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No simpleton pie here… 13 May 2007

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements.

  Cern and Cekis from Chile, Location: E 4th St. between Ave C and Ave D
Wooster Collective :: Artists: Cern and Cekis from Chile ::
Location: E 4th St. between Ave C and Ave D  [larger version]


No simpleton pie.. simply lovely writing at Lucid Culture.  In a moment it is so many spring days and nights in NYC… floating with the music.

Two of the reviews this week..

A Friday May night crawl … Basement, Lenny Molotov, Les Chauds Lapins and Moisturizer…

…and went east to Banjo Jim’s for about 40 minutes where Les Chauds Lapins were playing. They’re Kurt Hoffmann on banjo uke and clarinet, trading vocals with Roulette Sisters lead guitarist Meg Reichardt, who alternated between guitar and banjo uke as well. They were backed by a rhythm section (bringing in a new upright bass player for the second set, as their first had to leave for another gig), along with violin, cello and Frank London blowing exquisitely balmy muted trumpet on a couple of numbers.

Translated literally from the French, Les Chauds Lapins means “the hot rabbits.” What it actually means is “hot mamas.” It can also mean “pains in the ass.” They play vintage French pop from the 20s and 30s, Hoffmann’s urbane tenor playing off of Reichardt’s breathy, sensual vocals.  Like the Roulette Sisters, Les Chauds Lapins’ specialty is sex songs, laden with double entendres, sung more or less sans accent Americain, in the language of love. Strange that the place wasn’t packed – sex sells, as everybody knows – plus, the band was playing two whole sets. Their musicianship is superb, and the songs are well-chosen.

For decades, in fact until very recently, French assembly-line songwriters from Charles Trenet to Didier Barbelivien had little in common with their American Tin Pan Alley counterparts: in France, even pop songwriting is an art form. Clever lyrics, complex song structures and real artistic achievement abound.  Even the much-maligned varietes folk-pop from the 70s frequently has great lyrics. Hoffmann and Reichardt mine the archive for every innuendo they can whisper. Their new cd, which they were hawking tonight, promises to be excellent. But we were off to Luna to see Moisturizer.  [snip]

A CD review:  Love Camp 7

[T]he next cut is about Baker’s cat Munoz: “The universe is magical!” he purrs. But then he gets lost in Chinatown, and there’s a forlorn wah-wah driven passage straight out of the Pretty Things’ SF Sorrow, into a short, squalling free jazz breakdown, back into the intoxicatingly catchy chorus. After that, there’s the brief Naming Names,  punky with slide guitar, a rogues’ gallery of some of the friendly witnesses and those who sold out their colleagues before Joe McCarthy’s infamous House Un-American Activities Committee.


The following three cuts are a trilogy, a look back at corruption in the southern California irrigation system in the 1920s and 30s, and its disastrous results. The first part, Once Upon a Time Our Valley Was Green features an achingly beautiful hook coming out of the chorus. Love Camp 7 have so many hooks they use them judiciously: other bands would have started out the song with that descending progression and would have hit you with it with every chance they got, but these guys always leave you wanting more: until they clock you upside the head with another one just as good. [snip]




1. Sabrina Ballerina - 13 May 2007

But then he gets lost in Chinatown, and there’s a forlorn wah-wah driven passage straight out of the Pretty Things’ SF Sorrow, into a short, squalling free jazz breakdown, back into the intoxicatingly catchy chorus.

The writing in those reviews on Lucid’s site is beautiful. Really makes you wish you were there …..

2. Sabrina Ballerina - 13 May 2007

Vags were extroardinarily creative this weekend. Just read the wonderfully poignent post at LSF by Mitm:

Happy Mother’s Day

Mothers will be the ones to end this war if it ever ends … so much sorrow has been brought to bear on so many innocent people. It is heartbreaking …. and a crime of great magnitude! Sen. Byrd, before voting against the IWR, urged his colleagues to think of the innocents who would die in such a war. But they can’t. Racism is so deeply embedded in this nation that it is not possible to arouse sympathy for the Iraqi people. Which is why the boyz can be so ‘pragmatic’ about all of it.

There is no urgency to save those people – as there is to find a missing white girl, or to promote and fund the political careers of white boyz. Until that changes we’ll go on killing them. It is shameful. And the reaction of the American people to what their government is doing, is no different to that of the German people to what their government did.

3. marisacat - 13 May 2007

Yes, I don’t know the name of his blog mate who wrtites the reviews, he does not sign them, or I would have included his name..

When lucid comes around, will ask him and then add the name…


4. lucidculture - 13 May 2007

Thank my partner. I’ve been pretty absent from the writing. Delarue’s been writing the most beautiful reviews of the indie NYC scene for the 8 years I’ve known him. When we start getting in more things nationally and internationally to review, I’ll be doing a bunch more of the writing as well… But when we started this thing, we pretty much agreed that the bulk of the music initially would go to him & I’d chime in with the other randomness. I have yet to do that because my studio business went out of control right after tax teason [which was also out of control] & in the hours of down time I have, I’m usually writing new music or working on band stuff. Or I just need a break.

Anyhow, he’s also an early early kossack – 2003 or so & left pretty quickly with fond memories of Mcat [he had a low 4 digit UID].

As for weekend in Baltimore, turns out it’s a melanoma in the iris – very rare. They’ll be doing a new radiation therapy on it. The whole weekend was a bit depressing though, as my dad is sounding borderline fatalistic. He basically told us that if it’s spread he’s not doing chemo. I would agree with that outlook, but, knowing my dad, if it has spread, he’s unlikely to do the dietary things necessary to keep the metastasis under control for a long period of time – lets just say he has an issue with eating green things [especially raw green things].

I’m not sure what to take away beyond the hope that the immediate treatment will work & and it has not metastsized. I’ll know more in the coming weeks.

5. Sabrina Ballerina - 13 May 2007

He did mention his blog mate’s name a few threads back, Marisacat. But I forget where it was.

I think I lost a post to spam, or forgot to post it – anyway, it was about the creativity of Vags this weekend.

This beautiful post by Mitm on LSF for example:

Mother’s Day

So sad, how much sorrow and heartbreak we have brought to the Iraqi people and to so many American families.

6. lucidculture - 13 May 2007

I’ll know proceed to cathing up on the previous thread. Thanks for the plug Mcat. I’ll try to get Delarue to come over here and comment as well. He’s good people.

7. marisacat - 13 May 2007

lucid, is there another part to hs name? Or shall I just credit Delarue?

Sorry about your father lucid. Seems it is never easy.

8. Sabrina Ballerina - 13 May 2007

I think I lost two posts to spam, so I don’t know if this one will show up, but I’ll try.

Lucid, I’m so sorry about your dad – but they can do so much now, many people survive and go on to live very productive lives.

9. marisacat - 13 May 2007


just let two of yours out of the Spam File… 😉

10. moiv - 13 May 2007

Lucid —

I’ll know more in the coming weeks.

That’s where we are with my mother-in-law, too. Like you, we’ll have to take it a day at a time, but that’s all there really is anyway. It’s just times such as these that remind us.

11. lucidculture - 13 May 2007

He’s goin’ by Delarue. Trying to maintain a bit of anonymity.

I also should have added. Though I’m a devout atheist, I do go to Church when visiting my parents just to smooth things over. I was in a Baltimore Episcopalian Church this morning – the type of Church my parents really like – urban in its politics, but very traditional in it’s liturgy and approach to ‘Church History’ [i.e. despite the social justice values, it doesn’t replace the language of hymns or creeds to make them less sexist, etc.].

While sitting through a bunch of hymns I almost vomited to [becaue the theme of the second lessen – something from Acts about Paul in Macedonia – was about some idea of praise that drew the individual out of themselves and directed them towards God… never mind, venting], they came to the prayers section. Apparently this Church states the name of every soldier who died in Iraq during the previous week as part of a community appeal to peace & an end to the war. The list this week was over 30 long. It was pretty moving to sit there while the pastor slowly recited over 30 names of the dead – all from this week. And they also [as well as could be done] equally acknowledged the dead Iraqi’s, Afghani’s and others.

I have a very visceral issue with religion, but it is nice to see that there are very well attended churches out there whose primary focus is peace and social justice as opposed to self-salvation and the blustering of nationalistic egos.

12. liberalcatnip - 13 May 2007

They’re just so darn predictable over there at the big orange pie shoppe. The top reco diary is about Coulter and voter fraud. Comments devolve and the standard “please remember not to bash transsexuals here (which happens every single time) and Coulter is a woman” while the diary is tagged “copyright violation” and there is a brief conversation about who would sleep with her/who she’s slept with. I’m sorry…umm…what was the topic of that diary again? Oh yes, voter fraud.

What a circus.

13. Sabrina Ballerina - 13 May 2007

That is really good to hear about your parents’ church, Lucid. I went to church also when my mom visited and even afterwards, but stopped going completely after the war started because they never mentioned or condemned it. I don’t know if that has changed.

14. marisacat - 13 May 2007

Thanks lucid… will add Delarue to the post… I knew he had been writing the music reviews but I just could not think o fhis name…

I am fine iwth churches when they commemorate and give succor and (rational) hope. When they seek to calm people so they can know their own hearts.

Beyond that the churches can take a fucking hike…

15. lucidculture - 13 May 2007

Thanks Moiv. Your mother in law is in my thoughts as well. Is she still in the ICU?

It should always make all of us think. 9-11 sort of did that to me as a lower Manhattan resident. But what have I changed? My broken face incident of last year sort of did that to me again. But what have I changed?

What external pressure, what reminder that I can die tomorrow does it take to change me? Especially me – someone who has a morbid fascination with my own mortality!

I hope your mother in law pulls through. My dad, even if it has metastisized, probably still has years left. He’s not in immediate danger… Nonetheless, it is sad to hear him state the kind of Christian fatalist thing he does – if God calls me home… etc. etc.

16. liberalcatnip - 13 May 2007

One of those sentences was incomplete, but that’s okay (deep breaths). lol

lucid, sorry to hear about your dad as well. Sometimes the most stubborn and non-compliant patients seem to hold out longer somehow.

I’m glad to hear you actually found some comfort at the church. I’m an atheist (buddhist) and for all of the ranting I do against orgnaized religion – especially Christianity (and Catholicism) – I do realize that there are some people who actually do try to practice the ultimate goals of praising peace. Just as in every organization, not all members are corrupted.

17. liberalcatnip - 13 May 2007

What external pressure, what reminder that I can die tomorrow does it take to change me? Especially me – someone who has a morbid fascination with my own mortality!

You’re aware. That’s more than what most people will surrender to. It’s all about moments, afaic, and sometimes it isn’t the big things that remind or change us – it’s the little ones.

18. liberalcatnip - 13 May 2007

Beyond that the churches can take a fucking hike…

But what about the bake sales? Pastry availability is a major concern of mine. Wouldn’t want to see churches exempted from my weekend travels if they have the goods I crave.

19. marisacat - 13 May 2007


Actually I have had a lot of wonderful food at church dinners, Dutch Reformed, outside of Princeton NJ where my mother’s sister began to go the lst 20 or so years of her life.

But … always happy to leave too, when dinner was over… 😉

Nobody in my family is religious, either side, so we were pretty shocked the year we arrived to visit for the summer… and all sorts of functions were tied to the church. Then we discovered she had a virtual catering company’s worth of culinary “stuff” in the basement.

Odd, what pulls people into church.

20. lucidculture - 13 May 2007

SB – it’s not actually my parents church – it’s just the one my brother takes them to when they’re in town because he knows they’ll like it. Spending the weekend with them is always a bit bizarre. They live their lives completely within the Christian calendar. The next week has nothing to do with work or the secular calendar, but the transition from easter to pentacost. While they do have conversations about politics & sports & the weather that depart from this calendar, it always comes back to it. I think they’re the most devout Christians [in every real sense of that word] that I’ve ever come in contact with.

Just so all of you know, with the upbringing I had, for a few years [around 9-12] my greatest ambition was to go to seminary.

It’s kind of hard though to negotiate this now. My dad at least is open to the choices I’ve made & I think understands that I am an atheist. But the last time I ever brought these issues up with my Mom was 15 years ago & she cried the entire day – I don’t like making my mom cry, so I have to toe a fine line.

21. Sabrina Ballerina - 13 May 2007

Thanks marisacat ….

Catnip, the orange place is a circus. I just read the previous thread and had to laugh at Hunter. If he isn’t already working for Aipac, he should be. Or the Dem Party, which is so beholden to Aipac, fully supporting the slaughter in Lebanon last summer.

I remember people like Armando and others, mcjoan, criticizing Bilmon’s excellent blogging on Israel’s criminal invasion of that country. He stopped blogging not long after that.

They just cannot stand up for what is right. I’d hate to see our judicial system under kos rules! They are thin-skinned, wimps, always acting out of fear. Hunter is a raving lunatic from what I’ve seen of him over the past year, completely unhinged.

And Clammyc the informer, ingratiating himself by ‘turning in’ another diarist! Then he thinks he is being honorable by retracting his accusation. When you suck up to trash like the administration at dk, or the Bush administration, or any other bunch of bullies, why would you think that if a mistake was made it would be corrected? He had as much chance of that as he would had he snitched wrong information to Gonzales about a political enemy.

Interesting that they do not answer emails from members unless it’s and email snitching on someone …. .what a disgusting, deceptive bunch of fools they are.

I hope they keep doing this … I had not heard of those two peace activists before but now have both their sites book-marked. They rave people, with the courage to stand up for justice and human rights. Naturally they get tossed from dk the new Freerepublic!

22. liberalcatnip - 13 May 2007

I don’t like making my mom cry, so I have to toe a fine line.

Totally understandable. And while we’re in confessional mode, I was raised Catholic and even had my own little prayer corner in my room around the same ages you mentioned. (Mind you, family life was hell so I was hoping for a little divine intervention at that point). I left the church at 16 but was agnostic for a long time after that.

I feel a ramble coming on but it’s bedtime for me. Have a good and restful nite VAGS.

23. lucidculture - 13 May 2007


I went to a Quaker school for a reason – not only did they reflect my politics, but they had a hands off approach to education that suited me well a a renegade.

And all dialogue was open – just like a Quaker meeting.

Again, I view all religion as the CFSM does. While there is precious little on Dkos that I really loved, Darksyde’s atheist diary is among them, but I do have a deep respect for certain trends in religious traditions – and various historical movements within world religions. I just can’t get past the whole ‘god’ thing.

Honestly. I don’t understand what I was when I was 15 and before. It makes absolutely no sense. I was a believer, and then I wasn’t – and the world has looked completely different to me from that point on. I can’t even begin to explain how I was a believer, becaue I simply don’t understand it anymore.

24. moiv - 13 May 2007

Thanks, lucid, and yes, she’s still in ICU. Oxygenation is up, kidney function down — but that is an expected reaction to yesterday’s fluid push to counteract a low BP episode (thus acute, not chronic) and so most likely will be temporary.

The main worry is the pneumonia. At least she’s being kept out of it on Propofol, so having the vent isn’t such a torture.

If it goes on this way for much longer, I may ask for some Propofol to bring home with me.

25. moiv - 13 May 2007

Never mind the mimosas, this calls for boilermakers all round, and then a chorus of God Save the Queen.

Counselling ‘must be compulsory for women wanting an abortion’

A Conservative MP is seeking to change the abortion law to make women faced with unexpected pregnancies receive mandatory counselling.

Ann Winterton, the MP for Congleton in Cheshire, also wants a seven-day “cooling off” period following meetings with counsellors.


The Bill is expected to be widely supported by a cross section of Labour, Lib-Dem and Conservative MPs.

Mrs Winterton hopes the measures will be the first step in tightening up the 1967 Abortion Act, which campaigners say effectively allows abortion on demand in the first 24 weeks of pregnancy.

Under the provisions of the Bill, women would receive counselling about possible dangers to their physical and mental health as a result of an abortion.

They would also be informed of alternatives to abortion, such as adoption.

Mrs Winterton, a member of the All Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group, is also seeking to change the way doctors fill in the forms required to authorise abortions.

At present two doctors must say if a woman seeks an abortion on “physical and mental” grounds under the “category C” requirement of the Act.

The Bill would require doctors to specify on notification forms if the abortion has been granted on either physical or on mental grounds, rather than lumping both grounds together.

Campaigners believe that the category C provision is being abused by women who have abortions for “social reasons” or use it as a means of contraception.

Julia Millington of the Alive and Kicking Campaign, set up to fight for a reduction of the legal upper time limit for abortion, said that 95 per cent of the 198,070 abortions carried out in 2005 in England, Wales and Scotland were performed under ground C of the Act.

“It is untenable that physical and psychological health reasons are put together under the conditions of the Act,” she said.

“It is important that those who are trying to help women and reduce the number of abortions have accurate information as to why women are requesting abortion,” she added.

“Only with such information can we come up with appropriate responses. This is a proposal that Parliament could take up for very easily if it wished.

“It is not controversial.”

Sound familar? Oh good, because it’s not controversial on this side of the pond, either. Just good health policy with women’s welfare in mind.

26. marisacat - 14 May 2007

The Bill is expected to be widely supported by a cross section of Labour, Lib-Dem and Conservative MPs.

That too sounds familiar. Choking pople to death, bi partisanly.

27. lucidculture - 14 May 2007

Moiv – I hope she’s getting greens – in whatever form she can have them, blended if necessary. There’s nothing better for more efficient oxygenation beyond the immediate remedy of certain pharmaceuticals. The less inflammation response the better. Though, then again, if the diet changes too much and she’s also experiencing kidney issues…

It’s all a bridge game, especially at that age.

I hope for the best.

Off to bed cul-de-nutsackers.

28. moiv - 14 May 2007

“Choking pople to death, bi partisanly” using hoked-up propaganda.

Mrs Winterton said she was “sure” she would receive a lot of support for her Bill from MPs, many of whom, she said, have turned against abortion following the publication of three-dimensional images of a 12-week foetus apparently walking in the womb.

An utter impossibility and bad science fiction, but great theater.

29. D. Throat - 14 May 2007

No Surprise at MyDD…this thread is a stunning example of the White Boyz “inclusive outreach”… me, myself and I.

Seems like Stoller lecture “Can we all just get over race”… turns out to be about the Philly mayoral election between a corporatist Nutter (pun intended) and the populous Fattah.

Nutter want to give tax breaks to business, and heightened police force (SURPRISE SURPRISE) and Fattah want to create job alleviating the city’s poverty… guess who Bowers is voting for.

Not only that he had a very gracious commenter who not only knows the candidate personally but is a professor teaching political science in the area of voting patterns & policy. He points out respectfully and accurately why Nutter’s policies are wrong and how the same policies have fail for the past 20 years.

Bowers response.. sticking his fingers in his ears shouting “Lalalalalalala can’t hear you… am doing it anyway… Nutter “reached out” (ie paid) to the blogosphere”. The arrogance is staggering.

Not once is all of Bowers pro-Nutter post did he mention tax cuts and corporate give aways… disingenuous and dishonest to the core.

Chris, I love you man but you’re looking through the wrong end of the telescope. I want to tell you where I’m coming from to answer you.

I grew up in a working class neighborhood – South Philadelphia. Virtually no one in my neighborhood had the time to become involved with politics; they were too busy trying to make ends meet on a daily basis. What they expected from city govt. were end results that would improve their lives. The process was something they were too tired from work to involve themselves. Philly is a working class city – 80-90% of the population have the above orientation.

So what you’re de facto recommending is an orientation toward a post graduate school population (Plato’s men of gold) tilt that would have the time to really galvanize city govt. The rest of the population would in effect be bystanders, just like before (ever read Animal Farm?). There’s nothing wrong with this, the progressive population are better than the current crowd in power.

But our focus has to be on policy results, otherwise the working population will eventually tire of all our participatory stuff (You know, the Menscheviks lost to the Bolsheviks) and throw us out as irrelevant or wishy washy.

Just to finish the me comments: I went on to get a Ph.D. in political science from one of the top dozen departments in the country & taught political science for about 20 years. I spent 1000 + hours reading the studies on voting patterns & policy. I wedded academic knowledge with my ground level experiences at the neighborhood level to reach my conclusions about what works & doesn’t work for progressive politics to succeed in America.

I’m all for transparency & greater citizen involvement but don’t make it the horse to ride in on for progressive success. It won’t reach the finish line.

Oh I also see from that thread that Dan and Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg, the two brothers who got Young Philly Politics up and running, father is running as a “progressive” for City counsil… and two of the most right wing commentors on MyDD… always wondered why they were “special”. So progessive ain’t so progressive after all.

30. colleen - 14 May 2007

An utter impossibility and bad science fiction, but great theater.

Pretty soon they’re going to have films of stem cells in black face singing “Mammie”.
I assume they will also legislate a requirement that women be counseled and fully informed about the possible physical and mental health consequences of pregnancy. Because, of course, they so want to help women.

31. marisacat - 14 May 2007

surely there is a film of a pre-born praying?

Speaking about tht UK, I read just last year that although most women want to obtain an abortion at the earliest opportunity, the directive to the NHS is to run the clock. Often for weeks. Often nearly to the limit in the UK (which I think is 20 weeks, iirc)

I don’t recall the article drawing a conclusion, but my guess would be to cut costs, hope to push women to obtain a privately paid for abortionto avoid weeks of being suspended in “waiting”.

Pretty clear that the ptb could give a shit about either entity, the adult woman (and tax payer) or the foetus.

The whole thing is punitive.

32. ms_xeno - 14 May 2007

…I’m all for transparency & greater citizen involvement but don’t make it the horse to ride in on for progressive success. It won’t reach the finish line…

IOW, Bowers doesn’t have to explain “the important shit” to a bunch of stoopid peasants. They should just sit down, shut up and get the fuck out of the way so he can run the “revolution” HIS WAY.

Pass him his fedora and park him next to a lamp post a la’ Sinatra.

33. BooHooHooMan - 14 May 2007

Lucid you’ve given me a Friends Education -gratis- far beyond my parochial training. You, of course, would acknowledge our feet are all made of clay, but Courage is the best word I think, a word, yes, but TRUE in reflecting your character – a courage of character that is evident in your life, your work, your music, your writing and the integrity of your politics. All of which you’ve shared. I offer this with hope that it reflects a fraction of the encouragement I’ve witnessed from you and “the vipes” here against these fearful times.

34. ms_xeno - 14 May 2007

Moiv, I’m glad the MIL is hanging on.

What slays me about the antics in the UK is that I bet there’s many a good Demo/Fem/Lib in my neighborhood who could see what a smokescreen it all is. Yet they refuse to see it when it happens here, because of course the DP is the Fem/Lib Party and it would never, never, never fuck us like the GOP has. Or if it does fuck us there’s surely a perfectly good reason and we should thank it profusely and open our wallets some more.

35. lucidculture - 14 May 2007

Thanks BHHM. I can’t hold a candle to your wit. Both you and Miss D – you should take the act the road. You’d make a fortune. 🙂

All of you guys are great. Incrdibly intelligent, informed, engaged [if somewhat jaded], not willing to take the crap dished out by the dishonest corporatism pillaging all that is good from human institutions.

Now if anyone would just listen to the VAGs, the world would be a beter place.

36. BooHooHooMan - 14 May 2007

Of Medicine, the Church, and Theater — of this invasive holy trinity that has upstaged our politics– perhaps a good night out is the only salvation left. No wonder we’re going to hell. On earth. Live in one world, influenced by another, rarely get a glimpse of how life can be.

A couple of hundred years since the Enlightenment and France is swinging back to the ancien regime. In the US, the levees – mere man made political mud flaps – have been breeched. We are inundated by the confluence of interests held by the real man-gods: War Lords, Profiteers and the influence of Judeo/Christians. This is no highwatermark as the sand-bagged rubes are led to believe. The water is rising, the current is swift, and while tsunami’s are virtually undetectable– the killer wave is on its way in.

Oh I know, sorry to be Demmy Downer.

Some centrist observers may note a fatalism on the left , hear it as “shrill” and equate it with the far right in tone. Such Tubists are likely to drown first, busy with all that Yankee-doodling on their own unwieldy Oom-Pah-phones.

37. BooHooHooMan - 14 May 2007

Strength, peace, and health for you, moiv your mother in law and your family.

38. lucidculture - 14 May 2007

D Throat – does the ever popular ‘Kossacks for Bloomberg’ movement ring a bell?

Toss the Greens to the curb, but we’ll embrace Democrats who actively support a Republican on a supposed ‘Democratic blog’… And who was he running against? A good, blue collar latino man who had an excellent record on poverty issues, but was routinely called a hack on said Decmocratic party blog usually to thinly veil the posters’ racism.

39. JJB - 14 May 2007

It appears that Pakistan, our noble ally in the Global War On Terror, is on the verge of a meltdown:

A senior official of Pakistan’s Supreme Court was shot dead by unidentified gunman early today, following political clashes in Karachi on Sunday that claimed 39 lives.

Syed Hammad Raza, a registrar of the Supreme Court, was killed at around 4:30 a.m. local time at his home here in the capital. Mr. Raza was close to Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, the chief justice of Pakistan’s Supreme Court, who was removed from the bench in March by Gen. Pervez Musharraf, the president of Pakistan, touching off protests and political violence.

Shops were closed and public transportation was shut down in all the country’s major cities, including Karachi, today after opposition parties called a general strike and the authorities responded by banning demonstrations and declaring a public holiday, Reuters reported. It was the first time since Gen. Musharraf took power that a strike call had been so widely observed.

After the clashes in Karachi on Sunday, analysts said that the violence — and accusations that the government had done little to stop the killings — had put renewed pressure on President Musharraf.

News reports said that government troops were in Karachi but took no action to separate armed pro-government groups and opposition groups, who were shooting at one another. Dawn, an English-language newspaper in Karachi, said that troops “suddenly disappeared from the troubled spots.”

The government has not responded to those claims.

The unrest eased on Sunday as paramilitaries patrolled Karachi, the country’s financial hub, and as provincial leaders banned public gatherings. But three more people died in sporadic clashes, according to hospital personnel.

The violent clashes were set off Saturday by the arrival of Mr. Chaudhry, the suspended Supreme Court chief justice, who had come to address lawyers of the provincial bar association. In March, Mr. Musharraf suspended the justice, who was known for his willingness to take on the government, setting off mostly peaceful protests by lawyers who accused the government of attacking the judiciary’s independence. The president accused the justice of a misuse of power and nepotism, charges that Mr. Chaudhry denies.


Analysts on Sunday said the violence in Karachi had significantly worsened the political crisis caused by the justice’s suspension and further weakened Mr. Musharraf.

“I think he has completely ruined himself,” said Dr. Rasul Baksh Rais, the head of the department of social sciences at Lahore University of Management Sciences.

“The scenes were brutally contrasting. Young men were dying, collapsing before cameras in Karachi while people were dancing on the beat of drums in front of the national Parliament,” Mr. Rais said, referring to a state-managed rally arranged by political allies of President Musharraf in Islamabad on Saturday evening.

A Sunday editorial in The Daily Times, a leading newspaper in Lahore, said, “The question now is: what course of action is General Musharraf planning to take?”

“The possibility of any compromise to correct the original mistake of removing the C.J.P. has vanished now,” the paper said, referring to Mr. Chaudhry, adding that “the ante has been upped by the government.”

Karachi has a history of extreme urban violence, including during election campaigns. The clashes Saturday were between armed groups of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, a political party that controls Karachi and is allied with Mr. Musharraf, and opposition political parties.


During his time on the bench, Mr. Chaudhry agreed to hear cases involving “forced disappearances.” Those cases were brought by families that believed their relatives were taken by intelligence agencies without due process.

The Supreme Court was also expected to hear a number of other politically charged cases this year, including one challenging the legality of Mr. Musharraf’s holding the posts of president and army chief simultaneously, and one on whether the present Parliament can re-elect him president. Mr. Musharraf seized power in a bloodless coup in 1999.

It should also be mentioned that an American soldier was killed in a shootout with Islamic militants in an area of Pakistan near the Afghan border, an incident unrelated to the situation described above. It’s not as if the government based in Islamabad holds any sway in that region anyway.

In other news, yesterday Pope Ratliner used his sermon at an open-air mass in Rio de Janiero to condemn both Marxism and capitalism. The Pope, apparently, favors a return to the Feudal system that made Europe a social/cultural/intellectual backwater for many centuries, but served the Church very well indeed.

40. missdevore - 14 May 2007

lucid–with your help(and that of all VAGs), “A Lanyard in the Works” will make a fortune. We’ll be able to get nicer furniture for the den. No snakeskin, of course.

41. Sabrina Ballerina - 14 May 2007

Bhhm, agree completely re Lucid – and it applies to all those who post here, as Lucid points out in #35.

not willing to take the crap dished out by the dishonest corporatism pillaging all that is good from human institutions. Lucid

Speaking of which, Kucinich is still trying to get publicity for the hidden clause urging the Iraqi government to sell out their country to big oil, approved of by the Dem Leadership in the Iraq Supplemental – is he the lone voice in Congress? I haven’t found any evidence that he has any support for removing that clause. He has been threatened with being declared ‘out of order’ if he raises the issue in Congress.

If this doesn’t prove that Dems are no more against the continuation of this war until the oil is secured, what does? It is theft pure and simple. His colleagues cannot claim ignorance of the existence of the clause. Kucinich has made sure they are informed:

Kucinich Writes to Colleagues About Iraq Oil Law

This war was about oil. We Democrats must not be party to the Administration’s blatant attempt to set the stage for multinational oil companies to take over Iraq’s oil resources. The war in Iraq is a stain on American history. Let us not further besmirch our nation by participating in the outrageous exploitation of a nation which is in shambles due to U.S. intervention.

Please join me in seeking to remove any reference to the Iraqi “Hydrocarbon Law” in the Democratic war spending bill.

I am willing to bet that this plan was included in Cheney’s Energy Task Force memos which he fought making public all the way to his duck-hunting partner on the SC. So far, he has prevailed. His recent trip to the ME is most likely a ‘last throes’ attempt to put pressure on Iraq to sign over over their oil ‘or else’. The ‘or else’ threat imo, is to threaten Iraqi collaborators with removal of US troops whose only purpose appears to be to help protect them from the rest of the Iraqi people.

Iraqi Oil Unions and part of the Iraqi government’s threats to strike are directly related to this proposed legislation. Apparently they were not aware of it until relatively recently. The Puppet Government is in a bind, really between a rock (Iraq) and a hard place (Big Oil). They apparently made a deal with the devil and now the devil is demanding payment! Disgraceful that Dems would cooperate in this wholesale theft of Iraq’s resources.

I have seen nothing on the fp of any of the liberal blogs asking their members to let the Dem leadership know that this is unacceptable and unconscionable.

42. Sabrina Ballerina - 14 May 2007

lucid–with your help(and that of all VAGs), “A Lanyard in the Works” will make a fortune. We’ll be able to get nicer furniture for the den. No snakeskin, of course.

Lol, ‘no snakeskin’ (shudder)! Kevin also offered to contribute his skills, which include choreography! Vags are the most talented people in the Liberal Political blogosphere, from art to politics, they are numero uno! Which reminds me. Who assigned the term ‘A Listers’ to the BBB? Was there a vote or something that we missed? I’m assuming they themselves did so.

So, I have decided that we are the premier blog of the ‘A+ Listers’ of the Liberal Blogosphere. I think the liberal creds of the members of this blog are impeccable. In fact, I am so certain of that I would challenge the now second-rated ‘A Listers’ to put it to a vote!

43. outofwater - 14 May 2007

Jotter says Kos is King

Daily Kos is one of the most popular and most highly read internet sites with a political focus. This broadly accepted conclusion is backed up by analysis of the number of requests for daily kos web pages.

One of six or more. DK has become a Republican noise machine.

44. marisacat - 14 May 2007

Just let 5 out of “Moderation”

Sabrina, lucid and BHHM

so they are somewhere up thread…

45. BooHooHooMan - 14 May 2007

Love and LaughFest Time:

Oh and its going to be one hell of a tour

moiv and colleen are workin’ with a group of stem cells that moonwalk to Jolson.

But I have to tell ya, we “have issues” working out all the logistics. I was thinkin more of a fun retro Partridge Family thing. That went over real well with “the vipes” .

Then there’s the catfood. Delivered. A whole ‘nother bus for the vacuum cleaners. And skewers lots of skewers, something about a strict clowns-on- the- grill diet. After they said the wanted broadband, they nearly killed me when I came back with a group of musically inclined nuns. I’ve since been relegated to the old Vee-Dub support van.

satirically insert creationists allegory here…

Anyone have knowledge about a coupla hundred apples imprinted with the facial images of the political hypocrites of our day? The Vipers knew. I haven’t been the same since they persuaded me to set up a bus top archery range. Now they have me standin’ on the roof, flyin down the highway, tellin’ me I can move around if I want to. Doesn’t matter: Just keep the god damn apple on my head. They take turns blasting the Volkswagon past Mcats Motorcoach/Salon [hybrid] from which the other vipes take turns picking off the targets.

They never miss.

46. missdevore - 14 May 2007

A+ hissers.

47. brinn - 14 May 2007



48. marisacat - 14 May 2007

hmmm I guess with Sarkozy in, we will not be harrassing Air France the way we did for years. We sure did not just assign marshalls to AF flights we STOPPED THEM from flying.

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:


Link to ABC News story

49. BooHooHooMan - 14 May 2007

#43 Out of Water Jotter says Kos is King

Whaddya know?
from Jerome “May I have a tissue from your Bra, MSOC?”a Paris:

More numbers needed! (19+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
Bill in Portland Maine, SarahLee, CalifSherry, Rolfyboy6, The Maven, bronte17, nyceve, srkp23, Pithy Cherub, bustacap, Sharon in MD, GreyHawk, Pitin, trashablanca, goodasgold, NearlyNormal, Granny Doc, godislove, sabershadow

There are several categories of users that cannot easily be identified with these numbers:

* hardcore kogs that are around all the time (or many times a day) and may be counted as several visits depending on the interval between pages;
* kogs that come once a day or less;
* non members that read more than the front page, and do so on a regular basis (regular lurkers);
* non members that only read the front page, or that are directed to a specific dKos page via a search, and never go further;

I expect that active kogs make a disproportionate part of the page views in excess of the number of visits, i.e. most casual visitors will only look at the front page and not even open front page stories that continue below the fold (and of course do not open any diaries).

European Tribune / The Oil Drum / EA2020

by Jerome a Paris on Mon May 14, 2007 at 06:45:47 AM PDT

50. marisacat - 14 May 2007


at comment 43

somthing broken aobut your second link… ?
Not sure how to fix it or I would.
Seems a mix of the link to this post (”no simpleton…”) and a lttle bit from alexa.com at the end.

51. lucidculture - 14 May 2007

moiv and colleen are workin’ with a group of stem cells that moonwalk to Jolson.

Hell, I’d pay Streisand prices to see that alone.

52. outofwater - 14 May 2007

MC-the link is broke.

There’s a reason I don’t claim to be tech savvy, I haven’t any idea how it ended up there. Anyway, I intended to link to Alexa.com

53. BooHooHooMan - 14 May 2007

One poster suggests using googlefight.com for unscientific shits and giggles and Says so. That doesn’t prevent whovertefuckwit Onemadson is from going for an ice creme cone.

I took the advise BTW and went to googlefight.com., “dailykos” was overwhelmed by “pussy” twentytimes over, came closer to beating “dicks” but fell short. “Assholes” was its most competitive category , but as could be expected “Assholes” still won out by a two to one margin. Alas there are even more appealing assholes on the web.

OT – For anyone into non-technical numbers (5+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
SallyCat, peace voter, Land of Enchantment, trashablanca, Granny Doc

Visit Google Fight to compare the number of requests one site gets compared to another. The linky above compares dKos with redstate.

Some people enter lighthearted items, such as comparing “black” with “white.” Build your own.

The above site is not scientific nor does it contain the analysis so thoughtfully provided by jotter. This site is just for giggles.

Thanks, jotter!

“You can count on Americans to do the right thing after they’ve tried everything else.” — Winston Churchill

by bleeding heart on Mon May 14, 2007 at 07:19:58 AM PDT

google fight (4+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
SallyCat, Ahianne, Blueiz, fareast

just reports how many Google results there are for any given term. It has nothing to do with traffic. If you search “www.dailykos.com” you will see over a half million possible search results. Redstate is just north of 100K. This in no way reflects site traffic. It represents the size of a site and how many other sites are mentioning the site. While its probably strongly correlated to site traffic, its a totally different stat.

by onemadson on Mon May 14, 2007 at 07:35:23 AM PDT

[ Parent ]
You’re right. I didn’t write that very well. (1+ / 0-)

Recommended by:

Thanks for the correction.

Must. Get. More. Coffee.

“You can count on Americans to do the right thing after they’ve tried everything else.” — Winston Churchill

by bleeding heart on Mon May 14, 2007 at 07:57:08 AM PDT

[ Parent ]
right (1+ / 0-)

Recommended by:

However you can use alexa to get a rough estimate of site traffic. However there are issues with the method.


by Politburo on Mon May 14, 2007 at 08:31:34 AM PDT

[ Parent ]
I wouldn’t (0 / 0)

put too much faith in Alexa.

There are also some paid services out there that offer numbers by industry and claim to be able to offer estimates on our competitors traffic. I was working for a large consumer product site (the equivalent of something like Nyquil or Benadryl). This company was trying to sell us on their service which was not cheap. I asked them to give information for a site as an example. I was lucky to have previously worked on a site that was in the same industry and thus new their site traffic data. I requested the information for that product’s site as a test of their accuracy. The numbers they provided were no where near the actual numbers for that site. It is very difficult to accurately estimate another site’s traffic without breaking some laws.

by onemadson on Mon May 14, 2007 at 09:05:36 AM PDT

[ Parent ]

54. lucidculture - 14 May 2007

BHHM – it might be nice to work in some sort of snake charmer motif as well… then again we vipes are wild, untameable beasts – an army of cavorting Roomba’s sucking up the filth of the blaghsphere before returning to our den in the cul-de-nutsack.

55. outofwater - 14 May 2007

I don’t know what Google Fight is, but freerepublic kicks Kos’s ass.

56. JJB - 14 May 2007

MCat, no. 48,

Remember that Imminent Terror Attack against US interests in Germany that was announced with such fanfare late last week? I have a feeling we’re going to be returning to Code Orange in the very near future, a not insignificant hassle for me personally since when this happens, they do a modified lockdown of the building I work in where you can only enter and exit through the doors that are unlocked during off-hours, access granted only by mag card.

57. marisacat - 14 May 2007


if you want to post the link to alexa, go ahead…


58. BooHooHooMan - 14 May 2007

Be careful Lucid.

“Coldy Nutsack” has got to be a copyright infringement of one of the Boyz. You hitting em where it hurts, the very basis of their intellectual property.

You can do what I did to Booman. Throw in a coupla Hoo-Hoos,
Thus, Coldy Nutsack, Hoo-Hoo! and you’ll be okay.

59. missdevore - 14 May 2007

ahem.it’s cull de’ nutsack. (TM)(C) (MineMineMine).

60. lucidculture - 14 May 2007

Miss D – but didn’t MitM actually patent the proceedure?

61. missdevore - 14 May 2007

Mad MD in the Marketplace, indeed, is reponsible for the breakthrough (OUCH!) surgical procedure. As such, he should be nominated as Sturgeon General.

62. marisacat - 14 May 2007


yeah I agree. something will ratchet it up. Fairly soon too I would think.

FOX radio (just ws in the kitchen, where I try ot catch a little RW radio, in short burst… LOL) is running the Fort Dix story hard… and that to discount it is to discount the entire global mission against terrorism.

The story runs that the abduction of the 3 soldiers is by AQ, in Iraq… but also, LOL that it is in retribution for the rape of the 14 y/o and killing the family.

three weeks ago we heard that al Anbar ws “better”.

And a big push from the Dems to make global warming part of the security state. If I read thru the soft goggledegook. Now that the big transnational companies all have their “Green” divisions online. Just like the msm have their blahgs.

Co-opted to death.

63. marisacat - 14 May 2007

LOL crazed madman iwth a surgical application adapted wire coat hanger…

love the image!!

64. marisacat - 14 May 2007


outing outing, who’s got an outing to grouse about. Armando takes on pseudonimity. Or loss of it…

All you can do is laugh.

65. delarue - 14 May 2007

Hi marisacat and sabrina, thanks the repost. I hope to have more relevant musical stuff – unless we go code orange and lockdown and in that case the final nail will be driven into the already half-closed coffin of the NYC music scene.
fiddling while Rome burns,

66. missdevore - 14 May 2007

64–as you can see, I couldn’t resist doing more than laughing.

67. marisacat - 14 May 2007


thanks so much for stopping by… 8)

68. JJB - 14 May 2007


Yes, the Fort Dix plot. Last week I read the following at Josh Marshall’s site:

[It] seems they made a jihad training film featuring themselves. But they couldn’t figure out how to burn it to a DVD. So they went to a Circuit City and asked the clerk on duty if he could do it for them.

Now, blockheads of this sort are capable of potentially causing a lot of harm. The first strike against the WTC was carried out by a bunch of guys stupid enough to try to get their money for the van rental back by claiming the vehicle had been stolen (wearing T-shirts proclaiming “WE BOMBED THE WTC!” would have been only slightly more likely to draw attention to themselves). Still, you have to wonder just how serious a plot this Fort Dix thing was.

69. marisacat - 14 May 2007

Miss D

I did just see as i worked my way thru the thread. Yours and the comment from Crosbie, quoted in the original piece – and a legal reference from masel were the only pertinent comments in the thread.

Good going!!

70. marisacat - 14 May 2007


And there is a big push on that “Now we have good intel”.

It probably can be argued that we rarely ever had good intell, ever…

Pretty sloppy in-bred orgs if one pays any attention at all.

71. missdevore - 14 May 2007

JJB–the Florida “jihadists” got boots out of the entrapment. These guys couldn’t even get their propaganda out.

72. BooHooHooMan - 14 May 2007

miss d, cull de nutsack RFLMAO!

We’ve got Edwards stylist in the bus, Chevron’s called about sponsorship, WalMart’s attorney is on line 3 for SV, MOMA’s called for xeno.,The Catholic League of Bishops wants to schedule an Inqusition for moiv , colleen and madman. Every press agent in town has called for the boss , wanting to sign mcat.

Cheney’s office is now calling about JJB and D Throat. Musharref’s lookin for a place to stay. Kos propoganda was nailed redhanded by out of water who may need a drink, kept cool ,maybe some mouth to gill. Sabrina and catnip have devoured every orange in sight. A little help here? Kevin’s in the studio.

Bayprarie?? Who else is missing?.

73. bayprairie - 14 May 2007

29. D. Throat said:

Bowers response.. sticking his fingers in his ears shouting “Lalalalalalala can’t hear you… am doing it anyway… Nutter “reached out” (ie paid) to the blogosphere”.

here’s bowers on nutter

Also, by a long, long, way, he has done the most consistent and open outreach to local progressive and reformer groups. He really wants to listen to what progressives and other people outside the normal institutions of city power have to say.

atrios is talking about the same election too. and he says:

I find it to be very hard work to follow local politics and to make informed judgments on even the major races, let alone the ones more down ticket (When in doubt I vote for the people who show up at Drinking Liberally).

interesting candidate criteria.

Meeting Michael Nutter

The only declared candidate for mayor, Michael Nutter, paid a visit to Drinking Liberally last night…

reaches out to progressives? or hangs out with bloggers in a bar?

74. missdevore - 14 May 2007

can’t beat the name. Like I said to someone who got a horrible post-surgical infection “The fact that his name was Dr. Hacker should have clued you in..” (not actual name but you get the idea)

75. marisacat - 14 May 2007
76. missdevore - 14 May 2007

If he takes soft stands on issues he can be called fluffer-nutter.

77. brinn - 14 May 2007

ME, BHHM, ME!! I’m missing — been looking around for myself for quite some time and just when I think I’ve found her, she’s off again…..

re#73, omfg — nutter for mayor because he’s drinking liberally!

ololololol, no really.

78. lucidculture - 14 May 2007

BHHM – I take it I’ve already been arrested by the Department of DKos Security where they are performing the ‘cull de nutsack’ on me as a form of torture to get me to confess who’s actually writing the book on aravia’s personal life?

79. BooHooHooMan - 14 May 2007

Brinn! Brinn! Brinn is in!

Way too much fun Bayprarie’s pick up on Nutter for Mayor!

80. supervixen - 14 May 2007

#74, Miss D: “The fact that his name was Dr. Hacker should have clued you in..” Did you ever see the Britcom Yes Minister? The name of the hapless minister was Hacker- as in “hack politician”. That show was a scream.

* * *

This is cool:

Nearly half a century ago, 13 female pilots proved they were as fit to go into space as the men who became immortalized as America’s first astronauts, the Mercury 7.

The women underwent the same intensive medical tests, at the same Albuquerque, New Mexico, clinic, administered by the same staff, as the men did two years earlier.

“When you put them next to the men, they were as good or better,” recalled Dr. Donald Kilgore, who helped test both the men and women between 1959 and 1961 at the Lovelace Clinic.

What was the women’s biggest obstacle?

“Ovaries,” said Kilgore. “The world just wasn’t ready at that time.”

The women appear to have been very interesting. Here’s one:

Jane Hart, at right with Jerrie Cobb, was the wife of former U.S. Senator Philip Hart of Michigan. The two women are seen after meeting with then-Vice President Lyndon Johnson in 1962 in their unsuccessful bid to have women included in the space program. Among their opponents was Mercury 7 astronaut and national hero John Glenn, who told the congressional hearing: “The fact that women are not in this field is a fact of our social order.” At 41 and a mother of eight, Hart was the oldest member of the Mercury 13. She was involved in the founding of the National Organization for Women and is a sailing enthusiast.

Yet more Invisible Women. American’s Hidden History.

81. BooHooHooMan - 14 May 2007

We’re down another apple with Devore’s, Hacker thwacker in 74.

BHHM cradling jewels anxiously, hopin’ she keeps that aim high

Get’s cold in 80 mile an hour wind.

82. marisacat - 14 May 2007

Isn’t there an east coast candy… maybe of the “penny candy” sort, called Fluffer Nutter?


83. lucidculture - 14 May 2007

Mcat, maybe your thinking of this.

84. marisacat - 14 May 2007


ugh. Tho I suspect somoene has or will make that a cookie. SOunds a likely suspect.

85. lucidculture - 14 May 2007

The last meaning of the link in my last post might be a good description of the Blahgosphere with reespect to the DP.

86. marisacat - 14 May 2007

LOL here is what lucid is referring to:

3. fluffer nutter 8 up, 37 down

A premature ejaculation caused by an over zelous fluffer. see fluffer

Hey Luke, how many fluffer nutters did ya have last week?

PS. Kit say tell babe, “Hi”

by LuisV. Feb 13, 2004 email it

87. BooHooHooMan - 14 May 2007


Seeking to advance education, Mayoral Candidate Nutter has enlisted the expertise of Dr. Roy Pea of The Stanford Center for Learning Initiatives

“No child will be left behind by the Pea-Nutter proposal” ,according to progressive campaign operatives who don’t wished to be named except by themselves while moving back and forth between pseudo – anonymity and pseudo – celebrity .

Children and kids- at – heart groaned everywhere.

No word yet on further endorsements or reaction as Bread and Butter factions of the Party are vying for influence.

88. colleen - 14 May 2007

reaches out to progressives? or hangs out with bloggers in a bar?

I believe I’ve mentioned several times that, at least in Philly, drinking in a bar appears to be the extent of the ‘activism’ of the white male bloggers. Indeed I believe this is what they mean by ‘reaching out to progressives’.
Just think, if we lived in Philly we could go get drunk with Martin, Jason, Chris and AdamB too. What a thrilling revolution.

89. marisacat - 14 May 2007

Well… Outlandish Josh did stop by months ago and say if I could or would go for a drink with the Boyz I’d see it all differently.


and then

hahahahahah. It was pretty funny, at the time and now too.

90. missdevore - 14 May 2007

headline at raw;

Hillary ‘harnesses the power of text messaging’

I can just picture it:

Young person hastily retrieves cell phone from whatever orifice it resides in

“Dammit–it’s Hillary again!”

91. Sabrina Ballerina - 14 May 2007

Mitm as Sturgeon General! Lol! Mitm’s wire hanger procedure for the boyz was hilarious (though definitely wince inducing). I admit all I could do was laugh at Miss D doing her usual masterful job of deftly catching the most recent little poisoned arrow with one hand and tossing it back into the big orange tent after turning it into the equivalent of a cluster bomb, relatively speaking!

Boohoohooman, can we have an ‘Attack of the Roombas’ scene also? Imagine little pieces of orange scattered all over the stage (kossacks) scooped up by a small army of roombas- Vags (covered in cat fur with ears and whiskers, created by the costume dept).

I’ll leave the music up to the experts, jam.fuse, lucid and kevin. This scene would come near the end of the off, off, off, Broadway Musical ‘A Lanyard in the Works’ (and yes, Miss D is responsible for that also).

92. lucidculture - 14 May 2007

If I get a text from Hillary, I think I’ll send the bill to her campaign, seeing as I have to pay for incoming texts.

93. marisacat - 14 May 2007

ramp up that orangey-red alert signal:

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:


Link to ABC News Report

Throw it on the Broken News heap.

94. BooHooHooMan - 14 May 2007

Jason Melrath a three time loser in the Delaware Bar exam was the first to weigh in on the Pea-Nutter initiative telling our reporters that Spelling was most important.

“That’s M-E-L-R-A-T-H.”

Followed by “yah, mmm*,3@%5 Chomp chomp chomp”

“Oh yah! I’ve been an advocate for a long time, and I know my nuts like the palm of my hands.”

As Melrath worked his way through an entire tray of Peanut Butter sandwiches at the Nutter campaign related “Drinking Liberally” event he was joined by Philadelphia BloggerMartin Bormann who seemed extremely concerned about spelling.

Carrying a loaf of white-bread, legend in his own mind blogger Chris Bowers quickly moved into the presser, lifted a leg and promptly urinated on the subordinates sandwiches. He then went into a long discourse discussing how building a new pee-ple powered political sandwich could get beyond the whole yellow bread /wheat bread/ white bread divide. A thick brown spread was evident in the toothy grins of Melrath and the man they call Booman as both nodded in agreement and kept right on eating.

95. BooHooHooMan - 14 May 2007

Paul McNutter , er, McNulty No 2 At DOJ has just been canned.

You know it’s sad in a barely functional bureaucracy kind of way -but if there is any traction, it will have little to do with the entrenched go along to get along D’s. it will be from a rare nearly kicked te shit out of ’em circle of career civil servants whose work eventually could no longer be ignored.

96. Sabrina Ballerina - 14 May 2007

Delarue, thanks for stopping by. Your musical reviews are the best!

97. missdevore - 14 May 2007

BHHM–I’m losing what little eyeliner I’m wearing.

98. Sabrina Ballerina - 14 May 2007

A pee-ple powered political sandwich! Rotfl!

Can we have one too for Yrly Vags?

Lucid, lol, fluffers are also persons who give blow-jobs to male porn stars to get them prepared to perform on stage, according to that site. Drinking liberally participant Nutter appears to have been a very successful Fluffer. Clearly there is a need for the male equivalent of chastity belts for boyz.

99. Sabrina Ballerina - 14 May 2007

HIllary Clinton was in Albany today – she is so shrill and unconvincing although receiving endorsements from top Dems, ie Schumer, no surprise, and Spitzer et al.

If President Bush does not end this war before he leaves office, I will, after I take office in 2008 delivered in a monotonous, shrill scream.

Hillary doesn’t seem to get it. She is a Senator. Congress has the power to end a war if the president refuses to do so. There is no need to wait two more years. She repeats the nonsense that Congress has somehow lost its right and power to end this war. Kos said this in one of his first posts after the Dems took over in January. ‘It’ll end after there’s a Dem president in the WH’.

It is obvious this is the plan. Stalling tactics such as we’ve seen with the useless Iraq War Bills, they think they can ‘frame’ the issue to make Republicans look responsible for stopping them from ending it. What bs. They have the power. If they don’t use it they’ll lose it, imo.

100. BooHooHooMan - 14 May 2007

Wow. I’m shocked! lol! A fluffer?!! I’ve never heard of that before. That’s hillarious! How do you know this, my ballerina friend?

BTW Sirota has the last few min on lou Dobbs re Trade Deal.

101. Madman in the Marketplace - 14 May 2007

My patented procedure is VERY challenging to perform. It requires strength, to manage to get the surgical instrument past their tight-asses, a large number of orderlies, to get them to hold still and stop their incessant pursuit of money and photo-ops, and of course a steady hand to aim at and snag an organ shriveled by the dark energy produced by their misogyny and general Republican-like nastiness. I’m working w/ the DC madam & some scientifically-inclined members of the Green Party to develop a finely-tuned surgical robot to aid in the much-needed procedure.

102. BooHooHooMan - 14 May 2007

Lot of fluffer tonight thus far on MSM Hardball is rehashing McCain from MTP with Russert yesterday. WH timing of this end of the day news release: “No2 AG Resigns” at the is classic, [maybe Olbermann will pick it up], but at the beginning of the week???

The McNulty resignation will be pushed out of view with the 3 guys captured, reportedly by al Qaeda.in Iraq. God forbid if these guys get executed, or a protracted captivity. Either way this could very easily be the kind of “all in” move Cheney is seeking as a pretext to attack Iran. It would also serve to reimpose the overt muzzle on Congressional Anti War voices rather the bullshit pretense of engaged debate. Such an outcome would be convenient or the center to right dems as much as it a respite for the GOP. Make no mistake Cheney’s still in charge. He will use it to effectively blow the barely reinforced levees holding back the practical imposition of martial law.

103. lucidculture - 14 May 2007

SB – I assumed everyone knew what a fluffer was… After all, we’ve lived in a flufferocracy for many years now…

104. BooHooHooMan - 14 May 2007

Sorry. missed the fluffer link

105. lucidculture - 14 May 2007

Oh speaking of which I’d love to see more use of the pornolizer on Dkos posts here. That was one hilarious day!

106. Sabrina Ballerina - 14 May 2007

How do you know this, my ballerina friend?

I know this because I have infiltrated the world of political blogging. Posing as an innocent ballerina, I clicked a link provided by Lucid in post #83.

Btw, Bhhm, regardiing this:

BHHM cradling jewels anxiously, hopin’ she keeps that aim high

Miss D has stated publicly that she would not ‘hurt a fly’ even if it is unzippered. I think you can relax ….


McNulty will resign his post in the DOJ. Just heard it on the news. He is angry to have been dragged into US Attornygate according to reports although he did not plan to remain for more than two years. He has held his position for 18 months and will leave in the Summer or after a replacement has been found.

107. Sabrina Ballerina - 14 May 2007

Oops, I was out-scooped by Bhhm re the McNulty resignation. Sorry about that!

Lucid, no, until I checked your link, I had no idea what a ‘fluffer’ was! This is why I come here. I learn things that provide me with the means to better analyze the political positions taken by the bbb. The boyz performance on Nutter made little sense (he attended Drinking Liberally eg) until I clicked your link and everything became clear. They performed beautifully. Nutter must be one good fluffer!

108. BooHooHooMan - 14 May 2007


I have a redundant post floating around, I missed lucid’s link.

And madman, Sorry for being Perry Paranoid about ISP stuff a while back.

I’ll be Idling my yap, reading instead of commenting. I have a sense that we’re heading into some very dark waters now.

Cheney just said He can’t predict whats going to happen next. My translation? Major Operations. They’re keeping gonzales around for dmestic cannon fodder.

109. Miss Devore - 14 May 2007

I am so innocent, I didn’t realize what jewels BHHM was talking about until Sabrina (the Obscena) Ballerina clued me in.

maybe it was due to being in my professional environment today:

Whiney Grad Student: I think I deleted that link you sent us where we could download those forms, so could you just print them out for me?

Miss Devore, gesturing: How many fingers am I holding up?

cum to think of it, the blaghmaids work as fluffers, too.

110. Miss Devore - 14 May 2007

colleen-they grope for, rather than reach out to progressives.

111. JJB - 14 May 2007

It’s starting to sound a lot like Saigon in the spring of 1975 over there in the Green Zone:

U.S. Embassy employees in Iraq are growing increasingly angry over what they say are inadequate security precautions in the heavily fortified Green Zone, where recent mortar and rocket attacks have claimed the lives of six people, including two U.S. citizens.

In spite of the attacks, embassy employees complain, most staff members still sleep in trailers that one described as “tin cans” that offer virtually no protection from rocket and mortar fire. The government has refused to harden the roofs because of the cost, one employee said.

A second official called it “criminally negligent” not to reduce the size of the embassy staff, which a year ago was estimated at 1,000, in the face of the increasing attacks and blamed the administration’s failure to respond on concerns that doing so might undermine support for President Bush’s Iraq policy.

“What responsible person and responsible government would ask you to put yourself at risk like that? We don’t belong here,” the employee said, adding, “They’re not going to send us home because it’s going to be another admission of failure.”

Embassy employees have been ordered not to talk about security concerns or precautions with reporters, but three State Department employees in Baghdad discussed the issue with McClatchy Newspapers. All three asked not to be identified for fear that they’d lose their jobs.

The officials also complained that important security precautions appeared to have been set aside during highly publicized official visits. During a March 31 visit from Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., a high-profile presidential candidate, the embassy lifted a requirement that bulletproof vests and helmets be worn at all times. When a rocket landed outside the U.S. Embassy while Vice President Dick Cheney and several reporters visited last week, no warning sirens were sounded.

“Where were the sirens then?” one official asked. “We don’t belong here, and people are afraid to say it.”

The debacle in Saigon was almost solely due to the criminal incompetence of our ambassador, Graham Martin, who refused to admit that the Saigon regime’s army had collapsed in the face of the Communist offensive, and then when even he could no longer ignore reality, refused to allow any preparations for evacuation to be made because this would signal a lack of faith in Saigon’s ability to hold out, and panic might ensue. As I recall, several State Department staffers finally had themselves smuggled into Saigon, and began clandestine preparations to evacuate US citizens and as many Vietnamese as they could. They actually had to do all of this while Martin was trying to have them arrested!

Only the incredibly stupid and/or willfully blind can fail to see what’s going on here. The helicopter may be lifting off from the roof of the CIA safe house before too long.

112. supervixen - 14 May 2007

The Unbearable Lameness of Dkos: a big-time recommended diary on how Katie Couric sucks.

“Citizen journalism” at its finest.

113. marisacat - 14 May 2007

yeah I am not a fan of Couric (and have only seen the dying show perhaps twice) but I posted a diary from MLW that just tore into her. Slammed her in every way. Quite ugly language… For how she interviewed the Edwardses I think. Oops! LOL I reminded, widow of cancer victim, mother of children.. etc.

Around the time MLW was slamming me for oh something or other… being so bold as to call using children what it is, using children.

They don’t hear themselves.

114. Miss Devore - 14 May 2007

the Big Babbling Blahgbrooks dug a tunnel with money and joined the mainstream, all the while vociferously denouncing the latter, or pretending they’ve taken over. How many more diaries that punch broder or coulter, o’reilly or couric? And those “dangerous” criticisms of pseudonymity.

115. wozzle - 14 May 2007

Sure , they hear themselves. They just don’t pay attemtion. And it shows.

116. Miss Devore - 14 May 2007

the potential is obvious already. headline from MOB:

“Nutter Calls Knox a Scumbag”

which, I think, calls for:

“Knox knocks Nutter’s fluff, claims bagless Roomba status.”

117. marisacat - 14 May 2007

#115: Miss Devore

That s just plain funny!

118. missdevore - 14 May 2007

Well, sorry to introduce a solemn note, but I did feel obligated to mention a personal debt to an early mentor at Je blague.

119. marisacat - 14 May 2007

New Thread


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