibility that Kos made a bundle selling internet porn before he discovered politics is the least of my problems with his POV.

82. ms_xeno - 7 March 2007

supervixen, if I went to that bar, could I order a Victory Gin ? Because that would be worth the trip by itself.

83. D. Throat - 7 March 2007

People’s Privacy and Reputations
by BooMan
Wed Mar 7th, 2007 at 06:36:53 PM EST

Since this is a meta thread, I guess I’ll add that Armando has been banned by Markos from Daily Kos. Armando claims it was done at the behest of DHinMI and Plutonium Page. That’s just his opinion. Apparently they suddenly noticed that Armando wasn’t civil. That’s a fine way to reward his loyalty. I used to get angry emails from Armando anytime anyone so much as thought of criticizing Markos and/or Daily Kos. Armando’s flamewars jacked up the pageviews at Daily Kos into the stratosphere. I guess he’s no longer convenient.

… as for the law students who couldn’t find jobs after posting pictures of themselves in facebook… perhaps they were like these from the esteemed class from the University of Connecticut School of Law

84. earth to meg - 7 March 2007

This has been fascinating, reading the history of the dkos site and going into the older diaries and comments.

I doubt dkos will be around in a couple of years. How can it survive this kind of in-house catfighting? Markos can’t seem to raise his site above this level. And that speaks volumes about his poor business acumen and lack of insight. He’s in it for himself. Ultimately, it’ll just have to die a slow death.

Frankly, the shit stirring around in the pot ultimately comes from the top and slithers down. Markos is an asshole who plays dirty, always has an angle, doesn’t mind gaming and using people, and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anybody but himself. How can this not be reflected in his website? And based on the pie war shit, he certainly sounds horribly sexist. Racism is rampant over there as well. It’s just an ugly site, really embarrassing when you think about it. And, yeah, like a train wreck. Christ, it’s one implosion after another. And it seems to have been going on since the early days.

I’ve only lurked over there since Katrina. I was getting close to signing up around the time of the hrh/supervixen banning, but was horrified – absolutely horrified – what they did to her, and I decided not to sign up. Then the Luscious ‘Gina thing went down. Then there was the blogroll stuff. Then the OPOL/buhdy/Bob Jones shit. Now the BigThug stuff. It’s unbelievable. That place is self-destructing, no question. The biggest train wreck on the web.

85. marisacat - 7 March 2007

outofwater, taken care of. sorry if I was slow, I was in email.



here ya go.. there si the link to the diary in question. If you notice the ‘Banned By Kos” has a link to my info page at Dkos and access to my comments, diaries and ratings. If anyone cares.

It was also my last diary, a good one as the DLCers (that is just short hand here for conservative Dems… don’t make me supply their signed in blood agreements) lined up to hurl whatever it is they hurl. I do believe DemFromCT declared he hated me and that I was … oh probably bitter. They are not very original.

The thread is very interesting. Martin does his dance steps for the Boyz. It was always all about them for him. Theoria is clueless, by design…. In fact so stupid that I consdiered leaving LSF after that diary. It was clear to me that Theoria was in hock in some way to the Boyz, still.

In the end it did not matter, I still believe he erased me later (a posting and 122 comments) to please Armando and to placate em dash who was basically black mailing him … threatening, so I hear, to go to the judge in his child custody case.

See how it is all worms? Desperate ugly cans of worms that they worked to manufacture, as they all became “community”??

I could go on.

I can tell you what inspired that diary, which was essentially light hearted. Even I was surprised how intense is their reaction to just you know, life. master of Blognonsense, or soemthing……

the grumbling nasty rolling mess at Kos… and while I had observed Martin as a sloppy, close to woman hating homophobe (if you insist, I have links) who often posted drunk at Kos in 2004 (he must love you, this so fits with his latest ”tiniest violin” for the Boyz Fp slam at Mcat, who shall be unnamed, LOL)

However SusanHu had posted a very smart fP entry…(I am sure people can find it, if they need to) she profiled and highlighted an hmmm think it was HBO movie/doc on women suffragists. Iron Jawed Angels was the title… The ones who endured prison and force feeding and torture for the vote.

I thought it was really wise posting during Pie Fucked Wars.

I did not endorse Martin, I endorsed the site.. and he WAS more open to topics.

At the time I posted the diary, there was a FP post at BMT saying ‘Welcome Pie Refugees’.

One of the censorious types got Susan, who was very light hearted, and pretty loose about stuff that day, to amend the title. If you google well (and I do not) comments showing that can be found, the title strayed into comment headers and remained.

Oh they soon were scared of offending the boyz. Leashes get pulled.

I did not turn agianst Martin.

I don’t, nor did I then, do this as Host, guest, dinner house, be nice to the host, all of that manipulative scheisse..

I post political thoughts.. my own and I now am happy to have threads that people seem to like to contribute to and read…

The problems for all the boyz (and this includes martin, who just cannot be as clueless as he presents… ) was what they wanted. It tied them in knots. They never wanted open political thinking. They wanted to craft a product to sell.

That will create problems.

Too right.. Armando is protected (this is very much the cult of the dominant male for the lesser sorts, it just never worked for me… tho pyrrho and msoc and Martin have all tried to peddle it over here) but Martin will slam DhinMI and Miss laura (they have a tight grip btw on his less than discrete postings in 2004 at Kos and are very willing to post them when he gets ahead of himself)…

The long coming crise at Dkos was the divisions between Boyz. And if you signed on with them you had to pick sides.

I never picked sides. Only side I had was posting political thoughts.

86. D. Throat - 7 March 2007

See how it is all worms? Desperate ugly cans of worms that they worked to manufacture, as they all became “community”??

Well I finally saw Dreamgirls… a definite recommend… there seemed to be a running joke that each time someone was kicked out for the “good of the team” the sang the sweetest song…before sticking the knife in…


It’s more than you, it is more than me
No matter what we are, we are a family
This dream is for all of us, this one can be real,
and you cant stop us now because of how you feel..

It’s more than you, It is more than me
Whatever dreams we have, there for the family,
we’re not alone anymore now there are others there,
and that dreams big enough for all of us to share,
so dont think that your going,
your not going anywhere, your staying and taking your share, and if
you get afraid again, I’ll be there..,
We are a family like a giant tree branching out towards the sky, we are a family we
are so much more than just you and I we are a family like a giant tree,
growing stronger, growing wiser, we are growing free..we need you..we are a family..

BTW I think I have some thing stuck in spam

87. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 March 2007

28. bayprairie – 7 March 2007

yes, its interesting from a pathological perspective to watch the rabid hyenas feed on the former friend and now-diseased pack member.

I get more of a mental image of the zombies in 28 Days Later, who eagerly feast on ANY of their number who fall wounded.

88. marisacat - 7 March 2007

who eagerly feast on ANY of their number who fall wounded.

yeah… don’t fall while the pack can still run, even slightly. LOL they need to consume the fallen meat, for protein, for the Great Battle to Save The Nation!

All you can do is laugh. And be a swift moving target, run in a zig zag, so they say…

89. Tuston - 7 March 2007

I dunno. Perhaps I’m unfair and unconciously biggoted, but Kos’s rumored involvement with gay porn is just part of a puzzle and there’s nothing wrong with bringing it up, IMHO.

Its not like all gay porn guys are egomaniacal assholes seeking to commodify whatever “properties” they can get their hands on…

90. Sabrina Ballerina - 7 March 2007

Well, Kos’ betrayal of armando/btd ought to be a lesson for anyone who is even half awake. The fact is most of the blowups I witnessed involving armando, were because he was defending kos. Kos rarely defended himself, he lets everyone else do his dirty work.

Sad there are so many willing to do it for him. They quickly figure out who is not the type though, and those are the ones who get banned or marginalized. Overall I think there are way more who will not join in their vicious games and as the election draws nearer and nearer and independent VOTERS refuse to be told who to vote for, it will be interesting to watch what happens.


Just read Booman’s thread on those nasty people who ‘out’ others. It’s hillarious how they are desperately trying to protect DD and twist the definition of ‘outing’ to meet the new standards. I don’t think it will be a photo that will ruin any job opportunity for Luscious Vagina, his own words will take care of that.

And Booman, once again, is wrong when he says that no one can sue if they are defamed. There was/is a precedent-setting case where two members of a board were involved in a lawsuit against each other. Nothing as bad as what I’ve seen at dk, airc. The suit also included the site owner. The plaintiff won against the other commenter, but the court ruled that the site owner was not responsible for what commenters said on his site.

Bottom line, what Booman meant to say was that DD has no case.

91. marisacat - 7 March 2007

well I don’t care what gets said.

But if someone asks for something they are personally distressed over having typed, to be excised from a comment… I won’t say no.

The real messy schite to come down will come from the Boyz, about each other. That was inevitable.

Oops meant to add, that is reason for the messy drool from Martin… Boyz are nervous, about each other.

But.. you know, I am Official Scarlet Woman… along with quite a few others.

92. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 March 2007

only side I had is that sides are bad, and dangerous, and we should all just let loose, that the stifling of political thought was antithetical to what this country is about. It’s the source of our problems, the reason for our problems. The stifling of a boisterous and genuine left over the last 5 decades is killing this country.

93. marisacat - 7 March 2007

oh Martin is in a baby carriage. First one daddy then aother daddy push him around. Trade off between DD and ARmando then Bowers.

His bones would break if he stood on his own.

Too hard.

94. Tuston - 7 March 2007

PHOENIX — Gov. Janet Napolitano make an unannounced trip to Iraq this week as a member of a three-governor delegation, later voicing cautious support for the U.S. military’s current push to improve security.

Napolitano said it’s too soon to tell if a new plan being implemented by U.S. military commanders to surge more troops into Baghdad and other steps will produce lasting improvements. But she said the effort is needed.

“We’re already committed to so many years here. The key thing to restoring stability … (is) to reduce the amount of sectarian violence,” Napolitano said Wednesday. “That is being sought after now. That has not always been the strategy.”.

Nice Dumbocrat we’ve got here in AZ. And she’s all for real ID too…

95. bayprairie - 7 March 2007

more cites inside rant headed at trashcan.

feel lucky though, it could be more feeble attempts at humor!


96. bayprairie - 7 March 2007

take a story about online misogynistic behavoir of male law-students, to wit:

This article in the Washington Post and this post by Ann Althouse, both of which are about students on law school message boards posting pictures and nasty comments about female classmates, struck a nerve — because I’m one of the women they’re talking about, and my pictures have been posted on their site.

The WaPo article is about AutoAdmit, a law-school-oriented message board that is, essentially, a massive toilet of racism and sexism (not linking to the site — google if you’re interested). I’ve written about AutoAdmit before, when I found out that they were posting numerous pictures of me, making comments about raping and hate-fucking me, and debating whether or not I was fuckable or a stupid fat bitch. I’m hardly the only person they’ve gone after. While many of the threads on the message board are about law-school-related issues, they’re mostly obnoxious in some way or another. There’s an obsession with “prestige,” and commenters regularly disparage lower-tier schools, and use the term “TTT” to denote anything they consider not good enough.

And those are the better threads. The site is down right now, but I’ll check back later and see if I can excerpt some of the more representative pieces.* If you can access the law school section of the site, just search terms like “nigger,” “bitch,” “Asian,” and “Jew” and see what you come up with. So these guys are scum.


Commenters regularly used the term “bitches” in place of “women” (i.e., not as an individual insult like “she’s a bitch,” but as a collective term, as in “post more pictures of hot law school bitches”). They speculated as to how promiscuous the contestants are, called us whores, talked about masturbating to our pictures, and discussed the sexual acts they would perform on us. At least one commenter made it clear that he goes to NYU Law, and that he had seen the other NYU contestant in person. So not only were random internet creeps posting this stuff, but my own classmates were.

and spin it into this

It’s particularly galling when such behavior comes from people that are at least ostensibly political allies, or are passing themselves off as innocent members of blogging communities.

I don’t write this to whine about legitimate criticism, or even illegitimate criticism. I write this to make people aware that there is a growing cottage industry of people that are looking to damage the careers of bloggers and blogging community members that they have some kind of grievance with.


It’s such a brilliant way to undermine blogs that it’s shocking the Republicans didn’t think of it before disaffected Kossacks did.

not even Rumpelstiltskin would try and spin that.

97. Tuston - 7 March 2007

I was going to make some kind of IUD/IED joke, but since it doesn’t quite make sense (wrong orafice) I’ll just give the link:


98. marisacat - 7 March 2007

New Thread:

Spilt Milk? Spoiled Milk? Struggles in Blogoland? Boyz in a tizz whizz, etc., (whew!)

Really it is an overnight open thread with a long title… LOL

99. Sabrina Ballerina - 7 March 2007

Bayprairie, that’s hillarious – they are struggling so hard to protect their little enforcer. How long ago did this happen? And BM is still fixated on it, or is being told to be? Talk about twisting yourself into a pretzel! Lol!

Love your last line, too true!

100. Sabrina Ballerina - 7 March 2007

Tuston, I just clicked on that link – lol!

Mcat, I like the title!

101. liberalcatnip - 7 March 2007


Without even doing any research on what actually happens over at AutoAdmit (I’d guess), Martin just saw an opportunity to get back on his soapbox to bleat more about DD’s (self) outing and to subtlely warn others (like mcat). It’s pretty transparent.

(One of his buddies openly asked someone online – on another site – for my personal info and he didn’t seem to give two shits about that. Go figure. She’s on suspension from BT for insane behaviour now, but she’ll be back. That’s practically guaranteed.)

102. ms_xeno - 7 March 2007

We are tracking your every move, catnip. It is pointless to hide. Toe the line or no more midnight shipments of Milk Duds across the border. Ever.

103. bayprairie - 8 March 2007

sabrina said:

Love your last line, too true!

got the feeble attempts at humor in, anyway!

catnip said

…saw an opportunity to get back on his soapbox to bleat more about DD’s (self) outing and to subtly warn others (like mcat). It’s pretty transparent.

well, i’m certainly no disinterested observer. yet in spite of that i do not get a sense of great concern coming at me in his post for the female students who’ve suffered the abuse. perhaps the washington post story is partially at fault in its somewhat clinical description of the abusive acts of the male law students against those women. the article certainly sanitizes the misogynic abuse substantially. in spite of that though, i find his usage of what are clearly several women’s traumatic experiences merely as an argumentative tool, to be stretched out like a rubber band to fit his personal agenda, condescending.

if he wants to post on the problem of online male abuse of women, which is the essence of the washington post story, i suggest he do so, and quit fucking around in pity-party land.

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