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Oh right… WRONG war, WRONG dead and WRONG memorial… 26 May 2007

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Iran, Iraq War, WAR!.

As if it matters.  And we most certainly took sides.  Not Iran’s, either.  Let us not forget, “he gassed his own people!” (Halabja) was a rallying cry in the build up to the current war. 

As if we cared.

  Iran-Iraq War 1980 - 88

This certainly is a blood soaked picture… looks to be nearly WW I trench warfare. 

Here is the monument.  What is the fighting and dying for, if there are no monuments…

   Martyr's Monument

Baghdad, Iraq (Nov. 30, 2003) – An HH-60H helicopter assigned to the “Firehawks” of Helicopter Combat Search and Rescue Squadron/Special Warfare Support Special Squadron Five (HCS-5) flies over the Martyr’s Memorial in Baghdad while returning from a combat mission. HCS-5 is deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. U.S. Navy photo by Aviation Electrician’s Mate 1st Class Rex Sackett. Source: www.navy.mil

… yes, we occupy the land, the trenches, the cities, towns and villages, the infrastructure, the air space, the people of Iraq – and the War Monuments.

A couple of years ago I caught a segment on CNN International.  A last moment to commemorate WW I… at a field, or grave site, war monument or near a village where people stood or fell (not a lot of choice) – or a cemetery where the living buried the dead.   They had brought together two remaining infantry men, one from each side, Great Britain and Germany.  Very elderly, frail, both in wheelchairs… the handlers wheeled them to be beside each other.  They held hands in the cold air, there were tears.  Finally, one said to the other,

Why did they make us fight each other.




1. Miss Devore - 26 May 2007

first pic source is from “Imaginary museum”???

no color photos from the trenches of WWI, I think.

2. marisacat - 26 May 2007

No that is a picture of the Iran-Iraq war.

3. missdevore - 26 May 2007

{smacks self on forehead causing severe brain injury}

{slithers to den-bed}

4. ms_xeno - 26 May 2007

I know it’s wrong, but I am so fucking amused at the thought of McCain running w/”Still In Saigon” as his campaign theme song.

Though truth is, they could all run on it. Even Hillary. They’re positive that their sacred dangly bits were unjustly stolen by the Viet Cong. Only by grinding the bones of every last Iraqi to make their bread will they have a prayer of getting them to grow back.

Hateful, soulless, manipulative fuckers. Those old soldiers fought to gratify the vanity and feed the greed of a bunch of rich, soulless fuckers. And nothing has changed. That’s all the current crop is fighting and dying for, too. So McCain, Clinton and the like can grow bigger penises and bigger wallets to match.

Happy fucking Memorial Day.

5. Kevin Lynch - 26 May 2007

Why did they make them fight each other? Egos + money, same as always


6. ms_xeno - 26 May 2007

Jinx, Kevin !! :p

7. bayprairie - 26 May 2007

laptop drive has headed south for the season.

byeeeE!!!!!!!!!!! until the repair!

and goddamn wister and remington.

8. marisacat - 26 May 2007

ooo bay

get it fixed!

9. BooHooHooMan - 27 May 2007

Welcome to New Jersey. Now get the fuck out.


10. Glingle - 27 May 2007

MissD– Colour photos by the French of WW1.
I suck at html so if someone can translate that into a link it would be appreciated


11. outofwater - 27 May 2007

Everything is fine, the government tells me so. Check out this
radiaition and you clip.

What’s hysterical is that the quality of propaganda hasn’t improved much since, neither has the gullibility of its targets.

12. missdevore - 27 May 2007

Thanks Glingle–great pics.

13. missdevore - 27 May 2007

from Andrew Bacevich’s sunday wapo editorial:

“….After my son’s death, my state’s senators, Edward M. Kennedy and John F. Kerry, telephoned to express their condolences. Stephen F. Lynch, our congressman, attended my son’s wake. Kerry was present for the funeral Mass. My family and I greatly appreciated such gestures. But when I suggested to each of them the necessity of ending the war, I got the brushoff. More accurately, after ever so briefly pretending to listen, each treated me to a convoluted explanation that said in essence: Don’t blame me.

To whom do Kennedy, Kerry and Lynch listen? We know the answer: to the same people who have the ear of George W. Bush and Karl Rove — namely, wealthy individuals and institutions.

Money buys access and influence. Money greases the process that will yield us a new president in 2008. When it comes to Iraq, money ensures that the concerns of big business, big oil, bellicose evangelicals and Middle East allies gain a hearing. By comparison, the lives of U.S. soldiers figure as an afterthought.

Memorial Day orators will say that a G.I.’s life is priceless. Don’t believe it. I know what value the U.S. government assigns to a soldier’s life: I’ve been handed the check. It’s roughly what the Yankees will pay Roger Clemens per inning once he starts pitching next month.

Money maintains the Republican/Democratic duopoly of trivialized politics. It confines the debate over U.S. policy to well-hewn channels. It preserves intact the cliches of 1933-45 about isolationism, appeasement and the nation’s call to “global leadership.” It inhibits any serious accounting of exactly how much our misadventure in Iraq is costing. It ignores completely the question of who actually pays. It negates democracy, rendering free speech little more than a means of recording dissent.”

14. marisacat - 27 May 2007

It preserves intact the cliches of 1933-45 about isolationism, appeasement and the nation’s call to “global leadership.”

THAT is the one they are all mouthing. Selling.

We mismanaged, but we still, and forevermore, are the Great Global Managers.

It is absolutely heinous.

15. missdevore - 27 May 2007

BHHM–I absolutely deplore the NJ shore’s discriminatory policy towards camels!

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 May 2007

Thanks for the Bacevich.

I tossed a quick piece up about how trapped we are, and that we trap ourselves.

17. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 May 2007
18. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 May 2007
19. JJB - 27 May 2007

Well, the fatality count has now reached 100 in two consecutive months. I have yet to see or hear any mention of this in the MSM. And it has reached triple digits in four of the last 8 months. Prior to October of last year, there were only three months in which it reached 100.

How many Iraqis have died now? No one really knows, but I don’t see how the total could be less than half a million. In all likelihood, it’s hovering around the million mark at this point, with no end in sight.

This country is a malignant presence in the world. There is simply no way to ignore that, so of course, we do.

I have a matinee this afternoon, so I won’t be available until later tonight. It is nice to have something to help take your mind off this catastrophe.

Have a great holiday weekend.

20. BooHooHooMan - 27 May 2007

re JJB’s It is nice to have something to help take your mind off this catastrophe.

The Wonder of Beautiful People.

21. NYCee - 27 May 2007

Just read a few back postings.

So so so very sorry, Marisa, that you have that dreadful Lantos as rep. My sympathies. Have you asked him yet if he plans to attend the End the Occupation protest? Guest speaker, perhaps? Lol… not quite and then some.

Speaking of THAT occupation, I see Israel popped up in your linked Wash Note piece “to bomb or not to bomb Iran” re the alleged struggle in the WH re the Cheney contingent’s attempts to end-run around the more diplomatic (on bombing Iran) Bush/Condi team. Camp Cheney is supposedly pushing for Israel to deliver the Hail Mary Natanze bombardment… that keeps us in the game! For more war! (Im sure Lantos can talk some sense into them.)

The Silbur is precious. Well, we dont call us U.S. for nothing, do we? … all about US.

Was watching WJ a mite this AM and caught Politico’s Josephine Hearn and Drucker, from Roll Call, discussing the political scene.

Hearn, who I just ‘met’, was remarkably DULL and LACKing. Or just Lazee. For example, a caller stated how he doesnt hear the media discuss how our war machine might relate to upticks in the economy, how it (Halliburton, Blackwater, Boeing, etc), functions as a $$$ Hoover and job infusion fertilizer, and how such booms or surges upward are not sustainable (unless we have perpetual war, bien sur!). Ms Hearn’s learned response was: Yes, with the Iraq war being the big issue, the issue of jobs/outsourcing isnt discussed as much these days.”

Ugh. Huh.

Fuck’s sake, I wanted to apply those resuscitation electrode pad thingies on her. I wanted to reattach whatever synapses got snipped in her brain so she might see that WAR connected to ECONOMY (to-fucking-gether) = the caller’s question.

22. jam.fuse - 27 May 2007

re: number nine… number nine… number nine…

In Ocean Grove NJ in the late eighties/early nineties it was illegal to wear a t-shirt with the name of a rock band on it. Wonder if that one’s still in effect. They had prayer meetings in a little pavilion on the beach for the homeless or some weirdness.

23. Miss Devore - 27 May 2007

hey jam.fuse–how did your birthday go? we partied at Je blague in solidarity.

24. marisacat - 27 May 2007

21… NYCee

Oh Pelosi is my rep. I am in CA 8… Lantos is, iirc, CA 12. They fashioned a district (12) that starts in San Mateo (on the Peninsula, so of SF) then the district cuts North, into the part of SF that is called “the Avenues”. It includes the “new Chinatown”. Lots and lots of treeless streets out there, it appealed to Chinese (who are, in CW, considered to be more conservative). Those that did not buy up in North Beach (adjacent to old Chinatown) and surrounds, as Italians moved out 30 years ago.

I was just rereading Pelosi’s 2005 speech at the AIPAC dinner. Godawful. Frankly, she and Lantos are pretty much twins. They paint it as otherwise… but I sure do not see anything but twinning. Think she took him with her to Europe this week, too.

25. ms_xeno - 27 May 2007

I was born and raised ten minutes from the Jersey Shore. Interesting that the article does not discuss the issue of beaches being increasingly privatized for the benefit of wealthy condominium residents. With curtailed access for the average citizen. Also the lack of any sound historic preservation laws for the beautiful old houses that were once a mainstay of the areas in places like Long Branch and Asbury Park. Now any rich asshole who can plunk down the millions often razes these houses to the ground and replaces them with some fake Wright piece of shit that looks like a concrete refrigerator box. Then there’s the collapse of the once-thriving tourist industry on the boardwalks.

Of course, the real reason I had to leave was that I don’t like Springsteen and never did. Pitchforks and torches were involved. Not a pretty sight.

But thanks for the reminder that I should call my mother and remind her not to feed the gulls. :p

26. ms_xeno - 27 May 2007

[blush] Oh, and Happy Birthday to jam.fuse.

Now where are all the June babies ?

27. NYCee - 27 May 2007

Next stop: I’m going to read you Madman, after plopping down a little rant of my own.

Back to the American public and Silbur’s Our Disgusting, Sickening, Impenetrable National Narcissism:

Again, on WJ, several callers took issue with something Roll Call’s Drucker said earlier (I hadnt heard it, as I tuned in later) – I guess he seemed to excuse the Dems’ who voted for the supplemental because theyre scared that the public will tag them as “weak on defense” by pulling away from sustaining the war. The callers pointed out that stupid, illegal, unnecessary warmongering is not strong defense.

While I agree with those callers, his response did contain a sad truth about our inglorious majority who our pols wind-test ad nauseum – that being that the public is a majority opposed to this war NOW only because we are LOSING. He recalled the polls which showed large support for this “cakewalk” war early on, when the winning seemed low hanging fruit to pluck, and how, when American soldiers in Iraq had a bad day early on, the polls would down-tick, but conversely, if things looked ‘good’ on the ground for team america, the polls swung up again. It is not necessarily a matter of them not listening to a robust “antiwar”majority public, they are listening to a fickle public.

While I agree that that is the sad truth, the fickle clueless public doesnt, in any way, excuse Democrats bad behavior re war and authorization for it, or its funding; it just explains it. They are still held responsible because a politician worth his salt or paygrade doesnt feed this miserable ignorance as they do. They should make it Job One to clearly and strongly and persistently make the case against this horrifyingly callous and ethically challenged American mindset, lead mindless game-fans to something better, away from our “Our Disgusting, Sickening, Impenetrable National Narcissism” … and jingoism… and ignorance…

They could start quite simply, armed with a world map and pointer, by repopularizing

The Golden Rule

Politicians, if they were really worth their salt, would do some Ron Pauling, and, I suspect, Mike Gravelling (if he had a mic more often, I think he would discuss our interventions and blowback quite heartily). That such voices are just trickles and their truths arent respectfully magnified and extended by the other Dems and the media, but rather, belittled and ignored, is a shame.

And, again, about that LOSING THING connected to that support war thing… What probably irks GOP pols and BushCo quite a bit, and is behind their cries of foul when folks say we have lost, is not because it chafes at their ideals, their much glorified and propagandized higher purposes for war, but because the game-fan bulk of the voting public will be lost to them, will vote them out of their jobs, because they continue to support a LOSING game/war.

This also brings to mind our society’s miserable but deeply entrenched value of DISPOSABILITY.

I mean, really, this swath that hitches onto ‘antiwar’ like a cheap date, simply because we are losing and they dont like to lose, but just as easily switch to prowar when winning is perceived or happening, is extremely troubling. Moreso than the true believers, perhaps. It blows my mind that they can cheer on an actual prematurely ejaculated unnecessary WAR and have not the slightest tic of conscience when they switch teams simply because they dont like to lose. Discard their responsibility so effortlessly.

I cannot wrap my head around it.

This nation is desperately in need of comprehensive healthcare all right.

Of the psycho-emotional sort.

28. NYCee - 27 May 2007

Oh, I think that’s a bit brighter, Marisa, that you dont have him as a rep. Didnt he vote for the Iraq war? I think he is just so Likud true blue, dont you? Pelosi is a big fat Likud arsesmacker, but he fucking lives inside the rectum, no?

29. jam.fuse - 27 May 2007

oh christ — missdevore

I went to a couple art openings of notorious local freak artists Joe Heaps Nelson and Anthony Zito, had some drinks with a few lunatic fringe musicians, ran into a girlfriend of sorts I hadn’t seen in a few months, spent two nights/three days with her, ‘hanging out’, saw local ny band Brunch of the Living Dead at Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn, a soon to be shut down historic institution/local joint featuring free live music nightly/occasional free bbq. We ended up quarelling, she ran off into the saturday night idiot infested east village in tears; I let her go, so I feel horrible and am worried about her.

30. NYCee - 27 May 2007

Happy Birthday, jamfuse.

Sorry it didnt go too well… apparently.

And sorry to hear about…

“Hank’s Saloon in Brooklyn, a soon to be shut down historic instituion/local joint featuring free live music …”

Nah! You dont say! NOT, I say NOT, in NYC!

Ugh. Another one bites the du$t. This so bites…

31. NYCee - 27 May 2007

I dig that monument at top. Just the monument, not the war, thanks.

Stikes me as kind of heavy handed eastern communist moderne. With just the right twist of 60’s turquoise. Has a certain charm all its own.

32. Revisionist - 27 May 2007

There is another gruesome monument tho… its an arch made out of the helmets of dead Iranians IIRC. something from the dead.

33. marisacat - 27 May 2007


about the Martyr’s Monument, agree.

Frankly i was HORRIIFIED at the huge monument to the 2nd WW in DC + and the new AF gaga monument, twisted spires that pierce the sky… and and and.

God knows what Fascistic Hoopla will be raised for this genocide.



can you go find her?

34. marisacat - 27 May 2007

Revisionist, we have been dismantling that one.

But taking it down is controversial I have read.

35. jam.fuse - 27 May 2007

#33 MC — she’s not answering phone or emailing — I know where she works, I’ll stop in to return her shades and cel charger. I’m thinking she’s okay; Ukrainian, tough people and all…

36. marisacat - 27 May 2007

The poodle speaks. On anti-terror laws and how it just SUCKS to have to be bothered by civil liberities and judges you THOUGHT were staunch aristos but who then, goddammmit, defend civil liberties.

What is a war monger friend of Bill friend of W to do.

wah wah wah wah.

37. jam.fuse - 27 May 2007

missdevore I just looked at your blog… digitally blushing
thanks everyone, but feel like a creep at the moment… story of my life etc.

better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you ain’t

carry on…

38. earth to meg - 27 May 2007

bHHM, no. 9, New Jersey beaches:

I’m disappointed I won’t be able to “impersonate a member of the Beach patrol.”

I’ve always been a closet lifeguard. 🙂

39. jam.fuse - 27 May 2007

European Tribune:

Tony Blair To Push Through Police State Before Leaving As PM

by Magnifico
Sun May 27th, 2007 at 05:40:38 AM EDT

Tony Blair plans to push through “new anti-terrorism laws” before he leaves office that would give the police “wartime”-like powers “to stop and question people.” The “draconian” powers will give the police the ability “to interrogate individuals about who they are, where they have been and where they are going.”

Under the new laws, police will not need to suspect that a crime has taken place and can use the power to gain information about “matters relevant” to terror investigations. If suspects fail to stop or refuse to answer questions, they could be charged with a criminal offence and fined up to £5,000.

In an opinion piece for The Sunday Times, Blair attacked the belief that civil liberties come before security:

“Their right to traditional civil liberties comes first. I believe this is a dangerous misjudgment.”

40. marisacat - 27 May 2007

Truthout picked up the Wapo article on teh Blackwater shoot outs in Big ol’ Baghdad.

US Security Contractors Open Fire in Baghdad

By Steve Fainaru and Saad al-Izzi
The Washington Post

Sunday 27 May 2007

Blackwater employees were involved in two shooting incidents in past week.

Employees of Blackwater USA, a private security firm under contract to the State Department, opened fire on the streets of Baghdad twice in two days last week, and one of the incidents provoked a standoff between the security contractors and Iraqi forces, U.S. and Iraqi officials said.

A Blackwater guard shot and killed an Iraqi driver Thursday near the Interior Ministry, according to three U.S. officials and one Iraqi official who were briefed on the incident but spoke on condition of anonymity because of a pending investigation.

On Wednesday, a Blackwater-protected convoy was ambushed in downtown Baghdad, triggering a furious battle in which the security contractors, U.S. and Iraqi troops and AH-64 Apache attack helicopters were firing in a congested area.


I just read at Angry Arab in a communication he got from inside the refugee camp in Lebanon that over 200 buildings are destroyed, they hit at hospitals, mosques and a market.

41. supervixen - 27 May 2007

Busy weekend, I’m way behind… just wanted to say I loved the sockpuppets! Miss D’s was especially brilliant –

declare the pennies on your eyes…

#35 jamfuse – sorry to hear about your friend – I’m sending good wishes. Is she one of the lower East Side Ukrainians? There used to be a Ukrainian community around 6th and 7th streets… I would go down there to get supplies for making pysanky Easter eggs. There was a Ukrainian church across from McSorley’s Ale House.

Probably all yuppie-condominiumized by now.

About WWI: this war bears many similarities to that one. It’s too bad that in the American psyche the image of war is always WW2 (of which we remember only the “good parts”) and nobody remembers what a fucking disaster WWI was. Probably many Americans haven’t even heard of it.

Must go make spanakopita for the big cookout tomorrow. So long vipes, have fun….

42. supervixen - 27 May 2007

Ms xeno: how about Southside Johnny? I always liked him. He never made it big, but on the other hand, he didn’t turn pretentious and dull.

My 6 y.o. son dislikes Springsteen too. I don’t know why. He likes most rock stars.

43. missdevore - 27 May 2007

svix–envying your spanakopita, and Sabrina’s mezza this weekend.

I hope you realized the eye pennies were declaring the status of the dead.

I aim to amuse, not necessarily please.

44. marisacat - 27 May 2007

I saw Springsteen out here in … 79 maybe… somewhere around there. At the Greek Theatre in Berkeley. The friend I went with lent me all his records.. and some songs I just loved, esp ‘darkness on the edge of town’.

But the show. Omigod. It ws Jersey boy all the way mixed iwth some diluted lounge act veneer. Sort of Tom Jones in there too. Black pants, white shirt, a bit billowy. Big collar on the shirt…

We were first row first balcony … and thank god for that. At one point he stpped out into the orchestra seats and women swarmed him.

My friend had kindly made MJ brownies (never my drug, but I did eat a bit of brownie) so I turned to Jeffrey and said, I am seeing what I am seeing. He said i was.

It was so bad and so unlike at least one of the LPs.

Quite the night.

45. Marie - 27 May 2007

NYCee – #27 – very nice.

46. missdevore - 27 May 2007

Mcat–i never got Bruce, either.

47. supervixen - 27 May 2007

yes Miss D, I got the joke! LOL.

Mcat: Tom Jones, eek. I LOVED the first couple of Springsteen LPs, but The River marked a downturn in quality in my opinion, and then he really went to hell with all the top 40 stuff – “Dancing in the Dark” etc. Yeccch.

And I could never understand why he bulked up, with those bulging macho biceps etc., when what was so appealing about him was the “skinny young kid” look.

The ’80s Springsteen was so annoying to me that I had to hear Elvis Costello’s version of “Brilliant Disguise” to realize it was a good song.

However, I picked up “Tracks” a couple of years ago – it contains tons of songs he never put on albums – and many of them are very good, reminiscent of his earlier stuff. It’s almost as if he deliberately chose the bad songs to put on his albums.

I suspect he has one of those self-sabotaging personalities.

48. jam.fuse - 27 May 2007

re Springsteen — Nebraska is haunting, just the man on an acoustic for the most part, ‘Atlantic City’, ‘Johnny 99’, ‘Highway Patrolman’; Johnny Cash covered the last two. Personally luv his first four lps, through and especially Darkness On the Edge… . Once slept through an entire concert of his unconcious drunk at Nassau Colliseum around ’78. Think I caught the beginning of ‘Thunder Road’. A deity to NJ teenage boys in the mid seventies, tho the dead heads hated him.

49. wozzle - 27 May 2007

Hi, all. A friend of mine with whom I’ve lost touch (OK, an old GF from the early 80s) went to school with da Steen in Manasqua(t) NJ. He was neither popular nor noticed by the various Cliques. She described him as pizza-faced, rather uncoordinated and absolutely convinced of his personal brilliance. I suspect that his bulking-up was experimentation with ‘roids; he and Sly Stallone were buds.

My fave Springsteen song is “Spirit in the Night”. Call me Hazy Davy.

50. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 May 2007

Darkness … & Nebraska for me, too … though I have to say I enjoy the energy of his live shows.

The Dead Heads hating him is reason enuff in my book to like the guy, as the Dead and their fans are a blight on music. So much worship of repetitive drugged mediocrity.

Of course, neither Bruce or the Dead hold a candle to Queen or Floyd, records OR concerts.

51. ms_xeno - 27 May 2007

Heh. My trouble is that I like all the supposed pretenders to Springsteen’s throne better than I ever liked Springsteen. Peter Case, for instance, I can listen to for hours at a stretch. Same with Marshall Crenshaw. The only Springsteen song I ever cared for was Tunnel of Love, probably because all his fans hated it. :p

I remember reading that they shot the “Jersey” sequences for that video in the fucking Bahamas or something, because Jersey looked too wrecked and dirty. There’s a lesson in that somewhere that eludes me in my present mental state.

SV, yeah, I remember Southside Johnny. 8) And Little Steven’s side soul project, too. Though nowadays people just probably know him as that creepy dude from The Sopranos.

I think Clemons was a lot of what made Springsteen’s earlier sound more energized, too. I wonder what he’s up to…

52. ms_xeno - 27 May 2007

Speaking of unpromising mental states, it’s impromptu polling time:

Yes or No. Do I write a commentary in response to Maia’s Alas column du jour, and post it either here or at SMBIVA with an invite for the DP faithful to attend ? (They probably wouldn’t, but I ain’t posting at Alas itself unless it’s to do a trackback/invite and that’s final.)

I’m making good headway on the Photoshop thing and could probably devote some time to it tomorrow…

53. missdevore - 27 May 2007

what are your thoughts as you watch this?:

54. ms_xeno - 27 May 2007

Oh, and NYCe’s post rules. I may have to steal it w/your permission, Sir/Madam. (Damn my shitty memory.)

55. ms_xeno - 27 May 2007

Miss D., you should have warned me not to read the comments first. Now I’m wondering how many of the fuckwits who wrote that shit will take their kids to see the new Rambo flick, or big trucks with poster-sized bloody fetus pics, or who own the deluxe edition of Passion O’Mel etc…

56. marisacat - 27 May 2007

Yes or No. Do I write a commentary in response to Maia’s Alas column du jour, and post it either here or at SMBIVA with an invite for the DP faithful to attend ?

is it this one from maia??? She had a nother on gender issues, too but I would guess the DP one.

Why not just answer, if you have the time and something to say.


the cats and I are sort of down for the count huddled in bed today…

57. marisacat - 27 May 2007

Long time ago I knew a manager at Graham Enterprises…

for the Dead Tshirts, they pitched the art on the back lower. To accommodate the hair.


58. supervixen - 27 May 2007

Miss D: disturbing video, but we aren’t that much more civilized – every boys’ clothing department I go into has camouflage-pattern outfits and pretend Army uniforms, clothes with fighter jets and tanks on them, etc.

I’ve even seen pink camouflage for girls (whatever that signifies – girls can only fight in a pink jungle??).

The comments re: the video were even more disturbing – calling them “animals”, etc.

Oh, I forgot to say earlier that my son and I had a fun time last night watching one of my favorite flicks – Planet of the Apes – on cable. He can now do a very good impression of Charlon Heston snarling “Get yer stinkin’ paws off me, ya Damn Dirty Ape!!!!”

59. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 May 2007

I find this interesting, though the sentence I’ll make bold frightens me:

BAGHDAD: Staff Sergeant David Safstrom does not regret his previous tours in Iraq, not even a difficult second stint when two comrades were killed while trying to capture insurgents.

“In Mosul, in 2003, it felt like we were making the city a better place,” he said. “There was no sectarian violence, Saddam was gone, we were tracking down the bad guys. It felt awesome.”

But now on his third deployment in Iraq, he is no longer a believer in the mission. The pivotal moment came, he says, this past February when soldiers killed a man setting a roadside bomb. When they searched the bomber’s body, they found identification showing him to be a sergeant in the Iraqi Army.

“I thought, ‘What are we doing here? Why are we still here?’ ” said Safstrom, a member of Delta Company of the 1st Battalion, 325th Airborne Infantry, 82nd Airborne Division. “We’re helping guys that are trying to kill us. We help them in the day. They turn around at night and try to kill us.”

His views are echoed by most of his fellow soldiers in Delta Company, renowned for its aggressiveness.

A small minority of Delta Company soldiers – the younger, more recent enlistees in particular – seem to still wholeheartedly support the war. Others are ambivalent, torn between fear of losing more friends in battle, longing for their families and a desire to complete their mission.

With few reliable surveys of soldiers’ attitudes, it is impossible to simply extrapolate from the small number of soldiers in Delta Company. But in interviews with more than a dozen soldiers over a one-week period, most said they were disillusioned by repeated deployments, by what they saw as the abysmal performance of Iraqi security forces and by a conflict that they considered a civil war, one they had no ability to stop.

So the crazy bastards who joined AFTER the clusterfuck became completely clear … they still ‘support’ it … the skinheads, felons and school dropouts … THEY are there to GET TO KILL PEOPLE.

I don’t think I’m making too much of a leap here.

60. supervixen - 27 May 2007

sorry, it’s Charlton, of course. Never one of my favorite actors, but he cracks me up sometimes.

61. BooHooHooMan - 27 May 2007

The Jersey Coast.

Alas its true miss d, Ms xeno, earth to meg, jam.fuse et al. No camels on the beach and they’ve condo’d the proverbial guano out of the Jersey Shore , with not so much as sliver of land left for an exotic coffee bean to grow from the excrement.

I could go on and on about corruption and despoilation in Jersey, and I will, HA! Oddly enough, a state with one of the highest per capita incomes is hell bent on poisoning their own children’s watertables. I used to love body surfing and all things beachy, having summered there since I was a little sand shark. Still do, but a few summers ago Jersey actually had medical waste including syringes washing up on the beach. Land lubbin’ it is no better. It’s no longer a vacation from the pursuit of money and the “..and what do YOU do???” social calculus. The idea of dropping out, dropping off or working pro bono would never occur to these fucks in a million years.

The locals all sold their souls to New York, DC, and Philly yuppies. They were glad to unload what were many architectural seaside treasures to the knock down crowd. It’s Strange, but there is also ostentatious wealth exhibited by no small number of Philly, New York, and DC cops who summer here and would stick out in the Hamptons, the Vineyard or Nantuckett.

Half the local cops up and down the coast are collecting full time salaries while busy running construction businesses out of the police station, using their cruisers to check up on (and intimidate) the illegals slaving for them. There has been several high speed accidents including one in which a 17 year old girl was killed when a cop car ran a red light and slammed broadside into a minivan. The locals all say he was rushing to a construction job. It took them seven months to conclude an investigation. The cop was charged with vehicular manslaughter but they swept allegations of police cover up and theft of public service under the rug.

There are 500 cases of consumer/contractor fraud in shoddy condo/conversions in one town alone. The coastal towns have very small year round populations. With the cops, the bankers and the gang at the County Courthouse all life long pals, the unsuspecting new seasonal homeowners have gotten fucked every which way but loose. I have friends, a couple who lost their life savings and have nothing but a shitty devoid- of-craftsmanship toxic box to show for it. These people are good folk. I have no pity however for the greedy yuppy speculators who got a nudge from a friendly appraiser here, a little loan fraud fudge factor there and voila they’re speculating that someone else will drop a briefcase full of cash on them for a similar piece of shit. Their prospective buyer also hoping they can flip it to yet another sucker in line. America the Fraudulent.

Funny thing – and definately in no socially snobbish way – I’m not talking back in the day whey Johnny Potatohead’s Pop would go in with Nicky Cannoli’s Dad and a coupla other guys to give their kids the privilege of all bunking in at night after a long day at the beach or on a five buck a head party boat…. BUT TELL ME: how can these summer resort towns also be filled with 35 to 50 year old Philly, New York, and DC cops with enough money to individually buy these million dollar beach or harbor properties and sportfishing boats that are a half a mil or more?? They must have all married quite well or inherited a ton of money… It couldn’t have anything to do with illicit activity, right??? Riiiiiight.

Truth is, its a social cesspool sitting atop some very beautiful coastal land along the Atlantic. It is walled in by the metropolitan crescent of of America’s Northeast Corridor containing some of the earth’s most cut-throat inhabitants.

As I said, I summered there long before I lived within the relatively short drive that it is now. I’ve observed these people over the years. I learned that the locals deride tourists as “shoobies” ( named after the day trippers who came with shoebox lunches) The types who operated seasonal restaurants and bars, and ticky tacky souvenier joints laughed at the peasants who only had enough money to come down for a day. They simultaneously preferred, resented, and envied the monied summer home folk who spent all summer long, left promptly after Labor Day, and posed no inconvenient strain on local infrastructure. I don’t doubt they derided them too, after Labor Day, but were looking forward to another run of the fat tuna by the time the next summer rolled around. They thought it was great when the newest of the nouveau riche lobbied to have swimming bans for non property owning residents. Now they bitch about every thing else except their own fucking assholery.

Most especially they bitch about the good old days, that their grandkids can’t get jobs in the very restaurants they sold to some lawyer as a write off that could also keep the lawyer’s wife busy while he was banging his secretary. All the jobs go to the “Russky” exchange students, they complain. I laugh to myself when engaged in this very conversation when the old guy at the hardware store said he was lucky to get a job as a cashier.

“What do YOU do?” the old guy asked me.

“I’m a repairman,” I told him in a contextually serviceable if not wholly accurate or durable definition. [ BTW, devilishly I identified myself as a Minister to a “Please Fuck me , my husband and I are Republicans” , a bitter proprietress at a local holdout of a meat market. I’m curious to return there this summer and maybe place a huge order of fresh sausage and wieners for the grill just to see her in action…. I’m curious, but not that curious. Nor cruel either.]

“It’s hard today without an education,” the old man said as he rang me up.

“Yeh, kinda like that Iraq thing” I said to him as I picked up my little bag of screws. I noticed a quizzical look on his face as I turned and walked out.

62. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 May 2007

I love Planet of the Apes.

Little Steven has blessed us with Little Steven’s Underground Garage. If you like garage & surf bands (old and new), you can listen online or see if a local station carries it in syndication. I enjoy Silvio on that now VERY bloated show on HBO, but Steven’s celebration of good, fun rock-and-roll is the best thing he does.

63. marisacat - 27 May 2007


out of spam



outof moderation…

64. supervixen - 27 May 2007

I was never interested in the Dead. Everything they did sounds the same. I feel the same way about U2 and REM. Bland, boring and repetitive. Maybe I haven’t taken the right drugs.

While cooking today, I’ve been listening to gypsy music from Kosovo and some accordion music from my friend Bratko. My music library is short on Greek/Turkish/Middle Eastern stuff.

I suppose I should be careful with the Middle Eastern theme nowadays – it’s a bit like having a Russian party in the 1950s.

65. marisacat - 27 May 2007

I will never see the Jersey shore again – nor NJ and it is just as well. I wtched my grandmother’s Queen Anne in Trenton on Front St go to hell. Those cities were abandoned.
Phsphorescent water off Barnegat bay, serenity at Cape May and (then, intact) pre Revolutionary farms around Princeton. 18th c farm houses with corn fields to the side.
We used to take our luggage down the road to the local slaughter house to weigh it for the flight home.
And I am not that old. Slightly north of 50.

66. supervixen - 27 May 2007

Yes, I enjoyed Little Steven’s contributions to the Southside and Brooooce sound. I tried his solo stuff but it didn’t do quite as much for me. Still, I admire his vociferous support of REAL rock and roll, which is an endangered species.

67. wozzle - 27 May 2007

Sv, there is no REAL rnr. Rnr is an art form that reinvents itself for great reason every friedman or so. And if it don’t, it ain’t rnr. And this is from one who considers “Layla” by Derek and the Dominos ( Clapton and the Allmans) the greatest rnr album of all time.

None have produced rnr for a while. Is it dead?

68. wozzle - 27 May 2007

mcat, well north of 50, spent a bit of 70s on south Jersey shore (Mothers, Somers Point, Mike’s Trucking Band, Patty Lax,and a few more), it coulda been worse. Coulda been better, had it not been for casino.

69. supervixen - 27 May 2007

Well wozzle, I’m presently being tickled by this cd by the Rev. Horton Heat. Sounds like real rock and roll to me. But I don’t know what Little Steven would say about it.

70. jam.fuse - 27 May 2007

wfmu: home of real rock and/or roll.

71. Madman in the Marketplace - 27 May 2007

a country led by a monster as dishonorable as this is lost:

Vice President Dick Cheney criticized the notion of applying the Geneva Conventions to individuals captured in the course of the war on terrorism in a Saturday commencement address at the United States Military Academy in West Point, New York.

“Capture one of these killers, and he’ll be quick to demand the protections of the Geneva Convention and the Constitution of the United States,” the Vice President said in the Saturday morning speech. “Yet when they wage attacks or take captives, their delicate sensibilities seem to fall away.”

Cheney delivered the remarks in the context of moral and ethical lessons that the graduating cadets at West Point had learned in the course of their study.

“You have lived by a code of honor, and internalized that code as West Point men and women always do,” he said. “As Army officers on duty in the war on terror, you will now face enemies who oppose and despise everything you know to be right, every notion of upright conduct and character, and every belief you consider worth fighting for and living for.”

Recently, West Point instructors have complained of the difficulty of persuading Army cadets to adhere to the principles of the Geneva Conventions in the war on terrorism.

He is all-but ordering them to commit more crimes.

72. jam.fuse - 27 May 2007

Tin soldiers and Cheney coming
We’re finally on our own
This summer I hear the drumming…

73. missdevore - 27 May 2007

he deserves a lot worse than andrew card.

74. supervixen - 27 May 2007

Ye gods. Cheney and his cronies should have learned that moral lesson in kindergarten – just because somebody else is doing something bad doesn’t mean it’s OK for you to do it too.

This is so depressing.

75. marisacat - 27 May 2007

Cheney and Bush got away with – are still getting away with – it all.

hardly anybody even said the words “war profiteer” over the past years.

When they won in ’00 (they got in, that is winning, in this world) I hoped they be such enormous thieves that thieves would be appalled. They were, but it did not matter.

Nothing has stopped them and frankly no one tried…

76. jam.fuse - 27 May 2007

From a Stu Piddy piece on MLW rec list:

KOS and the CIA
Fri May 25, 2007 at 09:47:34 AM PDT

Markos Moulitsas: Man of Mystery

Markos Moulitsas spent 6 months in 2001 interviewing with the CIA. He was accepted by the CIA, went through the entire interview process (talking to dozens of people including “psychologists and people in the leadership” ) and given his first assignment to work in clandestine services. His assignment, he says was to act as a “spy” in Washington D.C. for the CIA. He was told by the CIA that this particular assignment in Washington D.C. would last for at least 6 years before he would be given the overseas assignment he preferred. Moulitsas spoke to the CIA about his “blog”.

Moulitsas had been an active blogger at the time of his 6 month CIA interview process with My DD. He discussed his blogging with the CIA and the viewpoints he expressed in posts in what he referred to as “his blog”. He said he found the CIA receptive, and in general, in agreement with his views.

Moulitsas started Daily Kos on May 26th, 2002.

Mouitsas believes that the CIA is a “liberal” organization. An organization made of up liberals who are opposed George W. Bush

Moulitsas commenting on the CIA says, ”Of course they have their dirty ops and this and that right? …But as an institution itself the CIA is actually interested in a stable world, that’s what they are interested in… and stable worlds aren’t created by destabilizing regimes and by,…by starting wars… they (The CIA) have done so by other methods…. assassinating labor leaders…..no, I’m kidding……..but that was really surprising to me”…(that the CIA was liberal) and of course I think a lot of conservatives would take that as evidence that the CIA was out to undermine Bush because they (the CIA) are a bunch of liberals”…Keep in mind that I came to this country in 1980…so a lot has to do with historical hostility to the CIA by the left…but it’s before my time so….I… maybe I’m missing nuances…. but from a modern perspective, obviously things are a little different.

All of the above quotations are Moulitsas’s own words quoted from a speech he gave to the Commonwealth Club of California on June 7th 2006.

Haven’t read the rest yet.

77. Revisionist - 27 May 2007

which is more likely… DKos is a CIA psy-ops or a guerilla marketing tool to push Markos’s books?

78. marisacat - 27 May 2007

I think he is basically an opportunist. Selling shit was easy to adrift liberals and, either at the get go or soon there after, he signed on as a choke point on a new medium for the DP.

Let’s get real, early on Tacitus and Dkos were selected by Forbes as ‘WarBlogs of note’. 2 out of 6 blogs profiled. That was iirc late 2002. Then soon the Library of Congress settled on Dkos to archive, for posterity.


And the DP has always been riddled with thugs and choke points. Organisers and whips. Not esp new.

If you go back to the early days of the Glenn Greenwald blog he was clearly a conservative, but selling to those who opposed Bush, and doing so from a non liberal view pioint.. welll that worked out for everyone.

It’s a conservative party. The most important opposition for the party is to change. LOL They want none of it.

I must say Blog Cudge was overly cute in the thread. And peeder is just odd.

I cannot believe anyone with a brain relies on online questionaires to determine whether someone is a “genuine lefty” or not.

Parlour games. Seems to satisfy people tho.

79. supervixen - 27 May 2007

wow. There’s some provocative info in that MLW diary, also in the comments, but jeez, the people investigating this appear to be unhinged. Too much monkey-house babble.

I suspect Kos is a con artist. Not surprising that the CIA would pick him for clandestine stuff because they like that sort. Lying glibly is a helpful trait when you’re covert. Anyone who can say that the CIA is “liberal” is either a liar or shockingly unaware of what the word means.

Jake’s Guilt is sounding to me like DHinMI. Definitely not Armando.

80. Kevin Lynch - 27 May 2007

if you’re really curious about birthdays, mine is 15 June (for the Canadians among us). Gemini-cusp-Cancer. Duality over Moonchild. Smarts and Nuts.

Bizarrely yours

81. marisacat - 27 May 2007

I don’t know where Stu Piddy got the stuff in the first couple of grafs. The detail (wholly from Kos it would seem) about the CIA brush with glory months.. etc…

But between his speech in SF to the Commonwwealth Club (which came out at the time) and things from WashMonthly (which is two or more years ago), Guernica mag… etc., not too much new in there.

I think for people from rigid Republican reactionary (and that would include immigrant sorts who see America as the ultimate “strong man”) backgrounds like Kos, “liberal” pretty much means “internationalist”, in an antiquated WIlsonian sense.

hardly modern liberalism or the way most who came to political adulthood in the post war (WWII) mean it.

I think for Kos it almost means the opposite of hidebound isolationism. Closer to “neo liberal” in economics maybe. Skewed for sure.

he’s not very smart.

82. colleen - 27 May 2007

I suspect Kos is a con artist. Not surprising that the CIA would pick him for clandestine stuff because they like that sort. Lying glibly is a helpful trait when you’re covert. Anyone who can say that the CIA is “liberal” is either a liar or shockingly unaware of what the word means.

Hum, ya. While I have absolutely no doubt that that sort of activity and a great deal of increasingly r-w disinformation goes on on DK and with Kos’s full awareness and approval but I haven’t read anything that would convince me he is double dipping in that manner. I do believe he is a grifter and no doubt that he has nothing but contempt for actual liberals.
Jake’s Guilt is almost certainly one of the DK ambassadors (and my they certainly have become more sophisticated since the days they sent out Red Dan and Delaware Dem.) I don’t think he’s Dana though although he is sufficiently dishonest and duplicitous. Not vicious enough and way too much self control…. His purpose on MLW is clearly damage control for DK.
Clammy is certainly full of his lame self, isn’t he….

83. colleen - 27 May 2007

he’s not very smart.

He’s certainly not as smart as he thinks he is and he is crippled by his machismo. What he IS is culturally ignorant to an astonishing degree. Culturally ignorant and incurious.

84. marisacat - 27 May 2007

Armando and eugene, then jake’s Guilt and eugene, then later J’s G and pyrrho used to do stand up routines about me.

Quite the little group.

85. Miss Devore - 27 May 2007

killer pic up on the nytimes site of a woman at her fiance’s grave at Arlington.

86. marisacat - 27 May 2007
87. Marie - 27 May 2007

jam.fuse – #76 – thanks. Hadn’t seen that stuff about/from Kos before (also my first vist to MLW. Anybody recall the original “owners” of the blog? A long time ago MSOC e-mailed me about her new blog, but it wasn’t a group blog (I wished her good luck).

Couple of things about Kos’ story:

1) Is it SOP for the CIA to give a recruit his assignment before he’s accepted a job with the agency and gone through “basic training?”

2) CIA cannot engage in domestic spy operations (that’s FBI turf). So, like Ms.Goodling, Kos is disclosing that the CIA was engaging in illegal activities.

Not sure I believe Kos’ story. The part about the CIA having no problem with his blogging doesn’t sound credible. If they were interested in him at all, wouldn’t it be because of his law degree (assuming that’s real — wonder if anybody’s checked on that. Did you hear about that woman at MIT — by all accounts was great at her jobs and worked there for twenty years or so. Recently somebody (perhaps accidently) discovered that she didn’t hold the degrees that she’d claimed on her Vita. She did have a BA but from a small school — the included the degree but changed the school. Anyway, they canned her.)

88. Marie - 27 May 2007

Not to get all tin-foil hatish — but when did Bu$hCo start doing all their domestic spying in earnest? Could dKos be an FBI front operation? (We know those guy can be clowns and waste a lot of money — not sure what they could gather from dKos that would be useful, but then again I can’t think like some of those twisted fucks like Rove.)

89. BooHooHooMan - 28 May 2007

Richardson on Meet the Press.

I just caught the rebroadcast of Sunday’s MTP , Pumpkinhead had Richardson on and was just spanking his ass for the entire hour. Richardson must have been smoking thai stick before he went on.
Really, WTF is he doing in the race? I’m all for self effacing, “gee i can be an ass” humor but is he out of his fucking mind?

He called himself an “insurgent” candidate, admitted to being underfunded and welcomed his NRA endorsement. Great. This “insurgent” with guns on his side proceeded to call for troop withdrawal in 07. Russert then quoted him from later 2005 saying its essential that we not leave Iraq in dissaray. Russert pressed him on his change of heart, asking his course of action in the eventuality of utter collapse and a wider war { up on current events much, Tim?} Would he send troops back in Russert asked. Richardson said “No President rules out any military option.” Fine, fuck it , I thought. Then let’s nuke Aspen.

Russet nailed him with a 90’s quote when as Sec/DOE he said security breaches at Los Alamos had been remedied. Also quoted a New Mexico serviceman’s family saying Richardson fabricated a funeral conversation. Cited statistics that after five years of Richardson as Governor, New Mexico is still 48th out of 50 in poverty & death by gun and other social statistics I couldn’t hear through the rubber room effect of my own laughter at that point. Russert Quoted Richardson’s own book saying he was a Yankees fan and a speech in Boston saying he was a Red Sox fan. Russert brought up Richardson’s short lived ‘benefit of the doubt” support for Gonzales because he was Hispanic. It wasn’t even like watching a clubbing. It was like Russert would just shmorge off one gob after another of the Pillsbury Doughboy while Richardson would just blush and babble on in claymation autoshmooze.

It had nothing to do with Russert’s efficacy. Richardson has built the classic centrist Establishment Dem record of late: A doughy doughboy’s doughboy. Richardson might as well have had a huge tatoo on his forehead that said ” TOTAL FUCKING HACK.”

The Dems are going to run a whole slate of these Peter Panderers and the public is going to vote for a straight up GOP dick instead. After last week’s vote, Christ, the cushiest job in ’08 is going to be a GOP media consultant .

90. ms_xeno - 28 May 2007


Why not just answer, if you have the time and something to say.L

Amp and I have had huge disagreements over the years about posting styles. It’s very important to him that everyone play nice ‘n civilized when they disagree, and that’s just not my thing. I tried it his way for awhile, but it was too much work. And it felt phony. Also, so far as I can tell, if most people hate your arguments they don’t really give a fuck how “civilized” you are in making them. I was giving myself headaches for no good reason, really. So after our last blow-up in email (some of the others were more public) I told him screw it and that I wasn’t going to post in his space anymore.

The inhalant they gave me seems to be helping my cough, at least. I’ll see what I can come up with tomorrow or Tuesday, maybe.

Kevin, 6/18/66. I knew I couldn’t be the only one. 😉

91. marisacat - 28 May 2007

I caught it – it was very very bad. Russert is a doofus but he is very good, when he wants, at bringing up past quotes. he was DEADLY iwth Kerry. I would laugh thru his appearacnes on MTP.

Danny Schechter at News Dissector has mentioned some ohter things that will be brought up. Cosy days with Ken Lay and Enron for Richardson. Which actually, iiirc can be thrown at a few Democrats.

Such a bad field. They are all giving us the big finger. And handing us bibs to wear. PInk or blue…. LOL. We are infantilised. day in and day out.

92. marisacat - 28 May 2007

ms xeno

I understand the difficulaties iwth the site. I did not mean there, I meant answer at LJ and x post to a comment here if you like and surely a post at SMBIVA…

No I remembered that you don’t comment at Alas.

93. marisacat - 28 May 2007


I love that, let’s jsut nuke Aspen then.

Too right

94. moiv - 28 May 2007

Kevin, you and I have the same b-day, and ms-x is close on our heels, so maybe we can prevail on Miss D to throw us a party, too.

A tub of Tuston’s bacanora margaritas sounds about right.

95. marisacat - 28 May 2007

New Thread


96. moiv - 28 May 2007

And oh, Kevin, just one more thing.

The inherent conflict posed by the Gemini/Cancer propinquity aside, “Smarts and Nuts” sounds like some kind of party mix from Sam’s Club, and it simply won’t do. After all, ms-x and I have our reputations to consider. So I’m afraid I’ll have to insist on “incisive intellect tempering depthless passion.”

You know — Smarts and Nuts from Zabar’s. Maybe someone will bring some to the party.

97. BooHooHooMan - 28 May 2007

re #88 marie, when did Bu$hCo start doing all their domestic spying in earnest?

I think right about the time the first telephone switchboards were installed into company towns about a hundred years ago. I had a brush with paranoia a few weeks ago and I realized hey its not paranoia since “they”‘ have been watching all along. Fortunately for domestic purposes (sarcasm) much of the security apparatus in this country is being used for immediate personal enrichment. The “fringe group” that submits a patent for a low cost, energy efficient car in the US are the folks who will never be heard from again. The “Men in Black” know the left is lethargic and most of the security issues are boogeymen. Why ruin a trillion dollar Christmas every year, though?

Seriously, Either way the MIC wins; whether there are real or merely perceived “threats”.

I have no doubt there is monitoring of organic radical grass roots movements for “influentials” though . And while substantive outspoken spokespersons maybe identified, tapped and traced, I’ve yet to see a bomb building anarchists meetup online. Markos would be the last guy recruited by the CIA for domestic political purposes. Sorry for saying it. but it’s because he is a pussy, not that smart, and is very indiscreet.

Online forums existed long before Markos 15 min. and there are logs no doubt of every keystroke ever entered online. If the truth be told it is probably how ARPANET was set up in the first place, with bipartisan notification back in the day of such a system.

Why can’t “lost” White House/DOJ/RNC emails be reproduced? Bullshit. The cat would be let out of the bag that its all a big rigged game and that Echelon has sucked up everything including Mellrath’s personal nudes and they’re all sitting over on an NSA server. To me it seems like the country is really managed by narrow variants of the same type of folk who just trade places and occassional advantages in political currency, the most valuable of which is knowing where bodies have been buried in backdoor, bipartisan accomodations in DC.These “managers” are most decidedly NOT backbenchers in the House or Senate but are comprised typically of the Committee Chairs and ranking members and the Leadership Positions. At least for the last 25 years they have accomodated the “owners” of this country, the wealthiest among us in this country.

If Markos got a prime contract with the CIA then he really is quite the salesman or the CIA has shit for brains. Why would the CIA need to fuck around with him? They should be looking for people who actually go to protests and are presently building a Death Star in their back yard. Markos, OTOH, is Dick Morris without the direct line access to the top let alone an “in” with hardcore dissent in this country. He will be working for the GOP in five years if he’s still in the game saying he’s become “disenchanted” etc., f’n blah.. He’s a hypester, and while entertaining, this CIA stuff ( self initiated BTW) sounds a little too much like Andy Kauffman meets Chuck Berry. Promotional and intriguing for a blog, but very low brow given what the Intelligence community is already capable of doing. If anything, he’s a “ratfucker” a la Donald Segretti.

98. marisacat - 28 May 2007


Listening to the repeat of Richardson (I drifted back to sleep twice this am).

It was worse than I hd thought. Soooooooo bad.

99. Poetry - 28 May 2007

Take the Pledge

All Presidential Candidates should make pledges like those below. If they refuse, then you should refuse to vote for them.

1. No More Oil Wars.

2. Work for independence from foreign oil on day one.

3. No more wars for corporate profit.

4. No more secret deals for $4 per gallon gas.

5. No more Chicken Hawks promoting wars of choice when they themselves avoided combat.

6. Make government green–if you can’t make what you have the most control over green, I don’t care about your plans to make the country green.

7. No more torture.

8. No more lying about torture.

9. No more re-defining torture.

10. No more drunken hunting.

11. No more secret deals with big corporations to divide up the spoils before the war even starts.

100. Madman in the Marketplace - 28 May 2007

All I have to say about Richardson is

Wen Ho Lee … anybody who’d so cavelierly destroy a man’s life for political expedience shouldn’t be President.

101. marisacat - 28 May 2007


sorry I found your comment in spam just now (10:34 am PDT)… and let it out.

Wellll Arpanet ws developed under the NSA. Like the freeway system.

No secrets…

102. Kevin Lynch - 28 May 2007

OK, “Incisive intellect plus boundless passion” it is. Sorry about the offense to your reputations. Me, tap my emotions with a little hammer and I fall into a million pieces. Good for me, though, because I can pull it back together quickly. Just haunted by the lingering effects for a while (note my blog is still recovering from my break-up).

1966? 1962 for me. 45, here I come!

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