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They can’t oppose the war as they don’t oppose the war…. 9 May 2007

Posted by marisacat in Culture of Death, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Iraq War, WAR!.

   tornado, city of Orlando FL 

I am sure there are more glaring examples but this one hit me over the head yesterday…  because, as we did not ‘learn from Vietnam’, we sure the hell did not ‘learn from Katrina’.

Happened to catch Sibelius, Democratic governor of KS, specifically on PBS’ The News Hour to talk about lack of equipment and resources in KS, due to NG being deployed in Iraq.  Well, Hell. She mumbled, she fumbled:  she ran the clock.  She had best go back to recruiting Republicans (bagged 6 last I read)…

I was left thinking — what if SLC mayor, Rocky Anderson had had the opportunity to call out lack of equipment, sent to foreign war, when it is to defend, save and protect AMERICANS.

Yes.. what if…

BTW, she was worse in the flesh than the transcript indicates…  Governor Maid.

So sold out.

National Guard’s performance

RAY SUAREZ: Governor, let’s turn to the role of the National Guard. You’ve raised concerns in the last few days that the Guard’s response was hampered because some equipment and resources have been deployed to Iraq. The White House took issue with that today. Let’s listen to what Press Secretary Tony Snow had to say about conversations you had with key federal officials, including Frances Townsend, the president’s assistant on homeland security.

TONY SNOW, White House Press Secretary: The governor said that she had what she needs. She did repeat her testimony that she’s been raising the issue about DOD for a number of years, in terms of National Guard deployments. And Fran again said, “Is there anything you need to respond effectively to this disaster?” The governor responded, “No, we could not have asked for a faster response. Dave Paulson was terrific yesterday.”Fran asked a third time. “I want to make sure that we’re saying the same thing. Is there anything else you needed for a fast and effective response to the disaster?” And the governor said, “We’ve got to get power and water running. I’ve got what I need. I’ve got your number. I won’t be shy. We’ll call if I need anything.”

RAY SUAREZ: Well, Governor, you heard it there, the White House saying that you’ve told the federal government you have everything you need. Do you?

GOV. KATHLEEN SEBELIUS: Well, I told Fran today, “I had no idea Tony Snow was on our conversation.” But I did tell Fran today that I was very pleased with the rapid response and grateful for the attention of the White House and Homeland Security. I’ve spoken to Secretary Chertoff. All of that is very good news. And we look forward to welcoming the president here to Kansas tomorrow.

I also told her that I intended to keep making the case about National Guard equipment, not only in Kansas, but around the country. You know, Ray, when I was in Iraq in November of 2005, I was given a list, an equipment list by our engineering company who were about to return to Kansas. They gave me a list of equipment that wouldn’t be coming back with them.

And it was such concern of the guys over there that they said, “I want to highlight for you what we need to respond to tornadoes, and snowstorms, and ice storms in Kansas, what we’re going to leave behind on the ground that we won’t have back in Kansas.” And I really started then to join fellow governors in raising this concern.

No question that National Guard equipment is missing, in this four-year war, across the country. What my adjutant general told me yesterday is that, with all of our assets, we can take care of what’s going on in Greensburg, Kansas, right now. We’ve gotten offers of help and support, not only from FEMA, but fellow governors.

But he said, “Governor, I have to tell you, if we have an additional incident,” and at that point the storm shelters were still open about the floods, he said, “If we get called upon again, I’m going to have to ask you to make a choice. Which place do you want us to be? Which place do you want our equipment to be?”

That’s a terrible choice for anybody to make. That’s the point about the missing equipment. Yes, right now in Greensburg, Kansas, we’re OK. What if the storm comes back in two days and hits my neighbors in Oklahoma and Colorado? What about the missing equipment in Colorado and California…

     kansas tornado 2004

Using neighboring states’ forces

RAY SUAREZ: Well, let me jump in right there, Governor, because one of the things the federal authorities have said is that you are part of a plan that can call on neighboring state forces to help you when you’re short. Is that not sufficient?

GOV. KATHLEEN SEBELIUS: It is not sufficient, Ray, when all of us are in the same strapped condition. Recently, General Blum, the national commander for National Guard units across the country, testified in Congress about this very serious shortage for every state in the country.Today, the Armed Service Readiness Subcommittee unanimously — Republicans and Democrats — approved additional resources for Guard equipment at home.You know, I was sworn in as governor in January of 2003. Two months later, we went to Iraq, and Kansas National Guard troops and troops across the country have been deployed ever since. There are about 40 percent of the troops on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I am so proud of the role our men and women play, and they do it selflessly. They are citizen soldiers. And I’m proud of my role as commander-in-chief of the National Guard. But, frankly, they’re being asked currently to do two jobs, used in a way they’ve never been used before in the history of the country, in the history of the Guard. And they only have equipment to do one.

RAY SUAREZ: Well, as you mentioned, Governor, you’ll be sharing your concerns with the president tomorrow. I’m sorry, our time is short. Thank you very much for joining us.

GOV. KATHLEEN SEBELIUS: I will be. Thank you.

It so needed short punchy declarative ACCUSING sentences.  Did not happen.




1. Miss Devore - 9 May 2007

What pics! In the second one, if you look close & listen, you can hear Dorothy singing:

“Right there, over the rainbow
Things are fucked…”

2. wozzle - 9 May 2007

My God, Toto! It’s the Wicked Witch of the ssssssssswwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsssssssshhhhhhhhhhh…

and the Scarecrow never got his brain.

3. marisacat - 9 May 2007

yes! I thought they were great pics.

And the lower one is in KS (I label pics when I know soemthing, if the original site gives info) and the top one is over Orlando FL.

4. marisacat - 9 May 2007

LOL wozzle.. what I say at times like this:

Kill Toto! and no heart for the Tinman, not in this scenario…

5. D. Throat - 9 May 2007

Now Cardinal Ratzinger is Pope Benedict XVI, and when he arrives here on Wednesday for his first pastoral visit to Latin America he may be surprised at what he finds. Liberation theology, which he once called “a fundamental threat to the faith of the church,” persists as an active, even defiant force in Latin America, home to nearly half the world’s one billion Roman Catholics.

Over the past 25 years, even as the Vatican moved to silence the clerical theorists of liberation theology and the church fortified its conservative hierarchy, the social and economic ills the movement highlighted have worsened. In recent years, the politics of the region have also drifted leftward, giving the movement’s demand that the church embrace “a preferential option for the poor” new impetus and credibility.

Today some 80,000 “base communities,” as the grass-roots building blocks of liberation theology are called, operate in Brazil, the world’s most populous Roman Catholic nation, and nearly one million “Bible circles” meet regularly to read and discuss scripture from the viewpoint of the theology of liberation.


On a cool and cloudy Saturday morning in late April, evidence of the movement’s vitality was plain to see. Representatives of 50 base communities gathered at the St. Paul the Apostle Church on the east side of this sprawling city, in an area of humble workers’ residences and squatter slums.

With four priests present, readings from the Bible alternated with more worldly concerns: criticisms of government proposals to reduce pensions and workers’ rights under the Brazilian labor code. The service ended with the Lord’s Prayer and then a hymn.

“In the land of mankind, conceived of as a pyramid, there are few at the top, and many at the bottom,” the congregation sang. “In the land of mankind, those at the top crush those at the bottom. Oh, people of the poor, people subjected to domination, what are you doing just standing there? The world of mankind has to be changed, so arise people, don’t stand still.”

Afterward, discussion turned to other social problems, chief among them a lack of proper sanitation. A representative of the left-wing Workers’ Party discussed strategies to press the government to complete a sewer project. Congregants agreed to organize a campaign to lobby for it.

In other areas here, liberation theology advocates have strong links to labor unions. At a May 1 Mass to commemorate International Labor Day, they draped a wooden cross with black banners labeled “imperialism” and “privatization” and applauded when the homily criticized the government’s “neoliberal” economic policies, the kind Washington supports.

“We believe in merging the questions of faith and social action,” said Valmir Resende dos Santos, a liberation disciple who brings base communities and labor groups together in the industrial suburbs here. “We advise groups and social movements, mobilize the unemployed, and work with unions and parties, always from a perspective based on the Gospel.”


At the behest of conservatives, the Vatican has imposed sanctions on the liberation theologians Gustavo Gutiérrez of Peru, Leonardo Boff of Brazil and, most recently, Jon Sobrino of El Salvador, a Jesuit born in Spain. But when the Vatican admonished Father Sobrino, in March, Pedro Casaldáliga of Brazil, one of the bishops most committed to liberation theology, wrote an open letter calling on the church to reaffirm its “real commitment to the service of God’s poor” and “the link between faith and politics.”

That drew a sharp rebuke from Felipe Aquino, a conservative theologian whose views are often broadcast on Catholic radio stations here. “In spite of having received the Vatican’s cordial warning, you continue to be incorrigible, poisoning the people with the theology of liberation, which, as Ratzinger noted, annihilates the true faith and subverts the gospel of salvation,” he wrote.


So, when in a pickle…start talking about your penis.


In another, related statement, the Brazilian church’s senior cleric, Cardinal Geraldo Majella Agnello, condemned government policies on reproductive health, which have won praise from international public health groups. The cardinal singled out sexual education and condom distribution programs, which have helped cut AIDS transmission rates in Brazil, and attacked them by saying they promoted immorality.

This is inducing everyone into promiscuity,” Cardinal Majella said in an interview with the Portuguese-language service of the B.B.C. “This is not respect for life or for real love. It’s like turning man into an animal.”


This is so fucking tired…. how dare the poor use God to pull themselves out of poverty… have more street urchin babies in the flavelas… and pray.

6. wozzle - 9 May 2007

Not RC, but I deem the RCs to be killing themselves softly. Ratzi is a symptom, not a cure.

MC: Does that mean Bert Lahr stays cowardly? I lionized that man…

7. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 May 2007

I wish you’d behave yourself when you go visiting other people’s blogs, Miss D – take a lesson from Armando and as he told you, leave your bad manners at the door.


They do not want to end the war, MC. Here’s the response from the Democrats, (Obey, who wants us dirty anti-war hippies to shut up) to president 28% …. the bully wins again:

House Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-Wis.) said he feels that Democrats have compromised, and that it’s now time for the White House to do the same. He said in an afternoon briefing yesterday that he intended to meet with White House officials on Capitol Hill later in the day.

“We’ve conceded on two major points,” Obey said, referring to troop readiness standards and a firm timetable for withdrawal. “The White House has yet to concede on any.”

It’s embarrassing – Is that any way to talk or act towards a bully? Concede, compromise! And predictably, the bully is still not satisfied! He’s going to veto it! So what brilliant advice will we have from the ‘netroots’ now? Concede some more? Just one more compromise?

And I love saying I Told You So because I know they hate to hear it.

Habeas Restoration Won’t be in DoD Authorization
by mcjoan

Wed May 09, 2007 at 02:13:10 PM PDT

Last night I posted on the possibility that the Defense Department authorization being marked up today in the House Armed Services committee might include a provision to restore habeas. It’s not going to happen.

That was obvious yesterday after reading Matt Stollers hysterical post which provided no proof that anything of the kind was going to happen. Funny that DK would pick that up and put it on the front page, considering how often their diary cops slam diarists who present speculation as fact. Stoller I suppose, wanted to show what an insider he is! Guess he isn’t after all.

8. ms_xeno - 9 May 2007

We should make up fake front pages and just spam them until they whimper. Can’t you all just see it now:

Pelosi Bill To Give Everyone A Free Puppy For X-Mas !

Reid Might Force Pharma To Charge 1/500th Less For Vital Medications The Second Thursday Of Each Month If You Sign Over One Vital Organ !

Democrats Have Almost Enough Votes To Issue Resolution Slapping Bush’s Wrist Lightly With A Nerf Ruler During Monthly Bipartisan Group Hug With Dr. Phil

Add your own.

9. marisacat - 9 May 2007

mcjoan stoller jeralyn etc… take away their village drums.

They LIE and call it mistakes. So weak so limp so Reeee-publican.

Oh they, the parties, agree on the war… always have. Some disssent in the house, a very little in the senate. All there ever was.


Snowe and Bayh are on TNH. Some slobber about a new bill………. They seek a sensible course.

Must find “common ground”… zzzzzzzzzzz

we “really do want to effect change”, “see this thru”… on an on… they are melding in front of me. Congealing. “it is up to the Iraqi government, they must seize their own destiny, it must come from withiin”… snoozzzzzzzzzz

“pathway to national reconcilation”, Iraqis don’t know who to trust” (gee)

gaaaaaaaaaa gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

10. D. Throat - 9 May 2007

When ever they spew out a “To Do” list with telephone numbers and breathless directives to CALL RIGHT AWAY… you know that they are just bullshitting… it is just a “feel good” exercise… in futility.

11. marisacat - 9 May 2007

Lindorf and Olshansky who defend Gitmo incarcerated said last year that the Dems are too frightened to really talk aobut HC. They claim to care.. but do nothing.

They also said that more Generals are angry about the country and issues of war and detainees than the Democrats are… they were talking about gnerals they bump up against in congress whey they testified or try to get in to talk to legislators…

and I don’t think they meant the ret who came forward last spring and were ineffectual.. and are now coming forward again (Baptiste and others) to support the sponsored “anti war” groups.

SO unimpressed … damn generals. Suicide by president.

12. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 May 2007

I checked Stollers post after seeing it linked somewhere else. If I were on the ‘editorial staff’ of any publication I would never have used it, least of all on the FP since it all it consisted of was ‘somebody said that maybe, but they’re worried and call these numbers, put the pressure on’.

What’s even funnier is that yesterday dk had a FP post criticizing the AP for doing exactly the same thing. They are amateurs, which is fine – except that they demand perfection from people who do not, as they do, claim to be professionals but simply want to state their opinions. If a mere member had done that, the diary police would have descended upon them with pitchforks, screaming about ‘credibility’. I’ve seen it so often. It is because of that that I criticize them. Their hypocrisy and claims that they are something they are not.

13. acmn27 - 9 May 2007

That photo-op hug-fest in Kansas makes me sick. How dare he?

And where’s Cheney? In Iraq, to talk the government out of going on vacation. Well, isn’t that where he and his Charlie McCarthy usually are when disaster strikes his own country?

14. ms_xeno - 9 May 2007

TBH, I would not call any local rep to ask the time of day. City or County Council, maybe. Those are at least officially non-partisan. Some of them still have pulses.

But I know guys like Wyden have no soul, no conscience for me to appeal to. Plus I will not lie and offer to vote for them again. So no point in calling or writing, really.

If I could get in a time machine and go back in time to when Wyden was my rep, though– I’d show up again for his goddamn “town meetings” and pie him.

But grovel now before these fuckwits to do their fucking job ? Forget it.

Kucinich’s people called again today and I gently told them that I wasn’t interested. Phone banking is hard work and some remaining kernel of kindness in my bitter, shriveled soul told me to behave.

Just so they cross me off and don’t call again. If they do, all bets are off. :p

15. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 May 2007

Ms xeno, I hope your kitty gets better –

Headlines for the netroots:(at ms x’s request)

‘Democrats Take Twentieth Firm Stand on Iraq War. Bush Looks Bad As He Promises Twentieth Veto’

Kossacks, politically this is good for us. I said back in June 2007 (link to me) that we would have to be patient for political purposes. Ignore the bullshit polls on Congress (19%) the American people have seen Republicans refuse to end this war. This was good strategy. We’re one month away from President Hillary Rodham Clinton and first Man Bill!

You’ll see a button under this post. Use it to donate to Hillary’s campaign.


UPDATE: Some of you in comments are full of shit. If you don’t like it here, start your own f*&cing blog! I’m here to elect Democrats. I’m not going to waste time arguing with stupid f*&king purity trolls!


16. Marie - 9 May 2007

That photo-op hug-fest in Kansas makes me sick. How dare he?

That and calling for more prayers is all that’s required of a Republican in Kansas. They love Bush because 60% of Kansans suffer from battered citizen syndrome.

17. marisacat - 9 May 2007


this link is to a bigger version of the KS tornado pic – it is so unusual I had meant to link to the larger version…

18. wozzle - 9 May 2007

Marie – BCS. Sounds completely rational, except the battered citizens would then consider it “Bowl Championship Series”. Tru dat. And Sad dat. Dis contry go to hell quick.

I grew up here.

19. wu ming - 9 May 2007

i’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop, and bush or schwarzeneggar or some other red state governor to call openly for the use of blackwater as disaster relief (and crowd control). that san diego base is scary fucking business. katrina was a test run, there’s a reason why the national guard is kept out of the country, to come home in body bags or not at all.

and unlike the national guard, which is nominally drawn fgrom the state, blackwater mercs are from all over, and cannot be expected to have any vestigal loyalty to the people they’re patrolling.

when deng xiaoping could not get the beijing-area PLA troops to deal harshly with the students and citizens blocking the roads leading intio the capital, he called up troops from the south, who did not speak the dialect.

we’re a couple of chess moves away from a very bad spot. neither blanco nor sebelius have the political sense to disrupt things when an opportunity presents itself. i really hope we do not have any earthquakes or fires or floods this year. drought is a familar and slow disaster, but anything acute will be an excuse to set the wheels in motion.

20. missdevore - 9 May 2007

Sabrina-if I behave, will TiaJ give me praises?

On one diary at TL, my old soul-mate taylormattd posted-“Wow, I didn’t know you posted here” I told him not to be too crestfallen. He replies “I thought you hated BTD”.

ms_xeno–I love the faux headlines.

and I hope everyone and their kitties are fab.

21. liberalcatnip - 9 May 2007

Delete my comment, mcat!

Oh wait.

I have to make one first…

Never mind.


22. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 May 2007

Lol, Miss D – I don’t know, but try it and see!

23. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 May 2007

I don’t know if this is true, but John Aravosis says it comes from an impeccable source:

Conservative Dems expected to vote with GOP to give Bush unfettered blank check on Iraq tomorrow

It’s time to replace some conservative Democrats in Washington, DC. I just heard from an impeccable source that there is serious concern on the Hill that conservative Democrats in the House will vote with the Republicans to strip any and all restrictions from the Iraq supplemental tomorrow, effectively giving Bush all the money he wants with no restrictions and no effort to hold either him or the Iraq government accountable for anything. I.e., they will vote to continue this war along the same disastrous course because they’re too afraid to challenge George Bush and his failed leadership.

Let me reiterate: This isn’t some idle rumor. The concerns are coming from Hill sources themselves.

Yes, while the Republican leaders of the House and Senate are publicly claiming that they won’t give Bush a blank check, they’re maneuvering behind the scenes to do just that. And while Republican members of Congress are supposedly laying down the law for Bush in private meetings, on the House floor they’re going to give Bush everything he wants and needs to continue the war indefinitely.

If that happens, then we need to hang this war, and hang every lost life and every wasted dollar, around the neck of every Republican and conservative Democrat who betrays our troops and our country tomorrow.

24. marisacat - 9 May 2007

bet the source is Reid. Who was counting the votes.


Off to read.

25. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 May 2007

Lol, Catnip but you did make a post …

Marisacat, even if this happens, can’t Nancy Pelosi keep it off the floor?

You might right about it being Reid. This is what John Aravosis says in comments:

26. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 May 2007

Oops trying again:

There’s a reason I’m not telling you my source. You’re morons if you don’t believe it.

John Aravosis | 05.09.07 – 10:21 pm |

27. marisacat - 9 May 2007

if she does not have the votes she should delay the vote.

I have to assuem it is 30 or 40 Blue Dog New Dem

I read the thread at Aravosis… it was not too informative. A lot of “contact your rep”.

Think you got the one comment of value (John A)

28. liberalcatnip - 9 May 2007

Well, Bush is going to veto whatever comes his way anyway and the conservative democrats don’t have anything to lose. Their base will still vote for them and the so-called “progressive” “movement” will still support them while excusing their complicity in war crimes. Winning is everything.

Lol, Catnip but you did make a post …

D’oh. Well delete that one…and this one too! I’m obviously too irresponsible to be commenting on blogs since I can’t even control myself to post without actually thinking beforehand.

Begone comments! You are dead to me.

29. Miss Devore - 9 May 2007

you have to give some credit to the BBB’s-no need to watch weird reaity shows on the tube when you’ve got “Virtual Pole Dancing with the Blahghers”

30. Kevin Lynch - 9 May 2007


Dateline: May 9, Blogosphere

“Today it has been confirmed that people who have been declared dead are still posting comments on the internets. We are contacting psychic mediums to see what supernatural forces are behind this odd phenomenon.”


31. Miss Devore - 9 May 2007

the true meaning of post-mortem.

32. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 May 2007

Lol, Catnip – you can’t be deleted!

no need to watch weird reaity shows on the tube when you’ve got “Virtual Pole Dancing with the Blahghers” Miss D

That’s why someone needs to turn it into a series – we were working on that, Lucid, I think it was, wanted to know who would play the main characters – I wannabe one of the wannabe pole dancers! I’m not an actress but I slept at the Holiday Inn last night!

33. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 May 2007

I’m just gonna enjoy breakfast in the ruins. We’re too far gone.

34. missdevore - 9 May 2007

Sabrina-I forgot the story line. (Scruggs is a very good writer of that sort of thing,too.) I vaguely remember a stage set with canned cat food. BHHM’s sculpture proposal of today could work in nicely.

Hey-where’s Tuston–is he that good to his sweetheart?

35. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 May 2007

Tuston is going to let us use the restaurant he’s renovating with the serpentile bar (the former strip club) and he’s going to see if he can install a pole, Miss D.

“Today it has been confirmed that people who have been declared dead are still posting comments on the internets. We are contacting psychic mediums to see what supernatural forces are behind this odd phenomenon.”

Contact Dateline! We were declared dead and we’re still posting on the Internets! We are phenomenal! A phenonemon? Whatever!

36. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 May 2007

Okay, this is getting worse. If true, then the Democrats have been complicit all along …. or at least enough of them to make it impossible to have prevented this war and maybe enough to keep it going.

Kucinich Reveals Privatization of Iraq’s Oil Contained in Iraq Bill

In a meeting with the West Los Angeles Democratic Club on Saturday, May 5, Presidential candidate and Ohio Congress Representative Dennis Kucinich revealed that the Democrats in Congress had made some secret concessions to the Republicans in the initial Bill to continue funding the Iraq War that was vetoed, and in a subsequent version that is currently being negotiated. They include:

Privatization of Iraq’s Oil – in the original Bill, but not shared with the public. A rule was created that said this clause could not be removed during debate on House floor.

Bush could invade Iran without approval of Congress. A clause that would require him to get approval from Congress first was removed.

Timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq to be removed from Bill (in post-veto version).

The clause that Iraq must privatize ownership of its oil was in the original Bill presented by Congress, although it was not mentioned publicly. It was stated as a benchmark to be met by Iraq, and if it was not met, the US would withdraw troops and refuse to offer peacekeeping troops to help rebuild the country. That means the Iraqis would not own their own oil, but instead International oil companies, primarily US oil companies, would instead divide ownership of the oil.

This seems to reaffirm the worst possible scenario that the war in Iraq not only was built upon lies, but was solely for the purpose of destroying their country so the big US oil companies can own their oil.

These same oil companies are still resolute about keeping the oil prices high at the pumps for US citizens (while refraining refinery capacity), so that they alone retain record-breaking profits. Kucinich explained he requested on the Congress floor that clause be removed from the Bill, and was finally assured it would be. He found it was not, and again demanded it be removed, and was then accused of ‘not being a loyal Democrat’.

Kucinich went on to explain that last November, the citizens of the US voted for a ‘change of direction in Iraq’ but as of yet have only gotten a bait and switch.

Well, I posted a link somewhere above about Obey’s statement today. He did say they had made two concessions. I found another source that verifies some of this. Will try to find it.

We were sooo lied to.

37. bayprairie - 9 May 2007

Conservative Dems expected to vote with GOP to give Bush unfettered blank check on Iraq tomorrow.

the Democratic party couldn’t summon enough guts to produce a small sausage, even if one offered to stuff it with pork.

38. marisacat - 9 May 2007

Pepe Escobar/Asia Times has maintained the ONLY reason we needed an Iraqi congress and leader to stand up was to sign away the Oil.

Both sides supported the war. Frankly I believe that Pelosi brokered a no vote on AUMF as she could not vote other wise and continue to be elected here.

SOme no votes in 2002 were real, but i think they counted the numbers. what would look good. So they split the senate Dem vote nearly in half.

So you get Hillary, YES… she needed to vote that way for her Armed services cred.

Boxer NO, marin is anti war. And so on

Cynical… yeah sure. why not.

39. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 May 2007

why is anybody surprised … of course they lied, and it’s past time for Kucinich and Feingold to walk away, if they’re serious.

40. earth to meg - 9 May 2007

Needier Blades defends dkos feminism:

Can I just say that I really appreciate (22+ / 0-)
Recommended by:Meteor Blades, eugene, vivacia, Marlboro Lite, Unstable Isotope, DebtorsPrison, tryptamine, northsea, Matilda, Caneel, RubDMC, draftchrisheinz, renaissance grrrl, Elise, phaedras, maryru, Jennifer Clare, emeraldmaiden, uniongal, Light Emitting Pickle, brklyngrl, Runs With Scissors
these diaries every week? I think Dkos is that much the better for the knowledge that there are weekly diaries devoted to feminism, even disregarding the actual content of the diaries (although that’s always stellar, too!)

Forming critical resistance

by righteousbabe on Wed May 09, 2007 at 06:59:04 PM PDT

* [new] Of course, there are some people … (3+ / 0-)
Recommended by:tryptamine, northsea, righteousbabe
…out there in blogworld cul de sacs who think that none of y’all are really feminists because you don’t agree 100% with them. Truly sad.

Can we hold out this long?

by Meteor Blades on Wed May 09, 2007 at 08:20:45 PM PDT

* [new] Boundary-guarding (2+ / 0-)
Recommended by:tryptamine, righteousbabe
It’s not necessarily attractive, but it happens in every movement. See: Vichy Dems, etc.

by brklyngrl on Wed May 09, 2007 at 08:45:22 PM PDT

41. Kevin Lynch - 9 May 2007


I agree that this was the plan all along. It was just a naked grab for Iraqi oil with a big pile of shit to cover it up. We need petroleum to fuel our economy? Let’s take it and say we’re trying to transform the Middle East! (insert hearty, evil laugh here)…
it’s safer that invading Russia (big army and loads of territory) or Saudi Arabia (REALLY radicalizing the Muslim world), right? and we’d been weakening Iraq for a decade, maybe for this very purpose


42. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 May 2007

It looks like they are using the troops as pawns. If the Iraqis don’t sign over their oil, they will withdraw the troops! That seems to be the reason the troops are there. To protect the puppets in the government. The American people are not even a factor in this. Obey probably knew this when he attacked ‘liberals’. Maybe he’s doing the best he can. The pressure must be intense to try to overcome those who are after the oil, and it looks like he’s losing.

They removed the clause that required ‘troop readiness’ which was a demand made by the Republicans. I don’t get that at all. If they had gone to the public and said ‘Republicans are demanding that the troops be sent without proper equipment and even if they have not fully recovered from injuries etc.’ They could so easily have slammed them as not caring at all about the troops. Instead now THEY are the ones who don’t care. It makes no sense.

Meantime, Cheney says that ‘We have a long way to go in Iraq’ – Did anyone ask him what happened to the ‘last throes’? They let them lie completely unchallenged. It’s disgusting. Traitors, all of them.

43. marisacat - 9 May 2007

we’re not leaving. Never were to leave.

44. marisacat - 9 May 2007

Meanwhile that old finger shake… god forbid the script be broken:

It’s About Core Issues (6.00 / 6)

Not about the rights of transgendered dwarfs or saving the ceteans.

It’s about core goddamed issues!

And it is about God-fucking time that the purer than thou on the left wakes up to the political reality.

And if you don’t wake up, you get fucked up the ass, whether you like it or not.

And if you don’t organize and don’t vote about the larger issues, you get marginalized.

Can we say say 30 years of the “left” and their priorites, without laughing or visiting the spittoon or the vomitorium.

I sure the hell can’t.

Think: End War; Universal Health Insurance; Liveable minimum Wage, for starters.

Little things mean a lot.


by: Lestat @ Tue May 08, 2007 at 18:36:17 PM PDT
[ Reply ]

it is such a classic version.

45. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 May 2007

Of course, there are some people … (3+ / 0-)

Recommended by:tryptamine, northsea, righteousbabe

…out there in blogworld cul de sacs who think that none of y’all are really feminists because you don’t agree 100% with them. Truly sad.

Lol, no we think they are ambitious, selfish, sell-outs willing to support anti-women candidates and apologize for men who exclude womens issues from the Democratic platform. And willing to join in the silencing of any woman who dares to ask why this is. He was either complicit or too cowardly to object to the disgusting mob thuggery against hrh. Any decent person would have stood up against such vile behavior. But then he knows that!

46. bayprairie - 9 May 2007

…out there in blogworld cul de sacs who think that none of y’all are really feminists because you don’t agree 100% with them. Truly sad.

yep, thats our boyo. paternalismo in action.

worst of the lot, frankly.

47. marisacat - 9 May 2007


LOL Corner of corners.

last stop of the damned (or whatever it was).

whambulance!! for the Liberal Blahgers.

48. liberalcatnip - 9 May 2007

I think Dkos is that much the better for the knowledge that there are weekly diaries devoted to feminism, even disregarding the actual content of the diaries (although that’s always stellar, too!) [right – good thing you threw that in there.]

What a farce. And I wish the big boyz would decide if we’re a den, a litter box or a cul de sac. It makes marketing targeted VAG products that much more complicated. Have they no respect for capitalism?

49. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 May 2007

Needier Blades defends dkos feminism:

He has a tough job ahead of him. DK’s reputation regarding women’s issues is known far and wide. And womens issues are not about fab, uber sexy clothes, we have no problem in that dept.

I hope he can defend Pastor Dan’s curse on the women referred to as ‘whores and bitches’ by one of their most treasured enforcers. And all those who joined in the ‘amens’. Maybe they should auction off some scarlet letters to raise funds for Yrly Kos. I have a feeling they’d be popular at DK. For women who dare to disagree with them politically.

They whine so much, they are so persecuted …. they cannot live with the consequences of their own behavior. I don’t know why he cares so much what we in the cul de sac think of what they in the Walmart Boardroom, think of them. We aren’t cheap, that’s for sure. Maybe it’s that’s what bothers them. Walmart only buys cheap products.

God forbid anyone have principles, as Bowers was so very clear about.

I think Dkos is that much the better for the knowledge that there are weekly diaries devoted to feminism, even disregarding the actual content of the diaries

Lol, that says it all about dk ……

50. Tuston - 9 May 2007

Hey I’m here and reading but I’m so heart broken I haven’t posted.

Monday morning (we were still in San Carlos) I checked my phone messages and our mastiff mix, Bubbie, escaped from the kennel I put him up in. The fuckers lost him the night before and didn’t bother to call for 15 hours.

( I’ve since found out that this not the first time this has happened altho the proprieter swore it hadn’t ever before I boarded him. I also found out that they killed a Yorkie last year when one of their dogs got into its kennel. Unfortunately my attorney friend tells me that while the case is a winner, the damages would only be the monetary value of the dog as AZ law only values pets as property)

I got home as quick as I could and I’ve been walking the migrant paths in Santa Cruz River all day, every day since, calling for my buddy. No Bubbie, but I saw couple of really desperate looking mestizos run away. My voice is nearly gone, I’ve got wicked tinnitus from whistling and I’m starting to lose faith I’m ever going to see him again. PK is inconsolate, and I can only dedicate one more day to searching because I have to work to keep the bank happy and I really want to get the restaurant/bar ready for the opening (mid july is when the state will probably okay the liquor license).

Anyways I’m here but I don’t expect me to make much of a contribution to the discussion for a while…I just don’t have much to say except I’m so sad and mad I don’t know whether to cry or kill (don’t worry I wouldn’t… I’m just totally devastated).

Sorry to be a bummer, and I want to tell you all the regular jocularity here is a small antedote so keep it up VAGS and Vipes…

51. liberalcatnip - 9 May 2007

I’m sorry to hear that Tuston. Hang on to some optimism though. The last time I moved my male cat escaped and was gone for 3 weeks during -20C weather in December. I checked the shelters daily, posted signs and was out calling him as much as I could. He just automagically showed up at the patio doors one day – fine, really hungry but in good health and happy to be home. I wish he would have at least sent me a damn postcard but I guess he didn’t know the new address.

52. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 May 2007

And I wish the big boyz would decide if we’re a den, a litter box or a cul de sac. It makes marketing targeted VAG products that much more complicated. Have they no respect for capitalism?

Lol, I was thinking the same thing Catnip, especially since we’re trying to get our off off off broadway show going – at least he avoided animals this time.

Speaking of Vag products, I was thinking about some ‘purity troll’ and ‘concern troll’ (and whatever other ridiculous, emotionally manipulative, propagandist, control freak material they thought up), buttons, as a memento, maybe even a ‘troll button’ or even a few scarlet letters with dk written on them – for the future. In the historical memorobelia section of our Big Tent Boutique, representing the history of the period when the Internet was hi-jacked for a while.

53. bayprairie - 9 May 2007

i don’t know if dogs can find their way home, but i know cats can, in good time. there must be some hope he’ll return. but be sure and check the pound.


headline in the news today

Sebelius expresses concerns, but not to president

and a netrooter view…

Sebelius Is Cool Under Fire

This is why governors become presidents.

54. marisacat - 9 May 2007

oh Tuston…

so terrible. How awful. It came out over the Melamine that people cannot sue at all, not even for reimbursement of vet costs or anything.

Neglect and loss of “property” is jsut wiped out.

The kennel misrepresented their bona fides tho.

55. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 May 2007

Oh Tuston, I’m so sorry – but don’t give up hope. We went camping with our dog a few years ago and there was storm. He ran away and we couldn’t find him. We searched for two days and finally had to leave. I, all of us, were heart-broken also. Then, we got a phone-call. A woman said she had found a dog on the night of the storm and had been calling for days. He had a tag with our number on it, the only time I ever did that, btw. We went all the way back right away, six of us, and picked him up.

Maybe you should put some photos and a phone # around, or an ad in the paper. I know it sounds hopeless, but you never know –

56. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 May 2007

Why are these people always so angry? They need to lighten up.

And it is about God-fucking time that the purer than thou on the left wakes up to the political reality.

They need new material, that old rightwing stuff is losing its impact! What a purist he is though, since he likes the word. Eliminate all those important issues from the agenda, way too messy.

57. Tuston - 9 May 2007

thanx for the positive vibes, everyone. We’ve got posters up everywhere and I’ve visted the pound and the humane society. Luckily he’s chipped, and supposedly he had his collar on (but seeing how much the boarder lied I don’t know if I believe her).

I’ll keep hoping he’ll make it here, to my house, or more likely to my folks ranch, which is in the river valley. I just hope he’s okay. PK and I don’t have kids (by choice; the world doesn’t need another pampered white american) so are pets are our biggest focus outside of each other.

The kennel definetely comitted fraud and breach of contract, and I wish I could sue them until they couldn’t “board” dogs anymore, but I don’t have the resources to harass them with lawsuits…

58. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 May 2007

They are like babies, Tuston, I know what you mean. I can’t believe the kennel did that. I know here they would be in trouble, at least it would probably get in the newspapers and their reputation would be ruined.

Someone might have found him – the people who found our dog were so kind to him. So you never know, he may be back before you know it. I hope so.

59. marisacat - 9 May 2007

Tuston is there a local rag?

When you catch your breath in a few weeks… maybe a sypathetic talk iwth a reporter or take a small ad somwhere prominent. Just recount what happened. And add the previous neglect that caused death or loss.

Worth a thought anyway. Frankly, to gross negligence, a lot of personal satisfaction in striking back, in some way.

60. ms_xeno - 9 May 2007

Poor Bubbie. I’m really sorry Tuston. 😦

I did want to report that Walter the Ancient Kitty was persuaded to eat some bits of tuna, and some regular catfood that I liberally doused with tuna juice. Thanks for the good wishes.

61. ms_xeno - 9 May 2007

Remind me again, somebody. What’s the difference between the Fuckwit Lestat and, say, a Right-winger ? Yeah, you’ve been doing all the hard work while the amorphous “Left” has sat at home and twiddled its thumbs all these years.

Pea-brained chickenshits. Just like the people they numbly vote for over and over again.

62. colleen - 9 May 2007

yep, thats our boyo. paternalismo in action.

And he told us he doesn’t do it for the virtual fellatio. I don’t believe him. He loves licks from the little hyenas.

Why do we have to hear from Tim? He’s like lieberman, who also has to reach back 30 years for his long flaccid creds.

It’s pretty clear that in his 60’s Tim prefers his men conservative and Catholic and his women young, vapid and eager to be manipulated.

63. marisacat - 9 May 2007

tuna juice is a great palliative.

Baby h as a withered kidney – and I suspect it has been that way for a long long time and she long ago began compensating for it as her test results don’t show her ever to be in crisis from it, she is the classic “odd kitty” and I have long suspected ws the last kitten of the last litter from an older mother. Strange cat.

But I make sure she drinks lots of water and a vet told me put water in with her wet food. Sounds simple but really had not occurred to me… It does make a difference…

64. ms_xeno - 9 May 2007

colleen, I could have a huge brawl with SV about Camille Paglia. Maybe that would cheer him up. Hey, I love exhibition bouts. Who doesn’t ?

Don’t answer that. I was over at Ampersand’s house earlier watching a cheezy but mildly entertaining action movie. He thinks he wants to blog about me being all mean to Amanda and foreign women and stuff. I told him to at least wait for the weekend so I don’t get bogged down in blog drama when I’m supposed to be working for wages.

Stock up on popcorn. Just in case he actually gets around to it.

Thanks for the water-in-food tip, Mcat. I was thinking if I could find some commercial meat broth w/o onions or garlic that might work, too. Or I might just go totally around the bend and make him some broth over the weekend.

65. marisacat - 9 May 2007

scammed this from danny schechter (he did not have a link):


Iraqi Oil Workers to Strike Over Privatization Law

Iraq’s largest oil workers’ trade union will strike this Thursday, in protest at the controversial oil law currently being considered by the Iraqi parliament. The
move threatens to stop all exports from the oil-rich country.

The oil law proposes giving multinational companies the primary role in developing Iraq’s huge untapped oilfields, under contracts lasting up to 30 years. Oil production in Iraq, like in most of the Middle East, has been in the public sector since the 1970s.

66. Miss Devore - 9 May 2007

Tuston-that is awful! My fervent hope you find your loved one.

67. Sabrina Ballerina - 10 May 2007

Ms x, that’s good news about Walter …..

Maybe this will enlighten MB a little as to why the dk chosen representatives of womens’ issues are not respected. That doesn’t include the diarist, btw. She is not among the ‘look at ME’ contingency designated by kos to represent dk, who cannot write a single sentence about womens’ issues that doesn’t use their missed periods or closets full of sexy clothes as examples of what women have to deal with.

I will always rec (1+ / 0-)
Recommended by:tryptamine

a comment that quotes Katha Pollitt. I hate that I didn’t read that piece by her until it was a little late to have it be topical as at least an item in a linky thread.

by MissLaura on Wed May 09, 2007 at 09:39:08 PM PDT

She should hate that she missed the false claim regarding Democrats made in the Pollit piece, pointed out ironically in a post directly above hers. She missed that too, too busy trying to impress others with how informed she is. Opinions are not facts and being informed has never been her forte. Arrogance and a false sense of superiority are what she excels in. She is singurarly unsuited to represent women, but perfect for the agenda of the BBB.

Interesting also to see so many complaints about the ‘single issue’ label, meant to diminish women, considering they are on a site that has made it clear that they need to get with the program and forget about their silly, purist issues. Lestac, Bowers, kos and the rest of the BBB have made that clear.

Lestac’s is practically apoplectic over it! As are they all.

68. lucidculture - 10 May 2007

And I wish the big boyz would decide if we’re a den, a litter box or a cul de sac.

We’re the junkyard of metaphors.

Tuston that’s awful. I know I would be devastated if my sweet Lucy or crazed Gizmo were to fly the coup. I was in fits when I discovered I’d been feeding them food affected by the recall but not included in the public announcements of it.

I hope he comes back.

69. D. Throat - 10 May 2007

The beard hasn’t done anything in THIRTY-FIVE YEARS…. about ten years older than the Brothers Darrell (Thereisnospoon and PyscheOps)…

The Beard is exactly like Lieberman who still today brags how he marched with MLK… forgetting to tell the rest of the story of how since then he has lead the DLC to take away rights of African Americans and how he is one of the main architects of the Faith Based Bribes used to infiltrate and destroy the Black political base in the churches…. very similar to what is happening in Brazil…

Poor folks+political actvisiam+God= Bad for business

Hence it is top priority of Ratzinger to stamp out…

The abortion issue is the cash cow of conservatism… an all purpose fundraiser, wedge provider, demon creator and blackmailmailer. From up on high in the pope air mobile …Razi is threatening excommunication of pro abortiion catholic politicians …who BTW just happen to be pro-poor… since abortion is very much an economic issue.

Since the pope can not out himself as pro corporate and anti poor… he can pull out the golden calf and align the church with pro corporatist under the cover of abortion.

BMT highlights on the FP a woman’s adamant CHOICE to keep her baby…even though she was left penniless by the father. That was in the league of Amanda’s missed period and Elise’s shoe spree.

Soon we will see diaries on the joy of Down Syndrome babies. Reading that planted FP of the NYT the doctor quoted has been working on his bona fides for the past few years publishing his research in major medical journals … not just the Focus on Family Daily Times.

“it not an abortion issue… but now an ethical issue of euthanasia”

They are getting slicker… I guess the billions of dollars pumped into the churches via Faith Based Bribes (no accountability or oversight…hence the gay prostitute Ganon’s new gig with the Bible marathoners… this is a 20 billion+ dollar slush fund… no one really knows how much)… I am sure the ex Gov on NJ new found religion is an attempt to cash in. I guess he was to be the new patron saint of gay ex politiiacians…. why let a loyal neocon operative go to waste.

70. Sabrina Ballerina - 10 May 2007

It’s pure theft, Marisacat. The media has not reported on that clause in the supplemental. Those poor people, they and their loved ones have been slaughtered so that these monsters can steal their resources. It is unconscionable. And Dems agreed to that clause, Kucinich so far is the only speaking out about it.

Blatant theft – now I know why Cheney went to Iraq. He is trying to push the government to sign away their country’s resources and threatening to remove the troops if they don’t. And totally, completely ignoring the American people. Evil is too good a word for them. And their Democratic enablers.

71. D. Throat - 10 May 2007

Meant to say an issue of eugenics

72. BooHooHooMan - 10 May 2007

,a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqOHquOkpaU”>Hillary v Obama

The young film-maker / actress is Lisa Donovan, well known on Youtube as LisaNova. She does her own stuff and has assembled a collaborative of other satirists. She just recently got a gig with one of the networks.

73. D. Throat - 10 May 2007

why let a loyal neocon operative go to waste.

Reduce, Resuse, Recycle, Recover

74. BooHooHooMan - 10 May 2007

Correct LinkHillary vs Obama

75. ms_xeno - 10 May 2007

Here. Before I hit the sack: Walter at his food-stealing best.

76. colleen - 10 May 2007

He thinks he wants to blog about me being all mean to Amanda and foreign women and stuff. I told him to at least wait for the weekend so I don’t get bogged down in blog drama when I’m supposed to be working for wages.

wtf? Oh, the send all your money to Democrats like Bob Casey Jr or the republicans will kill this impoverished Afghani woman? Is he upset that that’s the sort of spin persuasive only to idiots or something?

77. ms_xeno - 10 May 2007

(sigh.) Don’t even get me started, colleen. 😦

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