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A thread by any other name… 29 April 2007

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

anti Iraq war street art ,Spain, 2003
Justicia Infinita?: anti Afghanistan war street art, Spain, 2002

would be just as useful… 8)



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 April 2007

All the President’s Press

Somehow it’s hard to imagine David Halberstam yukking it up with Alberto Gonzales, Paul Wolfowitz and two discarded “American Idol” contestants at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. Before there was a Woodward and Bernstein, there was Halberstam, still not yet 30 in the early 1960s, calling those in power to account for lying about our “progress” in Vietnam. He did so even though J.F.K. told the publisher of The Times, “I wish like hell that you’d get Halberstam out of there.” He did so despite public ridicule from the dean of that era’s Georgetown punditocracy, the now forgotten columnist (and Vietnam War cheerleader) Joseph Alsop.

It was Alsop’s spirit, not Halberstam’s, that could be seen in C-Span’s live broadcast of the correspondents’ dinner last Saturday, two days before Halberstam’s death in a car crash in California. This fete is a crystallization of the press’s failures in the post-9/11 era: it illustrates how easily a propaganda-driven White House can enlist the Washington news media in its shows. Such is literally the case at the annual dinner, where journalists serve as a supporting cast, but it has been figuratively true year-round. The press has enabled stunts from the manufactured threat of imminent “mushroom clouds” to “Saving Private Lynch” to “Mission Accomplished,” whose fourth anniversary arrives on Tuesday. For all the recrimination, self-flagellation and reforms that followed these journalistic failures, it’s far from clear that the entire profession yet understands why it has lost the public’s faith.

2. missdevore - 29 April 2007

Iraqi artists muralizing the barriers:


(laugh at Tiny Earl if you must, but I got sick of reading the FAQs! I ‘ll figure it out eventually.)

3. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

Any link in a storm, miss d. Any link in a storm.

Glad you liked the Lynn clip.

BTW, are those abstracts you picked up big or small ? I like them.

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 April 2007

Gonzales Heckled at Harvard Reunion

A small group of student protesters, including one wearing a black hood and an orange jumpsuit, heckled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales as he posed with old classmates Saturday during their 25-year Harvard Law School reunion.

“When the photographer was getting everybody set up and having people say ‘cheese,’ the protesters yelled: ‘say torture, instead,’ ‘resign’ and ‘I don’t recall,'” said Nate Ela, a protester and third-year student.

5. missdevore - 29 April 2007

ms_xeno –9″x5″. Hope to someday afford her stuff that is 9’x5′ or larger. There is a gallery in Philly that carries her (Rosenfeld) & also Jack Fisher in SF. (http://www.jackfischergallery.com/harris_sintamarian/)

6. supervixen - 29 April 2007

Answer to Miss D from the earlier thread: no, I didn’t meet Veruschka – she was a model from a few years later, where the fashion style was going from distant elegance to something more primitive, hanging from vines etc.

7. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 April 2007

The press is a joke, Mitm. The Canadian Press got it right when their new neocon pol. decided to emulate Bush and tell them how he would be dealing with them from now on. They did not show up for his next news conference.

Great baby pic in the last thread Supervixen. I have a broken scanner so can’t post baby pics – maybe when I get a new one.

Good for those students at Harvard – That’s the way to treat rogue politicians, with the same disrespect they treat the American people. He had to leave quickly, I read.

Rove didn’t do much better on one of his outings this weekend.

Btw, it didn’t take long. Apparently there is a move to prevent Gravel from participating in any more debates. There is also a petition circulating to keep him in. He doesn’t have much money, but says he’ll ‘hitch-hike if I have to’ to the next debate.

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 April 2007

god forbid any REAL debate happen. I hope he finds a way to hang in there. Hell, if they exclude him, he should bring a group of protesters with him and heckle from the audience.

9. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

miss d, I’ve always been partial to smaller pieces. I think it stems from living with these low ceilings…

sv, that shot of you makes me think of Roberta Gregory’s Bitchy Bitch strip in which a middle-aged woman gets her self-help books confused. Which leads to her “inner child” and her “inner slut” having a combination tea ‘n costume party while she sits sulking by herself elsewhere. :p

10. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

Well, the Demos who had nothing to say about the (cough) exclusion in ’00 but want to get all huffy now about poor old Gravel… etc. If I were a brave soul I’d go over to Kos and put a bug in their ear about it, but– nah. Think I’ll go see if there’s any beer left instead.

11. marisacat - 29 April 2007

Well Nader should not have been excluded from the presidential debates.

But Gravel as a primary candidate being excluded from DEMOCRATIC, which he is, primary debates is also not right.

12. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 April 2007

And on the ongoing saga of the DC Madame:

ABC’s Ross: DC Madam’s List Includes White House & Pentagon Officials


“There are thousands of names, tens of thousands of phone numbers,” Ross said. “And there are people there at the Pentagon, lobbyists, others at the White House, prominent lawyers — a long, long list.” Ross added that the women who worked for the service, potentially as prostitutes, “include university professors, legal secretaries, scientists, military officers.”

On Friday, Ross broke the news that U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Randall Tobias had frequented the escort service. Ross added new details to that story tonight, recounting how he asked Tobias in a telephone interview “if he knew any of the young women, their names. He said he didn’t remember them at all. He said it was like ordering pizza.”

I wonder if Tobias had condoms handy, just in case. A question that I hope the women he compares to take-out pizza can answer, considering his position on supplying condoms to citizens of third world countries.

13. marisacat - 29 April 2007

military officers.”

ooooooooooooo pretty sure working as a prostitute, however the madame characterises the game, is against the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

What a HOOT!!!!

14. missdevore - 29 April 2007


15. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

No argument there, Mcat. But my point (if I thought most Kozzies had two brain cells to rub together) is that exclusion of the those furthest from the inside is never enough for bullies. Given the go-ahead, they will expand their horizons. The original excuse of exclusion being inevitable because the challenger wouldn’t obey all the rules doesn’t hold. The challengers who do obey also get locked out, soon enough.

16. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 April 2007

Ms xeno, they will end the primaries as fast as they can, as they did last time, because their carefully scripted message can be de-railed, even by someone who is mainstream (as I believe Gravel is especially on the war, health-care, torture etc. if you go by the polls). It is they who are out of the mainstream, so you are right.

I read a few comments on DK today, most of the normal people there liked Gravel and want him in the debates. The usual suspects thought he did a good job of upstaging Kucinich (which they are happy about) by being ‘batshit crazy’ and even more ‘out of the mainstream’ than Kucinich.

So first they have to get Gravel out, next Kucinich and then on down the line until only Edwards, Obama and Hillary are left. Just as you said. No room for anyone who might raise real issues which the chosen ones might have a problem dealing with.

17. missdevore - 29 April 2007

ms_xeno–I had a very close call with computer damage–it should teach me to laugh at my own internal jokes.

I was thinking on the song title thang of the previous post, and suddenly, remembering how whoeverthefuckitwas said that men were required to remove their genitals before entering Marisacat’s site–I thought of : “I Left My Parts on MCat’s Doormat” to the tune of ” I left my heart, etc”

thankfully only a small sip of drink was in my mouth and the keyboard was only splattered superficially.

18. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

It never hurts a man to be adaptable, miss d. Personally, I never remove my genitals while posting here but I do wear my double-wide chastity belt with a rather elegant vintage bronze padlock. I attached a red satin devil-tail to the back seat after learning that OG&P is the Official Final Resting Place of the Damned ™.

19. marisacat - 29 April 2007

BTW, Fallows has a piece up at HuffPo on Tenet. Not harsh enough and of course he does the wimp American thing he adds an addendum that perhaps he is too harsh.


The thread is GREAT: Lots of vitriol for the traitors.

And, meant to add earlier, Powell has TWO Presidential Medals of Freedom.

What a bunch and the Dems who facilitated and so want to fellate most of them, most of the time.

20. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 April 2007

Lol, Marisacat, the ‘military theme’ seems to be a big turn-on for DC types, remember Jeff Gannon?

Oh, and I have lost the link, but ‘toe-licker’ Dick Morris has also been called as a ‘witness’! Lol! Seems he may have ‘slipped’ again!

Three names so far, Ullman of ‘shock and awe’ infamy, Randall ‘abstinence and faithfulness’ Tobias and Dick Morris!

I wonder if there are any Preachers on her list?


Miss D, I am working on your assignment ‘Dead to Me’ but I need a new song –

21. missdevore - 29 April 2007

Wonder what Dems are on her list. Harry Reid? “He wanted me to wear his pink satin Everlasts…..”

22. marisacat - 29 April 2007

I had noticed Dick Morris mentioned. LOL.

My own guess, Tobias and others not only had condoms (but none for Africa, they get to PRAY) but also: viagra.

I wanna know what the madam’s “staff” packed for an evening “out”.

23. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

S.B., luckily for me all those shenanigans are no skin off my nose. I took the pledge after Kucinich’s melt-a-way act in ’04. I can appreciate the criticisms in the earlier weekend thread but shameful truth: If he had demonstrated a real will to make trouble for Kerry over the war I would have excused just about everything else.

And if I fall off the wagon again I’m sure none of you will let me hear the end of it. :p

24. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

He wanted me to wear his pink satin Everlasts…..”

I’ll put them over my head before, during, and after, Harry. If I have to look at you even once I charge double…

25. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 April 2007

Hey, we vags could have been contenders! We could have had ‘acccccesssss’! Lol! Although I know a blog where access is of far more importance! To think they wasted all that bandwidth on a few bloggers struggling for access themselves, when they could have been take-outs for the real power brokers and made some money along the way!! I hear as much as $300 to $500 an hour! And they could have put all those sexy clothes they only type about, to good use!

Now I’m getting ‘catty’ – but really, professors and military officers, students? Access and money, so what if they were quickly relegated to the status of a piece of pie (well, pizza) it sure beats spending hours and hours online desperately trying to get to the fp of a blog!

26. missdevore - 29 April 2007

Stephen Hadley, on his, fruitless, thus far, search to outsource his job to a war czar (from nytimes):

“What we need,” he said in a recent interview, “is someone with a lot of stature within the government who can make things happen.”


27. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 April 2007

Mitm, those commenters on Huff Post are excellent. Sheila, the second commenter I think, posted a superb comment.

Why on earth is he apologizing for being ‘too harsh’ on Tenet?

Sounding harsh is not attractive,

Bloody war in even less attractive – and so is torture which Tenet will not talk about.

And I totally agree with this comment:

Tenet is a slug, absolute slime. But what is interesting is his “pin the rap on Cheney” story that lets little Georgie off the hook.

Why do I suspect that Daddy Bush, the old CIA hand, got to Tenet and told him how to spin this tale?

By: urbangreen on April 28, 2007 at 12:49am

Yes, absolutely. Tenet, according to the reviews of his book, claims that Bush is still a nice guy! Urbangreen hit the nail on the head, I think. There is absolutely no other reason why Tenet would still be praising the worst president ever, unless someone got to him. Or he’s part of the whole Bush ‘new world order’ crowd himself.

28. marisacat - 29 April 2007

yeah but access was to Rahm, Reid (I have always thought Reid considers the tied together B-B-Blahgs part of his ‘rapid response”, what a joke) and the like.

LOL… 😉

Or access, for liegemen and Blog Maids (quite interchangable!) to the likes of Kos. Or shudder, the Philly sub section. Lordy.

29. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

For some reason I’m reminded of an obscure Joe Jackson song:

…I like the candy floss and all the rides
And feeling inside out in my insides
I guess I’m fucking nearly everyone
Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever come…

— from 1-2-3-Go (This Town’s A Fairground)

30. marisacat - 29 April 2007

Tell Hadley enough has “happened”.

We’d like all sides to decamp DC for a while.

In session government is a danger.

31. Miss Devore - 29 April 2007

more like a “vapid response team”

32. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

“rapid repose team ?”

33. marisacat - 29 April 2007

Honestly I underestmated the surge. I did not think it could get FUNNIER (warning: no liquids in the mouth):

Self-appointed arbiters of taste, propriety, truth, justice and the American Way, are you?

I have changed in the 3 years I’ve been blogging here.

I have become more informed than anyone I have ever known or know now.

Which has, in turn, made me angrier than ever before. And the truth of the matter is, the fact that I am so well informed has apparently made me increasingly ill-suited to a site like this, where the signal-to-noise ratio has obviously hit rock bottom levels.

hmmmmmmm. Hard to add anything to that. But of course she did.

Again, if they are so cleansed of Kos, they ALL need to detach from Advertising Liberally. There are other options.

34. missdevore - 29 April 2007

the image that should be stamped on powell’s & tenet’s medals of freedom (al-jazzera via Juan Cole):

“‘ Television images showed a man running down a smoke-filled street holding a lifeless baby above his head. Smoke was rising off the baby. Ambulances had rushed to the blast scene in Kerbala, 100 km southwest of Baghdad. ‘”

35. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

Uhm, Ladies, The Washington Post

Jason Melrath – you listening, boy ?

Markos, it’s14 minutes and counting on the Warhol fame Scale.

Staff opening comingsoon i tink at Congressman Hode’s office.

Online activism- ain’t it great?!

36. marisacat - 29 April 2007

NO LIQUIDS In the mouth. She claims enlightenment via……… Madman.

I remember that post. A classic.

And I’ll never be able to say for sure, but I SUSPECT it was one of the first posts that made me start questioning the purpose and direction of DKos.

You might say I started getting metaphysical after being exposed to pieces like Madman’s and other prominent dissenters who either went out in blazes of glory or faded away after quietly speaking their pieces…

And now here I am, better late than never, I suppose — cast out into the same wilderness for the same offenses. What kept me immune for so long? My own ambivalence? Cowardice? Or just my infuriating inability to grasp the truth until I’ve examined every fucking inch of it while all around me the walls crumble and the floor beneath me cracks, the wins blows away the roof in huge strips and I’m left standing in a torrential downpour of acid rain?

Yeesh. I think I just maimed a metaphor.

-9.63, -7.03 If I can’t rant, I don’t want to be part of your revolution.

by: Maryscott O’Connor @ Sun Apr 29, 2007 at 17:34:39 PM PDT

[ Parent ]

A reformed operative. Now that the whole thing is creaky as hell.

Hand her the Mcnamara memorial hanky.

37. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

The above story is a Monday Morning Dateline, FP’d on Wapo ‘s web site, at 1 A Monday Morning EST. Let’s see where the tip o’ the iceberg lands on the Morning Edition.

38. missdevore - 29 April 2007

Mcat–has kos put his thought process thru his calculator and given her the thumbs down?

39. marisacat - 29 April 2007


thanks for that I am just onto page 2. Should put a damper on their lifestyle online.. but hard to say. I notice someone over at MLW defending the boyz, big time. SOmeone that DD threatened to deck. To hit and knock unconscious… a woman of course. Who do the Boyz hate?



Miss Devore,

has she crawled all the way to the kos house… YET… LOL


Elsewhere in the thread Blog Cudge says he knows where Kos lives. Address and all. I’d be worrying, I consider BC a full on nutter.

I nudged him out of here pronto.

40. missdevore - 29 April 2007

Stations of the Kos proceeding up highway 101….kos wishing he’d stayed in Oakland…

41. marisacat - 29 April 2007

Well if people have his address and phone number.. he has been indiscrete.

I repeat… one reason I have been very careful. The whole of the Blahgs are peopled with newer masks over old time Dem thugs.

Riddled with operatives and low level wannabes and hangers on and and and.

Not a great bunch. Even on a good day of the week.

BC wanted to dump here about Msoc (I have posted separately his three long slobbering bitchy comments about her) and was shocked no one was too interested in his screams. Then he wanted, via email, SV (as she has posted here) to share some imagined secrets about Dkos iwth him. When she did not even bother to answer him for a coupld of days (and brushed him off) he sent an email full of invective.

You have GOT to wonder at these people.

42. marisacat - 29 April 2007

Evening news in SF… Arnold, Dellums (now mayor of oakland) and Newsom all over at the collapsed “fly over”, the connectors for 880 and 580 (major arteries, huge feeders), the feeder freeways to the Bay Bridge.

What a mess. “tens of millions of dollars”.

43. supervixen - 29 April 2007

About Blogging Curmudgeon: he/she emailed me for a few days, fishing about financial dirt re: Markos, a subject which I know nothing about. When I didn’t respond immediately, Blogging Curmudgeon got nasty and declared that I was a terrible person and she/he would never contact me again. Oh Well! OK! Please continue that thought!

44. supervixen - 29 April 2007

quote from msoc:

What kept me immune for so long? My own ambivalence? Cowardice? Or just my infuriating inability to grasp the truth until I’ve examined every fucking inch of it while all around me the walls crumble and the floor beneath me cracks, the wins blows away the roof in huge strips and I’m left standing in a torrential downpour of acid rain?

The phrase “Dumb as a box of rocks” comes to mind.

45. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

I just want SV’s secrets for the perfect dish of tiny potatoes.

Otherwise, I’ll have to do something drastic, like go out to eat…

46. supervixen - 29 April 2007

Oh yeah, talking about NH Congressman Hodes and his bullying dipshit “chief of staff” – I’m politically active in NH, and I’ll raise holy hell about it when I eventually meet up with Hodes.

I’ll say, “Do you know that your chief of staff is an abusive asshole?” and then hand him copies of DH’s rants. “What do you have to say about that?”

47. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 April 2007

Thanks BHHM – I started out on a site that included both right and left commenters. It was nasty and a real awakening to me. I was threatened often and nearly left but I have to say that even rightwingers did come to my defense (and themselves were harrassed for doing so).

The site had a ‘private message’ box which was often used by abusive rightwingers especially towards women posters, to send threatening messages. That box could also be used to direct what they called ‘nukes’ at a poster which could crash a computer. Nothing was ever done about it. The sexist attacks were not limited to women, though. Vile, abusive vitriol was aimed at both women and men and it always came from rightwingers.

Because of that experience, and the fact that the ‘lefties’ were rarely abusive, I stupidly thought that this was a rightwing problem. But when I first discovered dk I recognized similar behavior (minus the vicious verbal sexual assaults). The nasty, verbal attacks on other commenters seemed to come directly from the rightwing playbook that I was so familiar with, and was aimed mostly at other democrats. The stifling of anything that was not acceptable, the cowardly bullying, all of it, made me wonder about that site from the beginning.

Imo, they were deliberately emulating the rightwing, They thought it was ‘cool’ to act ‘tough’. But as someone who did not leave (I hate and despise bullies) the first site, and as a result learned just how cowardly those attackers were, from the beginning at dk I was not fooled at all by the weakness of those who engaged in the behavior. But I was shocked to see it on a so-called ‘liberal’ site.

Kos and his minions are no different from those bullies. And his post on the Sierra controversy, along with his defenders, imo was an attempt to try to defend behavior that at long last is no longer being accepted. They thought they were cool. People like elise and NPK were so obvious in trying to show how ‘tough’ they were in order to be accepted. It was pathetic to watch. Kos’ ‘brand’ as they like to say, is now old and worn out. It was the early days of the blogging world when rightwingers had free reign. But as more and more people came online and refused to be impressed by their thuggish behavior, it became less and less effective and more and more stereotypical.

I am glad this is getting atttention, but I would not exclude other women from the charge of being abusive. Just as on DK where the women join in the abuse, the same was true of those abusive rightwingers. The women tagged along, showing their ‘menfolk’ just how tough they were. It is a mob mentality that hopefully is on its way to extinction.

DK was modeled on rightwing thuggery, imo. Kos is in danger of having to give up what he has thinks was what made his blog a success (wrong, it was the great writers, most now gone, who did that) or find himself being used as an example of what is no longer acceptable.

There is a long, sad record of abusive behavior on that blog. And imo, that is why he was so upset by the attention Sierra got. But leopards can’t change their spots so I doubt anything will change there. Otoh, it may be that those who so willingly joined the roving mobs of diary kops wll not be so proud to admit that they were once a ‘kossack’.

48. supervixen - 29 April 2007

ms – x: Oh, tiny shrieking potatoes! Well, the secret to any potato recipe is BUTTER! in HUGE amounts! I have that concept copyrighted.

49. missdevore - 29 April 2007

Clue store sale in honor of msoc b-day:

in most of msoc’s “challenges” to dk, aravia came along and slapped her down, so then she’d back off & apologize. and then declare her undying friendship for big toot.

and now..well, he can only offer her cyber diamonds at MLW and demand she drive the snakes out of her site.

50. supervixen - 29 April 2007

In my last few days of being away from Pop/Blog Culture and studying New Age stuff, I met some interesting people. One of them was a woman in her 60s who was as sleek and darkhaired as if she were in her 40s. She said that she had grown up in Puerto Rico. She said that when she was about five years old, she realized that Catholicism was crazy because it didn’t recognize women. Since that time,l her life has been a constant struggle.

MSOC’ vs. this woman: compare and contrast.

51. marisacat - 29 April 2007

isn’t this about the point where they declare their love and darlingness for each other?

Seems I recall that sort of behavior.

So is she on I-5 heading for the East Bay?



OK count me as the sceptic. I don’t expect much change at Dkos. Not fundamental change. kos is what he is, a slick, but not too slick and LOL kinda dumb, opportunist who latched on in a vacuum and hung on, sold himself up the line…

Remember how Armstrong ws a [SEC investigated and prhibited from further stock trade work] tout and charlatan. Still a market for all of that (in fact I am getting spam for stocks again, just like years ago in the era of the “day traders”)

These are just knuckle draggers, Dem party thugs. Some veneer here and there, pretty thin and pretty scratched… but they are nothing more. Politics is a dirty business and some of what one can track thru Dkos and the other sites is normally a little more hidden. But nothing new.

It won’t be changing, the party won’t ask it to.

Just my opinon. Kinda like all the protestations of Msoc. She rearranged her screaming over the years, nothing more. She is no different than she was when she arrived from the Kerry blog in spring of 2004, where she could not quite pull the shit she pulls. Dkos suited her. Bullies all.

And still dysfunctional people, rubbing up against each other, calling it politics.

52. supervixen - 30 April 2007

Further: this woman is one ornery bitch. She said that when she recently went back to PR to visit, she went to the local video store and picked up the only lesbian video she could find there, and went to check it out. The young dude running the place looked at it and said politely “Excuse me ma’am, do you realize that this is for women who like women?” She said, “Yes, I live in the US and I realize we have to keep up with the times – civlization is advancing!”

53. missdevore - 30 April 2007

MOB has posted about utilizing an “inherent contempt” provision to compell condi’s testimony to Congress-then kills my beautiful dream by calling it too extreme.

Needless to say, I piped up.

54. ms_xeno - 30 April 2007

SV, I concur about the butter. Also like to simmer the little shriekers in a bit of vegetable stock for about ten minutes before the final baking. Adds a certain something…

55. missdevore - 30 April 2007

nice story, svix.

Mcat–she could be flying there on one left wing and a promise.

I’m thinking kos will take the pontius pilate approach.

56. marisacat - 30 April 2007

5hearts posts from when Kos entered a thread and banned madman.

Honestly you have to laugh. Most people at that site (not 5hearts, but most there) did not make much in the way of moves till BlogRoll Scandale. Oh they bitched and moaned, but they played along with Msoc and Armando and eugene and others. It is just an extension. The crazy aunt in the closet, a place to net the butterflies.

Sorry: NOT independent, however much they think they are. Good lord, Armando still links to Kos, to kagro to mcjoan and so on. He natters on darkly about DhinMI and how this that or the other is responsible. BULLSHIT. Msoc relies on her dysfunctional sick relations with kos and others, mostly men at Dkos.

Sorry!! Not independent.

Good people who never played along with the Dkos shit have been banned for years.

just remember that you were not the first… (9.00 / 1)

this bit o’ orange history should be a “must read” for anyone involved in the conversation here….

by: 5hearts @ Sun Apr 29, 2007 at 17:23:29 PM PDT
[ Reply ]


and just in case you don’t want to read the
whole thing:

HisSelf chimes in here:

Okay, you finally got me to bite (4.00 / 3)

I’ve resisted entreaties to ban you from a lot of people, not just Armando. But seriously, calling Tester and Kaine “Republican Trojan Horses” is my last straw.

I’m sure I’ll hear plenty of people cry about this, but I’m sick and tired of this “vichy Dem” crap. There might be a time and place for it, but smearing good Democrats in tough states as “Republicans” is ridiculous.

But I suspect this has been your goal all along, to continue to be increasingly obnoxious and inflammatory until you were banned, so you could then be the martyr and cry to the world about your truths being silenced by the Big Bad Vichy Dem Censors.

So congratulations, you’ve got your martyr status. Have fun wielding it.

by kos on Sun Dec 04, 2005 at 02:06:46 PM PDT

[ Parent ]

It is an old old pattern for anyone who is watching, and the charge of martyr/victim/drama queen/king was wielded *waaay* before Maryscott came to prominence…

This history lesson has been brought to you by SUNDAY AFTERNOON IN TEXAS — where, as of tyhis writing, no more bombs have been placed (since earlier this week in Austin)

by: 5hearts @ Sun Apr 29, 2007 at 17:28:09 PM PDT

[ Parent ]


Kos can copy and paste that comment

It’s an all purpose, one size fits all comment for prominent dissidents.

Only problem is, they’re all gone. Maryscott was the last. Madman in the Marketplace was one in a string of victims.

Good to see that Kos rewarded Armando’s loyalty, though…with a banning.

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard. Visit me at http://bloggingcurmudgeon.blogspot.com/

by: The BloggingCurmudgeon @ Sun Apr 29, 2007 at 17:41:34 PM PDT

[ Parent ]

57. Sabrina Ballerina - 30 April 2007

Miss D, who is MOB?

SV, re Hodes, if you need any backup when you tell him about the asshole who works for him, I don’t think you’ll have a problem. But if Hodes doesn’t care, then we can donate time and money to his opponent in the next primary.

Remember how Armstrong ws a [SEC investigated and prhibited from further stock trade work] tout and charlatan. marisacat

Yes, I remember that. It doesn’t bother the hard-core kossacks that their ‘blogfather’ is a crook. Which reminds of Ms Devore’s ‘Our Blogfather’ prayer which I would insert here if I could find it. Lol!

58. marisacat - 30 April 2007

Right on cue, who pops up at the place:

Excuse me

You do not knwo what you speak of. Madman had been accusing me and Kos of being corrupt, on the taker, for months before that thread.
Daily Kos mayu be all TBC says, but dso not lie about what MAdman accused me and others of.

IT was a libel of the worst sort.

Enjoy him as you wish, but the lies he spewed are there for the record.

by: Armando @ Sun Apr 29, 2007 at 22:50:37 PM PDT

[ Parent ]

Libel. That’s a good one.

Oh the third tier attys. Adam B Armando, DD and others.

tiny shrieking potatoes. Dem party thugs and organisers, whips… and whannabes.

59. missdevore - 30 April 2007

“Martin, oops, Booman” (credit to MCat for the acronym)

where is aravia posting that-mlw?

60. marisacat - 30 April 2007

Whambulance for Armando…

So you found his accusation of me as corrupt

brilliant do you?

Thi sis EXACTLY what is wrong with the groupthink at MLW. You have a good point and then move on to defending the enemy of your enemy.

You do know who Madman’s closest ally in the blogs is don’t you? Marisacat.

Madman did to me what Marisacat does to you.

Fairness is a concept ignored at daily kos AND MLW.

by: Armando @ Sun Apr 29, 2007 at 22:52:46 PM PDT

[ Parent ]

I haven’t done anything to poor sodden Msoc. She did it all herself. OVer and voer.

Still legging it up I-5 to get to Kos I bet.

61. marisacat - 30 April 2007

it’s riding at the top of her FP. her latest long slobber on the Greatest Banning Ever.

62. BooHooHooMan - 30 April 2007

Sabrina Ballerina

Your assessment is spot on that Armstrong, Moulitzas, et al:

“.. were deliberately emulating the rightwing, They thought it was ‘cool’ to act ‘tough’. But as someone who did not leave (I hate and despise bullies) the first site, and as a result learned just how cowardly those attackers were, from the beginning at dk I was not fooled at all by the weakness of those who engaged in the behavior. But I was shocked to see it on a so-called ‘liberal’ site.”

SB , We both know it —

.. does not exclude other women from the charge of being abusive.

In my time of regular reading and participation on Markos site, I found the behavior of the women cheerleaders/psychos to be more than bizarre.

Truth is, nobody on that site knows shit about Marcos or Jerome or any real background about the Front Pagers. Forget “People Powered”, No one has been vetted even on a street cred sense. That is about to change.

I’d suggest a new nickname for Markos: Earnest. The boy has been earnest in talkin shit and hyping himself, he must be given that.

“Markos’ Living Room” was Hunter’s redundent best in groping to rationalize the most illiberal of behavior on DK.
“Just leave” is wise counsel from objective observers of the blogs.

Fine and good, but THOSE Dickheads live in MY neighborhood.: Civil Rights, Choice, Economic Environmental and Legal justice.

Back to Hunter’s use of “Markos Living Room”:
Fine. Wannabe the new folks on the block? Throw a fundraiser? Invite the neighbors in? Impress the grownups?

Then don’t be dicks. Don’t engage in boorish and abusive behavior. Deal with your children with behavioral problems.

Fuck those dickheads.I left the party while the band played on. What do I know?

Maybe fundraisers at titty bars are the mark of progress.

63. missdevore - 30 April 2007

I shouldn’t be up this late, but it is hard to fall asleep after laughing so much!

I am picturing the trip, watching msoc shine in her first starring role in “Futile Attraction”.

64. BooHooHooMan - 30 April 2007

Just not in my neighborhood. I’m lookin to run ’em out.

65. marisacat - 30 April 2007

I threw ONE carcass in the dumpster

You executed yourself.

by: Armando @ Sun Apr 29, 2007 at 23:08:04 PM PDT

[ Parent ]


66. supervixen - 30 April 2007

Oh it’s so unfair for Armando – he can’t pursue his campaign of bullying people all over the net! How sad!

He’ll have to go somewhere and wave his tiny dick in a really small pond. Gosh, I wonder what small pond that will be?

67. missdevore - 30 April 2007

Now she is dead to herself!

luv the perfect thug imagery from aravia.

68. missdevore - 30 April 2007

svix–Jeralyn affords him only a couple slipped links on the choke collar:

” Then you have not read me very well (none / 0) (#7)
by Big Tent Democrat on Mon Apr 30, 2007 at 01:42:44 AM EST
Leaders lead, not herd.

A LEADER thinks, formulates and carries out a plan.

The plan, for policy, political, and MORAL reasons, should be NOT funding the war after a date certain.

Your comment seems utterly removed from the process I have gone through and described on this issue for the past 4 months.

Frankly, it annoys and frustrates me no end.

Please try to read what I havbe written before engaging in such condescension as that comment.

It is very much NOT appreciated by me. “

69. supervixen - 30 April 2007

Oh yeah, Aravia is the Perfect Thug.

All this commentary from people about how brilliant his diaries are/were, etc. but nobody can actually REMEMBER WHAT THE FUCK HE SAID.

All you need to do is wave the Big Dick. Got that?

70. supervixen - 30 April 2007

Thanks Miss D:

“It is very much NOT appreciated by me. “

He must have been an Only Son.

“It is not to my desiring.”

71. missdevore - 30 April 2007

just remember his sig line…something like “My SCROTUM is extraordinary” ?

72. marisacat - 30 April 2007

oh I laughed so hard I was gasping: My scrotum is extraordinary.

Thank you what a hoot.

Off to make cofee. Warm night… and I slept during the day…so wakeful now..


Glad the animals are performing. Amusement!

73. BooHooHooMan - 30 April 2007

I left when they banned Pyrrho and were harrassing Opol. Markos site is more soap than soapbox.

The one thing I noticed here , Mcat’s pieces and the commentary of her longtime posters here has more substantive content in one thread than hours long wade through of markos front Page and rec list.

Jeezus, I ve seen you all sneeze more substance and analysis than on the derivative diaries I’ve seen on DK with 600+ comments.

74. missdevore - 30 April 2007

I think BHHM should take over the saga of msoc’s beeline to berkeley. He does so well at extended narrative.

but, if he’s not available, I will posit that msoc stops a bit north of Guadelupe to ride the Brahmin bull that you can see from Hghwy 1.

Or that Tia Jeralyn will meet her at the door.

75. missdevore - 30 April 2007

I dimly recall aravia mentioning a brother-long, long ago. And maybe that he was a nice guy. well I guess compared to a’s cheney-level sweetness.

76. marisacat - 30 April 2007

I hate to tell poor emsock… but by the time she arrived it was utterly despoiled. She never saw it but as an operative working a site.

Sorry dear! Mud met mud. They had long since engaged in trashing – and i mean hard trashing – Greens and Naderites and had spent weeks running off Dean supporters. Even before people had voted in their OWN primaries.

DHinMI arrived in spring of 2003, just in time for the swarms of (this is my guess) Dem party paid blogswarms who ran thru the joint issuing loyalty oaths to the Dean supporters. It does not get more reactionary and barely veiled RW than loyality oaths. It was becoming clear by fall of 2003 that Kos was a clarkite despite taking Dean money… (online it – Clark supporters and the clark blog – was rampant with operatives, Clintonites who, LOL ditched his campaign the MINUTE Dean was out)…

ALL timed for the AL From opinion piece on Dean May 11, 2003.

So mud met well entrenched operative mud.

77. missdevore - 30 April 2007

condi pulls an emsoc (from the BBC):

Rice ‘not ruling out Iran talks’
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. File photo
Ms Rice said any meeting with Iran would focus on Iraq only
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says she does not rule out a meeting with her Iranian counterpart at a conference on Iraq’s security in Egypt.

78. marisacat - 30 April 2007

LOL… we are so skrewed. Reading the Wapo fP piece on Penn:

If Clinton seems cautious, it may be because Penn has made caution a science, repeatedly testing issues to determine which ones are safe and widely agreed upon (he was part of the team that encouraged Clinton’s husband to run on the issue of school uniforms in 1996).

[yes we so needed that policy, something a president has NOTHING to do with… LOL]

If Clinton sounds middle-of-the-road, it may be because Penn is a longtime pollster for the centrist Democratic Leadership Council whose clients have included Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.).

[yes thanks! We will be getting the female lieberman, yes!! we figured that out! thank you!]

If Clinton resembles a Washington insider with close ties to the party’s biggest donors, it may be because her lead strategist is a wealthy chief executive who heads a giant public relations firm, where he personally hones Microsoft’s image in Washington.

sooo skrewed.

79. missdevore - 30 April 2007

I’d love to see lieberman implicated in the Palfrey revelations. Just for the headlines: “How Joe keeps the Sabbath: Meshuggah for massage!”

80. BooHooHooMan - 30 April 2007

tucking in Miss D-

The woman pulled her car up to the uncrashably gated community. The dew on the paving bricks that lined the driveway glistened in the moonlight beyond the guard house. She nervously lit a cigarette, her hands shaking, as a voice came over the intercom.

“Get it together: she thought, as she covered the gun on the passenger seat with a package of frozen hot dogs – now clammy and flaccid – that she had brought along for the ride….

Impulsively, she took the scissors from her purse that were part of her plan. With her cigarette in one hand, she snipped open the package, removed one slimey tube of the mystery meat then bit it in half.

What am I doing, she thougt as she chewed angrily and swollewed the demi-dog .

She opened the ashtray, tossed in the remaining half of the tubesteak, then stubbed out her cigarette on top of it.

The man who was the object of her obsession waited unknowingly inside. He was bitching at his wife….

81. marisacat - 30 April 2007

LOL The sciatica ward.

82. missdevore - 30 April 2007

BHHD–damn you are good!

83. marisacat - 30 April 2007

Don’t miss eugene… still a beloved of Armando:

[M]eanwhile the political landscape continues to shift, in our direction I think, and new opportunities open themselves up every day. If a small coterie at dKos doesn’t want to see that, fine,

let’s ally ourselves with the many still there, on the FP and in the diaries and comments, who are still allied with us in one form or another. There are MANY more of them than any of us realizes.

Let’s see… it is “shifting their way”. They mean they expect to have a Dem win the presidency.

How does having Hillary win the presidency do much other than cement the right wing drift.

it doesn’t.

And they will be working their sad little asses off for whomever the nom is. No matter who it is.

84. ms_xeno - 30 April 2007

When I think about you, I execute myself.

I’m still mad that I’m like 60% sure that I ran afoul of the great DH back in my Pandagon days and yet I never got my complimentary pin.

Or at least a little bag of Orange-coated Jordan almonds in a little Orange net bag, like you get at wedding receptions.

Life is cruel. I’m going to bed.

85. missdevore - 30 April 2007

or at least a can of cocktail weenies.

86. ms_xeno - 30 April 2007

No, no. BHHM might need those for his sketch tomorrow.

To the gentle strains of Weird Al’s 1980s polka medley, I bid you all pleasant somethingorother.

87. BooHooHooMan - 30 April 2007

Maryscot Oconnor awoke to her husbands voice.

“Honey what it it?’ the man who looked at the end of his rope asked.

MSOC sat up fully awake..

“I may be crazy, but I’m not THAT crazy” she said.

“I think the little prick is having an affair.”

88. BooHooHooMan - 30 April 2007

I AM a cocktail weenie.


My baloney has a first name, its….

89. missdevore - 30 April 2007


90. Sabrina Ballerina - 30 April 2007

Well, I just read through the dk diaries where Mitm was finally banned. I am beginning to think that Armando is seriously naive and that he actually did believe that kos was some kind of messiah who would never, ever do anything wrong. He identified with kos, and so was included, or included himself, in Mitm’s questioning of the site’s goals. Why were they so sensitive about the suggestion that money was involved? He maybe, because he was not privy to it, if there was. But I doubt very much that if kos really did have something to hide, he would have told anyone, least of all Armando, about it.

Bhhm, re Opal, it seems that now that dk decided they better leave him alone rather than create a scenario worse than any they’ve experienced so far, he has forgotten that he was at the top of their list of people to ban. And that the reason he was not banned, was because hundreds of people pushed back so hard, it became impossible. Not to mention how many were banned while defending his right to post there. Armando, believe it or not, being one of them.

Diane in that MLF diary, really let him have it, and rightfully so. I almost signed up to do it myself until I saw her post. As someone who defended him also, I was shocked to see his diary after Msoc was banned, praising dk and then his post in the MLW thread.

Of course it was never about Opol, but about the drive to purge everyone who was slightly to the left of Pat Robertson.

And like her or not, Msoc gave him a refuge when everyone thought he had been banned after the ‘Hippy’ diary. What he should have done was to write a GBCW diary yesterday. They will eventually ban him after banning most of his supporters. He also said he is going to Yrly Kos. People put themselves on the line for his right to post what he wanted to, and in the end, all he has to say is that he wishes we could all get along! He is seriously delusional if he thinks they have accepted him and ‘allow’ him to post his diaries, They had no choice.

Nothing would ever induce me to bow down to anyone who insulted me the way kos (who went into his diaries and called him a fool) , Hunter, DHinMi and others, slammed him. Pyrrho too fought furiously with DHinMi and Hunter on his behalf and probably was on the list to be banned after that. He will lose many supporters over his pandering to kos – and his amnesia re why he is still there, for which he gave credit to kos. So disappointing.

91. supervixen - 30 April 2007

Allow me to suggest this bumper sticker:

“I Ran Afoul of the Great Ones and Then Made Fun of Their Small Dicks”

92. missdevore - 30 April 2007

hey-what happens when people buy the early “discounted” tickets to Yrlykos and then get banned? Do they have a ceremony where they throw their lanyards into the Chicago River?

93. marisacat - 30 April 2007

Armando is not naive, I think he knew/knows very well what goes on at Dkos… and msoc is always desperate for stuff for the FP. THAT is the impetus to give a spot to OPOL. And it is wise never to fall in love with the Rec List, no matter who is inhabiting it…

If you notice it (the FP at MLW) is dullsville day after day.

Drop in once a week, is too much.

94. marisacat - 30 April 2007

oh another thing, I would nto be surprised if Kos has not made some offer to OPOL (possibly to do with Ykos). He has done that very thing before. Jotter for one, to neuter his daily diareis on traffic.

95. supervixen - 30 April 2007

It’s a ritual self-flagellation ceremony. Lots of whapping!

96. Sabrina Ballerina - 30 April 2007

I’d love to see lieberman implicated in the Palfrey revelations. Just for the headlines: “How Joe keeps the Sabbath: Meshuggah for massage!”

Lol! If only. The ultimate hypocrite caught with his pants down!

Bhhm’s Bedtime Stories – ‘tucking in Miss D’. Rotfl – As The Blogs Churn!

‘Nite ms xeno – sweet dreams – it’s early morning here and I am finishing up some work – must get some sleep.

97. marisacat - 30 April 2007

new slobber: Get the sponges.

Off for fresh coffee…

98. missdevore - 30 April 2007

I have to be up in 3 hours…good night & goodmorning!

I will have a nightmare about the tubesteak in the ashtray, I am sure.

99. marisacat - 30 April 2007

LOL biiig beg:

[S]omething has been bothering me ever since you tacitly declared an enmity between us; you and are natural allies. When side by side with me and my blog, you and your blog appear consistently moderate, mainstream and centrist, comparatively speaking. This has always seemed to be your aim; ergo, we ought to be working in concert, not in opposition.

But it has felt, for a long time now, that you preferred to pretend I simply didn’t exist, to disavow me. I’ve found it increasingly baffling and painful, to say nothing of humiliating and insulting. Perhaps this email may shed some light on what you may have, to date, have found confusing and infuriating behaviour on my part; it has been, mostly, the reaction of a wounded and overly emotional person who feels betrayed. […]

100. BooHooHooMan - 30 April 2007

Supervixen – A VERY funny post about little dicks in small ponds.

Thats why the ponds need to be kiddy pools. Warm waters and all that.

101. missdevore - 30 April 2007

dammit–you made me read the slobber. apparently it sounds like she is still going to yearlykos. perhaps it will be a parody of the 1968 convention-with keystone kops.

102. marisacat - 30 April 2007

I can tell her one thing, kos did nto read her long slobberation back to him.

And LOL she posted his email.

Grab it now. they love to delete.

What a bunch. All sucking off each other.

103. Sabrina Ballerina - 30 April 2007

Oh stop it, Miss D – I’m laughing too hard to sleep –

My Scrotum is extraordinary
Futile Attraction

Marisa, kos making some kind of offer to Opol would explain his behavior. Maybe someone got through to kos that ‘keeping your enemies closer’ is a better strategy than scattering them all over the Internet. But if that is the case, I think they would want Opol to let everyone know how magnanimous they are. What a sell-out he would be if he accepted such an offer.

104. missdevore - 30 April 2007

an appropriate oldie:

“Well we ain’t got a barrel of money…
We may look ragged and funny…
But we’re travelin’ on…
Singing our song…
Side by side.

Through all kinds of weather…
What if the sky should fall?
As long as we’re together,
It doesn’t matter at all.”

105. BooHooHooMan - 30 April 2007

Beddy bye for me too

Some music

Marie-Mai & Dany Bédar – Faire la paix avec l’amour Star Academie

106. marisacat - 30 April 2007

hmm Kos just does what they do in politics, business and so on…. they buy people off, make an offer to compromise them or hold out soemthing, money, prestige that is a known seducer.

not exactly new.

Kos came to the site not as a individual who knew a bit about the nets (which he did from the latino portal that went belly up and whatever else he had engaged in) but also had been working part time as political consultant. Low level but still (an early client was Moran of VA, he popps off and has a maverick streak, but very very DLC)… and he and Jerome leveraged their sites and the cycles 02, 03, 04 and so on to now be regularly referred to as the pre eminent “liberal sites”.

they are not referred to as “Dem party support sites” LOL no, very carefully referred to as liberal sites. Support for the party, being cheek and jowl, a new media tool of the party…all of that is glossed over.

107. marisacat - 30 April 2007

hmm more on Penn from the Wapo:

To Penn, ‘Strength Is Critical’

In their $5 million Georgetown mansion, Penn and his wife, Nancy Jacobson, a former staff member for Sen. Evan Bayh (D-Ind.) who is now a fundraiser with the Clinton campaign, run something of a salon for like-minded friends. They recently threw a book party for Jeffrey Goldberg, the New Yorker writer, to celebrate the release of his memoir on Israel. On another occasion, they hosted David Brooks, the conservative New York Times columnist, for a dinner party and political discussion.

Penn has deep roots in the national security wing of the Democratic Party, along with other centrist Democrats — some of them Jewish and pro-Israel, like Penn — who saw the merits of invading Iraq before the war began.

[and who will push for wider war… a given. – Mcat]

“Penn has always believed that strength is critical for running the country, and that people want to have a president who’s going to be willing to defend the country — that’s the number one criteria,” said Al From, the chief executive of the Democratic Leadership Council, who considers Penn a friend.

Penn gained his foreign policy expertise working on numerous campaigns overseas, especially in Israel. In 1981, he and business partner Doug Schoen helped reelect Menachem Begin, one of the most right-wing prime ministers in the country’s history, and emerged with a new outlook on the Middle East. “We got a chance to experience firsthand the perils and possibilities that the state of Israel presents,” Schoen said in an interview.

All you can do is laugh… a milder Bush, with blonde streaks.

108. BooHooHooMan - 30 April 2007

What is so ridiculous is that Markos isn’t a pincipal, he’s not even a player. He’s an aspiring bundler of campaign cash. He’s not even a backbencher yet in that arena. The real issue I want to know is what kind of commish is he getting from online fundraising? And spare me already that he can legally say he personally doesn’t benefit because his little operation is buried in a number of shell company filings and cooperating agreements.

He is disingenuous, his crew is opportunistic, the well meaning supporters that aren’t outright delusional are sorely lacking in critical thinking skills. Tell me how does verbal abuse and banning dissent fit in to progressive politics? Fuuuuck them. They are post Reaganite twits playing at politics who have been enculturated in the posture and lie. Despite their age or their long since rotted roots The Players are of the same Post Reagan ilk. Disingenuous lost fucks. Nonetheless, they will use his little kiosk, as the mini market atm it is during its half life online. It’s going to blow up in their faces.

It should be very interesting, in my view, especially if there is a Clinton ascendancy on Super Tuesday or with a stampede of Super Delegates. Kos and Co will either fall all over themselves courting one SuperBitch on steroids or finding no room at the “In”, express “disillusionment” and head for Fox News territory patronage.

109. BooHooHooMan - 30 April 2007


110. marisacat - 30 April 2007

Exactly: a bundler. More precisely, a wanna be bundler…

And he and his tied in sites promised to deliver a lot more than they have ever delivered. lagging badly.


Oh I think they go with Hillary. No question, at all. Started out DLC and still DLC. Kos and his whacks.

111. marisacat - 30 April 2007

More on Penn… LOL:

Penn’s theory of the 2008 race has always been that after two tumultuous terms under Bush, the electorate will want change — but not too much change. Clinton offers a perfect mix, Penn believes. She inherently represents change, as a woman, without being unfamiliar or untested, thanks to her many years in Washington.

Penn did not anticipate that another Democrat might come along with a similar ability to fit that bill — as supporters of Obama, who would be the first black president, believe he can — but he says Clinton has another advantage in her ability to appeal to the underprivileged. Penn believes, and independent surveys confirm, that she outperforms other Democrats among lower-income voters, especially members of a family of four making less than $75,000 a year.

Kos and whacks will have no problem going with Hillary.

112. marisacat - 30 April 2007

Who is IOZ:

This is your Democratic Party: Tough, Nuclear, Nice to Poor People, Willing to Invade.

113. Madman in the Marketplace - 30 April 2007

tsk tsk, and from a lawyer no less:

An untruthful statement about a person, published in writing or through broadcast media, that injures the person’s reputation or standing in the community. Because libel is a tort (a civil wrong), the injured person can bring a lawsuit against the person who made the false statement. Libel is a form of defamation , as is slander (an untruthful statement that is spoken, but not published in writing or broadcast through the media).

I asked questions. I never stated anything I knew to be untrue … and thus no libel.




That’s it. I’d ask if they’d gotten a new fax from Reid’s office. I’d ask if a new call had come in? I wondered aloud if they’re changing positions and coordinated attacks we’re motivated by positive reinforcements.




Something which every citizen has a responsibility to do.

Oh, and I wasn’t a “victim” of that martinet. I said what needed saying, and I got banned for it. As kos’ beloved center-rightists tie the party in knots, and as they prolong the war, I think it’s pretty clear that my questions were spot on.

Off to work … have a good day everybody.

114. marisacat - 30 April 2007

And in case anyone out there missed the point, the Clintons ram it home:

Both Clintons have made the case to potential fund-raisers that the U.S. will probably suffer a terrorist attack on the scale of 9/11 after the next President is sworn in — and that Hillary is the only Democratic candidate capable of handling such a crisis because of her Senate Armed Services Committee tenure and her years in the White House.

WHat is this Mama General? She yearns to be Golda?

115. Miss Devore - 30 April 2007

Surprisingly, I’m doing ok on a couple hours sleep. Not exactly singing “Oh what a beautiful morning”…..but Monsieur Coffee will pull me through. Listening to the radio to hear reports of a Passion Play staged on 101 northbound.

116. JJB - 30 April 2007

NYCee, no. 65 from the previous thread

Jesus, that C-Span thing you saw re Kelly is truly repulsive. People should be given wide latitude w/r/t to how they cope with such a tragedy, but even so . . . glad I missed it. Which for no reason reminds me, years ago when Harry Reasoner died (of smoking-related cancer of one type of another), his friend and colleague of many years Andy Rooney devoted his end of 60 Minutes commentary to paying tribute to his memory. After a heartfelt and touch tribute, he ended his piece with something along the lines of the following (very approximate quote here): “What I’m going to say now is a bit harsh, but I’m a little angry with Harry. He knew he had issues with cancer, but never stopped smoking. The last time I saw him in the cancer ward, he lit up a cigarette. I loved you Harry, but if you’d stopped smoking when you first encountered these health problems, I wouldn’t have to be mourning you right now, and I can’t help feeling kind of mad at you.” I think Rooney was right to do that, and it took a lot of guts. I’m sure nothing similar was said at the Kelly tribute, and his behavior was even more irresponsible and self-destructive than Reasoner’s. Anyway, here’s hoping his kids develop a loathing of the sort of imperialistic adventures their father was so fond of.

As to the manner of his death, I think what happened is that the vehicle he was riding in was fired on, and while taking evasive action, it went off the road into a river or canal, where Kelly drowned.

miss devore, no. 41

“Stations of the Kos”!!! ROTFLOL!!!!

BTW, the US Iraq War death toll for this month now stands at 103. There have been 6 months in which it has exceeded 100. Three of them have occurred since October of last year (inclusive). We are averaging just over 90 dead per month in that time frame. That is an enormous increase over the monthly average for the entire war up to that point (63). Also note that 12 British soldiers have been killed this month the worst toll for them since March 2003, when the war began! And the Brits are stationed in Basra, which is supposed to be relatively calm! Things are obviously getting worse in a hurry, something no one in the MSM is willing to talk about.

One quick note about Emsock. From what I gather from the very little I’ve examined her banning, she posted a copyrighted article in its totality. Whether or not Kosolini is correct in demanding people not do this, no one who’s been posting there as long and as often as Emsock could be unaware it’s a banable offense, so this was obviously something she was asking for in her passive/aggressive way. If her health is too precarious to withstand a large-scale birthday party as she claimed, dear hubby should be doing everything in his power to keep her away from the damned computer.

117. supervixen - 30 April 2007

Good Goddess, what a fucking insane idiot MSOC is. And BORING, too.

118. Miss Devore - 30 April 2007

typically disgusting (via rawstory):

“Embattled World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz is allegedly working to secure a $400,000 bonus due to him on June 1 before he resigns his position, according to the blog The Washington Note.”

119. jam.fuse - 30 April 2007

Looks to me like this is a case of a craven little narcissist crawlng on her knees to suck the dicks of the guys who despise her, as long as they give her some more smack.

Damn that’s cold whoever said that.

My most main man in SoYo (South Yonkers) who last I heard was in a rehab ward recovering from a traumatic head injury (get well John you crazy fuck), once told me a sad tale of some young men giving some young women the sum of a dollar each to provide oral favors for their pitbulls, to put it politely. The point, if there is one, being anyone who thinks there’s not two US of As (one disgustingly rich, one dead broke) is out of their tree.

MacCloud is spot on NYCee. I ought to know, my mom’s “maiden name” being Guthrie and all. One of these days I’m gonna get that kilt.

Kevin — if it makes you fell any better, and I’m sure it won’t, I too have recently had my heart figuritively ripped out of my ass and stomped on by the woman of my dreams, no less…

Then again who knows what tomorrow will bring???

Banned Moon Rising?

I was banned at orunj ’cause I think kos himself may have hacked my preferences. I had a kind of outrageous screen name I thimk he or some other higher up didn’t approve of, they hacked my sig, I went verbally ballistic and wrote something I regret so I won’t give details as it must be floating on a hard drive somewhere.

Ms_xeno re; rising tide of militarism: in nyc in the subway sta. the other day there were about ten cops one with a german shepherd just standing there for no apparent reason, “bag checking table” before boarding the PATH(etic) train ‘twixt Jersey City and manhattan, whole streets in lower manhattan closed off for years effectively creating a militarized zone, increasing segregation of cultures; the other night I was the sole caucasian-identified johnson in a reggae club packed in sardine-like with maybe three hundred mostly dark complexioned brothers/sisters, represented, freakin like a house on fire, mixed it up with the baddest there…

oh and Marisa Queen of Cats

Thanks for tolerating me here, my grasp of politics is infantile, my skin is thin, my brain alcohol/cannabinoid drenched…

And if little ol’ me (bowing, scraping) is invited to that shindig on LI, I’m there and could give 2 or three a ride out from nyc or possibly nj, i.e., if I’m stateside, as I am relocating to the eu, goddess willing, sooner or later…

ps this place needs a glossary like the back of Clockwork Orange (novel not website). PK?

120. JJB - 30 April 2007


Re your comment re Emsock, all true, both figuratively and literally.

This incident she’s trying to blow up into a major event reminds me of the old Jack Benny/Fred Allen “feud” in the Golden Age Of Radio. Of course, back then everyone knew Benny and Allen were good pals, and the “feud” just something meant to boost ratings. Emsock is certainly eager to increase her page hits, whether Kosolini wants to help her do so I have my doubts.

121. jam.fuse - 30 April 2007

A fun game wrt the person known here as LOA, is to aurally imagine his raging, accusatory, threatening vitriol as if declaimed by James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano, if you’re familiar with the teevee show. In fact I think he might be David Chase himself.

122. marisacat - 30 April 2007


glossary… you are so right. Don’t feel bad. I had to ask recently what “VAG” was… I had forgotten. And to be honest there are a couple acronyms rolling around that I still don’t know.

“LOA” refers to Armando but I forget what it stands for.

I am sure you are included for LI, which is Sabrina Ballerina’s doings… the site has a pretty sizable (of those who comment) contingent from NY and thereabouts.


All of you have a drink for me when you get to gether..


123. marisacat - 30 April 2007

This was b-b-b-b-b-reaking as of an hour and half ago… but here goes:

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:


ABC Link to story

Link to ABC Politics page

124. missdevore - 30 April 2007

Llorens of Aravia=LOA.

125. marisacat - 30 April 2007

ah got it Miss Devore… 8) Tnks…

New Thread

Have a laugh at the clowns thread…

126. marisacat - 30 April 2007


I think emsock ran the clock. Her usefullness to Kos is past.

And now it is just predictable not very useful drahma.


BTW: frtitz, donkeytale, pete richards and other forgotten screen names:

You ran your clock in your last extended drive by.


127. jam.fuse - 30 April 2007

In the name of Jesus Christ and the holy plant I canonize you

Sainte Jeane Palfrey

signed, some left over dna from the mongolian and american empires

128. marisacat - 30 April 2007

gotta love her… Ms Palfrey showed up on time and with a ton more grit than the Democrats.


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