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YUM! 29 April 2007

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.


 Let the Games Begin!

Watergate reporter Bernstein takes apart Hillary’s career story

Drawing on a trove of private papers from Hillary Clinton’s best friend, the legendary Watergate journalist Carl Bernstein is to publish a hard-hitting and intimate portrait of the 2008 presidential candidate, which will reveal a number of “discrepancies” in her official story.

Bernstein, who was played by Dustin Hoffman in the film All the President’s Men, [was that a nonsensical side bar or what?  – Mcat] has spent eight years researching the unauthorised 640-page biography, A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“Bernstein reaches conclusions that stand in opposition to what Senator Clinton has said in the past and has written in the past,” said Paul Bogaards, a spokesman for Knopf, which publishes the book on June 19.

With the thoroughness for which he is famous, Bernstein spoke to more than 200 of Clinton’s friends, colleagues and adversaries. He stops short of accusing the New York senator of blatantly lying about her past, but has unearthed examples of where she has played fast and loose with the facts about her “personal and political life”, according to Knopf.

The article goes on to paint Bernstein as some liberal.  Seriously out of date, if it was ever true.  I used to read not uninteresting opinon pieces of his in the Sarasota FL local rag.  His father retired there and I guess he was friendly iwth the management.  However… he was all over cable during the death of JPII. Two solid weeks…  He ladled out the Republican lines about Reagan and JPII and communism and was clearly in thrall to the cotton candy fiction.

Hardly a liberal.


UPDATE, 4:04 am… very warm night in San Francisco

Easy to see what is wrong with this picture:

Virginia Tech suspended or expelled 32 students last year for illicit drug use, according to Kris Reinertson, a junior who heads the Students for a Sensible Drug Policy chapter. Reinertson doesn’t know how many of the cases involved marijuana.

Virginia Tech applies a double-standard when it comes to alcohol and marijuana, he says. “It’s three strikes for underage drinking and zero tolerance for marijuana possession.” SSDP has been campaigning for a review of the policy. “The Ivy League and many other colleges have a three strikes policy for marijuana,” says Reinertson. “That’s what we want to see on here.”

I wonder how many of the 32 suspended or expelled had 8 professors lodge serious complaints or issues about any one of them, have a prof (one of the eight) threaten to quit and have that same prof experience 90% of her class stay away (63 out of 70) from fear, fear of any one of the suspended or expelled?  And the situation be so dire that a senior professor privately tutor one of the suspended and or expelled so that the 90% may return to class.

Lordy.  Time to rethink.




1. missdevore - 29 April 2007

The return of the poodles!

2. wilfred - 29 April 2007

I wonder how the former Goldwater Girl stretched the truth? I can’t say any of her early story is very interesting so if she did she should have added some spice to that very banal stew.

3. missdevore - 29 April 2007

She was addicted to headbands.

4. missdevore - 29 April 2007

Nicolas Kristof in today’s nytimes on events that began in 2001:

“Scattered reports of the Iranian proposal have emerged previously, but if you read the full documentary record you’ll see that what the hard-liners killed wasn’t just one faxed Iranian proposal but an entire peace process. The record indicates that officials from the repressive, duplicitous government of Iran pursued peace more energetically and diplomatically than senior Bush administration officials — which makes me ache for my country.”

5. Tuston - 29 April 2007

Looks like the MSucks hubbie is upset the wif was banned on her birthday:

I’m actually going to continue the remodeling (some of the damn mirrors just won’t come down, so I’m gonna go ruin my luck and bust them to get them out) but just wanted to stop in and say “howdy vipes”

BTW I’m sure all of youse guys will be disappointed but the pole for the dancers was removed from PK’s future restaurant before I started the remodel job so we still need to find one for our next Yrly Vag slither-in.

6. jam.fuse - 29 April 2007

D’ya hear the cops finally busted Madame Marie
for telling fortunes better than they do? — Broooooooce

Philadelphia shuts down “fortune-telling”

Many cities and towns have old laws on the books against “fortune-telling,” but they are rarely if ever exercised. Now Philadelphia has taken a giant step backwards by “closing storefront psychics, astrologers, phrenologists and tarot-card readers who charge money for their services.”

7. missdevore - 29 April 2007

At the VAG/NAB we must hand out awards–Mshock will get the Natalie Holloway White Girl Crisis award.

Go to the mirror, boy!

Tuston-the rock opera.

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 April 2007

why is Kristoff surprised? Of course our oil-mad wackjobs killed it.

9. colleen - 29 April 2007

Looks like the MSucks hubbie is upset the wif was banned on her birthday

Later in the thread he posts a photo of emsock at age 6 or so. Classic emsock manipulative narcissism. If that’s not emsock herself in that thread it’s emsock telling her husband what to post.
It’s going to be entertaining to watch her relentlessly try to influence a reinstatement. Just remember, she’s trying to be less reactive.

10. jam.fuse - 29 April 2007

What is happening in his head???

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 April 2007

Via Brad Blog, I read this open letter from form former spooks to George “Crybaby” Tenet:

We write to you on the occasion of the release of your book, At the Center of the Storm. You are on the record complaining about the “damage to your reputation”. In our view the damage to your reputation is inconsequential compared to the harm your actions have caused for the U.S. soldiers engaged in combat in Iraq and the national security of the United States. We believe you have a moral obligation to return the Medal of Freedom you received from President George Bush. We also call for you to dedicate a significant percentage of the royalties from your book to the U.S. soldiers and their families who have been killed and wounded in Iraq.

[Y]our lament that you are a victim in a process you helped direct is self-serving, misleading and, as head of the intelligence community, an admission of failed leadership. You were not a victim. You were a willing participant in a poorly considered policy to start an unnecessary war and you share culpability with Dick Cheney and George Bush for the debacle in Iraq.

It now turns out that you were the Alberto Gonzales of the intelligence community–a grotesque mixture of incompetence and sycophancy shielded by a genial personality. Decisions were made, you were in charge, but you have no idea how decisions were made even though you were in charge.

Most importantly and tragically, you failed to meet your obligations to the people of the United States. Instead of resigning in protest, when it could have made a difference in the public debate, you remained silent and allowed the Bush Administration to cite your participation in these deliberations to justify their decision to go to war. Your silence contributed to the willingness of the public to support the disastrous war in Iraq, which has killed more than 3300 Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

Mr. Tenet, you cannot undo what has been done. It is doubly sad that you seem still to lack an adequate appreciation of the enormous amount of death and carnage you have facilitated. If reflection on these matters serves to prick your conscience we encourage you to donate at least half of the royalties from your book sales to the veterans and their families, who have paid and are paying the price for your failure to speak up when you could have made a difference. That would be the decent and honorable thing to do.

Sincerely yours,

Phil Giraldi

Ray McGovern

Larry Johnson

Jim Marcinkowski

Vince Cannistraro

David MacMichael

The whole letter is at Larry Johnson’s blog.

12. colleen - 29 April 2007

This comment
in a bizarre thread and even more bizarre fp entry (which says far more about Martin than those he attempts to condemn and oddly provides further evidence for the notion that the Democratic party is a bastion of institutionalized sexism) nicely illustrates what a right wing tool the Official DK Lawyer is:

Michael Kelly? (none / 0)
Who was fired from TNR for not obeying Marty Peretz’s neocon wishes? Who made The Atlantic awesome? Who died covering the Iraq War? You sure you’re dissing the right guy?
FWIW, I’ve heard this exact story before, for years. It’s still irrelevant.

by adam b (throwingthingsblog -at- hotmail.com) on Sat Apr 28th, 2007 at 11:31:48 PM EST
[ Parent ]

For those who forget what a dreadful tool Michael Kelly was here

here are
a couple of random samples of his work

I hope I coded that right

13. missdevore - 29 April 2007

who’s this cute little girl, imprisoned in her kos banishment?

kruelty, thy name is kos!

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 April 2007

Greg Palast:

Again and again, I see this pattern repeated. Until there is some official investigation or allegation made by a politician, there is no story.

Or sometimes the media like to cover the controversy, not the substance, preferring an ambiguous and unsatisfying “he said, she said” report. Safe reporting, but not investigative.

I know some of the reasons why investigative reporting is on the decline. To begin with, investigations take time and money. A producer from “60 Minutes,” watching my team’s work on another voter purge list, said: “My God! You’d have to make hundreds of calls to make this case.” In America’s cash-short, instant-deadline world, there’s not much room for that.

Are there still aggressive, talented investigative reporters in the U.S.? There are hundreds. I’ll mention two: Seymour Hersh, formerly of the New York Times, and Robert Parry, formerly of the Associated Press, who uncovered the Iran-Contra scandal. The operative word here is “formerly.” Parry tells me that he can no longer do this kind of investigative work within the confines of a U.S. daily newsroom.

One of the biggest disincentives to doing investigative journalism is that it jeopardizes future access to politicians and corporate elite. During the I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby trial, the testimony of Judith Miller and other U.S. journalists about the confidences they were willing to keep in order to maintain access seemed to me sadly illuminating.

Expose the critters and the door is slammed. That’s not a price many American journalists are willing to pay.

It’s different in Britain. After the 2000 election, when Harris’ lawyer refused to respond to our evidence, my BBC producer made sure I chased him down the hall waving the damning documents. That’s one sure way to end “access.”

Reporters in Britain must adhere to extraordinarily strict standards of accuracy because there is no Bill of Rights, no “freedom of the press” to provide cover against lawsuits. Further, the British government fines reporters who make false accusations and jails others who reveal “official secrets.”

I’ve long argued that Britain needs a 1st Amendment right to press freedom. It could, of course, borrow ours. We don’t use it.

15. missdevore - 29 April 2007

the msoc surge is working:

“I added MLW to my Dkos Blogroll Today!
by optimusprime
Sun Apr 29, 2007 at 08:16:41 AM PDT

Cross-Posted at MLW

As a netroots activist, it is hard to avoid the meta drama brewing between Kos and MSOC. I choose not to pick sides because both have their valid reasons and not one comes across as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ in my mind.

There and boisterous supporters on Dkos and I am sure here as well who would tend to categorize a debate into who is the most to blame and should be admonished for their latest actions.

Suffice to say, I have no dog in this fight.

* optimusprime’s diary :: ::

However, I must admit the decision of Dkos to ban MSOC caught me off guard today on her failure to follow Kos’s copyright rules. I do not know the whole story and really do not give a damn.

What I do know for sure is the netroots community would suffer a major loss if the opinions and voices of MSOC and the MLW community were to be silenced or diminished. This is why I became a member of MLW today and added MLW to my Kos Blogroll”

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 April 2007


As the winds and water of Hurricane Katrina were receding, presidential confidante Karen Hughes sent a cable from her State Department office to U.S. ambassadors worldwide.

Titled “Echo-Chamber Message” — a public relations term for talking points designed to be repeated again and again — the Sept. 7, 2005, directive was unmistakable: Assure the scores of countries that had pledged or donated aid at the height of the disaster that their largesse had provided Americans “practical help and moral support” and “highlight the concrete benefits hurricane victims are receiving.”

Many of the U.S. diplomats who received the message, however, were beginning to witness a more embarrassing reality. They knew the U.S. government was turning down many allies’ offers of manpower, supplies and expertise worth untold millions of dollars. Eventually the United States also would fail to collect most of the unprecedented outpouring of international cash assistance for Katrina’s victims.

Allies offered $854 million in cash and in oil that was to be sold for cash. But only $40 million has been used so far for disaster victims or reconstruction, according to U.S. officials and contractors. Most of the aid went uncollected, including $400 million worth of oil. Some offers were withdrawn or redirected to private groups such as the Red Cross. The rest has been delayed by red tape and bureaucratic limits on how it can be spent.

That’s just the intro … the details are much, much worse:

And while television sets worldwide showed images of New Orleans residents begging to be rescued from rooftops as floodwaters rose, U.S. officials turned down countless offers of allied troops and search-and-rescue teams. The most common responses: “sent letter of thanks” and “will keep offer on hand,” the new documents show.

Overall, the United States declined 54 of 77 recorded aid offers from three of its staunchest allies: Canada, Britain and Israel, according to a 40-page State Department table of the offers that had been received as of January 2006.

This is what happens when you run a gov’t by MBAs, FOR MBAs. I’m so fucking disgusted with this country.

17. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 April 2007
18. marisacat - 29 April 2007

well… I don’t see Hillary saying much about Katrina. she is by far the harder face of the clinton scramble for power.

they are nastier and far more greedy than they were the first time around. NOW Bush has shown them what can be.

There is little desire to roll back much of anything.

AND I just heard Biden fully admit religion into decisions. MTP. yes talking of abortion, but it puts him right there with Justice Kennedy. He “accepts the teaching of his church” on when life begins. What wisdom from the full text plagiarist!

The Democrats will do little. And they sure will nt be evicting the faith based offices from the West Wing. Far from it… BUT, with the Dems We will have marshmellows to roast in the fire. About it.

19. JJB - 29 April 2007

This is interesting:

The record indicates that officials from the repressive, duplicitous government of Iran pursued peace more energetically and diplomatically than senior Bush administration officials — which makes me ache for my country.”

Just what is it that makes Kristoff think the BushCo. is any less duplicitous than the ayatollahs? I’d say it’s the other way around, frankly. I’ll call it a tie w/r/t repression, Abu Ghraib and Guantonomo probably matching anything the mullahs have. What makes me ache for this country is that it’s currently a match for some of the worst regimes on the planet.

BTW, I love that description of Bernstein’s book having been written “[w]ith the thoroughness for which he is famous.” It’s well-known that Woodward was angry with him for not having put in his co-author’s share of work on The Final Days, and he’s been coasting on the money he earned on All The President’s Men for 30 years now. These “bombshell” revelations will probably end up putting everyone’s feet to sleep.

20. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

I’m trying to write something for LJ and SMBIVA about Pollit’s Mad Lib B.S. from yesterday, but frankly I’m too pissed off. So tired of these pampered weaklings and their oh-so-selective memories being what passes for feminism nowadays. Maybe I’ll just link to some of moiv’s writings, or bayprairie’s. Smarter and more organized people than I have done the heavy lifting already. No need for me to knock my brains out over the ever-contemptable Nation Maids. Hell, give it a year Elise Harding will probably be on their fucking masthead, twittering about shoes and the joys of free drinks on Ladies Night. Maybe she’ll model their line of “Go Hillary” baby-ts and Daisy Duke shorts as well, while Pollitt does charity luncheons with Hillary and Mrs. Edwards.

21. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 April 2007

The other kind of terror:

An arrest was made yesterday in the apparent attempt by an Austin man to terrorize a local abortion clinic by placing a nearly complete bomb outside its doors earlier this week:

A 27-year-old Austin man was arrested on Friday and charged with placing an unexploded bomb containing some 2,000 nails outside an abortion clinic in the state’s capital.

The explosive device also included a propane tank and a mechanism “akin to a rocket,” Austin Police Commander David Carter said.

The device was discovered on Wednesday in the parking lot of the Austin Women’s Health Center, police said.

The Texas Joint Terrorism Task Force — made up of federal, state and local law enforcement authorities — arrested Paul Ross Evans, who authorities said was on parole for an unspecified crime.

As both zuzu at Feministe and Carpetbagger Report observe, this is a fairly clear-cut case of domestic terrorism. (Kevins Woodshed also has more.) Certainly, it’s well within the tradition of domestic terrorists like Eric Rudolph and various other abortion-clinic bombers.

But remember: The FBI has de-emphasized right-wing extremist crimes and displaced them with an emphasis on “eco terror” as far as its chief domestic-terror concern. This is in no small part because this administration is being run by people who don’t consider bombings and arson against abortion clinics to be terrorism.

Because of the nature of the ordnance in this case, there’s also a connection to previous acts of terrorism — particularly the appearance both of a nail bomb and a propane-tank device. These same devices appeared in the case of the Spokane-based “Phineas Priests” who believed they were avengers of God who engaged in a six-month spree of bank robberies in the Northwest in 1996.

22. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 April 2007

oops, the three paragraphs under the italicized one should have been italicized too.

23. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 April 2007


I don’t see any of the Democratic front-runners saying anything about Katrina, (a crime of mammoth proportions against American citizens imo) nor do I see any of them demanding an immedeiate end to the illegal practice of torture, or the immediate overturning of the vile piece of legislation that 25% of their colleagues signed into law, the infamous Military Commissions Act, amongst so many other things. The only one making such demands is Sen. Gravel.

I just heard Hillary talking (screaming hoarsely would be a better description) about ending the war, but she didn’t say NOW, nor did she apologize for helping to start what can now only be called genocide.

As for Tenet, he reminds me of Kossacs who remained silent when early on, Kos and his thugs began the systematic purging of progressives who dared to ask questions. Not until they themselves were affected did they scream, and only then, like Tenet, about how they themselves were ‘wronged’.

When someone else is wronged by a bunch of bullying pretenders, everyone is wronged and others will be banished. That is as certain as anything can be. Too bad that even now, people continue to take that blog seriously.

As for their ridiculous rules, as always they shoot themselves in the foot by leaving the offending ‘copyright violation’ on the site for three days until commenters point out the oversight. Lol!

As for kos’ title ‘Rules Matter’, sorry but as long as DHinMi and Luscious Vagina amongst others remain on that site, rules matter only as a tool to get rid of those kos and his ever-shrinking minions (reduced now to the most boring of his ‘membership’) want to be rid of.

One of the more amusing exchanges in the Rules Matter thread was between the ever nasty and boring defender of DHinMi, mzzz laura and Eugene. She still insists against all the evidence that DHinMi never outed Bob Brigham According to their own convoluted and ever changing rules on outing, (again depending on who’s doing it) this was one of the more blatant outings on DK.

But the dull, boring and ever bullying MzzzL continues to order people to believe her and not their lying eyes. A fruitless exercise since most of us only have to look at their own rules to make a decision. The jury has already decided, but it’s always amusing to see her efforts to turn the rules upside down for the man who got her, a barely mediocre and totally uninspiring woman, to the fp of dk. I suppose she owes him.

24. marisacat - 29 April 2007


My guess on the Bernstein book is that they want a second run on the “expose” book on Hillary that rather died a couple years ago (the Clintons appeared to succeed in squashing even the book interview route), done by that old operative who is editor (last I heard) of Parade magazine, the newsprint insert.

And I would guess an enthusiastic cadre of R elves have done the in the trenches work. It depnds, again guessing, what might be in the Blair papers.

But you know the fucked Dem sheeple. With the “Bernstein” name on it, it will make greater inroads across party lines.

25. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

Must… defend… Hillary. Because somehow there must be some good in her if the Right-wingers hate her. It couldn’t possibly be that the real reason Right-wingers hate her is because she’s enough like them to cut into their turf.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

If I have to leap to the defense of scum like Hillary to stay in the Femininisms club, fuck it. I’m out.

26. JJB - 29 April 2007


From everything I’ve heard and read, to know and work with Michael Kelley was to love him. Since I did neither, I have to make my estimation of him based on what he wrote, and frankly he was one of the worst faux populist slanders artists at work during the Clinton years, and the lead up to the Iraq war. He was obviously an incompetent editor, allowing Stephen Glass the freedom to publish his obviously fabricated pieces, and his stewardship of The Atlantic was decidedly hands-off, to the point his bosses were catching on to him and not-so-privately grumbling about it. He did as much as any prominent journalist/pundit to bring about the war that ended up killing him. Shortly after his death, I read a piece in which some friend of his mentioned that Kelly was in his element over in the war zone, done up in combat drag, relating how he was spending his time with teenagers and early 20-year olds young enough to be his sons talking all night long about “beer and pussy.” I think it shows you just how far up their asses these people have their heads that it didn’t occur to the writer that a reader who didn’t know Kelly personally might not see this anecdote in the same light he did. Anyway, even at the time he died I remember writing over at Little Orange Footballs that Kelly had done a great deal to make the political atmosphere in this country so rancid, and that his dashing off to war leaving behind a wife and several very young children was more than a little irresponsible. I also said I was sorry that he’s dead, but he chose to go to a war zone that he’d worked very hard to create, and there was something fitting about his demise, however sad and painful it was for those who loved him. Given the huge number of people who’ve died as a result of this useless war since then (almost all of them having no choice as to whether or not they found themselves in the middle of it), the only change in my feelings is that now I’m really not even sure I’m sorry that he’s dead. At least one of the bastards responsible for creating this awful catastrophe had to pay the price.

27. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 April 2007

Miss D, is that really you in #1? Behind the railings (lol, pun not intended). How about a gallery of childhood photos of those banned from dk? I remember in a Pyrrho diary, where he went after Hunter after Hunter melted down like a lunatic in one of Opol’s diaries, both DHinMi and MissL admitted to being bullies as teenagers. At the time I couldn’t help thinking that anyone who had developed any decency whatsoever, as they reached adulthood, would certainly not be proudly recounting the stories those two told in that diary.

Ms xeno, women’s rights on dk constitute having the right to talk about your boobs incessently and boring the rest of the ‘Kommunity’ with never-ending pleas for attention to your right to own sexy clothes. I never read anything they write, not after the first Jr. High level embarrassment by the woman who thinks assholes are desirable and big boobs make a woman powerful if she just knows how to use them. Of course no one ever said that sexy clothes were off limits to women, or that big boobs were anathema to anyone. That they infer otherwise further demonstrates their ignorance and mis-interpretations – but for dk, well, what can be expected. It is increasingly the Walmart of the blogosphere, quantity, not quality and women’s issues are certainly not a top priority there, nor are the women assigned to the task even remotely capable of representing those issues, being that the extent of their own experiences seem limitied to attempting (and from what I can unsuccessfully) to attract the attention of men perceived to be able to help them achieve their low expectations for success, limited it seeems, to being accepted at a blog that is unknown to 99.9% of the population. What other achievements they have accomplished that might make listening to anything they have to say worthwhile, remain a mystery.

Young working mothers, eg, are certainly not represented there, single working mothers who have many issues, most ignored (in fact harmed re Clinton’s Welfare Reform Bill) cannot be understood or represented by a couple of women whose only understanding of ‘womens’ issues seems to be ‘how can I can rouse up the men here’ and draw attention to me’?

It’s a joke really, and justifiably dismissed as nothing more than Jerry Springer-like entertainment at best. What else could be expected on a blog run by kos after all? It’s certainly no disappointment, just interesting to note that when he is accused of dismissing women, they point to these women in his defense! Lol!

28. marisacat - 29 April 2007

LOL Not to worry… Obama has promised us he will be “turning a new page in Iraq”. One of his quotes out of San Diego.

None of them can talk straight. They ALL sound like Bush. Stoned on fake rhetoric.

Whatever few impulses the Democratic party ever had for the peepuhl is gone. Hard to believe all of that legislation in the three decades post war is being abandoned and will continue to be abandoned. And speeding rapidly to undo FDR as well.

All people can do is save themselves locally. I read a rather sad little editorial piece (not behind the NYT Select wall) yesterday I think, on the small, frankly administrative, things that whatshisname the gov of NY is doing within the state about abortion.

But of course he can do nothing about a federal ban.

29. marisacat - 29 April 2007

Oh So Sweet, Nice too. But so late.

Too late. Years late. In fact DECADES late (the last credible judicial battle, of any kind not just SC, was BORK, in the late 80s).

The author would have a more decent LATE entry if he noted that The Vaunted Democratic Party Apparatchik Blahgs and The Tied in Box Car Sites will be doing



There is certainly a lot of blame to go around for the recent Supreme Court decision upholding a ban on so-called partial birth abortions, a case which further chips away at the right to choose, and sets the stage for a possible reversal of Roe. But if we really want to identify the culprits we need look no further than the Democratic Party, and in particular Democrats in the US Senate.

But I suppose better than Katha. Who spent the opening grafs whining that Dems shaft people slower. Better. Or something. AND! be sure to vote for the Democratic opertives, bag men and women, handlers, consultants and other thieves… LOL. Just to keep the franchise going.

Reminds me of apologies for the war vote. Too late. And those Democrats always shake a finger, don’t look back too long. Right, why look at history.

30. marisacat - 29 April 2007

Looking around the news, who shall inherit the McNamara Memorial Hankie.

Tenet sure is trying for the medal.

Perhaps he might consider returning the one Bush hung aorund his neck. Those “honoraria” come with cash benefits. You pay a reduced tax for one thing. For life, as you have made such a contribution to the nation… A whole line up of goodies come with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, think the one he got is called that. The other is the congressional Medal of Honor, iirc.

Now should Tenet benefit, all the way to his fucking TAXES, literally as a Hero of the Nation.


That is how I read those medals. Nor did anyone else receiving a medal that day refust to stand on the stage with him. Ask for Fed Ex.

31. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007
32. Miss Devore - 29 April 2007

Sabrina, ’tis me as a young viper.

Omigoddess. I outed myself!

33. marisacat - 29 April 2007

Oh that is a scream!

The legs are long, the eyes are big, the bodies curvaceous. Contestants in this Saudi-style beauty pageant have all the features you might expect anywhere else in the world, but with one crucial difference…

34. missdevore - 29 April 2007

“My Humps”

35. marisacat - 29 April 2007

oops Miss Devore… self outing! Sue yourself! LOL a big big chance for a GBCW diary to be followed with a……….. RETURN.

But oops banned.

I love seeing the odd writing on Roe – lament or other, or on abortion rulings or SC justices, etc., and so few women around to respond. Or, even more convenient, just ones that want FP glory… 😉

Or, they give thanks for late scraps.

Boyz worked to cull from the get go.

36. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

that miss d- a cutie

37. Miss Devore - 29 April 2007

I am dead to myself.

wonder if msoc is going to use the “banned by kos” graphic.

38. Miss Devore - 29 April 2007

People think I’m kidding when I tell them I ALWAYS found ankle straps quite sexy.

39. marisacat - 29 April 2007

Then I’d have to take it down. Put up a different version of a [choke strangle] shits and giggles memorial.


If all these “dissidents” really cared they’d opt out of Advertising Liberally … and decline the Honorable Lanyards.. 😉

LOL: btw, there is now a Living Liberally… I guess you need to be told what you are, too fuckin’ dumb to know…

40. jam.fuse - 29 April 2007

What’s the difference between the Rolling Stones and a Scottish sheep herder?

The Rolling Stones say, “Hey you, get off of my cloud”

The Scottish sheep herder says “Hey McCloud, get off of my ewe!”

Ankle straps are smokin’
on a female anyway

41. missdevore - 29 April 2007

How about “Livin’ Reptilian”?

42. missdevore - 29 April 2007

poll in David boyle’s dk diary:

“Should another woman enter the Dem ’08 race?
No, Hillary is the be all and end all of Demcrat womanhood
26% 10 votes
Yes, there IS more than one woman registered Democrat
60% 23 votes
Only if her name is Marisacat, Maryscott, or mcjoan
13% 5 votes “

43. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

I was lookin for a clip of the Doors “Hello I love You” to send affectionate Truth in Jest to Miss D, maybe a little clowning around about the running camel joke. shit, the camel is running?! I’ll be right back

Aaanyways, having all the production values of the cutting edge left, particularly poodle-esque. Markos could have produced it ….

44. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007


45. missdevore - 29 April 2007

BHHM–wow, there’s some terrible dancing in that video. Esp. the woman with the Twiggy do.

Did you have to run a mile for a camel?

46. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 April 2007

Privatizing Monopolizable Infrastructure

Business Week writes about how private companies such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Carlysle Groupo are buying up private infrastructure such as key roads, airports and bridges (Golden Gate for $3.4 billion and Brooklyn Bridge for $3.5 billion, for example. Cities supposedly think this is a great idea because they get money they can spend on other things.

I don’t understand why this is even considered. You don’t put basic infrastructure like this in private hands, because it allows monopoly pricing. They will squeeze the most money out of it they can, and that will be the majority of the surplus value produced by the roads. Since they will set the cost to maximize profits, it will be above what a proportion of the population and a proportion of businesses can afford (check a supply/demand curve to see what I mean – you get a lot more use at price = 0, and you get a lot more money if you price a lot of people out of the market). What this will mean is that a lot of businesses will go under (or never be created), a lot of people won’t travel even short distances (which will strangle businesses that need those travellers, price certain people out of certain jobs) and will in general reduce economic activity. However much money any government gets in the short term, it will lose more from reduced taxes due to reduced economic activity and reduced economic growth in the long term. (ie. it isn’t just people who use the roads/airports/bridges who lose)

And odds are, you’ll eventually have to either regulate these things to keep prices reasonable (at which point the companies will start shorting on maintainance) or you’ll have to buy them back at a huge markup.

Infrastructure is one of the two very basic jobs of government, and any government that is getting out of it is refusing to do its job.

We’re so screwed.

47. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 April 2007

If I were Marisacat, I would immediately remove that photo and offer a sincere, grovelling apology to the Divine Miss D to avoid hearing from her attorney who must not be named or whose photo must not be published even by himself, )or is republished after he himself publishes it?) either, for fear of further potential reprisals.

Bhhm please don’t do that again! I laughed so much after clicking that link – people here think I’m losing it, and I really can’t explain it to them, it would only make things worse ….

You too, Miss D! ‘I’m dead to me’ … rotfl! Well, begone then! But you were an adorable little viper, and yes, the photo does prove your claim about always finding ankle straps sexy! I think you’ve reached the high standards of DK and gone beyond, of always providing links to prove one’s ‘extraordinary claims’.

Tuston, too bad about that pole – it surely would have been a huge attraction for curious non-vags such as undercover operatives from dk, luscious vagina, eg! lol!

Oh, btw, Miss Devore, your name has been invoked by a commenter on Talkleft together with that of LOA.

The ‘Power’ of Blogs

I rarely pay attention to the personalities of bloggers & commenters because the biological fallacy is all-pervasive. Ideas need stand on their own whether it’s the divine Devore or the rogue BTD. BUT, several of the bigblogboys seem to take their personae “way whole bunch” serious.

I have to agree with LOA re the ‘netroots’ except for one important fact. They are not headed in the direction he fears, they are already there, and intentionally so. They have long ago ceded the potential power of blogs and whether intentionally or inadvertently, he helped them do so when they banned some of the most progressive voices on the Internet. He is also wrong in assuming that the bbbs make up the netroots. They do not.

And if he wants credibility, he needs to stop linking to them, and link directly to the sources they use since there is very little original content on that blog. What there is on the FP is way below par in terms of analysis. Better yet, find the real netroots (if by that he means real citizens attempting to push their representatives to actually represent them).

He seems to be fighting a useless battle to try to turn dk into something it never was, a megaphone for real people. It’s hard to believe he could be so blind about what dk is. It is exactly what he says he fears the most for blogs, an echo chamber for the DP just as Freerepublic is for the Repub. Party, along with MYDD and a few others.

48. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 April 2007

Oops, blockquotes should have ended after the first paragraph –

49. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

I had to let her go. Her people weren’t people.

They never liked me anyway. I overheard her father talking one time saying I had BIG TEETH but a little – and I didn’t catch the rest as all his older male camel buddies were chortling with laughter.

50. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 April 2007

Kevin, from the last thread, meant to comment on this:

Depression sux, and I guess only about three VAGs read the thing anyway. Be prepared for a Slice o’ Life topic where my misplaced trust in the female half of the species, at least the part that of which I’m attracted to, is discussed. Please try to look kindly upon my stupidity.

I tried to get to your blog but could not get the link to work. Sorry about the breakup (assuming that’s what it was). Looking forward to your next entry and will try to get the proper link this time.

51. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

Marisacat ’08: America Deserves Affordable Cat Food Delivery. Oh, and peace and justice, too.

The slogan needs work. Sorry.

Who wants to be Veep ?

52. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 April 2007

Bhhm, was that you? Rotfl!

Some females have harnesses strapped around their genitalia to thwart any efforts by the males to mount them. One repeat offender called Marjaa has been moved away.

53. NYCee - 29 April 2007

Not just affordable but gluten free! 🙂

54. Sabrina Ballerina - 29 April 2007

Marisacat ‘08: America Deserves Affordable Cat Food Delivery.

Don’t know who the VP will be, but I know who’ll be running against her! Cannot allow the masses to have food deliveries of any kind without special permission – lol!

55. missdevore - 29 April 2007


Does a vipe need a veep? Wouldn’t a poodle do?

56. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

SB, sighing happily Ahhhhh , Fuck!

then thinking, “I should BE so lucky!”

57. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 April 2007

Speaking of cat food, Bitch PhD has a cat food recipe up, in case safe food becomes harder to get.

58. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

BHHM for Veep – Not just For Camels Anymore.

59. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

BHHM on Education: “Lowering the average IQ everywhere I go”

60. missdevore - 29 April 2007

No Camel Left Behind.

61. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

No Camel’s Behind Left

62. missdevore - 29 April 2007

No Camel’s Behind Left Alone

63. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

ms xeno, we need to build a higher pie

64. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

I’m out, implicated in scandal. named in Camel out call service.

65. NYCee - 29 April 2007


I ditto your cap off on Michael Kelly. He sickened me, his lust for war, his running off to play real life neoconned war games. I wish no one’s demise, but it really did seem like he bought the ticket to his tomb. Poetic justice, of a sort, since he spilled a lot of ink that was part of the push to spill a lot of blood in a criminal war of choice. Just wasnt supposed to be his blood. And perhaps it seemed particularly fitting that he met his demise not even in a rip-roaring shoot-out, or heroes’ exit, but in some vehicular accident related to his health issues, as I recall.

Riffing off what you said re his irresponsibility to his kids, I was disgusted even more when I later saw those very same kids and his wife and all the biz friends (reporters, inner circle gang) lounging around on the floor in casual-but-anxious remembrance of whacky, daring, dear ole Dad… (What a guy! And hey, the kids are all right too!)

The idea was to make it light, to laugh and clink their drinks over that hearty ole soul of a risk taker, now 6 feet under. In other words, a gaggable memorial moment (I believe on Cspan), all the more so as it was supposed to be ‘keepin it real’.

My Pepto moment peaked when his two little sons were sent up to perform in front of the assembled crowd, Mommy beaming. The older kid, maybe about 7 or 8 years old, was very precocious mixed with screwed up over it all, knew he was expected to work it in front of daddy’s friends. He read a ‘whimsical’ list Daddy had made especially to amuse his kids about his upcoming toy soldier adventure, a list of the things he was packing for Iraq. There were practical things interspersed with goofy stuff to tickle the kids’ funny bones, make them comfortable about Daddy’s big scary adventure. (“Ms Frizzle and the Magic Schoolbus Goes to War?”) He read off things like “mess kit, flak jacket, 2 giraffes, socks, a three eyed green monster in a box, notebooks, silly string …” The kid giggled and paused for laughs while reading it. Lotza laughs all around. (It really was sad.)

There was something so forced about not mentioning big elephants in the room, the friends gushing 100 watt smiles over the cute performance… But then the kid couldnt wind down, he was feeding off it too much and kept performing beyond his cue and beyond cute… the smiles became more set… Really awkward, but, I guess, of a piece with it all, as an ending to the whole sordid, sad, sick affair.

66. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 April 2007

Blood in the dust: Border Patrol agent guns down immigrant…

couple the escalation at the border on the part of our gov’t, along w/ the escalation of heavily-armed raids, and I fear we’re headed to a dangerous, violent summer.

67. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

Look, first, we’re gonna to have to deal with the dog vote. They’re likely to stroll right on over and crap on our platform.

Second, we need to package Mcat and her supporters to capitalize on the kinder softer gentler cunt bitch whore angle.

What we need is an online forum. About a thousand young to middle aged political interlopers, “West Wing” fans and volunteer types who think campaigns are a great way to meet people and get laid. Then, we need to get these same fuckers online all day talking to themselves, drivin’ up the page hits, makin it look like there is a real buzz goin on.

Leverage THAT, then spoon feed the whole scam to techno clueless Main Strea Media. Before you know it, we raise all kinds of loot online from goodhearted yet naive souls, and VOILA! We can blow it all on self agrandizement!

We should get an election years ride at least –before too many people actually start to ask questions. There’s PLENTY of people, our base, who would buy in just for Affordable Cat Food Delivery angle alone. We stroke those suckers who think they’re part of an actual movement, and we can assure a marginal but persistent status for our cottage industry.

Springtime for Hitler was a hit, no?

68. missdevore - 29 April 2007

Tuston-can you remodel our Star Chamber? You provide the mirrors, I’ll provide the smoke.

69. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

For BHHM, clearly destined to out-Rove Rove in the name of our Great Crusade:

(make sure your computer’s sound is turned on)

MST3K on the high pie issue.

70. NYCee - 29 April 2007

Hey there!

Found this org., Jewish Voice for Peace, last summer when googling for action on Lebanon bombing. Had a form letter calling Congress to sign onto immediate ceasefire bill by Kucinich. Nice group, it seems.

Now they have a petition to “Congress” (kinda general, but that’s how they say it). It’s a simple UnAIPAC yourselves message with arrows pointing to Carter’s way being a better way for them to take than the one theyve been on re resolving the ME conflict. I think they need to hear a lot more from us on this. They would like for him to quietly go away… bury that book.

Petition to Congress

Can add your own message, too.

71. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

Militarism is creeping up everybody’s ass, Madman. It’s not just in remote outposts of gun-totin’ Neanderthals. Not long after I got home from the ill-fated benefit in our art-fart neighborhood on Thursday, the cops sent out five cars of fuzz IN RIOT GEAR. To the same street. To break up a fist fight between a couple of drunks. At least one of whom they tasered. (PDX cops do love them tasers.) They cordoned off a dozen blocks and pointed guns at the crowd, which was justifiably a little upset.

An old roommate of mine who lives about ten blocks from me was tittering online with her friends an hour after that about “dirty hippies” and smugly intoning that “oh, when your car is broken into on that street, are you going to call an ACTIVIST ?!” I was this close to telling her and her stupid morons to save it for FOX, but stopped myself just in time.

There you are. The good Americans in America’s alleged liberal enclave have spoken. You need twenty-odd cops IN RIOT GEAR to break up a couple of drunks in a business district on a balmy Thursday night. The sad thing is that the Titter Squad all watch Jon Stewart and make fun of Bush, and don’t see the irony in their own attitude. Some spraycanhead on KGW calls a couple of drunks a RIOT and all of a sudden they’re all ready for Il Duce to come and save them.


72. missdevore - 29 April 2007

NYCee-thanks–have had that site on my bookmarks for awhile–never heard anyone else mention it.

73. NYCee - 29 April 2007

But a Scottish sheepherder would be sayin’ Mac not Mc, no?

74. NYCee - 29 April 2007

Oh good, MsD…

Please do spread it around.

I will perhaps look for a few places to liberally pepper with it … on the KosMachine, etc.

75. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

I suppose what I should have told her is that I’ve spoken to the dread ACTIVISTS and defense attorneys who work at the NLG and the NW Constitutional Law Center. mr_xeno volunteers there so I see them quite a bit. Most of them know too well that often calling the cops is a shit idea. They’ve seen a side of the police that idiots who suck their “news” from corporate TV are unlikely to ever see. [scowl]

76. missdevore - 29 April 2007

2 killed in Kansas City, MO mall today-police kill gunman.

77. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 April 2007

yup ms_x, we’ve screwed ourselves. Stupid, lost to fear, and hateful toward each other.

78. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

Tenet on 60 Minutes now

79. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

I know, Madman. The terrible thing is if I’d been walking down that street and been tasered, winged by a stray bullet, or trampled by a panicked crowd, I have no idea who the ex would have sided with. Honestly, no idea. It’s a chilling thing to see that side of people you’ve known for years. Genuinely frightening.

mr_xeno spent the weekend in B.C. at a law conference. I wonder if it’s too late to just throw in the towel and persuade him that it wouldn’t be all that hard to practice law in Canada.

80. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

The Company Strikes Back
in a self serving buy my book kinda way….

Wanna bet what he says about FISA??? Gitmo? Black sites abroad?

81. Marie - 29 April 2007

640 pages? Sounds as if Bernstein doesn’t have anything juicy — not that we should expect that — I mean really, Hillary is boring. A boring, ambitious neo-lib with the vision of a gnat.

82. missdevore - 29 April 2007

BHHM-let me know if it is worth wiggling the wires on my television in 3 hours.

83. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

Tenet is entirely full of shit.

84. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

CBS on commercial break now, thus far, Tenet’s much hyped piece is masterful CYA presented with mushroom cloud gravy. Sunday din.

85. brinn - 29 April 2007

Ya’ll please fill me in on Tenet’s pity-party on 60 Minutes — I cannot watch it, as my kids are home and I attempt to practice what I preach about random acts of violence…..

I swear, though, If Coin Powell and George Tenet ever happen to be in the same room with me, ever, they had better cover their fucking asses….they should be fine, seeing how good the two of them are at it.

Damn them both.

86. missdevore - 29 April 2007

I suspect Hillary’s “scandal” is going to revolve around incidents, like the one mccain mentioned, about doing vodka shots with her and some other senators on a trip abroad. (he admired the way she held her booze). then next, the usual suspects will spin that into “Hillary could drink Yeltsin under the table.”

87. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

Tenet says he thought to himself 9direct quote) “What the hell is he talking about? ” on Bush Sept 12th insistence on attacking Iraq.

88. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

that was a direct quote… heny moving in on Cheney now

89. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

Sorry for typos will be back after the piece..

90. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

MissD, I couldn’t stay married to that putz she’s with unless I knew where the liquor was and how to hold it.

91. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

Did I just write that ?

Into the lake of fire for fallen feminists with me… :/

92. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

Judgement’s based on belief. tenet REALLY defensive

93. NYCee - 29 April 2007

Wow. The “Drunken Pirate” Affair.

Check this out.

This DK diary

More at Smoking Gun – Woman claims teaching degree denied because of single MySpace photo

94. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 April 2007

Remember those cops who killed the elderly woman when they executed a “no knock” warrant last fall? Well, it turns out they planted the weed after they shot her:

ATLANTA — Two police officers pleaded guilty Thursday to manslaughter in the shooting death of a 92-year-old woman during a botched drug raid last fall. A third officer still faces charges.

Officer J.R. Smith told a state judge Thursday that he regretted what had happened.

“I’m sorry,” the 35-year-old said, his voice barely audible. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter, violation of oath, criminal solicitation, making false statements and perjury, which was based on claims in a warrant.

Former Officer Gregg Junnier, 40, who retired from the Atlanta police in January, pleaded guilty to manslaughter, violation of oath, criminal solicitation and making false statements. Both men are expected to face more than 10 years in prison.

In a hearing later in federal court, both pleaded guilty to a single charge of conspiracy to violate a person’s civil rights, resulting in death. Their state and federal sentences would run concurrently.

The charges followed a Nov. 21 “no-knock” drug raid on the home of Kathryn Johnston, 92. An informant had described buying drugs from a dealer there, police said. When the officers burst in without warning, Johnston fired at them, and they fired back, killing her.

Fulton County prosecutor Peter Johnson said that the officers involved in Johnston’s death fired 39 shots, striking her five or six times, including a fatal blow to the chest.

He said Johnston fired only once through her door and didn’t hit any of the officers. That means the officers who were wounded likely were hit by their own colleagues, he said.[snip]

The deadly drug raid had been set up after narcotics officers said an informant had claimed there was cocaine in the home.

When the plainclothes officers burst in without notice, police said, Johnston fired at them, and they fired back.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Yonette Sam-Buchanan said Thursday that although the officers found no drugs in Johnston’s home, Smith planted three bags of marijuana in the home as part of a cover story.

95. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

Tenet CBS interview: not a blip about Niger forgeries, not a word about Gitmo. He Fought tooth and nail to stick to pallaver about “alternative interogation techniques” denied torture. Not a question about its wisdom or results – i.e. – increased al Qaeda recruiting.

Nadda. Zip. Dick. Squat. Guano.


96. missdevore - 29 April 2007

ms_xeno–I wonder if booze can even loosen up Hillary. I’d like to be with her the night she loses the prez nomination (and thus, any reason to stay with the hubby) with a big pitcher of pink martinis and listen to her self-deprecating raving “Yeah, when I started this conversation with the American people that Apple bitch hammered me….and I’ll remain hammered…..some fuckin’ Chelsea morning this is….”

97. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

Feeling bad about 9/11: the only qualification necessary for the highest echelons in the United States Government.

98. BooHooHooMan - 29 April 2007

RFLMAO, miss d drinkin with Hillary

99. Tuston - 29 April 2007

miss devore: I got the mirrors (most of them in one piece), strobe and black lights too.

I can do the remodel work for the star chamber, but all the wood will have to be mesquite (with turquoise inlay of course!). Perhaps the vipers would like a poured concrete bar like the one I’m making for PK; it will have no head or tail but it curves sinuously like a snake and we’ve selected a great integrated dye, purple, to color it.

MitM: I saw that bit on the BP murder. Just think every BP agent has less training than the average metro cop but has unfettered access to fully automatic weapons(some of the big trucks have 50 caliber machine guns even).

100. brinn - 29 April 2007

thanks, bhhm for the snippetts…..

fuck them.

Ncyee — and they wonder why they can’t get “quality” teachers — fuck all of the education toadies and the fucking texas miricle they rode in on.

I am in a very bad mood today.

thanks to all of you for mitigating my expression of it a bit.

101. brinn - 29 April 2007

Tuston — I wanna drink at that bar — inlaid *everything* I say! 😉

Madman, where you been friend? we keep missing each other her ein the viper lair…

102. missdevore - 29 April 2007

Where is the paine & svix?

think the paine should be speechwriter for our “Snakes on a slate!” candidates. Imagine the inaugural address like a brooding Ferlinghetti poem.

103. moiv - 29 April 2007

brinn, anybody who’s not in a bad mood today ptobably got an early start on those pink martinis.

From a report on the Austin bombing attempt.

After a canvas of Wal-Mart stores in Austin, a manager at the 710 E. Ben White Blvd. location told investigators that a customer bought a cooler, a Coleman propane tank, nails, sugar, electrical tape and a Sunbeam timer … from the store Tuesday, the affidavit said.

That list can be found in “how to build a bomb” instructions all over the net, but all the store cared about was whether the debit charge was approved. If he’d asked for any from a long list of OTC nasal decongestants in the Wal-Mart pharmacy, they’d have insisted on scrutinizing both his intentions and his ID. Because winning the war on drugs is, ummm … important.

104. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

[waves at brinn]

[contemplates whether HRC will persuade Tenet to be her running mate. Considers starting a pool to see how long it will take Bowers and the rest to rationalize it. Hell, they were wetting themselves over McCain until about ten minutes ago. It’s not that much of a leap.]

Fuck it. Song break time. Then I think I’ll get some pizza, but I’ll be picking it up to prove I can provide a Populist balance to Mcat’s ticket:

Barbara Lynn at Veoh. DIdn’t see a date but my money’s on mid 1960s. She’s still playing, too.

105. marisacat - 29 April 2007


Was asleep and just got 5 out of moderation and one hiding in Spam…

106. brinn - 29 April 2007


I am so happy to be in a place where I see you posting regularly!

Fuck wal-mart, fuck the APD, if that motherfucker had been found in a CHURCH parking lot, we would see a lot more “investigatin’ goin’ on”

Every now and again, even as I reside here in Austin, I am reminded that yes, I live in Texas.

To be fair to the Lone Star though, the rest of the country is not looking in the least bit more appealing.

107. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 April 2007


I have a lot less time to spend on the internets these days, combined with a bit of burnout at the state of the world.

108. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 April 2007

what the hell do they need 50 cal.s for?

109. Tuston - 29 April 2007

what the hell do they need 50 cal.s for?

defending the border against the “brown tide” that threatens to overwhelm our lily white purity of course.

Anti-mecegenation. Its as american as apple pie…

110. missdevore - 29 April 2007

Tuston’s bar advert “Get laid in an inlaid bar!”

Weekend “shopping” pics at Je blague (sorry I couldn’t post them in a larger format; I’m new at this crazy “inlaid” camera in my Macbook):


111. brinn - 29 April 2007

MitM — I hear you — just glad to hear you. The state of the world is what it is…I am long past thinking that large change is possible — just a bit here and there on my local scale, and remembering that there are people like you out there…

keeps me going on.

112. missdevore - 29 April 2007

ms_xeno-thanks for the Barbara Lynn–tres cool!

113. moiv - 29 April 2007

brinn —

This is sort of like Rick’s Place: “Everybody comes to Rick’s” when they’ve reached their pain threshold for willful blindness.

Texas is still barely managing to nose out most of the pack on stupid, but yeah, the rest of the country is about to catch us.

114. missdevore - 29 April 2007

czech it out–CNN site is headlining the article about the shooting in the KC mall–with a pic of a “Target” store.

115. missdevore - 29 April 2007

‘Clinton to Rodham: begone!”

“Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., has dropped the use of her maiden name “Rodham” in her bid for the Democratic presidential nomination,” Hearst Newspapers will report in Monday papers in advance excerpts acquired by RAW STORY. Excerpts follow.”

116. marisacat - 29 April 2007

Oh we led the pack… with Prop 13 in ’78. No taxes low taxes shaft your state (and your neighbors) and live to tell the story.

Periodically someone tries to float at least changing the BUSINESS RE to a higher modern tax… it loses or dies or is shot down.

Our education has gone downhill ever since. Once we were near the top with at least decent public education and the “UC system” that natives could be rightly proud of. (and it ws more than Prop 13, Reagan and his cadres worked to destroy the UC system)

No more.

Long term, Prop 13 is not survivable.

Then we gave the world Ward Connerly, at the heart (with a lot of others, and tied in law firms) of school integration roll back. Another SC ruling due soon come from two cases that advanced to the SC this session. EVEN tho all lower courts are finding FOR Civil Rights era integration models, the SC chose to take on the Seattle and Louisville cases. One North one South. Again, as during oral argument in the “PBA” case, one could hear, federal integration models, that had advanced A LOT in the past 20 years, are OVER. And the right used the language of integration to sell it …

Maybe the blaghs could tell me again about the collapse of the right wing. LOL They just wnat to be part of the RW.

I nearly chewed up the scenery over the recent NYT piece on MIssissippi slashing Medicaid rolls. BREDESEN in TN did the same thing at the same time. And TENN Care had been a very decent model to move forward on expanding Medicare/Medicaid to more of the middle class.

Bredesen a DEMOCRAT. A friend in TN had told me, I asked after reading reports, that the churches were planning to ring the bells in TN for each person thrown off state health care. then the churches decided not to do it.

You have to laugh.

Woe is the nation. Greet the 50s… Soon, greet the Great Depression. I figure, it seems a natural. we are going backwards, with a great desire to do just that…

117. Tuston - 29 April 2007

Woe is the nation. Greet the 50s… Soon, greet the Great Depression


It sucks to be Cassandra doesn’t it?

118. missdevore - 29 April 2007

if only the crossposting drama had finally collapsed instead of that freeway section near Oakland:

“(Markos is reconsidering the ban, since I called him and told him if he DID tell me to edit the post in question, I didn’t see that request, and if I had, I would have edited accordingly, that this is a misunderstanding at WORST. He said he needs time to “think about it.’ – promoted by Maryscott O’Connor)”

b-r-e-a-k-i-n-g…..blogmaids sent to vacuum the Star Chamber.

119. Tuston - 29 April 2007

If she wasn’t such a complicit twit I’d feel more compassion for emsuck, she’s got every symptom of the battered/abused woman syndrome.

120. marisacat - 29 April 2007

New Thread


121. supervixen - 29 April 2007

So, I go away for a few days and miss all the fun. Wow, the stalwart courageous ballbusting antiestablishment feisty cuss-like-a-sailor Maryscott finally told off His Kosness and got banned, eh?

Oops, I guess not:

(Markos is reconsidering the ban, since I called him and told him if he DID tell me to edit the post in question, I didn’t see that request, and if I had, I would have edited accordingly, that this is a misunderstanding at WORST. He said he needs time to “think about it.’ – promoted by Maryscott O’Connor)

Hmm. Looks to me like this is a case of a craven little narcissist crawlng on her knees to suck the dicks of the guys who despise her, as long as they give her some more smack. In her case, it’s not drugs, but… ATTENTION! SHE MUST HAVE ATTENTION!!! And then she sends her poor husband out to fetch some more ATTENTION!!! for herself, using baby pictures. Good Goddess. That is just so incredibly lame.

I have a ton of amazing baby pix of myself because my father was a fashion photographer, and I was always running around the studio, having fun with the models. Here is one, with the supermodel Wilhelmina:

Wilhelmina photo

Wilhelmina liked this pic so much that she hung it in her office at her modeling agency. She said it symbolized the “little girl within her”.

That’s a baby picture.

122. missdevore - 29 April 2007

Welcome back svix–love the pic.

Did you ever meet Verushka?

123. Kevin Lynch - 29 April 2007

Past genocide meet present genocide. As a world, as a species, we advance technologically but merely PRETEND that we advance morally. We’re no better than the Romans, who were no better than the cave dwellers. All of us are simply just as moral as the paramecium, on average.

Sorry to bore you with my pity-party before. I truly have a taste for shit when it comes to women and have only myself to blame for the continued soap opera that is my romantic life. Figured that all of you would presume the no-longer-girlfriend had a good reason for dumping me. It doesn’t matter because I never should have asked her out. The only things we had in common were getting A grades and an enjoyment of vehicle modification (souping up trucks). So the whole “brain vs. jockette” and “personality vs. physicality” thing worked out as well as oil + water. I was traded in for a sewn together ex-ballplayer and that’s that. Life *sigh*

Have fun VAGs


124. missdevore - 29 April 2007

svix–had you not provided the link, I would have missed this:

“I’m not a rabid radical, like some others I might mention, were they not Dead to Me®, and therefore easy to dismiss –”

is that a way to spend one’s b-day–kissing kos ass? what a waste of lipstick.

Is it sweeps week in the bbblogosphere?

125. marisacat - 29 April 2007

oh I loved that era of fashion photography… LOVED Verushka…

thanks for the links… to the baby pics. And so happy none of them carry the phrasing she added to her childhood pic at Msoc.

Try to figure out what not to wish for.

126. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

Has somebody already written a “Dead To Me” song, to the tune of “All of Me ?” If not, consider that your evening’s assignment until Mcat gets back to announce who’s going to be Veep.

127. marisacat - 29 April 2007

Poor emsoc. Always trying to catch up. I ‘ll leave it at that.

LOL has Kos said she must crawl from the valley to the East Bay Burbs.? SO he can then say NO?

Sorry it is all so laughable.

128. missdevore - 29 April 2007

ms_xeno how about “Born Under a Banned Sign”?

129. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

That could start an unfortunate trend, Your Scaliness.

Banned on the Run

Leader of the Banned

Banned to the Bone


130. missdevore - 29 April 2007

“I Wanna Have You Banned”

131. colleen - 29 April 2007

If she wasn’t such a complicit twit I’d feel more compassion for emsuck, she’s got every symptom of the battered/abused woman syndrome.

Well certainly that but she’s also quite abusive herself and particularly towards other women when she believes it will increase her popularity. She’s more of a Kapo, an uber Blog Maid.

On Pelley’s intervciew:
The interview was horrible. Listening to George Tenet defensively bullying and going on about his integrity was as completely unconvincing as DHinMI going on and on about the same.
I genuinely think that Tenet was more upset that the Bushies eventually threw him and Powell under the bus than the complete abject failure of both men to call the administration to task for the war and their lies. I mean WE understoood what was up when Bush started blaming Iraq for the anthrax mailings.

132. marisacat - 29 April 2007

she’s also quite abusive herself and particularly towards other women when she believes it will increase her popularity. She’s more of a Kapo, an uber Blog Maid.

Bingo. As I told her over and over when she would insist we, she and I, “are the same”… No. She always wanted things from the Boyz.

So different.

Sorry. She is stuck with the boyz and how they treat her. She signed on.

133. Madman in the Marketplace - 29 April 2007

or the movie

The Boyz in the Banned

134. missdevore - 29 April 2007

{ding,ding,ding} Mitm has a winner!

135. ms_xeno - 29 April 2007

No way !! Madman doesn’t get to play when he already owns all the voting machines !!

I’m out of here. >:

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