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You know they want a Holy Reich… 15 May 2007

Posted by marisacat in Culture of Death, WAR!.

  1908 postcard, using the Indian swastika
      1908 post card using the Indian swastika, found here

Tho… considering what Colorado Springs has become between Dobson and the christianised AF, right back in style.

Just a fun overnight thread. I don’t suppose we could convince him to adopt the Jewish or Muslim traditions for burial??, and get the fuck on iwth it?

In the ground. Pronto. That would be too good to be possible… Noooooooo we shall have a full week of moaning for him. 

As for that Holy Reich… no time to rest easy.  The Democrats have made it clear, they’d do anything to garner the votes of the evangelicals.  Anything.  And the Catholic vote too, who were recently polled as low as 10% really supporting abortion.  You know, asked out loud, on the phone, not while they lay on the table for an evacuation.

I don’t see a Dem running who is not susceptible to power, offered on a platter.

So skrewed.  Missionary style.




1. marisacat - 15 May 2007

Madman on Jerry. Well.. you know what I mean.

2. BooHooHooMan - 15 May 2007

I hope Tinky Winky sues, and just makes a clusterfuck of everthing. Some crocodile tears dripping on the foam and felt get-up.

Tinky: I luvved him, I’m not ready to let go yet, etc etc, followed by a winky and a big settlement.

Then we need to arrange for the body to go missing.

3. BooHooHooMan - 15 May 2007

Falwell’s passing does make me think how sad it must be though for some truckstop pornoshop owners in the Blue Ridge of Virginia.

4. Tuston - 15 May 2007

Then we need to arrange for the body to go missing.

I see we’ve got a worshipper of Set to go with BAST-afarians and Sekhmet sylphs

Seriously though, I’d settle for a blood toxin test and a thorough autopsy report…

5. lucidculture - 15 May 2007

Hell, I’d just be happy if people just dropped the idea that calling people out for the manifest evil of their actions is somehow disrespectful…

His life was fucking disrespectful to everyone around him.

6. Sabrina Ballerina - 15 May 2007

Lol, well, looking around the liberal (and some of the conservative) blogosphere, Jerry’s passing has been greeted mostly with joy. Predictably in response to the celebrations and irreverance, there are the wagging fingers – ‘we’re better than this could we please show a little respect’ etc. One down, thousands to go –

He was the ‘Founder of the Moral Majority’ (excuse me while I laugh!) That would be Foley, Haggard, Newt Gingrich, Livingston, Henry Hyde, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Ralph Reed, Abramoff et al. Fine examples of morality, all of them. Worse are the killers and the torturers, the liars and thieves.

They have given a new meaning to the word ‘hypocrite’. Fallwell, eg, who consistently railed against gays, when asked what he though of Foley, dismissed it all saying that compared to Clinton, what Foley did was (I was going to say ‘child’s play’ but that doesn’t work) insignificant. Those are the morals of the Rev. Jerry Fallwell. Taking sexual advantage of teenagers is far less serious an offense than consensual sex between two adults.

In the end, my feeling about all these people is that they are extremely emotionally disturbed, mentally deranged. In a sane society, they would be ignored, or treated perhaps, but never revered the way are here. The truth is our government has been taken over by religious fanatics. And you cannot reason with a fanatic.

7. jam.fuse - 15 May 2007


You have sinned so you must die
Die sinner die
You will bring on the red tide
Die sinner die
Jerry Falwell’s god sez that war is good
At least that’s what they tell us and christians never lie

You will hang in the park
Die sinner die
God’s army will leave its mark
Die sinner die
We’ll burn the fire of [terror]ism by lighting you on fire
And then we’ll roast jelly beans on the funeral pyre

— Dayglo Abortions (slightly updated) from
their album Feed Us a Fetus

“Their lyrics are informed by a complete disregard for societal norms.” — from their Wikipedia entry.

The original lyric sheet also featured a recipe for ‘fetus chili’.
On that note, bon soir to all.

8. Tuston - 15 May 2007

From ABC’s paen:

As a student, Falwell was a star athlete and a prankster who was barred from giving his high school valedictorian’s speech after he was caught using counterfeit lunch tickets.

He ran with a gang of juvenile delinquents before becoming a born-again Christian at 19. He turned down an offer to play professional baseball and transferred from Lynchburg College to Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Mo

I think that a little bit of truth shines thru the bullshit…

9. lucidculture - 15 May 2007


Alas, when have we ever lived in a sane society?

10. marisacat - 15 May 2007

Why be nice about people when they are dead if they never cared a whit for humanity when THEY were alive.

Apparently (from the thread at LSF) Jesse said he had a good soul or some such sludge.


11. Sabrina Ballerina - 15 May 2007

Tuston, since you’re here – remember I asked you about a Truckers Strike that was supposed to take place because of Bush’s proposed policy re Mexican Truckers? I lost the link, but today, Congress voted almost unanimously to stop Bush’s proposal and replace it with a three-year pilot program requiring stricter standards, and requiring Mexico to allow US truckers to drive there. Only three votes against it. So, there should be no need for the strike for now.


Oh, this is so funny. Fox had a text message poll re the Republican Debate and Ron Paul is winning hands down! This is Fox’ own audience. He opposes the war and pretty much everything about Bush’s policies.

Paul 30%

Romney 27%

Rudy 16%

They so wanted it to be Giuliani – looks like the public is in the mood for some Independent candidates. Gravel basically won the Dem. debate also. I suppose they just want to hear the truth. And Paul does tell the truth about war. I don’t know his position on torture.

12. marisacat - 15 May 2007


some radio channle I had on today a woman called in, who lived in Lynchberg VA.. and she said the same. Early on a delinquent.

Said the family had been respectable, that Lynchberg 50 years ago was bereft of middle class, either wealthy or professional or factory workers. And that for a while things looked dire for Old Jer.

she was not a fan. And mentioned she ws a psycotherapist… LOL.

13. marisacat - 15 May 2007

party in the Castro.. even if most won’t admit to the news media, out wandering the streets for a comment.

14. Tuston - 15 May 2007

Thanx for the info SB…I hope US truckers get to experience the rough ride and ultra narrow lanes of the Mexican highways, but I doubt it will happen anytime soon.

15. wu ming - 15 May 2007

that williams-wilde-falwell shtick by madman just kills me.

16. marisacat - 15 May 2007

ooo jam.fuse

thanks for that!

17. lucidculture - 15 May 2007

“Their lyrics are informed by a complete disregard for societal norms.”

Oh really! We seem to love torturing people now. We’ve always been quite happy to incinerate people with Agent Orange and White Phosphorus. A nuclear explosion or two, heh. And while were at it, we should make a boatload of money arming the rest of the world so they can ‘get their war on’.

Dude – I need to listen to that song. I hope there’s a link somewhere on google to an mp3… must go investigate now.

On a lighter note, it turns out that spam lies, and there are not real live women all over Brooklyn who want to have sex with me right now. Damn. I thought I had it made. 😉

18. Sabrina Ballerina - 15 May 2007

Lucid, true regarding living in a sane society, but I was oblivious to the insanity for a while so I suppose I thought it was sane.

Tuston, you’re welcome … yes, I don’t think that US truckers will be enthusiastic about driving to Mexico but I think it’s more to insist on it being a two-way street even if they don’t take advantage of it.

Marisacat, if the media wants comments they should check out the some of the online forums. Some of the comments are a riot! This one from a commenter on DU in a thread asking people to be nicer about his death. This was his attempt to be nice:

This is Jerry Falwell’s finest hour.

I like this one also:

‘Never say anything of the dead but good!’
Okay! Good! He’s dead!

19. D. Throat - 15 May 2007


Breaking news out of Washington today, five days after a handful of senior Democrats and the Bush administration announced a secret deal to push a package of free trade pacts just months after Democrats successfully used opposition to lobbyist-written trade deals to win the 2006 election. According to sources on Capitol Hill today, after the Los Angeles Times confirmed that Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) earlier this week agreed to demands by rank-and-file congressional Democrats to debate the secret trade deal at this Tuesday’s Democratic Caucus meeting, Emanuel abruptly took trade off the agenda prior to the meeting, preventing the discussion from taking place. Additionally, Emanuel, one of the chief architects of NAFTA as a top Clinton administration staffer, refused to agree to set a date to discuss the secret trade deal. Meanwhile, White House and GOP participants in the deal are now signaling that the deal’s much-touted labor and environmental provisions are designed to be kept out of the core text of trade agreements and thus potentially rendered utterly unenforceable. To date, the specific legislative language of the secret deal has been kept concealed from the public.

The plot thickens:

Meanwhile, industry newsletter Inside U.S. Trade this afternoon reports that House Ways and Means Ranking Member Jim McCrery (R-LA) “said it is his preference and that of U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab that the new obligations for free trade agreements announced last week not lead to a reopening of the Peru free trade agreement.” This follow’s McCrery’s claim yesterday that the secret deal can be completed “in a way that does not require Peru’s political system to revisit the deal all over again.”

All roads lead thru the Chamber of Commerce (*cough* DLC… btw has anyone noticed Kos’s feeble attempts lately at distancing himself from his masters at the DLC/NDN). Micheal Moore is supposedly coming to Daily Kos, I guess to shore up the right wing sites librul bona fides, who’s agent just happens to be Ari Emmanuel brother of Rham

McCrery and Schwab’s move may explain why the Bush-connected head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has told reporters he has received “assurances that the labor provisions [in the deal] cannot be read to require compliance.” It may also explain why the dealmakers have yet to release the legislative language of the trade deal texts in question. If they are planning to not actually change the texts of the deals and pass them as is, there may not actually be any new language, meaning there would likely not be any substantive change to U.S. trade policy, despite the flood of press releases.

20. marisacat - 15 May 2007

hmmm… thanks for that D Throat.

Great tid bit about Ari Emanuel and MM.

He should switch agents and give Dkos a miss.

What bullshit.

21. lucidculture - 15 May 2007


plain and simple.

22. liberalcatnip - 15 May 2007

I don’t believe in heaven but I am crocheting an Easy Button(tm). It’s been a rough week.

From Miss D in the previous thread:

May those who sleep in the dust be vacuumed to eternity.



(Make sure you have extra bags on hand.)

As an aside, I cannot believe the denial of smallpox infected blankets over at the big orange pie in the sky. Well, okay. Maybe I can.

All together now: Bubbie come home!!

23. moiv - 16 May 2007

“All together now: Bubbie come home!!”

Yes, please Bubbie. Not only Tuston, but all of us, need some good news.

24. marisacat - 16 May 2007

well I think this just fits right in here, under the Swastika. Hitler Papa via TAPPED

Yesterday, as his Brazilian sojourn drew to a close, Benedict described the forced conversions and massacres of Brazil’s native peoples by European conquerors as their “purification.”

So reports Raymond Colitt of Reuters:

[Brazil’s indigenous people] had welcomed the arrival of European priests at the time of the conquest as they were “silently longing” for Christianity, he said.

If a 21st-century religious leader can justify murder and enslavement in the name of Christ, there’s no telling what else he may find justifiable. Particularly telling is reaction of Brazilian Indians who are Catholic, as well as the priests who minister to them.

“The Pope doesn’t understand the reality of the Indians here, his statement was wrong and indefensible,” Father Paulo Suess, who runs the Brazilian church’s advocacy group for the indigenous, told Colitt. “I too was upset.” [snip]


The pope said Baptism “made them children of God by adoption… purifying (emphasis added) them and developing the numerous seeds that the incarnate Word had planted in them, thereby guiding them along the paths of the Gospel. In effect, the proclamation of Jesus and of his Gospel did not at any point involve an alienation of the pre-Columbus cultures, nor was it the imposition of a foreign culture…”

well … I wonder why Leni was not along to film the visit.

25. liberalcatnip - 16 May 2007

I think my massive PMS (Putting up with Meta Shit – Canadian style) headache is finally gone tonite. Thought my head was going to explode there for a while…literally.

Anyway, speaking of abusing religion (Falwell), I think my male cat now thinks his name is Jesus. I’ve had to take him out for chaperoned escapades out in the yard so he doesn’t pull an Escape From (what he probably feels is) Alcatraz and every time he tries to pull a fast one, I’m after him using the “Lord’s” name in vain. I wonder if the neighbours think I’m some sort of crazy fundie. If only they knew about my snake charming…

26. liberalcatnip - 16 May 2007

Oh, and speaking of first nations people (why don’t I ever hear about US first nations people except when it’s in the context of the Abramoff scandal?), our natives are restless:

National native leader Phil Fontaine warned a blue-chip audience on Tuesday that the anger felt in many First Nations communities has reached a breaking point.

“Frankly, we are fearful of the effect this is having on the well-being and public safety in our communities,” said the chief of the Assembly of First Nations in an eloquent speech to the Canadian Club of Ottawa.
A report in Tuesday’s Globe and Mail quoted a First Nation leader in Manitoba threatening widespread economic disruption and a potential blockade of CN rail lines connecting Eastern and Western Canada.

Fontaine did not dismiss worries about possible confrontations this summer.

While he has a track record of favouring quiet diplomacy over barricades, he suggested to his audience that this tactic has yielded few results.

Civil disobedience. Go for it.

The Manitoba leader was interviewed by one of our conservative talking heads on Tuesday and when he went on about how non-natives are occupying his peoples’ land, the interviewer (an old fart from way back) was actually stunned silent. Good. Our country’s native rights record continues to be abyssmal and when the current right-wingers grabbed power, they turfed a deal the previous Liberal gov’t had finally come to with the first nations people.

Pointing to severe overcrowding in many native communities, Fontaine spoke of visiting Pikangikum, an Ontario reserve about 300 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg, where he witnessed as many as 28 people living in small two-bedroom homes where people are forced to sleep in shifts.

Some parents go without rest so that their children can sleep, he said.

“How many of you in this room would be able to function Monday morning without sleep?” Fontaine asked.

So let those high-minded, pompous so-called dkos “Christians” deny the smallpox-infected blankets all they like. There are plenty of other horrendous abuses that are still ongoing that thier so-called religious beliefs and actions contributed to. I’d like to see them deny those.

27. moiv - 16 May 2007

First an exorcism to purify the office, and then they resume the crusade.

Bryan Brown, who was consumer affairs director for former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline, said he has taken a one-year lease with an option to purchase the building in Fort Wayne, where he plans to establish an anti-abortion, public-interest law firm.

The building will be dedicated Saturday in a religious ceremony that includes an Orthodox Christian exorcism, a Roman Catholic blessing and Lutheran and Anabaptist readings.

In 1990, the Women’s Health Clinic won a $61,000 judgment against Brown for protesting at the clinic. Brown refused to pay, and the judgment was thrown out when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that federal racketeering laws cannot be used against abortion protesters.

28. liberalcatnip - 16 May 2007

#24. Who the hell died and made that guy pope? Holy crap.

29. marisacat - 16 May 2007

Bronwen Maddox in the Times. Not much, but this tidbit:

US forces are still stretched,

to the point where the use of a whole brigade to guard the 100-odd supply convoys a day from Kuwait to Baghdad may be in question.

Britain’s decision to ratchet down its forces in Basra – a unilateral decision in all but name – has provoked more than irritation in the US command, where it is seen as adding to the risk in the south. If violence there soars as Britain leaves, the US hopes that Iraqi forces will fill the gap – but that will take them from elsewhere.

ripe for collapse.

30. liberalcatnip - 16 May 2007

One last thing, I see we’re going to have to put up with wingnuts on parade for the next couple of weeks on cable. All of the biggest hypocrites out in force: Franklin Graham, Robertson, that white-haired guy (no, not God – he just thinks he is)…on Larry King Live.

Tucker Carlson on MSNBC today when I was flipping channels: “who’s the left going to hate now?” Well, I’m not a hateful person but there are plenty in line behind Falwell who are ripe targets for loathing. Don’t worry about that, Mr Bowtie.

31. acmn27 - 16 May 2007

Well the room has stopped spinning at least, and I’m one day closer to back to my old self. Mr. 27 did the weekly coffee excursion and brought back a lovely Ethiopian fair trade – full flavor with a light aftertaste. The kitties have been wonderful. I think they are brilliant, but of course I am prejudiced.

I hear a particularly nasty right wing religious fanatic went on to his final reward. All I can say is, I hope it is a just reward, one that fits the crime.

Meanwhile, the once lovely Iraq now has a new overseer of warfare. How much further into obliteration can he bomb and mortar them? How much higher can he pile the rubble that once was a people’s daily life? Tune in for the next installment.

32. bayprairie - 16 May 2007

what i find exciting is the fact that 90% of the comment’s i’ve seen, and ive read hundreds, posit that falwell sucked. the comments in all the wapo threads are delicious!

33. marisacat - 16 May 2007

LOL Just one snip from PBS TNH today… Andy Young as defender of Wolfowitz:

ANDREW YOUNG: No, the problem is the board has lost the confidence of the world. Paul Wolfowitz responded very well, and is very — I met him in Anacostia, dealing with poor blacks in Washington. I met him again in Nigeria.

He’s been more in Africa than anywhere else, and the African delegates and the third world generally have appreciated his leadership. The role of women in the world is far more important than these bureaucrats that are making this decision. They probably all ought to retire like me and get out of the way.

But this is not a — not like Bolton. Bolton was always there to destroy the United Nations.

JUDY WOODRUFF: You’re referring to the former acting ambassador to the United Nations.

ANDREW YOUNG: Yes. For me, this is more like the scandal in the United Nations, where when Europe began to feel the influence of new coalitions in the third world threatening their dominance, they sought to get rid of the people who were pulling together these new coalitions.

I think the threat is that Paul Wolfowitz is pulling together a third world coalition that, while it doesn’t have the money, it controls the markets of the future. And the old colonial routines of running Africa from Europe will no longer apply under Wolfowitz.

Wolfowitz, who I guess, loves poor blacks and will elevate women across the world if he can stay at WB.

Lordy… Andy go home. You are not needed.

34. acmn27 - 16 May 2007

Missouri joins the ranks
House votes families can sue over abortion

The Missouri House voted Tuesday to allow some family members to sue doctors who perform a particular abortion on their relatives.

This law allows a husband or parents to sue doctors for physical and psychological damages, if the patient is under 18.

35. acmn27 - 16 May 2007

Forgot to add, for what is termed a “partial birth abortion”.

36. marisacat - 16 May 2007

good lord. what fake legislation. No doctor is going to perform one now. Under a federal ban, with criminalisation. And such vague wording on the law… what constitutes “life of the mother” is very unclear…

Some states are instituting 10 year prison sentences.

37. acmn27 - 16 May 2007

This is pure politics, Missouri style. The Repubs are playing to a very radical base, as it is the buckle of the bible-belt. Springfield (home of John Ashcroft), in SW MO, is Assemblies Of God Headquarters, and has 3 Christian colleges, one of them, Baptist Bible College, is very fundamentalist. Aside from St. Louis and Kansas City, the state is christian-red.

38. jam.fuse - 16 May 2007

“Thank god this maniac is off the planet… if there’s a hell, Jerry Falwell’s rotting in it… A bigger piece of shit you’d never find on the planet…

— Howard Stern this morning on the death of J. Falwell, to the strains of Happy Days Are Here Again.

39. outofwater - 16 May 2007

World Bank meets again to consider Wolfowitz’s fate

Wolfowitz on Tuesday begged the lender’s board to let him keep his job, promising changes in his management style in the wake of a damaging favoritism scandal.

However, a White House spokesman entertained “all options,” an opening interpreted by the US media as a sign of his imminent departure.

Wolfowitz begs and Falwell goes to hell, all within 24 hours. Maybe there is hope for the world.

Andy Young sold his soul for 30 pieces of silver a little late in the game.

40. outofwater - 16 May 2007

“who’s the left going to hate now?”

You’re still alive Tucker.

41. ms_xeno - 16 May 2007

Tucker isn’t worth hating. Like Goldberg. A pathetic pissant, feeding off the real hate machine for whatever he can get from it. Providing distractions from the real horrors which the BBBs are quite happy to have. If they can obsess about a penny-ante player like Carlson, it’s one more day they can avoid facing the sight of all the shit on the floor at Chez Reid-Pelosi.

Oh, and there were no smallpox blankets and women are constantly getting babies aborted a week before they’re born, the frivolous hussies. I read it on KOS !!

42. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 May 2007

Yolanda King, daughter of MLK, dies at 51

Yolanda Denise King, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s eldest child who pursued her father’s dream of racial harmony through acting and motivational speaking, has died. She was 51.

King died late Tuesday in Santa Monica, California, said Steve Klein, a spokesman for the King Center. The family did not know the cause of death but that relatives think it might have been a heart problem, he said.

Born on November 17, 1955, in Montgomery, Alabama, King was just an infant when her home was bombed during the turbulent civil rights era.

What a contrast there is in these deaths. One who spread intolerance and hatred in the name of Christianity, and the other who worked for peace and love.

It will be interesting to see who the media will give the most airtime to.

43. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 May 2007

Lost in spam again – lol!

Yolanda King, daughter of MLK, has died. She was 51 years old.

44. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 May 2007

Ms x, I agree re Tucker. He tries to get attention for his failed show by making controversial statements, or what he thinks are controversial. I remember him saying that women ‘need a good spanking’ once, obviously expecting a deluge of angry letters and phone calls. The problem is so few people watch his show, his attempt at controversy was pretty much ignored.

It really is sad that lying to get ratings has been adapted as a legitimate method of using the media. All I would say to Tucker is ‘since lying really hasn’t done much for your ratings, here’s a suggestion, try telling the truth, you never know, it worked for Keith Olbermann! Most likely because the truth is such a rare commodity these days, it’s a supply and demand kind of thing’.

45. Miss Devore - 16 May 2007

Kerry is panhandling atop the rec list at dk currently

46. lucidculture - 16 May 2007

Our ‘we didn’t give the natives small pox infected blankets’ friend is back with some more musings.

* [new] Not enough words (9+ / 0-)
Recommended by:shayera, StevenJoseph, SallyCat, Ahianne, gsbadj, deepfish, sbdenmon, KenBee, MBNYC
Let’s be clear about one thing: The Inquisition was no picnic. But neither was it the epitome of evil that it is popularly painted. (You might consider having a look at the PBS special on the Inquisition that’s running this month to counter a few of the more obvious malicious myths. Truth in advertising: One of the contributors to the program–and also one of the world’s experts on the Inquisition–is a former professor of mine.) If you were a peasant in the late Middle Ages and you had to get hauled into court, you wanted it to be the Inquisition–because at least there, you had a pretty good chance of (a) getting out again alive and (b) getting reasonably fair treatment. If you were hauled in to one of the secular courts, unless you were one of the high and mighty, forget it–you were going to rot behind bars for the rest of your life if you were lucky, and if not, well, the prospects were even grimmer.

Mao’s Cultural Revolution killed more people and disrupted more lives in one year than the Inquisition did in the whole of its existence. But somehow it’s only the Inquisition that gets remembered.

Musing’s musings

by musing85 on Tue May 15, 2007 at 03:12:00 PM EDT

[ Parent | Reply to This |Recommend Troll ]

Bangs head on deask. And it got recommended 9 times. Notice the hypotheticals – ‘if you were a peasant’, ‘if you got hauled into court’. This is called arguing disingenously – comparing things that ought not be compared in order to avoid addressing the merits of one thing on its own.

Jesus! [Oh Catnip, I think I just called your cat].

47. BooHooHooMan - 16 May 2007

outofwater, # 40

re The Legacy of Hatred.

Where Varieties of the Honest to Goodness Fuck are Displaced by “Foretastes”


IMO, the first two seconds and you get the idea – the next two short clips well worth watching in my fuck- it, hand me a rock opinion…



48. marisacat - 16 May 2007

simpleton pie. Musing ate too much.

49. lucidculture - 16 May 2007

I should also note that the above is also a perfect example of ‘right wing’ argumentation – contrast a clearly right wing atrocity with an implied left wing atrocity [secular courts – but you know, it was the 1400’s – they liked to hang people then] in order to make the left seem somehow more evil.

50. marisacat - 16 May 2007

hmm wonder wthat the story is here, they seemed on track to send him:

Prince Harry will not serve in Iraq, defence sources tell the BBC.

For more details: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news

51. BooHooHooMan - 16 May 2007

oh, i dunno, lucid.

It’s always a compelling argument when someone nails it from the git-mo with:

Let’s be clear about one thing: The Inquisition was no picnic. But

52. colleen - 16 May 2007

These guys will justify anything the Catholic heirarchy has done or is doing and lie about it too. I once got in a conversation with them about the insititutionalized pedophilia their beloved church engaged in and/or enabled for GENERATIONS and the response was personal attacks on ‘anti-Catholic bigots’ and rage and suprise that anyone outside their church cared because the raped children were Catholic children. Say what?
The fact of the matter is that in the Real World the only Catholics I know who react like the dk thugs are the very conservative opus dei types. I’ve read some apologists for the Inquisition using the same painfully ignorant, deeply biased and repugnant argument Musing is using here.

53. supervixen - 16 May 2007

Oh my Goddess, the Catholic apologists are out in full force on DKos. What fucking idiots.

The Nazis weren’t so bad, either. Unless you were a Jew, a homosexual, a Gypsy, or some other “undesirable” doing “undesirable” things.

During the Spanish Inquisition, the sultan of the Ottoman Empire took in the Jews who were expelled by the Church, and said something like “If the Christians are so stupid as to throw out their most intelligent, most learned, most productive citizens, then we will be happy to profit from their mistake.” The Diaspora Jews created a vibrant culture of their own in Constantinople which continues to this day. My husband’s family are Sephardic Jews who eventually emigrated from Turkey to the US. So I’m greatly in debt to the largesse of the sultan.

The Turkish Jews have a great culinary tradition, I might add.

54. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 May 2007

Lol, Musings thinks peasants should be grateful for very small mercies. He’s very representative of the thinking of the Dem Party and its hired help ie, dk. The Dems throw out crumbs, while the Repubs don’t even pretend.

But it was this kind of thinking that eventually led to the peasants taking matters into their own hands.

This country in many ways is going through a period that Europe went through already, and emerged from not without much bloodshed. This country was supposedly founded on the principles of avoiding the failures Europe’s past. (I am referring to the ideals which have yet to be realized for all Americans, but at least there is a framework to work with hopefully without the need for another bloody revolution). What he is doing is rationalizing them.

The bi-partisan Secret Trade Deal announced this week by Nancy Pelosi, and the exclusion of the people’s representatives from the discussion except for a select few, combined with the statements from Rahm and his crew about ‘populists’ and ‘neo-populists’ (translated=ignorant peasants who should be grateful for his/their wisdom but instead are screaming about losing their jobs) is a throwback to those times when citizens’ needs were ignored at best and seen as a burden on the wealthy elite, who, as Babs Bush said more honestly than Ragm, should not have to bother their beautiful minds with such depressing thoughts.

We can look forward on dk to anyone objecting to the trade deal, once it’s accepted as policy, being referred to as ‘neo-populists’ living in the past and unable to see the future benefits, despite short-term losses to the working class (lol, the destruction of the way of life).

Rahm and his thugs made sure to repeatedly use the word ‘populist’ and to compare extremists on the right to Democrats who want to know what else their government is selling them out on. We populists should shut up and just trust them.

Here’s a link to DU journal on the Secret Deal with several links to follow and the role of the DLC in it, plus Nancy’s deal with the devil in the WH. and a list of the Dems who were in on the whole thing.

The Secret Trade Deal

Kudos also to David Sirota for his work on keeping us informed of the sellout by the Democratic leadership of the American working class.

55. missdevore - 16 May 2007

bhhm “nails it from the git-mo” great phrase!

56. lucidculture - 16 May 2007

SV – yep. Spinoza was a diaspora Jew as well – went to the Netherlands to hang out with the early communal groups there.

Colleen – you remember the ‘pope wars’ over on Dkos. Those were super fun. Any criticism of Ratzo’s past was immediately flamed as bigotry. I’m convinced these thugs [along with the zionist brigade] are right wing plants. What’s even more pathetic is that these clowns are ‘respected’ members of the community. Some place ya got there Kos.

57. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 May 2007

All you can do is yawn at the defeat of the Reid/Feingold bill as it was merely a ploy which is probably obvious to most by now.

But dk, with mcjoan’s help, is putting a bandaid on a big gaping wound, that is that at least we have MORE Dems on board to end the war than we had before! It’s on the FP if anyone wants a laugh because even with the best of intentions to try to make the Dems look good on the war, her post simply cannot do it! ‘We’ll have another opportunity in the future’ – sure we will.

As predicted here and eslewhere where people actually think, they are running out the clock, waiting for the Iraqis to turn over their oil and keeping the war on the table as a 2008 Campaign issue for Hillary/Obama.

Here are the ‘no’ votes (note the two ‘Netroots’ candidates at the bottom of the list) courtesy of mcjoan’s post, btw:

Baucus (D-MT)
Bayh (D-IN)
Bingaman (D-NM)
Carper (D-DE)
Casey (D-PA)
Conrad (D-ND)
Dorgan (D-ND)
Landrieu (D-LA)
Levin (D-MI)
Lincoln (D-AR)
McCaskill (D-MO)
Nelson (D-FL)
Nelson (D-NE)
Pryor (D-AR)
Reed (D-RI)
Rockefeller (D-WV)
Salazar (D-CO)
Tester (D-MT)
Webb (D-VA)

58. marisacat - 16 May 2007

they have always been able to swarm the site with Catholics and apologists, at the drop of a hat. One spectacular time ws the bishops letter during the Kerry run. Swarms. Declared it a ‘good thing”.

Over and over what is reinforced at kos is the authority of the state and state aligned entities.

Never fails.

Another catholic org to watch out for is Legionnaries of Christ… as opus Dei grew in notoriety, some moved over to a lesser known org. LoC were much in evidence in Rome at the time of JPII death, and were the mouthpiece on MSNBC. IIRC their laity wing is Regnum Christi

legionnairies ws originally a Mexican order, begun by Maciel, a pedophile, what else.

What a shame it all is.

59. marisacat - 16 May 2007

In the pope wars threads, Armando was against the Ratzy Nazi… but of course catholics DD, DHinMI and the other loons were supporters of anyone the church puts up.. in those threads is where DD Armando and DH threatened to unzip and compare.

I just got up and went to the kitchen for a cool drink.

Louts. small ones too.

60. lucidculture - 16 May 2007

‘neo’ anything is simply code for ‘Welcome to the new feudalism with the sleak, modern look of fascism” [see neo-conservative & neo-liberal].

61. marisacat - 16 May 2007

well salazar got pushed at Dkos as well. his constituents have posted that when you call his office to complain the staff try to say … but Sen Salazar is an Independent. And of course Democrats who voted for him, know better and push back. At which point staff relent and get off the phone pronto.

62. marisacat - 16 May 2007

oh and let’s not forget


if I could put that name in 20 pt letters I would.

63. supervixen - 16 May 2007

I love how they’re so authoritarian while Markos claims to be a “libertarian”. I don’t think he knows what it means.

Ayn Rand looks pretty good in comparison.

64. D. Throat - 16 May 2007

What kind of sick ass joke is this???

The Thumpin’: How Rahm Emanuel and the Democrats Learned to Be Ruthless and Ended the Republican Revolution

hicago Tribune reporter Naftali Bendavid had exclusive access to Emanuel and the DCCC in the year and a half leading up to the elections and ended up with the story of a lifetime, the thrilling blow-by-blow account of how Emanuel remade the campaign in his own ferocious image. Responsible for everything from handpicking Congressional candidates to raising money for attack ads, Emanuel, a talented ballet dancer better known in Washington for his extraordinary intensity and his inexhaustible torrents of profanity, threw out the playbook on the way Democrats run elections.

Instead of rallying the base, Rahm sought moderate-to-conservative candidates who could attract more traditional voters. Instead of getting caught in the Democrats’ endless arguments about their positions, he went on the attack, personally vilifying Republicans from Tom DeLay to Christopher Shays. And instead of abiding by the gentlemen’s agreements of good-old-boy Washington, he broke them, attacking his counterpart in the Republican party and challenging Howard Dean, the chairman of his own party.

65. marisacat - 16 May 2007

the whole thing is very Ayn Rand… Scruggs had a hoot of post recently pointing that out.

Will link if I can find it…

66. D. Throat - 16 May 2007


67. missdevore - 16 May 2007


“That means we’ll have future opportunities to pressure our remaining senators, including those vulnerable Republicans (I’m looking at you Susan Collins and Gordon Smith) to catch up with their constituents.”

and why aren’t you looking at Testeracle in amber waves of grain?

68. D. Throat - 16 May 2007

This sounds like a spoof on the spoof:

Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

Geez… that is all we need to replace a bunch of egomaniac wingnuts… with more egomaniac wingnuts… this is down right embarrassing

69. missdevore - 16 May 2007

64 ” Emanuel, a talented ballet dancer”

everything is beautiful at the ballot.

70. marisacat - 16 May 2007

67 – Miss D

wonder how long they can run the ruse that it is Republicans who are the holdouts.

My guess, a while. And my guess, a spectacular number of Democrats vote for whatever cardboard the party puts up.

One reason I’d like Bloomberg and Hagel in whatever formation to enter. Wrench in the works.

71. D. Throat - 16 May 2007

Have you noticed that even the satellite sites Booman Tribune and My Left Wing also have a blackout on the Secret Trade Deal….

72. marisacat - 16 May 2007

well you know MOB and MSOC, still loyal Democrats unlike the “rabid radicals” (think she meant me, what a joke!).

Stoller had been making noises against the sell out but i have not read that site in several days.

73. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 May 2007

Lucid, true and ‘neo’ has a negative connotation to most people. Rahm attempting to head off any challenges from the American people to globalism and free trade, actually deplores what could be seen as ‘bi-partisanship’ (the American people have crossed political lines in their oppostion to the war, and increasingly to globalism and other DLC policies) while lauding it (bi-partisanship) when pushing the policies himself.

The DLC was supposed to be destroyed by ‘people power’ wasn’t it? Lol! Anyway, Rahm et all think they are being clever in their pre-emptive strike against the American people. Here’s an example of the rhetoric which I’m sure we’ll see on dk and the rest of the BBB before long:

After six years of stagnant incomes, increasing inequality, rising debt and declining confidence, many Americans are rightly anxious about their economic futures.

But the last thing they need is an old populism that plays to their fear, anger and pessimism, and, in the end, will only make matters worse. Yet, there are unmistakable signs of a growing “populist” revolt against globalization, especially immigration and trade.

Lots of the same propaganda from all members of the DLC with Rahm leading the pack. They’re getting scared, which is why the Trade Deal had to be secret. There is no other reason. If it is good for the people, they had nothing to fear. And notice how he lumps the right’s bigoted anti-immigration position in with the left’s anti DLC policies. Same strategy as the Right choosing Rice as SOS and then accusing the left of prejudice when they objected to her nomination. So transparent …

74. BooHooHooMan - 16 May 2007

gathering my thoughts pondering the whole “the King is Dead , Long live the King” phenomena lurking behind Falwell’s Death, “Disappointed” Princes, blahgers, uhm, Life.

Thinking of Permutations of Falwell, the Phelps’s, I take a look on Youtube, something the DOD now prohibits for active duty. What do you do when you see this and you find yourself agreeeing with Sean Insanity? When as a peace lover one embraces the notion of justifiable public stonings? At this rate, I may eventually support the cutting out of tongues in measured use of course.

Bad acid was never more twisted than our present reality.

We are definitely not in Kansas anymore yet in Kansas still.

75. D. Throat - 16 May 2007

now nothing is going thru

76. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 May 2007

D. Throat #64 – what utter bullshit. It was Dean’s 50 state program that helped win the Nov elections, a strategy that Rahm fought him hard on. And of course, Bush was the main reason for the Dems winning a majority. Rahm’s strategy produced minimal results in terms of the defeat of Republicans airc.

I thought this was all decided after the election anyway. Didn’t we total up Rahm’s losses and compare them to the overall effect of Dean’s strategy?

Miss D: and why aren’t you looking at Testeracle in amber waves of grain?

Shhhhh – we aren’t supposed to notice that. Besides, Tester and Webb probably shared a beer with some bloggers somewhere …. stop spoiling their fun!

Marisacat, yes, Casey and Salazar, I remember the lectures on dk, from MB et al. We got the MCA, as most experts on consitutional rights have said, the worst piece of legislation ever, voted on by 25% of Senate Dems before the election and it’s still there, with no repercussions to those who violated their oath of office in the Dem Party.

And yes, the silence on the Secret Trade Deal from the BBB is deafening. They’re waiting for instructions.

77. Sabrina Ballerina - 16 May 2007

in those threads is where DD Armando and DH threatened to unzip and compare.

Lol, I hope someone stopped them before they unzipped! My guess, DD and DH were bluffing, but exhibitionist Armando was more than willing.


More proof of the value of litter boxes! Need we say more to our would-be detractors?

Aussies go crazy for cat poo coffee

Kopi Luwak, made in neighboring Indonesia from coffee beans excreted by native civet cats, is reputedly the world’s rarest and most expensive coffee, painstakingly extracted by hand from the animals’ forest droppings.

When roasted, the resulting beans sell for around $1,000 a kilogram ($450 a pound) and brew into a earthy, syrupy, coffee acknowledged by connoisseurs as one of the world’s finest.

78. lucidculture - 16 May 2007

painstakingly extracted by hand from the animals’ forest droppings.

Kind of reminds me of the scene from ‘Up in Smoke’ – it’s part Maui Wowie and part labrador.

79. D. Throat - 16 May 2007

How did I miss this….?

Book Review: Naftali Bendavid’s “The Thumpin'”
by MissLaura
Sun May 13, 2007 at 01:13:13 PM PDT

Emanuel’s efforts were more than just an attempt to attract the best-qualified candidates. Integral to his own style was a sort of macho strut, and that was reflected in his recruiting. Despite the incongruous fact that Emanuel for years studied ballet, he projected a masculine assertiveness – with his missing finger, his browbeating style, his cursing, his stint helping Israel during the 1991 Gulf War. Emanuel and John Lapp, his top aide at the outset of the campaign, delighted in finding candidates who fit the manly mold – military veterans, police officers, pilots.

This man has SERIOUS sexuality issues… same vain as Luscious Vagina and Kos… over projecting faux macho bravado thinking that no one can see the little wimps that they are. How many times has Rahm made sure that his balls are mentioned in his bio… makes ya wonder what deficiency he is masking…. this SCREAMS weakness.

Whatever your view of Emanuel or his strategies, the book is very much worth reading. However much credit you give him for the House majority Democrats gained in 2006, if you care about a House majority, it’s worth knowing what Rahm Emanuel did to help achieve it.

MissL capable blogmaid that she is creates another wonderful diversion of missing the point. This was not a choice of apples or oranges. Rahms strategy did not work period and was proven not to work simply by counting up the numbers and where he spent money compared to who won where. Rahm was an abject failure and now is making himself an even more pathetic figure by writing books about himself and rewriting history.


…. this is the tenth time if it goes thru please delete the others

80. colleen - 16 May 2007

Colleen – you remember the ‘pope wars’ over on Dkos. Those were super fun. Any criticism of Ratzo’s past was immediately flamed as bigotry. I’m convinced these thugs [along with the zionist brigade] are right wing plants. What’s even more pathetic is that these clowns are ‘respected’ members of the community.

Indeed I do. The Pope died. There were numerous diaries slobbering about how “he loved all of us” (a deeply, deeply offensive lie). Then a few days of breathless anticipation (Musing predicting they wouldn’t elevate the fascist Ratzy as I recall) but they did. They made a nasty old man who was a member of the Hitler Youth Pope and then demanded that everyone Catholic or not respect the choice and their religion and their ‘faith’.
I’ll respect their ‘faith’ when their ‘faith’ respects secular pro-choice women and the poor which is to say never.

Here are the ‘no’ votes (note the two ‘Netroots’ candidates at the bottom of the list) courtesy of mcjoan’s post, btw:

Baucus (D-MT)
Bayh (D-IN)
Bingaman (D-NM)
Carper (D-DE)
Casey (D-PA)
Conrad (D-ND)
Dorgan (D-ND)
Landrieu (D-LA)
Levin (D-MI)
Lincoln (D-AR)
McCaskill (D-MO)
Nelson (D-FL)
Nelson (D-NE)
Pryor (D-AR)
Reed (D-RI)
Rockefeller (D-WV)
Salazar (D-CO)
Tester (D-MT)
Webb (D-VA)

How many of those sons of bitches are ‘pro-life’ ?
Casey was a ‘netroots’ candidate too. And the next election will see more Caseys. At least the massively incompetent and dishonest Landreiu (and Blanco) will finally be gone although I doubt that the DLC will grasp that that is the inevitable result when your kill or forcibly displace the very people who voted for you.

81. marisacat - 16 May 2007

They (9 anyway) all went to either moderation or spam.

And I was feeding the cat and getting something together to post for later.


The filters are acting up. I have sent feedback.

82. missdevore - 16 May 2007

78–that is one industry where one cannot afford disgruntled workers.

or maybe there’s a soylent green revelation down the way…..we’ve always been drinking steeped guano. (which explains my first and last batch of Peet’s)

83. marisacat - 16 May 2007

it sent me to spam, one of several of mine to spam …


The Guardian referred to Tester as “anto abortion” tho the party constantly called him pro choice.

I am assuming conversations with non national press… it gets looser.

Tho NARAL gave him a decent report card, it was based on one vote in MT during the 2004 session iirc. (Yes I know about NARAL and collusion, thanks).

And we all know that party aggressively sought pro life pro war candidates for the 06 cycle AND HAS FOR YEARS…

84. JJB - 16 May 2007

There’s a very good article re Falwell over at Salon.com today:

One never wants to speak ill of the dead, but in the case of Jerry Falwell, how can one not? Falwell will always be remembered for his “700 Club” comment in the wake of Sept. 11: “I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People for the American Way, all of them who have tried to secularize America, I point the finger in their face and say ‘you helped this happen.'” Even though Falwell later apologized, the damage had been done: A sacred moment had been used for profane purpose.

And that, really, is Falwell’s legacy. To the religious life of the United States he made no significant contribution. But to the political life of the country, he made one: He founded the Moral Majority. In so doing, Falwell managed to take something holy — one does not have to be a Christian to admire the life and teachings of Jesus Christ — and turned it into something partisan and divisive. Falwell, the quintessential conservative Christian, was always more conservative than Christian. To the extent that history will remember him, it will be as a politician, not as a preacher.

Even Falwell’s political contribution, despite the success of the Republicans during the Reagan years, left a mixed legacy behind. But the Moral Majority disbanded in 1989, prompting the inevitable thought that Falwell’s ideas were neither moral nor in the majority. The movement of conservative Protestants into the base of the Republican Party was far too important a task to be entrusted to a man as oblivious to public relations as Falwell. Once the Ralph Reeds and Karl Roves took over the task of blending religion and politics, there was no room for Falwell. Longing for Washington, he had to settle for Lynchburg, Va.

But then there was cable television, the perfect medium for someone as shallow as this man. Falwell appeared so many times on cable news that one tended to forget how little influence he actually wielded. Had it not been for cable television, Falwell would have been forgotten long ago (and I would not be writing about his legacy). He was perfect for the world created by Fox: extremist, polarizing, Manichaean. (The Manichees, a Persian sect that for a time attracted the great Saint Augustine, adhered to a black-and-white reality in which evil was always in an endless struggle with the good.) Five minutes of hate followed by a commercial break: It is not a format fit for all, but for Falwell, it fit like a glove.

Conservative Christianity has been trying to recover from Falwell for the past two decades. Just as his political views were too buffoonish to make the Moral Majority a reality, his religious sensibilities were too shallow to spread evangelical Protestantism. Evangelicalism grew in the exurban megachurches, and the megachurches, implicitly and occasionally explicitly, rejected Falwell’s approach to the faith. Rick Warren, Joel Osteen, Bill Hybels — these inclusive preachers inherited the mantle of Billy Graham, not Falwell and his great rival Pat Robertson. With the maturation of American evangelicalism has come an interest in social justice, environmentalism and peace. The people who represent evangelical Protestantism’s future want little or nothing to do with injustice, pollution and war.

There’s something else you won’t read/hear in the MSM or on the BBBs, that Falwell was an ineffectual buffoon whose time was long past. Let that be his epitaph. It’s the knowledge of that that would probably bother him the most.

Salon also has a funny “interview” with Tinky Winky, written by its sport columnist, King Kaufman:

“Oh dear, it’s easy to say the wrong thing here,” he said. “Tinky Winky sad whenever someone dies, but …” He left it hanging there.

In a 1999 article in his National Liberty Journal headlined “Tinky Winky Comes Out of the Closet,” Falwell pointed out that Winky could be taken as representing gays.


In the resulting media firestorm, gay-rights activists called for Winky to come out while Christian groups demanded the BBC fire him so that he couldn’t, in Falwell’s words, “role-model the gay lifestyle.”

“It was traumatizing, really,” says Winky, who now owns a holistic healing center and makes occasional appearances on British TV. “I’m a very private Teletubby. I just wanted to get away, go over the hills and far away. But when you’re 7 feet tall and purple with an antenna on your head and a TV screen in your belly, where are you going to go?”

Winky says he tried to contact Falwell after the article came out, but the evangelist wouldn’t take his calls.

“I wanted to know why he didn’t talk to me first,” Winky says. “It’s not like I’m hard to reach. Have the pinwheel call me. But really I just wanted to clap him on the head with Tinky Winky bag.”

The star never has clarified his sexual orientation, insisting on his privacy and denying rumors over the years that he had affairs with two of his costars on the 1997-2001 show, the male Dipsy and the female Po.

“We love each other very much,” he says. “Big hug. But it’s not like that. It was a kids show, know what I mean? And this Falwell guy and his followers wanted to turn us into something else. We weren’t modeling a gay lifestyle and we weren’t trying to corrupt anyone’s kids. We were just kids ourselves, really. Give us a little Tubby toast or custard and a film of some kids washing clothes or something, that’s all we needed. We didn’t give a s*** about modeling a lifestyle.”

Tinky Winky sounds angry. The wounds are still raw.

Definitely worth watching the little commercial today.

85. BooHooHooMan - 16 May 2007

SPLORF!, insane laughing….

Too much SB! –

still “shakin it off” -cyclically shakin’ head chuckling

86. ms_xeno - 16 May 2007

My view of Emmnuel’s strategy, so-called, is that were he a football coach they would have canned his ass many, many years ago. Also laughed at him should he have attempted to return at any level higher than hawking secondhand trusses on late-nite TV.

But they treat him like whatsisname who made Showgirls. Every failure enhances his stature and brings him more dough. The BBBs truly do model themselves on how Hollywood’s movie factories operate. Which, when you think of how many of them venerate the Reagan Era, totally makes sense.

Oh, and I’d stare covetously at SV’s new Hawaiian shirt, but I’m probably too fat for it anyway. :p

Back at work. Head draining out muck. Guzzling the world’s worst overpriced “smart drink” because it was all they had at the coffee shop to go and I was running late. Bleh.

87. Miss Devore - 16 May 2007

Bob Shrum made Showgirls?

88. marisacat - 16 May 2007

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:


Read the story: LINK


Save face?

89. marisacat - 16 May 2007


it’s the WP filters. Spam and moderation both are a mess …

The past week has been kaflouie.

90. Miss Devore - 16 May 2007

face saving gesture–wolfowitz gets to be war czarina.

91. marisacat - 16 May 2007

LOL he should blame Andy Young. I got the feeling it (his appearance on TNH) was like Lutz accepting the Czar job. No one else would take it.

92. JJB - 16 May 2007

BHHM, no. 51

“Let’s be clear about one thing: The Inquisition was no picnic. But …”

I don’t know about that. I remember reading that taking the family out for a nice picnic around the human torches was a highlight of life in 15th century Spain. You take your fun where you can get it, I suppose. 🙂

93. bayprairie - 16 May 2007

Bertrand Russell argued that when reading the newspaper each day we ought routinely to substitute the names of alternative countries to test whether our response to the event arises from a moral assessment of the action or instead from a set of prejudices about the country . This ethical practice, which obligates us to detach a given action from country X and reattach it to country Y, might be called “the rotation of nouns”…


Let’s be clear about one thing: The Inquisition was no picnic. But neither was it the epitome of evil that it is popularly painted.

Let’s be clear about one thing: The Holocaust was no picnic. But neither was it the epitome of evil that it is popularly painted.

Let’s be clear about one thing: Apartheid was no picnic. But neither was it the epitome of evil that it is popularly painted.

legitimate moral assessment of the inquisition?

or prejudiced in favor of catholicism?

94. colleen - 16 May 2007

I don’t know about that. I remember reading that taking the family out for a nice picnic around the human torches was a highlight of life in 15th century Spain. You take your fun where you can get it, I suppose.

To be fair, Musing may be speaking of one of the other Inquisitions. There were, after all, numerous Inquisitions starting in the 1100’s and spanning about 700 or more years of Church history in many, many countries including India (Goa).
There are reports of some villages getting so carried away they were left with only one or two elderly women, the others having been tied up and burned. No doubt in Musing’s view the dead ones were a ‘special interest group’ .

95. lucidculture - 16 May 2007

Let’s be clear about one thing: The Holocaust was no picnic. But neither was it the epitome of evil that it is popularly painted.

The funniest thing about this is that if I remember correctly Musing is not only a troll cop but a particularly vile one when it comes to I/P issues, tossing out the ‘holocaust denial’ card at the drop of a hat.

96. lucidculture - 16 May 2007

To be fair, Musing may be speaking of one of the other Inquisitions.

I think he was actually referring to the one in History of the World Part I. In which case it wasn’t just a picnic, it was a celebration!

97. marisacat - 16 May 2007

New Post


98. marisacat - 16 May 2007

LOL Musing was on a job.

99. JJB - 16 May 2007


I only saw that one snatch quoted, and had no idea it was musings85, a/k/a, the Ernst Rohm of the thread thug brigade, who’d written it. It figures he’d write something so tone deaf and inadvertently revealing.

100. aemd - 16 May 2007

“Yesterday, as his Brazilian sojourn drew to a close, Benedict described the forced conversions and massacres of Brazil’s native peoples by European conquerors as their ‘purification.’ ”

Yep, Ratzi the Nazi gettin’ back to his roots. He does so loves the “purification”. Ecstasy. Makes His world so pure, so white. Very Scary Shit when you consider that Pope Ratzi has {cough} influence over the SC and has taken the Democratic Party by the balls and squeezed.

We are so screwed.

101. colleen - 16 May 2007

“Yesterday, as his Brazilian sojourn drew to a close, Benedict described the forced conversions and massacres of Brazil’s native peoples by European conquerors as their ‘purification.’ ”

Isn’t it wonderful how much the Church has changed?

102. marisacat - 16 May 2007

Say hi to Galileo.

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