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Weekend Open Thread 31 March 2007

Posted by marisacat in Big Box Blogs, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

   Morris Arboretum, Chestnut Hill - Philadelphia

Boy, I notice that the sub text of “Opera Glasses and Popcorn” really pisses people off.

After I was banned… in a little bit I re-registered, not to comment but to drop 4s (oh, they say I slammed people with zeros… well anyone who wants can check the ratings column, my Dkos page is linked in the Banned By Kos graphic over to the right) and recommend diaries.  And sometimes at the bottom of one of their big, messy bullshit, joke and abuse threads, I’d drop a single line:

Opera Glasses and Popcorn.

 Of course they banned ‘StGermainCat’ the night they banned, kos personally banned, Madman.




1. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 March 2007

Alberto Gonzales and the Politics of Whiteness:

Gonzales’ experience as a Mexican American is very illustrative of America’s grasp of how class and ethnicity function together – a view that has formed divisions between those who attempt to overcome the overwhelming obstacles that traditionally limit socioeconomic success and those who continue to face racial oppression, but rather seek other paths to self-sufficiency and security.

This situation raises an essential question, one that does not have a simple answer. Who are our leaders within the Latino community? While it is hard to distinguish who counts for as a leader, this question should consider the importance of defining the Latino identity. In addressing this question, it is important to consider the role “white identity” plays into defining the Latino identity, a topic that is often ignored and/or neglected. According to David Roediger1, “white identity has its roots both in domination and in a desire to avoid confronting one’s own miseries.”

Having said that, this is why most of those who see themselves as leaders of Latino communities accept or assert “whiteness” as a key component to their identity. Self-identification, group perception, and external classification all represent axes of racial construction. In turn, these axes encompass myriad criteria for determining racial identity. In this framework, many Latino leaders believe they are – and are understood to be – white by virtue of class privilege, education, physical features, accent, acculturation, self-conception, and social consensus.

We REALLY need to work out this racial shit.

The Unapologetic Mexican offers this take on it:

YOU CANNOT BE HALF-WHITE because “White” is an idea. It is not a lineage. It is the idea of being both untouched by the Brown™—unmixed with the dark beast of Other—as well as guided by notions of White Supremacy. The “One-Drop” rule kept White slaveowners from having to be responsible for the babies they planted in the wombs of their Black slaves because mixed with “Black blood” the “White” idea is eradicated. Of course you can have that idea safely envelope you (you can become an honorary White®) if you are multiracial, say part-Mexican and part not, or part-Korean and part not, or part African-descended and part not—basically, if you can fool the eye enough to allow you consideration. However, that consideration is not complete until you cease any scary activity or identification with the Brown™ part of your lineage. If you can shed the accent, learn the Queen’s English as preferred, skip the ponchos and “vatos” and menudo, think of Mexican immigrants as Illegal Alienz, consider Racism in the past, or best yet—crusade against your own type of people—you are well on your way.

Barack Obama is a good example of someone who may be eligible for honorary Whiteness. That’s why Biden saw and heard him and wanted to invite him into his kitchen. That’s why (in my opinion) some of the Black community are musing on keeping him out. They don’t trust an honorary White®. After all, we all know what they are capable of. They are capable of being Colorblind. Which means seeing no allegiance but to White Mainstream America. No roots, no special reparation, no otherly consideration.

2. Sabrina Ballerina - 31 March 2007

Lost another comment in the last thread – great posts in that thread, would love to comment on all of them but it would take forever, so all around applause to everyone who had something funny and something serious to say.

Damn Paine, you always make me think so hard – I’m re-reading your response to me and will respond after giving it some thought. You’re right though, the question itself was complex, so must the answer be.

Miss D., curtsy acknowledged –

Catnip, keeper of the ‘trademark’ – in my lost post, I updated my report on my investigation into armando’s private life, in particular, his continued use of the word ‘heh’ (yes, he is still using it without attribution). Will try to reconstruct later.

3. ms_xeno - 31 March 2007

BTW, I admire SB’s diligence as demonstrated in the last thread. However, her investigative prowess is all in vain. Anyone who has checked out the recent hoohah on MBM would know that it’s me who’s actually Armando.

4. marisacat - 31 March 2007


I got that comment out of spam. It should be in the last thread.

The comments filters are improving. But still 3 slipped to spam today.

A big improvement, as up to 30% had been.

5. missdevore - 31 March 2007

Mcat-thanks for the history on OG&P.

And I never understood St Germain. neither the cat nor the dog. I’m still a little fuzzy/furry on it.

Beloved MItm: please consider that Obama has experienced, throughout his entire life, questions of whether he is white or black. Are you saying he should choose? I think he is saying he realizes people will choose for him, but he wishes it were not so. Seriously, what are “bi-racial” ( a hideous term in itself) people suppose to do? Accept that they can never be considered “authentic”, and not try to seek any high-profile status, until some indeterminate time, when it might not matter?

Oh and speaking of Obama supporters….Luscious Vagina is trying his hand at “satire” on dk.

I know, you may say–well look who supports Obama! But the truth is that politics (art of accruing power) is dependent upon people supporting someone for a variety of reasons, maybe silly reasons, too, like the biden reasoning, for example, as you have portrayed it.

so to my mind, what is important to oppose is the business as usual, already nominated in the press and among pundits with play & money supported candidate, i.e. Hillary. And I don’t sense the same hold your nose and vote with Obama (or Edwards, or Richardson) that has been true for so many other dem candidates for Prez.

6. Sabrina Ballerina - 31 March 2007

Oh, to answer Super re action – I’m participating in the ‘We’re Not Buying It’ protest in April. You’re welcome to participate. I’m also advocating that rather than continue the apparently futile effort to get medical coverage for all Americans, we try something new to get their attention. Ms xeno has agreed to make it part of her platform as the presidential candidate for the STFU party (she’s looking for a new name for her party, btw). Deprive Congressmembers of their medical coverage until all Americans are covered!

I’m also working on another protest, ie, announce a date on which millions of Progressives will withdraw their money from the Stock Market! As for peace marches, well, I don’t think they are effective, but taking away their money, without even leaving home, should get their attention. You’re welcome to join in that effort also.

Yep, crashing the stock market and taking away their healthcare seem like worthy goals. Nothing else has worked, but then nothing we did already (signing petitions, marching etc.) affected them personally. They clearly cannot relate to the suffering of others without experiencing it themselves.

7. liberalcatnip - 31 March 2007

It is possible that armando, beavis and butthead and, was it Reynolds? are all one and the same.

The thot plickens.

I don’t think we want to be trotting around in trenchcoats considering how we’ve already been compared to the Trenchcoat Mafia. I could crochet us up some nice spring jackets. Leather might work.

8. Tuston - 31 March 2007

ms_xeno is armando?
That means missdevore is Dana.
And I’m lg?!

The absolute horror!

9. liberalcatnip - 31 March 2007


I’d take away their toupees too. Make them hairless. Although they’ll always have implants and that spray-on gunk.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 31 March 2007

I’m not saying what he should do … I just found that those two posts raised some interesting questions.

11. missdevore - 31 March 2007

#8-tuston-it had to come out.
catnip is MSOC, and Marisacat is elise and Mitm is Luscious Vagina. Sabrina is Jeralyn. colleen is MissLaura. and–I know this will devastate-Boohoohooman is….kos-the original Fat Lady with cancer.

off-topic, as they say, I just put in the Deer Hunter dvd, and they were playing pool and listening to Franki Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You”

12. Sabrina Ballerina - 31 March 2007

LC, re the ‘trenchcoat mafia’ accusation. You do have a point, but was that not retracted? Otoh, ‘you might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb’ – an old Irish saying, when accused of something, why not embrace the accusation and take it a little further?

Or, ‘take the bull by the horns’ – ‘hung for a sheep as a lamb’ – mmm, speaking of lambs, or ‘rabid lambs’ – are we still Vipers or are we now ‘killer kitties’?

Btw, I do think creating our own ‘brand’ (an over-used word on DK which for some reason I always found offensive) with attribution of course to the one who inspired it, ‘clit-licking’ lighters, tee shirts, mugs etc. could be a very profitable endeavor.

Ms xeno, is that a confession? Lol!

Mitm, just read those articles. Personally I could not care less about the ethnicity of someone running for office. It is used as a distraction. I remember when I objected to both Condy and Gonzales, rightwingers accused me of prejudice – lol! Not that that bothered me, but they were attempting to emotionally manipulate progressives into being forced to, as they said to me, ‘put their money where their mouths are’.

I could imagine Karl chuckling evily as he anticipated the charge of racism against Democrats who might have reservations about two such unsuitable candidates. But it was their own racism that was exposed by claiming that simply because of their ethnicity and gender, Democrats must confirm their nominations. A fact I pointed out more than once to them.

13. Sabrina Ballerina - 31 March 2007

Marisacat, thank you re rescuing the comment –

Miss Devore, Boohoohooman will be devastated – unless of course, he really IS Kos!

Speaking of Bhhm, I am worried about him. Has he been arrested again? Didn’t see him in the last thread – he is stubborn and did seem intent on finding those size 10, clitlicker shoes –

14. BooHooHooMan - 31 March 2007

Sabrina coming up for air babe, coming up for air

15. liberalcatnip - 31 March 2007


Our product line is expanding rapidly. That will require an exclusive boutique of some sort for distribution. Oh, I suppose “boutique” is too bourgeousie for those who believe that delivery of cat food and other dry goods is an extraordinary extravagance (at $4.95, I think it was.) Wouldn’t want to appear elitist, after all. (Although hiring someone to put that cat food away would seem to be a stretch. We must be frugal for the coming revolution.)

Or, ‘take the bull by the horns’ – ‘hung for a sheep as a lamb’ – mmm, speaking of lambs, or ‘rabid lambs’ – are we still Vipers or are we now ‘killer kitties’?

I’m not quite sure which species we’ve been pegged as being today. I guess we will be notified via some stray comment on one of the BBBs.

And yes, the trenchcoat affiliation was retracted. I never said I accepted the apology though. It was out of bounds and it shouldn’t have taken a poll to figure that one out. I don’t hold grudges but sorry means not exhibiting the same behaviour again, if it’s to mean anything at all. As I said, seeing is believing and my trust doesn’t come cheap.

16. marisacat - 31 March 2007

Miss Devore..

well I just needed a new moniker at Dkos… and the registration rejected several ___cat tries. It took StGermainCat.

Then I guess last sumemr sometime I was heavily and personally spammed, use of my name, sexual innuendo by “StGermainDog”.

hundreds of spam daily for days. Long spam each sometimes with hundreds of lines.

Eventually he went away… but said he’d put a spam bot on the site.

I always ahve a lot of spam. So finding real comments is sometimes not so easy.

About it.

And yes I made his spammming public as well… some examples.

17. missdevore - 31 March 2007

Mcat-you got me in the mind of thinking of some poet-St.Germain that I read in high school. something about a horse finding a child’s ear-print in the sand–it ended “was she listening?”

deep sea fishing, I know. somewhere in a box……..oh nevermind..think it was St. Gerard.

18. missdevore - 31 March 2007

no luck there, either. I can’t believe I don’t remember this stuff, I wrote poems I liked on my bedroom wall in pencil at that time. (advantages of being in a house of 13 children)

19. BooHooHooMan - 31 March 2007

The mere mention of clitoris works summons me, invoking missdevorish hypnosis.


BHHM, droning: “Yes, mistress….”

Devore: You will knock off a Nine Lives factory and return with the Tender Chicken and unload it at Mcats.”

BHHM, confused, still droning:“What’s my chicken got to do with it?”

Devore cracking whip: “Nothing, you imbecile! Just deliver some cat food!”

BHHM, putty: “Yeess , Mistress….”

Readers who enjoy this item may also enjoy:
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20. BooHooHooMan - 31 March 2007

works to summon….

21. marisacat - 31 March 2007


I doubt s/he is gone (for good) but s/he had a short (barely 6 months iirc) showy and finally rather firey burn out on the Box Car Sites.

22. missdevore - 31 March 2007

omigoddess…satirist in chief at dk? what happened to one diary a day rule?

“Republicans to Replace the Elephant as the Symbol of their Party.
by Lucius Vorenus
Sat Mar 31, 2007 at 06:08:12 PM PDT

‘Daily Kos to Rerun Pie Ads
by Lucius Vorenus
Sat Mar 31, 2007 at 09:05:12 PM PDT”

23. marisacat - 1 April 2007

Philadelphia would be on EDT… so 5 mins past midnight for him… 😉

24. wu ming - 1 April 2007

i had suspect that stgermaincat was you. i wasn’t sure if it was poking fun at biminicat, i tried to google st germain to see if it was a caribbean island at one point out of curiosity.

as for slugs and snails (the more common in the dryer climate of the valley), i just lob ’em over the fence into the neighbors’ yard. can’t bear to kill them.

and re. madman’s post a while back on ethnicity, the problem is that one must renounce one’s nonwhite ethnicity to be considered part of the “mainstream” or ruling class. i’ll be overjoyed when people can just be who they choose to be, without all the racist power structure crap layered stiflingly on top. people have always been more complicated than the rhetoric accepts, with ethnicity as well as culture/religion/class/gender/yaddayaddayadda.

it was a relief to come back to berkeley, after having lived abroad in asia for several years, and just swim in the mass of humanity without noticing oneself for being the Other, but also without any single majority. the very thing that freaks out the RW white flight suburbanites puts me at ease.

i wish obama would stand for THAT america, but he’s too determined to be utterly inoffensive. he is certainly of that america, the bio anyway, if less so the political convictions. imagine, if we ever had a democrat who was honestly proud of mongrel freethinking coastal port towns, for what they offer to the nation and the world.

25. missdevore - 1 April 2007

ah, the aravia trick.

the latter diary is a tribute to how dk has survived so well, despite pie & 2004, and that MLW, Booman & Marisacat seem to be in decline.

I really don’t see how kos would want to be associated with him, but I guess I overestimated the latter.

26. Tuston - 1 April 2007


You know you’re going to hell for that don’t you?

I’ve got the hiccups from laughing.

Poor LV, still Notseena Vag yet, so spends all his time channeling his frustrations into his art

I’m sure posterity (or is that posterier?) will be impresed with his “efforts’

27. liberalcatnip - 1 April 2007

Yes, yes, BHHM, but did you find the shoes yet?

28. Sabrina Ballerina - 1 April 2007

Rotfl, BHHM #4 – that was quick! Did I wave a magic wand or summon the male equivalent of a genie from a bottle? Or, no – I think it was the use of the word ‘clitlicker’ – re post #19! How to summon Boohoohooman – the force must be with me!

Our product line is expanding rapidly. That will require an exclusive boutique of some sort for distribution. Oh, I suppose “boutique” is too bourgeousie for those who believe that delivery of cat food and other dry goods is an extraordinary extravagance (at $4.95, I think it was.) Wouldn’t want to appear elitist, after all.

Catnip, maybe an exclusive Barn would avoid the appearance of being elitist? And with all the animal references throughout the political blogosphere, rabid lambs, killer kitties, vipers (well, sort of) asses etc. an exclusive barn seems appropriate. What do you think? And we must plan our Yrly Vag Conference, btw. I noticed that one of the attractions of the ‘other’ Yrly event is the presence of presidential candidates. I think the presence of Miss D and ms xeno, our very own presidential candidates would be a definite attraction.

As for those who think that $4.95 for catfood delivery is an extraordinary extravagance, I don’t think they would be our target market! Although who knows, if we include a little erotica, maybe an essay on the sexual fantasies of the BBBs – something to think about!

29. marisacat - 1 April 2007

wu ming…

oh that is so funny I had tried for MonserratCat … and a couple of other Carib related cat versions. The registration would nto tkae it.

Oh they loved posting in the Madman banning diary and in their subsequent diaries about it that they got SGC as well.

Well they do hunt people. NO question.

30. missdevore - 1 April 2007

#24 wu ming–you hate to kill them; make it your neighbor’s problem.

and I thought you were perfect. {big sigh}

#27 catnip-you go girl, do not let him forget his failure to deliver.

31. liberalcatnip - 1 April 2007

Perhaps… (2+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
shayera, Dem in the heart of Texas

…the many long-suffering refugees need to be reactivated. So much “joy”, so many long gone comrades.

Fear will keep the local systems in line. -Grand Moff Tarkin Survivor Left Blogistan

by boran2 on Sat Mar 31, 2007 at 09:20:09 PM PDT

Some are too far gone. (2+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
shayera, Dem in the heart of Texas

Some are literally and clinically insane, and we wouldn’t want them back in any fashion.

Like Kryptonite to Stupid
I support Barack Obama for President.

by Lucius Vorenus on Sat Mar 31, 2007 at 09:34:15 PM PDT

He just loves that insanity diagnosis. Very telling. Especially as it relates to those who spoke up about women being objectified.

And I really need a shower after reading through that…umm…drooling in the comments. Not a cold one either, rest assured.

32. Tuston - 1 April 2007

if we ever had a democrat who was honestly proud of mongrel freethinking coastal port towns, for what they offer to the nation and the world.

This is why I can’t stand Obama. He (at least the public personna, the politician) is a cardboard cut out that hampers real progress. Every word and gesture screams huckster, fake, liar to me. But I’m wickedly judgemental of public figures who claim to work for the general weal.

I’m happy that a Black man is running for president, and that for the first time a black person running has with a “chance” to win. I just can’t stand the fact that he’s Daly Machine creation and just so much old garbage packaged in the “new face of america (mixed) skin”

I’ve got really similiar feelings about hil too.

BTW some of my freaky friends claim we’re all mating our way to a “golden race” but that might have been the hus hus in their pipe tobacco…

33. marisacat - 1 April 2007

imagine, if we ever had a democrat who was honestly proud of mongrel freethinking coastal port towns, for what they offer to the nation and the world

That would be breaking the scripts – not something a Democrat is going to do anything soon…

We MUST be hated for the nation to “work”..

34. missdevore - 1 April 2007

#28 Sabrina-a barn? wouldn’t a big tent be more economical?

35. BooHooHooMan - 1 April 2007

#22 missdevore

I did a drive by, OPOL had a piece up. I read his piece and rolled . Other than that there isn’t squat. Surprisingly, there was little of the sniping during the time I read OPOLs thread. Melrath is such a fucking propeller head but his disruptive ass was nowhere to be found…

Tuston, # 25:

We’re IN hell. I’m reduced to a fire retardant fur nutbag. Hot, but not likely to burst into flames.

36. liberalcatnip - 1 April 2007

Catnip, maybe an exclusive Barn would avoid the appearance of being elitist? And with all the animal references throughout the political blogosphere, rabid lambs, killer kitties, vipers (well, sort of) asses etc. an exclusive barn seems appropriate.

Well, there is Pottery Barn(tm) and Urban Barn(tm) for the yuppily-inclined so that may still be too chi chi.


And I nominate you to head the Yrly Vag Conference. You’re obviously on top of the situation and have a veritable plethora of valuable ideas. (I like that phrase “veritable plethora”. I try to use it once a day.)

37. Sabrina Ballerina - 1 April 2007

Yes, yes, BHHM, but did you find the shoes yet? Catnip.

Yes, that was my question too –

Mmm, so Luscious Vagina is of the opinion that all blogs other than DK are sinking fast? That poor man should learn how to google –

Daily Kos Rankings

Compare DK eg, to Huffingtonpost:

Huffingtonpost V Daily Kos

I wish they’d make him a FPer – he tries so hard!

38. Tuston - 1 April 2007

Well at least you’re not a emotionally retarded nutless fur bag.

Speaking of BTD, how’s his new digs with Jeralyn working out?

39. wu ming - 1 April 2007

honestly, tuston, i’d be fine with the daley machine part, if he was actually breaking the script, putting forth a new argument or idea of america, or just doing right rhetorically by the left and the party’s voters. what galls about him is that he could totally change the game, were he willing to try, in a way that kerry was constitutionally incapable of even if he had wanted to (which of course he didn’t).

but he isn’t willing to do so much as rhetorically rock the boat. at best he’s like the qabaa [kabah? sp?] in mecca (or, in another context, like JFK), valuable in the act of being a focal point for so many people’s projected hopes and dreams that he inspires them to act on it without actually doing anything, just by being that focal point. pretty thin gruel, i know.

40. missdevore - 1 April 2007

dammit.have to go to bed. do #3 laundry load real early tomorrow-like 6Am, have coffee, walk dog, vacuum a bit and go finish the painting, as at least a gesture toward an instructor who has this inexplicable faith in me.

catnip-we may have been seperated at birth, and we need to find our Mexican triplet sista.

41. marisacat - 1 April 2007

oh I misunderstood. ANd I sure was not going to go read his diary: Melrath is saying i am in the same boat with BMT and mLW?

Oh that is just funny. That was NOT a smart diary to write. The lackluster loons who read it there don’t matter. LOL

42. Sabrina Ballerina - 1 April 2007

#28 Sabrina-a barn? wouldn’t a big tent be more economical?

Why didn’t I think of that, Miss Devore? Yes, I like it – Vipers in a Big Tent – selling their wares! And tents do have poles don’t they? Lol! Perfect! Catnip did think a barn might still be too ‘chi chi’! She is right of course –

I did a drive by, OPOL had a piece up. I read his piece and rolled . Other than that there isn’t squat. Surprisingly, there was little of the sniping during the time I read OPOLs thread. BHHM

Yes, I did a drive by today also, hadn’t been there for a while. It’s just boring as hell there now. As Wozzle said, all the fun people are gone. And we are having fun! As for Opol’s diary being snipe free? They realize they cannot ban him. What’s left of real progressives would leave along with him.

It’s a business decision imo, because they really, really loathe him, especially DhinMi. He used to practically burst a blood vessel in Opol diaries, along with Hunter, and Kos himself who paid a visit or two to the diaries to tell Opol how he despised his work. Not to mention the lesser luminaries, ie Mizzzz Laura, elise and npk and the rest of the sychophants.

The pushback was too much for them. Anyone who gets over 800 recs on a diary (more out of defiance of the bullies than for the diaries themselves) is better left alone especially with the exodus of so many of the best posters. If we had all been there when Marisacat and Mitm and Wilfred were threatened with banning, things might ended up differently.

It was fun fighting them off. They looked like bitter, angry fools in the end. Opol benefitted from the realization of many there that DK was not what they had thought and was openly antagonistic to the left. Poor DhinMi, the irony is that it was easier for him to get Armando banned than Opol. Armando’s defense of Opol probably sealed his fate.

I’m laughing at the comments from Luschious’ diary re inviting back those who are gone. A wasted effort – I feel fairly confident in saying that anyone who has left would refuse such an invitation. It’s way too late for that.

43. Sabrina Ballerina - 1 April 2007


Okay, Catnip, where do I find it? Lol!

Marisacat, they really do seem to be very concerned about this site. Lying about its growth is a sure sign of that. Denial won’t change facts – but LV is not big on facts, or anyting for that matter.

44. marisacat - 1 April 2007


yes … even tho they are not especially smart… i am surprised at such a clumsy misstep,

I know how ephemeral it all is… part of the ant farm, afterall… LOL and the BLogoshere is sort of tissue and balsa wood… and so on, but I suspect they are watching the accessible WP rankings more than I am.

45. BooHooHooMan - 1 April 2007

Catnip, nah, I’m still barefoot. Looking for the nearer occasion of sin.
what am I saying? I’m logged on here, aren’t I?

As for the Boyz, blogging thieves, and power junkies – there is great freedom in valuing nothing that they’d care to appropriate. They are slaves to the fanciful image they have created for themselves online.Mcatreferred yesterday I believe about concern with getting the imaginary upper hand in the blogosphere. Perhaps Melrath is right in procaiming his finding of the Holy Gourd.

I do miss Pyrrho, however.

46. BooHooHooMan - 1 April 2007

{about THEIR concern with that imaginary upper hand]

47. lucidculture - 1 April 2007

Wow, sorry guys… it seems like while I was out getting drunk and singing Bob Dylan karioke, there was an asshole outbreak…

Anyhow… I ‘m too stupid to say anything at the moment… need to watch some Star Trek or something.


48. D. Throat - 1 April 2007
49. the paine - 1 April 2007

in this on going salon war
how many of you got your feet wet first at Dkos ????

since not only did i not
but the thought of an active role at such
an albert hall full of teteported cubicles
fillls me with a pre 6 anguish

now when i begain dropping by here
if i bothered to introspect
i discovered
a feeling
not unlike
that of the common ass
who arrives late to the booth
and keeps asking
catch up orienting questions like

“why is this guy …and why isn’t she just …”

one soon enough gets over that
if like here the reception is gracious

todays sermonette:

the notion of a hierarchy emerging out of a circle
can be disturbing eh ????

when its largely a non dues voluntary free time
spontaneous self forming association

one wonders how often success
“popularity ” leads to building
an administrative apparartus
like kos has become

big man big gal outfits
seem less spooky
the granting of favor
sometimes merely attention
by alphas and then their betas
becomes a craving
that can if used shrewdly
build this tiering system
the pack structure emerges first
then maybe
like kos
the pack becomes a troop
or at least a troop in pack’s clothing

all of this is quite different
from a place or congregation
of communion
centering itself on a non rival being

alas none of us can be that can we
we all can’t be shared out equally and simultaneously
one on one

so to counter the intensity
of neglect or worse exclusion
we collectively invent shape and reshape
or memes that are by theur very nature collective non rival goods

the irony is
the potentially non rival
can be shaped as a collective exercise in exclusion too


veru sunday morning thoughts…eh ???

i have a very nasty habit
of either broadcasting

playing one on one
behind the curtain

my literary idol btw is M Swan in ROTP


balanced n part interchanges

make me queeesy it seems

a deep sense
of surge up to water walking mode
drown in the multitude

i’m happy either way
for brief episodes

two reelers are my optimal gig

hi ho silver away …..

50. marisacat - 1 April 2007

A British resident released from Guantanamo Bay after almost five years’ detention says he is “delighted” to be back home in the UK.

For more details: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news

51. Kevin Lynch - 1 April 2007

Good Beltane and and Happy New Year to one and all! OK, now that I’ve gotten the pretentious neoheathenism out of the way, how is everyone?

Ethnic identity is just another layer of bullshit, as far as I’m concerned. One of my maternal great grandmothers was of the first nations, but I’m blond headed and blue eyed and still have never felt “white” my entire life. Maybe it’s just part of my skewed make up. You’ve probably intuited my perpetual outsider status, occasionally it’s even self imposed. If there is a frustration factor involved with Obama, it has to do with his being part of the “keep YOUR trap shut and don’t say anything WE might regret” mentality that is the modern democratic Cowards party. Yep, I wish he was more audacious. But that’s just a selling point. “Branding” is something best not even brought up. Massuh might still be looking for him!

I’m just a rambling April’s fool!


52. marisacat - 1 April 2007

US Death Toll in March Is Twice Iraq Forces
By Steven R. Hurst
The Associated Press

Saturday 31 March 2007

Baghdad – The U.S. military death toll in March, the first full month of the security crackdown, was nearly twice that of the Iraqi army, which American and Iraqi officials say is taking the leading role in the latest attempt to curb violence in the capital, surrounding cities and Anbar province, according to figures compiled on Saturday.

The Associated Press count of U.S. military deaths for the month was 81, including a soldier who died from non-combat causes Friday. Figures compiled from officials in the Iraqi ministries of Defense, Health and Interior showed the Iraqi military toll was 44. The Iraqi figures showed that 165 Iraqi police were killed in March. Many of the police serve in paramilitary units.

According to the AP count 3,246 U.S. service members have died in Iraq since the war began in March 2003.

At least 83 American forces died in January and 80 in February, according to the AP tabulation.

via Truthout

53. supervixen - 1 April 2007

Tuston from previous thread: But no Viper has bitten anybody who has not stepped on our backs first.

Damn straight.

Our motto: “Don’t Tread On Us, Motherfuckers!”

From LV’s “funny” pie diary:

From what seems to be a growing My Left Wing vs. Marisacat vs. Booman Tribune civil war, to the resultant loss of traffic due to the Blogroll Purge, these sites seem to be quite unhappy as of late.

We’re unhappy? It looks to me like this place is growing like Topsy, while the other sites are foundering. Discussion here is lively, well-written and amusing, while at the other sites…. not much happening along those lines.

St. Germain: I thought it might be a reference to the Comte de St. Germain who is a very powerful figure in Theosophical/Rosicrucian/Masonic circles, where he is considered an Ascended Master. He’s a good guy to have on your side.

54. marisacat - 1 April 2007

well paine… the thing of it, Dkos did not become Topsy organically.

Over and over the thug structure was imposed. Now that was Kos’ business model in my view. Not just some evolving hierarchy.

55. marisacat - 1 April 2007

oh and paine.. your exlusionary society would be the subtext at SMBIVA… And while OG&P as a weird little phrase predated my opening this free floating page… that would be mine I would guess..

I remember what a boor BIllmon made of himself at your site.

His bitch was the subtext. I thought then, geesh stupid of him. People own their vote. They can do with it as they will. Or won’t.

56. ms_xeno - 1 April 2007

I think our capitalistic enterprises should stick with “Boutique.” I was roundly scolded on Pandagon at least once for being a purveyor of “boutique candidates” because I refused to vote DP (or GOP) anymore. So it has a certain sentimental value for me.

I don’t think ethnic identity is “bullshit” at all. I settled onto a White anti-racist board on LJ presicely because its recurring theme is that White Americans hide between the monolithic notions of what “Whiteness” actually is. Which in turns leads to monolithic misperceptions of how other races live, think and feel. The major misperception being that there is one way each “other” group lives.

There’s tremendous truth to that, I think. Also, having been one of the only Jewish kids at a tony private school for a couple of years in my early teens I can vouch for this: If you’re some sort of minority, you can shout to the rooftops that you have risen above ethnic (class, color) divisions until the cows come home. But if even one hair on your head is not conforming to the status quo of behavior, priorities, appearance and the like, the group in charge will make sure you are slapped down and put in your place constantly. Even in the good ol’ USA, the dominant group has the last word. Playing along with them doesn’t work unless you are determined to obliterate most of your original identity and live with the aching empty space that makes. A tall order for a lot of us no matter how many goodies (material and otherwise) we could reap by doing so. Also, there is seldom room amongst the dominant class for more than one or two properly groomed “outsiders.” Once the class has anointed, say, an Obama or a Powell, they have fulfilled their obligations toward creating a so-called level playing field– and no others need apply. So you could give yourself the complete makeover at a tremendous personal expense and the odds are still huge that you would end up with nothing to show for it.

To my everlasting regret, I was finally compelled to read the Berube episode that IOZ linked to. Gevalt, she said ethnically. He should stick to culture issues and to sniggering at Horowitz. He’s an absolute schmuck about everything else.

57. marisacat - 1 April 2007

oh and ‘WHo is IOZ’ uses a depiction of St Germain.. He uses it as his blogger photo.

Speaking of subtext

58. ms_xeno - 1 April 2007

Oh, and for anyone who missed it the other dozen times, I’ll just clarify that I have never posted at Kos or the other (in)famous BBBs Was on Pandagon for a spell, but that became unendurable eventually. I admire the scant handful of anti-duopoly stragglers that have stuck it out over there, but I just couldn’t be bothered. Precisely because it ought to be a given, as it is with Mcat, that everyone’s vote belongs to him/her and it is EXTREME assholery for anyone to point the finger and berate another citizen for refusing to be owned by what tastemakers have dubbed the Best ‘N Brightest gang of thugs. And yet, that simple truth is extremely rare as SOP in the blogosphere, which means that if you are a straggler in one of these spaces you can either A) Keep mum about your hatred of the two-party system or B) Collect endless headaches and ulcers trying to reinvent the wheel over and over again for the benefit of assholes who don’t fucking listen. Who are proud of the contradictory notion that every election year They Can’t Live Without You and yet They Don’t Have To Listen To You. Yarrggh.

A little of that goes a long way. And I had had a belly full of it long before I’d ever heard of Orangeville and its denizens.

And I reiterate for the benefit of Supersoling or any other similar souls still lurking about: Mcat and I do not agree on everything. But we do agree that votes are owned by voters. That’s enough for me.

59. Tuston - 1 April 2007

OMFG Bartlett on TW is making me laugh. He say the Dumbocrats need to move up Abu Gonzo’s play date with congress and Schumer needs to recuse himself. Poor babie bushies, not happy at all.

Urgh! Durbin “its time Iraqi’s to stand up for themselves”

We are sooo lost.

60. Miss Devore - 1 April 2007

Begone! I mean, good morning. Who will win the April fool crown in blogland today? with all the practiced madness of March, it should be quite competitive–so many at the top of their lame.

61. ms_xeno - 1 April 2007

I’d like to see Durbin walk outside The Green Zone (literal and metaphoric) and say that. We could start a pool as to how many seconds he’d be able to remain standing in something other than a puddle of his own entrails.


62. the paine - 1 April 2007

for the record
i used to disagree with mcat

but she sent me this fab pink powder
and now ……

well any decent kult must have a ….
inner members only
sauce …….eh ???

just so long as its not …a giant pod
for each and every one of us


secret to why ultimately
i fear no big brothers

totalization yes
its a tendency of all societies

but its limitations are social reality
not just at the fringes either

the shadow of the other casts itself both ways

like the contrast dot at the core
of each half
(in the fat part ) of the yin yang disc
but its dynaimc
in a head
the ingested model built out of social parts
reveals its bugs when the programs are run

internal contradictions

makes the system
brake into a moment of freak out
to a new totalize

wish they came more frequently ????

spinoza points out

what is best is rare
what is rare is difficult

the best can never be easy


i’m wearing my cone cap

all day

my mini hounds bark in contempt
as i enter their part of the house

63. Tuston - 1 April 2007

My original introduction to Saint Germaine was thru a Elizabeth Claire Prophet devotee. I had a summer job insulating new track homes in the growing penturbia of LA County. The guy had come down from the cult’s compound in Idaho to work. He only lasted a one day; I guess the rampant drug use (meth was BIG in construction in the late eighties) freaked him out and he constantly made weird “warding” hand gestures to protect him from the “evil energies” released. He liked me fine ( I had a weird metaphysical bend) but when he saw me take toke of a doobie during lunch break I was suddenly as scummy as all the toothless, wiry little men scrambling for a pennies (piece work sucks!)

64. marisacat - 1 April 2007

But if even one hair on your head is not conforming to the status quo of behavior, priorities, appearance and the like, the group in charge will make sure you are slapped down and put in your place constantly.


and Obama has studied fitting in. More is going to come of thsoe books as he “holds on”. I am still not convinced that this is not an “Ad Ware” run for the Dems… one they think they can control.

I would nto try to figure out the Daley game plan. I am too far from there. Madman reads the chicago papers and turned me on to a couple of opinion writers who cannot stand Rahm nor Obama. But other than continuation of his father (oh ugh) and scandal up the Dem Thug Wazooo I leave it alone.

I did catch the big fuzzy mic that ABC had on Obama within just a few hours of the Biden classic ‘white fuck with a college degree’ slam. Schumer approached Obama in public in a line of some sort… and excused, but did not apologise for, Biden. It was “you know he did not mean, you know what he meant” and Obama hurried to reassure, that indeed he did know. It was entirely pliant and in fact in a rush to reassure.

Oh well …

65. the paine - 1 April 2007

mcat writes

“Now that was Kos’ business model in my view. Not just some evolving hierarchy.”

indeed i wouldn’t bet against u on that

the preachers that build those mega church structures
mostly dream of em first
not wake up one day and
stare out at the congregation of s credulous needy stooges
and gulls

and say to her self

“what have u done amy ???
what is this teeming mob of givers
out here
waiting to be …serviced
and frisked
what is this large automobile
u’re driving …to the collection booth
where could u have taken the turn
that led to all this….
one lucky fuckin girl iam i am iam “

66. marisacat - 1 April 2007

Did not end too well for Amy, iirc.

67. ms_xeno - 1 April 2007

Mcat, I think that were I one of Obama’s kingmakers, I’d actually want at least one “bad Black” on the campaign trail to provide appropriate contrast. Probably I’d set up some kind of shell campaign and encourage somebody like Sharpton to get out there and do his gadfly thing. Sharpton (or Jackson, or Waters) could serve the same function for Obama as Kucinich does for the other Dems on the trail. Contrast. A clear-cut vision of He Who Gets It Right vs. He Who Gets It Wrong.

But IRL, I doubt that they will take even an eyelash-thick risk of there being any true commiseration between somebody like Sharpton and somebody like Obama. They are too obsessed with controlling any and all possible outcomes. For Obama to reach out to Sharpton would be a sign that elements were out of their control.

Though it would make a good April Fool’s diary on a BBB, now that I think of it: Obama Picks Sharpton As His Running Mate. McKinney, better yet.

68. Tuston - 1 April 2007

Leahy on Timmys rethug romper room, “we will not move up the date for Abu Gonzo”

Slow roast is good,
but why do I think that they won’t broil the pig till its well done
and trichonosis stays on the menu for the masses?

69. marisacat - 1 April 2007

ugh Sharpton can take a hike. Some turns of phrases, about it. So much (more and new) came out about Sharpton in the 04 run. Really he is just another form of gray mail. Put me on the payroll or expect to see me acting out.

BC covered a lot of what came down in 03/04, as did Village Voice, LA Weekly (all three declawed now) and even, if one hunted down at the end of articles, way down at the bottom in the last two grafs in the NYT.

And iirc a few weeks ago he did blare out some lines aobut Obama. He is just asking for a spot on the payroll. Sme thing he did iwth the Kerry campaign.

I may nto care about the Dem party, but I also don’t like leaders of any color who take money from R operatives. Then protray as other than bought, fully. That would be Roger Stone, who has operated from Watergate era, as a very young operative, to Miami 00 (on the ground) and forward.

70. Tuston - 1 April 2007

wow! Timmeh really lays into the hatch over Oprison email wrinkle to AGate (believe it or not)

And Hatch is yelling! Waving fingers.

Angry and scared. Whooohoooo delish!

71. ms_xeno - 1 April 2007

But don’t you see, Mcat ? Sharpton’s very unsuitability is what would make the prank so perfect ?

The contrast between good and bad has to be extreme. Otherwise (I’m still speaking from the kingmaker’s POV here) the masses will have to tease out gradations of good and bad themselves. Their feeble brains can’t handle that.

(Taking kingmaker hat off.) The trouble with Kozzies is not that they’d shit a brick at Sharpton, but that they’d shit a brick at any non-White who tried to horn his/her way into the race. They’d be pissed for all the wrong reasons.

72. marisacat - 1 April 2007

There was, when I still read it, a lot of excusing done for Sharpton at Dkos. For one thing he is on the dem payroll. Kerry payroll during the run and he is a paid “Democratic” pundit for MSNBC.

What he did with Roger Stone (and for pay) is not OK. And I say that with no desire to “save” some political party.

It was stone who was determined that Sharpton be a prime time speaker at the Dem convention. You can still find love for the Sharpton speech on Dkos.

He was finally aired slightly outside prime time… but the goal was managed.

73. ms_xeno - 1 April 2007

Damn. I’ll have to think up another prank then. And I had such hopes for this one. Interesting that they cut Sharpton all that slack but it’s still open season on McKinney. Guess she would make a better 4/1 running mate for Obama.

More and more perfectly good satire avenues, closed off by the reality of the BBB mindset. It’s not fair. [sulk] Over to you then, Miss D.

74. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 April 2007


well said, wu ming.

75. marisacat - 1 April 2007

McKinney does not take their money. Sharpton does and plays both sides of the street.

BC ws very clear, he gutted his own org and it is (if it even exists anymore) wholly owned by Stone. Just an errand boy and part of the really sick tired old scripts.

76. BooHooHooMan - 1 April 2007

69 Mcat

I think the graymail aspect to the boy blogs is the same gig re: kos/bowers/armstrong etc – and equally as “also ran” inneffective: Squeeker Margin of Victory for Tester and Webb, utter fucking disaster with Lieberman- in an election year when the GOP was almost publicly puree-ing babies in blenders.

As for the Boys graymail: Who really has the upper hand in “hostage” negotiations if you know the kid-rappers are really quivering lip sissies infatuated with authority?

It should be extremely interesting to see the boys soapbox ho’ down offered as Balanchine if Hillary in fact emerges. She’ll make them more obvious lap dogs than they already are — “Fixed “, of course.

I actually like Sharpton despite his machinations. Unlike the blogo-spareme, He makes little pretense that his dance is ballet.

77. marisacat - 1 April 2007

And last, he worked iwth Stone and Joe Lockhardt in the Dean take down. He had his showiest moment at the CNN Rock the Vote Debate with ‘Bossism” and the VT cabinet for the Governor. It had iirc one Japanese on it. No blacks. The cabinet is 6 people. VT has 2% Black pop, iirc (going on memory here).. so when the sweet chat comes down for Sharpton at Dkos the hard core anti Dean line up to push it.

That was a play that Lockhardt and Roger Stone worked on together.

Also Edwards assisted at the CNN Rock the vote. His line about not needing Northerners to come tell Southerners what to do.

Fine just politics. But then it plays out. And you have Sharpton still (I am very sure) in Stone’s bakc pocket

They (dkos) never did like Jesse. That 7 million. They (the party) still hate him for those votes he got.

78. ms_xeno - 1 April 2007

I take it you’re talking here about the pre-split BC, Mcat ? I was a sporadic reader of it before the break-off but don’t remember if there was a collective opinion of Sharpton’s function or multiple debates about it. I do try to peek in on Black Agenda now and then, and Margaret Kimberly’s blog. I always liked her.

79. marisacat - 1 April 2007


it is always easy to tell when they are bitching at the money gamers.

Those frat boys just scream for manna from heaven. Then it dies down til they scream again for ice cream

80. ms_xeno - 1 April 2007

😀 Obama/Jackson: 08, then ? 😀

Sorry. I’m in an obnoxiously tenacious mood this morning. I really should go have some coffee.

81. marisacat - 1 April 2007

BC covered Sharton heavily during the run. At least 5 that I can recall (their archives are now closed to the public, too fucking hot is my guess) and they opened a section to reader email about Sharpton.

This is 03/04.

And as I said it was not just BC, also Village Voice an investigative reporter there… and LA weekly. And the NYT, but way at the bottom where the interesting stuff hides. Always the lst 3 grafs.

82. marisacat - 1 April 2007

I think I ahve links… will hunt.

83. the paine - 1 April 2007

wu ming writes

“it was a relief to come back to berkeley, after having lived abroad in asia for several years, and just swim in the mass of humanity without noticing oneself for being the Other, but also without any single majority. the very thing that freaks out the RW white flight suburbanites puts me at ease”.

this is the portal to questions …no ??

why RWW’s feel in a multi blend
like you felt in asia ??

and here is where you can identify with
THE RWW’s without the scorn

seems dangerous to me
to feel morally superior to the yahoo palefaces

i buy the love thine enemies line

as a suggestion
to mind probe em
with sympathy
till empathy happens

course that don’t mean you forget where their comin from
and oppose em
like hell moved in next door

just means you

forgive em
for they know not what they do

drunk on a fear/shame based hate
they are as enchanted and dangerous as a rabid dog

but ever so worthy of understanding
and regret

84. missdevore - 1 April 2007

vipes–we only hve 10 days to raise $20K for yearlydross2. you’ll be licking your lips with your split tongues when you read these incentives:

$50 – $99
2007 YearlyKos Convention Lapel Pin

$100 – $249
2006 YearlyKos Convention Lanyard (while supplies last)
Plus all items from above

$250 – $499
2006 Registration Bags – complete with schwag! (while supplies last)
Plus all items above

$500 – $999
Crashing the Gates book
Plus all items above

$1000 and above
Crashing the Gates book (signed by Markos Moulitsas)
Plus all items above

Please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery of donor benefits.”

85. the paine - 1 April 2007


“Sorry. I’m in an obnoxiously tenacious mood this morning. I really should go have some coffee”

ahh so your always
just one cup of joe
away from the sheep farm ????

i kinda doubt that

86. marisacat - 1 April 2007

Wayne Barrett Village Voice Feb 4 2004

Just one of several.


paine, the white surpremacists in both parties are not giving up.

I just saw snips from the Macon GA Cherry Blossom Festival. Where I spent a lot of summers and Christmases as a child. That entrenched white Old SOuth (where ever it is, its not just the South) is not giving up.

I don’t see much need for empathy. SURE they feel the brown and black are “overtaking us”… but the logical extension (for the frantic whites) is genocide and starvation. To burn out the incoming hordes…

Not like lack of health care isn’t doing a fine job.

87. marisacat - 1 April 2007

Miss Devore… LOL how soon to screams of ‘non delivery’.

What a hoot.

88. ms_xeno - 1 April 2007

Damnit, Miss D ! I wanted a donor KIDNEY!! And not from Kos, Armando, or a sheep, either. From a certificate-bearing human, damn you ! I have my $1K receipt and mr_xeno is a Kozzie AND a lawyer, so don’t fucking cross me !!

Hell, I’m AB+, the Universal Recipient. How hard can it be ? Just load up on ice, find a poor-but-still-robust young person and wave the cash around. Yeesh.

Paine, it would be more acurate to say I’m about two cups of coffee away, with perhaps a nice side of bacon, eggs and wheat toast. Depends on what I can find in the fridge this fine morning, really.

89. supervixen - 1 April 2007

#57, MCat: oh and ‘WHo is IOZ’ uses a depiction of St Germain.. He uses it as his blogger photo.

So he does! Good man.

#84, miss D: ooh, a Lanyard?? And a lapel pin! How BoyScouty of them. Maybe they should start awarding Daily Kos Merit Badges.

Miss D, I forgot to say, thanks for the remark about the sad hula-hoop girl lawn ornament – that was marvelous.

90. supervixen - 1 April 2007

Seriously, though, the post Miss D quoted is an April Fool’s joke, and so is this:

What began as an idea back in August, is now about to become reality… We’re extending the 2007 YearlyKos Convention far beyond Chicago this year, by bringing it into the three-dimensional virtual world called Second Life. We’re calling it “YKSL” for short!

Isn’t it? Please say it is.

91. the paine - 1 April 2007


i agree
sometimes you have to
force your own mind
into imagining how it
could turn
fellow humans into…slugs or killer bees

its method acting…no ??

i think what i’m after
is the motivation to oppose the right
must come from a sense of social inevitability
of social liberation

not exturpation of our sins

get to the whys
of say … our dependence on racism
for self worth
or our murderous fury at the other america
because of our own
low status feeble
material compensations

our social impotence

the snub of the n lovin’ yuppie

etc etc etc

92. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 April 2007

Notice that McKinney, when she’s attacked, is usually attacked using words that play on white fears/hatreds of blacks … that she’s loud, they make fun of her hair, that she doesn’t follow rules (the whole incident w/ the guard laying hands on her made me want to scream … imagine how Boehner or Tancredo would have reacted if someone had the temerity to lay hands on them).

Race is an idea, it’s history, it’s both an anchor and a link to where you’re from, who you are. I find it disturbing that Obama, who’s people are floating stories about how he rejected his “whiteness” to foster his “blackness”, belonging to a church preaching black self-reliance, all while latching onto a Daley machine which grew from the manure of extreme white ethnic racism, has adopted a persona that is as non-threatening to white middle class sensibilities as he can.

I linked to those two pieces because I thought those two men were far more honest with themselves and others than Obama is being with himself or us.

I’m like wu ming. I like being in places where there is a mix, which makes ending up in Milwaukee very funny, but life takes you where it takes you sometime. I try hard to stay downtown, because the stifling nature of conformity and separation in the rest of the city creeps me out. I miss the glorious noise and variety of NYC. I felt more alive when other people’s mores and customs were constantly challenging my midwestern comfort zone. I learned about them, learned about myself …

We are more alive and better when we’re slapped between the shoulder blades by life, when people different from ourselves snap us hard out of our grooves and blind spots.

93. marisacat - 1 April 2007

LOL ms xeno.. same blood type. AB2+ universal recipient. But not universal donor.. thank god.

94. marisacat - 1 April 2007

oh and because at LSF i was spammed publicly in threads, iwth the name of every anti retroviral on the market… that “+” is the blood type at birth, not HIV status.

Not that frat boys can deduce much.

95. the paine - 1 April 2007

” I learned about them, learned about myself ”

imagine the yahoo doesn’t want to learn about himself
at least nothing like what he senses at some inarticulate level
he very well
might ONLY be

question this

i feel morally superior to y

judge not lest yee be judged

that hocus pocus good book shit

has deeper wisdoms

once you get past the magicianing bull crap

im a flat out materialist

but sapience is not aquired bty the scientific method …unfortunately

with out
“fellow love”
all is but

a tinkling tappling set of traps
a bad brass section

96. BooHooHooMan - 1 April 2007

ms xeno-

Kidney for a torte? Your on.

97. the paine - 1 April 2007

how many of you here have read “nightwood”

the stand out character in the story
o’brien (??)
possessed me at age 18

he wanted to be a birth giver
a wooooman

indeed the fusion with the other can be so intense
the self vaporizes

and all reminders
of this abandoned self
become loathsome

the mind is an aweful thing
aweful aweful aweful


and pretentious too

98. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 April 2007
99. Ezekiel - 1 April 2007

That is bizarre. AB+

We have three of kind on this thread.

That’s just weird given the odds.

100. missdevore - 1 April 2007

I’m B+, just like my motto.

And I’m just happy I didn’t need to trade an organ for a vacuum cleaner bag.

Not getting off to a fast start this am. While at the hardware store yesterday I bought a few seed packets, a couple of tomato plants, and some thai basil. Then I went to the feed store to buy some treats for the dog, and bought more seed packets. Even one that is likely impossible to grow in a container–I have a porch, only–but I love yellow crookneck squash, so I’ll have to figure something out.

101. Ezekiel - 1 April 2007

I had to check it.

AB+ is the second rarest at 3%. AB- is 1%.

102. missdevore - 1 April 2007

oh let we write the story of yks:

“what began as a little sperm in the 1970’s, is now a sperm whale–and it’s exploding! ”

$50K contribution: all the accidental sushi you can eat.

103. the paine - 1 April 2007

m x
“… more acurate to say I’m about two cups of coffee away, with perhaps a nice side of bacon, eggs and wheat toast. ”

gib me that spread
and even i’d be bleetin

“where’s that fuckin fold “

104. marisacat - 1 April 2007
105. marisacat - 1 April 2007

paine… is Nightwood Djuna Barnes?

Just going on what popped to my head. I could be wrong. If it is, then I read. Would have to look at it again tho.

106. marisacat - 1 April 2007

MissDevore.. you are doing better than i… I once in a fit of something or other, ordered a lot of palm seeds.

Germination is quite the time investment. I passed them on to a fellow, friend of a friend, with relentless sunshine on their alley and a 10 green thumbs each..

107. Sabrina Ballerina - 1 April 2007

The paine, I did not get my feet wet on dk. I had been on many forums, both left and right, before I signed up there (had been reading for a while though). I think that’s why it didn’t long for me to see the absurdity of the place. The bullying, banning, troll-rating – the choices of FPers, the lack of links to good writers and mediority of those who were considered ‘brilliant’ there.

I watched it all the way someone, accustomed to living in a free society, finds them themselves in a society where they have to watch they say and is horrified by what they see. There were endless flame wars, and of course, the propaganda language intended to emotionally manipulate, such as ‘purity troll’, ‘concern troll’ – ridiculous really and I wondered how anyone could become a part of such a ‘movement’ as they continually referred to it. Ganging up on people is always a cowardly act and it was SOP at that place. To me, it was all surreal and I wanted no part of it.

Decent people there could not stand what was going on, Thistime eg, and were themselves targeted when they stood up for those who were being bullied. The good guys on that site were driven off while the bad guys were encouraged. It is not a healthy place at all so I decided early on I did not want to become a part of it. Much like I would not become a part of the Bush administration.

There were good writers there back then, and some very funny and spirited commenters, eg Miss Devore, Colleen, SV and many more, most of whom have since been banned or have left in disgust. After a while you realized there were so many subjects you could not discuss without being descended on by a swarm of troll-rating Kops.

It is liberating to escape from such an environment especially since they really accomplished nothing. Other blogs I was on accomplished much more in terms of getting the truth out, the main strength of the Internet and there were no important issues that were off limits. In the end, I decided that DK contributed to delaying any kind of accountability and their only interest was in promoting people simply because they had a ‘D’ after their name.

Ms xeno, if only Cynthia McKinney could be the person you had in mind. At least the American public would hear the truth. But they are way too scared of her –

108. bayprairie - 1 April 2007

St. Germain. i always assumed it was the paris reference, i.e. former little town around abbey of St. Germain.

$100 – $249
2006 YearlyKos Convention Lanyard (while supplies last)
Plus all items from above

it would be ever so kewl to badge that bad lanyard and wear it into work at ABCF&U if they ever do a dress down friday again. one would feel positively dangerous and radical.

109. marisacat - 1 April 2007

A lanyard just makes me think of summer camp.

BTW, when the Roots Camp took place, where Vaunted Bloggers gathered expounded, I posted links and clips from all the grey mail history of the organiser of Roots Camp. He is one of the major Dem scammers of Gray mail.

Cannot think of his name.

110. ms_xeno - 1 April 2007

BHHM, you’re on. Just make sure that Miss D. and her scaly enforcers have packed enough ice and morphine.

[passes the paine a brunch plate and cup of Italian Roast, along with a little fresh fruit unearthed from a safe part of the crisper.]

Ezekiel, I bet the blood type thing is an even more sinister sign than the previously revealed number of degreed art-farts in this space. Surely a sign of the End Times.

Madman, I too miss some of those things about NYC. Other things, not so much…

S.B., the Naderites liked to tell people to “vote hope, not fear.” If we draft McKinney we can have a variation: “Face Your Fears.”

111. missdevore - 1 April 2007

108 bayprarie-laughing. I cannot stand any signs of identification. when I worked in a hospital, I refused to wear my badge–then 10 years or so later, the badges were used to punch in time, so I had to get a new one. I went to get my picture taken, and the photographer looked at the old badge–wow this is old! I think I had to wear the new one once, during some JCHOA accredition visit.(trivial shit like that matters to them) but I slapped a picture of my dog over mine.

112. missdevore - 1 April 2007

ms_xeno–organs that are bilateral in other creatures are often one-after-another (why can’t I think of that term?) in snakes; the kidneys are one of them.

been getting into my roots, a bit.

113. marisacat - 1 April 2007
114. marisacat - 1 April 2007

LOL Just read the thread to the “For your amusement” iwth the Roots Camp stuff.

RedDan showed up. Pretty funny.

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