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Off the Blog till later in the week… 18 June 2007

Posted by marisacat in Blonde Sense, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

     oh right!  spilled milk!  Sorry!  not crying...  

 probably Thursday, there abouts..  Too much hanging fire at home that needs care.

If you emailed, I have replied to you.  Some very kind words and thoughts, thanks.  One person made me laugh.  Quite a lot.

Several have asked that when I enable comments to please email them:  that I will do.  If threads re-open it will likely be weeks, not days… 

If you’d like to be emailed when comments are enabled, let me know:  Marisacat at AOL com

VAGreen left a comment [which sits in moderation, threads are closed], FYI, I used the email you registered with to reply to you. 

One person I have asked to cease emailing.  Seems that is a hard request:  back off.  I just made it as plain as can be…

I will say what I have said all along:   politics interests me, it always has and I won’t stop writing about it.  The B-B-Blogs are, sad to say, a fucked part of politics, a choke point.  I won’t – LOL – stop writing about them.  And the “made men”, as someone put it in an email tonight… 8)


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