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As they twirl on… 27 March 2007

Posted by marisacat in Big Box Blogs, San Francisco.

 Star Ballroom Championships, London 1953

locked in formation… what will they do next to ride to the top of the Rec List… if only in their own minds.

I suggest a lot of them take a much needed break from the emotional stimulation.

Blunt?, you bet.

This is the down side of the internet, in fullest bloom. For all the good it can do, it can also cause immense harm.  – scribe




1. D. Throat - 27 March 2007

Meta Madness
by pastordan
Mon Mar 26, 2007 at 10:58:44 AM PDT

It’s March for another few days, which seems to require a touch of madness to go around. Apropos of that discussion and others, let me say a few things that really ought to be obvious but need to be said anyway before they become an issue:

1. This is not Daily Kos. We share server space and many posters in common, and I talk to Markos occasionally. Other than that, the connections are pretty tenuous.

Other Kos Sites

Mother Talkers
Sports Blogs
Street Prophets

2. Miss Devore - 27 March 2007

Someone at dk posted a diary about American Blackout. high userid, so who knows what it’s fate might be.

and–pastordamning–the logic is pretty tenuous, I’d say.

3. Miss Devore - 27 March 2007


4. marisacat - 27 March 2007

LOL.. PD is just one more low traffic Dkos spinoff.

He should not try to say he is not. Kos set it up, runs free (I woould bet anything) banners for Street Profits.

why is he trying to appear disengaged from the FatherLand?

5. lucid - 27 March 2007


I love the posessive case.

It is the key to unlocking texts written in pre-latin languages.

6. arcturus1 - 27 March 2007

& opn As The World Tightens:

Private businesses such as rental and mortgage companies and car dealers are checking the names of customers against a list of suspected terrorists and drug traffickers made publicly available by the Treasury Department, sometimes denying services to ordinary people whose names are similar to those on the list.

The Office of Foreign Asset Control’s list of “specially designated nationals” has long been used by banks and other financial institutions to block financial transactions of drug dealers and other criminals. But an executive order issued by President Bush after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks has expanded the list and its consequences in unforeseen ways. Businesses have used it to screen applicants for home and car loans, apartments and even exercise equipment, according to interviews and a report by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area to be issued today.

“The way in which the list is being used goes far beyond contexts in which it has a link to national security,” said Shirin Sinnar, the report’s author. “The government is effectively conscripting private businesses into the war on terrorism but doing so without making sure that businesses don’t trample on individual rights.”

7. arcturus1 - 27 March 2007

oops, that’s WaPo

8. D. Throat - 27 March 2007

Mimicking Stoller’s “blog theory” (shhh don’t call it META) from yesterday….

What it is reminding me of is the part in the Titanic… where all the little resue boats had to get as far away from the Titanic… least they be pulled under when it sinks.

I highly, doubt that Kos will still be the sole proprietor of DK 6 months from now… I am sure he is looking to unload it.

9. supervixen - 27 March 2007

Ah, MB is whining at me in email about my posting a private email. Breach of netiquette! GASP!!

He didn’t seem to mind when Land of Enchantment posted an email of mine on DKos. That was just fine.

Will post his missive in a bit when I get back from the post office.

10. earth to meg - 27 March 2007

First Amendment Snubbed:

“Prison Legal News has filed a federal lawsuit in Dallas County challenging the jail’s year-old ban on publication subscriptions for inmates. PLN, a 17-year-old monthly magazine that reports on legal issues affecting prisoners and other criminal justice matters, says the ban violates inmates’ First Amendment rights. That’s a position shared by virtually every federal court that’s ever considered the issue, including the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which in a 1986 case concerning Midland County said-and we’re summing up
here-you can’t do that.

But we’re talking the Dallas County jail here, notorious for losing and/or offing inmates, abusing the mentally ill, etc., so what are the odds that little things like plainly written court decisions and the Constitution are going to make a diff? Where do you think we are, America?

“They seem to have a rather callous disregard for the Constitution there,” says PLN’s editor, Paul Wright. That explains why his publication didn’t simply send a letter to the county pointing out it was breaking the rules and hope for reason to carry the day:
Without a court order or consent decree, Wright doubts the jail would
consistently obey the law on what prisoners can access.

Some jails have argued that prisoners can watch TV news in jail, so they don’t need access to publications, says Scott Medlock, prisoners’ rights attorney with the Texas Civil Rights Project, who is representing PLN. The courts say otherwise, as does common sense: If you’re in the Dallas lock-up, what do you need more, a publication about your legal rights, or news on the latest car wreck or Britney’s haircut?

Actually, in our jail, a magazine on home medical treatment or psychiatric care might be more useful, but the inmates can’t get those either. In any event, they’ll never get Penthouse or The Anarchist’s Cookbook, Medlock says. There are some rules. ”


11. marisacat - 27 March 2007

well we fully exited the brief time of prison reform.

I saw a documentary on Attica many years ago, with news reel from the days it played out (so horifically), live on-camera interviews iwth townspeople who openly said they were also worried for the prisoners.

WOn’t be getting that today, or not so easily.

12. marisacat - 27 March 2007

lucid I got all of your comments out of spam file. SOrry!

13. arcturus1 - 27 March 2007

we fully exited the brief time of prison reform

politically – socially – yup – but thx to the Prison Law Office outside San Quentin, at least in CA there’s still federal court mandates – not to mention TAKEOVER

14. lucid - 27 March 2007

It’s all about for profit prisons now… And we know how easy it is to reform private enterprise.

15. D. Throat - 27 March 2007

One question… (0 / 0)

Is good ole’ Cop-hitting Cynthia now claiming she lost due to election fraud? That’s new to me.

Otherwise I agree with this diary.

Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc
I support Barack Obama for President.

by Lucius Vorenus on Tue Mar 27, 2007 at 01:19:47 PM PDT

But gun toting Webb is AOK with Mr. L. Vagina

16. marisacat - 27 March 2007

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:



I have not had Cspan on… hmm will poke around see if there is anything of interest…

17. Kevin Lynch - 27 March 2007


I don’t have everybody’s e-mail, so this can’t be private. Please send your blog addresses to mr_kevinlynch@sbcglobal.net so I can blogdrool you at the Ugly Truth-Teller (kevinelynch@wordpress.com)

Thanks for giving me the courage to make a fool of myself on the internets!


18. D. Throat - 27 March 2007

It’s all about for profit prisons now…

I was just thinking to day that we are living in the most covert/blatant massive privatisation scheme in the history of the US. Small gov’t my ass everything is just being privatized. There is a good series on DK Bush Profiteers collect billions from NCLB… which of course no one is reading when they can read such insightful diaries entitled :I Don’t Care About Rush Limbaugh’s Limp Penis…

Any ole who… NCLB is nothing but a covert way privatizing the Department of Education…

19. liberalcatnip - 27 March 2007

What it is reminding me of is the part in the Titanic… where all the little resue boats had to get as far away from the Titanic… least they be pulled under when it sinks.

I was just thinking about Bowers’ non-meta meta (oops “blog theory”) diary (not that I wanted to, but there it was). I thought it was pretty darn funny that kos showed up there to defend himself and then Bowers basically told kos his site was out of control because of its growth – a growth that Bowers in his ever infinite wisdom and pompousness says he strategically planned against – unlike kos – by using “professionalism” (read “boring tripe”) as his angle. I’ll bet young Chris has more than a bit of growth envy. Then there was the dkos “garbage can” comment which was a nice little swipe against his bestest friend MOB.

And now we have PD distancing himself, rather pathetically, from kos as well. The house of cards (and cads) is collapsing. Tres drole.

20. lucid - 27 March 2007

I Don’t Care About Rush Limbaugh’s Limp Penis…

I noticed the recommended piece of crap and nearly beat my forehead against my screen. Such substance. Such insight into the important issues of the day.

NCLB is nothing but a covert way privatizing the Department of Education.

That and vouchers. The saddest thing is that I support universal public education as the basis of any reasonable democratic society. But with today’s schools, if I had school aged children, I would probably home school. I would not want any child of mine to be subject to the mind numbing crap that is being taught today. I feel so sorry for those in the teaching profession as well. I wonder how they cope?

21. liberalcatnip - 27 March 2007

Hilarious. John McCain’s team uses a template for his MySpace page that the designer didn’t authorize them to use so the designer hacked the site and added:

Dear supporters,

Today I announce that I have reversed my position and come out in full support of gay marriage…particularly between passionate females.


22. Miss Devore - 27 March 2007

hilarious to the tenth.

23. marisacat - 27 March 2007


I broke down right before lunch and took a look at the main page. And saw that title.

And really except for a small number, it was largely a joke of titles.

I did not read what rode at the top of the FP, Hunter iirc on the “Booboisie”

Well he should know.

A flea circus.

24. marisacat - 27 March 2007

IN the senate,

Hagel crossed the aisle. So did Pryor and Lieberman. To defeat the Cochran effort to strip the dates (useless as they are) from the bill.

Hmmm calls for Lieberman AND Pryor’s heads on sticks at the edge of town?

They are usually mum about Pryor.

25. marisacat - 27 March 2007


are you saying you opened a WP blog?


26. Kevin Lynch - 27 March 2007

Thanks Marisa

Yep, put out the ol’ shingle (and never even TRIED to pass the bar 😉 )

Everybody comment!


27. the paine - 27 March 2007

am i imagining things
or are your posts getting shorter as the comment threads get longer

i love the comments …of course i do

but i come here
for your posts and pix mcat

dare i say

the post kos blow back
takes too much time from the transcription of head to post
of your world view

28. Miss Devore - 27 March 2007

precious quotes from the koscotheque:

“Sympathy is not a limited commotity”

29. marisacat - 27 March 2007

paine… not in the peak of the rosiest state of health at the moment.

30. marisacat - 27 March 2007

by the way there was a follow up diary – text deleted as well.

The first “BGCW”, both text and comments removed, the second just the “He is Saved!” text.

Not a lot left to say…

31. arcturus1 - 27 March 2007


red breasts?

32. Lucid - 27 March 2007


I don’t think I want to ask… Is it a reference to Elise’s bossom?

33. liberalcatnip - 27 March 2007

Not a lot left to say…

Well, apparently, there is.

It just never ends…

Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, mcat.

34. missdevore - 27 March 2007

31-I’m laughing.

ok, so I didn’t read the diaries, but I love the juxtaposition of the top two at dk:

I Don’t Care About Tony Snow
by WinSmith

I Don’t Care About Rush Limbaugh’s Limp Penis
by Hippokleides


by a margin of 855, more dk denizens don’t care about tony snow’s cancer over rush’s limp penis.

I suspect bob johnson will take his cue next.

35. Tuston - 27 March 2007

AMY GOODMAN: In the latest edition of Mother Jones, you have a piece where you talk about the Iranian/Kurdish guerrillas. Explain who and where they are.

REESE ERLICH: In Northern Iraq there are three Iranian Kurdish groups that operate and that have compounds and do political organizing. Keep in mind that the Kurdish people of Iran face a great deal of oppression, they’re not allowed to learn in their own language in the schools. They face discrimination. They’re a great deal poorer than the rest of Iran. So the Kurdish people have very legitimate grievances against the government in Tehran. The U.S. has taken advantage of that.

In the case of one group, the P.K.K. or the Kurdistan Workers Party and they are along with Israel sponsoring them to carry out guerrilla raids inside Iran and its part of a much wider plan by the United States to foment discontent and actual terrorist activities by ethnic Iranians in various parts of Iran. And when I was in northern Iraq, I was able to determine that that kind of activity is going on from Iraqi soil under the Kurdish controlled areas of Iraq, into Iran.

AMY GOODMAN: How did you get to the guerrilla camp?

REESE ERLICH: Well, it’s quite interesting, two cell phone calls and a drive up into the mountains. One of the arguments by the Kurdish regional government of Iraq and of the United States is that they can’t find these guerrillas because it’s so inhospitable territory that no one can find them. They’re operating from secret bases, et cetera. But all I did was drive up into the closest Iraqi village and asked the local driver and they say oh, yeah, which of the guerrilla camp do you want to see and we’ll take you right up to them. So they are very easy to find.

… In order to get to the P.J.A.K. interviews that I did, you had to go through two P.K.K. based camps with walkie-talkies and soldiers and guerillas and so on. For all intents and purposes they’re the same thing.

AMY GOODMAN: And can you explain the U.S. relationship with these organizations?

REESE ERLICH: Well, it’s very complicated. Because on the one hand, the United States is very much opposes to the P.K.K.’s actions in Turkey. On the other hand they’re supporting P.K.K.’s attack on Iran. This is kind of typical of the clandestine efforts by the United States when we saw the U.S. support for the Mujahadeen against the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. They sided with some pretty nefarious characters who ended up forming al Qaeda and bombing New York.

So once again, the U.S. is allying with one faction of this party, but not with the other, playing a very dangerous game and they’re playing a very similar game with the Mujahadeen al-Halb, another Iranian group and with groups in Baluchestan which is near the Pakistan Iranian boarder where some revolutionary guard buses were blown up. It’s a very very dangerous, duplicitous game that the United States is playing.

(…)No among other Kurdish groups that I spoke to, no one thinks that the P.K.K. and the P.J.A.K. are really separate organizations. At a minimum they very clearly coordinate their activities, get funding, weapons, et cetera. But I think in practice, their function is one organization.

AMY GOODMAN: And finally Reese Erlich, the relationship of Britain and Israel, both U.S. Allies with these parties.

REESE ERLICH: Israel is backing various Kurdish groups. Both among the Iraqi Kurds as well as the P.J.A.K. among the Iranian Kurds. For Israel that have a long history of supporting non-Arab countries in an effort to divide the Arab world so they supported the Shah of Iran, Hali Salasi in Ethiopia. Turkey, they were allied in Turkey for many years and they see trying to use the Kurds in the same way. You have Israeli security officials training the guards at the Arabial Airport in northern Iraq. You have training of special anti-terrorism squads. I think they’re working with P.J.A.K. although this is all denied by P.J.A.K. and the Israelis are also playing a very dangerous game because they are intervening in the affairs of Iraq and causing a great deal of trouble both for Iran and now they’re outs with Turkey who was their long-time ally.

AMY GOODMAN: You described in your forth coming book about Israel participating actively in — with Mossad agents posing as businessmen setting up shop in the K.R.G. soon after the 2003 U.S. invasion, in B.B.C. TV, discovering Israeli former special forces soldiers training Kurdish security at the airport. Say more about that.

REESE ERLICH: Yeah, exactly. The B.B.C. did a very good television special in which they interviewed these former Israeli intelligence agents who are now allegedly working as private contractors, much like the C.I.A. does with it’s agents around the world. So it was on TV and when I asked the Iran — the Iraqi officials about this, they denied everything, even though they had been on TV and an obviously reputable news organization. I had talked to various people who had met with supposed Israeli businessmen who were much more interested in arms trades and intelligence and that sort of thing.

So the Israelis have significantly stepped up their activities in northern Iraq. I think if ultimately the Iraq war goes very badly for the United States, as all indications are that it will, eventually Iraq will split into three different countries including an independent Kurdistan on the north and the Israelis hope to benefit from that by having a beachhead against the Sunni and the Shiia and Arab parts of Iraq and as well as the other neighboring Arab countries. That’s a long time goal of the Israelis.


I apologize for the long excerpt, but I’ve been obsessing about the Kurdish angle of the Iraq War for a long time, and I ain’t about to quit

36. Lucid - 27 March 2007

not in the peak of the rosiest state of health at the moment.

I’m sorry to hear that. To your health!

Yes disneykos it has become – debates on whether or not we should pray from Tony Snow. Rather unhumorous diaries about the erectile problems of right wing pundits & centrist pundits bemoaning the punditocracy.


37. outofwater - 27 March 2007

What a mess.

The best story today,and for a while, has been the AG scandal. There may be no difference between the parties, but I love to see Gonzales squirm anyway. The Republicans are worse, the Democrats worthless.

I’m posting from an undisclosed location where everyone calls me senora, and I float in the water. Life looks really nice from this perspective.

Have we bombed Iran yet?

I’ll check back manana.

38. marisacat - 27 March 2007


well she is doing well. and as I said re-issuing screams. Change the date and push publish.

The Blahgs so deserve her.

39. Lucid - 27 March 2007

I’m posting from an undisclosed location where everyone calls me senora, and I float in the water. Life looks really nice from this perspective

Are you in Barcelona? If so, I’m jealous as hell.

40. Kevin Lynch - 27 March 2007

It’s a shame to hear about Tony Snowe. Nobody deserves to get liver cancer, no matter how many prefab lies pour out of their mouths.

What’s with all the health things? Mcat sick, me getting over food poisoning, politicians getting cancer instead of just being a cancer on the body politic…

…it’s getting scary


41. the paine - 27 March 2007

ever watch the original razor’s edge

something about you being ill
put me in mind
clifton webb’s decline into his death scene
very sad and noble

42. marisacat - 27 March 2007

oh I did see The Razor’s Edge. Quite some time ago…
I loved Clifton Webb…

43. marisacat - 27 March 2007

well no one likes to hear of cancer nor the recurrance of cancer… IT never matters who it is..

44. liberalcatnip - 27 March 2007

#35. Tuston, thanks for posting that. Interesting stuff… there’s so much going on that we (the collective “we”) don’t know about.

45. liberalcatnip - 27 March 2007

McCain on CNN said that Petraeus goes out almost every day in an unarmed humvee. Is he incredibly daft or what?? Poor Johnny…still trying to prove how “safe” Baghdad is. What a farce.

46. liberalcatnip - 27 March 2007

Woohoo! Go Sean Penn!.

47. marisacat - 27 March 2007


don’t apologise… thanks for posting that…



madman (or wilfred) just sent the Ware (reporting on CNN from Bagdad) smack down of Mccain over Baghdad… will post the link…

48. Tuston - 27 March 2007

danke right back at ya LC. Vipers Rule!

I hate to be un- PC, and I certainly don’t revel in Tony Snow’s predicament, and I do my best to emanante compassion even for cockroaches but…

Karma is a bitch, and doesn’t always whelp good dogs. Tony is a case on point. I ‘ve heard that everyone has two dogs living inside, and the dog that wins is the dog that is fed the most. Tony starved his good dog to death, and the bad one is fatter than a freak show story from the National Inquirer.

I find TS’s fate ironic because he has helped distribute the carcinogenic DU throught out the ME. How many future cases of cancer has he helped cause?

Sorry, ’cause death and suffering sucks, but not so sorry that someone who has helped curse so many to unclean deaths is having to face the same. (but of course TS has benefit of wealth and the finest medicine)

I will say that I hope he beats it, but that is purely based on his position as a living being and in spite of his person.

49. Sabrina Ballerina - 27 March 2007

Tuston, agree with LC, thanks for the info on in #35. I think you’re right about the importance of the Kurds. Turkey also.

Sorry you’re not feeling well Marisacat –

50. arcturus1 - 27 March 2007

Tustin – I too have been watching the Kurd situation simmer – Baluchistan as well – & filling my ears w/ music from both as best I can – they don’t deserve what’s coming

51. marisacat - 27 March 2007

Ware push back via crooks and liars.

Ware/CNN smack down of McCain over Baghdad.

52. arcturus1 - 27 March 2007

i just threw this one up . . .

53. missdevore - 27 March 2007

kevin-in trying out the url for your site, I get this message that someone may be trying to trick me.

54. colleen - 27 March 2007

Bloggers like Meteor Blades and Martin, frantically searching for examples of homophobic bigotry and racism here may wish to read this example of what racism and homophobic bigotry looks like:


Just as a reminder, Beard.

55. Tuston - 27 March 2007

I can’t handle all this relevant discourse; its time for Tuston’s Tumbleweed dispatch of Totally Off Topic posting.

The Giant Dog sized Toad found in Austrailia fluff of the day (GMA and Today this mornin’, yahoo nooze all day) got me thinking about the low down deed of Toad Licking and I found this great old Link


Whereas, according to a column in The State newspaper of Columbia dated February 13, 1990: “Licking cane toads will not give you warts or produce a fairy prince, but it might get you high.”; and

Whereas, that column reported that the Drug Enforcement Administration has said that “cane-toad licking is the latest way to hallucinate”, because the toad, which can grow to the size of a dinner plate, produces a toxin called bufotenine, which it secretes to ward off predators; and

Whereas, the column also reported that “when licked, the toxin acts as a hallucinogen.”; and

Whereas, now along comes the related problem of “toad-smoking”, where venom is squeezed from the kidney-shaped parotoid glands on the back of a live toad, then dried and smoked; and

Whereas, in an article appearing in The Wall Street Journal for March 7, 1994, Dr. Andrew T. Weil, a scientist at the University of Arizona’s College of Medicine in Tucson who is also a physician and drug-culture researcher, said that smoking dried venom from a Colorado River toad produced “a sense of wonder and well-being”; and

Whereas, it would appear that the “giant frogs” might, to many persons, be only harmless, endearing critters, yet some members of the American populace continue to “scale the heights” of borderline behavior, and the potential for abuse is so great that the General Assembly finds it necessary to make an “amphibious landing” to nip the problem in the bud. Now, therefore,

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina:

SECTION 1. It is unlawful in this State to lick, kiss, or bite a cane toad or to engage in the act of toad-smoking. A violation of this section is a misdemeanor and must be punished by thirty days’ community service at the Aquarium/Reptile Complex at Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia.

The provisions of this section do not apply to members of the toad family, which may continue to smoke, bite, lick, and kiss each other at will.

For the record, licking Cane Toads (or their much more pharmacologically interesting cousins Colorado River Toads) will kill you…smoking their venom however is different story.

56. marisacat - 27 March 2007

I just released two from moderation (sigh still nt sure what is triggering non moderated posts being sent there, will send a feedback to WP)

and MB is still trying to post to correct people.

Now he has posted his full text FP requiem for Reagan.. and misread my oneline assessment of it as the less whatever than the other 5 or 6.


sans apology…


They will jsut go to spam and die. Along iwth David Byron. And rape imagery, now that it has been reported to sbc.

Go away and tend to yourself.

57. marisacat - 27 March 2007

Tuston, I saw a pic of the toad next to a normal toad of the specis.


58. ms_xeno - 27 March 2007

Long day today. Tomorrow will be spent collaging, I hope. So please get all the drama out of your systems before midnight tonight, faithful trenchcoat brigade members. Otherwise I’ll spend all day tomorrow eyeballing this space and that just ain’t right.

[passes Mcat some hot chicken soup]

59. Tuston - 27 March 2007

Bufo alvarius is our local related species. I’ve never seen one as large as the cane toad from the story but they regularly eat mice and birds and are huge.

I wonder what this guy was up to, I certain he wasn’t going to eat it

60. marisacat - 27 March 2007

From a Drahma Tent posting at TL:

just returned from a sit-in… (2.00 / 1) (#11)

by dutchfox on Tue Mar 27, 2007 at 06:15:21 PM EST

at Bernie Sanders’ Burlington office. Around 50 of us showed up and stayed the afternoon. His DC chief of staff was miffed that he had to speak to us (“I’m really busy writing amendments,” he said). Bernie wouldn’t even take 5 minutes to speak by phone to us. We were treated condescendingly by his Burlington staff. 8 of us refused to leave the office at 6 pm closing, so were arrested. 3 women, 4 other guys and me.

they so don’t want to be bothered.

61. Tuston - 27 March 2007

well they’re too busy “pragmatically” doing “the peoples work” too be bothered to listen to the people.

62. ms_xeno - 27 March 2007

If they want to motivate Bernie to move, they should threaten to run Indies in all the VT races next time. You know, real Indies, not poseurs.

Speaking of drama, Smith at Stop Me is in rare form today. I totally want to start a local chapter of the Asphalt Liberation Front. Or a splinter (pebble ?) group called the People’s Republic of Asphalt Liberation. Other name suggestions graciously accepted.

63. jam.fuse - 27 March 2007

see if this link works…

absolute horror

anyway guy in a bar in downtown nyc the other night spoke of this absolute horror. apparently there’s a depraved slaughter of dolphins that gos on in japan on a regular schedule. I haven’t found the heart and stomach to read about it in detail yet. not for the squeamish.

64. liberalcatnip - 27 March 2007

#52. Thanks for that link, arcturus.

SECTION 1. It is unlawful in this State to lick, kiss, or bite a cane toad or to engage in the act of toad-smoking.

Good to know. I’ll jot that down…

For those who think they’ve got blog “wars” to be all dramatic about, check this out. That’s what happens when people are encouraged to be anti-feminist and who don’t care when their so-called “friends” demonize people who have disagreements with them to the point where they are to be “shunned” and compared with torturers and mass murderers. Just look at the e-mails mcat got yesterday.

Every single one of you reading this – and I know you are, obviously (MB and others) – had better start thinking twice about your hateful hyperbole because that’s the kind of incident you’re contributing to. Let that be a wake up call.

65. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 March 2007

That Ware thing is amazing.

Though NPR is a pale shadow of it’s former self, occasionally there will be something of worth. Yesterday, an an interview with the photographer who took the heartbreaking iconic photograph of the bloodied little girl who’s parents had been shot by Americans at a checkpoint.

THIS is what we’ve wrought.

66. liberalcatnip - 27 March 2007

Blair wants no-fly zone enforced over Darfur:

Tony Blair is pushing the United Nations to declare a no-fly zone over Darfur, enforced if necessary by the bombing of Sudanese military airfields used for raids on the province, the Guardian has learned.

The controversial initiative comes as a classified report by a UN panel of experts alleges Sudan has violated UN resolutions by moving arms into Darfur, conducting overflights and disguising its military planes as UN humanitarian aircraft.
The initiative for such tough action is being driven by Mr Blair himself, often in the face of scepticism in the Foreign Office and Ministry of Defence. The MoD in particular distanced itself from the idea yesterday. “There are absolutely no plans for any UK military action at all in Sudan or the Darfur region of Sudan,” a senior defence source said. But British military officials did not exclude the possibility that the US had contingency plans to strike Sudanese airfields.

67. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 March 2007

and not to flog NPR, but today there was a really good interview w/ Mary Tillman:

I imagine this meeting that you had with military officials yesterday must have been the latest, or perhaps the last of many meetings you’ve had where they’ve tried to explain what they know.

Right. And they always lie. And I’ll be quite honest with you. The meeting was a travesty. I mean, we were lied to… . They told us that we were abusive. And I responded back that, you know, lying is a form of abuse, and we’ve been lied to for three years.

They said you were abusive to them.

They said we were abusive. And we were …

Were you raising your voice?

I wouldn’t have wanted to have been them. I mean, we got to the point where we were extremely rude to them, but they … were just lying.

She was also on the Dan Patrick show on ESPN with Dan and Olbermann (you can find a link to her segment here – Tue. 3.27.07 segment. Keith also played quite a bit of it on Countdown tonight (no link yet). A blogger listening to the show notes:

Mary Tillman, mother of the late Pat Tillman, joins Dan and Keith to discuss the growing scandal surrounding the circumstances of her son’s death. She speaks about what she was told, how that changed, what she’s being told now, and how much more is still being purposefully left unsaid.

Some things of note revealed during this segment that I had not previously heard included the fact that Pat’s diary – assumed missing for three years – had in fact been incinerated, that the first investigative officer included, in his report, the phrases “homicidal negligence” and “criminal intent” to describe the incident, and the exchange that occurred between an investigator and one of the shooters:

General Jones: Did you positively identify your target?
Soldier: No. I wanted to be in a fire fight.

68. Tuston - 27 March 2007

wow LC, that’s really some fucking ugly shit (#64 link)…I had no idea psychos like that could walk erect, much less operate a computer.

69. arcturus1 - 27 March 2007

cuz it’s such a winning playbook:

pushing for a no-fly zone to be passed at the same time as the new sanctions package, in the form of a ‘Chapter 7’ security council resolution, allowing the use of force.

“The prime minister believes we can do them together,” said a Downing Street source. “There could be an agreement in the security council that there could be a no-fly zone. If the Sudanese government broke that agreement there would have to be consequences.”

drooling . . .

70. marisacat - 27 March 2007


I caught some of that, Mrs Tillman, on Olberman… thanks for posting I was going to wait for his transcript tomorrow. Better to have it tonight.. she clearly is calling for a congressional hearing.



what a link. thanks! for that.

71. missdevore - 27 March 2007

good goddess, where do I start?

another good nap was had, by the way. I like this vacation thing.

“I too have licked the toad and seen the viper”

a paraphrase of ferlinghetti’s paraphrase of rimbaud “I, too, have drunk and seen the spider?” Too complicated to czech sources, and there’s a bit of upheaval here due to Operation Housekeeping/Bite me/ Go to H-bag.

Can’t we establish a few “no-die” zones on the planet?

Don’t go so hard on MB-just my opinion, and I’m not the most sophisticated political observer, and the Columbine comparisons were grotesque–never would have expected it from him. But in my years at dk, I don’t remember him being a dk.

thanks ms xeno fot the tip on Stop Me.

and Mcat–chicken soup with chiles! Am a firm believer in Judeo-Mexican cusisine.

catnip I’ll have to read your link.

72. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 March 2007
73. marisacat - 27 March 2007

A friend and I used to walk to an old Jewish delicatessen on Geary, years ago, for hot borscht soup in the winter… somehow chicken soup with chiles Judeo Mexican made me think of that….


74. Miss Devore - 27 March 2007

colleen-just caught the army recruiter story you referenced on Pam’s House Blend–I remember she used to post at dk a lot, but apparently gave up. go figure.

75. Miss Devore - 27 March 2007

Mcat-few things beet borscht.

76. raincat100 - 27 March 2007

Mcat — Just wanted to say how much I appreciate this place. Recent circumstances prevent me from commenting…I barely have time to read it all, but I try to check in every day anyway. And, thanks to the peeps who comment and send you links. Best to you all!

77. raincat100 - 27 March 2007

Madman, I have those on my fridge! Gift from a friend. Funny, the cats don’t get it…

78. marisacat - 27 March 2007

ooo raincat!

Thank you.. 😉

79. Tuston - 27 March 2007

LOL Madman.

you know I’m convinced most cases of dog chasing cats is not malice but merely canines penchant for sniffing poo, and cat poo is dank to them (or so it would seem). At least this appears to be bubbie’s (our neurotic mastif mix) main fixation with our kitties. Booger, grody little freak that he is, seems to enjoy the attention, while Ayla, a tiny calico huntress of fearsome prowess, stops the giant oafish bubbie with a mere gaze and so avoids the indignity.

80. BooHooHooMan - 27 March 2007

re Meteor Blades I am sure he feels misrepresented here, as, in fact, he said so.

True left wingers are neither pompous nor prudes. Anyone with acumen and left wing “street cred” who has read/posted on dailykos eventually comes to see for what it is. . Though originally hyped as a major online forum for the Progressives Activist Left, It is not. Far from it.. it is a cheap, particle board soapbox which despite its flaking metallic paint, it is most eagerly let out for rent amidst the severest of thunderstorms and lightening. It’s cool if your into salvaging thoughtful work from bookburners and really dig the gratuitous boob flashing and sidecarloads of high fives and ball scratching. I’m not even going there over the armed settlers carrying Likkuds banner into every I/P thread. All these folks are supposed to be my allies? It’s certainly not my bag. It does NOTHING for the Activist Left. It’s tone has been mostly dismissive if not outright insulting to robust activism. Cindy Sheehan is a case on point. The run off of activists, feminists, moderate greens and independents are not only examples of boorishness but political foolishness as well. Timothy Lange aka “Meteor Blades” professes distance from such matters. Sorry, but BULLSHIT

I am sure he feels misrepresented here, as, in fact, he said so.

Of course he does. I and others have characterised Timothy Lange / Meteor Blades as a characiture of the credentialed liberalhe purports to be.

My bad.

If there is one thing to be learned about incarceration in this country, it’s that doin’ time it’s that it’s hardly despositive proof of anything. When your down, it doesn’t count for shit who or what you were on the streets. And when you’re “back on the block”, it matters what you do with this tenuous thing we optimistically call “freedom”.

A “Holy Man” selling liquor to Indians?
“Movement” insider as snitch or informant to the FBI?
“Bake Sales” as part of the vanguard, and using the movement to pick up “squaw”?

Terrible…..some may say

These fanciful and derivative devices are calculated bits of the inept cultural shorthand, but they are no more derivative, calculated, fanciful or inept than Timothy Lange and Markos Moulitsas use of their resumes as evidence of their present“Progressive” nature. There is a substantial sad record online of their hypocritical behaviour. Sorry duh – hoods and dude – ettes, but I’ve never been asked to dine on such fare of complicity in favoritism, ostracism and banishment. Not at the tables I’ve enjoyed sharing meals at. For me, that goes for soup kitchens, High School cafeterias & Gothic College Dining Halls, Uncle Sam’s Mess Tents and yes, even County Lock ups for wrongful arrests.(Charges always dismissed, colleagues shake their head in dismay, the people and meals at ALL of those tables stay etched in my memory.) I don’t intend to eat conversational shit under any circumstances. It is no wonder with such confusion that a diarist like OPOL has been repeatedly harrassed on Dailykos, and that longtime Feminists and engaged Activists here have taken umbrage when compared to the nation’s most notorious spree killing Hitlerian juveniles.

I intentionally pulled up short on “Mr Blades” resume where it is fashionable for public relations purposes to intimate cozy references to family. This is a rare practice among the Professions other than those whose stock trades on goodwill. I see no need to offer any comment in that regard other than what I wrote literally in a previous post.

I understand the whole cyclical and often countervailing nature of political moblization and the corrosive effect that ego often plays in the demise of worthy goals. That said, We still need stronger, clearer, and unapologetic voices on the Left, in word, in numbers and in deeds, NOW and MOVING FORWARD. It would be a welcome change.

Maybe “Mr. Blades” will yet “move his suitcase over” once again, like Norman Whitfield when he left “The Undisputed Truth”, then found gold for his Papa Was a Rollin Stone with the Temptations. With plenty of airtime, Whitfield’s signature piece with the Temps was all over 8 Tracks nationwide, the veritable I-Pods of their day. Mr Whitfield, though, may be best remembered in later years for [Workin at the] “Car Wash”. Maybe not.

81. Sabrina Ballerina - 27 March 2007

Tuston, if you were online in 2001-2003 rightwingers used to flood political boards, issuing death threats etc. It was very bad. Women especially were targeted –

I can understand how that woman feels, and I noticed that the abuse may be coming from so-called ‘respected’ bloggers.

That disgusting spam that Marisacat received is a direct result of what started with DDs abuse which was condoned by many people on dk, including Pastor Dan and his followers. The continuation of the pretense, the lie, that she outed him contributes to it. It was the attacks from the DD diary that caused me to sign up here –

Soul’s woman-hating attacks on msoc were approved of also on DK by people like Elise, who not only rec’d him but who refused even after being shown his vile abusive comments, to condemn the behavior. She was not alone, others, like Clonecone (who encouraged him beforehand), musings, and others, also supported him. Which is why it’s laughable to think of some of these women as feminists. They have left a trail worse than that of the Edwards bloggers proving otherwise. And their support for this kind of thing is dangerous.

I’m glad to see that there are legal limits to such violent abuse … thanks for the link, LC.

82. Sabrina Ballerina - 27 March 2007

Clarification on the Edwards bloggers comment. I meant that in the sense of ‘if any of them plan on a career in politics’. Not that the Edwards bloggers are not feminists.


Madman, thanks for the link on the Tillman family. Good for them for not giving up. I am always amazed at those who accuse people who have legitimate reason to be angry, of ‘being angry’! i think they’ve been very patient. I was surprised that the blogger didn’t know about Pat Tillman’s diary being burned.

There are many things about his death, the lies afterwards and then what looks like a cover-up, that are suspicious. I remember his mother saying she blamed Rumsfeld. I think she wants to get him before Congress under oath. I hope it happens.

83. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 March 2007

I know what you mean, Raincat. It takes me a LONG time to just catch up when I get home from work.

84. Tuston - 27 March 2007

SB- I wasn’t around, but its just hard to believe that kind of ugliness exists…I know it does, and is more prevalent than my silly previous comment suggests, (in some of the “best and brightest” of america, in fact) it is just so freakin’ alien and anti-human it seems surreal to me.

PK’s good friend K. works at a local battered womens shelter’s safe house, and I’ve driven her to work more than once. I drop her off in an alley. I don’t know which house it is, cause its exact location has to remain secret for the obvious reasons.

85. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 March 2007

Mike the Mad Biologist:

Yes, she is concerned about the subprime loan issue, but she hasn’t proposed any serious legislation to make sure it doesn’t happen again because that would require confronting the lending corporations. And don’t forget her vote on the bankruptcy bill–not exactly a shining moment for the good Senator, although if you were a Republican, she did just fine.

If you like Clinton’s policies, fine. But don’t delude yourself into believing that she’s anything other than a conservative Democrat. A conservative Democrat won’t end the war, bust her tail to deal with global warming, or deal with income inequality in any meaningful way.

One Lieberman ‘Democrat’ is enough; it’s time for a change.

Sadly, there are MANY more “Lieberman” Democrats, but he’s got Clinton’s number.

86. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 March 2007

The Unapologetic Mexican has some thoughts on cancer, what with it being in the news so much:

But I wonder. I wonder about this way of thinking so common to our mainstream American dialogue. Perhaps we cannot control the mutant cells that go haywire and won’t shut off their replication. But maybe “all our technology”—this agent that is positioned above to “control” these mutant cells—has more to do with nurturing the occurrences than we commonly acknowledge. Perhaps “controlling” these cancers should not come in the form of our typical “Whack-a-mole” responses to life’s challenges (after the fact and chasing symptomology), but to a less Western approach—one of realigning with the natural order, heeding its hardly-subtle messages, and trying less to “control” it or arrange it to our own liking.

That is, perhaps what we look to for a cure—”all our technology”—is instead the very cause of our cancers.

The more I read about the agents in our environment such as plastics and chemicals and waste-products in everything from soda to deoderant to toothpaste to our food containers to our drinking water, I can’t help but think that we bring so much of this on ourselves. Justifying those chemicals or obscuring the truth of the effects of those things we use to bring us comfort or ease in our lives does not mitigate the actual consequences.

The more I see people spouting lies and obvious falsehoods that do nothing to bring us closer to truth but only to perpetuate the toxic lifestyle that most of us engage and foist upon the rest of the world in so many ways, as well as to muddy up the public dialogue and the mechanisms we use to uncover truth, and further the interests of ignorance or greed at the same time—I can’t help but think that we bring so many of these spiritual ills into flesh, give them a shape and a place to manifest in our bodies and our lives. Arranging things backward in our minds does not undo the facts.

87. Sabrina Ballerina - 27 March 2007

Madman, thank you so much for the link to the photographer who took the picture of the little Iraqi girl. I really feel, although there are other more horrific photos of dead children eg, that that picture for some reason, epitomized the horror of war.


Lol, thanks for that link, LC #46!

Miss D – there is a nation-wide search now underway for type H vacuum bags – so, why not just relax, forget about housework until someone locates them, and keep on writing? Lol

Btw, I sort of agree re MB – sometimes people think they can change things from within, who knows why anyone would remain in that environment. Although I have been really disappointed in several of the people there I had originally at least respected.

88. D. Throat - 27 March 2007

Looks like the Democrats “BIG WIN”… is to just change the facade on the War in Iraq… from and “Occupation” to “Peace Keeping”.

This was all a set up as there is only one party owned by corporations… the “consessions” will be to change the name from combat soldiers… to peace keepers…

89. Tuston - 27 March 2007

OH Jesus H. Finkelstein on a Moped. The Orange Blarg has a Chevron ad u[ again, but its totally pwogressive ’cause its about bio fuels.

Gimme a fuckin’ break.

I guess the Beard will post that diary about chevron any day now

90. marisacat - 27 March 2007


And don’t forget her vote on the bankruptcy bill–not exactly a shining moment for the good Senator, although if you were a Republican, she did just fine.

hmm I Think mad biologist might be off here, by a tad (meaning she means us no good, no matter) but iirc she was able to ditch the bankruptcy vote. Bill was rushed to the hospital… for the second surgery ugh think it was the second.

I did not pull up the roll call tho… the lousy 108th congress.

So many did vote for it tho…(sigh)_ and she has voted for so many bad bills.

91. missdevore - 27 March 2007

Madman-with reference to the cat-butt stuff.

If you look at my chihuahua-x from the front, he is all eyeball. From the back, all asshole.

but he has an ENERGETIC curly tail.

92. D. Throat - 27 March 2007

The Orange Blarg has a Chevron ad up again, but its totally pwogressive ’cause its about bio fuels.

Pathetic… I guess that makes up for the millions of dollars it spent to defeat progressive environmental bills in CA (which Kos voted in favor of Chevron)….

Yeah… I am sure the Beard is now drafting a “fair and balanced” expose on Chevron…

93. Kevin Lynch - 27 March 2007

Miss D

strange, must be another of those “wordpress growing pains”. I promise to never ask for your personal information!

Je Blague is on the blogdrool anyway 😉

and don’t these people know that the internets aren’t as anonymous as they seem? creepy F-ers think they’re the ‘invisible man’ online and start in spewing the ignorant shit. that’s the black soul which leads to lynchings, not someone pointing out the hypocrisy in the BBBs


94. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 March 2007
95. missdevore - 27 March 2007

Kevin-I just posted and saw.

Oh, and I am completely bereft of personal information-so- not to worry.

96. colleen - 27 March 2007

Don’t go so hard on MB-just my opinion, and I’m not the most sophisticated political observer, and the Columbine comparisons were grotesque–never would have expected it from him. But in my years at dk, I don’t remember him being a dk.

He’s not a bouncer, he’s the beard and a highly duplicitous one at that. He is most assuredly a dk as are all of Dana’s FP posters. He’s the dk equivalent to Lieberman. Indeed they’re both still trying to trade off their ’60’s activism. No dignity in that.
Calling the MAJORITY of posters here the equivalent to the Columbine killers and racist and misogynist is outrageous but not unexpected and I’m likewise not suprised he can’t bring himself to retract his words or apologise. Last time he visited here he suggested that I was a maoist sympathiser.
The thing with these folks is that they aren’t posting here in good faith, it’s a waste of time trying to talk with them. MB understands that his Columbine statements were outrageous and unacceptable (so does Martin) He’s annoying Marisa right now because he hopes to break her down. He thinks she’s frightened by the rape fantasy spam and that she’s tired and feeling ill and he’s entertaining himself and his friends trying to break her down.

97. marisacat - 27 March 2007

kevin …

give me your WP url I will add you to the blogroll.


I went to the one listed on your registration here but it said ‘under construction’ (a few weeks ago, that is) do you want that one listed or the live journal url?

lemme know…

also if anyone else has a blog or journal site… post the address or email it to me,

Marisacat at AOL dot com.

98. Kevin Lynch - 27 March 2007

Thanks Mcat 🙂

it’s: kevinelynch.wordpress.com

the Ugly Truth-Teller, I tried to post a foto for avatar usage. Nothing so far :/ Hey, WordPress lost my blog too! They did find it after asking about it tho, so no harm done


99. moiv - 27 March 2007

Hello, all. Late to the soiree this evening, but about Chevron . . .

A relative of mine who has delivered Chevron gasoline for many years told me a year ago, in April 2006, that the ethanol content of what he was hauling had just gone to over 60%. Such a high percentage caused logistical problems previously unencountered (product separation in the tankers in the presence of any amount of water, etc) and he was not a happy hauler. Still isn’t, for that matter.

So whom do I believe? A man who has told me nothing but the unvarnished and sometimes painful truth for 50 years … or the oil industry’s PR flacks? Not a tough choice. I know nothing about gasoline, but I know him.

So much for the maunderings of so-called experts and that “up to 10%” sign at the pump.

100. earth to meg - 27 March 2007

MiTM, marisacat, there was an earlier bankruptcy bill, ??2001 or ?2002, and Hillary voted for it. It was the first slash-and-burn of consumers protection, and she was on the wrong side on that one. The later one, yes, she bowed out IIRC because of Bubba’s surgery.

I remember listening to Franken on Air america after the later bill vote last year and he had that snake Reid on, who voted for it, and Reid just blew him off when Franken asked why he voted for it. Refused to discuss it. Gotta love that contempt for the voters. Nope, we don’t have the right to know why these assholes vote the way they do. We’re just the voters, for fuck sake!

101. marisacat - 27 March 2007

He thinks she’s frightened by the rape fantasy spam and that she’s tired and feeling ill and he’s entertaining himself and his friends trying to break her down.

LOL I may be under the weather but I say Good Luck to them trying things.

One reason I have been harsh to the oh let’s say the arrivistes… their efforts are off base but timely.

Arminius, cheap pulpit… advising me to love.. ?? what one wonders. And hour later, after he deciared he was too sick to b out alone and trying to function as an adult, he was in the Romero FP post at wingless declaring his love for ”San Romero” and that he was an immigration lawyer due to ”San Romero”. His was the 14th comment, still there this am…

He shined on the lynching connection that “Its simple IF you ignore the complexity” used in the opening paragrafs.

How nice.. but he had also “confessed” he came here in a lather after reading on the nets/Blahgs aobut whatever they call what is going on.

So he found th stench of compromised religion and he thanked god that he is superior.

He should not return.

Supersoling… who knew cat cans and grocery deliveries were to be an issue, but hell they were. And I am misunderstood to give a flying hoo hooo about his sexuality (I am beyond disinterested) but it is MARTiN (nee Booman) who lies about him. But Super is off to sit and bitch with DavidByron.

Good luck again. He should not return.

And that is just two aside from msoc and Martin and PD’s subversive homily (its simple If you ignore the complexity is a PD acolyte btw) and so on. Blogging Curmudgeon… if they want to preserve some posting ”specialness” at Wingless or BMT ro elsewhere funny how they show up here, or neatly link to Martin’s Paparazzi, to MLW MEta Weep but do not link to Marisacat (a FP linke would be enough for fairness), just for balance.


I could go on.

Good Luck to them.

They long ago pushed all my buttons. I am not on some mission nor a crusade, I just like to post and I post aobut what matters to me… as much as it pisses them off..

they ARE on a mission, to sell party line, fairly reactionary, center to right Democratic machine politics online to the hapless and the soft, anyone else gets a move on out, as they figure it out… and to be tools and to pick up some flotsam jetsam of all the poltiical cash and tangibles that are around now all year long, every year.

Anyway thre will be a new post up in a little bit… LOL related to Chevron protests out here. Timely… no?


102. marisacat - 27 March 2007


i ahd to try twice for the avatar to take.. and I only posted a pic as I got tired of the “?” in the box.

It also takes 48 hours for the avatar to appear…



thanks for that.. if OK I will use that comment in the post coming up…

Nothing complicated, just some pics and a site that is part of the Chevron prostest and interview about the office occupations. iT sure is related..

Guess hwo was decent to the protesters.. a R who voted for the war but now is opposed.. came out and apologised and spoke iwth them.

God it is just common decency.

argh. what a mess we are in.

103. D. Throat - 27 March 2007

but do not link to Marisacat

She who must not be named

104. moiv - 27 March 2007

One reason I have been harsh to the oh let’s say the arrivistes… their efforts are off base but timely.

Here’s another George Smiley quote: “Topicality is always suspect.”

105. moiv - 27 March 2007

Fine with me … for what it’s worth. After all, what would a tanker driver know? Except his job, of course.

And Kevin, congratulations on opening your blog.

106. D. Throat - 27 March 2007

Schumer called the “WIN” a “long term battle to get the President to ‘change the course’ ”

…umm… he is only in office 21 more months and the Democrats “WON” the battle is for him to “change the course” in 18 months…

What am I missing here about the “win”????


107. marisacat - 27 March 2007

well in fairness I mean inside the blog BC/ette had up about blog wars or Meta or whatever they are calling it.

(By the way, BC/male version the one who “begoned” catnip at her own site, was wringing his hands in the suicide diary at Wingless. What a stupid day.)

she had me on the blogroll and I asked to be delinked.

How you can link ot Martin’s Paparazzi and not at least offer a link inside the posting to Mcat.. she does not have to hunt for a relevant post (martin’s post ws a fucking mess, I doubt anyone could hunt down the pertinent mcat post to counter his splooge), just the url would be fair.

108. ms_xeno - 27 March 2007

Mcat and Kevin:

My art page has been under construction for about 5,000 years now. It’s just been one disaster after another. However, you are more than welcome to link to the Remainder Bin at LJ, which I do try and update a bit more often. Oy.


I would love to have even a custom LJ page, so I could start a blogroll. Not enough techie skill to do even that. But your interest is sincerely appreciated, nonetheless. Don’t forget to peek in the gallery, where I did manage to post some collages before the Great MacDrop of ’07, from which I’m still recovering. :/

Must sleep now.

109. D. Throat - 27 March 2007

Re… Martin nee Booman… did you catch on that in Paparazzi he linked to the wrong post … not the one he was chiding you about about Dodd but a fairly inoculous post from last year.

110. marisacat - 27 March 2007

hmm no missed that. What really stuck in my mind was his smashing together all sorts of sentences from a variety of posters here into one blockquote box.

I long ago considered Boober intellectually dishonest and boy that was the candle on the cupcake of his brain.

111. liberalcatnip - 27 March 2007

BC/male version the one who “begoned” catnip

And I’m still not begoned. Go figure!

112. marisacat - 27 March 2007

BTW, taht dead fish DavidByron was posting “private” comments to me here, that swung in moderation. Samething Pyrrho was doing for a while as recently as few months ago.


I posted in a thread here this am, that if DB kept it up I would notify his IP.

That did it (for wahtever reason), the shit disappeared. Pronto.

113. liberalcatnip - 27 March 2007

boy that was the candle on the cupcake of his brain.

lol…you owe me a new keyboard for that one. I need to invest in some of the those plastic covers if I’m going to stick around here, obviously.

114. marisacat - 27 March 2007

charlatan militarist and martinet.

they all fit him

115. D. Throat - 27 March 2007

One reason I have been harsh to the oh let’s say the arrivistes… their efforts are off base but timely.

I think you may be depressing Kos’s sale price. Kos is an idiot about political thought but he is a keen opportunist. Insisting on the Chevron ad IMO is to boost the saleability of the site… just as he promotes his military years (no action) to sell his street cred to the center right and conservatives.

I’m not one of these touchy-feely hippy types that thinks war is inherently bad. I laugh at people who think they can “visualize peace”.

I see no difference between the Chevron ad and this … … both picture the values of the site… If you didn’t know anything and stumbled upon the Chevron ad and Kos dressed like a soldier… what would you think….????

Yet sometimes, many times, military force is a force for good. There are evil people in the world, doing evil things. And all the sanctions in the world, all the strongly worded denunciations, will never have the effect of a 1,000 pound bomb.

116. BooHooHooMan - 27 March 2007

Thanks all { Read much today } appreciated it love mcat’s eye for art too
Night – Night.

117. Lucid - 27 March 2007

That is, perhaps what we look to for a cure—”all our technology”—is instead the very cause of our cancers.

I think that quote is not too far off the mark. There were very few cancers prior to the 20th century. Environment plays a huge role, but I also think diet is central as well. Our diet is now rich in what are called PUFA’s [poly unsaturated fatty acids] and low in saturated fats. This has the direct effect of increasing the inflammation response of our immune systems. PUFA’s break down directly into arachidonic acid in the body and it is the arachidonic acid metabolism that is directly responisble for inflammation. Almost all modern chronic disease is inflammation related [from heart disease to cancer to respiratory disorders to arthritis to you name it]. Saturated fat, on the other hand, has a calming effect on the arachidonic acid metabolism. When the ag industry began lobbying the medical establishment to push vegetable oils on the public [in order to sell excess vegetable crop in the form of oil], we begin to see a direct increase in inflammation related disease. In other words, the ‘heart smart’ diet is not very smart for your heart or any other aspect of health. The gross misinterpretation of the original ‘cholesterol’ data is a good example here. If you look at every single major cholesterol study, one finds that the all cause death rate among the PUFA groups is significantly higher than the all cause death rate among the saturated fat groups.

Vegetable oils are pure evil [with the exception of olive oil, which doesn’t break down into arachidonic acid – one reason why the Mediterranean diet, while rich in meat, is exceptionally healthy].

Food prep is another issue to – specifically related to body oxidation. Meats should be cooked as quickly as possible to minimize the amount of time they are exposed to oxygen – the rawer the better. The only problem is that in this day and age most meat is not safe to undercook.

Pasteurization… don’t even get me started. If the body is not malnourished, there is little or no danger in consuming unpasteurized products. Yet it is illegal in most states to purchase unpasteurized dairy.

I suppose this could expand into another contrarian health essay.

Anyhow, just my 2 cents.

118. D. Throat - 27 March 2007

both picture the values of the site…

Patriarcal, militaristic and corporists… but don’t call him a DLCer.

What is that saying… if it walks like a duck…quacks like a duck… and looks like a duck… more than likely it is a duck.

119. wu ming - 28 March 2007

madman –

you were both right and wrong about hillary’s bankruptcy vote. it passed twice, once in 2001 and once later on. she voted yes on the first and no on the second.

120. liberalcatnip - 28 March 2007

Apparently, springtime has brought a veritable plethora of blogosphere meltdowns. Wow. What a joke that woman is. She attacked Valenti and now she’s the poor victim. And she’s a law professor, to top it all off. Pathetic.

121. NYCee - 28 March 2007

I heard Tillman was engrossed in Chomsky on a plane en-military-route.

Not the theme they wanted, exactly, to roll out at the memorial.

Big Brother is here and is a glutton for us… re the further invasion of privacy noted via car rentals, of all things, as noted in thread somewhere… Ugh… the sheer magnitude of it. I’m thinking one of those giant rubber band balls, but full of knotted threads. So much to undo. If…

Speaking of Big Brother, wasnt that a short lived reality show?

Speaking of reality shows…

Caught the suicide flash, yesterday, linked from here.

And I do mean FLASH!

Now I see all’s well that ends well.



122. NYCee - 28 March 2007

She didnt even vote on the second, wu. And she did indeed vote for it the first go-round.

She was visiting huzzie, post heart surgery, when she missed her chance for redemption. (lol)

Given her desire to please the CONTRIBUTOR$, must admit I couldnt help thinking at the time, how convenient.

I mean, she never uttered a word in its defense – our defense, anti b bill – did she? Never uttered a word of regret that she wasnt there to cast her vote against the little peeps.

What a crusader for the masses, our Queen is.

Lucky us.

123. NYCee - 28 March 2007

I meant FOR the little peeps.

Sigh.. rushing off to work.


124. supervixen - 28 March 2007

the candle on the cupcake of his brain.

That line is a treat. So were Miss D’s contributions of the past two days, and her link to the Icelandic Phallus Museum.

I also liked the line a couple of days ago about “black helicopters with Marisacat’s logo on them” – was that Sabrina? Pretty funny to think of the La Louche Black Ops Brigade.

Miss D, about your chihuahua – I’ve met several of the breed while at various dog parks and have been astounded by their Attitude. They don’t consider themselves “little dogs”. I once saw one thoroughly intimidate a gigantic Great Dane.

125. Sabrina Ballerina - 28 March 2007

Lol, Miss D has been on a roll lately – SV and no, I did not contribute ‘black helicopters with Marisacat’s logo on them’, I think I missed that. What a great image though. Lol.

After all the suppression of Impeachment talk at dk, (who were they trying to protect?) elsewhere, this obvious Constitutional tool to rid this country of lawless elected officials, is increasingly up for discussion, even on the Joe Scarborough Show:

Threat Is Real

The Nation: Growing Scandals And Abuses Force Impeachment Into Discussion

Former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough had me on his MSNBC show Monday night to talk about impeachment. It was smart, civil discussion that treated the prospect of impeaching the president as a serious matter.

Scarborough took the lead in suggesting that Bush’s biggest problem might be that Republicans in the House and Senate who — fearful of the threat Bush poses to their political survival — do not appear to be rallying ’round the president. The host’s sentiments were echoed by two other guests, columnist Mike Barnicle and Salon’s Joan Walsh.

The impetus for the show was Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel’s ongoing discussion of the impeachment prospect — Hagel’s not quite a supporter of sanctioning Bush, more a speculator about the prospect — and a new column by Robert Novak that suggests Bush has dwindling support within the congressional wing of the GOP.

– snip –

No, Scarborough is not jumping on the impeachment bandwagon.

He is simply treating the prospect seriously, as did CNN’s Wolf Blitzer earlier in the day.

What I told Scarborough is what I have been saying in public forums for the past several weeks: We are nearing an impeachment moment. The Alberto Gonzales scandal, the under-covered but very real controversy involving abuses of the Patriot Act and the president’s increasingly belligerent refusals to treat Congress as a co-equal branch of government are putting the discussion of presidential accountability onto the table from which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has tried to remove it.

If only Nancy hadn’t taken it off the table and if only the so-called progressive blogs had not treated part of the Constitution as ‘Impeachment Porn’ but as the legal remedy it was intended to be by the Founding Fathers, to rid the country of lawbreaking elected officials.

These blogs should should have been a megaphone for the people to uphold the Constitution, instead they acted like the hired hands of corrupt machine politics whose job it has been to muzzle the very voices they claim to represent.

Ironic how often we tried to tell them that once the magnitude of the crimes of this administration were made public, their concerns about votes in the Senate for conviction (or excuses) would no longer be valid. Once again the ‘pragmatists’ are proven wrong. Ironic that it is Republicans who are willing to discuss impeachment, and who are backing away from Gonzales, Cheney and increasingly from Bush.

Democrats lost the chance to be out front on responding to the concerns of the people regarding corruption by keeping everything on the table and by being very vocal about it.

126. supervixen - 28 March 2007

MB is still refusing to apologize, or even to say whom he was talking about:

I won’t be posting anymore at OG&P because a half-apology is all I’m willing to offer. The errors I made – for which I AM truly sorry – were posting my Columbine comment on another blog instead of directly at OG&P, and for not specifying which commenters I meant. That was egregious and I rue it.

OK, fine, if you want to clutch the anvil of that Columbine comment to your breast while sinking beneath the waves, have at it.

MB is not a thoughtful enough guy to understand the ramifications of likening us to the Columbine killers, or even to disaffected high-school “Goths” sitting at their own table of exile.

What it means is that he is aligning himself with the Forces of Order, the bullies who insist on enforcing the old-school hierarchy – the Dean Wormers, Niedermeyers and Mandy Pepperidges of society. He is neither a rebel nor a revolutionary. He embraces the status quo. He will not, cannot speak truth to power. He is a conservative.

I don’t accept that any one person or faction can claim to speak for what feminism is, anymore than, say, any one person or faction can speak for what revolution or gayness is

Sorry, wrong.

127. JJB - 28 March 2007

Lucid, no. 36

A couple of weeks ago, there was a thread devoted to prayers for Steve Gilliard. When someone interrupted the exceedingly kitchsy posts to sensibly point out that this maudlin exhibition would do nothing to save Gilliard’s life, and that his continued existence was entirely in the hands of antibiotics and modern surgery, he received the de rigeur pummeling handed out to anyone who dares to suggest that such displays are rather narcissistic, and serve only to pump up the egos and (more importantly) the mojos of the most exhibitionistic commenters in the thread. The notion of whether or not you should pray for Tony Snow is entirely beside the point since whether or not you do will have no effect on his condition. As to whether or not you should grieve for a man who has done more than a little to bring about the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in the Iraq War is the relevant matter. My answer would be that I decided long ago that anyone stricken with cancer is worthy of at least a little sympathy, but if you don’t agree, I wouldn’t argue with you.

BTW, that Emsock/Goldfish exchange liberalcatnip linked to in no. 33 was extremely interesting, largely because no one gave the latter any troll ratings. As to Emsock herself, she managed to make herself look remarkably unnattractive, which (if we assume for argument’s sake that her version of events is accurate) is a considerable feat. If we don’t make that assumption, it’s safe to say that even the benighted souls making up the current crew of kossacks sees through her.

128. Sabrina Ballerina - 28 March 2007

One thing is for sure, women who approve of referring to other women as ‘whores, cunts and bitches’ or who support the vile woman-hating speech of Daily Kossack, Soul, (for supporters on dk, check the recs given to these two men, and by ‘feminists’ or is it feminsismsists) certainly cannot claim to represent women, and yet they do make that claim and have been promoted, laughably, by dk as such. Zero credibility is what they have. The record cannot be erased.

So, MB only regrets posting his accusation on another board. Does this mean he still believes those posting on this board are comparable to the Columbine killers? If so, delusional is too good a word, I would not even ask him to prove such an assertion. It would be a ridiculous request. By making the comparison, he has seriously comromised his own reputation. He should apologize, more for his own sake than ours.

129. JJB - 28 March 2007

SB, no. 125

These blogs should should have been a megaphone for the people to uphold the Constitution, instead they acted like the hired hands of corrupt machine politics whose job it has been to muzzle the very voices they claim to represent.

Yes, that says it all. Really, that sentence encapsulates all that needs to be said.

Meanwhile, the Brits are ramping up the tension with Iran over the 15 marines and sailors taken as hostages. They’ve revealed what is said to be evidence that their personnel were in Iraqi waters, which when you think about it is irrelevant, since what are the Brits doing claiming they have a right to be in Iraqi waters anyway? Anyhow,

Escalating its dispute with Iran, Britain today froze all “bilateral business” with Tehran to retaliate for the seizure of 15 British naval personnel six days ago in what the Royal Navy insists were Iraqi territorial waters.

“It is now time to ratchet up international and diplomatic pressure” on Iran to demonstrate its “total isolation,” Prime Minister Tony Blair told parliament after the Royal Navy made public details of what it said was the sailors’ position when they were apprehended.

The Royal Navy took the highly unusual step of making public charts, photographs and previously secret navigational coordinates purportedly proving that the sailors were 1.7 nautical miles inside Iraqi waters when they were seized.

The Navy’s disclosure was only the beginning of a coordinated response by some of the most senior British officials, including Mr. Blair and Margaret Beckett, the Foreign Secretary, who told parliament that Britain would “be imposing a freeze on all official bilateral business with Iran until the situation is resolved.”

While the impact of that prohibition was unclear, it seemed to reflect the first formal reprisal by Britain in response to the seizure of its personnel.

Iran responded by insisting that the British sailors were inside Iranian waters when they were seized. At the same time, though, a Turkish television station, CNN-Turk, quoted the Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as saying that Iran may allow Turkish diplomats to visit the captured Britons.

The Royal Navy rejected two sets of coordinates provided by Iran as evidence of its claim that the British sailors had strayed into Iranian territorial waters.


In diplomatic contacts, Iran had provided Britain with an initial set of coordinates for the position of the boats that placed the incident in Iraqi waters.

“We pointed this out to them on Sunday in diplomatic contacts,” Vice Admiral Style said. “After we did this they then provided a second set of coordinates that places the incident in Iranian waters” over two nautical miles away from where they were said to be by Britain, he said.

“It is hard to understand a legitimate reason for this change of coordinates,” he said.

Well, as noted above, it’s not easy to discern a legitimate reason for the Brits to have been there anyway, but that doesn’t get mentioned. Nor is the fact that the US is still holding those 5 Iranians we seized for no good reason in Kurdistan a few months ago.

Can anyone say “bargaining chips”?

130. JJB - 28 March 2007
131. supervixen - 28 March 2007

lucid, do you know about pumpkinseed oil? I never had it until I went to Slovenia. It’s supposed to be good for you. Anyway, it’s delicious. Too heavy to cook with, it’s used mainly as a salad dressing.

132. Miss Devore - 28 March 2007

“the candle on the cupcake of his brain.” that’s award-winning.

speaking of writers, the latimes has a review of a one-woman play based on Joan didion’s book she wrote after the death of her husband. starring vanessa redgrave. on Broadway. just funny to think of didion on broadway. I think she tangled badly in self parody in some of her later writings, and often had too much in the way of verbiage before she got to the point, but she was dead-on about so many things in Slouching Towards Bethlehem and The White Album. My copy of Slouching is bound in a rubber band, my little chapel missal of my early 20’s.

133. Tuston - 28 March 2007

The only thing MB regrets is that his giant bloated ego got punctured by a puny cat claw or two. The only “party” MB is for is himself; his “radical” and liberal “cred” is as cheesy as and pase as a “members only” jacket.

BTW Chihuahuas are a noble breed. Our little Yoda has our Mastiff mix in mortal fear of crossing the little bugger. Yoda also has big problems with anyone in uniform, especially the ‘migra. I guess there is some truth that humans resemble their owners (the dogs).

134. Tuston - 28 March 2007

Hemp Seed Oil is really good for you. According to many it is the most perfectly balanced nutritional oil to consume:


Its great for your skin, and there are few all natural “personal lubricantes” that utilize it in their formulation ( I recommend “nude” but there are others)

135. Lucid - 28 March 2007

SV – I don’t know about pumpkin seed oil. I’ll do some googles today. But if you are not cooking with it, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. The oils that are most dangerous are the one’s you typically find in processed foods, or that are used for cooking – corn, canola, safflower, soy, etc. Look at a bag of commercial potato chips & avoid everything in them.. There’s a reason this stuff can be used to run cars. We wouldn’t want to cook with petroleum now, would we. [Think cancer alley Louisiana]

136. missdevore - 28 March 2007

weren’t chihuahuas buried with Aztec royalty?

I took out this–what turned out to be a terribly written book on dogs and royalty. There was a description of how some?/one? Chinese emperor would have a processional space lined with pugs with candles on their heads. Even if it’s a bullshit story, I still like the imagery.

137. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 March 2007

I find it telling that he interpretted my “freaks & geeks” riff on his comparing us to the Trenchcoat Mafia into “disaffected goths”.

Look, old guy (and I’m no spring chicken myself, but I worked w/ younger people a lot until fairly recently, and have a little more of an idea of what’s going on than a guy who gets his impressions from TV), the kids I was comparing us to are only disaffected if you look at them from the POV of the insiders, the suckups and the jocks. There is NOTHING “disaffected” about following your own path, about building your own community with like-minded folks who DON’T crave the approval of people who exploit or control them. Most “goths”, “punks”, “freaks” and assorted other outsiders I’ve know have been pretty happy, centered kids compared to the neurotic basketcases obsessing over fitting in or their “permanent record”. They THINK, not FOLLOW.

Klebold’s and Harris’s pathology comes from their resentment that they weren’t welcome, weren’t “in”. Those of us jeering from the corner table have no interest in joining the herd. We hold the herd in contempt.

138. missdevore - 28 March 2007

I was just reading the Reuters “security” round-up on Iraq. One of the many incidents listed suggests the mccain promenade might be premature:

BAGHDAD – Police found the bodies of 15 people with gunshot wounds and signs of torture in Baghdad on Monday, police said.

I’m not very clear on what it means when they say “sectarian violence” is down. Does that refer to a cessation of the mutual ethnic cleansings of neighborhoods?

139. supervixen - 28 March 2007

LOL, Miss D: pugs with candles on their heads

Pugs are super-high-energy dogs, stubborn and not easy to train. When I imagine an imperial troop of pugs with candles on their heads I see total chaos, ending with the palace burning to the ground.

Maybe they were stone pugs.


Klebold’s and Harris’s pathology comes from their resentment that they weren’t welcome, weren’t “in”. Those of us jeering from the corner table have no interest in joining the herd. We hold the herd in contempt.

Exactly. Because the herd becomes a herd by choosing to exclude certain members who are too individualistic and by demanding allegiance to particular tenets/mores that will root out those individualists.

140. supervixen - 28 March 2007

#128, SB: what they are trying to do is dilute feminism by redefining it as something so vague and all-encompassing that it becomes meaningless. Without agreement on the basic principles, it becomes an empty label. Just like “liberal” and “progressive”.

It’s fine to talk about “different feminisms” – as is popular in academia nowadays – but not if you can’t even agree on the principles behind feminism. The “different feminisms” are subsets of the greater movement. If every time a disagreement comes up, a woman sides with the Fratboyz (e.g., approving of the “bitchcuntwhore” type of comments), and/or she consistently defines herself in the terms of the male-dominated society (e.g., the poledancer) then it’s quite likely that she’s not on board with the greater movement.

141. supervixen - 28 March 2007

Thanks Lucid! Also Tuston, for the suggestion of hempseed oil.

142. missdevore - 28 March 2007

Tuston–thanks also for the reminder about hemp—I am still working on “The Capacity of Dope”

143. Tuston - 28 March 2007

hey missdevore:

If you need any research done for the book let me know; I’ve got years of experience in the field…

144. supervixen - 28 March 2007

Has anyone here read The Botany of Desire? It was recommended to me by a friend over the weekend. It’s supposed to be about the history of the tulip, the apple, potatoes and marijuana.

145. supervixen - 28 March 2007

No good news:

BAGHDAD – Shiite militants and police enraged by massive truck bombings in Tal Afar went on a revenge spree against Sunni residents in the northwestern town Wednesday, killing as many as 60 people, officials said.


the victims were men between the ages of 15 and 60, and they were killed with a shot to the back of the head.

146. lucid - 28 March 2007

SV – pumpkinseed oil is very rich in Lenolenic Acid, an omega-3 polyunsaturate that offsets the inflammation increasing effects of omega-6 polyunsaturates. If you eat it uncooked, it is probably very good for you.

There is a school of thought, however, that the fewer polyunsaturates we consume over all is better for the body – especially oxidized [cooked] polyunsaturates. Generally speaking though, given contemporary agricultural practices and their effects on our diet, adding unoxidized omega 3’s is never a bad idea, we are all, very likely, overrun with omega-6’s.

When cooking, I have three recommendations – olive oil, coconut oil and organic butter. These don’t oxidize when cooked, they have little arachidonic acid in them.

147. Why be for Chevron? « Marisacat - 28 March 2007

[…] is a point that DT raised in the previous thread… yes, maybe if you take Chevron ads, well… maybe you just plain old […]

148. missdevore - 28 March 2007

raw story tease:

Bush: Iraqis must have some breathing space: Developing…

does it mean the realtionship is over? Or are the oil contracts finally worked out to satisfaction.? Or would he just rather nuke iran?

Breaking up (a nation) is so hard to do….

149. wilfred - 28 March 2007

SV, I bough the Botony of Desire for my brother after reading a great review of it when it first came out (he is a nurseryman). He loved it and he hadn’t read a book in 20 years since he came out of college so it jumpstarted him reading again, pretty cool.

150. marisacat - 28 March 2007
151. lucid - 28 March 2007

Klebold’s and Harris’s pathology comes from their resentment that they weren’t welcome, weren’t “in”.

I’ve got to say it. Slight retranslation. “Klebold’s and Harris’s pathology derives from SSRI’s which are well known to cause both violent and suicidal behaviour when prescribed to adolescents”… As with every other mass school shooting.

Seriously. I’m not making this up. Britain has now banned their use in adolescents for precisely this reason.

152. supervixen - 28 March 2007

Thanks again, Lucid. I remember Julia Child heartily scoffing at margarine and saying that she would only ever use BUTTER. Good for her, looks like she was right.

153. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 March 2007

oh, to have REAL butter, not to mention REAL syrup … what the hell were people thinking? Were the engineered substitutes originally adopted to solve storage and cost problems, or is it just about profit? The taste alone makes the switchover puzzling, and now we find out that things like Butter and natural sugars are SO much better for us …

154. marisacat - 28 March 2007

butter is best. always was.

Julia is the best… always was. My father wore out volumes of her French Cooking.

I also have the cook books written by her French cooking partner Simone Beck, also wonderful

she (Julia) never, not once, took endorsement money.

155. Tuston - 28 March 2007

“its not nice to fool mother nature”

I always hated parkay for pissing off mom; they were right up there with the whalers and “the devil” to my young mind.

Butter?…well you can extract various herbs by placing the finely ground vegetative materials by placing them in a pot and simmering them with water and butter (altho I prefer ghee) for 45 minutes or so. While the mixture is hot the marc is filtered through cheesecloth and then washed with boiling water 3X. The coolected mother liquor is cooled in a refridgerator and a delightfully green butter solidifies above some nasty brown water. The butter is easily seperated and now can be used for brownies or garlic bread or whatever.

For the raw foodists amongst us a almond butter can be mixed directly with finely grated herbs. Allow the herbs and butter to “rest” for a few days after mixing, but then you’re good to go.

I wonder what parsely, sage, rosemary, and thyme would taste like in almond butter? (ha!)

156. lucid - 28 March 2007

Were the engineered substitutes originally adopted to solve storage and cost problems, or is it just about profit?

On my cynical days, I’m prone to think it was just about profit, as these ‘substitutes’ are what built the ag business we see today. And the disease born of these substitutes built the pharmaceutical empire we have today… and around we go.

I do think though, that we can’t demonize health professionals. While they often make terrible mistakes & are unwitting of the influence born of industry, I think in general their recommendations for vegetable oil substitutes for saturated fats were at least made in good faith – after all, that’s what the government health officials wanted, right? [And it’s not like their budgets aren’t paid for by pandering to the politicians who make them… and it’s not like those politicians don’t keep their jobs by pandering to the industrues that reward them…] ugh.. I guess it’s one of my cynical days.

157. supervixen - 28 March 2007

MCat, I adore Julia – she is one of my big heroes.

Madman, probably profit is the big motivator, but I seem to remember hearing that many of these artificial foods were created during WW2 in response to shortages. My mother told me how during the war, they only had “oleo” and it was white. A little capsule of yellow dye came in the package – it would be broken into the oleo and mixed in to make it look more butter-like. Yum!

Tuston, sounds interesting! I get the impression the herbs you’re talking about aren’t culinary.

158. colleen - 28 March 2007

It’s fine to talk about “different feminisms” – as is popular in academia nowadays – but not if you can’t even agree on the principles behind feminism.

Good point. And why subject us to definitions of feminism as shallow and self absorbed as those found on DK and, now, BT. I’m not even mildly interested in someone’s PMS or struggles for sexual fulfillment. I’m really not interested in a ‘feminism’ which pretends that being a sex worker is some sort of apex of fulfillment. I’ve had a good many friends who were sex workers. they have explained what the work is like and how it rots their soul and how they are exploited. It’s a very ugly thing those men and women are doing. why not just say they don’t want to talk about discrimination, poverty, reproductive politics and the erosion of church and state boundaries or their own purile attitudes and be done with it?

159. Tuston - 28 March 2007

Well the difference culinary, medicinal,”toxic” (illicit or not) is in the words of Galen (or more accurately the cthonic greek grandmammies who taught the invading dorians their knowledge) is almost always a question of dose. And many “Culinary” Herbs can be medicinal in quantities that flavor foods to savory splendor.

Did you know that basil, or “Albahaca ” in spanish, is used as a flavoring, a pallative tea for a myriad of sundry discomfits(e.g. upset tummy), and a metaphysical “cure” for the more mundane afflictions of the evil eye?

But, yeah those recipes work really good for the nearest botanical relative of hops (nudge nudge, wink wink)

160. supervixen - 28 March 2007

colleen – isn’t it interesting that these women are so “liberated” that they “choose” to continue playing the same old game of male-pleasing. Recall the “feminisms” diary by Elise – “What is Sexy?”- which discussed the sexiness of women. No interest whatsoever in discussing men as sex objects.

tuston – never tried basil tea! My fetish is rosemary – I put it in most dishes, put sprigs by doorways and carry them in my pocket for protection, put it in my bath etc. Good stuff.

161. JJB - 28 March 2007


I’m not very clear on what it means when they say “sectarian violence” is down.

It really doesn’t mean anything, because it’s a statement that is totally divorced from reality. It’s a talking point meant to burrow into the minds of people who might hear it in the opening minutes of Today while running out the door on the way to work. I wouldn’t even qualify it as “wishful thinking,” becase the person I heard spouting it on Today this AM (guess what I was doing) was John McCain, and he’ll say anthing to keep this war and occupation going. He isn’t stupid enough to believe it’s true, he’s just a demented man with warped priorities who doesn’t care how many people have to die as long as his dreams of American hegemony accomplished through militaristic imperialism are made real.

162. ms_xeno - 28 March 2007

What ?! Nobody will stand up to defend the fabulousness of walnut oil or peanut oil ?

This outrage will not stand !!!! [shakes fist]

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