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What we wrought and the future we are building: global war 15 April 2007

Posted by marisacat in Big Box Blogs, Culture of Death, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Iraq War, The Battle for New Orleans.

Triple Canopy contractor, Fijian army veteran Isireli Naucukidi [IraqSlogger photo]

Privatise baby!

IraqSlogger has a couple of good articles…

Now that Jeremy Scahill’s book on Blackwater has hit the New York Times bestseller list it may signal the beginning of a media pile-on on the security sector in Iraq.

Steve Fainaru of the Washington Post leads with the latest shot across the bow of private contractors providing security for contractors.

An out of control company is the subject of his newest piece on Triple Canopy working for KBR.

The article focuses on a routine trip to the airport from the Green Zone with a subtle difference. July 8, 2006 Team Leader 29 year-old ex-Marine Jacob C. Washbourne heading to the airport to go home said “I want to kill somebody today.” What ensues is gripping journalism.

Although Triple Canopy’s lawyers had threatened Slogger to remove the word “murder” from an earlier description of the same incident, the Washington Post article makes it very clear that something evil happened on that day… and apparently on other days.

“Before the day was over, however, the guards had been involved in three shooting incidents. In one, Washbourne allegedly fired into the windshield of a taxi for amusement, according to interviews and statements from the three other guards.”

The Washington Post points out that although the

“U.S. military has brought charges against dozens of soldiers and Marines in Iraq, including 64 servicemen linked to murders., not a single case has been brought against a security contractor.”

Like many other violent incidents, this one could have been buried under the usual smoke screen but Fainaru went deeper and longer..all the way to Fiji to interview a witness Triple Canopy forgot about. Steve Fainaru has been tasked by the Washington Post to focus exclusively on security contractors and has banked some yet-to-be-published but devastating pieces on security companies and is working on more. [snip]

Chilling piece.  And then think of NO with both private contract security on the streets, recent Iraq returnees from the 82nd Airborne put into NO on purpose… Within 2 weeks, they had over 62,000 in various troops inside NO.  Chilling figure. 

Only some were there to help.

Oh a lovely world we are building.  And this time we include ourselves, more than ever

Bring it home baby! 

From a post I did at LSF September 2005:  Yes Indeedy Baby!

NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 8 – Waters were receding across this flood-beaten city today as police officers began confiscating weapons, including legally registered weapons, from civilians in preparation for a mass forced evacuation of the residents still living here.
No civilians in New Orleans will be allowed to carry pistols, shotguns, or other firearms of any kind, said P. Edwin Compass, the superintendent of police.

“Only law enforcement are allowed to have weapons,” he said.

National Guard troops took a man into custody for not leaving his home in the Garden District of New Orleans. The troops said the man became beligerent after he was asked to leave.
(Mark Boster / LAT) September 7, 2005

But that order apparently does not apply to the hundreds of security guards whom businesses and some wealthy individuals have hired to protect their property. The guards, who are civilians working for private security firms like Blackwater, are openly carrying M-16’s and other assault rifles. Mr. Compass said he was aware of the private guards, but that the police had no plans to make them give up their weapons.

Nearly two weeks after the floods began, New Orleans has turned into an armed camp, patrolled by thousands of local, state, and federal law enforcement officers, as well as National Guard troops and active-duty soldiers. While armed looters roamed unchecked last week, the city is now calm. No arrests were made on Wednesday night or this morning, and police received only 10 calls for service, a police spokesman

snips are from a NYT article of September 8…


From another post, September 5 on New Orleans

Demagoguery, Despair and, finally, Diaspora

(Carolyn Cole / LAT) September 3, 2005

The troops braced for the worst.

“Is this the calm before the storm?” one asked as they rolled through the streets.

“There are a lot of gangs out here in the water,” said Sgt. 1st Class Maris Pichon, a 26-year veteran of the National Guard who served in Afghanistan last year. “This is not going to be a cakewalk.”

Two trucks pulled beside them, one carrying water and one a massive pile of ready-to-eat military meals in boxes.

“Tell me they’re not letting the food go in before the troops,” one Guardsman said.

“That’s called bait,” another said.

This is in an American city where people were left behind, left (in the words of Ebbert, state EMT official, a quote from Monday) to “fend” in the SuperDome and “hidden” in the Ernest Morial Convention Center..  Left to die.

The Scotsman hailed the survivors of New Orleans (and the whole Gulf Coast) as HEROES.  Yes!, poor blacks, elderly of all colors, children and infants, the infirm, dispossessed, those who would not or could not leave for any number of reasons, including not leaving ill and elderly family (and pets), YES:  heroes.  For surviving!  And with it the Scotsman included a single thought, that in “escape from NY” situations, not all will hold up, not all will be good and crime and violence is no surprise… what a difference.  That is humanity.

(Robert Gauthier / LAT) September 2, 2005


Also at IraqSLogger, it is not news but it seems to be getting some traction… the pay out, miserly as we are, for deaths (a few of them) we cause in Iraq.  As if we plan reparations.  We will do it Vietnam style:  No reparations.

We should know ourselves by now…

Editor & Publisher’s Greg Mitchell has rightly appealed for more coverage of this remarkable, troubling, heartbreaking story and fresh evidence associated with it: how Iraqis are compensated — or are denied compensation claims — by the US military after family members are killed or wounded by US forces in cases of mistaken identity or errors of other types.

Now hundreds of pages of revealing US military documents — Iraqi casualty claim payment requests — have been made public in response to a Freedom of Information Act request by the American Civil Liberties Union, which has posted all the documents on its Web site.

Mitchell’s report is headlined “Sorry we shot your kid, but here’s $500”.

The game is Global War on people… and I sure do not hear the Democrats, likely to win the WH in ’08 just based on “change”, say much of value on GWoT.  The great cover story for massive, free floating war on people. 

And they WILL bring it home.


Last, I was reading the comments at several of the New Orleans/Katrina postings I did in September 2005

Very interesting, as wilfred and I had been banned the last weekend of August (Madman was personally banned by Kos, October 2005, for complaining about tired Red State Dems run as effing heroes before they do anything, yes that is Tester, Webb and Casey and others)… we were banned as individuals, not as part of a purge.  I still to this day have never read the Hunter FP piece on the banning.. 

The Boyz, or whatever they are, have been slamming me and a lot of other people for years now.

People saying what they think that does not conform to what they want said, well, it really pisses them off.  And their Box Car Site Minions and others on the Treats and Sweets Rez…. 

Who FP intellectually dishonest, numbers grabbing bullshit (Outing Bloggers, “Marisacat“, Paparazzi at the Box Car Site, BMT), lectures and drooling “erotica” attended by Maryscott with her tongue hanging out… Voyeurs, original and Maryscott’s reconstruction among other FP slams at MLW.  In a sad, public loss of any grip on reality, METAmorphosis at MLW.  Not to forget this gem.  Eugene and Armando with others, did stand up routines at MLW thru 2005/06, parsing my banning over and over for the little hordes. In case you think there is something new in BlahgTown.

(Oh and as a chocolate on the pillow or extra vodka in your OJ:  don’t miss the BMT proprietaire being cute with his hints.)

I won’t be stopping.  And I am so amused at the lately landed stress and anger, sturm and drang, directed at Kos.  Sure did ramp up after the BlogRoll trim…

Kos has not changed.  Wakey Wakey.  Try to get over the sales job that a Blog run by a [barely former] Republican was going to Save the Nation.  What lousy fiction that one was.

Plenty bought it and still buy it:

Nonpartisan |

Marisacat.com: the last refuge of the deconstructors and blog-wreckers. Whoop-de-do. Enjoy your voyeuristic jollies while the rest of us get shit done.

It must be fun, watching serious bloggers do serious shit while you losers sulk in this corner of corners. Remember when we worked together to achieve something great in the Dean campaign? I’m sad, so sad it’s come to this. It’s like looking at the crack-heads in the alley and recognizing all your old friends. So sad.

Marisacat, I can’t believe how far you’ve fallen. You and I used to be on the same side re: Dean, IIRC. Now your home is the final resting place for the damned.

Jan 2, 3:08 AM

Clue:  we never worked together. 

And a very fair question is:  What “serious shit”?


UPDATE, 4:22 am …

Oh yes, what was I saying?  Yes:  Serious Shit.  Well… just got an email reminding of this from Laura Flanders in The Nation

In the case of Montana, the popular liberal bloggers Jerome Armstrong and Markos Moulitsas didn’t just overlook the role of movements in their account of the “miracle”; they actively disparagedpthem. “Montana Democrats nearly cut the issue groups out of their campaign efforts,” wrote Armstrong and Moulitsas in their book Crashing the Gate.

oh there is more… and I am sure many remember their imperious posts on how dismissive Schweitzer is/was of local grassroots and Special Interest groups (wash your mouth out with soap):

Calling it “a rare rebuke” of the issues groups inside the party, “but one that served the purposes of the long-suffering Montana Democratic Party,” the bloggers alleged that Schweitzer “threw all of the [interest group] questionnaires in the garbage.” Which allowed that, in their words, “Schweitzer and the rest of the Democratic ticket in Montana could stand on their own, unencumbered by whatever negative baggage those groups might bring.”

All that is just plain bunk. Maybe Schweitzer tossed somebody’s questionnaire in the trash, but according to the groups, he responded to the questionnaire from every “interest” group I’ve mentioned. Not only did Schweitzer respond to Montana Conservation Voters’ questions; he met with them, before and after the election, and sought the endorsement of their PAC, along with the endorsement of the state AFL-CIO and the teachers’ unions. [snip]

Boyz are PR guys – for their purposes. 

Or, LOL, as my emailer called them, the dot con grifters.



1. Miss Devore - 15 April 2007

damned and declared dead. who is this cat with 9 lives that brings back NOLA?

2. missdevore - 15 April 2007

forgot to mention “progress” via Juan Cole:

“Sunday, April 15, 2007

289 Iraqis Killed or Wounded in Day of Rage
Four Killed in Karbala Demonstration

McClatchy estimates that 289 Iraqis were killed or wounded in political violence on Saturday. This passage is extremely important to understanding the sentiments of the Shiites of the South, among the main victims of the violence:

‘ Aqeel al Khazaali, the governor of Karbala, blamed the Baghdad Security Plan for the attack inside the relatively safe southern city. Karbala is about 50 miles south of Baghdad. “The Baghdad crackdown and the tribes in Ramadi are forcing the terrorists to leave their cities,” he said. “Now Karbala is under fire from terrorists, and the central government has to take the necessary steps to help us to protect the holy city.” ‘

3. marisacat - 15 April 2007

gonna be a surge of horrific violence. That bridge, the one built by the British, taken out couple of days ago was a big tip off, right after the Parliament hit.

Just going to escalate. I still think they want to bring down an airliner, not just a helo, but a plane.

4. supervixen - 15 April 2007

Revealing article from The Nation. Thanks, MCat. I was particularly struck by this passage:

Long before the media spotlight hit their state in 2004, Montana Women Vote convened a Voter Summit to prepare for the 2004 election. In attendance were the state’s biggest nonprofits responsible for conducting election-related work. According to Kendrick, the groups shared data, coordinated strategies and divvied up their turf so that the state was covered and individual groups weren’t duplicating one another. The coordinated campaign of the Montana Democratic Party, the groups that made up the Voter Summit, and Native Vote, a powerful new group, registered 40,000 new Montana voters between the primary and the general election. In a gubernatorial race that was decided by just 19,703 votes, those numbers are huge. Because they didn’t rely on bused-in volunteers and hadn’t left the field in the intervening months, these same groups were able to draw on their base again for the hotly contested 2006 Tester versus Conrad Burns Senate race.

But the biggest change in Democratic fortunes came with the work of Native Americans, the state’s largest minority group. Montana has seven Native American reservations and is home to eleven tribes. Natives are a small percentage of Montana’s population (about 7 percent), but in some districts, and on the reservations, they are a 90 percent majority. They vote almost as solidly Democratic as African-Americans do–roughly 80 percent. When they vote. “We have felt powerless, and we’ve been told that we are powerless,” said State Senator Carol Juneau, who grew up on a reservation and lives today on the Blackfeet Reservation in northwest Montana. On the reservation, Native people have their own elected tribal leaders. It has taken local activists years, said Juneau, to build any sense among the residents that there is reason to engage in politics outside the reservation. Besides, state authorities–and politicians of both parties–actively kept Indians out of the process. Voting-rights suits brought by aggrieved Native American voters in the 1980s and redistricting in 2003 created three new constituencies–two in the Senate and one in the House–in which Native voters predominated, and several more competitive districts across the state. The plan was overseen by Janine Pease Pretty on Top, one of the early voting-rights plaintiffs.

Instead of conducting outsider “outreach” to minority voters, Democrats in Montana gave enough resources directly to local Native American leaders that they could participate on an equal footing and build their own base. Pat Williams, a longtime US Congressman from Montana who worked energetically for Native rights, remembers the process: To start, “we gave that money to a virtually all-white, all-male consulting group in Helena…. They didn’t consult. The effort collapsed.” The next time around, over the objections of his political staff, Williams saw to it that GOTV money went straight to the reservations, into the hands of the local Native leadership. “I was assured by everybody that the Indians would drink the money. Instead they had the highest gain of any ethnic group in any state in registration and turnout.”

In 2004 the Coordinated Campaign of the Montana Democratic Party hired a Democratic Party Tribal Coordinator. With help from Native Vote (a national initiative), voters were registered on each reservation and local candidates were recruited for statewide office, increasing voter interest and turnout. By election day, an estimated 4,000 new voters–about 10 percent of the voting reservation population–were newly registered, and more were running for office. The delegation sent to Helena after the 2004 election included eight Native Americans–the second highest number of Native legislators in any state, all Democrats. The lowest turnout of registered voters on any reservation was 46 percent, and the highest topped 64 percent. In 2006 the number of Native Americans winning election rose again, to ten–the most ever. On Juneau’s Blackfeet Reservation, 83 percent of all voters went for Jon Tester. “It shows the power of the Indian vote in Montana,” said Juneau, who was elected to the State Senate that same day.

I did a search at Daily Kos on “Native Vote” and “Montana Women Vote”. In all the diaries and comments for the past 5 years, there are NO MENTION of these groups in any diaries or comments, with one exception: this lameass diary from Plutonium Page in 2004, for which she pulled the info from an AP report.

Kos is a fucking fraud, and so are the rest of his crew.

5. supervixen - 15 April 2007

That post from Nonpartisan is a gem. And now he comes sniffing around here looking for our attention. Hilarious!

The Buffalo Girl post you linked to was unbelievable. She sounds just like a rightwingnut. This is the kind of woman who fits in well at DKos.

6. missdevore - 15 April 2007

breakfast of vipers: butter pecan ice cream.

I bought my dog this $10 bed at walgreens this morning and he is trying to relate to it.

he would much rather relate to the ice cream.

7. colleen - 15 April 2007

Whatever you think of Kos (none / 0)
it is important to all of us that Daily Kos continue to be a success. IF it starts to go down it will damage the whole of lefty blogosphere. It is also important that Yearly Kos be a success. Lots of reporters will be there, an unsuccessful Yearly Kos will reflect on all of us.
That is why it is so important that Kos do the right thing and the rest of them call him on it if they don’t.

Continued silence will give the bully boys “permission” to harrass women online. This is important because it has real consequences for real people. Kos dissed a crime victim. They can’t go after Imus and George Allen and remain silent about this.

by Alice Marshall on Sun Apr 15th, 2007 at 08:27:15 AM EST

It appears I shall have to revise my original prediction.
It’s like trying to primary Lieberman out.
Alice needs a couple of clue sticks.

8. missdevore - 15 April 2007

“clue sticks” love it.

get your discounted lanyards now!

9. supervixen - 15 April 2007

IF it starts to go down it will damage the whole of lefty blogosphere. It is also important that Yearly Kos be a success.

I’m reminded of the band on the Titanic that kept playing even as the ship was sinking.

Hey Miss D, I had pecan brownies this morning. Breakfast of Champions!

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

NOLA? Did something happen there? I’m too busy trying to keep up with the new revelation that rappers swear and say misogynist things. You could have knocked me over with a feather. I mean, I know from watching the news that terrible things are almost always done by poor people and minorities, and that when bad things happen to them it’s usually their fault, but this sort of talk is just beyond the pale!

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

turning off the sarcasm, it’s sadly that sort of thinking that allows far too many people to think it was GOOD to but armed mercs on the streets of an American city. We will see more of it.

Whilst searching for a link to embed above, I found this little gem at Trinicenter dot com:

We are witnessing an attempt to portray Don Imus as a victim of a Black conspiracy and hypocrisy. Apparently many commentators want to make Africans complicit in Don Imus’ racist, sexist and homophobic conduct.

Don Imus is a racist and not much different from most other Whites.

Just because Whites have been hearing some Rap and Hip Hop artists using the terms ‘ho’ and ‘nigga’, making statements about their ‘ghetto’ disposition when relating to each other, this does not mean that Whites should use such terms to or about Africans, including in jest. I never met one White person who was unclear about this. But because Imus, a White icon, crossed the line and had to pay (temporarily, as Whites are already supporting him), Whites are suddenly pretending that they do not understand the difference. Whites should know that because of racism, Africans have been experimenting with different ways to create enclaves for themselves. Rap was born out of this.

There are many issues that Africans have to resolve within the African community and among the many is the use of derogatory terms. Many Africans have been addressing these issues but there would be no ‘big stick’ approach as Africans in general are survivors of the racist system.

Whites have to know that their privileges do not allow them to empathize with Africans on many levels so they cannot easily follow all African discourses. They just cannot be part of everything. Their society does not allow equal opportunity; therefore, they cannot expect Africans to react towards them the same as they would to other Africans.

White privilege only goes so far.

We forget as a country when we abandon the black community during disaster and economic upheaveal. We blame them for our crimes. We pat ourselves on the back for times when we begrudgingly integrate parts of our society, then blame they change our society, or hold them to ridiculous standards.

NOLA abandoned to the wind and water was a natural consequence of the thinking behind the words that came out of Imus’ mouth. Calling the black survivors “refugees” and “looters” is too.

We will reap the whirlwind for all of this, the longer we refuse to deal with it. Having a “national conversation” isn’t just about attacking black artists and musicians, not if we’re serious. A “national conversation” would need to talk about redlining, about the systematic destruction of public schools after they were ordered desegregated, about the ruinous drug war fought primarily in poor communities, about our brutal paramilitary police forces, our more brutal prisons, and the sad fact that statistically the fury of both are visited on the poor, the black and the brown compared to the total population.

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

there is a new theory about what’s killing the bees … cell phones.

It seems like the plot of a particularly far-fetched horror film. But some scientists suggest that our love of the mobile phone could cause massive food shortages, as the world’s harvests fail.

They are putting forward the theory that radiation given off by mobile phones and other hi-tech gadgets is a possible answer to one of the more bizarre mysteries ever to happen in the natural world – the abrupt disappearance of the bees that pollinate crops. Late last week, some bee-keepers claimed that the phenomenon – which started in the US, then spread to continental Europe – was beginning to hit Britain as well.

The theory is that radiation from mobile phones interferes with bees’ navigation systems, preventing the famously homeloving species from finding their way back to their hives. Improbable as it may seem, there is now evidence to back this up.

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) occurs when a hive’s inhabitants suddenly disappear, leaving only queens, eggs and a few immature workers, like so many apian Mary Celestes. The vanished bees are never found, but thought to die singly far from home. The parasites, wildlife and other bees that normally raid the honey and pollen left behind when a colony dies, refuse to go anywhere near the abandoned hives.

I knew I was right to hate those fucking things.

Of course, this is just a theory, and I’m not sure how they’ll test it.

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007
14. brinn - 15 April 2007

hee hee hee — check
this out….

think it’ll catch on?

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

John Rogers at Kung Fu Monkey has a good piece on humor and power, and just why this time it blew up in Imus’ face (sorry I’m still so obsessed by this, but you know me and my fascination with words and how people use them):

Almost, but no. Humorists don’t use jokes to establish power. We use jokes to steal power. We use jokes to steal power from the audience. We use jokes to steal power from smarter, better looking people. We use jokes to steal power from powerful men and women, politicians and celebrities. I do believe that this balance, these scales are hardwired into us culturally. This is why we tolerate celebrity-bashing humor — the comedian is our proxy in levelling the playing field. “Britney may be rich and beautiful but she’s still a redneck” … and therefore not better than I am. This is also why shock humor tends to work. The boundaries of polite, acceptable behaviour are set by society, which is immensely powerful. When you break those boundaries, you are stealing power from society at large. It does help, however, if you have a larger purpose in mind than petty larceny.

then a really good description of why different political viewpoints find different people funny.

(On a side note — why don’t many conservatives think Colbert and Stewart are funny? Because they’re not. They’re not stealing power from the right people for the conservative mindset, because for them power belongs to a different set of people (Same with liberals, by the way, just flip the framework). Rush is funny because he transgresses against the powerful media and politicians and Others who may be nameless, but they must be more powerful than I am, or why else would I be struggling to pay my bills and YOU GET ‘EM, RUSH …)

For all these years, Imus stayed, barely, on the right side of the power equation. Always gone after public figures, or his bosses …

… but then he screwed up. He didn’t steal power, he used it. Used it to say just shitty things about people who, in our minds, just didn’t deserve it. He broke the power equation. And when he did, we balked, even if we don’t quite understand why this one got under our skin. The wiring goes both ways. It’s actually heartening, because it confirms one of the admirable things about American society at large:

America loves a rebel.

America loves a bad boy.

But America hates a fucking bully.

Well, most of America hates a bully. Many on the right love them, but the point holds.

16. supervixen - 15 April 2007

Re: Yearly Kos: I’ll be sending out an advisory to all reporters and bloggers covering the event. I’ll suggest a special focus on the lack of attention to – indeed, outright dismissal of – feminism and women’s issues on DK and at Yearly Kos.

As I’ve said repeatedly: NOT ONE FRONT PAGER, male or female, attended the feminism panel at the last YK. Nor did any of them EVEN MENTION IT.

If Kos is smart, he’ll put a band-aid on this wound by creating a YK panel on women and feminism in Dem politics, and participating in it himself – pretending that he gives a shit.

If he’s not smart, he’ll ignore the issues and encourage his minions to do the same.

My bet is on the latter.

Speaking of faux-feminist minions: where has Meteor Blades been during the recent fracas?

17. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007

Today is the first day of the We Are Not Buying It Campaign. Got my cash from the credit union yesterday. The goal is to avoid using credit or debit cards for the week and to stay away from as many large corp businesses as possible. We’ll see how it goes. Unlike a lot of folks, I’m privileged to not work one weekday, so it’s mostly a matter of pacing myself if I need to get back to the credit union for extra cash.

A Re-Post of the Links that discuss alternatives to buying from Big Biz. Just in case anyone’s interested. If you can’t do everything, you can still do something.

Also, if you can’t boycott or refuse paying your taxes there’s always a modest gesture this one. Wouldn’t today be an appropriate day to sign up ?


18. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007

Bah. Lost a post with two links to the spam-eater. It thinks I’m hawking diet pills or something. :/

19. supervixen - 15 April 2007

PS. All of you in the Marisacattery are welcome to contribute to the creation of this press advisory. I plan to send it out in June.

20. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007
21. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007

Broken Link. Feh.

One more time.

Now coffee. Fair trade, of course…

22. Tuston - 15 April 2007

Wow Madman, that Kung Fu Monkey piece is the commentary I’ve run across yet. I think the idea that Imus’s transgression was considered so abhorrent because he had bullied the “small guy” is correct. But why he tripped that “hardwired circuit” in American psyche so spectacularly recently leaves me wondering if somebody(ies) higher up the food chain made sure this story progressed…Gwen Ifill opined on Timmeh’s MtP it was because their are balck execs at CBS and NBC that complained, but that seems like more smokescreen to me…

23. Jay - 15 April 2007

The Washington Post identifies the photo at the top your story as Jacob Washbourne, the individual quoted as saying “I want to kill somebody today.”

The link below shows photos of Washbourne and three others involved.


24. Tuston - 15 April 2007

Yet another reason why Chavez should invest more effort into training more bodygaurds and counter-assasination measures:

Venezuela pays off multilateral loans

Venezuela said Saturday it has paid off its debts to the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and is cutting ties to the two institutions, which the government of President Hugo Chavez accuses of perpetuating poverty and economic ills.

“My dear sirs at the World Bank, sirs at the International Monetary Fund — goodbye to you. Venezuela is free … and sovereign,” Finance Minister Rodrigo Cabezas told state TV.

By making early payment on loans expiring in 2012, Venezuela saved US$8 million (euro6 million) in interest payments, Cabezas said.

“We are closing a historic cycle of indebtedness,” he added. “We do not have any debts (with them).”


Shortly after taking power in 1999, Chavez had the government pay off all debts with the IMF, which closed its Venezuela office in late 2006. On Friday, Chavez announced that the country had made its final payment to the World Bank the day before.

Chavez has proposed founding an alternative “Bank of the South” to finance infrastructure and development in Latin America.

Business Week

Hat tip to Jeff Wells of RI for the link

25. outofwater - 15 April 2007

Someone needs to tell Prince Markos that when you’ve dug yourself into a hole, stop digging.

Who does he think this insightful diary is going to convince?

Blogging and threats
by kos
Sun Apr 15, 2007 at 09:49:00 AM PDT
I don’t disagree with anything that Lindsey wrote. I disagreed with using a bloggers threats as an excuse to foist upon us all a “Blogger Code of Conduct”.

That’s what I was saying. 1) There are assholes that will 2) email stupid shit to any public figure (which includes bloggers, but 3) that won’t be stopped by any blogger code of conduct.

You see, stupid asshole psycho threatening emailers don’t care about codes of conduct. That’s all.

26. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007
27. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

Mr. Deity and the Seed …. the tenth ep is out!

28. marisacat - 15 April 2007

released two from Spam (Madman and ms xeno) and a couple from Moderation, SV and “Jay”



Thanks for the heads up on the photo. If you clicked on the IS article you’ll see I went with their identification.

Will check out the pdf you link to after I reboot. Thanks..

29. liberalcatnip - 15 April 2007

Mysogyny: alive and well at dkos

Why? (0 / 0)

She was whining. You buck up and suck it up – its part of the territory everywhere but in the “don’t criticize us” fever swamps of academic wymynysm and those who earn their coin by perpetuating the emotional turmoil of the whimpery victim class.

My message? Define your life on your own terms, not by what other people do.

by high bitrate on Sun Apr 15, 2007 at 10:25:54 AM PDT

NO ratings, you’ll notice.

That’s what I was saying. 1) There are assholes that will 2) email stupid shit to any public figure (which includes bloggers, but 3) that won’t be stopped by any blogger code of conduct.

You see, stupid asshole psycho threatening emailers don’t care about codes of conduct. That’s all.

Which part of “uttering death threats” (which he calls “stupid shit” while he once again shows his ignorance of the Sierra situation which involved bloggers and commenters) is a crime doesn’t he get?

And who the hell is saying that a blogger code of conduct would stop those threats? Nice strawman. Yet there are his predicatble sycophants fawning all over the new words of their favourite political celebrity.

“That’s all”, all right. That’s all they’re going to get out of him on this issue because he needs to actually buy a clue in order to figure out what people are criticizing him for and his trips to the Clue Store are very rare indeed.

30. marisacat - 15 April 2007

The vanished bees are never found, but thought to die singly far from home. – Madman, quote from an article.

ugh I felt quite a bit of stress at that. Millions of honey bees possibly dying and disintegrating far from home.. alone.

MOre allegories, perhaps, that we are avoiding. Listen up.

31. marisacat - 15 April 2007


Salut honey… she lives! How are you??

32. missdevore - 15 April 2007

Mcat–does Safeway deliver clues?

33. marisacat - 15 April 2007

their are balck execs at CBS and NBC that complained, but that seems like more smokescreen to me…

Johnson of BET reiterated that nearly to death. And that GE is a great and noble company and that those complaining from the inside wanted the Great and Noble Company to do what G&N cos do… etc..

He is so steeped in corporatese. One reason a few posts back I linked to his back and forth on hardball, think it was.

One thing, Imus did not apologise for days. That created problems.. as the big swing with the bullshitters is apologise — and Imus oftne does immediately or will tell the worst on his set “that was wrong”, thus into the escape hatch fast—

He picked on a college sports team..

and it sure seems to me that Corzine was involved. In more than a beltless crash.

And he revealed what an unhinged loose crow bar he is on the Sharpton show. He really slipped into some strange modes.

Plus Sharpton is more and more a really fucked “gate keeper”… perhaps a bit of dance to let the overseer push the elderly off the cliff.

Really, only the team members and their coach are lookin’ good to me in this…imo

34. supervixen - 15 April 2007

Blogmaid Cleanup in Aisle 9!

When I read kos’s original post (0 / 0)

this is what stuck out to me:

I’m in and out of commission, so I hadn’t heard of this so-called “death threat” thing. So I looked it up.

And I thought then, oh shit. Markos didn’t do his homework on this, he read one article that didn’t give the whole awful story, and this is not going to be good. And it hasn’t been.

I’m not making excuses, because Markos’s history here on “getting it” when it comes to sexism has been pretty bad. But I doubt that he did get the backstory of the whole highly sexualized violent blogswarm against a woman who wasn’t posting on what most of us would consider a highly controversial issue. It’d be damned hard to read the things that those assholes said to and about Kathy Sierra and not “get it.”

So what he focused on in the whole story was the NYT once again bashing bloggers and an outside effort to tell us how much we need regulation.

But he should do that homework now, to get the whole picture, to see why this is such a big deal to so many people. All the same, a bloggers’ code of conduct isn’t going to fix that.

I’m not sure what is, but I do know that political blogs are legions ahead of techie blogs in this. And that’s probably because of the pie wars, because of the relatively large number of prominent women blogging, and because of people like you.

by mcjoan on Sun Apr 15, 2007 at 10:40:23 AM PDT

Excuse me, what was that about the Pie Wars? Mcjoan thinks that something positive came out of the Pie Wars? That somehow they helped political blogs get to be “legions ahead” (whatever that means) of techie blogs in terms of how women are treated? Hmm. I’m not sure what she has in mind.

He does have (1+ / 0-)
a week-old baby, so I’ve been willing to cut him some slack on that front.

by mcjoan on Sun Apr 15, 2007 at 10:44:35 AM PDT

Oh please. Just…. please.

35. marisacat - 15 April 2007

miss devore..

well they claim they now deliver “lifestyles”…


I will settle for Fancy Feast on sale this week. So even tho not in need, stocking up … her favorite and at 19 and blind she should have her fav.

36. supervixen - 15 April 2007

#29, catnip – there are ratings now: Miss Blue likes the post.

Why? (1+ / 2-)
Recommended by:Miss Blue
Trollrated by:Pithy Cherub, nasarius
She was whining. You buck up and suck it up – its part of the territory everywhere but in the “don’t criticize us” fever swamps of academic wymynysm and those who earn their coin by perpetuating the emotional turmoil of the whimpery victim class.

My message? Define your life on your own terms, not by what other people do.

by high bitrate on Sun Apr 15, 2007 at 10:25:54 AM PDT

She must be another one of the Kos crew who don’t like “wymynysm”.

37. liberalcatnip - 15 April 2007

I will settle for Fancy Feast on sale this week. So even tho not in need, stocking up … her favorite and at 19 and blind she should have her fav.

Yikes! Prepare for attack!

38. marisacat - 15 April 2007


Poor mcjoan.

Lost her patron from the pages. After she took a paying job (does that come with benes?, retirement? 401 K?) and now…

I am sure DHinMI will recommend a booster on her distemper shot. (his comment that she could be elevated to the FP as she had had her distemper shot – she swallowed that and made a joke of it.)

The porn comments that used my name and talked of rape til you are “paralysed” and that it is a turn on, all too likely came from Koswhack(s).

Not evolved I would say.

39. marisacat - 15 April 2007

oh and lets not forget louisianagirl / pointecoupeedemocrat who seems to be angling for a BLue Louisiana 180 buck sponsorship with Kos. He seems to like Daily Kingfisher.

Calling out an operative. Known to the King Koswhack. that is my guess.

40. marisacat - 15 April 2007

oow at comment 25

ugh. Now I have to go read what Lindsay (I guess he means Breyerstein) wrote.

Handmaiden in this case – and not the first time. Check out her tags at Flickr… (I landed there by accident once in a search, did not keep the link, think her Flickr page is her name not her blog name)… practically palace photog to Kos. Amsterdam alum as well.

Very much on the Treats and Sweets rez.

41. New Fake Name - 15 April 2007

Y’all will luv Annalize5’s ‘deja vu all over again’ comment in kos’ latest arrogant assholish ‘Blogging and Threats’ diary, that tossed the classic utterences from “bitch cunt whore” Delaware Dem’s GBCW diary back in kos’ face:

Misinterpret this….! Verbal violence… (1+ / 1-)

Recommended by:
Trollrated by:
Miss Blue

I have posted this offensive commentary in different diaries when the issue of women and violence are being discussed. Crickets. It has never really been addressed, as the poster who made these comments is still posting.

I don’t care what precipitated the comments or who was angry. The fact remains when someone is allowed to post this kind of language, it should affect all women.

Deal with it. (15+ / 16-)

Recommended by:
mickey, taylormattd, eugene, musing85, Nonpartisan, eeff, northsea, corndog, michael1104, HollywoodOz, coigue, terrypinder, Ice Blue, Team Slacker, mystery2me
Trollrated by:
Mark H, CJB, pb, jennifer poole, Politburo, lrhoke, TeresaInPa, Thistime, greenskeeper, station wagon, bluestateonian, demondeac, Robert Davies, Pager, shaharazade, PhantomFly

Mariscat is a cunt of the first order.

by Delaware Dem on Thu Feb 01, 2007 at 01:11:56 PM PDT

Seriously. Troll Rate me. Ban me. (8+ / 12-)

Recommended by:
mickey, taylormattd, Nonpartisan, eeff, corndog, HollywoodOz, Team Slacker, Nightprowlkitty
Trollrated by:
lrhoke, hardleft, jxg, TeresaInPa, polecat, Thistime, greenskeeper, Robert Davies, Pager, fairfax, PhantomFly, newhorizon

But Mariscat is a bitch, a whore, and a cunt. Whatever derogatory term you want to use, use.

by Delaware Dem on Thu Feb 01, 2007 at 01:31:58 PM PDT


by Annalize5 on Sun Apr 15, 2007 at 10:34:06 AM PDT

[ Parent ]

TR’ed (0 / 0)

This has nothing to do with this thread. It is inflammatory on it’s face, and since I do know the backstory here, taking it out of context is unfair at best.

“But your flag decal won’t get you into heaven anymore”–Prine 3290+ dead Americans. Bring them home.

by Miss Blue on Sun Apr 15, 2007 at 10:38:11 AM PDT

[ Parent ]

Too Bad Annalize5 did not also add Kos’s advice given to DD at the time in that GBCW diary, to (tut-tut no big deal) just invent himself a new handle and come back to Dkos under the new alias (now reincarnated as Lucius Vorensus)

That would have really driven home the point that the misogynistic and haughty dismissive attitudes are flowing right from the top of Dkos.

and here it is:

Create a new secret account (94+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
Sharoney, pontificator, wozzle, trifecta, MissLaura, taylormattd, Buckeye BattleCry, musing85, Pandora, Dems2004, juls, SusanG, Progrocks, littlesky, Nonpartisan, DCDemocrat, ablington, eeff, northsea, kdub, Ahianne, Harper, sardonyx, Benjaminwise, cosmic debris, jenifera, MJB, bustacap, dmsilev, sockpuppet, TexDem, TiaRachel, wmtriallawyer, HeyMikey, tabbycat in tenn, Eddie Haskell, BWasikIUgrad, One bite at a time, SanDiegoDem, andyj2287, zeus4prez, vcmvo2, Treg, DianeNYS, Rick Oliver, terrafirma9, Elise, klamothe, Luetta, citizenx, zombie, pasadena beggar, Buffalo Girl, GTPinNJ, Joy Busey, Floja Roja, sbdenmon, Team Slacker, Spathiphyllum, viscerality, trashablanca, kraant, Debbie in ME, RogueStage, tonyahky, dewey of the desert, greenearth, HairyTrueMan, imabluemerkin, hypersphere01, MO Blue, nowheredesign, Timothy J, Clive all hat no horse Rodeo, pierredude, VoteHarder, plumberwill, Darrell J Gahm, Friend of the court, Craig Burnham, ms badger, pgm 01, Wide Awake in NJ, gloriana, aravir, Proud Moonbat, LillithMc, Soul, Calvin Jones and the 13th Apostle, txlosthorn, Big Tent Democrat, Dion, homerun, Captain Nimrod

and come back as something unlikable to “Delaware Dem”. Sure, some of us will figure it out (you do have a style all your own), but most will be none the wiser.

I’ll definitely miss you.

by kos on Thu Feb 01, 2007 at 12:08:23 PM PDT

But, if he’s unlikable, (14+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
Sharoney, pHunbalanced, littlesky, Nonpartisan, Thistime, bustacap, TiaRachel, Eddie Haskell, One bite at a time, DianeNYS, Debbie in ME, tonyahky, blueoasis, Clive all hat no horse Rodeo

how will he ever get TU?


by Friend of the court on Thu Feb 01, 2007 at 12:56:03 PM PDT

[ Parent ]
lol (15+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
Sharoney, Buckeye BattleCry, Delaware Dem, pHunbalanced, littlesky, Coldblue Steele, Nonpartisan, kdub, vcmvo2, Rick Oliver, Debbie in ME, tonyahky, greenearth, Friend of the court, Dion

I mean “unlinkable”.

Damn typos.

by kos on Thu Feb 01, 2007 at 02:02:17 PM PDT

[ Parent ]

42. missdevore - 15 April 2007

could you all stop being interesting and funny? it’s making me procrastinate on vacuuming.

43. brinn - 15 April 2007

hiyya there mcat — never been better, thanks for asking!! 😉

Don’t have lots to say these days — have stopped posting almost everywhere (intermittent at best on the places I do pop in and out of), but I read and laugh….almost daily!

44. marisacat - 15 April 2007

Just looked in at BMT:

Update [2007-4-15 13:40:28 by Steven D]:

Sadly, the only response to the emails I sent out regarding my post last night has been negative. So I don’t think we can expect much, if anything from anyone with a high traffic liberal/progressive blog (though I still hope to be proven wrong on that score). And no, I will not disclose who responded. That information isn’t important or relevant. Just color me disappointed, for now.

Well jsut for the record he tried. But I can guess who responded. And who will ignore. I would bet dollars to donuts that Atrios responded.

And got the responses he got. Clue: wake up to what so called Liberal BlogSnottery is: A BUSINESS.

They ain’t screwing iwth the model. Nor the man.

And don’t forget several comments at BMT outlined at the response at Dkos (kos and fellow whacks) is that they don’t “know” KS.

Kitty Genovese anyone? It has to be your mother? Sister?

what fucking bullshit. Tho an accurate take on fucked not liberal Blagsnottery and the tied in.


Not unrelated. In Paparazzi Martin linked to a post of mine from September… he used the link to make it look like it led to a post of mine about how Dodd ditched his site (a half hour and no follow up from the aide at hand)… Nooo.

It was a post of mine Tide Pools. Nothing to do with Dodd.

HOWEVER when I read it over last night it was really interesting. On how Nyhan of Spinsanity lost his place at TAPPED (their Horse’s MOuth blog on media) for calling out Atrios (well tchnically he was told to focus on conservatives following a post of his I link to). The post got (iirc) over 400 comments. Quite a lot for an increasingly boring place …

Here is the link to Tide Pools.

about half way down for the Nyhan commentary.. at “Update Thursday 11:50 am” I spent quite a bit of time on a couple of firings of people who did not toe the party line, the BLogHero lines.

(Before you get to Nyhan I talk, with links and comments from her thread, about how Maha of Mahablog dealt with issues of race and racism at her blog, she was present at the NO Diversity Luncheon, Day Trippers go to Harlem and land on Big WHitey, that would be Bill).

I am sure all of that was lost on Martin who sought only diversion. And is part of the Philly SPillies as I call them.

45. earth to meg - 15 April 2007

nightshade gets out her whisk(er)broom for more clean-up. Denial is your friend, kitty!

When (3+ / 0-)
Recommended by:Whimper Bang, suicide blonde, bricoleur
someone says “where is the fucking burka when you need it” or “shut your fucking pie hole”, it is not about envy. I would say it is outrage.

by nicodk on Sun Apr 15, 2007 at 11:00:05 AM PDT

[ Parent | Reply to This |Recommend ]

Huh? (0 / 0)
Now I know Markos never said that, so just who are you referring to? This is an inflammatory comment — and I don’t see how it has anything to do with Markos or this site.

by Nightprowlkitty on Sun Apr 15, 2007 at 11:24:06 AM PDT

46. marisacat - 15 April 2007

ooo brinn

Hey hey: survive the BlogSnots and live to talk. 😉

47. liberalcatnip - 15 April 2007

but I read and laugh….almost daily!

Well that’s what it’s all about. Beats banging your head against the wall! 😉

#41. You have bags now. You must vacuum! BEGONE! (I lost my wand. I think I already packed it in a box somewhere. Darn. It would have come in handy for some of the wymynysm stuff I have to get done today too.)

48. liberalcatnip - 15 April 2007

Miss Blue: Defender of the Kos

I wonder if she wears her Wonder Woman outfit with the matching dkos lanyard while she types.

Kos isn’t “obligated”,,,, (3+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
KevinA, CaptUnderpants, andgarden

to clarify jack.

I sure don’t get the controversy here. Not at all.

“But your flag decal won’t get you into heaven anymore”–Prine 3290+ dead Americans. Bring them home.

by Miss Blue on Sun Apr 15, 2007 at 10:44:03 AM PDT

49. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007

Whew ! Thanks for getting me out of stir, Mcat.

That set of Co-op America links WNBI provides is really a treasure. I’m thinking that I might pick just one a day for the coming week and post about it. Maybe scan some more collages, too. I am quite the foolish optimist this sunny Sunday, no ?


Oh, and a small gift for MissD. If/when she shows up. The Negro Problem does its brilliant cover of “MacArthur Park.” Track No. 10, if you have Windows Media or Real Player.

50. supervixen - 15 April 2007

Kos is really getting his ass handed to him in that thread.

tbrucegodfrey is on fire:

Grown-ass man rule (0 / 0)
Kos is a grown-ass man with children, a veteran, a law school grad. He is not new and should not need that much hand-holding to do the right thing.

He and I are about the same age, late 30s. When I read what he wrote, I feel like I am dealing with a male college freshman who is attending his first Take Back the Night march and doesn’t believe that the women are telling one word of the truth. After all, he attacked their honesty, including Kathy Sierra’s, a blogger on his order of magnitude in tech. This does not make him a criminal, just part of the problem I joined liberal politics to fight.

He is CHOOSING to get this wrong, and I refuse to wait for him to pass second semester, freshman year on this topic.

by tbrucegodfrey on Sun Apr 15, 2007 at 12:00:52 PM PDT

Exactly right. I would add: a college freshman Young Republican.

51. rif - 15 April 2007

I also read and laugh daily. (waves at everyone)

I just ran across this:
Link to DD/LV diary

Apparently LV is on the first of 12 steps in Bullies Anonymous.
Martin oops Booman has shown him the light! What a joke. Being a bully is just a tool in his toolbox that he will pull back out when it suits him. Still, he make some interesting admissions. Or at least I think so. Of course, obvious to anyone with viperish leanings. He’ll probably delete it at some point.

The first commenter accidentionally calls him Luscious. LOL

52. liberalcatnip - 15 April 2007

Annalize5 brings up she who shall not be named while this kos apologist scribbles:

Choose another example (0 / 0)

My opinion is that Marisacat deserved the invective hurled at her, if not in particular then in general.

by andgarden on Sun Apr 15, 2007 at 11:43:38 AM PDT

Another member of the cuntbitchwhore slur fan club.

53. missdevore - 15 April 2007

ooh thanks–“someone left the crack out in the rain”!!

54. marisacat - 15 April 2007

Kos isn’t “obligated”,,,, (3+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
KevinA, CaptUnderpants, andgarden

to clarify jack….

what a scream.

Not a cult… a religion. Honor the elected and those who fellate them. They are above common decency. Lie down and be fucked over… LOL.

55. marisacat - 15 April 2007

LOL… You know for all of 2006 I had no idea I was talked aobut over there, as Sabrina Ballerina put it, as Tokyo Rose.

They are bunkered and waiting, is my take.

(and sorry I don’t google myself, tho I see the stats on numbers of “Marisacat” googles that lead to :hits:… so someone does)

56. supervixen - 15 April 2007

Welcome to Miss Laura’s Alternative Universe!

Revisionist fucking history. (0 / 0)

Nobody tried to bully impeachment diaries off the site. (Or if they did, they must’ve been pretty fucking stupid, promoting the most powerful voice for impeachment to the front page right at the moment they were supposedly trying to bully the topic off the site.)

by MissLaura on Sun Apr 15, 2007 at 12:14:24 PM PDT

LOL. Stuff it all down the Memory Hole….

57. brinn - 15 April 2007

survival, yes, but more than that — fucking *thriving* am I — no more energies wasted investing in bullshit…I am so DONE. I like here because 97% of you broach none, from any quarter, at any time, and you won’t get all pissy at me because I am prone to express my anger in ways “not nice” — fuck that fucking bullshit and the bull it rode in in….

catnip, madman, missD (and of course, mcat) — xoxoxoxo

the rest of you: xoxo

heh. 😉

58. marisacat - 15 April 2007

Oh Kagro X is in my opinion diversion. Old friend, or whatever operatives call one antoher as he has been a Dem Party operative with DH.

It has always reminded me of how Armando was allowed to do diaries critical of the war during the 2004 campaign (don’t forget that very fucked salute at the convention). Those of us utterly opposed to the war (fewer than Kos/whacks pretended) would go in there to comment.

A big fucking JOKE.

Yes Kagro, a big breakthru on the FP.

59. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007

Seems more appropriate than ever, eh, MissD.

Stew also has several solo discs (technically though Heidi Rodewald and many other NP members are still involved) that are worth a listen.

I think that “Giselle” off The Naked Dutch Painter is more or less a profile of the prominent Kosenforcers’ Dream Woman. Who they routinely confuse our own puppet mistress with. Great stuff.

60. liberalcatnip - 15 April 2007

Is it Comedy Sunday over there or what? Geez. I’m not going to get any packing done at this rate:

Revisionist fucking history. (0 / 0)

Nobody tried to bully impeachment diaries off the site. (Or if they did, they must’ve been pretty fucking stupid, promoting the most powerful voice for impeachment to the front page right at the moment they were supposedly trying to bully the topic off the site.)

by MissLaura on Sun Apr 15, 2007 at 12:14:24 PM PDT

Too bad (15+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
clonecone, badger, Pandora, scrutinizer, northsea, LeftHandedMan, ChiGirl88, vcmvo2, jhancock, Elise, terrypinder, zombie, Major Danby, bonesy, PaulGaskin

some of us would rather fight for change than “have fun” by blowing a lot of hot air and engaging in impeachment porn.

by kos on Fri Dec 22, 2006 at 12:36:42 PM PDT

61. missdevore - 15 April 2007

Luscious is hilarious. “I know I have been an asshole.” wow, that was some journey to self-discovery.

the toxic blog–how silly–I’ve never enjoyed blogging more than here or the general “VAGosphere” (and skippy did not make that up; I did.

62. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007

“fight for change” = KA-CHINNNG !!

The link I left to Voters For Peace up top has a mere 170,000 signers. I’m guessing that none of them are Kozzies. Not merely because they are wedded en masse to the DP like glue to paper. But because unless there’s bags of money involved their feeble brains simply can’t comprehend the word “change.” Nice that they can crack dictionaries, but I don’t think they do it often enough.

The DP treats them like shit and they beg for more and pony up. Kos treats them like shit and they beg for more. Anyone still wonder why some of us find non-voters and perhaps the occasional Anarchist more fun to hang out with– certainly more worthy of respect ?

Whichever schmuck said this is the final resting place of the damned needs to go look in a mirror. Kos works day and night to help the DP be the final resting place for activism and liberation– and his fans THANK the little shitheel for it. I don’t get it. Saw his stoopid “kick the donkey” ad, read one or two of his pathetic columns. Saw his utterly uncharismatic and uninteresting TV pitching. He is not magnetic, nor thoughtful, nor articulate, nor even handsome. The mystique eludes me as much now as it did four or five years ago. Just another case of reverse-meritocracy. 24/7.

63. marisacat - 15 April 2007

Steven D’s x-post of his call out to A-Listers got an enormous response at MLW. Not.

Posted around 8 pm last evening and all of… 7 comments, 3 of which are Steven D himself.

64. colleen - 15 April 2007

Revisionist fucking history

Funny how ML’s arguments are identical to Dana Houle’s.
She’s been more than inoculated, she sounds like a clone.

65. marisacat - 15 April 2007

ms xeno

his numbers have been falling, with some peaks but then more falls, since September 2005.

But he is the “cue” for media to talk about “The Liberal Blogoshere”.

His top ads with just an intermittent check the past few weeks (I read more of Kos since Jason Melrath sent thousands here than I had in the previous 8 or 10 months) indicates the top spots often go begging.

His is not a growing enterprise.

He does really badly out in public, you can read thru the lines of interviews and actually SEE it on TV (Watching Jake Tapper last summer and reading the expanded interview was a scream!) they laugh at him in MSM.

After all they know a con. And for the party he is a tool

One that with big big money rolling to the Dem Party this season, will come up, as he has before, looking like not such a great bundler. And cash to the party is all that counts.

I imagine he is just smart enough to worry. But then he surrounds himself with yes people, so he probably calls one or two up or emails a storm and feels better.

On to Chicago, get lanyard.

66. moiv - 15 April 2007

Misinterpret this….! Verbal violence…

Recommended by:moiv, Whimper Bang, suicide blonde, bricoleur, protectedmode
Trollrated by:ablington, Miss Blue, vcmvo2, SoCalLiberal

I have posted this offensive commentary in different diaries when the issue of women and violence are being discussed. Crickets. It has never really been addressed, as the poster who made these comments is still posting.

I don’t care what precipitated the comments or who was angry. The fact remains when someone is allowed to post this kind of language, it should affect all women.

Deal with it. (15+ / 16-)

Recommended by:
mickey, taylormattd, eugene, musing85, Nonpartisan, eeff, northsea, corndog, michael1104, HollywoodOz, coigue, terrypinder, Ice Blue, Team Slacker, mystery2me
Trollrated by:
Mark H, CJB, pb, jennifer poole, Politburo, lrhoke, TeresaInPa, Thistime, greenskeeper, station wagon, bluestateonian, demondeac, Robert Davies, Pager, shaharazade, PhantomFly

Mariscat is a cunt of the first order.

by Delaware Dem on Thu Feb 01, 2007 at 01:11:56 PM PDT

Seriously. Troll Rate me. Ban me. (8+ / 12-)

Recommended by:
mickey, taylormattd, Nonpartisan, eeff, corndog, HollywoodOz, Team Slacker, Nightprowlkitty
Trollrated by:
lrhoke, hardleft, jxg, TeresaInPa, polecat, Thistime, greenskeeper, Robert Davies, Pager, fairfax, PhantomFly, newhorizon

But Mariscat is a bitch, a whore, and a cunt. Whatever derogatory term you want to use, use.

by Delaware Dem on Thu Feb 01, 2007 at 01:31:58 PM PDT


by Annalize5 on Sun Apr 15, 2007 at 12:34:06 PM CDT

Hilarity ensues . . . . .

67. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

hey Brinn, welcome to the nest of vipers! Fangs are available to your right (there, next to the portraiture of moon-faced party operatives and just above the disgarded bad “erotica”) and you can load up on venom back at the bar. Just be careful when you put your drink down: Miss D is probably standing up there doing that weird combo impersonation of Coyote Girl crossed w/ Brecht caberet singer belting out Bacharach tunes. It’s quite wonderful in a dadaist sort of way.

Oh, and if you prefer your refreshments to be of the herbal or fungal variety, Tuston is around somewhere. Look for the hair and tiedye.

68. marisacat - 15 April 2007

gee I see NOnpartisan bellied up twice to give DD a big wet one.


I still say the Boyz need to get a room, so very badly.

Nice Motel 8 in Philly environs.

69. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

Gonzo has released his opening statement for his hearing Tuesday.

It boils down to … “what we did was legal and right, but I’m sorry anyway. Oh, and it wasn’t me anyway. It was Meirs & Sampson. Oh, and I’m sorry, but I’m being perfectly honest now, except when I’ve mispoken. Thank you.”

70. moiv - 15 April 2007

It’s suc a relief that our chief law enforcement officer has cleared all that up for us, so that Congress can get back to more important business, like re-funding the occupation.

71. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007

Moiv, let’s hope their re-fund takes as long to make an appearance as my refund takes this year…

[ducks to avoid bottle of Venom Ale thrown by Madman.]

72. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007

On to Chicago, get lanyard.

Oh, Mcat. I know neither the mainstream media nor the DP bigwigs are all that impressed with Kos. I just remain puzzled as to why so many of the groundlings still are, or ever were.

Hell, Peter Beinart is also a shallow twit with his head firmly up his jingoistic ass, but at least he’s good looking in an J. Crew catalogue sort of way…

73. marisacat - 15 April 2007

All hail Gonzales… Bush Family Retainer. Shall they throw a cheap appetiser to the toothless wolves..?

ugh I expect speeches from the dems on the Judiciary. I bet Hillary wants him to testify to Armed Services as well.. 😉 Isn’t Obama on Judiciary?

Film on Monday.

74. marisacat - 15 April 2007

yeah but ms xeno, groundlings falling in number for years.

He’s down to hard core creeps. Which is a type sought for various jobs.

Why does mr xeno stay?

I bet he could post pretty happily at TPM for instance. Believe me it is way too centrist at times but there are VERY good commenters there.. it functions as a useful online newsservice — and the bully game is largely absent. I have seen bullies from Kos try to graft on (Petey for one, and even Kagro X tried to bolster him, briefly) but thye jsut get no traction.

75. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

sorry about that ms_x, Miss D was bringing down her stilletto on the downbeat during a very ethusiastic “I say a little prayer for you” and I had to get out of the way quickly … the bottle slipped. Who knew a nest of vipers could be so dangerous.

76. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007

Why does mr xeno stay?


I have asked him numerous times, and have yet to get an answer. I know that he has checked out TPM, but don’t know if he comments there. And it really is bugging me right now in a big way, given Kos rudeness and ignorance to KS. IRL, mr_xeno does not suffer bullies gladly or believe me, I wouldn’t have asked him to be mr_xeno. He works on cop brutality cases with other NLG types. In one of the more infamous cases, they got their clients quite a bit of money after a protracted fight with the city(– in which one of the more locally famous activists, a creep of the first order himself, but that’s another story) walked out in the middle;Ego problems). And, yeah, I know lawyers aren’t too popular in these parts but he only represents individual bankruptcy cases, not corporations trying to duck damages in lawsuits and the like.

Some people just have a higher threshhold for cognitive dissonance than others. It knaws at me like hell when I let it. There are just so many of them and at one time they knew better. But they got beaten down by the hatred of other Dems after the split in ’00. So much protracted nastiness from the “deep thinkers” at the Nation and the like. Parroted by haters on the ground who had to blame someone. So much blame, and probably material punishments, too (as Cockburn speculated) that continue to this day.

I fucking hate it. And I will not turn away from what I learned in ’00. Even if I’m the last one left. Fuck it.

77. marisacat - 15 April 2007

Now Steven D explains to Kos Defenders.

OK Official piss in the wind.


has he noticed the long trail of two logos for Advertising Liberally running right beside what he is writing. WIth barely progressive “headlines” from “dembloggers” in between????

Do catch up on (click click) on “JOhn and Teresa Heinz-Kerry with O Reilly” (well they want the sales his show can generate for some, Low on Cash John and TH-K????).


None of them :gets it:. Not really. They are tied to kos/whacks/Bowers/Jerome/Advertising Liberally/Drinking Liberally/…


78. supervixen - 15 April 2007

This is SO lame:

Well, (3+ / 0-)

Recommended by:natasha, tbrucegodfrey, 4Freedom
he’s got a daughter now. I think that’ll help.

by mcjoan on Sun Apr 15, 2007 at 12:39:23 PM PDT

Help what? The woods are full of knuckledraggers who have daughters.

79. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007

Oh, yeah. I did cop to my little attempted reconciliation via MoveOn in ’02. But that won’t happen again. I’ll set my money on fire with a blowtorch first. :p

See, Madman. It takes a real man to admit to a woman that he messed up. Perhaps there are evesdropping Kozzies who will haul this valuable lesson back to their lair. Anything is statistically possible.


80. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007

Hey, sv. I think we should have our own version of Drinking Liberally. Only it’ll be a drinking game in which we slam back a shot every time one of these caveman apologist fuckheads says something like mcjoan’s crap or “of COURSE I’m a FEMINIST ! My MOTHER’S a WOMAN, after all ! Harrumph !!”

81. colleen - 15 April 2007

Hilarity ensues . . . . .

The guy with the wrench fantasy wasn’t funny. He’s a sick little fuck and my, I’ll bet he got a little stiffy writing that one in a public forum.
We LAUGHED at Jason. We laughed at him on an obscure blog and we laughed at someone who has been savagely rude and dishonest to, I dare say, most of the posters here and for years. I used to plead with Jason to stop threatening to beat people up for God’s sake.
None of those idiots ever intervened and most of them joined in or enabled the bullying and the lies. Including Martin and Meteor Blades and emsock. And don’t forget that icon of loving kindness Pastor Damning and his less than charming wife.
If these are the people who represent the liberal blogoshpere it would be a public service to destroy it.

82. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

they didn’t listen to me when I was hanging around, when I was trying to warn them about what Schumer and Emmanuel were up to, or when I tried to get the men to understand that their REACTION to people’s complaints about pie were more of a problem than the damned ad … no reason for them to start now.

83. marisacat - 15 April 2007

Exactly, we are not observing some big Epiphany.

I repeat observe how vewy qwiet at MLW. I call that the flip side of Martin’s lamentation yesterday.

Both are gaming this.

Steven is yes, very upset, but lordy do catch on.

84. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

not a surprise:

At one point, the six-term Republican senator tried to get Iglesias moved to a Justice Department post in Washington, D.C., but Iglesias told Justice officials he wasn’t interested.
In the spring of 2006, Domenici told Gonzales he wanted Iglesias out.
Gonzales refused. He told Domenici he would fire Iglesias only on orders from the president.
At some point after the election last Nov. 6, Domenici called Bush’s senior political adviser, Karl Rove, and told him he wanted Iglesias out and asked Rove to take his request directly to the president.
Domenici and Bush subsequently had a telephone conversation about the issue.
The conversation between Bush and Domenici occurred sometime after the election but before the firings of Iglesias and six other U.S. attorneys were announced on Dec. 7.
Iglesias’ name first showed up on a Nov. 15 list of federal prosecutors who would be asked to resign. It was not on a similar list prepared in October.

85. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007

Never fear, Madman. When it all comes falling down around them, they will find a way to blame the knee-jerk feminists, I’m sure. Personally I’d wear the Kos-wrecker badge with pride even though I’d know that A) Their scapegoating will be bullshit and B) Never posted there.

Sort of like how I’d be proud to believe my vote in 2000 delivered what would eventually be the wound that made the gangrene that would finish off the Donkey at long last. Even though I know in my heart that that’s bullshit. 😉

Mcat, if you’re looking for more pollinators to add to your list, here’s a good one:

Five Before Midnight

I’ve known her since before there were really blogs, all through the Ms. boards collapse, etc. A fine writer. Gets in the trenches and stays there over stuff that would have me whimpering in a corner for days. She covers the Inland Empire mostly, which almost makes you neighbors. 😉

Oh, and I couldn’t find my Chicago Lanyard, but I did find Goin’ To Chicago, Newport 1962. Count Basie, Joe Williams AND Jimmy Rushing. How lucky can a woman get ?

86. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007
87. marisacat - 15 April 2007

hmmm. NO I don’t think so.

Re: My Record (4.00 / 2)

Good question. I think a lot of people have emotional ties to Kos that inhibit rational discussion of any criticism leveled at him. Which isn’t to say that many of Kos’ detractors have the same emotional response to the man in the opposite direction. I guess the best way to put it is that Kos is a polarizing figure, not a uniter, at this point.

“I just had the basic view of the American public — it can’t be that bad out there.” Marine Travis Williams after 11 members of his squad were killed.

by Steven D on Sun Apr 15th, 2007 at 03:42:40 PM EST
[ Parent ]

88. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

I don’t like people in general, so steven is wrong as far as where I am coming from. I especially don’t like liars, conmen and ward-heelers … (well, except for Eddie Izzard), so once I got it through my thick head that that was exactly what kos and his buddies were, what little regard I had was gone.

89. colleen - 15 April 2007

Hey Madman,

Thanks a lot. Creek Running North is a great read and one I shall return to frequently. It’s such a relief to discover that lots of other people get it

90. supervixen - 15 April 2007

Just got the vibe that we should send this abducted BBC reporter, Alan Johnston, all our love and positive energy, and our expectations to see him safe and sound again.

As he said here, in an article he wrote before his disappearance:

Palestinians are extremely hospitable people, and one of the dangers of being abducted here must be that you could get fed to death.

Scottish humor.

Please focus on him and do what you can.

91. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

I hate that men like Marcos and Lucious Vagina and what those men did to Ms. Sierra makes women feel like this.

92. liberalcatnip - 15 April 2007

#86. Most excellent. rofl

#87. kos, a “uniter”? Like Bush, maybe.

Emotions? This isn’t about “emotions”?

Big sale at Teh Clue Storez, Steven. Stock up now.

93. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

yvw colleen. I love stumbling across a really great insightful writer online, and then sharing them w/ others. It’s one of the best thing about teh internets.

94. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

so I’m watching the lacrosse players on 60 Minutes. While I’m sorry for what they went through, I can’t help but think “welcome to the world of THOUSANDS of poor men, black men, brown men, red men, po’ white trash men.”

I wonder if it crosses their mind that people face out-of-control DAs EVERYDAY, yet they can’t afford high-priced lawyers, they don’t have connected parents, that every day our “justice” system grinds up people and spits them out.

I wonder if they will become activists for justice? Somehow, I doubt it.

95. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

Dave Marsh talks about hypocritical rich black celebrities, rap and the racist history of Rudy Guiliani.

Presumably Roker and Whitlock are merely the warmup acts for the nation’s chief hater of rap, rock and black youth: Bill Cosby, who must have been out making pudding or something during last week’s contretemps. And where was that harridan against hip-hop excess, Oprah Winfrey, all week? The Imus mess certainly has given us a chance to observe the priorities of rich and powerful African-Americans-Cosby, Winfrey, Whitlock and Roker are all black.

Somehow, maybe it would be hard for you to understand why, I found much more frightening than the last Busta Rhymes album (arguably, the best of his career) this New York Times headline:

In Alabama, Giuliani Calls Confederate Flag a Local Issue

That is, the leading Republican Presidential candidate is making a naked appeal to states’ rights. If you’re too young to remember, states rights was the pretext for the Civil War and a hundred years of Jim Crow and lynching after it.

what, lynching is worse than bling and “Back that thing up?” Who knew? Anyway, he continues to outline some of the reasons I despise “Americas Mayor”.

Rudoph Giuliani has a history very similar to Don Imus, on whose show he was sometimes a guest, and more pertinently, to the last disgraced NYC talk show mouth, Bob Grant, an even more unapologetic racist. Rudy appeared quite frequently on Grant’s show before Bob got bounced off WABC for celebrating the death of Clinton’s African-American commerce secretary, Ron Brown, on the air. I’d say Rudy’s considerably worse than either Imus or Grant, though.

Grant used to refer regularly on his show to Mayor David Dinkins, Giuliani’s immediate predecessor, as “the washroom attendant,” and got away with it. But Giuliani empowered the racism of the New York Police Department in a special way. Giuliani used Grant’s bigot rhetoric to help make himself mayor. In the midst of his 1992 campaign against Dinkins, Rudy cheerfully appeared at a demonstration (which came closer to the description “riot”) of NYPD officers on the steps of City Hall. The cops were outraged that Dinkins had proposed a police review board run by civilians. Sure enough, one of the angry cops referred to Dinkins as “The Washroom Attendant.” Giuliani stepped to the mic, and said nothing about the slur. So he didn’t actually say the words but his unreserved support for the cops was endorsement enough.

During Rudy Giuliani’s terms as mayor, Amadou Diallo was murdered with 41 shots from gun-crazy cops.

While Rudy Giuliani was mayor, Abner Louima was raped with a broomstick by Rudy’s police.

During his mayoralty, Rudy Giuliani slashed the budget of the Civilian Complaint Review Board that was established over his protests. In its first five years, during all of which Giuliani was mayor, the CCRB received 20,000 complaints-4,000 a year. One cop lost his job-until the Louima rape. Then several went to jail. And having learned its lesson, the system allowed the Diallo cops to be tried upstate, instead of by a jury of New York City citizens.

After the Louima rape, Giuliani characterized as “shameful” his opponents efforts to publicize and politicize it.

96. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007

Oh, fuck you, Dave Marsh. Calling Oprah a “harridan” is just as bad as Imus’ bullshit. And if you can’t figure out how to use a fucking search engine, you can just kiss my fat White feminist ass.

Women’s Team To Appear On Oprah’s Show On Thursday

The Rolling Stone crowd is as much a nest of hypocritical wankers as DK could ever hope to be. Fuck ’em sideways.

97. supervixen - 15 April 2007

Thanks, Madman, for the Dave Marsh link. I’ve always liked his rock commentary and he kicks ass here.

It’s interesting that the most intelligent and hard-hitting critiques of our current administration are coming from the music writers and the arts writers, e.g., Frank Rich.

98. Kevin Lynch - 15 April 2007

It’s hard to keep your inspiration tuned in when there’s so much cluelessness floating in the aether. Here sits one man gnashing his teeth at the idiocy being displayed by his fellow XY recipients. What’s a guy to do? They’ve devolved beyond the caveman and are starting to recolonize the trees…

…which might just be about to burst into flames


99. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

Oprah has a long history of attacking musicians and lyricists. She’s a censor at heart, despite her book club, ALWAYS eager to lecture and chide youth, ESPECIALLY black youth, for not being hardworking or virtuous or “decent” enough.

I can’t stand her and her cultish following, especially in the last ten years or so. I especially despise what she said recently on her PR run promoting her little school in South Africa:

Oprah also knows that some people will complain that charity should begin at home, even though she has provided millions of dollars to educate poor children in the United States, especially via her Oprah Winfrey Scholars Program. But she sees the two situations as entirely different. “Say what you will about the American educational system—it does work,” she says. “If you are a child in the United States, you can get an education.” And she doesn’t think that American students—who, unlike Africans, go to school free of charge—appreciate what they have. “I became so frustrated with visiting inner-city schools that I just stopped going. The sense that you need to learn just isn’t there,” she says. “If you ask the kids what they want or need, they will say an iPod or some sneakers. In South Africa, they don’t ask for money or toys. They ask for uniforms so they can go to school.”

One of my dearest friends teaches in inner city Chicago, english and history. She doesn’t have current books. She can’t get materials. Sometimes at the beginning of the year she doesn’t have enough desks. There are no teachers guides for the books. No grading guides for the mandated tests. Her kids, even the “advanced placement” ones, have never, NEVER in their lives had adequate facilities, adequate materials. They live in a racist city which LOVES to target the black community. All of her kids know someone their age who died violently.




Fuck Oprah. “Harridan” is too kind a word.

100. supervixen - 15 April 2007

Madman, it was a mistake to watch Shifty Minutes. Don’t watch TV. Seriously! It’s a BAD thing.

101. D. Throat - 15 April 2007

Kos apologists in short:

“Kos doesn’t hate women… he just doesn’t like them.

102. supervixen - 15 April 2007

Hey Kevin, we’re here and we’re listening to you. What can we do to help your inspiration to get tuned in?

103. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007

Madman, my point is not that Oprah is a saint. My point is that Marsh is a supposedly legitimate journalist who A) Can’t use a fucking search engine apparently and B) Used a gender-based slur to attack Imus for using a gender-based slur.

I am not a fan of everything Counterpunch does, though I do like them. Often their music-related stuff is some of the most retrograde writing they have. Five million volumes drooling about Bob Dylan and barely anything to say about women artists, much less artists under fifty. It drives me crazy.

If Marsh wants to try putting out a fire with gasoline, that’s his own affair. I still think it’s hackery on his part.

104. marisacat - 15 April 2007

I consider Oprah a big big problem. She and Steadman both are quite conservative. happy to slam and often have poor to little to no good information.

I hve posted on her twice, once on NO (really really bad when she went down there and hung with Nagin and the Chief of Police, a real asshole) her show was loaded with lies and inaccuracies, things that served the white world (will find the link) and once on Frey. Frey was a loon, a fabricator and a marketer’s tool (Mrs Gay Talese) but you would have thought he had killed people. Richard Cohen was on stage and weighed in. What a pair of fakes RC and Oprah were. And of course Mrs GT and Frey. All the same.

Frey’s sins were far greater than George Bush. You would think…

I rarely watch her but geeesh. Bad information and wrong emphasis… and on US black school children she was HORRENDOUS. Throw her on the heap with Cosby.

I rather suspect there will be a trail of various falling out and scandal with her current love affair with black school girls in SA… if I recall what I have read there are already problems. And her dictate is, come get your girl if you don’t like it.


105. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

catnip’s new one is great.

Unfortunately sv, I am parked A LOT in front of the glass teat. Oops, “Amazing Race” just started! Go Oswald and Danny!

106. missdevore - 15 April 2007

busy day–of the moving furniture variety and arguing with my brother about operating systems.

the Vietnamese who run the store below are having a huge barbecue which they have invited me to. I asked what they where barbecuing–chicken? then the proprietor also pointed out the oysters and scampi. I must return shortly!

the vietnamese know how to eat–they are like the italians of asia.

107. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

“Harridan” discounts everything else in that piece. I’m sorry, but a scolding (even vicious) old woman describes her schtick pretty well. She’s a scold. She pushes fake new age hokum on her cult. She is a relentless flack for consumerism, LOVES to push the fake narrative that people should be able to “bootstrap” themselves out of their circumstances, constantly pushing the lie that the obstacles in people’s way, placed there by our corrupt corporations and the gov’t they own, are not really obstacles.

I despise Oprah. She’s a huckster, a snake-oil salesman, a faux humanist peddling empty nostrums.

108. marisacat - 15 April 2007

well I dunno.. I used to shake my head when I’d get my NYer back in the 90s and sigh and say ugh that bitch. At Tina Brown.

I was lectured at mediagirl for the red Thai poodle I used for Hillary. She will be doing far far worse to women, has already.

There are words I don’t use.. and I have links to those words being used elsehwere (not the famous cuntbitchwhore, but other words like skank and a few others, lg saying Elise is “a whore who charges for her services”, LOL Meteor Blades: Achtung! honey, get over there and lecture at MLW) but I think it is impossible to be PC all the time. In fact, I know I am not.

I’ll read the Marsh piece, did not yet…

109. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007

I covered it in #103, Mcat. Again, I am not arguing that Oprah is a saint. Only that Marsh is being pretty damn sloppy and stupid for a supposedly legit reporter. If I punctuated a critique of rap music with a bunch of racial slurs against rap artists, I’m think that would cut the legs from under any legitimate point I was trying to make. If Marsh fancies himself a champion of women (a long shot there, I know), he should reconsider using sexist slurs against them no matter how much grounds he has for disliking them. Plus, in this case, he was wrong to imply that Oprah was snubbing the players. It’s right there in print. She was not.

110. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007


I despise Oprah. She’s a huckster, a snake-oil salesman, a faux humanist peddling empty nostrums.

If Marsh had written that, I wouldn’t have had a problem. If he had checked to see if Oprah was planning to speak about the players, I wouldn’t have had a problem if he wanted to turn a jaundiced eye towards her motivations for doing so. Let it rip.

Men do not get old ? Men do not scold ? C’mon.

111. supervixen - 15 April 2007

Oh Miss D! Go down and eat!!

When my now-husband and I were first together, 20 years ago, we got an apartment in the outer reaches of Brooklyn, owned by elderly Sicilians who lived on the first floor. They were two sisters and a brother. They were very Old World and didn’t speak much English.

One summer day, the brother knocked on my door and offered me a bagful of ripe peaches. When I asked where they came from, he explained to me (by leading me by my hand out of the house and showing me) that he had grown them in the backyard, in an 5-gallon olive-oil can. There was an entire thriving peach tree in an olive-oil can!

But to get to my point: they invited us to their Christmas dinner, and of course we were busy having ours first. Then we went downstairs and joined them, just to be sociable, and we were overwhelmed. Pasta forte!

112. missdevore - 15 April 2007

Oprah’s ok with me if only for promoting “A Fine Balance” by Rohinton Mistry in her book club. I think it is second to only War & Peace, which actually is the greatest novel ever written.

113. marisacat - 15 April 2007

Just starting Dave marsh.. he’s got one thing right. We are NOT having a debate about race in this country (a little one, inside concertina wire, in the margins, maybe) but we ARE having a conversation about commerce.

114. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

again, one word discounts the whole piece? We’ve inherited a language that is saturated with sexist terms. As soon as someone uses one, EVERYTHING else is tossed out. Hell, Nietzsche is one of my favorite philosophers, and he was a terrible misogynist. Same goes for Harlan Ellison. The points of Marsh’s piece were that:

– wealthy black celebrities are hypocrites when it comes to attacking culture.

– Rudy rose to power using racism and increased racial tensions in the city when he was mayor, and will plainly use it again as he runs for President.

Marsh is seriously old school, and other than Joni, I can’t remember him ever particularly championing female artists. He worships at the Church of Bob (which a lot of people do, and yes it mystifies me too). Still doesn’t change all the other words in the piece.

115. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007

Okay, Mcat. That I don’t take issue with. But frankly, I do think it’s different if a woman like the regulars here uses a word like “Bitch” or what-have-you. I don’t question that you support freedom for women, nor moiv, nor sv, nor catnip. We can disagree on issues but that doesn’t make me doubt you. The women on this thread are not Dave Marsh and we did not grow up with male privilege. Just as I can respect Blacks if they feel that there’s a time and place for the N-Word, but I still will not use it– unless I am quoting Richard Wright or something. I don’t believe that it’s my place to use it.

116. marisacat - 15 April 2007

Plenty of men are scolds. That WAS one of Imus’s own underlying themes. He used lots of old time what I call “Irish Bitcher” ways. And by Irish Bitcher I mean men. My father had a streak of it. LOL We would jsut leave the house. It is spasmodic imo and really has a lot to do with personal frustration and unresolved rage.

117. marisacat - 15 April 2007

well I have no reason to use “nigger”.

When Stu Piddy first showed up with his diaries on NO, he was on fire… and he was using it the way a certain class of white people use it, he was representing their language. Most people got it… but after a while it got overbearing.. and AP/Auntie Peachy told him to cool it, it was over done.

Anyway back to marsh.

118. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007

Yeah, Madman, I do think it taints the whole piece. It makes me wonder at his motives. Just as I often wonder at the motives of men who use such language regardless of their politics. But that’s me. I have been let down about four billion times in this life by supposedly liberal and lefty men. I have earned the right to that distrust, which is not the same as saying that everything Marsh says about everything is wrong.

And I’m sorry to say that men my own age and younger are often misogynists, too. Isn’t Kos in his 30s ? Even if I believed that we can hide behind age in this era, when consciousness raising of all kinds is ours for the taking online, both men have had ample time to learn. They choose not to. Just as Ellison was smart enough to know that only a scumbag asshole gropes a fellow writer in full view of hundreds of fans, he chose to do it anyway. Nobody in their right mind should believe these guys when they play dumb about such shit makes women feel. They know, but they don’t care.

119. Kevin Lynch - 15 April 2007


Thanks for the support. But I don’t want to make my writers block your responsibility. There’s really nothing to do, just watch as idiot men get rightly beat down and feel guilty by association. My emotional states aren’t the worlds steadiest anyway. Meds help, and I probably need some therapy but can’t afford it. Given also that my writing talents are more suited to OpEd and Slice o’ Life pieces. It makes watching everyone here pulling data out from the crevices of time and space very humbling.

It might also be good to hear back from the woman who stood me up yesterday. Being able to tell if there was some kind of material problem on her end or if I was played for the fool would go a long way towards clearing my mood. Damned cell phone message systems (and women who won’t call back)


120. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

I just don’t have the patience or drive to scan through every piece scanning for correct language. I’m sorry it offended you, but I felt the overall worth of what he was saying was good to share, and I still do.

121. supervixen - 15 April 2007

I read The Secret because that’s my New Age bag. It was nothing new to me. It contained tidbits of valuable teachings, but shoddily presented. For example, the idea of Unlimited Abundance is presented in the book as “getting whatever you want”- the world is a catalog and you can pick and choose what you like. Just call up Lands End and ask for whatever you want!

But there’s nothing in the book about Giving.

The original writings that she borrowed from have quite a lot about Giving. Basically, you can’t get anything unless you give.

122. supervixen - 15 April 2007

#115 ms xeno: No, Dave Marsh has the right to use the word “harridan”. It is NOT like “cunt”. So relax.

123. marisacat - 15 April 2007

OK I have gone blind. The Dave Marsh piece in Counterpunch. I didn’t see Oprah mentioned. I had to use “find word” to find the two lines.

hmm I’d say watch her show and see if the Disney model (ABC) is what she runs. The women are interesting enough, the coach is interesting enough it should be about them… and probably time for her to meet some inner city (if they are) black achievers…but my guess half the show will be about black rap. And very mediocre, not informed..

This is what I wrote on her show on NO

As for Marsh, harsh. But I don’t know.. did she say anyting the 4th (the day it happened), 5th, 6th, 7th
or to continue with commerce is what she has to say about this related to the show appearance and she started saying something once a booking was made oR once her booker called the college (I assume that is how it was done)… once the story clarifed.

I don’t know.

Sorry, Marsh may have been harsh and or incorrect but Oprah? Just commerce.

124. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

there’s too much real magic in the world for me to spend it on magical thinking, but that works for me. People should find their own way … I just hate when spirituality is packaged as some simple-minded punchcard to happiness, which so much of the American new age is. I’ll stick to reading the original insights, myself.

125. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007

Well, that’s it then, sv. I’m leaving forever. Or at least long enough to mow the lawn and then get a snack. Damn foodies. [shakes fist]

126. supervixen - 15 April 2007

Mcat – isn’t Bill O’ Reilly a classic Irish Scold/Bitcher?

127. marisacat - 15 April 2007

well if Marsh cannot say “harridan” then I am sure I should drop something.

I just don’t think every single word counts… with the weight of a black ball… and he made good points. On Rudi, on how Dinkins was treated, on Roker (what a joke his comments were) I don’t know Whitlock… so no idea on him.

I just won’t discard an article for a word or even parts I disagree with.

I’d have to stop reading, pretty much.

128. marisacat - 15 April 2007

oh god O reilly is it incarnate. Shrink wrap and send him around. Let there never be another one…

I spent years arriving at home for a visit, when I lived on RUssian Hill and I stop at a side porch where the wine bottles were, grab a bottle and open it before I said “Hello”… because if I could get two glases of Cabernet down Papa there was less Irish Bitcher.


129. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

Whitlock is a black sports writer for the Kansas City Star who’s been trotted out all over CNN to support Imus and go after Sharpton, Jackson and rappers.

Thank you, Don Imus. You’ve given us (black people) an excuse to avoid our real problem.

You’ve given Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson another opportunity to pretend that the old fight, which is now the safe and lucrative fight, is still the most important fight in our push for true economic and social equality.

You’ve given Vivian Stringer and Rutgers the chance to hold a nationally televised recruiting celebration expertly disguised as a news conference to respond to your poor attempt at humor.

Thank you, Don Imus. You extended Black History Month to April, and we can once again wallow in victimhood, protest like it’s 1965 and delude ourselves into believing that fixing your hatred is more necessary than eradicating our self-hatred.

The bigots win again.

While we’re fixated on a bad joke cracked by an irrelevant, bad shock jock, I’m sure at least one of the marvelous young women on the Rutgers basketball team is somewhere snapping her fingers to the beat of 50 Cent’s or Snoop Dogg’s or Young Jeezy’s latest ode glorifying nappy-headed pimps and hos.

I ain’t saying Jesse, Al and Vivian are gold-diggas, but they don’t have the heart to mount a legitimate campaign against the real black-folk killas.

btw, I only mention that he’s black because that was the job he was brought on to do for the corporate media: be the “sensible” black to redirect the energy back at the real problem … black people.

130. supervixen - 15 April 2007

I spent years arriving at home for a visit, when I lived on RUssian Hill and I stop at a side porch where the wine bottles were, grab a bottle and open it before I said “Hello”… because if I could get two glases of Cabernet down Papa there was less Irish Bitcher.

Been there, done that.

And even so, struggling through all that crap, my dad was a staunch feminist. He would die before he let anyone say that women were inferior to men. Maybe because he was Protestant.

131. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

oops, the last paragraph is me … apparently I didn’t close the blockquote right.

132. missdevore - 15 April 2007

oh the barbeque was great–scampi, oysters and this marinated cut of beef that was delicious. my SIL, who just moved back to town dropped by, and they hired her starting tomorrow (she worked there as a florist under a different owner years ago)

133. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 April 2007

I love vietnamese food … I’m so jealous.

134. marisacat - 15 April 2007

Oh SV mine too.

I still ahve a letter he wrote to me, about some young women working the season at Squaw Valley, I was away at school in the late 60s… about how wonderful they were and too likely to marry schlumpfs who would never appreciate them… not in a sexist way, in an admiring way.. And the differences between men and women. A GREAT letter.


New Thread


135. ms_xeno - 15 April 2007

I’m sorry it offended you…

“Offend” might be too strong, Madman. “Irritated,” maybe. And it’s not a question of “scanning” so much as trying to be an educated consumer, especially of prestigious journalists. Who I expect more of than bloggers, even if I rarely get it.

136. bayprairie - 15 April 2007

some of us would rather fight for change than “have fun” by blowing a lot of hot air and engaging in impeachment porn.

by kos on Fri Dec 22, 2006 at 12:36:42 PM PDT

“rather fight for change”
/\ —- :::should read::::

loose change

also if the vipers put together a bowling team send that annalize5 a bowling shirt. that lady knows how to hurl cites.

137. bayprairie - 15 April 2007

alignment off! i hate it when that happens.
wordpress autostrips leading spaces!

138. Kos | ¡Para Justicia y Libertad! - 17 April 2007

[…] people long before this consequence. The irony, she has been harassed and is considered to be a pariah among some of the B-listers who are now complaining about King Koz. Very interesting, as wilfred and I had been banned the […]

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