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Spilt milk? Spoiled milk? Struggles in Blogoland? Boyz in a tizz whizz? Tiny violins playing? 7 March 2007

Posted by marisacat in Big Box Blogs, Blonde Sense, DC Politics, Iraq War, la morte de St Germain Dog - the best the BLAHgers had.

  Kittens in Paradise, Paris May 1, 2002

Sounds like any old evening in BlogSnottery.  But be sure and finger the unnamed woman (she is many) as Official Scarlet Woman.

Clue:  The trouble is between Boyz.  Always was, always will be.  As will the denouement be between Boyz.  And a stray Blog Maid,  or better two Blog Maids…  

Boyz do need housekeepers around… to dust and mop up.  Wipe them down.. 😉

Really, here is a thought!.. beloveds with FP spots to offer should take Armando/Drahma Tent in.  Why not?

Opera Glasses and Popcorn!  Enjoy! 


lucid’s comment from the thread… by popular acclaim:

39. lucid – 8 March 2007[Edit]

reflects the military’s new counterinsurgency doctrine, which puts a premium on sustained efforts to try to win over a wary population.

Oh, happy days. They’re just wary. Let’s just play them some 50’s classic pop about wary hearts and they’ll suddenly succomb to the soothing sounds of having their neighbors blown up, and thier kids imprisoned, and their girlfriends raped… They’re just wary because, even though they maintained the only successful non-religious, somewhat free civil society in the ’70’s and early ’80’s in the middle east, we ‘re just hoisting too much freedom on them. They’ll come around really, just play them “Only You” by The Platters and their hearts will just melt.



1. missdevore - 7 March 2007

I’m up late. I’ve decided to call in sick tomorrow to clean my place. (I am sick of its squalor.)

I might be the last person in the world to have seen this, but if there is anyone else remaining, it is too hilarious to miss:

2. lucid - 7 March 2007

Miss D, you are evol! [In case you don’t catch the cultural reference it’s to the best album Sonic Youth ever did, circa 1986].

My favorite: ‘Did the Us when the Vietnam War?’ …pause… ‘Yes’ … pause … ‘Were we even in the Vietnam War?’.

Lord!!!! GRRR… f**kin ‘a!

Sadly, these people remind me of my extended family.

3. missdevore - 7 March 2007

more laughs-my brother emailed a section of this today, and I thought he was joking:

“O.J. Simpson has allegedly claimed he could be the father of the late Anna Nicole Smith’s baby, Dannielynn.

The pair starred together in Naked Gun 331/3: The Final Insult in 1994 and O.J. allegedly told documentary maker Norm Pardo – who filmed 70 hours of footage with him from 2000 to 2005 – that he was “throwing his hat into the ring” regarding the paternity battle.

Pardo told the New York Post newspaper: “He said he knew Anna Nicole pretty well, and he said he had slow-moving sperm, and he might be the father.”

slower than the white bronco?

4. marisacat - 7 March 2007

I was going to say, how long did that sperm stay alive and moving.

5. ms_xeno - 7 March 2007

I think that BooMan’s lawyer should be offering OJ counsel during this difficult time in his life.

6. lucid - 7 March 2007

“He said he knew Anna Nicole pretty well, and he said he had slow-moving sperm, and he might be the father.”

That’s some damned amazing sperm.

And if that sperm pre-emps the Knicks playoff game again, I might condone the use of that god-awful chemical that shouldn’t be used anywhere near a human being, nonoxyl-9.

7. Revisionist - 7 March 2007

On the orange site, there are people who take any comment and save it for later, so that they can damage your reputation by bringing up utterly unrelated shit from 9 months earlier.

thats a comment from the booman piece. lol. thats exactly what happened to me the first time I got attacked. It was creepy that someone i had never had any interaction with spent the time going over a years worth comments. It was taken completely out of context since it was from a 20 comment chain. Thats what clued me in something was weird there and i started noticing what was happening to other people . An any other forum my attackers behavior would not have been tolerated. if i was a troll i wasnt a very good one.

8. missdevore - 7 March 2007

the next thing would be for someone to declare it a virgin birth.

I was googling around for some images to use in an announcement today, and came across this physician from wayback–the u of florida has his archives, I guess–but there was a charming listing of his “support of the arts”:

” * Instituted Music in Epilepsy Colonies, Community Centers, Schools
* Charaka Club
* Committee of Religion and Medicine
* Russian Dance Troop and School of Acting
* At Parting, The Sweetest Flower that Blows
* More than 30 musical settings, including James H Rodgers, Charles E Ives, and Charles B Hawley
* Sung by prima donnas around the world
* Mrs Peterson recalls:
o Kirsten Flagstad, giving a Wagnerian concert sang the song for Peterson. He had the intense pleasure of hearing it performed in presence of immense audience, by one of best singers in world. He leaned to her and said: “Now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace”
* Soon died of throat cancer secondary to lifelong tobacco use (irony)”

well now I have to go research if there were epilepsy colonies.(no seize the moment jokes, please)

9. liberalcatnip - 7 March 2007

I’ve decided to call in sick tomorrow to clean my place. (I am sick of its squalor.)

Can you do my place too? Thanks! You’re a doll. 😉

(Just keep your nose out of my brazen hussy stuff…)

10. Sabrina Ballerina - 7 March 2007

Lol, well what does OJ have to lose?

Wish I could hear that video, my soundcard is shot –

Thinking of the stray blogmaids. Someone suggested one of them was working for Dhinmi all along. Reminded them of SLouise who apparently was working for him according to dk legend.

I was reading some rightwing blogs tonight (well, someone has to do it so you don’t need to). I was trying to find the posts from about a year or so ago that linked to info that Freerepublic owner, Jimrob ran porn sites before he started FR. The FR model is almost identical to DK. The thug moderators, the forbidden topics etc. And many believe that FR is funded by the Repubs.

Porn was big in the ‘nineties for entreneurs. If the parties wanted some techies back then to set up sites why not look for a few entrepreneurs like rimjob and maybe others? After all, you could not enlist anyone with real integrity for the job.

There are satelite rightwing sites also, just like BMT and MLW which are populated by purged/banned freepers. When you read them there is virtually no difference between them and dk. The complaints about FR are the same, thugs, no freedom of speech, the owner being compromised, disillusionment with the Repub. Party etc. The only difference is in the issues. Otherwise they are identical to the dk model. It simply cannot be an accident or coincidence, imo.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 7 March 2007

Sabrina … our culture is in that rut … it recurs.

12. missdevore - 7 March 2007

SB–well disgustingly, the article did say Oj pondered whether Fred Goldman would then try to take the child.

his poor children (of Nicole). something has to have clicked by now.

catnip–I clean under duress–my brother, his wife & dog are returning here tomorrow after an unsuccessful stab at moving to Chicago for a year. I need a maid worse than some Boyz do.

above-mentioned sister-in-law is funny in that she is compulsive about cleaning. Early on when I moved here, she’d have a spat with my brother, and come over with a bottle of wine and end up doing the dishes.

all my brothers have ended up with compulsively neat women. my sister & her hubby have maids.

13. lucid - 7 March 2007

Madman – I think our culture is a rut.

Without different voices, capitalism can reiterate itself culturally until the resources are gone. I think Marx is precisely right here – capitalism is the end of history. It promises us what we are – freedom – precisely by disguising that we aren’t free within capitalism. We can see a universal consciousness, but we are unable to see that the mechanism offering that vision is the impediment to that reality.

The only recurring trend here is that of fascism – which is entirely compatible with capitalism – in fact it’s the very definition of global capitalism.

Fascism has always been around in various forms – empire, religion, economic exploitation, the Dialogues of the supposed ‘founder of Philosophy’…

It is the social order that recurs – the economic merely reiterates.

14. marisacat - 7 March 2007

my great grandmother (apparently) would say, you spend your life cleaning up dirt and then they bury you in it.

My mother used to say, you can clean or you can read.

I come from a long line of less than adept cleaners.

15. lucid - 7 March 2007

Ah, cleaning. I come from a line of cleaners. But there are really only a couple of cleaning hangups I have – I hate a dirty kitchen sink, and I hate people not picking up after themselves in public, communal, or living room spaces.

My bedroom is my bedroom… Just be polite about where I cook and eat.

Then again, I still live with roomates & have many friends stopping through. The picking up after yourself thing though extends beyond the confines of my walls into the city. I hate people just tossing away trash like it’s none of their concern…

16. marisacat - 7 March 2007

Just noticed this on the IraqSlogger feed (full text):

Breaking News

Pentagon Orders More Troops Into Iraq

Gates Sends 2,200 Extra Military Police

Posted 2 hr. 23 min. ago

The Pentagon will send another 2,200 military police into Iraq to process the large number of detainees during the security plan.

The additional deployment was requested by Gen. Petraeus, the commander of US operations in Iraq, and approved by Sec. Gates on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press

The military police in question are in addition to the 21,500 troops that have been or will be sent to Iraq as part of the Bush plan.

Deputy Sec. of Defense Gordon England told Congress recently that the number of additional troops could reach as high as 7,000.

Trapped forever, forever slave patrollers.

Nur al Cubicle indicates (she likely drew from la Republicca reporting) that it is 2000 MPS and 4000 combat troops.

17. missdevore - 7 March 2007

#2 Lucid–and it was not as if they were going into distinctly underpriveleged communities–I think some of the footage was from Santa Barbara.

the reaction of all of the people who I showed that to today was: “and they vote.” It is no wonder politicians get away with what they do.

Mcat–my ratio of reading to cleaning?–it’s pathological. Your mother sounds like a good subject for a memoir.

18. missdevore - 7 March 2007

Lucid-speaking of b-ball–I’ve seriously strayed from watching the NBA, but since I do dip into the latimes, I see Kobe is on his second suspension- for hitting another player. Who knew?

Phil Jackson seems to be a tired caricature, too.

Jordan and the Bulls–that was the omega. (tried to dig the Pistons and Sixers, but couldn’t hang)

19. the banshee - 7 March 2007

I think the ads over on Daily Kos are all zero-revenue. Maybe one has a deep discount or something. Some are obviously house ads, others are exchanges (look at the sites they point to…notice any kos-related ads…e.g. the book?).

So I think Kos is absolutely freaking out right now and just killed his own blood brother in panic.

20. Sabrina Ballerina - 7 March 2007

Miss Devore, Luscious Vagina invoked your sacred name for some unknown reason. Maybe you can figure out what made you pop into his head:

Hi MissDevore

Hi MissDevore! (0 / 0)

Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc

I support Barack Obama for President.

by Lucius Vorenus on Mon Mar 05, 2007 at 12:07:24 PM PST

If you follow the parent, he seems to be talking to himself. Dreaming maybe? Independent women on his mind? lol!

Mitm, yes, we are in a rut. I wish someone would come along with a giant tow-truck and get us out. The rest of the world just stands by and watches the slaughter, if they’re not participitating in it themselves. Although Kofi A. did try and they smeared him for it.

Well, the Goldman’s are supposed to get everything OJ makes. So I suppose that would include the baby … lol!

21. marisacat - 7 March 2007


well he has had NYT and FT and other media print press taking the top spots.

But not nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


22. Sabrina Ballerina - 7 March 2007

Marisacat #16 – unbelievable. He is just doing as he pleases. And Congress is sitting on its hands. There will be more slaughter, and more torture.

23. Ezekiel - 7 March 2007

Someone needs to do a hit-and-run diary, “Was Peeder Right?”

24. missdevore - 7 March 2007

from some Omaha (obama? osama?) rag:

“WASHINGTON – Sen. Chuck Hagel, who’s long been considering whether to run for the White House, will announce his political plans at a press conference on Monday in Omaha.”

this is the shits–an anti-iraq war rethug, who talks about bush impeachment-but who can also pass conservative muster.

and don’t tell me that he voted on continuing the Iraq war–as if Americans looks at the votes of their elected representatives!

Hagel is poised in a publicity way.

And all Nancy Pelosi’s volumes of grandchildren can do is nurse from Reid’s ancient nipples.

I just grossed myself out.

25. marisacat - 7 March 2007

well Peeder, if he were so inclined… could do it at MLW…

Space on the page. One assumes… 😉


26. missdevore - 8 March 2007

Have no idea why lv would cite me. Unless he wants to make me some baptismal goddessmother for his rename. In all my years there, his moniker was familiar, but I never actually associated a personality with it.

27. lucid - 8 March 2007

Lucid-speaking of b-ball–I’ve seriously strayed from watching the NBA, but since I do dip into the latimes, I see Kobe is on his second suspension- for hitting another player. Who knew?

Phil Jackson seems to be a tired caricature, too.

Jordan and the Bulls–that was the omega. (tried to dig the Pistons and Sixers, but couldn’t hang)

As to the basketball… I don’t follow the pro game much anymore except for the playoffs. I’m a hoosier, literally, I grew up there. I play basketball [vey well – in the streetball games here in NYC, I used to be referred to as ‘the white nigger’… go figure], and I love the sport, but I can’t really deal with the pro game anymore.

But just as an aside, Kobe deserves everything that is coming to him, and to be quite honest, Jordan was the same – unfortunately he got a pass [as did many other stars like John Stockton, Isiah Thomas, Scotty Pippen, John Hornacek… the list goes on and on.] I love physical players, Like Rashied Wallace, or Latrell Spreewell – people continually picked on by the league – but I hate dirty players, and Kobe is one of them [not to mention that he’s a rapist].

All you need to know about Kobe is game 6 of the 2000 playoffs – under 12 seconds left, Sacremento is up by a point, Kobe gets the inbound pass and decks Mike Bibby with an elbow, knocking him unconscious, no foul is called… Lakers go on to win that game & with the help of the refs, game 7 as well [Ralph Nader even wrote an open letter of protest]. It was one of the cheapest shots I’ve ever seen in basketball and should have been followed with a suspension for the rest of the playoffs… He fucking deserves it.

That said, I love the college game and the international game & it gives me such pleasure that USA Basketball has not won an international tournament since the 2000 Olympics. We lost FIBA 2002 on our own soil, we lost the 2004 Olympics, we lost FIBA 2006 [after we started to get really concerned and tried to pair good coaching with a decent team]. I will continue to take pleasure in our loses until American exceptionalism in the sport is dead.

… end basketball rant

28. missdevore - 8 March 2007

oh–I surmise that LV saw that I posted his “interpretation” of “cunt” here.

One can assume he is a devoted reader.

but that Outing Marisacat blog–can Mcat bear the burden of holding it up for so long? It is failing in spite of her charitable efforts.

29. lucid - 8 March 2007

In all my years there, his moniker was familiar, but I never actually associated a personality with it.

I did – I called it eau d’asshole.

30. liberalcatnip - 8 March 2007

Early on when I moved here, she’d have a spat with my brother, and come over with a bottle of wine and end up doing the dishes.

You need to encourage those spats, obviously.

#20. They’re like teenaged boys who don’t swear at home but get together in their little clubhouse to test their skills at it. “Oooo..you said the c word!” (snickers and burps)

31. Sabrina Ballerina - 8 March 2007

Ha, that explains it, MissD – can’t blame him for reading here – dk has lost its most entertaining netizens – it’s a pretty boring place these days.

Lol, yes, that ‘outing Marisacat’ blog, says a lot about them. Very generous of MC to help them out …..

32. missdevore - 8 March 2007

mundane personal computer prob. I’m in the south bay, and have a new MacBook, and my old juno dial-up is up for renewal. I asked about their dsl (via netzero), but they said there is no guarantees for trouble shooting with Macs.

I have this wireless capabilty that i don’t quite understand yet, too.

Any suggestions on the route to go? I’m up for bargains, of course.

33. marisacat - 8 March 2007

speaking of LV… I think that between colleen and BooHooHOoMan they nailed him:

colleen said, never had sex he did not pay for… LOL…

and BHHMan calls him: Not-seen-a-vagina.

Strangely I have a suspicion BHHMan has met some of the contingent. Or observed without the scrim of the ephemeral netteries. But I am just guessing…


34. missdevore - 8 March 2007

catnip-my sis-in-law is returning with a job offer here. My brother–not so much. I have entertained the idea of paying him to do housecleaning here. My dog adores him, so it would be all-around positive. maid & daycare? unbeatable.

35. lucid - 8 March 2007

Miss D if you have cable and can get digital cable, you’ll save money by getting the full on cable/internet package. If you don’t have cable, maintain a home phone and can get DSL, do that. If you don’t maintain a home phone, go through a national provider like Earthlink – you’ll get phone service and dsl for cheaper than you’ll get from your local provider…

National providers won’t give you the shrug if you have a Mac… you can also e-mail me… I’m an IT guy, sort of, in my day life. noxes@ verizon dot net.

36. liberalcatnip - 8 March 2007

Sounds good to me, MissD. You can send him here once a month to do my cleaning though too, right?

My cats are wireless but I don’t think that’ll help you with your mac situation.

37. liberalcatnip - 8 March 2007

3am ET Petraeus is live on CNN giving a briefing. He is SO going to regret the fact that he took this job on.

38. marisacat - 8 March 2007

nyt is carrying the story… surge forever. Which right now they are calling “2008”…

WASHINGTON, March 7 — The day-to-day commander of American forces in Iraq has recommended that the heightened American troop levels there be maintained through February 2008, military officials said Wednesday.[…]

The confidential assessment by the commander, Lt. Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, reflects the military’s new counterinsurgency doctrine, which puts a premium on sustained efforts to try to win over a wary population. It also stems from the complex logistics of deploying the five additional combat brigades that are being sent to Iraq as part of what the White House calls a “surge” of forces.

In fact, for now, it is really more of a trickle, since only two of the five brigades are in Iraq. The American military is stretched so thin that the last of the brigades is not expected to begin operations until June.

In both the House and the Senate, most Democrats and many Republicans have made clear their opposition even to the current troop increase, and a decision by the White House to extend its duration would probably intensify the political debate over the war.

39. lucid - 8 March 2007

reflects the military’s new counterinsurgency doctrine, which puts a premium on sustained efforts to try to win over a wary population.

Oh, happy days. They’re just wary. Let’s just play them some 50’s classic pop about wary hearts and they’ll suddenly succomb to the soothing sounds of having their neighbors blown up, and thier kids imprisoned, and their girlfriends raped… They’re just wary because, even though they maintained the only successful non-religious, somewhat free civil society in the ’70’s and early ’80’s in the middle east, we ‘re just hoisting too much freedom on them. They’ll come around really, just play them “Only You” by The Platters and their hearts will just melt.

40. arcturus1 - 8 March 2007

gee lucid – thanx for that unpleasant memory (kobe-kings). & now we have ron artest, who has been “excused” indefintely from the team after his arrest this weekend on domestic violence charges – mebbe we’ll get a high lottery pick . . .

41. marisacat - 8 March 2007

god. they just find new ways to say “go long”:

“We’re looking, as we should, at each of the three possibilities: hold what you have, come down, or plus up if you need to,” Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters at the Pentagon.

he is looking at the early “data points” on sectarian violence..

“Plus up”?


42. liberalcatnip - 8 March 2007

This so-called surge is so fucked up. I wrote the other day about how the concentration of forces in Baghdad is leaving other areas vulnerable – as we saw this week with the bombings in Hilla and the area north of Baghdad (can’t remember the name). Unnamed “military commanders” have been complaining about that aspect of the plan.

There’s a glowing editorial in the WSJ by the Iraq the Model blog propagandists about how safety is supposedly returning to Baghdad. Yeah, right. I guess the right-wingers needs something cheery to read about with their morning toast and coffee (leur croissants et lattes).

As for the ’08 thing, most experts I’ve read are saying this surge has 6-8 months to work before “Vietnam” is really invoked.

a decision by the White House to extend its duration would probably intensify the political debate over the war.

Yeah, I’ll bet ole Bush and Cheney are really scared by that prospect. As if.

43. liberalcatnip - 8 March 2007

“Plus Up”? Is that the new brand of Republican kool-aid?

44. arcturus1 - 8 March 2007

+ up = 1 or 2 more guns at the ready when they kick in the door – see battle of algiers

45. BooHooHooMan - 8 March 2007

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, until its published this summer in the Sun Times, [ sooner if negotiations break down].

Funny thing is the top banana has no idea who his friends are.

Frat House confidentiality, select email lists, Non Disclosure agreements – how’s that holdin up ya think??

46. BooHooHooMan - 8 March 2007

#39 Lucid Comment

47. supervixen - 8 March 2007

So did Armando in fact get banned? If so, what a howl. He’s the guy who caused so much trouble by accusing others – me, for example – of being trolls with “posses” that were intent on undermining the site. Well, he’s done a fine job of that himself.

Miss D – I only clean under duress, as well. When we have big parties, or relatives coming over. There are so many more fascinating things to do than clean house. I do enjoy it when it’s clean, however.

MCat: my great grandmother (apparently) would say, you spend your life cleaning up dirt and then they bury you in it.

My mother used to say, you can clean or you can read.

That’s wonderful! That’s my mother-in-law’s philosophy too. Her mother was one of those compulsively neat housekeepers and tried to train her that way, but all she wanted to do was read and play the piano. So as soon as her mother died she gave up the housecleaning and now she lives in happy squalor, surrounded by books and music and junk.

Have you noticed that people with clean, neat houses very seldom have any books around?

39 – Lucid – great comment!! The writing here on MCat’s blog is SO good.

48. Miss Devore - 8 March 2007

oh things are plussed-up in Iraq. a plusupterfuck.

hold what you have (a civil war), come down (admit you have no clue as how to deal with this enormous bloodbath) or plus-up (keep denying reality with new phrases)

49. Miss Devore - 8 March 2007

WaPo should be ashamed of itself for publishing a bob novak editorial on the libby verdict.

incest-it’s all the rage.

50. marisacat - 8 March 2007


if you are missing your dose of Armando/BTD… trot on over to TalkLeft… diaries by the minute. Suddenly… 😉

Tho I suppose you could just read Blog Maid at McMansionKos. LOL

Sharing a keyboard – and all…

I confess someone dropped an email wondering if they write for each other… I’d wonder if we could ever tell if they did..


51. supervixen - 8 March 2007

LOL, Armando is gonna get all itchy and scratchy writing diaries that get only 20 comments. That’s a mere snack to a psychic vampire of his size. He needs strong meat, he needs to be plugged into the main grid: a big audience and some victims to bait and berate for days, weeks, months on end. Otherwise he’ll shrivel up and die.

I’ll bet that when he starts jonesin’, he’ll come over here to start trouble. Oh, this is such fun.

52. New Fake Name - 8 March 2007

RE: The Surge:

If it is being done as the doughbutts from AEI describe it, ie US troops setting up, living together and operating with Iraqi Army out of numerous mini-garrisons situated in residential districts of Baghdad, it will only increase troops’ exposure and vulnerability to rebel actions.

In Previous US security ‘cleanups’, forces were stationed in well protected superbases located outside of the city, from which they would issue out of and into Bagdad on their daily assignments , and then return to the safety of the superbase after their ‘shifts’ were over. With the Surge plan, they will be staying inside the city 24/7, and will be much more exposed to mortar/sniper fire in the district mini-garrisons, and from covert attacks by rebel infiltrators in the Iraqi Army than US troops were in the large bases outside of the city.

MCat #38: Petreas seems to be conveying a quite different message [ US commander urges talks, sees Baghdad backlash ] re the surge than his second in command Odierno.

Makes one wonder who Odierno is really taking his orders from?.
Tom Ricks, in Fiasco, had little good to say about Odierno’s brutal 4th ID command style, (Odierno had the reputation for doing wholesale ‘hadji’ round-ups and torture/beatings of nearly all military age males) in central Iraq towns in his command during 2004-2005 which according to Ricks, completely alienated the locals and destroyed the last shreds of good feelings toward US in those areas.

Ricks repeatedly takes Maj. Gen. Ray Odierno to task for his brutal handling of his area north of Baghdad. I didn’t pick any of this out, but will quote Odierno’s defense, given that he was recently promoted him to operational control of Bush’s “new way forward” (pp. 289-290):

Maj. Gen. Odierno, who by 2005 had been promoted to be the military assistant to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at first agreed to be interviewed for this book, but later cancelled the interview. Then, when a copy of this section of the book was sent to him, along with an invitation for comment, he wrote back, “That is clearly not even close to a complete picture of what happened nor my intent throughout nor with an understanding of the overall strategy of the division. . . . This is unfair to the soldiers and leaders of the division.”

In a subsequent interview, Odierno mounted a strenuous defense of his division’s performance. He said the preceding description of the 4th Infantry Division makes it appear that “all we did was kill people wantonly and abuse prisoners. In my opinion, that’s totally false.” Odierno said that he had made detainee operations a major focus of his command after it became clear in the summer of 2003 that the division would have to hold prisoners. He had held a “summit” with his commanders on detainee operations late that summer, and during the division’s year in Iraq issued seventeen separate orders relating to detainees. “That’s what bothers me about this” discussion of the 4th ID. “I spent so much time on this. It was important to me that we did this right.” He also said that no one had ever asked him for comment for the various Army reports that singled out the 4th ID for the abuse of Iraqi captives.

53. Tuston - 8 March 2007

Princess Katterfly (my left side, or “significant other”) decreed, and I agreed, yesterday that today is cleaning day, and I’ve got an hour before she shoves a mop and bucket in my hands…

54. Ezekiel - 8 March 2007

Well, Peeder didn’t write a diary, but he did contribute a comment over at MLW:

The poor guy (Moulitsas)
…just let a call go out asking for 2-3 senior developers to join a team that already has 2-3 developers. I honestly thought the team would be half that size. Brooks’ law.

Meanwhile, there’s no ad revenue at all…the bandwidth isn’t even being paid for right now. Look at the chart posted below…readership has fallen through the “support” (in chartist terms) to two-year lows. He’s bet everything short-term on the libby trial, but yesterday’s bounce was anemic, and even the well-timed book probably just recouped costs.

He’ll probably feel he can’t lose appearances before the convention with a rollback and layoff, but there’s a lot of cash to hemorrhage between now and then.

(Hmmm…I wonder if this novelty they came up with…hiring staff by giving them “prizes”…is revocable. Or if they’re afraid of being challenged on the entire novelty if they do revoke it… Regardless, I found the novelty very troubling…employment de facto, sans rights, remedies, norms and benefits. I hope this isn’t a new trend, corporate America hiring people by granting them prizes…and thus skirting all of employment law and taxation…)

So things have gotten a lot worse, not better, since my warning. And then he had to take a total loss on his long faith in Armando. It’s not as if he can get back the people Armando & his idolizers chased away at this point. But he doesn’t even get the content either.

Sorry to post here if it’s getting all of you tarred by association. You can always invite me to leave, I won’t take it personally… =)
by: peeder @ Thu Mar 08, 2007 at 01:22:00 AM PST

55. marisacat - 8 March 2007


useless to try to comment here. I give you the same advice I gave to Pyrrho:

You need a mother. I ain’t it. I am sure you can figure out where to post. The ‘cry awhile’ site. If you beg there, to boost the dying numbers, you’ll be let back in…

You’ve moved from Moderation to Spam to the ‘dumped without notice to me’ file.

Last, your insults are so weak…

56. marisacat - 8 March 2007

You know… so called leftischer BlogSnotland, which would be Dkos, took a hit in numbers as of September 2005

and it never really recovered. Several sites hailed amongst the non-Olympians as so “successful” are not. Small rises in numbers, they never held anything from spikes… and now drift ever downward.

Best of Luck.

Truly they thought it was the Eldorado.

Fool’s Gold.

57. Ezekiel - 8 March 2007

Another comment on that same MLW thread from lousianagirl:

The Cegelis scandal was not limited to Daily Kos; Kos writers infiltrated many sites, where they attempted to hijack each and every diary on Cegelis. Many of these writers even threatened certain sites with the specter of irrelevance for hosting Cegelis supporters. I was a Cegelis supporter, and I was threatened at a different site. And then I receive an email from Armando’s wife, who accessed my email through Armando’s computer. Why was my email in that computer? Why was I monitored?

58. colleen - 8 March 2007

I’ll bet that when he starts jonesin’, he’ll come over here to start trouble.

That would be great. I would love to chat with Armando about Dana and Page. Getting banned by those two (and, of course, Frank) for rudeness must be some new dk apex of hypocrisy.
I don’t think Armando is willing to subject himself to 1. reality or 2. a less than admiring audience so I doubt that he will come over here.


59. Miss Devore - 8 March 2007

tuston-you went with a smart one.good on you.

svix–LOA will not be satisfied with less than the multitudes. but there are a few adulants who came by to the Big House to mention they signed on for his divine presence. A blog cargo cult.

60. marisacat - 8 March 2007


well here is my guess. They want to retain Petraeus for the future wars. Good face. he likes to talk of Remington bronzes. Makes the corporate guys of America thrill to the war marches…

But Odierno is the reality.

Just a guess from a non-military type way out in So Gay So Hated Peacenik Hippie Trying to Keep the ROTC and Recruiters out of our HS (clue, Newsom is pissed over it, says we feed the “national perception” doing things like that) San Francisco.

61. Tuston - 8 March 2007

you know I always thought the Kos would explode with a bang ( a firecracker sized bang, but still a bang).

Some kind public fiasco/scandal (money or porn or porn money maybe) that would be curiously well timed to adversely affect the progressive agenda within the Dumbocrat party…

I guess I had unreasonable expectations (blahhhgtopia is really a small island)

It looks like he’s imploding with a fizzle

Somebody upthread mentioned the similiarity between FR and dkos, and I’ve got to say I’ve noticed it too

62. marisacat - 8 March 2007


I would add that the swarms in blogland are more than what Kos can generate. And it seemed to go deep against Cegelis and was esp ugly the night of the primary loss. I read around that night… figuring the swarms would be out there.

Really nasty.

I know people think Kos is God and Satan, but really it is not All Him All the Time… there were, imo, a range of operators out there.

If the R hire little cubicle keyboardists (there is a firm in Arlington they used the night of the CBS report on the TANG dox) to swarm the chat rooms and blogs..

I doubt Rahm and cadres are hanging back… there are so many interested parties. Daley. State bosses. Other factions.

And so on.

63. JJB - 8 March 2007

Oh, that DavidByron! He lives to spew and sputter and get himself kicked off of blogs like this. He’s been banned at dKos (three or four times that I know of), Gilliard’s, Billmon’s, My Left Whine, and several others whose names escape me.

Just what do you do in your so-called life, DB? To pay the rent/mortgage, I mean. I’ve met a number of extraordinarily sick people in the four-plus years I’ve been posting at political blogs, but you are without question the sickest, while at the same time the one who is most (unintentionally) hilarious. Anyone familiar with the half-baked ideas that are spawned by your low-grade dementia knows you as the personification of the old paradigm about a little knowledge being a dangerous thing. I just hope the danger you represent is only to yourself, and not others. You seem to be stepping over a line here, and I would recommend to MCat that if you continue, she inform the relevant legal authorities of what you’re doing. Since your first banning from Little Orange Footballs was due to your stalking me in comment threads and posting extraordinarly vulgar and stupid threats and insults, I have a very good idea of the rubbish you’re subjecting MCat to.

Then again, it doesn’t surprise me that someone like yourself who is a passionate Ian Paisley/Orange Order supporter would behave the way you do.

64. Tuston - 8 March 2007


Not only smart, but beautiful and opinionated.

I used to think I was bull headed, but now know I better.

Never lost an argument in discussion group, but I don’t win any anymore…

She can bring home the tofu
Stir fry it up in a wok
and never, never, never let you forgot you’re a man….

I’m one lucky guy, cause goddess knows I don’t deserve her

(and no, she’s not reading over my shoulder…lol)

65. New Fake Name - 8 March 2007


Here Also a non-military type who grew up in SE MI & People’s Republic of Ann Arbor and works in life sciences/chemistry, but as someone once said, you ‘don’t need to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows’…in Iraq.

Moving bulk supplies (fuel, building materials, equipment, etc) by ground transport into Iraq must be another choke-point on US presence that no-one talks about, but must be getting really severe now. With wholesale US brutality now being the defacto policy, as you point out as indicated by Odierno have ground-action control in the country, everybody and his brother is probably planting IED’s and shooting at convoys along the main highways bringing stuff in from Kuwait and Jordan. It must be like running a 300 mile gauntlet for those semi-drivers.

66. JJB - 8 March 2007

Incidentally, someone in either this thread or the previous one posted a link to The Blogging Curmudgeon, and that led me to another link there, which got me to thinking: With everyone being banned by Kosolini for little or no reason, why is it that Soj, perhaps the most transparent liar who’s ever posted at the various BBBs, is still able to speak his mind? Any why is he treated so respectfully over at BooHoo Man’s site? You do have to stand in awe of his utter shamelessness, here he is, butter not melting in his mouth, posting in BooHoo’s FP piece about People’s Privacy and Reputations. I wonder what would happen if anyone asked him how his Romanian E-Mail Order Bride business was doing? Or mentioned any of the extraordinary inconsistencies in his life story (such as whether Soj is a man or a woman, I’m convinced it’s the former). Or any of the things that can be found in that Blogging Curmudgeon link I posted further up.

As you can see, he’s still posting diaries over at LOF. Never thought I’d see the day he’d outlast Armando.

Speaking of the latter, I saw this AM that he finally had the good sense to delete that ludicrous “New Orleans Has Been Spared The Worst” diary he did the day of Hurricane Katrina. That stands out in my mind as the quintessential Armando performance, completely wrong on the facts and hurling obscene, vulgar insults at anyone who disagreed with him while an entire city was destoryed. While the diary may be gone, the comments may still be there, and if so, you can find them in the archives, if you’re so inclined.

67. JJB - 8 March 2007

Revisionist, No. 7,

On the orange site, there are people who take any comment and save it for later, so that they can damage your reputation by bringing up utterly unrelated shit from 9 months earlier.

thats a comment from the booman piece. lol. thats exactly what happened to me the first time I got attacked. It was creepy that someone i had never had any interaction with spent the time going over a years worth comments.

Yet more proof just how overrun that site is with professionaly political operatives. That’s a typical product of the Opposition Research And Destroy they do.

68. ms_xeno - 8 March 2007

I believe that DB has a wife, which is a truly astonishing concept. Probably she brings home the bacon while he sits at home all day whining about how Feminism Ruined His Life.

I bow before the remarkable grip Mcat has on the roving leagues of ‘net misogynists. I can only dream of such stature. (snif !)

A little good news: They like me at the factory/office and have said they intend to buy my temp contract from the agency. Hallelulah.

69. marisacat - 8 March 2007

A little good news: They like me at the factory/office and have said they intend to buy my temp contract from the agency. Hallelulah

Fantabulous. I’ll say what I used to say at certain times in corporate law firms: A human made it thru!

70. colleen - 8 March 2007

why is he treated so respectfully over at BooHoo Man’s site?

He’s one of Martin’s friends, the ones who get to do whatever the fuck they want including threaten to kill people.
Of course Martin believes Soj to be a brave but misunderstood and maligned woman. Extremely funny

71. marisacat - 8 March 2007


I am thinking that with attys like DD/LV, Armando/BTD and Adam B (LOL three firms in 10 years!) that any non-disclosure agreements crafted at the mini golf place called Dkos are leaky as all hell.

Not great Entertainment attys. Which is what politics needs at the helm. More so than fake Civil Rights attys, fake Const law attys, FEC regs attys and DUI/DWI attys. Hell with the Dems on their knees they don’t even need Election Law attys!

Btw, I read at BAR that Obama lets people keep the wrong deduction often made, that he was a Civil Rights atty.

Elect a Fake! hard not to…

Oh you just have to laugh. Then shower. A LOT!

72. JJB - 8 March 2007

New Fake Name, No. 65

All our supply lines in Iraq run from Kuwait on the very few roads that head north. Nothing comes in from Jordan, we have no bases there, and besides, the route is too long and even more limited than those connecting our troops to Kuwait (only one road, and it runs through hostile territory controlled by guerrillas). You couldn’t possibly find a better example of a precarious supply lifeline that can be shut down at chokepoints. If the Shiite militias in southern Iraq decided to shut down the flow of supplies, our troops will face shortages of absolutely everything, including food, water, ammunition, toilet paper, toothpaste, you name it.

73. JJB - 8 March 2007


When I found out about the Soj controversy, I was shocked to discover that no one, including the people who had effectively gone into business with him, had ever met him, or at least would admit to having met him. Presumably, they still haven’t. Or are lying about it to this day.

It’s remarkable just how phony all of this has turned out to be.

74. supervixen - 8 March 2007

Congratulations, ms xeno!!!!

75. NYCee - 8 March 2007

Oh, cleaning under duress… much duress needed here. Something breaking down and necessitating a repairman, like cable, was always good for a motivator. But I have managed to tame, if not remove the clutter, so that doesnt even do much good now.

It is esp difficult to clutter manage when one has NO basement or attic, no second floor. No fucking ROOMS. And I have a rather decent sized one bedroom, with a long hallway into which my ex installed shelves up high, although when I say “decent” I am going by the standards of Manhattan, the living quarters allotted to those who dont deserve to live here due to the shameful behavior of not being rich. Envision a pot to piss in, right in the kitchen you cook in (or stash more stuff in, including the oven). Well, no, my piss pot isnt in the kitchen, but just about.

Speaking of inspirationally messy moms, mine has a little embroidered folksie thing, framed, on her dresser, that says something like “A neat house means a dull person”… When discussing a possible visit by my boyfriend’s mom, we actually decided it might be best to hide it. Not because of any shame over the message, but because my boyfriend’s mom is such a neat freak, it would be a bald faced dis aimed at the heart of her. Cleaning IS her passion.

Now, if she had a plaque dissing non Ms. Clean sorts, then all bets would be off. She would, of course, be insufferable then, too. (She has an easygoing side, thank god) But my god, it is unnerving sometimes to have to explain that you arent putting your glass immediately into the dishwasher but instead leaving it by the coffee maker because you are going to keep on drinking water from it. You can just feel her zeroing in on it as you set it down. When she directs you as to where to find some object, like her hairdryer, which is plainly apparent after 3 seconds of searching the linen closet, she gives such detailed directions it drives me nuts – which shelf it’s on, left, right, middle; which cleaning product or towels it will be next to and on top of; what color and size it is – it is hard to ignore what a neurotically intimate relationship she has with her household products and appliances and the ordering of them. I have to marvel when I compare her house and mine, and observe that she is the one who has the paper shredder. What’s to shred???!!!

I am concerned about what will happen to her when she gets too old to clean.

76. NYCee - 8 March 2007

Oh yes, congrats, ms_xeno.

Have a pet hair roller for your “drone suit” on me. 🙂

77. JJB - 8 March 2007


Congratulations. As to DB’s marital status, I was aware of it, he even has a picture of her on his disgusting website. I hope the situation is roughly what you suggest, because the alternative (i.e., her completely under his thumb) is too depressing to contemplate.

BTW, there seems to be remarkably little complaint about BTD/Armando’s having been banned from Kosolini’s little cyber-Eden. I saw a lot more outrage expressed over OPOL’s plight.

78. bayprairie - 8 March 2007

ok # 1,

I might be the last person in the world to have seen this, but if there is anyone else remaining, it is too hilarious to miss:

my head just exploded.

begs the question though, since they were obviously at alamo plaza in S.A. for a portion of the time, why didn’t they ask about a couple of those knuckleheads about the location of peewee’s bike?

at least one dumbass texan would have gotten that one right.

just heartless, those newspeople. heartless.

79. supervixen - 8 March 2007

OPOL was banned too?? How about buhdy? I was away for so long, I missed a lot…

Fun to see them try to spin things at BT:

that does not mean that someone that takes actions against such people, collating damaging material and making it search friendly, for example, is not being an enormous asshole. It’s legal, it may even be provoked, but it is incredibly uncool.

Second, I have received a lot of email from people that have given information that could be used to identify them if someone really wanted to dig deep. And when they see that people are digging deep on other people they feel threatened themselves.

And that is really the nasty effect of this. Several people have asked me to erase old comments, delete old diaries, or told me they simply won’t participate anymore. They feel intimidated by these actions, which is why I consider these actions as broadly harmful to this whole medium of political action.

I don’t know what can be done about it other than making people aware of it. I don’t even think most of the people that are doing this have any intention of intimidating people. Maybe if they realize the effect they have they might be less zealous or less supportive of the efforts.

But when you go after someone because you are mad at them (whatever the merits) you wind up chilling the atmosphere for everyone.

When you have people looking into people’s dating profiles and looking to humiliate them, when you have them listing out their law firms’ clients, looking to get them fired, then it creates a poisonous atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if it is legal. If you do it, you are being malicious and people should speak up and say so.

A load of blah blah blah. These people weren’t weeping into their beer when Armando and DD were “chilling the atmosphere”.

Clearly the Rool is that “Nobody is allowed to make fun of My Special Friends.” Well, I didn’t agree to that Rool.

80. missdevore - 8 March 2007

oh dear. kos just posted another one of his pin-up candidates. he favors the single figure in a pastoral setting.

81. earth to meg - 8 March 2007

Well, I see Mediocre Blades (gotta love that handle) is back at dkos, collecting more “mojo” than anybody else in the universe just because of who he is. I recall a diary many months ago in which the diarist lifted her quotes and sources from Worker’s Daily or one of the other socialist venues, and MB flew into that thing and attempted to troll rate her into oblivion. DHinMI and DD also got the text messages, because they also soon jumped into that fray. The problem with their lame reasoning was that the material from the socialist newspaper was the same stuff as was being reported in the MSM sources, so who the fuck cares where it came from?

But can’t have any socialist “influencing” at dkos. So when Mr. DullBlades starts talking about unions and socialism, I get suspicious. I’ll have to see if I can dig up that diary, it was many months ago. I’ll see if I can find it.

82. marisacat - 8 March 2007

New thread:

Cue the pliant orchestra

BTW, Cspan 1 has the Pelosi presser on now, with Obey and Murtha.

83. NYCee - 8 March 2007

Ms Devore -that You Tube!

Does it ever synch up with my sense of how fucked we are by the populace we are burdened with… Where would the leaders be were it not for that swarm?

Re those MAPS (Australia = Iran or N Korea):

I used to think, what are they talking about when they use map reading to show American ignorance, when they say Americans are too ignorant to find country X (they want to bomb, etc) on a map? My problem with this was not a denial of our geographical ignorance, but that it is not that hard, not even for uber ignorant Americans, if they can at least DEcode the words, eg, France. Russia. Iran. Australia. Not so hard.

Then I thought, hang on, I get it! Of course, they mean an UNmarked map. The test is on an UNmarked map, which is how the geographically un-impaired leave us in the dust. This is through no great feat of educational methodology or genetic superiority of the other, but rather, others are taught other-nation identification in school because of their countries’ psychology – they at least realize/accept they are not The World, but rather IN the world. We sole uberpower shapelings are quite handicapped here – To KNOW is subversion. Ouch! (That’s the sound of psychological skin touching an electric fence of the psyche. Border patrol) One of the sorrows of Empire, our poor geographic performance.

So yes, these YouTubed yokels surely can READ the labels on the map. Problem is, they can be (mis)lead anywhere by simply mislabelling. Something Team Rove knew all too well.

84. marisacat - 8 March 2007

I have said for a long time that MB was only ever a beard for the Centrist Boyz. And yeah Mediocre Blades was excellent!

They sent him to sit on me for a few weeks. Think they were very surprised he got no kind welcome, no hosannahs as a “good” ambassador.

Gee. Not born yesterday.

85. NYCee - 8 March 2007

That video (War on Everything – Americans) reminds me a bit of that Red State Voter video TruthOut had up for a while after the election. Some folks couldnt even cough up the name of Bush’s rival for the throne, like one lady who said she had voted. One lady stood next to her husband at a bar, and when asked who she voted for, she looked up at him, laughed a little, and said: “Who he told me to…”

It is to laugh sometimes… so as not to cry.

86. missdevore - 8 March 2007

my fave was the guy who named the countries in the axis of evil as “california, florida, mississippi”

87. arcturus1 - 8 March 2007

To KNOW is subversion

t/y, NYCee, for this l’il chuckler this am – I needed the exercise 🙂

88. NYCee - 8 March 2007

Send OUT the clowns?

Speaking of clowns and clutter, that is immediately what comes to mind when I think of the recently (repeatedly) departed Armando.

I just avoided his posting trails, but it was impossible to avoid the air they sucked out of the place – ubiquitous junk heaps to clear. But the fault is not his alone, although some loved to say it was. I always found it most funny that those who complained the most about his behavior were simultaneously shovelling the fuel into the furnace… fueling it with their tedious, silly complaints.

The problem was created by too many people with an addication to the game, by all who bought into the love him/hate him struggle and engaged in it. His miles of posting history there bear witness to it. Some of the most ridiculous posts on that site are those between “hurt,” “wronged” folks, who wrangle on and on, back and forth, until one finally declares himself or herself too mature to continue and flounces off – after the 99th response. (Armando, too, often so easily “affronted” while “affronting,” to the point of the dropped glove and the swords crossed … Zell Miller should have blogged there… he would have had his “dooo-elllz” and then some…).

It does strike me as ironic that now that Armando/BigDramaTent does appear to have something of substance to post about – getting out of Iraq, defunding the war – (although who knows for how long) he is suddenly banned for his ad hominem remarks (I gather), which were the mainstay of his contributions for so often and for so long. I havent even bothered to note what position Kos or other fpers have taken on the issue of Iraq, to defund or not, if there are swords crossed on it, although I have never known Kos and Co to stray far from the establishment line, and if so, it is oh so tepidly.

I wonder if this year as last year, at Yearly Kos (why name it that?), someone will use up their one extra extra special question to Markos on subject: Armando. Last time (as seen on TV), this middle-aged guy gets to the mic only to ask, concern-knitting his brows, What IS to become of Armando, after this terrible injustice of an outing has occurred? Im very concerned. (He looked … lost!)

I thought, how could Markos not be laughing inside. With contempt. It is begged for.

This aspect and those who feed it, well, just ludicrous.

89. marisacat - 8 March 2007

Miss Devore

I took a quick peek at Kleeb, at Dkos… Guess Kos is in love again.

A fst google, he is beloved by Wespac.. chit chat that he was “born on a base”. Who fucking cares?

And get this drivel from

Act Blue:

Scott Kleeb

Scott understands the unique role our military plays in bringing greater peace and prosperity to the world. That is why Scott Kleeb can be counted on to stand by our troops on the front lines, and to make sure we honor our commitment to our veterans here at home

what fucking role?

90. arcturus1 - 8 March 2007

o c’mon, MCat! you know damend well they play a very unique role. Exceptional in fact . . .

91. missdevore - 8 March 2007

I heard somewhere–maybe even here, that they are trying to recruit mydd folks for kosinthetoddlin’townfest. perhaps it will become more of an event for those who remained on the blogdrool.

92. NYCee - 8 March 2007

I guess that should read “concern knitting his broW” not “browS” (although I liked the image of that concerned adult’s eyebrows knit together… over THAT) 🙂 However, the phrase refers to the forehead brow, not the eye ones.

Ah, an ‘erbal relaxant for the brow… It is all they need, no? I got a lavender one for Christmas, actually. I shall pack it into my bomb shelter overnight bag.

I am sure I am not being too alarmist … It’s been a dizzying pile-on week of downward spiral – the prosecutors fired for not dancing bushwhackian, the walter reed tip o iceberg rot, the Libby=pardon = protect Cheney and Bush from War Crimes, the Lobby + US + the ME/Africa, compliant Dems, our map-reading disabled masses…

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