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Can’t have Humanity knocking at the door of Business… oh no. 8 June 2007

Posted by marisacat in AFRICOM, WAR!.

 Malaria in Mali   Kangaba healthcenter   70 kms south of Bamako near the Guinean border. This is the children’s room at this healthcenter which is taking care of a population of 96.000 people.

Noticed this at Alertnet.org, a division of Reuters that tracks emerging and on-going crises, war and NGOs in the field…

G8 trumpets Africa aid deal as summit ends

Source: Reuters

By Madeline Chambers and Gernot Heller

HEILIGENDAMM, Germany, June 8 (Reuters) – World powers on Friday pledged $60 billion to fight AIDS and other diseases ravaging Africa but development campaigners complained the Group of Eight had offered little fresh cash for the poor.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, hosting G8 leaders and heads of five African states, trumpeted the agreement as a showpiece achievement of the three-day summit, along with Thursday’s deal to push for greenhouse gas emissions cuts.

“We are conscious of our obligations and want to fulfil the promises we made. And we will do that,” said Merkel. “We also gave a push to the fight against AIDS,” she told reporters.

Despite deals on aid and climate, cracks showed in the united front leaders tried to present, with tension between an emboldened Russia and an alarmed West never far from the surface.  [snip]

Blah blah blah blah.  Etc.  Sun sets, moon rises, sets, sun rises, face east to your god, west to the setting sun –  and blah blah blah goes on. Enter all the usual suspects, Gates, Bono, Clinton, Ratz-zinger… whomever, the choruses for PEPFAR … Vote in a Democrat for the dying … somewhere…  bleat bleat bleat.

        Mali – west of Timbuktu

And this statement from Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF), full text [so sue me]:

MSF reaction to G8 declaration on Africa and innovation

Quotes from Dr. Tido von Schoen-Angerer, Director Médecins Sans Frontières Campaign for Access to Essential Medicines

“G8 leaders have been talking out of both sides of their mouths.  No progress was made here on access to medicines.”

“G8 leaders are sending out contradictory messages: on one hand they pledge more money, and on the other, they want to increase intellectual property protection which is known as a key a barrier to access to affordable medicines.”

“Even though innovation was a key agenda point of this G8, the desperate need for better tests and medicines for infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, the most common cause of death of people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa, has been ignored.”

“Although the G8 acknowledges that access to medicines is a challenge, they proposed no sufficient solutions. The problem of second-line AIDS medicines that still cost at least five times more that first-line medicines remains unsolved.”

“The G8 did not respond to the urgent need of countries to get clear support for the use of compulsory licenses in the name of public health and not to face retaliatory measures when they do. The G8 are only suggesting that international organizations and donors should ‘respond constructively to requests by African developing countries without manufacturing capacity.’  This is unacceptably weak.”

I ran into several reports decrying the showy pledges (all those Chrisitian leaders!), 60 billion pledged in 2007 can be tracked to result in 3 billion in aid by 2010.

Sounds about right…

    Mali therapeutic feeding center, 11 am bath
        Mali, therapeutic feeding center, 11 am bath


Panographic (“panos”) photos from Mickael Therer, a photo video essay on MSF in Mali chronicling malaria and malnutrition work.

   Mother of twins at Goudam Mali feeding station  

Mickael Therer:   mother of twins at MSF Goudam – Mali feeding center, 2005.



1. lucidculture - 8 June 2007

Off to a show kids. I’ll be back later – I’ll check out the NYCee diary when I get back. Hopefully I won’t be drunk enough to break my vow to never post there again.

Btw – odd thing of late. I hadn’t had panic attacks in over 5 years. I had 1 full blown one this weak & 2 mild ones. I don’t want to go on pharmaceuticals again & I haven’t consumed any gluten. Does anyone have experience with alternative treatments or sedatives for such?

& what was that liver cleanse thing Tuston and Ms_X were talking about a few weeks back? Just curious. I’ve been giving mine a bit of a beating of late.

L8r vipes.

2. marisacat - 8 June 2007

milk thistle I think, for the liver.

3. ms_xeno - 8 June 2007

Tree-hiding is appropriate in a political sense if you propose socialism rather than a socialist policy.

I don’t disagree that there are aspects of socialism that are preferable to aspects of capitalism. But when someone says “look at socialism to solve this” (as opposed to “look at ______ policy to solve this) then it seems to me that they are committing political suicide. I don’t want the left to do this.

More on the always-topical issue of how you can’t say “Socialist” out loud in this country because everyone will shun you for your idealogical cooties.

Via Alas thread on subprime loans. I never liked Sailorman. He plays the nice guy card but wrote some creepy shit about the definition of rape back when that put me off him permanently.

Like the Left isn’t already barely breathing in this shithole of a country. The way you break taboos in any culture is by airing them in public until such time as people stop thinking of them of taboos. But of course, that’s just so much worrrrrrrrk and why can’t we have all the battles pre-digested and served to us in a box. Baaawwwww.

Fucking idiot.

4. ms_xeno - 8 June 2007

Via a link from Scruggs: Oh, the lives touched by Billy Boy and his own gladhanding capitalistic blood-sucking. It just never ends.

To all of Canada: My deepest apologies for voting for that grinning turd. My only defense is that I only did it once.

I also love Scrugs’ breakdown of the relationship between liberals and cranks, as expounded upon here.

…traditional Liberal vs. Conservative narrative is bogus and the Left vs. Right fairy tale is worse than useless. If a binary must be used, then it would be better to use a Egalitarian/Libertarian vs. Authoritarian/Aristrocratic narrative — or even Crackpot Procedural vs. Crackpot Anti-Procedural…

…They’ve pre-relegated anyone who can take a stand. The circular firing squad they go on about shoots outwards, with the corporatist neoliberals directing fire from the center. And while the followers amongst the secular procedurals don’t marginalize the humanist and benevolent religious liberals in their own churches, their leadership does marginalize them everywhere else. I see the steeplejacking as a mopping up action. Thanks in good part to the political idiocy of the procedurals, the ethical and moral concerns of church liberals are confined to demoralized congregations. The process is similar to the one used by the wingnuts to marginalize the anti-corporatist, decentralist, localist minority of actual conservatives. They slammed the Overton Window shut on them.

It would be helpful if the crackpot procedurals could stop crying victim, especially when the majority of their problems are self-inflicted. — Scruggs at UFO Breakfast Recipients

5. missdevore - 8 June 2007

wow. Bree Walker is buying Cindy Sheehan’s Texas property.

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 June 2007

Panic attacks … oh, I know about those.

Shakuhachi and American Indian flute recordings … that’s the only things that held them at bay back when I used to fly. Meditation. Only medication was self-administered, usually beer or vodka.

Panic attacks are the worst. First one I had, I thought I was going to die.

ms_x, that scrugg’s quote is perfect.

7. liberalcatnip - 8 June 2007

I had a bad day today.

I’ve had panic attacks too, but not for some time now thankfully. I always keep meds on hand just in case because I’ve had some scary ones where the panic landed me in emerg feeling like I was just out of control with the racing heartbeat etc.

I’m just very careful now when I feel the symptoms come on to do a lot of deep breathing, self-talk and pre-emptive meds if I have to: one small dose of Ativan or Clonazapem. YMMV. I don’t have to tell you, of course, about keeping the stress down and doing calming things.

I hope you don’t have to face any more soon. I know how weird they are. Just take care and (really) take it easy.

8. missdevore - 8 June 2007

catnip–I am so sorry for your hellish day–what can I do to give you a little joy?

9. liberalcatnip - 8 June 2007

Thanks Miss D and thanks for your comment, ms x. Too true. He certainly was Dr House in some ways – although not as intelligent, obviously.

I’m just going to take some time to catch up on the threads here and surf around for news. The VAGs always give me something to think about Miss D – besides my so-called life – so that’s a bonus.

Opera Glasses and Popcorn: better than any pill and a place to find out about the human pills you should avoid.

10. missdevore - 8 June 2007

as for myself–I cannot wait for Marisacat’s review of “La Vie en Rose”–I read the nytimes one.

11. wilfred - 8 June 2007

missdevore, i saw the film today. Brilliant.

Marion Clotillard gives a performance that knocked me to the back of the theater. The NY Times review was absurd. The audience i saw it with applauded heartily afterwards. Just amazing and so much more complex than any US bio would allow (comparing it to the Cash and Ray Charles biopix anyway).

12. supervixen - 8 June 2007

lucid, try flower essences – they are very effective for emotional issues, including depression/anxiety etc. Check out this article.

13. missdevore - 8 June 2007

oh goddess, I’m in tears. a friend of mine just delivered her first bebe, 2 weeks late. Just got the pics. The bebe is already smiling and sticking out her tongue. My friend is still wearing her glasses in the photos. Bebe’s name is Anika. (Am I outing a newborn?)

14. marisacat - 8 June 2007


there is a line of flower essences that is quite easy to find, if you want to try a couple. I used several of their products for my mother for stress and night restlessness… . Most health food stores, naturopathic departments have the line. Little bottles little boxes.

15. marisacat - 8 June 2007


if you post a review of it at LSF, please link it here or let me know if you do and I will link it..

16. missdevore - 8 June 2007

there are not enough impudent women in the world.

17. marisacat - 8 June 2007

Newborn Outed!

18. missdevore - 8 June 2007

that’s what we do here, no?

19. liberalcatnip - 8 June 2007

I could crochet her a little VAG lanyard…

20. liberalcatnip - 8 June 2007

This is I think what makes this whole… (11+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
bronte17, Loquatrix, TexDem, greenreflex, Elise, Burned, Wary, NearlyNormal, One Pissed Off Liberal, Dem in the heart of Texas, JuniperLea

…idea of race and gender kind of irrelevant in the blogosphere.

I never knew Steve’s race. I don’t know most kossaks race and in many cases I don’t know their gender and it doesn’t ever really matter to me.

Why should I allow myself to being designated as a “white” kossack or a “black” kossack? I realize race is an important issue in the real world, and I’m not trying to underplay it. But it seems to me you don’t improve the issue by putting people in catagories that they don’t need to be in.

I am. And that is good enough for me (and should be good enough for everyone else).

by DawnG on Fri Jun 08, 2007 at 03:44:26 PM MDT

Some people just don’t get it…

21. Miss Devore - 8 June 2007

It’s not the time to ask the mom’s permission to post a photo, but the bebe, sticking it’s tongue out (besides being two weeks overdue) is sending a message. thank goddess she has a good thoughtful mama.

22. liberalcatnip - 9 June 2007

The Pentagon is appealing the dismissals of the Khadr and Hamden Gitmo cases. I don’t think they have much of a leg to stand on, legally.

23. Kevin Lynch - 9 June 2007

yeah, had some doozie panic attacks after a bad asthma episode. they faded over time, thank goodness

MCat, thanks for the Bach information. they say I need some Larch, but the store locator can’t find me a store outside of London 😦

what’s a boy to do?


24. wu ming - 9 June 2007

proud father of an impudent female

and doing what i can to encourage said impudence. sticking a tongue out is a good start.

25. marisacat - 9 June 2007


there is also a swiss line of flower essences that is around in naturopathic, health food supplies stores..

will see if I can find the product name…

26. jam.fuse - 9 June 2007

Here are my recommendations for beating anxiety, although it takes a ton of time, commitment and cash: but well worth it. The latter school is cultish (don’t repeat that), but drills basics in a hardcore fashion (good for beginners); the former both more relaxed and advanced. About a buck twenty five per month last I heard. You’ll feel like a new wo/man.

27. jam.fuse - 9 June 2007

That stuff (‘the arts’) is all over the place — the important thing is to find a teacher that’s cool and not overly power mad or flawed in some profound way. Those places I mentioned are in manhattan. Then there’s yoga, tai chi, chi kung, meditation, capoeira (brazilian martial art done to congas (I hear), tae kwon do (Korean) and on and on. They call (or used to call) kung fu ‘The Jewel of the Nation’ in China.

28. marisacat - 9 June 2007

hmmm McClatchy has a piece up on the “ghost detainees” which include more than we had heard about (what a shock) and sounds like more children of “terrorists” than we knew (shock shock) and wives. And it is on-going. (Gambling in Casablanca)

Our new bestest friend for photos certainly has been Qaddafi. We off shored our torture to him too. Mubarak, Qaddafi, etc., running your neighborhood Winn-Dixie for quick stop torture shopping.

You know we will never be stopping this now… Out in the open and codified.

29. BooHooHooMan - 9 June 2007

up from Fri. Night Crash early

Is this diagnosable??
We’ve all heard of the Napoleonic Complex & of Hitler in the Bunker.
Anyone heard of plain ole delusions of grandeur, or,
Armchair KnuckleHead Syndrome?

Vorenus/ Jason ” Blovius” Melrath. (on who else, himself as — why, President, of course–)

nods to miss d

Here is what I would do.

I would sign legislation deauthorizing the Iraq War. [ Ed. note: waving hands all freaky deaky, then calmly pssst..ah, DICKHEAD, you wouldn’t need DE- authorization -BHHM] , I would order my Generals [ “MY” Generals?? – given to grandiosity much ? -BHHM ] …to immediately develop plans for the withdrawal of American forces from Iraq. [priceless , another dullard/unaware Dem delagater — echoes of Bush-BHHM. It gets worse….] I would keep a small force to protect the embassy and American citizens staying in Iraq, but this force would number no more than 10,000. [ Ed note: waving hands all freaky deaky, again .. Fine fuckwad, let’s “host” 10,000 Russian troops in DC to protect their Embassy. Maybe invite ’em all over on the South Lawn with their Kalashnikovs for ribs while you regale them with your command of all things military. I swear to god, Jason, and I know you read this – YOU ARE A FUCKING MORON, a poseur, an immature fool who needs to be disabused of your PlayStation view of the world and all things military. You’ve never served. You never will. You wouldn’t qualify for bootcamp. No litmus test of course, but You haven’t even the slightest knowledge of what your talking about let alone understanding. You don’t know what the Fuck you’re talking about AT ALL, so do the rest of humanity a favor and Shut Your Fucking Pie Hole.-BHHM ]

But, He’s on a Role, still:

I would redeploy another percentage …[ MELRATH. Not much on percentages, eh ?? The Pud in your hand doesn’t count as an “eleventh” finger. No countin’ the thumb up your ass either, no matter how much you wriggle it. Yes.- I know it’s “stinky”.- BHHM] …I would redeploy another percentage of our Iraq forces to Afghanistan where Operation About Time [kewl name -ewwwwhh] would commence, whose mission is to find and kill Osama bin Laden and Al Queda once and for all.

I would tell Pakistan that we will be accompanying his troops.. [ Ed note: Pakistan? “His”? uhm, Pervez Musharraf perhaps?- BHHM] ..on their searches of the mountains on their side of the border for now on, given the fact that we have generously paid him billions of dollars over the last six years. [oh brother, escorting a half -Taliban Army to find al Qaeda in a mountainous war in Central Asia. Brilliant! **Love the Reagan, ’cause we’re “PAYING for this microphone!” moment too. Petulant ass.-BHHM]

I would declare null and void every single Executive Order and Signing Statement issued by President Bush .
[ Ed. Note: uhm, like the transitional one instructing the Pentagon to listen to your stupid amateur ass??- BHHM]

I’m almost certain Melrath had a sockpuppet on DK that was supposedly a hardcore vet. This guy is going to lose his law career over compulsive videocy and online gaming. It’s just too bad he wouldn’t be able to take someone’s place in the service. This guy Melrath is an abject moron who shouldn’t be anywhere near matters of substance.

I’ve seen squirrels with more cerebral bandwidth than this guy.

30. marisacat - 9 June 2007

Melrath supported the war at the onset. Does he mention that (I cannot go read him… LOL, asking too much of me at 2 am)

31. marisacat - 9 June 2007


32. BooHooHooMan - 9 June 2007

mcat sorry for verbosity.
I am still slackjawed amazed at what passes there.
Crickets on I/P this weekend, of course, evermore I suppose too.
Anyway heading out in a few.

33. BooHooHooMan - 9 June 2007

Oh funny remark about “outing newborns”. The first thing I saw of my Little Miss Impudence was her ear. I like to think she was listening for her Daddy’s malarkey.

34. marisacat - 9 June 2007

My father said I yawned.

35. marisacat - 9 June 2007

well… there are redeeming aspects – none of which Stoller is personally the author of… (the graph from the Wapo on the falling fortunes of Dem congress… and he links to moiv on Wallis, attempting to graft on some goodness… LOL: Good Luck!) but. so. much. muddle…

We’re going to get there one day. I date the beginning of the open left to the fall of 1998, when Moveon was founded in response to the Clinton impeachment.

We’ve taken huge steps forward with our primary challenge to Lieberman and our new crop of freshmen in 2006. And we’ve branched into policy, and now have a few inside players on a few key issues.

[that is just plain funny, mostly conservative and some VERY conservative Dems went in — Mcat]

The ultimate point here though is that we are not a partisan movement and should no longer think of ourselves as such.

We are an ideological movement. We have ideas, and want to see those ideas driven with power.

This means that we need to get down to the hard work of disabusing ourselves of candidate-centric politics, and work to create primary challenges wherever possible, as well as keep building forums for the dissemination of new ideas.

Udall may or may not be a good guy, though certainly he seems like an immoral coward. I could probably not bring myself to support him, though I wouldn’t blame others if they did. But the point is that Udall has been persuaded that conservative ideas work, even if he’s a Democrat.

And that’s what we have to tackle.

oh man. where to start.

36. BooHooHooMan - 9 June 2007

marisacat- yawned Ha! And my Dad was Calvin Coolidge.

From that link mcat- do people even know what they’re reading?

‘And then Bush pulls the political stunt that drove me from his camp..”
anyways I’m going to catch just a few zzz’s before 7:30 a EST.

Thanks for the prolific pieces of your awesome work.
Out for now.

37. BooHooHooMan - 9 June 2007

You keep pulling me BACK IN.

Stoller said we’re going to Branch into POLICY?

SLAFFING (c) Vag Productions – simultaneous sighing and laughing

What a fucking jerk

38. BooHooHooMan - 9 June 2007

BRANCH into Policy —
No Olive Branch for Iraq or our perma deployed troops

But an olive branch to Bush Cheney Gonzo and the GOP, an olive branch on War funding, ABORTION, Church and State, immigration and every othe God Damned ideological lunacy to come down the pipe.

What the FUCK is Stoller talking about when he says “we”??!!
What the FUCK is Stoller talking about when he says “ideological”??!!
WHAT FUCKING IDEOLOGYis this Prepster talking about?@#!??

39. BooHooHooMan - 9 June 2007

** Pipe, Pike, it doesn’t make a difference.
Stoller’s smokin’ crack.

40. marisacat - 9 June 2007

well, “we” ain’t me. I know that much.

And with Nancy slobbering that science is a gift to us from God (her stem cell smarm) we are going nowhere the fuck fast.

And the Dems will be funding abstinence.

Way. to. go!

I am saying it again, we will have MORE religion under the Dems. Bet they recruit poor little strange misfit Kuo.

SOMEBODY please ask Edwards about Richard Land, he says he was raised a [Southern I presume] Baptist and accepted Jeeeeeeeesus as a teen.

41. BooHooHooMan - 9 June 2007

Look at the CV of every one of these guys. Markos. Dot Bomber. Armstrong. Huckster. Stoller, Bowers, lesser mortal Booman: Flounderers. They are simply trying to parlay the blog phenomena into a political appointee’s position, make some micromedia money or break into the punditry, replacing other older vacuous fools who’ve preceded them.

“Ah, an elitist streak” they might say.

It’s not that they are all relatively young and inexperienced. It’s that they are neither bright nor curious, neither bold nor prudent. Most importantly, they have no contextual understanding of what they’re even talking about. These guys are “pushovers” that are so quickly recognized by skillful ruthless adversaries. Easier pickin’ still for intraparty exploitation. Patsies.

42. Tuston - 9 June 2007

Hey lucid,

It is milk thistle extract or silymarin

43. supervixen - 9 June 2007

Regarding flower essences:

You can get Bach essences online at a discount through Vitamin Warehouse.

Bach was English and his flower essences are made from British species. Some practitioners believe that it’s important for North Americans to also use essences made from N. American species, since they’re from our “habitat”, as it were. This is the company that makes the best-known N. American essences:

Flower Essence Services

You can buy their essences through their website.

I used to use a lot of Bach and FES, but in the past year I’ve started using essences from a small New Hampshire company which makes a wide range of unusual varieties. Their essences have a very high vibration and the people who run the place are wonderful:

Green Hope Essences

For clients, I mainly recommend Bach and FES, since they’re better-known and are often available in health-food stores.

Kevin and Lucid, and anyone else who is interested – if you’d like more info on how to choose the right essences etc., feel free to email me at feministsupervixens at yahoo.

Flower essences are amazing (even my MD/PhD husband, who was highly skeptical, is a convert), and the great thing about it is that they are outside the medical/psych establishment.

44. Tuston - 9 June 2007

re: Flower Essences

They do work. Rescue remedy works great for bummers in most cases.

45. D. Throat - 9 June 2007


Dear D. Throat,

George Bush is about to stubbornly deny the will of the American people once again.

This week, the House will pass a bill to lift the arbitrary and damaging restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research that President Bush put in place in 2001. Two months ago, the Senate passed a similar bill.

But George Bush is threatening a veto in defiance of almost every congressional Democrat (EXCEPT THE DISGUSTING RIGHT WING DEMOCRATS SCHUMER RECRUITED LAST YEAR LIKE CASEY ditto LANGEVIN if he had ran) , many Republicans and the overwhelming majority of the American people.

It’s not science or facts driving Bush’s decision. It is pure pandering to his radical right-wing base. (Not unlike Hiliary, Obama and Edwards pathetic made for teevee “Come to Jeebus” show) The upshot is that millions who suffer from Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and diabetes will once again have their hopes dashed.

We can’t stand by and let this happen. George Bush is preventing the development of treatments and cures for some of the worst diseases for no other reason than politics. That is unconscionable.

With the veto coming as early as Monday, we must hurry and send our message to George Bush right now.

Click here to tell Bush to stop obstructing the will of the American people and Congress. Tell him to sign the lifesaving Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act.

It’ll come as no surprise that Bush and the small band of Republicans in Congress who are providing enough votes to prevent a veto-proof majority (NO IT IS BECAUSE YOU RECRUITED REPUBLICANS INTO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY) are relying on pseudoscience and outright lies to defend their position.

They tell us that other types of stem cells have just as much potential as embryonic stem cells. They claim that embryonic stem cell therapies are dangerous and always cause tumors in mice. None of it is true.

The country’s top scientists believe embryonic stem cells have the most potential to find safe, effective cures. And the American people are right there with them. Surveys consistently find that two-third to three quarters of people support expanding this research.

Even the scientists working on the most recent stem cell breakthrough support passage of the current bill. As one of the scientist involved in the recent development said: “A human is not a mouse, so a lot more work has to be done.”

It is time to change the policy.

Click here to tell Bush to stop obstructing the will of the American people and Congress. Tell him to sign the lifesaving Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act.

There is no excuse for the president to veto this bill.

He needs to hear it from all of you today.


Sen. Chuck Schumer

Is there such a thing as a “Reverse Push Poll”? This letter that went out is idiotic and grossly misleading since Schumer is the main recruiting agent of senators that has defeated this bill.

I am sensing a new directive has been sent out to “moderate” views. Kos, the Republican that he is doesn’t do subtle… he came roaring back after “paternity leave”… instructing to dirty masses to make nice to Republicans like Arnold… basically proving what everyone ele already knew… that the Dems are in bed with the GOP.

I got a hunch that the Hill’s Come to Jeebus show did’t go down well… now there is mas hysteria to round up the old troops aka Democrats. MB promoting Moiv, Bob Johnson regaining his senses…. all to contrived and convient.

By being the jackasses that they all are the Democratic republican leadership open the door wide to a late Gore run.

MB poll was an eyeopener only 6% said that they were “wed” to their candidate…. which means that the field is wide open. As I said before many times and still believe to be true… Obama and Edwards are riding shoot gun for Hilliary… hence they covered her ass appearing in that ridiculous Jeebus Show. The strategy being that they would be the “Deans” of this race in which they would gather loyal and dutiful followers and at the appropriate moment hand them lock stock and narrel over to Hilliary as Dean did for Kerry.

However, there are only 6% true wedded rated which means that people are still looking and all of Obama’s and Edwards numbers are EXTREMELY soft. This is not at all the Dean scenario where supporters had to be scrapped off like barnacles. I think Hil was trying to be too smart for her own britches. Thinking that that race was locked up…. the Democratic republican leadership not only turn off it’s phone to the base but they unplugged it.

Schumer’s pathetic letter is not about stem cell’s which obviously he doesn’t give a shit about …hence CASEY…. but more of a reverse push poll… indicating to the base that “he is still a progressive”… just like Kos’s recent attempts to polish his progressive creds…

All I can say is that whar ever polls Schumer anad Hiliary are looking at that they must be reallllllllllllly stinky.

46. D. Throat - 9 June 2007

Spam … I am.

47. D. Throat - 9 June 2007

More oppo research for the Democratic republican leadership

Why Back a Presidential Candidate in 2008?

by Matt Stoller, Thu Jun 07, 2007 at 08:49:06 PM EST

I have a question. Why are you backing a candidate for 2008? I ask this in all seriousness. I backed Kerry, then Clark in 2004 for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I thought that was how to make change in the political system. I didn’t know about all the other stuff out there, and I really really wanted to beat Bush. I’m not sure I was right, but that’s what I did and why I did it. Given that there are many ways of making change, including backing a local council race, a primary candidate for a Congressional seat, doing journalism, working on an issue, or any number of other ways of being involved, why the hurry to back one specific candidate for a Presidential contest that is extremely difficult to affect as just one person?

I’m not sure it’s a bad choice, mind you. I’m just curious why you’re making that choice. (…yeah right… Hiliary wants to know what went wrong with the beautiful strategerie)

Please, if you don’t mind, try to focus less on why your guy/gal is teh awesome and more on why you think that choosing now, this early, is useful for your political goals, whatever they may be. Also, ‘because it’s fun’ is a totally reasonable answer. For many of us, politics is still a hobby and should be fun.

48. D. Throat - 9 June 2007

why you think that choosing now, this early, is useful for your political goals, whatever they may be.

ie what can we do to get you to stick to either Hiliary, Obama or Edwards….NOW and not let go when Gore jumps in.

49. D. Throat - 9 June 2007

two spams are missing

50. lucidculture - 9 June 2007

Thanks for the info on flower essences. I’ll give that a try. It’s so odd – since I got religious about a gluten free diet, I hadn’t had any anxiety issues [even on planes]. Then it just popped up out of the blue on Monday. I’m also thinking it might have something to do with digestion & reflux, so I picked up some enzyme supplements yesterday as well. Something wacky in my digestive track lately.

Hung over. Back to bed.

51. lucidculture - 9 June 2007

So I wake up at 10:30 on a Saturday morning thinking – hey I can watch the French Open women’s final [I love Justine Henin] – of course she won in a walkoff & it was already over before I switched on the tele. Damn.

52. marisacat - 9 June 2007

Just let D Throat out of moderation, 2 I think.

Sorry for the delay… just woke up a bit ago…

53. D. Throat - 9 June 2007

Whoa !!!! just read this:

The ultimate point here though is that we are not a partisan movement and should no longer think of ourselves as such.

We are an ideological movement. We have ideas, and want to see those ideas driven with power.

EXCUSE ME!!!! Pardon me while I vomit up four years of I told you so. These disingenuous bastards are only “opening their eyes” now… because no one else is buying into their bullshit.

This coming from Jerome “Conmen Crashing the Gates” Armstrong’s blog… aka “We don’t do IDEOLOGY and ISSUES”… Stroller has become the ultimate “purity troll”.

I could have sworn Jerome “conman” Armstrong mantra was and still is “NON-IDEOLOGICAL”

This ties into my take on Schumer’s sudden “We B Libruls” email…. they have strayed too far past the center to the extreme right… now they are all try to make a hard left turn.

I knew no way in hell MB would have FP’s Moiv’s post if it was not for the benefit of the Demwings…. they have never cared about reproductive rights before and surely do no care about them now since all of this years crop of “Nut rootz” candidates are anti choice … including Sparks and Ryan

Like I said Hiliary is a firm believer in polls… and they must be stinking to high heaven for these sudden about turns. If they didn’t hold the Democratic voter in such disdain they would have seen this years ago… but my guess greed to Al From’ DLC millions was more enticing than representing the base.

54. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 June 2007


Thanks D. Throat, I needed a laugh.

oh, and this:

A former Los Angles newscaster turned progressive talk radio host, Bree Walker, will be purchasing Cindy Sheehan’s 5-acre property near the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas, The BRAD BLOG has learned.

Walker, currently a resident of San Diego, was previously a television news anchor in Los Angles and New York. She confirmed the news to us moments ago, in an exclusive interview, that she intends to keep the property “as a ground for freedom and peace” and is considering erecting a memorial there for troops killed in Iraq. She hopes to create a meditation garden on the grounds and to keep it open to the public.

“I’m cashing out my capitalist corporate stocks and buying into a legacy of peace,” she told The BRAD BLOG moments ago. Sheehan will be selling the property for the same price she purchased it for so as not to be seen as profiting from the sale, Walker explained.

Walker is the host of the The Bree Walker Show on the Los Angeles Air America affiliate station KTLK AM1150 on Saturdays from 2-4pm PT.

Sheehan will appear in studio with Walker for the entirety of tomorrow’s broadcast where, Walker says, she’ll “give Cindy the check, and Cindy will give me the deed to the property.”

She tells us that she’ll be taking calls from listeners during tomorrow’s show as she wants “listener input on what should be done with the land.”

55. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 June 2007

net neutrality says goodbye to ATT’s CEO.

56. outofwater - 9 June 2007

I don’t want a centrist party (17+ / 0-)

I want a progressive party. And the Dems are showing they ain’t it.
I am waiting hopefully for them to prove me wrong. But I am done voting for Dems simply because they have D’s after their names. They’ve done nothing in the last 5 months worthy of my vote: Iraq, Reproductive Rights, the Environment, Gonzo still in power…on and on and on.

Step up Harry and Nancy. I’m waiting and my patience is running thin.

Dear Mr. President, There are too many states nowadays. Please eliminate three.
P.S. I am not a crackpot.
/> -Abe Simpson

by fromer on Fri Jun 08, 2007 at 01:10:08 PM PDT

[ Parent | Reply to This |Recommend ]

hell hell is breaking out at DK.

What gives that this post hasn’t been troll rated? In a story by the King himself, at that.

57. marisacat - 9 June 2007

Well that is good to hear, I tried to remember if Bree was left or right of the main divide, but could not recall anything..

58. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 June 2007

via Bitch Ph.D., there is this wonderful footnote added by Judge Walton to the amicus brief, filed to plead for mercy for Scooter:

It is an impressive show of public service when twelve prominent and distinguished current and former law professors of well-respected schools are able to amass their collective wisdom in the course of only several days to provide their legal expertise to the Court on behalf of a criminal defendent. The Court trusts that this is a reflection of these eminent academics’ willingness in the future to step up to the plate and proved like assistance in cases involving any of the numerous litigants, both in this Court and throught the courts of our nation, who lack the financial means to fully and properly articulate the merits of their legal positions even in instances where failure to do so could result in monetary penalties, incarceration, or worse. The Court will certainly not hesitate to call for such assistance from these luminaries, as necessary in the interests of justice and equity, whenever similar questions arise in the cases that come before it.

That is the most high-brow snark I’ve read in a long time. Bitch has the list of the law professors who signed the brief, a list of the usual winger suspects and Israel cheerleaders, most notably Bork, Dershowitz and Viet Dinh.

59. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 June 2007
60. marisacat - 9 June 2007


when I read that Balz piece, yesterday I guess, I thought he was pointing toward a Bloomberg entry. The field is wide open for it.

I mean the game from HilariousOBEd is transparent as hell. And the Republicans are in desperate need of a shake up as well. And I don’t think Thompsom is it. My own guess he is less acute than he might have been once. And would be exposed.

what a hoot I have the Kos piece pulled up to read.

Oh please enter Bloomberg. Sned the boys and girls running …


61. D. Throat - 9 June 2007

The key to the DLC/NDN strategerie is to stay in front of the herd…therefore even if there is a stampede you can CONTROL the direction.

It is better to have a very controlled turn to the left … just to let off steam… than keep bearing right at risk of losing the whole herd.

That is what Simon Rosenberg did by “harnessing” Kos and the Conman at the beginning and the dictated “Crashing the Gates”… neither cared for issues or ideology as long as they were getting rich.

Is it me or did Kos just brag in his last message about Gaillard that he now owns a “crash pad” in NYC???? Issues and Ideologies don’t buy bicoastal homes and 80,000 pianos.

62. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 June 2007
63. marisacat - 9 June 2007

My Goodness! But Elise is the big bad balsy girl in that Kos thread on Balz.

And to think I never noticed her. If she was even there in 03/04/05.

These people went seriously crazy on their tiny island.

64. marisacat - 9 June 2007

Can anyone say German Sheperd?

* [new] This site is private property. (0 / 0)

The purpose of the site is to elect Democrats to office. Don’t pull out the Constitution and wave it at me.

Read Feminisms Wednesdays and Take Action

by Elise on Sat Jun 09, 2007 at 09:16:18 AM PDT

[ Parent ]

65. Revisionist - 9 June 2007

I never noticed elise much either but since you gals poited her out I have noticed that she is in perpetual hissy fit mode. Elise — Warrior Princess, Defender of the Donkies.

66. D. Throat - 9 June 2007

Eureka… here is the poll that is freaking the shit out of the Demwings:

Al Gore’s national poll numbers continue to gradually rise: from 11% earlier this year (tied with Edwards), to 17% last month (solidly beating Edwards, but trailing Obama).

Now in the latest AP-Ipsos poll, he comes in at 20% – statistically tying Barack Obama’s 21%.

67. marisacat - 9 June 2007

D Throat:

There is a shiver running thru the Dems.

They had Howard (who self muzzled, poor sod) do the Saturday Dem response to Bush.

He is desperately trying to remind people (does nayone listen to the Dem responsse?) that the war goes on due to Bush.

They are seeing very soft numbers, only answer.

And they pull Howard out of the closet.

LOL Cute.

68. marisacat - 9 June 2007

And all Thompson had to do was raise his head to get 13 %.

Very soft, oversold too crowded field.

18 running just 1 short of the line up for the Derby this year (19)

69. Revisionist - 9 June 2007

The PUK reports that both the turks AND the iranians are shelling the kurds

70. outofwater - 9 June 2007

It’s Blomberg, but there is a separate generalized unrest, with serious Big Mo, about which Kos is oblivious. Kos et. al. just don’t understand that the base is now outraged enough to ignore their dogma that all Democrats are better. Things are different now, the DP types are barely starting to recognize that reality, but they haven’t any idea how to stop it. People want action, they’ve finally realized words are meaningless.

Kos expected his rant about the Blaz piece to be a rallying cry to the Yellodogs, but all the well-rated comments in the diary were pro-third party. Surprise, surprise. The diary has gone so far out of control that Elise TalyormattD have come to fight about troll ratings and provoke anyone willing to take their bait. They must be paid operatives, no one could post the monotonous crap they do day after day without rich compensation, but I digress.

Thompson may not save the day, but I’ll bet he’s the Republican machine’s guy. Thompson’s largest problem is image. His blond trophy is just an embarrassment, and he’s too damn old to have little children. They make him look like a pervert. The focus groups must have affirmed that observation, because they are rarely seen all together. Also, he only has something like a 25% chance to survive another five years, which should be an issue, but will be dismissed on the grounds of poor taste.

71. outofwater - 9 June 2007

Yes, Kos just bragged about a place in NYC. Someone as important as him must also have a fab pad in DC as well. Maybe he considers himself a real estate mogul as well as a power broker.

72. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 June 2007

Tristero is disgusted w/ Pelosi’s pious pandering too:

One: This is a gratuitous insult to all thinking persons. Science is a process of inquiry that has enabled us to understand something about the nature of physical reality in a detailed fashion. It has taken centuries of hard, meticulous, and often backbreaking work to acquire this knowledge; the history of science is filled with failure, frustration, and fragmentary, provisional understandings. The relatively rare breakthroughs – Newton’s laws, Darwin’s natural selection, Einstein’s theory of relativity – are achieved only through enormous effort, not miracles. This is no gift from God but a quintessentially human endeavor.

Secondly, the kind of pandering, meaningless bullshit Pelosi mouthed will convince no one. But it does make clear how little a leading Democrat understands religious tropes in a modern political context. The rightwing retort is obvious: “God nowhere demands the sacrifice of human children for research. That’s the ethics of Mengele, not Jesus.” And from there, the “conversation” devolves quickly into idiotic arguments about when a fertilized egg becomes a human life. And the importance of the research, its potential benefits that are needed now, are forgotten.

Pelosi’s breathtakingly stupid comment merely indicates how far behind, still, Democrats are in developing a modern political rhetoric for their values and ideas.

73. ms_xeno - 9 June 2007

Well, Stoller and his zillion-and-one-clones do not care for the goals I pursue in my own tiny, halting way when I vote. I’ve certainly spent enough time in the last seven years hearing those goals poo-poohed at or simply ignored. The best quote ever was from some pompous prick at Marcotte’s pad who informed me that electoral reform was not his problem. He had no interest in “my right to do something stupid.”

Because the first and last word on whether you are smart enough to deserve true ballot access is some high-handed prick on a blog that has since been confirmed to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the DP. Marked that one down in my notebook, for sure. Three underlines.

It’s just incredibly infantile to pretend that your opponents have not given you an answer regarding your goals. When the truth is that you have given it over and over again, but they don’t like it.

Mazel Tov to Miss D’s bud and her newborn baby bud.

74. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 June 2007

Cue the music in the Wizard of Oz when the wicked witch comes flying in on her broom:

Lynne Cheney, the wife of Vice President Cheney, is “being floated in Senate GOP leadership circles as a possible replacement for the late Sen. Craig Thomas (R-WY), who died Monday night.”

75. James - 9 June 2007

In case y’all hadn’t already heard, Norman Finkelstein was denied tenure.

76. ms_xeno - 9 June 2007

Madman, Pelosi and her ilk are simply incapable of saying “take it or leave it” to anyone on their right. The only people they are capable of saying that to are their ever-more-pliant party faithful, and those on their Left.

Deep down they really envy the Right and its approach to authority, in which even the thinnest veneer of compassion and receptivity from the leadership is rarely necessary. Spontenaity is also “off the table,” which eliminates the risk borne of cultivating imagination in oneself or one’s underlings. None of these fucks say anything any more that some ass running a fucking focus group hasn’t vetted first.

But it won’t work all that well, for the same old reasons. Their focus groups are run by inept jerks and there already is a Right Wing in place. People won’t want the fake version when they can get the original for the same price.

77. ms_xeno - 9 June 2007

I am calling in one hundred Wiccans to spam Madman’s blog. Shame on him. :p

78. marisacat - 9 June 2007

bingo!! on lynne that is… 😉

79. ms_xeno - 9 June 2007

James, that Blackwater piece was great. However, the jazz whitewashing article made me spit my sandwich about halfway across the room yesterday.

80. bayprairie - 9 June 2007

Bush Meets Pope Benedict for the First Time

The exact substance of the meeting, described by the Vatican as “cordial,” was not released…

the hierarchy of the holy roman church has such a wonderful diplomatic history. such a force for good in the world, yes?

81. marisacat - 9 June 2007


thanks for posting that.

82. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 June 2007

Lol, marisa, first time I noticed her was a comment that I thought was snark, but apparently wasn’t, something to do with fantasizing about ‘armando with a whip’. What’s hilarious about this is that now she’s a big advocate of ‘abused women’, well, until tomorrow, or next week or whatever! To each their own, but boring is what they are.

Really, you can’t take these people seriously, they constantly embarrass themselves, best to make clear they represent only their own small Jr. High school-like club on dk. I hope it’s clear that just being a member or former member of dk does not get one associated with this crowd in any way.

D. Throat, I got that Sen. Schumer email also, (funny how he never responds, not even auto response) to email from us! Lol! Like you, I believe the polls are showing that at last, they have pushed the base too far, and that many former supporters are lost to them.

I don’t know why this was not obvious to the great DC consultant class. They had soft support at best to begin with because of their pathetic performance as the minority party, voting with Bush on so many horrific bills. Bush was the best card they had to play, and he’s not a factor anymore.

The incredibly mind-bogglingly, stupid and insulting strategy of telling the public that we have to wait until we ‘have a Dem president in 2008 to get anything done’ is numbifying in its dumbness. Sorry I’m at a loss for words when I try to express how foolish, how criminal it all is.

They are panicing. I feel certain that the extremely bad policies of catering to the right-of-center for the past six years, and the failure to accomplish a single progressive goal, has lost them their base, which they had taken for granted, assuming always they had nowhere esle to go.

MB’s fping of Moiv’s diary was, I agree, an attempt to pull back in some progressives, as is the recent tolerance of Opol. But it will not work, imo. Going on eight years with not a thing accomplished in terms of stopping the downward slide of this country, has finally become too much even for life-long Democrats. In RL it is the same thing. People who did cross over to vote for Dems in Nov, are now furious as they watch the games re the Iraq War vote.

Oh, yes, a ‘crash-pad’ in NYC is not cheap, unless he has a friend who lets him crash there … if only making bloggers rich had been the goal, we could at least claim one success. But since it wasn’t …. what exactly has been achieved by the ‘netroots’.

83. outofwater - 9 June 2007

Hillary could win (0 / 0)
especially if there were a strong independent running to split the Republican vote. She very well may be the President in 2009. And you may well have to suck it up and support her Administration against the GOP attacks that will be fierce and relentless. Of course, you could just let the first woman President be destroyed because she isn’t your cup of tea.

But I remember, when she was being slandered by the likes of Rush the Junkie, persecuted by Starr, and abused for being a politically active First Lady who didn’t want to stay home and bake cookies. Remember the Vince Foster story? Are you really going to stand with those people?

Arlington Cemetary was built on the grounds of Robert E. Lee’s plantation. I guess Lincoln is a big murderer to you. Lincoln and Grant sent young men into the meat grinder of the Civil War. More Americans died in that war than in any other. The point I am making is that lots of Presidents kill people, lots of people, both by action and inaction. If you want the Institution, you also buy the consequences. Presidents – all Presidents – kill people, lots of people. Sometimes it’s wrong; sometimes it isn’t. You don’t want a bigger Arlington, get rid of the Presidency. But don’t put stuff like that on Hillary’s shoulders as if she would be some unique figure.

Ambition is when you follow your dreams. Insanity is when they follow you.

by Batfish on Sat Jun 09, 2007 at 10:38:22 AM PDT

[ Parent | Reply to This |Recommend ]

Also, The Wyoming statute functionally dictates the Democratic governor select the worst candidate the Republican present him. If Lynn has the least chance of winning, then she’ll get the nod.

Kos thinks it’s a great idea. Go figure.

84. marisacat - 9 June 2007

batfish ladles out R talking points on the war.

Hillary is SUCH a R. They just bat the power around.

85. D. Throat - 9 June 2007

And they pull Howard out of the closet.

Yeah I even noticed that this year Kos is not making Dean speak at that crack of dawn the morning after the big chocolate fountains… but opening YK with hissonner hisself.

86. supervixen - 9 June 2007

Elise is a relative newbie. She may not have been on DKos in 3/05.

I looked up that comment above, to see the context, and came upon this howler:

Many of us tried to convince him to reconsider… (0 / 0)

I spent about 5 hours on email with BTD the DAY he posted his goddamned GBCW diary begging him to stop and take a week off- to reconsider. He posted. You can look at his last diary…he was banned. He emailed to tell me he’d been banned and asked me to tell a few mutual friends.

I don’t “run my mouth” without knowing what I’m talking about. I ALWAYS know what I’m talking about. You’re the one who is clearly unaware of reality here.

Read Feminisms Wednesdays and Take Action

by Elise on Fri Jun 08, 2007 at 08:13:05 PM PDT

Good goddess, her obsessive/delusional behavior is something to see…

87. D. Throat - 9 June 2007

I’ve just returned to my NYC crash pad from burying Steve Gilliard.

Kos has no tact or class.

88. marisacat - 9 June 2007

taht wholw exchange wtih Elise and “cwalt” (think that was the other commenter) was just off the wall.

89. Revisionist - 9 June 2007

Not to defend Kos but I call my friends place in LA my “crash pad” when I am out there… just in the interest of truth I dont think you should jump to the conclusion he actually owns property there.

90. marisacat - 9 June 2007


agree. sounds like a place he used, imo.

91. missdevore - 9 June 2007

faith-based inanity in my own backyard:

“”The 1in3Trinity energy drink is made of a special blend handed down from the flourishing vines and trees of the Holy Land mixed with B-vitamins, Vitamin C, herbs and antioxidants,” explain spokespeople Emily Larsen and Erika Taylor. “Not only does this combination make for an abundant taste, but it also serves as a high-powered energy drink to give an extra boost any time of day. With only 10 calories and 3 grams of sugar per can, 1in3Trinity has still managed to pack in mighty flavor into every heavenly sip.””

I had read the nytimes article about some proposed bible-themed park in Tenn. today and came across the ridiculously named “Faith Based Amusement Association” which led me to the equally silly “Church Solutions” (one of my pet peeves is slapping “solutions” on the name of any sort of business) website and I discovered that this energy drink I had been seeing out of the corner of my eye for some time is a local product. The can design looks quite goth to me.

92. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 June 2007

Silber links to this blistering piece:

But from that moment on I have been learning. I no longer resist the fact that I live in a racist world, in a racist society, in a racist city and a racist neighborhood. I spend my money in racist stores and attend racist classes. White doctors, teachers, service people, firemen, policemen and clergy are racist. I don’t care how many of us are here or how much money we are making or how many of us are graduating from how many colleges. When whites are born into this society, they know inherently that they are superior to all third world people, and especially to blacks. No matter what negative condition they find themselves in, they are still superior to blacks. And some blame blacks for their negative condition. Liberal whites decide just how much slack they will cut us, and then assume we should not only be grateful, but also friendly. I have never met and probably will never meet a white who believes himself racist. He will tell me about his racist mother or his racist brother-in-law or his racist neighbor, but not him. Rather than to accept the fact that I might be equal, or maybe even better, white people have told me that I’m “not really black”.

This situation will never, never improve until whites can admit to themselves that they are by definition and innately racist. They should identify as closely with their racism as they identify with their gender. If you are born white, you are born racist. Blacks like me become racist in defense. Identify that you are racist and, recognizing yourselves as such, you can check yourselves. Blacks do not want your love. Your like isn’t even important. And your understanding is not necessary. We don’t even care whether or not you smile at us. What we do want is that you not stand in our way. What we do want is equal justice by law, no favors. And just for the record, affirmative action is just that, not a favor.

Thirty years ago, in a fit of panic and pseudo-generosity prompted by fear, the white power structure admitted blacks, almost indiscriminately, to some schools and some jobs. Since this action was indiscriminate, many blacks failed. At which point the whites sat back and said, “See! We gave them a chance and they failed.” And that was the end of it. So now it’s cut welfare, cut the quota system, beat ‘em up and throw ‘em in jail.

It will take years of exposure for the rest of the United States of America to fully realize what a monstrous thing American racism is. And all during this time one proceeds quite naturally with one’s life dealing with racism on a day-to-day basis, too overwhelmed by the monstrosity of it ever to be able to get up on a soap-box screaming in rage. And as the realization slowly inches its way into the consciousness, the surprise, the hurt and then the rage take over. How many times must one silently, but clearly, be called “nigger” before it finally sinks in? And if one is to be a nigger, then one had better track down the meaning of this negritude.

My particular racism is my particular experience. I’ve never written about it before for two reasons: I wasn’t sure I was black enough to discuss it with blacks, and it does no good to discuss it with whites.

93. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 June 2007

It’s Blomberg, but there is a separate generalized unrest, with serious Big Mo, about which Kos is oblivious. Kos et. al. just don’t understand that the base is now outraged enough to ignore their dogma that all Democrats are better. Things are different now, the DP types are barely starting to recognize that reality, but they haven’t any idea how to stop it. People want action, they’ve finally realized words are meaningless.


Out Of Water, exactly – even on dk you can see that they cannot control it anymore. For a while they let people vent, thinking they could come in later with their big sticks and scare tactics (see the idiotic attempts at bullying by elise and batshitcrazy eg). But it’s been SEVEN YEARS of war and mayhem and it’s only getting worse with promises of TWO MORE YEARS of the same because those poor Dems simply cannot beat back those evil Republicans!’

Marisacat, agreed re the elise comments, representative though of how low that board has sunk. At least there used to be good writers there. In the discussion of a parliamentary system eg, the ignorance is rampant, kos apparently has no clue, even when commenters attempt to educate them, they simply cannot learn. A perfect example of the stupidity here:

* [new] In fact- it would make the situation even worse (2+ / 0-)

Recommended by:mcfly, vcmvo2

than it is now! I don’t think anyone advocating for it understands that.

What most people pushing for a third party want is what I like to call, “The Party of Me!”- their platform looks something like this:

I want what I want, when I want it, and I don’t want to have to wait 30 seconds to see the results! Now!

In other words- they want their own personal dictatorships…they just THINK everyone else wants what they want…and that they aren’t being “heard”. The reality is so not that…

Read Feminisms Wednesdays and Take Action

by Elise on Fri Jun 08, 2007 at 01:46:19 PM PDT

These people are dangerous in their ignorance and self-absorbtion. Not to mention that we are well on the way to a dictatorship, aided and abetted by the very same party she and the consultants are still trying to sell after seven years of failure on their part to do a single thing to stop it. And bad as most of the rest of what she had to say, it gets even worse.

I really never thought though that I would see a statement like this, even on a faux progressive board like dk even from this woman:

* [new] This site is private property. (0 / 0)

The purpose of the site is to elect Democrats to office. Don’t pull out the Constitution and wave it at me.

Read Feminisms Wednesdays and Take Action

by Elise on Sat Jun 09, 2007 at 09:16:18 AM PDT

Yes, do not wave that old Constitution in her face! Attention Sen. Byrd, Rep. Kucinich and all those who have waved it on the floor of Congress in a desperate attempt to try to save it! George Bush would be proud of her!

This is what the media refers to as a ‘liberal’ blog. Even the usual gang who rec each other’s comments, steered clear of this one to their credit.

I have to say it was DK and people like her that drove me away from the Dem party – I hope they hire her full time, because people really do need to know what the Dem party is. I am glad I found out, I owe her and the rest of the dk thugs a debt of gratitude because I might still be defending them on some rightwing board had I never discovered dk.

94. marisacat - 9 June 2007


I tought it was, despite all the hideous anti democratic stuff I have read there from the lot of them from Hunter to LV to Kos and back again and around — and absolutely stunning comment.

Malignant ignorance.



I read the whole of the article you exceprted. Beyond powerful.

95. missdevore - 9 June 2007

Sabrina–I do remember as a child in the suburbs of Chicago, getting in tiffs with neighborhood children, and we both would be yelling “get off of my property!”

It still amazes me that children so young had developed that notion-but I do recall visiting our suburban plot when I was about 4 years old, and, upon finding a boot in some dirtpile nearby, I convinced myself it was an artifact of westward migration. Where “pioneers” had tread!

One is inculturated the moment one is born.

Maybe we should re-examine “Bonanza” as a script that led the American people to electing bush.

96. ms_xeno - 9 June 2007

As quoted by the long-suffering SB:

What most people pushing for a third party want is what I like to call, “The Party of Me!”- their platform looks something like this:

I want what I want, when I want it, and I don’t want to have to wait 30 seconds to see the results! Now!


Dear Li’l Miss Pole-dancer,

Look in the mirror sometime, you vicious, spoiled, shallow little pea-brained piece of vacuous, self-serving shit. If there is anyone obsessed with instant gratification, dictatorial narcissism, and burning down the political forest today without a thought for the impact tomorrow, it would be you and the fearless [sic] would-be leaders you spend all day servicing. In your perky, femininininism ding-dong sort of way.

If your blue donk thong crawls any further up between the two halves of your brain, I don’t think you’ll be able to find the vowels on your keyboard any longer. And wouldn’t that be a break for us all.



97. marisacat - 9 June 2007

Just heard Barbara Lee and Elihu Harris on the radio. Lee (think technically her district is Richmond, adjacent to Oakland) also is doing the “living on food stamsp” thang. They were in a market in Oakland shopping.

98. marisacat - 9 June 2007

well it surely was the great Louis Lamour mythos of the West that elected Reagan. In that sense Bush is an inheritor.

What a nasty joke it all has been.

99. ms_xeno - 9 June 2007

I deeply resent being called racist when I helped elect the nation’s first Black President. [sulk]

100. wozzle - 9 June 2007

Anybody with credentials wish to a href=”http://www.dailykos.com/story/2007/6/9/163410/4198″>take part?

101. wozzle - 9 June 2007

Sorry, all: here it is.

102. ms_xeno - 9 June 2007

I wonder if it was the word “thong” that sent me to spam. My apologies to the decent class of ranters and cranks everywhere… :/

103. outofwater - 9 June 2007

SB-Elise, Kos and the rest permanently cured me of Democratism. Ironic, isn’t it?

104. marisacat - 9 June 2007

Rags to Riches is the unofficial winner of the 139th Preakness.

And the myth goes on..

105. missdevore - 9 June 2007

my sad effort in trying to put it together:


106. ms_xeno - 9 June 2007

undercovercalico on Kos, via wozzle’s link:

If I had to support a Dem Presidential candidate who was “pro-life” without apologies, and that day could easily come, I don’t want to think about it.

Great plan, Sister. Unthinking loyalty has been working out just great for us and our wombs so far, hasn’t it ?

I just love it when people who sound like they have two brain cells to their name end up chucking them both out the window at the last possible moment in a post.

107. marisacat - 9 June 2007

Rags to Riches ws the filly. First time since 1905

108. wozzle - 9 June 2007

ms_xeno# 106, I suspect that undercovercalico is just getting the first inkling, and that first inkling is important. UC may not want to think about it, but will. It’s the way we work when our weltanschauung is damaged..

109. marisacat - 9 June 2007


thanks for linking the irish witch diary…

Just in the thread now.

110. wozzle - 9 June 2007

Mcat, I went to the Preakness as a newbie in 1971, I believe. Canonero and Eastern Fleet. In an earlier race, while I was standing in line to enter the park, I saw a horse break its leg, try to run while shedding its limb and be put down, not 20 feet in front of me. Never had a desire to see another horse race.

111. ms_xeno - 9 June 2007

Oh, wozzle. May it be from your mouth to God/Science’s ear. 😉

I want you to be right, and SB, too. But I fully expect there to be a huge stampede back to the fold just in time for the election. Vote for us or Newt will eat babies and YOU’LL be responsible !! Something like that. With the outlets having a shining “Leftist” rep doing some of the most vociferous flag-waving.

At the very least, it will be tried, because the leadership has yet to be shown that it won’t work.

112. marisacat - 9 June 2007

Bingo on this one!

* [new] “Rare” is the concession… (3+ / 0-)

Recommended by:georgiacmt, tgray, OffTheHill

…”safe, legal and rare”. IMO that word opened the door to further weakening the pro-choice/pro-privacy stance. It opens the door to more thrashing from the religious zealots because it is seen as a judgement on something that is bad and needs to be curtailed. Rare is a word that does not stand alone as a positive- the other side can just as easily use it against us. It is a word that requires qualification…”rare”..”because rarity is the goal that will be acheived through proper sex education, and fair and easy accessibility to contraceptives and both sexes being responsible for the protection of their sexual partners”…Jesus…who’s gonna stick around for THAT explanantion?

Hillary’s answer was bullshit middle-of-the-road politician speak. It is meant more to soften the blow to the right rather than assure us on the other side that she will fight like a bulldog to protect our right to sovereignty over our own bodies and souls.

Rare, indeed. Caved. We fuckin’ caved.

“Immigration is the sincerest form of flattery.” —Jack Paar

by bic momma on Sat Jun 09, 2007 at 03:04:30 PM PDT

113. marisacat - 9 June 2007


the ’91 Breeder’s Cup ws the break for me. Two horses fell on the track.

114. wozzle - 9 June 2007

Athletic events are very similar to political events. I’ve seen a few politicos that had to be put down after particularly bad falls.

I’d like to see virtually every presidential “candidate” thus far entered have to be put down.

115. Revisionist - 9 June 2007

I actually think the food stamp this is ridic. — the the actual purpose but the concept. ANYONE should know what its like to live on $20 a week. Are these pols so out of touch they need to live it? Didnt any of those people eat Ramon in college.

I HAVE had to live on $20 a week or less at times in the past few years. Beans and Rice is about all you can afford. Hell, I was going to make gazapacho this week end and just the veggies for that would be nearly $20.

116. marisacat - 9 June 2007

irishwitch has answered calicocat… but imo both are wrong. Both are halfway or nearly all the way to accepting, what I consider to be the Done Deal, UNLESS THE ELECTORATE WITHHOLDS THE VOTE:

the Democrats and the Republcans have agreed to overturn Roe (people love to say it will never be overturned… think for a minute about Gonzales v Carhart, did you think they would ban a medical procedure and use the languate that Kennedy chose? Further they had him write that shit to tell people he is GONE, I heard him lean to Alito Roberts and Scalia in teh oral argument. Further for a myriad of reasons I think they want to overturn Griswold) and turn abortion back to the states.

They all win, it stays an election issue, boring all the way down thru the states. Hell we will probably have it down to the districts. We are on a prohibition kick, something America LOVES. Nation of sick haters.

[new] I absolutely welcome ….. (1+ / 0-)

Recommended by:irishwitch

discussion and dialouge with pro-life Dems and Independents and will respect their position but I am not changing mine in order to be friendly with folks who are more moderate than I. I won’t stand down on abortion rights to help attract moderates to join up to win the Presidency. I agree, there really is no compromise in my mind on abortion. If I had to support a Dem Presidential candidate who was “pro-life” without apologies, and that day could easily come, I don’t want to think about it.

by undercovercalico on Sat Jun 09, 2007 at 03:18:29 PM PDT

* [new] I agree. (0 / 0)

We need to start working now in finding pro-choice candidates for seats that may be up for grabs. If we refuse to work for anti-choice ones, AND make it very clear tot he Old Boys Networks and state andnational committees WHY we won’t do so—we stand a chance of getting a solid slate of electable candidates who also won’t be Casey Clones.

I am stopping short of calling for pro-choice candidates to run against Dems like Murtha and Casey–and I leave ti to the individual to decide what to do if an anti-choice Dem wins the nomination. I know what I would do–which is a write-in for a pro-choice candidate.

The last time we mixed religion and politics people got burned at the stake.

by irishwitch on Sat Jun 09, 2007 at 03:30:10 PM PDT

That is a tough power hungry very willing to stampede over women group in charge of the Democrats.

From Kennedy (such tired shit Liberal Lion of the senate) to both Clintons to Kerry (he caved fast from his weak stand in the run, fully intimidated by Shaitburger and other hard core old time union leaders = who blame abortion for the losses) to Rahm, a fucking Israeli imo, he’d ban aboriton in a heart beat for the coming wars — and so on Reid, schumer whom they call pro choice and recruited Casey – etc)

Too late. The ONLY think the Dems react to is if people sit on their hands. And they won’t in ’08.

The games are rolling out, vote Dem for a poor woman in Africa (Obama wears the – Bono – ONE campaign bracelet, just the fucking end imo) the SC (one vote away from losing all!!!!!!! wah wah wah) to ending the wwr.

Buy that one on the war and you should be hospitalised for lifetime care.

117. ms_xeno - 9 June 2007

Revisionist, one of my favorite political commentaries ever came from a devout Dem on a feminist board who loftily informed me that nobody who rented a dwelling, rode the bus, or owed money on a student loan, etc. had any right to be in the political arena as anything but a spectator awaiting the “Applause” sign. There was a whole air of “those-people-should-be-grateful-we-even-let-them-vote” about it. Really appalling stuff.

Because poverty is too important an issue to allow those who’ve fucking lived it any input into how the Government deals with it. So-called Progressives have to be reminded that you will search in vain forever if you expect to find a working poor and/or homeless person allowed onto the Sacred Networks or editorial pages to discuss the things that actually have real bearing on their lives. Oh, no. Mustn’t risk snubbing some asshole from Brookings or MacArthur for even one hour. Arrgh.

She was probably Bowers’ Mom, now that I think about it. :p

118. marisacat - 9 June 2007


I was appalled at the tired shit Barbara Lee and harris were peddling. This is obviouisly a scripted game from leadership.

Right after the big cave in the House a couple months ago on the war… I caught an anti war meeting, a big one in Berkeley, that very weekend. Barbara Lee was USELESS. I was appalled. She barely engaged. And there were some excellent speakers. One a aclassic elegant old time Berkeley Hills woman, who has opposed every war since Vietnam (her era) and her son is serving in Iraq

Lee was outta there sittinng on the dais. Quite aside from this Food stamp scam they are running

119. wozzle - 9 June 2007

ms_x, there WILL be a huge stampede to any politico seen as “not Bush”, regardless of the stance. It’s what the Dems are praying (preying) on. Who shall be the Dem nominee shall be the Most Powerful Influential Person on the Planet, don’tcha know?

Rahm and his buds, Dean and his lack ‘o ‘buds, they’ll all be force-feeding the DP loyals, and prob’ly win back the Augean stables that our nation has become. Luck to them.

120. Sabrina Ballerina - 9 June 2007

Lol, mx xeno, love your rants, they are what I feel but sometimes I am just too speechless to do justice to the feelings! Thanks for your ability to keep on raging against the utter stupidity that we encounter on a daily basis and to do it so well! Applause!:-)


Marisacat, I agree regarding that elise ‘Constitution’ comment. Even on the worst rightwing sites I’ve been on, I have never seen anyone say something like that. Bad enough is her nasty, bullying personality, but the incredible ignorance she displays, over and over again, is simply stunning.

Even George Bush, who reportedly called the Constitution ‘nothing but a piece of paper’ (which would not surprise me) knows better than to confirm the rumor. Low as we’ve sunk, and threatened as the Constitution has been, even the destroyers themselves realize they still need to be careful about saying publicly what she said.

Amazing that it wasn’t troll-rated for the sake of their already tarnished image, if nothing else. But perfectly reasonable comments are troll-rated regularly by her and the rest of the thugs over there.

Sorry, but the destruction of the Constitution, the MCA, the results to those who are languishing without representation in our gulags, the tortured and murdered, it is a non-negotiable issue for me. To see a comment like that tossed off in an attempt to one-up another poster is just downright incendiary to me.

That woman would not survive on any other board, right or left, let alone be representative of any site other than dk! As kos said, no need to be a good writer, all he cares about is loyalty to him! Apparently no need to have a brain or any knowledge at all about what protects all of us from the tyranny of government, including kos’ right to have a ‘private site’. Which, btw, is not so private. He has opened it up to progressives and liberals, according to his own advertising. Thrashing the Constitution is now apparently perfectly acceptable there. Way to go, kos!


Oow, lol, I was not kidding when I said dk cured me too. I used to fight furiously defending Dems all over the internet, until I spent some time there with these people!


Miss D, congrats on the outed newborn! Lol! Love that she is already sticking out her tongue at the world! A mini vipe, a future vag!

I’m going to read je blague now, and btw, I’m thinking of a bedtime story for you – haven’t felt too creative lately but will try … 🙂

121. marisacat - 9 June 2007

New Thread


122. AlanSmithee - 9 June 2007

The question is, why not trash Roe? The administration drove a bi-partisan spike through Habeas without so much as a squeek of protest from anywhere in the government. Whose going to care about Roe?

123. marisacat - 9 June 2007


agree… Durbin mutters a bit about poor old gone habeus and Dodd does mention it, but it is a done deal, imo.

Roe is just a tissue blowing around in the wind. It will land in the big trash can any minute…

The Democrats just use it now, for elections. Faking out the hapless voters.

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